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bonnefille IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tanyaz

Yes , this is what I am trying to say ...but my explaining skills are very bad ....D'oh

Oh you definitely aren't. You are best at writing your feelings down.

I think the way ArMan have started afresh.....we should also start looking at them afresh. I hope they do better this time by making their marriage the top most priority and allow no one to come between them. That would be enough.

And just on a side note....all Indian serials showcase men to be little unfair in the love stories because that puts women in better light. This has always been the trend and will always remain so. The medium of tv is ruled by women protagonists.  

So i am warning you before hand....Manav will always be a step behind Archana in the love story.  

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:29am | IP Logged
@Tanya Di:

There were two ways of showing the love cum responsibility balance in PR:

1.) Manav realises that his decision to marry Shravani was wrong and useless and apologises to Shravani and backs off, saying that he is ready to suffer any punishment that she wishes.

2.) Manav does not back off from Shravani, but could not control his emotions for Archu too. Try as he might, he could not save himself from worrying about her life, her future, fighting when someone said something bad for her, trying to save her from Jay despite everyone in the family refusing him and so on. His unconscious love shines through. Ultimately, Shravani realises that even if Manav tries his best, he would not be able to commit to her, cos only Archu rules his heart.

Both show the marriage cum responsibility balance, according to me.

Out of the two, I personally wanted to see the first one- cos it was a mature one according to me, and also made Manav look more human- a person who made a decision in an emotional moment, realised it was wrong and futile for all and decided to rectify it. But the CV's didn't want to show their hero as wrong. So they chose the other route. I'm okay with it too.

In no way did it kill the romance for me. Nor did it in any way prove Manav to be a bad lover. If anything, it only proved Archu as a careless daughter who ran away from her home which had a sick mother, and a father who had got a heart attack and a family who had always been very good to her. The 'running away' which many found 'romantic', for me, actually put a blot on the character of Archu. I'm sorry Tanya di, I know you like Archu, but this is what I feel.

About the love hurting part----- I meant to say, that it is not right, to hurt in the name of love, people who love you, care for you, have not committed anything wrong, and whose actions are aligned towards your own good. You might have to disappoint them sometimes to make rational, mature decisions in life, but there is a manner and a way to do it---- handle it with responsibility and maturity.

 During the Archu-Jay and Manav-shrav wedding, everything was taken place by THEIR consent. They were told a no. of times to reconsider but refused. So their families agreed and were happy for them. Now, at last moment, if Manav ditched Shravani for 'Love' and ran away it wouldn't have been fair to Shravni. Yes, if he had accepted that he couldn't marry Shrav and apologised in front of all, then maybe I would have understood, although I would have asked Shrav to slap him. It would have been disappointing, yes, but it would have been honest- Shravani would have realised that it was best for both- even if it was hurtful. But running away by leaving on the mandap was bad- he would have broken Shravani completely--- as it is she had lost her love(Sachin) once and the deceit would have shattered her.

Yes, even now many people are angry and hurt with Manav. But now they are in the wrong, not Manav-Archu. They want Archu to get married to someone knowing that this girl roasts her palms for Manav- so obsessed is she. Their action is not in the right for anybody- since Jay is a wrong choice for Archu- and so Archu is justified in going against them. If they force Archu, then it is best for Archu to revolt- not run away, but revolt. Sometimes, a different way of handling the situation changes scenarios. If Archu had refused to get married to Jay, instead of running away, I would have clapped. She didn't and so I feel she was wrong. Her duty was to tell the truth to her parents and convince them for Manav too, she didnt and ran to him beserk, not caring about whether her mother would die of another heart attack.

Today, Manav Archu have realised that they cannot be happy without each other, and in fact, if married to others, will make others unhappy too.  They have put forward this fact and asked for forgiveness as well. It is best for them to get married- this is in the betterment of all.. If others cannot realise this fact, then its their problem. They want Archu to get married against her wish- wrong. This is not called 'hurting'- this time its their family members fault.

 If ArMan had confessed this in front of Shravani and asked forgiveness then also I would not have called it wrong AT ALL. It would have been a good, mature decision.

I hope I made my viewpoint clear. If not, then lets agree to disagree.

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged
No sweetie , I don't disagree with you ..Most of the points I agree with , only one don't agree and that too because of maybe my  own nature ( my way of seeing things ) and not because it is right or wrong ..
Agree with ......
1. Manav should have told Shravani the truth about him being miserable in the marriage with her and never to forget Archana ..And asking Shraavni for forgiveness and any punishment that is there for him .Tha twould have been the best thign to do instead of going ahead with a marriage which would not only make him more of a corpse than he already was but also would bring nothign but rejection and frustration in that young girl's life .
But he did nothing  of the sort ..All he did was to give her angry fire breathing hateful  glares ..
What he was doing was anything  but practical .
What Shraavni did  , that was practical , was right by calling off the wedding ..
I would also like to add one thing here .I wish that Cvs had compleetly taken satish out of the equation .I wish they had shown that Manav left his mandap ( after Shravani calling off the wedding ) and went to Archana and he told Archu about jaywant's plan of rejecting her after one year and not satish .And that he begged her to give him one chance , to give them one more chance and then Archu eloped with him .Tha twould also give more credibility of the anger that Archana 's family has for him ..
Bringing Satish in the equation again made Manav look lame made Satish the hero on the day Manav should have been the  hero .
I completely agree that Archana has been a bad daughter .Even if I love her so what ...what is wrong is wrong .She is very lucky to have parents like Sulochna and specially have a dad like Manohar . Manohar has now done all he could do for Manav  and her( he even took money from his retirement fund )  .He has been a superb father all the way .Now I hope that Archu too would realize tha tthe person who loves her the most in this world is not Manav or Sulochna but it is her dad and she makes sure that she gives him the happiness he deserves ....
Also I hope that Manav also realizes what this man has done for him and should think twice before doing something wrong to his daughter ....
Manohar has gone out of his way to love  Manav and give him benefit of doubt .Archu  has to make it up to him ...
That love hurting part is also correct .One should not hurt people who have cared for him and should make sensible and mature decisions keeping  their love in mind ....But that should even stand true for Archana ....I don't think anyone has loved Manav as much as she has ...
Anyway , he has got a second chance with her ..Hope he keeps her love and sacrifices in his  mind  this time ....
I agree that leaving Shravani at the mandap would have broken her and if he left things that late then he should go ahead with the marriage ...I guess you are right .Tha twas  the right thing to do ...
And yes , they are right now and the family members are wrong .I am happy that they got married quickly and did not care to ask the permission of the family .Their family members are being  very unfair to them .... 
Only the two dads are being very nice  and sensible ...
So I agree with most of your points ..
The only thing I  don't agree is that in my view he did kill the love story by not backign out of the marriage with Shraavni . In my eyes he is now a man who loves his own image a lot more than he loves Archana .....
I am sorry but I just don't trust this guy any more .He can do it again for all I know , leave her again because of some  more important responsibility  or some promise that was made during  a time of duress..
I now just want Archana to have a baby that she will have someone of her own because if he leaves her again then at least she should have some one ...don't want to see her alone and  running after shadows  aimlessly ...
And yes, Archana however unreasonable  , foolish , wrong , bad daughter , bad sister  , bad fiance ........She will always be the one who is many steps ahead of him  where the love story part is concerned ...
Except for this one point I agree with everthing .
I would also like to say that I am pretty happy with Manav right now .He is taking right steps towards his  marriage now ..He has got a job , he made love to his wife , he is even confessing his love to her ...Very good ...He says that he wants her happy and I hope he means it ...
His real test would be how he  would handle his mother when they will  come back and live in his house ....She was the one who broke them up in the first  palce and this time again she will give it her best shot ...probabaly in colaboration with Jaywant Rane and Manjusha ....

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Kools I am glad to have u back....This is what I have been posting post elope abt ArMan...
TDH is so wonderful and interesting playing his bold role as villian...
Totally agree with your post..

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
I wud like sumthing to be clear here .
As the love story of ARMAN progressed I have commented a lot . I agree I said this doesn't speak much for the love story of ARMAN but  I also wanna  make this clear that I was more for this before the divorce ..........i really really wanted Manav to break off with Shravni by explaining things to her then .

Later when things went too far , I was not really for him breaking off by dumping Shravni at the marraige mandap . I repeatedly said , he wud not be a gentleman then ..........and this wud not be good for Archana .

I don't agree with Tanya about the point of not trusting Manav anymore coz he will leave Archana for some responsibility again . Infact it is exactly the opposite . Had he left Shravni at the mandap simply to cater to the glee of viewers demanding prioritisation of Archna .........there was a perfect possibility that he wud dump Archna in the future and return to another relationship as his words or commitments wud mean nothing to him .

It was I who said all along that a personal word isnt greater than the sacred promise made in front of God . But they divorced . and after that too the gal waited for one whole year in his house trusting him to give legitimacy to the relationship . It became too much , it had gone too ahead to now demand that kind of romantic prioritisation . That kind of romantic prioritsation seemed childish and petty then . So sorry , but there r far more important things in life then some 'love stories' .
I have criticised Manav a lot his Insaniyat Baba phase , zimmedari Baba phase . Mostly for putting sindoor in front of Archu and getting engaged before the divorce came thru . But I  will not say he killed the love story by giving responsibility more precedence over his love . That blame I wont give him ..........EVER . u see , the responsibility of Sachu  came like a bolt of lightning in his life without his personal wish . It was not as if his love story with Archana was intact and he took on a responsibility and slowwly started neglecting Archana. The responsibility of SAchu fell on his head when Archana left him of her own accord ......he lost his brother .
If at all someone has to be blamed for killing the romance in the love story , why not blame Archna a little in all fairness for leaving Manav and going home and coldly demanding saboot and proof till the very last day before returning back to D house ? It was not as if she behaved like a romantic prem deewaani  who refused to believe a word against her husband etc ........she behaved rather practically then and refused to talk a word to him when he made attempts to talk to her . There were opprtunities when Savita wasnt around .........he had gone to the temple , he had gone to her house , but she had coldly refused to even talk to him and insisted on saboot .
Not that I blamed her for it . I rather like practical decisions .I always reiterated that it was too early for Archu to be in love . But I said this today to show people that the accusation that only  Manav killed the love story is unfair . Archna too did her bit to kill it fact she axed it first .
How can Archana be ten steps ahead of Manav in love ? He lost his brother bcoz of the alliance pressures that led to the unfortunate jailing and yet went on loving Archna only , he cud never really hate her , not even on the day she came to the garage and fell on her knees trying to put meds on his hand . He said hisab barabar and i blasted him for that but the sadness in his eyes at making her understand that matters have now spiralled beyond control was very true too .
Also , Manav opted to stay in jail for Archna and let his old parents starve and die of shock if he never came out by giving signature to jaywant . If Archu put Manohars health at risk , Manav went four steps ahead of her with these two actions .
Will Archu continue loving Manav if Vinod died due to some circumstantial action from his end ? Perhaps yes . But this has ALREADY happened in Manavs case .........he never stopped loving Archu although Sachin died . Jailed twice by Archus family , Manav went on loving Archu . Both the jailings did not eradicate his love , neither did the death of his brother . So I fail to see how Archna is ten steps ahead of him in love . If she has endured abuse from his mom , he has endured inumerable insults from her family . At least from Manavs family only Savita dislikes Archu ..........Vandu , Damodar , Kaka .all liked her and respected her .  In Manavs sasural ...........All treat him like kachra . Except her parents who too have their mood swings .
Manav has made many mistakes .........the sindoor , the engagement and his forcing of Archu to marry Jay .............but Archu has made the same mistakes by stubbornly deciding to marry Jay when he repeatedly told her to call it off and then whimsically calling it off at last moment etc . Both have done foolishness ........immeasurable foolishness . But Manav is not even one step behind now in love ..........he refused all financial help from Girish for himself but took it for Archnas dad in a jiffy .
I honestly feel they r on par now , both of them . The concept of romance shared by a larger viewership is sadly not mine .........telling an unfairly irate saas that from now on I will ignore the kid and only prioritise ur daughter , or dumping a gal at the marraige mandap ruthlessly at last minute is not romance in my eyes AT ALL . These actions r weak and selfish . If romance is equivalent to ruthless selfishness I wud never seek it . Like I said .romance is a state of mind is totally dependent on the character of the person u love .If that character only doesn't remain , how will romance last ?

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dabulls23

Kools I am glad to have u back....This is what I have been posting post elope abt ArMan...
TDH is so wonderful and interesting playing his bold role as villian...
Totally agree with your post..
Hug Varsha !Smile
snowy Groupbie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Since I was away for a long time I missed out on a lot . Saw some crucial episodes to while away my time and some things amused me .
If Arman cannot take a single step without reverting back to either Archnas family or Manavs why the hell did they elope
They eloped with a lot of bravado but when first calamity struck them in form of Archus illness they went back to her mom as REALITY sunk in PR shows some reality after all . That just love aint enuf , a good salary and accomodation is needed
Why isnt Archna WORKING wht happened to her one yr old magical diploma

Why was Archna dressed like an Amma in Pune with pinned up hair let loose and a shawl was her honeymoon for Gods sake.........why do CVs make this lovely young gal look like a Madonna in her thirties with a shawl looking as if her only purpose in life is to BLESS people or something ?Frankly all that ARchu's get up needs is a halo around her head

Is Pune a place for honeymooning ? Its a crowded city for Gods sake .........why not some village or hill station ? The next I will hear is people going to Vashi for their honeymoon .Or Bombay Central .

Exactly WHICH insult will make ARMAN MIND ? Hippos and Rhinos r far more sensitive compared to stupid ARMAN . Is NOT MINDING BEING INSULTED GOODNESS ? Says WHO ? So being gOOD is taking BS from all and sundry with a sickening saintly expression on the face ?
The insults have a sickening PATTERN . When one tries to defend against the insults the other tells him or her its ok and lovely to bear insults as this is only what RISHTA NIBHANA is all about . And then both take the BS with saintly suffering expressions .
The stupid decision making spree has started AGAIN . Manav is HIDING Vaishali's tragedy ..........FOR WHAT ?  She desrves to know for GODS SAKE ! His way of making a decision on that issue was posing a vague ambiguous question to Archana who didnt have a clue . Archna too gave a vague senseless answer without displaying the slightest curiosity in digging out more facts as to why is her non communicative hubby asking questions like this today . But then Archna was never famous for her grey cells .
I see that Manjusha's gajras have gone THANK GOD she used to look like a fishwife
Manav cannot be insulted anymore . I mean he CAN"T . U see guys there r no more insults LEFT . This man has been insulted in every possible way by his sasural and still shamelessly LOVES them . He has been slapped twice or thrice by saas , yelled at by BIL , treated like KACHRA by saalis , accused innumerable times by Manju , all that remains is a scene where we will see Manav lying on the floor with arms spread like Christ and the K family jumping on his groin with spiked boots with glee and giving each others HI FIs as they step down to give each other a turn
Butchering of Dharmesh was so unncessary . From a plump practical young guy who has different rules of living life he has been changed to a bigamist to show poetic justice to ARMAN as Vaishali insulted them
Why was he sweating so much on his first night like an INEXPERIENCED guy then ? Doesn't jell ! Looking at the age of his son , he seems to have LOADS of experience !
Sadly the two villains r more interesting currently .........Jay and Savita . I am sad to see Savita put in villain category but they have done it .Yet I say she and Jay r interesting as ...........
Jay will cook political plots but never harm Archana . He told Manjusha in so many words THAT and that made me sit up .AHA ! I said . Now HERES sumthing interesting . I got a feeling that Manjusha will get her karmic lesson from JAY as Manju hates Archu and will do something that will invite Jays wrath . Can't wait for the 3 devils to turn against each other , I want JAY to hold Manju's tresses and shake them and throw her at Vinods feet before going down himself , telling him exactly what Manju is . And then Vinod shud DIVORCE her .
Savita will do politics but wont be able to see Manav being harmed . Now this is interesting too .
Conclusion : ARMAN r boring , villains r interesting . What wud we do without them . That Yasir is good . Acha hai . And yeah , TDH looks horribly good looking in a white open necked shirt as he compliments Archu with demonic boldness in FRONT of her hubby without giving a damn .Muvaaaa !
 I think Jayant gave the packet to it from Vinod...
nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Kools!!!! ClapThumbs UpHugHeart

Thankyou for that lovely post and bringing my thoughts to words!!!

Thumbs Up

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