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We Belong Together! "JERAN" OS FF updated 5/5 pg4 (Page 4)

ginac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 6:44am | IP Logged
OMG this is simply amazing. I have been left speechless. This is so awesome. To read about Jeran like this is sooooooooooooooooooo so fantastic. Please, I am so wanting this to happen and please god let it happen in 2011.
TOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU ISHA!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best new years  present.

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Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
It was really fantastic....i seriously felt that it was happend in real....thank u soo much 4 this wonderful gift.....u r amazing writter dear...wanna more jeran ff frm u....

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sr-medha Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 5:21pm | IP Logged
Thru out the os I had wide smile on my smile!!!
U r a wonderful writer
Keep writing FF/os on Jeran and SidMa

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-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
lovely OS
Thanks for the pm

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...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
this was just soooooo awesome!!!
it was sooo real yaar each n every part was makin sense
Karan's confession was just mindblowin yaar and then came Jenny's which was sooo cute and beautiful
thanks for this wonderful JeRan OSHug

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mightymyth9 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged
oh my god
this was awesome. i demand an update. i cant express how much i loved it.
happy new year and thank you for the treat.
loads of luck and love

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Mrs.Dravid Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 4:29am | IP Logged
loved it

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nomadsoul Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
yeeehhoooww JERANHOLICS!! Wink

well well well i never intend to update this but i was ecstatic to see JERAN pics from Kushal's birthday bash. Right from that day i was itching to write a continuation for my JERAN OS and there you go part 2 is up!! Embarrassed

Btw i am dedicating this part to two sweethearts! Our dear own SR FF Queen Neets Wink
(for reason better known to us LOL)

and to Monty well this is sort of my wedding gift for her Embarrassed

So do read it and please let me know how you like it! A sequel to this will depend on how good ur comments are! Tongue I love you all! Hug

Continuation scenes from where i ended part 1!

Their moment of togetherness was disturbed by a huge flock that came in to congratulate their stupendous performance.

Choreographer : "My GOD! Karan Jenny you both were AMAZING on stage!! What chemistry! Frankly i never thought you guys would pull this off so brilliantly!! I mean you just started practicing today morning!! Absolutely brilliant you two! " He hugged them both.
It was followed by chants by everyone on how amazing they were and all that. A little later, when the crowd were distracted by others perfomances, Karan and Jenny managed to sneak out from there for some alone time.
They both just kept looking at each other giggling sheepishly. Finally Karan turned to her, staring into  here eyes, shook his head and gave her another tight hug. "I cant believe it's happening! Please pinch me!" He said. Jenny bit his ear slightly. "owww Jennifer Winget!" Karan retrieved from the hug and looked at her amused. She giggled a bit more.
Once again they were disturbed by one of the crew guy who came to inform Jennifer that she is to join the others on stage for a final group performance.  "I'll be back" Jennifer squeezed Karan's arm and trotted from there leaving a widely smiling Karan. The moment she disappeared from his sight he started jumping. "Yess yesss!! aaawoohhooo! YESS!!!"

The event was over. Jenny joined Karan who was with few friends. Slowly everyone started retrieving home.
KWs friend : "Chal buddy, lets go..!"
Karan : "Dude, I'll go with Jenny.. it's late and not safe for her to drive home alone" He said stealing a glance at Jennifer.
KWs friend  looked at both of them and left with a smirk and winking at Karan.

As the two were walking towards her car Jenny spoke : "Karan... I don't think we should let anyone know about us yet..."
Karan looked at her in surprise. "Why not...?" He asked her twitching his brows.
Jenny : "You remember we did a show called DMG and how few of my fans gave you a 'grand welcome.'? She said sarcastically
Karan's memory rushed back to the time when he received innumerable hate mails from a certain fan group because they wanted to see Jennifer only with their hero. He had shown a few mails to Jennifer as well. In fact even she had received hate mails for being friendly with Wahi. The thing was those mails weren't directed at Siddhant & Riddhima but to Karan Wahi & Jennifer Winget.

Karan : But the show is over na..?
Jenny : It might be over for us but not for them!
Karan : "By the way my hate mails have reduced drastically and i am getting a LOT of mails for US." He grinned
Jenny : "I know... even i get them". She blushed

They reached her car. Karan lean on to it as he spoke. "okay lets see if we get anymore hate mails after this performance is aired, We'll decide everything after that.
Jenny nodded.
Karan : "Shall we go then..?"
Jenny : "You really want me to drop you?"
Karan : "Ye-ah! I didn't get my car and he already left! Besides you used to drop me when we were shooting for DMG so what's the big deal" He smirked. Jennifer was still in two minds and so in the next moment Karan went on his knees and started begging playfully "Please Jenni.. don't leave me alone please Jenny PLEASE!"
Jenni cracked up seeing his goofiness and in between while laughing her head off, she asked him to get in the car. They sped off to a new beginning. Yes they are finally together. Karan Wahi & Jennifer Winget is together, not till the end of a show but forever for life!

As promised to each other they waited till their performance was aired. They were overwhelmed by the amount of fan mails they received. They felt the "JERAN" fan base was increasing day by day and  were extremely pleased. But as a spoilt sport there were quite a few hate mails for Jennifer from a certain fan group. She was so disheartened as the same people who showered praises for her when she was doing the show with the other lead is now spitting abuses at her for 'ignoring him' and being over friendly with 'Wahi'. Karan also received few hate mails. He was disheartened in the beginning as the mails were from his very on 'fans'. But soon he discovered the mails were actually from the other camp and they sent the mails posing as his fans. The two decided to brush off the negative ones and were so happy about the positive ones. They realized "Siddhima" mania has made way for the "JERAN" mania. Along with requesting them to come up in a new show together, their fans were emphasizing on how adorably cute they look together and that they should date each other. As they read these mails they possessively intertwined their hands in each others. The two decided to wait a bit more before they announce to the world that they are together.

Everything was going on fine. The two were over the moon and have never been this happy in their life. They maintained their secrecy somehow but despite of that they were having a lot of fun. The only time they were seen together were for common friends parties as people cant make anything out of it. But they did have their typical dates. Mostly at Wahi's place. From candle light dinners, to catching up new movies in his home theater they did everything that a normal couple would do except they were tongue tied about their relationship. When everything was going smooth Karan received a call one day. He immediately called Jenny and they met at a private place.

"They called..?" Karan asked.
"Yeah... but how come they called you for my number..?" Jenny twitched her brows.
"hmmm... you know may be our little secret is out" He grinned throwing his arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer.
Jennifer looked at Karan skeptically.
"What..? Oh common Jenny it could just be coincidence... besides everyone knows we worked together and we are "friends". He stressed the word.
Jenny was still frowning. Karan got pissed and said "You know you look like as though you don't want people to EVER know that we are dating..." He saw Jenny's expression changing and he continued his little drama "Am i that bad that you actually don't want people to know that you are dating me...?" Karan turned his head.
Jenny came and stood infront of him. She clutched his jaw and turned his face to her. She tip toed and pecked his lips and threw her arms around his neck pulling him to a tight hug. "DONT ever say that! You are the best thing happened to me in years!" Karan could almost feel her voice breaking. He pulled out of the hug and say tiny drops of tears swimming in her eyes. He pulled her back in his arms and said "Jenny i am so sorry.. i was just pulling you leg..." He retrived from the hug but not before kissing her cheeks. To lighten the mood he enquired her about the new show and in seconds Jennifer was raving about it, Especially the fact that SRK will be hosting it. Seeing Jennifer go on and on and on Karan couldn't help but smile at her. A while later Karan's thought was drifting away as Jennifer didn't seem to stop anytime soon. But he heard something that pulled him back and he shrieked immediately

"15 days without any contact!!!???" Karan's eyes widened and Jenny stopped blabbering immediately.
Jennifer was anxious. Karan was just staring at her without blinking. "KARAN!" Jennifer shook his arm.
"What do you mean by 15 days without any contact! Besides you know those stunts are pretty dangerous. I mean are you sure you wanna go..? You already have that comedy show in pipeline then why this..? Jenny you will get hurt.. nobody will be around.. may be you shouldn't go you know.. may be..?" He said the whole thing in one breath leaving Jennifer breathless. She without even bothering to explain anything crashed on to his chest, locking her arms to his back. "Karan... you know you are the sweetest..." She knew he would never stop her from doing anything she liked but she was so overwhelmed by the way he reacted on hearing she would be away for 15 days without being able to keep in touch with him.

Few days passed by. Jennifer was to leave with the crew the next day hence she decided to spent her entire day at Karan's. After ringing the bell for the umpteenth time Karan finally woke up and dragged himself to the door in his boxers. If it was any other day Jennifer would have screwed him for making her wait so long at the door but since she was leaving the next day she decided to let it go. Karan opened the door still blinking. "Good morning! She gave him a peck on his cheek and swayed her way in throwing her handbag on the couch." Karan ever so slowly shut the door and turned to her.
"So! What do you wanna do today..?" Jennifer asked beaming.
"Sleep...?" Karan said
"WHAT!?" she exclaimed.
"Jenn.. i was up all night watching How I Met Your Mother.. I really need some sleep.."
"Karan... i am leaving tomorrow for 15 damn days and you wanna sleep the whole day...?" She pouted
That's when it struck him "you are leaving tomorrow...?" He sighed and slumber on to the couch.
Jenny sat next to him. Karan moved a bit and lied on the couch resting his head on her lap. Jenny caressed his hair. She smiled watching his snooze. After half an hour she woke him up and pushed him to his room asking him to get ready. When he was back after freshening up his toast and juice were ready on the table. Jennifer was standing next to the dining sipping her juice from the glass. Karan grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to her surprise. He smirked at her and said "You know.. you are acting like my wife..! May be we should stop our secret dating and instead get married secretly" He winked. Jennifer's heart skipped a beat when he said that. She composed herself in seconds and pushed him away blushing and giggling at the same time.
The two had a really good time together. Trying out new dishes for lunch, setting up the place for a romantic dinner. Karan even showed her a new recipe of a cocktail he learned recently. He offered her but she politely refused. He threw out his experimented cocktail and instead took out Jennifer's favorite red wine and poured it in two glasses. The two were surprisingly quiet throughout the dinner. They would be with each other only for few more hours. Jennifer even thought may be she should call it off. As though he read her mind he said "you are going..!" Jennifer looked at him surprised "I know that look on your face... It's ok.. it's just 15 days.. you should go have fun.. besides its a show hosted by SRK.. it will only do good to your career." Jennifer simply smiled at him. No, she should not cry and ruin this wonderful day. She scolded herself. After dinner they settled on the couch snuggling to each other. Some random movie was going on but they weren't paying any attention. They were just savoring the moment. They wont be seeing each other for 15 days, no calls, no messages just nothing BLANK! It was 10. "you are getting late Jenny.. you have an early flight tomorrow.." Jennifer sighed and got up. Karan stood next to her.

"Can i come with you to the airport...?" He asked. She shook her head saying No. She felt terrible but they had to stick to their plan. Karan saw Jenny's face dropping. He moved closer. "It's okay Jen.. i love you..." He said tracing his finger through her jawline. He tilted his head and kissed her lips gently. After few breathless minutes when their lips parted Jennifer managed to say "I love you so much.." Karan kissed her forehead. Jennifer grabbed her handbag. She opened the door but didn't go out. Instead she turned to him, took out a neatly wrapped gift from her bag and gave it to him. "This is for you... something to remember me when i am away..." She said. When Karan started unwrapping the gift she stopped him "No.. don't open it now... open it only after i board the plane tomorrow..."
"okay.." He said. "But i didn't get you anything to remember me..." He said. Jennifer grinned and said "Hmm... that's okay..." Jennifer said. Though she said that with a smile she was slightly disappointed. "That's not okay!" He said grabbing her wrist and pulling her into his arms. He squeezed her in his arms giving the tightest of hugs. He then slowly moved away a lock of hair from her neck and kissed there. He nipped her neck just below her ear. Jennifer moaned slightly. "Karan..." She whispered. He let her go. Jennifer was too shy to look into his eyes. "You remind me of Riddhima now..! The way you blush..!" He pulled her leg. He gently placed his finger on her hickie. "hmm.. this should last two weeks.."
"Karan Wahi you are a jerk! But i still love you..!" She quickly planted a kiss on his cheek and rushed out. "Stay safe...! I'll miss you...!" He called out. She blew him a flying kiss and drove off in her car.

Karan rang her at 4am. "I hope you are up else you'll miss the flight.."
"I am up Karan... I have some last minute packing to do.. I'll call you on my way to airport... I love you.."
"Love you too.." he said.

As promised to her Karan opened her gift only when she had boarded her flight. It was a CD. The cover of the cd had a picture of them. He put on the CD and it started playing. He was astonished.
It was her voice... "Karan Wahi... i love you so much and i miss you terribly... This one's for you..." and then it played her favorite song in her voice!

Oh oh yeah yeah
I love you more than I can say.
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow

Love you more than I can say.

Oh oh yeah yeah
I miss ev'ry single day.
Why must my life be filled with sorrow

Love you more than I can say.

Don't you know I need you so

tell me please
I gotta know.
Do you mean to make me cry

Am I just another girl?

Oh oh yeah yeah
I miss you more than I can say.
Why must my life be filled with sorrow

Love you more than I can say.

don't you know I need you so

Oh oh yeah yeah
I love you more than I can say

I love you more than i can say Karan...
and i miss you every single day...

Karan was overjoyed. He wanted to see her right then and take her in his arms and tell her she means the world to him.  "15 days..." He sighed.

Karan had infact planned another surprise for Jennifer in Argentina. On the first day after shoot Jennifer found an envelop and a red rose addressed to her in her room on her bed. At first she thought it must be one of the guys pulling a prank on her. But when she opened the letter she almost cried with joy. It was Karan's letter! And she was damn sure it was him because she knew his handwriting so well.
It read "hey my beautiful beautiful girl friend... i miss you sooo much... i hope you are sound and safe there.. i  love you..." sign-Karan Wahi
She didn't know how but she got the envelop and rose every single day! If one day she finds it in her room, the next day some random guy would secretly give it to her without anyone else seeing. And everyday more than anything she looked forward to it.

"Hey love, you know everytime you smile my heart actually skips a beat...! I know its cliche but it actually does...! I love you..." - sign Karan Wahi
"Lover girl, the moment you stepped in to the set of DMG i had a crush on you... I love you.." - sign Karan Wahi
"My angel, it's your smile that i love the most... I love you." - sign-Karan Wahi
"My lil cherub, Since the day you said you love me, you come in my dream every single night..! I love you.." -sign-Karan Wahi
"Baby... I really do mean it when i say you are a PHATAKA! I love you..."-sign-Karan Wahi
"Every time you blush it makes me wanna kiss you..I love you!"
"I love it when you "accidentally" call me "honey"... I love you!"
"Our fans are right.. you do fit perfectly in my arms! Like a piece of puzzle! I love you..."
"I want us to get married in Goa! Church wedding.. i wanna see you in the white gown..! I love you...!"
"Our honeymoon will be in New Zealand.. I love you..!"
"We will have two kids a girl & a boy..! Will name our girl child Riddhima coz that's when i fell in love with you...I love you..!"
"I miss you... please come back soon.. i love you..."
"The eve of the day you left for Argentina is undoubtedly one of my best day ever..! I love you"
"I am crazy about you...! I love you..!"

Those were the messages Jennifer got.

On the other hand Karan saved her song in his ipod and played it in loop every day.

Their wait was over. Karan eagerly waited for Jennifer's call. And when she finally called both were lost for words. They din't know how to start where to start. Finally Jennifer said "I am coming over in one hour!"

Karan eagerly waited for her. Dressed in her favorite white shirt and blue jeans. The moment he head the door bell He flung open the door and she rushed to his arms. He lifted her off the floor and stepped inside. The door shut as he pinned her against it. Their lips locked instantaneously. Kissing urgently. He held her so tight as though she was a part of his body. Her hands were around his nect almost strangling him. After what seems to be an eternity their lips parted as they gasped. "I missed you soo much.. i love you.. please don't ever stay away from me for so long..." He choked. "I missed you terribly... i missed you soo much i just wanted to get back and i wasn't bothered about my performance even a bit..." She smiled and cried at the same time. They kept staring at each other absorbing every part of each other. "I am hungry "honey...!" she said
"I have prepared dinner for us baby..." he said.

The two had dinner and Jennifer kept telling about her trip and how surprised she was to see his letters. "How did you do that?? I was SO SURPRISED!" she said
"The great Prasad Bhavre!"
"He know about us!!??" she asked
"Right from DMG days..! lol he always knew!" He grinned.

"Listen.. can we go to the beach...? I know this place.. it's not crowded at all... No one would see us..." He asked.
"YES!" she nodded smiling.

At the beach

"Jenny.. i always wanted to ask... Isn't that the ring we used in DMG..? Why are you still wearing it...?"
"Is it so...? How do you know it's the same ring...?" Jennifer questioned him.
"Duhh.. i made you wear it remember...?" He said haughtily
"Well this is not the same... It's a platinum love band.. someone got it just for me..." She said giggling
"Achaa.. okay.." Karan saw Jenny was playing with the ring, giggling and looking at him
"YOU KNOW IT!" he asked her.
"Of course i know it!! You think i am an idiot!" she said laughing.

Karan had read the script and he was excited about the proposal part of Sid and Riddhima. Karan immediately went and bought a platinum love band from a posh jewelery. The ring was a special edition. He also made sure he engraved their initials in the inner part of the ring. "JKW" (Jennifer Karan Wahi)! On the day of the shoot the crew realized they didn't have a suitable ring. Karan immediately showed them the ring.
Palki : "Wow...! It's beautiful!"
Karan : "Yeah read the script yesterday so bought it from a stationary shop for 50 bucks." He said casually.

Shoot time

Palki asked Karan if he's ready for the take.
Karan : "Yeah.. and Palki i wont be following the script as it is.. will try to improvise to make it look real."
Palki : "Sure Karan let's rock it!"


What followed was one of the most mesmerizing shot Palki has ever captured. They were left speechless. Even after the completion of the scene the crew were so into Karan Wahi's 'acting' skills they for got to 'cut it' and it kept rolling. Every single member including Jennifer herself was staring at Karan. As if he was performing a magic and they were hypnotized. "Guys..." When it started getting creepy Karan raised his voice a bit "GUYS!" That broke the trance and everyone applauded and praised Karan's amazing performance wheres Jennifer was still gaping at him.

"ehm ehm" Karan cleared his throat grinning.
Jennifer was taken aback. She felt embarrassed for staring at him like an idiot. It had never happened in her life before. She had always been a thorough professional and probably for the first time in her career she was astonishingly spellbound by her co-stars performance. Her goosebumps were still intact. It looked so real. She thought. 'God what am i thinking! I badly need a break from work' She snapped out of her day dream. "I am sorry.. your ring..." Jennifer was about to take it off when Karan stopped her. "You know what... keep it... something to remember me.. you know to remember the good times we spent in this set. He said it so genuinely that involuntarily she pushed the ring back to its place. "Thanks" she smiled nervously and escaped to her green room.

It happened after Wahi's shoot got over and they were shooting for final few episodes of DMG. Jennifer had accompanied her friend Supriya to a jewelery shop to buy a birthday gift for Supriya's mom. Supriya was checking out all sorts of necklaces and bangles. Jennifer hung around for a while and settled on the lounge for visitors. She got hold of a magazine that featured the shops new collections. She was rushing through the pages when she stopped at a certain image. "So beautiful..." she sighed looking at the ring and was about to turn the page when something clicked her "wait a minute!" She glanced at the ring on her left hand and back at the picture in the magazine. "Oh my god!!" She removed the ring and had a closer look. She saw JKW engraved on it. She thought it must be some code for the ring. To confirm it she took the ring to one of the men. He examined the ring and in few seconds he said "Ma'am this is indeed purchased from here. It's actually a new collection. I don't think it's available anywhere in Mumbai market as yet." Jennifer was stunned "Are you sure..? and what about this marking..?" He checked the ring again having a closer look. "Yes Ma'am its our ring and the marking has been personally engraved" Jennifer was shell shocked but soon a wide grin appeared on her face. 'Of course the proposal was real! No one could 'act' it so well! Should i talk to him about it...? Will ask him when the right time comes..! I cant believe he did that!' She snapped out of her happy thoughts when Supriya called her to check what she finally selected.
Jennifer hardly slept that night. She was so restless and kept staring at the ring. She took it out again and saw the marking. 'JKW... jkw.. kw.. karan wahi..?? jkw JENNIFER KARAN WAHI!!?? OMG!!! OMMMGGG!' She jumped out of her bed. 'Could it really be that!!???'

*end of flashback*

Karan : "Why dint you tell me when you found out!!?"
Jenny : "I would have but remember we met at the last day of shoot and you got pissed with me because i dint say it..."
Karan : "say what..?" he asked innocently
Jenny : "That i love you...?" She winked at him "Ha so.. well you were and you left to Delhi... then ITA... then you know.. it actually skipped my mind because someone else had occupied my mind brain and heart." she squeezed his arm.

They walked for a while and settled near the rocks. Jenny was leaning on to his shoulder.

Jenny : "By the way mister we are gonna have 3 kids! 2 boys and a girl and NO her name wont be Riddhima!
Karan : "3 is cool but why not Riddhima..?"
Jenny : "Because Riddhima is so stupid!"
Karan : "Actually she is... hmm then Riddhima canceled.
Jenny : "But one of our boys name is gonna be Siddhant!
Karan : "Why...?"
Jenny : Because You played that role with such perfection that right now i wonder if i am in love with Karan Wahi or Siddhant Modi!" she chuckled.
Karan : "What the ..!?"
Jenny : "And you know why!? Karan Wahi actually is a lot like Siddhant" She snuggled to him.Karan kissed her head.
Karan : "And second boy will be... hmmm... VIVAAN!?"
Jenny : "Vivaan..?"
Karan : "Yeah... Winget's Vi and Wahi's Va.. and N"
Jenny : "hmmm smart! So Siddhant Vivaan and...?"
Karan : "and i love you...!" He held her closer.

Karan : "okay tell me when did you first feel anything for me..!?"
Jenny : "naa...!"
Karan : "Common i'll tell you mine..!"
Jenny : "Okay then you go first..!"
Karan : "okay... hmmm remember the scene where Sid sees Riddhima in Armaan's arm in Panchgani...?"
Jenny: "hmmm...??"
Karan : "don't remember...?"
Jenny shook her head
Karan was back on his feet and in the next second he carried her in his arms. "The scene where Armaan aka KSG was holding you like this" He said to a laughing Jenny
"of course i remember idiot! i was kidding! now let me down..!" she said
"Na..." he started walking on the beach with her in his arms. "well i didn't have to act the scene because i was really pissed to see my girl my sweet jenny in someone else's arm!

 I was so angry with myself after the shot for thinking all that... that's when it struck me may be i was falling in love with Jennifer Winget...! Ok now you!!"
Jenny : "awww that was wow quite sometime back..!"
Karan : "Now tell me yours!!"
Jenny : "Naa!"
Karan : "You better tell else i'll drop you!"
Jenny : "okay ok.. hmm... you know that scene when Sid saves Riddhima from flood... and our white n white scene...? When you kissed my bare shoulders... i actually felt goosebumps. I was quite stumped. I have shot many romantic scenes with many actors but never felt that... Kept wondering why it affected me so much...

Then your proposal...! That was it.. that's when i actually saw myself falling head over heels in love with a certain Mr Karan Wahi!" She winked at him.
Karan : "Sweet! You know when Prasad came and asked me..??"
Jenny : "when!?"
Karan : "When we were shooting for Papa Jag Jayega song sequence" he grinned

Jenny : "oh yeaaah... she trailed off to the scene where they had so much fun...!"
Karan : "and you know which is my favorite scene...?"
Jenny : "hmm... keep saying i love you to me all my life..?"
Karan : "nope!"
Jenny : "Then...?"
Karan : "That scene when Sid carries Riddhima in his arms while walking through a desserted beach at midnight and drops her in the water and kisses her...?"
Jenny : "eh..?"


Karan drops her in the water and started laughing. "I am sorry that wasn't Sid and Riddhima.. that's Karan Wahi & Jennifer Winget.. and the scene is now..." He bent on his knee. His hand ran through her now wet hair, and his face was closing in on her. As the two tilted their head for a liplock they whispered simultaneously "i love you..." They looked at each other and giggled. Their laughter died down when their lips met. And then there was the Kiss of Love!


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