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BM and dadaji played with them like puppets!! (Page 6)

neel_jay Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vishmewell

this is the family who didnot approve Suhana going out without telling them where she was going and when she would return...clearly double standards. Now they dont mind Ishaan hugging and carrying and chipkoying and pubbing with Sona the so-called childhood friend and not a GF!
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neel_jay Goldie

Joined: 08 August 2005
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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shwets1502

OTT is Over The Top
Thanks! Embarrassed 

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iViews IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neel_jay

Excellent points Netri and very well written! I wish the writer or the director could read your posts! You are absolutely right, in real life, so much of anarth (tragedies) can happen with such plans. And I absolutely agree that in real life, Suhana would never trust Ishan again. Because the fact is that he was NOT a part of the plan, he was not acting or pretending. All the attraction he showed for Sona was real! How can ANY wife be ok with such kind of behaviour from her husband? If I were in Suhana's shoes, my marriage would be permanently scarred...

   Thanx.... My marriage would be permanently scarred too.  This is the only show i watch and it is very close to reality until sonali came. I don't mind that they didn't took more sensible route and brought sonali. But many family's have been affected by sonali's ... Everyone wants to get married and have fulfilling life. No one can have fairytale life. U have to learn from mistakes, learn from each other, with each other. Bottom line marriage needs work like everything else in life. There is always another side of every situation. Well, Lot of characters in the show has disappointed me. Ishan is the most. If my husband has done even one of the things he has done ....or Even My male friend come in our bedroom anytime of the day and sit there If my husband sees that well v r at war....LOL

     It seems v r more sensible than people writing it . But seriously i want them to read some of the comments many of us has written so they can improve the storyline. If only that happens. Sona is giving me ULCER so I'm gonna stop watching 4 few days. LOL

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neel_jay

Did badi ma and dadaji ever stop to think that the people they were playing with were not puppets or guinea pigs or dolls?! They were real human beings with real emotions! And to play with young, hot blooded and hormone crazy boys and girls is just plain stupid in my opinion! What if Sona really fell in love with Ishan in this process? What if Ishan fell in love with Sona and started regretting his marriage to Suhana? (In my opinion, he has been displaying all signs of having a crush on Sona!!) And what if Suhana, whose track record has so far shown her that men can not be trusted, decided once and for all that Ishan could not be trusted with her life?! I mean, look at her life so far ' she trusted that her dad would find her a groom of her liking, her type, her class and in her mind, her dad broke her trust and found someone opposite. She also trusted Sid and loved him but Sid broke her heart as well. Then she began to trust Ishan but I'm sorry to say that Ishan has completely disappointed me with his recent obsession with Sona!

Did badi ma and dadaji ever stop to think that the above could easily be outcomes of their plan? And then Suhana-Ishan's marriage would have broken and they would have been the ones to blame! But I know, since this is a show, the writer won't let that happen, even though it might not be realistic!

Ishan has been such a disappointment! Agreed that Suhana had hurt him initially, but she also worked very hard to change herself and they are already past the initial hurt. When Suhana finally decided that she would never leave the house, it should have been cue for Ishan that he now needs to woo and romance his wife to sweep her off her feet! Theirs is an arranged marriage. In arranged marriages, people don't love each other from day one! They first decide to stay together no matter what, and then they begin the process of wooing each other and falling in love with each other. Suhana had already started doing that by changing herself, by doing little things to please Ishan. Ishan should have followed suit. But how does he expect his wife to fall in love with him when he completely ignores her and displays highly inappropriate emotional, mental as well as physical behavior with another girl???!!!

And what the hell has been wrong with Rano and dadiji? Aren't they women and wives too? Can't they see that Ishan's behavior has been shameful? Isn't it their duty to scold Ishan and tell him that he is wrong? I ask everyone just this ' what if Suhana's childhood male friend arrived in that house and Suhana displayed exactly the same kind of emotional, mental and physical intimacy with him in front of everyone's eyes? How many of you think that the family would laugh and shrug it off as "childhood friendship"?

Ishan and Suhana have committed to living together forever. They can not get so close to other friends now. They must honor and maintain the maryada of their relationship, even if it's not a complete relationship yet!

Sorry for ranting for so long! Thanks for reading and I will definitely look forward to getting your comments and feedback.

Awesome POST..excellent ..well written have touched all teh imp points which was bugging me..the creatives have Grossly gone wrong here...I love this show..but this stupidity of Badi ma & Dadaji..playing with emotions & Suhana still not understanding that she is in love with Ishaan & Ishaan jumping around with just Nonsense,,,

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neel_jay

Originally posted by Tani91

I think is is pcing the way for some realization on BM and Dadaji's part.....they are definately going to regret it

BUT at the end of the day do realize that BM and Dadji are human afterall....and humans make mistakes....this is a huge blunder on their part which they now have to fix

this is why I LOVE SGP so much.....the characters have flaws in them....they're HUMAN...not God like as portrayed in other shows.....they can make mistakes and aren't ashamed of admitting to them

this is what I wanted to see in SGP....some more drama...I really want to see how Suhana,Sona(if she's still there), Ishan,BM and Dadji will handle their relationships with each other now...
I like your optimism but I watched OBS and they didn't realise their mistake at all, even Ishan didn't! So I really have no hopes. I had hoped that SGP would treat this storyline differently but they didn't.
What I absolutely hate is the fact that BM and dadaji tried to play God! They had no right, because they don't have the wisdom or the foresight that God has!!
if that;s the case then its BADOuch

I really hope they take a different route.....FINALLY we get a show that showed some senibility and logic...cant bear SGP having the same fate as other showsOuchCry

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infinity00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Thats the whole tragdey , I am saying it all along, although SGP is fantastic we are deeply madly in love with the characters, but this track is done very badly, contradicting Ishaan,s character, his love . I saw the precap and he is shouting at Suhana that you cant just do what ever you feel like and others just watch!!!! I think he IS TOOO LATE to say this now, as when Suhana WAS doing things the way She wanted, she was treating people with out any respect, Rajni Disha, Meena , Rano, at that time HE should have said the SAME dialogues , when it made sense, NOW Suhana DID NOT DO any such thing, she reacted to the situation HE has forced her to be IN, why shout and screem now, when she is NOT doing ANYTHING, she is just WATCHING, she is watching everybody going all crazy over Sonali , what is she doing, NOTHING, just frustrating, stopped being herself. When it was time for HIM to be out and OPEN about this AGREED relationship he was just overjoyed that Suhana is STAYING, he didnt say anything, when he was suppose to SCOLD her he was all softy softy, now when She didnt do anything then he is saying all those thing which he should have ages ago, he said all the right things but very late and wrong timing.

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mjtruelegend IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vishmewell

in red

Originally posted by reniji66

I have said before shame on BM for what she has done, especially after her situation and all. I hope Suhanna serves Ishaan, the duffer, with divorce papers and then he realizes he was inappropriate with Sona.  He hasn't done anything sensible in months. ClapClapClap rightly said He is an absolute jerk and if Suhanna was all over another man like that he would be completely shattered.right again... you are making sixers yaar... ClapClap  Indian serials always show the woman suffering and the typical double standard for men. Honestly, let a man hug on Suhanna that way and the whole family would flip out, be it a childhood friend or not. this is the family who didnot approve Suhana going out without telling them where she was going and when she would return...clearly double standards. Now they dont mind Ishaan hugging and carrying and chipkoying and pubbing with Sona the so-called childhood friend and not a GF! I used to like this show, but its decisions and storyline lately have changed that.  Lets face it, Ishaan is no prize to begin with. But atleast when he was sweet and innocent and we knew he loved Suhanna even though she didn't, we were in his corner.  Now I wish she would leave and stay gone and make him start all over again. I understand those of you who say Suhanna didn't treat him well, but she never gave him any hopes otherwise.  He knew she didn't love him and he never said he loved her.  Suhanna is innocent and just didn't get a lot about marriage. Her father spoiled her like a kid and then married her off before she understood what being a wife and loving someone truly meant. 
And here at the end of my rant I say again, shame, shame BM you have done the worst to Suhanna. You know the heartbreak of a loved one leaving and you and your stupid plan drove Suhann, not into Ishaan's arms, but out of his house. Suhanna stay at your Maayka until your husband understands how to treat you. Just not Ishaan but the entire Kashyap parivaar should learn a lesson and beg Suhana for her forgiveness And please, please Sona get out of that house and as far away from our TVs as you possibly can.  And for that young actress who plays Sona, please make your next roll a positive one.  We have seen you break up two tv marriages as of late; you need a new avatar!  And you are such a good actress and cute girl, get a tv man of your own and stop stealing others' husbands!!!!!! This is hilarious...LOL

I agree with every point you've made

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gia_k Groupbie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
@ netri u are spot on many relationships have broken up because of sonali type girls. I'm speaking from experience and something I seen happening to very close friend when her husband was giving priority to his best girl mate always talking on fne sending messages on fb wud meet up without telling anyone and the horrible part was wen this sonali type friend shouted at my friend when my friend eventually confronted her regarding their closeness she shouted n cursed at my friend and her husband took his best girl mate side and eventually let to their break up. I seen in my own eyes wat my friend went through n her distress when this horrible cheap woman interferred like sonali she got her way n broke a relationship. This is why I hate this storyline as it hits home and how they can justify sonali n ishaan. They are no far off from hving a relationship. Girls like sonali need to stay away from married men. She dresses to impress ishaan coz she wears so much makeup n revealing clothes coz she wants him to look at her in way that he should only look at his wife. She always trying to outshine suhana but fails and gives ishaan attention as she knows he is a hormone raged young man. All I can say if people are justifying sona n ishaan well u mite change ur mind if u were put in that situation. There is a place for sonali and her duplicates put I can't say it here. Sona get some sharm n get lost bk to America n stop ruining peoples relationship.

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