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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 12:44am | IP Logged
SmileLOLLOLHi Vinu ....Smile

Originally posted by LVraaz

Reply to all your PMs once and forr all ... 

First of all Congratzzz to all Maneetians and GEETians for making this show reaching 200 episodessss !!!!  Halla Bollll aur Lage Rahooo guysss !!! PartyThumbs Up

Congrats on 200, hoping there are many more to come ... and we go mahii each time we see this show ...ClapClapClap

1) Forr all bashers and to those who doesnt have anything to do in life by keep spreading bad rumors/negativity all around ... please DO STOP IT FOR ONCE as it will only wasting your energy and precious times ,only if you know how to value it.. The whole team of GEET have been trying enough to take out their hectic madness working schedules just to keep updating /interacting with audience..Would really love if you guyss could show some respects,love and appreciations to it .. 

p/s : THS purely forr Bashers/haters...wtv names so on .. Wacko 

this is actually cheap and shocking !! and behaviour that i totally dont approve of.. how does spamming get a point across... but, i tell you what the issue is.. it is these young teens, who they know better than makers, actors and most other people around them, just cos they love a show .. this behavior is not excuseable, but, certainly ignoreable an extent .. if it goes outta hand ... kya ka sakte ho .. ek aur request waala post bana do .. passive resistence ... Gandhi ji ne bola tha ...Smile

2) THE SHOW IS NOT ENDING & MANEET IS CERTAINLY  NOT DYING... There are  many many more enthralling track yet to come in the future.. You can always expect the best but be well prepared as well forr the worst.. therr will always going to be highs nd lows phase .. whatever you guys have seen so far through out the show is just half version of it.. 

At this point, i would like to say something, best or the worst, there are certain expectations we have from geet.. as a viewer when i watch the show, i do the broad story and a fairly decent idea of what you guys may have in store, the way the episodes are shown on a day to day basis are also great .. but one thing that bothers me at times is how at times the track of a week that went back actually shows very little progress in terms of a track .. you would like to argue back saying this is what happens in a day, i would say yes, i know, but why do people keep complaining of repetition?

i understand, this is Maaneet, and this is how it is supposed to be, but for an audience, at times, that tends to presume and feel they know more, perhaps, they look for more ...

u show them looking into their eyes, you want  them to touch, you show them touch .. you show them  touch, they will ask you to kiss and the demands will go on ... hence my request to you .. tell ur story ur way ... we will love it anyway .. we are all feathers you have gathered along the way .. but your team is the actual body, the heart and the soul ... i dont know why i sed this .. i dont even know if i am making sense, i just wanna say .. jo bhi kar rahey ho .. lagey raho .. har cheez ko dil pe mat lo ...Wink

In so little time given and  loaded with so many things to do at the same time... such clumsiness/bloopers etc tend to happens all the time..  6 days a week nd cut to cut/back to back shooting scenes  is not possible  to provide every single epi with enough context in it and when things get tooo messy /blown out of proportion in such situation, that is when yu see some filler episodes come the rescue .. Most of the dance sequence took alot of times  .. it took alots of  efforts just to complete that one particular shot.. And you cant expect the team to keep fulfilling all your wishes all the time.. Some are taken into considerations and some even becomes an inspirations.. 

honestly i havent noticed any bloopers or clumsiness lately, to be more precise since the time the 6 day started ...i think the geet team has made that little extra effort on their parts to ensure they cover these things up ... well, as for the fillers me cant find any ever since the arjun and anwesha track ... i recollect what Nissar said in his interview about parallel tracks, where he clearly stated its important how you present it .. trust me, the way their track has been projected, i actually like them .. well Annie cant act, but, i gues she will learn ... har koi paida hote hi actor toh nahi ban jaata na?

as for wishes being fulfilled, dont you think it should be the other way around? we see what you show us and talk about it, rather than asking for something, seeing it .. that way the moment of glory is short, and everyone wants to take credit it for it ... over a period of time it gets fugly ...Tongue

we know how hard it must be working all days of the week, without having another life that you could call your own .. work must be taking so much of ur space, i am amazed at how you guys manage day in and day out without tiring ...

its easy for us to say show this and show that, but its not that easy to make it happen ..

New Yr hai .. acknowledgement time hai !! Three Cheers !!Hug

3)As forr MARKETING/ADVERTISING departmentss wise, it izz alwayss in full swing as far as it goes...but at the end of day it's the channel calling.. promos/precap/editing wise.. it's all up to the channel on how they going to show it .. GEET team can only making nd trying theirr best to provides the best out of it and produce good quality of works.. 

The Channel and the Marketing team needs to be told why there is such an out cry, and the trend in the past has been that promos were suggestive of a future track, now they look like a summary of what went by !! this bit needs to be worked on .. If they dont implement it, thats fine, but they need to be told ... if the team has already done their bit, then ignore this bit!Smile

4)TRPS is something that we can't control ....obviously we want our show remain on top always..It may sound a little bit cliche.. but that's how it is.. fame ,success comes nd go.. sometime we do need the low signals  in order to make our works much  muchh better nd to realize even a tiny  mistakes just to get it right .. 

This little thing actually amuses me as well, we should be bothered about the show and how much it entertains us right? but as fans we have suddenly become so intrusive and inquisitive, we want to talk and think about everything, all in the name of a show .. i would be a hippocrite if i didnt count myself in it ..but i have always noted another thing, that, a show thats on top always does deserve to be there which is why it happens that way .. when geet was doing really well, it rightly placed itself there, ditto with MJHT and DMG .. and now ... PKYEK, by the looks of it has actually picked up ... having said that, how can the fall in numbers make a show any less nicer .. we are not that shallow Vinu ... Wink.. hum kabhi geet ka peeche nahi chorenge ...

5)As far as ANne&Arjun's track goes, ... The whole casting process and the entire decision are solely made by the production team,producer ,channel nd so on.. Everybody have their differences and  i think nissar nd the whole team knows what they are doing.. Along the way, it will give some breather for Maneet nd others...Other remaining characters  are building up slowly  as  the track proceeding ...Give it some time and chance to yourself.. if yu keep your mindset with so many negative things and too much complications, obviously it will turn out to be just like that only .. and also same goes to the new team members in GEET.. I think they are doing marvellous job nd very hardworking ppl.. 

No complaints here .. Arjun is awe-effin-sum !  Anwesha is okay, but Arjun makes up for her, so i guess thats fine...

And i love the wya the team is balancing between the tracks .. at times i wonder if they deliberately downplay Arjun cos they are afraid, he may over shawdow Maan ...WinkLOLWink

As far as Swati is concerned, if she has something good to offers, she will surely comeback again and GEET team are most than welcome to have her back on board.. ..Each and every departments are trying to make it works.. but as forr now the main focus is on MANEET 's BIG FAT WEDDING... so you know sometimes when you are tooo engrossed with certain subject/things.. eventually it will effects others nd it shows apparently..  

shaadi ke ghar main yeh sab chalte hi rehta hai .. toh lite lo !! aur gaane gao ... kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna ...

to err is human but to forgive is divine...Smile

basically it's more like playing with time till the wedding finally taking place.. BRIJ's comeback will be high pointss in Maneet's big fat wedding.. Again, don't see it in negative perspective.. see it in different dimensional with whole new perspective ... Just dont be mad if something happens, but dont get offended if nothing happens.. Try to think beyond what you were told to think..

pass on a hug to the team for bringing him back .. really !! i am totally dying to see what they would do with the guy .. the story has become engaging... see, we know Maaneet love one another and all that, but these little glitches always spring in a what if into your head, and thats what makes it interesting to watch ... Thumbs Up

Last and but not least, most importantly DO NOT MISS Out THE MOST EPIC DREAMY wedding of 2011... Coming soonzz!!It will be beyond your imagination/expectations.. after all GEET always full of surprises hai na !! and trust me its worth to wait and watch.. The preps is full full swinggg !! Let GEET team do all the works while you guys just sit back have funnz, enjoy karo,balle balle mahiii ve mahii ho hoo aur just chillaxx.. rather than stressing out yourself too much ... nd yes pleasee do keep HALLA BOLL spirit in most healthy wayy possible and keep rocking !!

All the best !!! mujhe pata hai .. it will be a wedding to look out for .. and i dont know why, this whole experience will leave us all wanting for more ... i am also looking forward to Arjun and Anwesha's track blossom during the course of the wedding ...

Till then, dont say alvida, phir milenge chalte chalte...HAVE A WONDERFUL MAHIII YEAR AHEAD and a very veryyy HAPPY NEW YEAR !! stay safe nd soundzz.. take care.. have a blast ... 

p/s:> Some JHALAK from the wedding prep will be up soonz in GEET.. !! So stay tuned nd keep watching ... I hope no more spamming after this and it's a request..thank you nd final salamz.. and please do not asking about actor's personal life..


this is jsut for you being you ...

Happy New Year GEET team !!

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Thank you for this post! It was much needed on this forum and FB as well!

Congratulations to the Geet team for reaching 200 more and heres to many more 200s that are yet to happen!

The story is back on track....You guys are doing a good job in the constraints you are working in.. and despite all the bashing, peeps are still watching...

The story is moving and the TRPs will follow Big smile...just work on some of the issues that get highlighted repeatedly- editing, screenplay, logical tracks etc and the show can become superlative!

A very Happy New Year to the whole cast and crew...hope 2011 is even more rocking for Geet than 2010!


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misty_drastifan IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for the post. Do extend our congratulations to the entire Geet HSP team for the completion of 200 episodes. 

Its been a wonderful journey so far & looking forward to all the excitement thats in store for us.

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I am a relative new addition..But a GHSP addict..and yes i love the show like anything..
Congratulations for the completion of the 200th Episode..

.This is one show which is watched even if it is 2:00 am in the morning...It is loved by old and young..This i say from personal experience..In my house itself...
My brothers join me in watching this show as well
The beauty of the show...The lovely Maaneet..the intriguing pasts., the treatments, the promos..the unpredictability

Love the show..
GHSP rocks and please if possible convey our congratulations to the whole team of GHSP...

We are thankful for the team of Geet for giving us GHSP...We love Gurmeet as MSK...The creator who created this character...i say thanks ... this actor who has breathed life into the character called MSK...He is the face of the creator who created such an amazing character...This flawed, yet principled man..who has lots of love to give and the strength to protect his loved ones...amazing
I would like to say thanks to Drasti as Geet..The fire brand and innocence,..this child bride captured beautifully by Dhrasti..complements MSK and how...

Thanks for making this post..It is so needed...We are just plain lovers of the show and as such whenever there is negativity..we are scared for the show...

I just believe one think...Positive attitude never goes to waste..I believe in GHSP, I believe in the team which gave us beautiful 200 episode and yes waiting for the BIG FAT MANEET WEDDING..i m sure there will be twists and turns and that will make it all the more engaging...sure enough we will be biting our nails and getting all scared for Maaneet...But positivity is the essence of the show and that will win...

Thanks once again

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Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Firstly Happy New Year to all!! :))

Congrats for the 200th episode...

Geet is the one show I never forget to watch...can't wait till they get married :))

GHSP is an amazing show!!

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Thanks for the post.My congratulations to the entire Cast n Crew of Geet HSP for the completion of 200 episodes.

All the best for the future. Hope you have a successful 2011.....Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by Fallen Angel

Firstly Happy New Year to all!! :))

Congrats for the 200th episode...

Geet is the one show I never forget to watch...can't wait till they get married :))

GHSP is an amazing show!!

Ditto !! Heartiest congrats  to the entire team.. 
hope to see many more to comes!!Dancing

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congrats to entire geet team...really appreciate your hard work and cant wait for maneet wedding....

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