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10 Things I hate About You (AR) Part 1 Updated (Page 2)

liveforever Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
                          Part 1

You see a boy sitting in front of the school principal. The principal tells him to just wait a second, as she is writing a scene for her novel. The boy sits there, fingernails tapping on the desk waiting. Just then the Principal finishes writing the scene, and closes the lap top, and looks at the boy. The boy's name is ...Rahul... The principal smiles at the Boy.

Princi- So Rahul 'hands him a form saying he is accepted in the school' So 10 schools in 11 years, my my, Realtor?

Rahul- Yeah my Dad--

Princi smiles at him- That's enough. Im pretty sure you won't find this school, any different than your other schools, Except that shit lies everywhere.

Rahul - Excuse me, Did you just say... Umm am I in the right office?

Princi- Not anymore your not, I've got another student to see, and a novel to finsh so scoot! Scoot!!

Rahul stands up quickly and leaves from there as quickly as possible. On the way out he sees the next student that the Prinic has to see, that students name is ,,, Armaan ,,, They stare at achother for a session that last 5 seconds. Rahul seemes to be scared by that student. Then Rahul leaves from the office.

Princi- Armaan Malik, I see that our visit are weekly ritual, 

Armaan just flashes a smile at her and nods, 

Princi - It seems that you exposed yourself in the Cafeteria...

Armaan -  I was joking with the lunchlady, it was bratwurst, 

Princi - Bratwurst huh, next time keep it to your self... Now scoot!

Armaan leaves there with a wierd look on his face, The Princi starts to write her Novel.

Atul is standing, wearing a button-up shirt, and Trousers. He saw Rahul, and new that he was the new kid. Atul walks up to him and streched out his hand to shake Rahuls hand.

Atul - Hello, I'm Atul Saxena, and I'm here to tour you around the school.

Rahul - Oh hi, Thanks.

They both walk out of the school, to show the students...

Atul - to the left we have the Coffee Kids, and here,  These kids are huge Marley fans, they think their black. And here we have the Cowboys, And these are the buisness freaks with their business suits and their laptops. And now over here-

Rahul - Oh My GOD!!

Rahul was lost in something, or should I say somebody. He saw Muskaan walking with her "friend" Senna. She was looking like a total Angel to him. Atul looked at the direction Rahul was looking at. 

Rahul - What group is she in?

Atul - The dont-even-think-about-it group. Names Muskaan Gupta, shes beutiful and deep. Listen forget about her, they have a very rich father, And its a wide fact that the Gupta sisters aren't allowed to date.
Rahul- uh-huh yeah (He was still lost in her) Whatever.


Everybody is sitting down in their desks in whatever class they are in first. This scene is for the English class. The students that are in the English class are seating themselves down on the desks. 

Mr.Mitchell- Alright then what did everybody think of the "Sun also Rises?"

Girl - I loved it he is soooo Romantic (Random Girl)

Another girl looks at the girl that said ROmantic. This Girl is RIDDHIMA!

Ridz- Romantic Hemingway? He is abusive alcoholic.. (She continues to state huge words, )

Mr.Mitchell Sighs,

Raj Replies to Ridz - As suppose to a bitter , Hag, Who has no friends? ' Raj laughs and high fives his friends.

Mr.Mitchell - Pipe down Raj!

Ridz also replies to Raj - I suppose that in this society being a male and an Asshole makes you worthy of our time. ' The class hoots, at that comeback as Raj just got insulted. 

Then Armaan enters the classroom, He was late.

Armaan - What did I miss??

Ridz blabs some words which are really big. Like a Geek.  

Armaan didn't understand her and sighs- Good! ' He goes out of the classroom.

Mr.Mitchell - HEY HEY!!!!

But before Mr. Mitchell could say anythign more, Raj interrupts him.

Raj- Oh Mr.Mitchell, can you make Ridz take her mind out, before she steps in class? and laughs with the class laughing with him,  Ridz just glares at him.

Mr.Mitchell- Raj someday you are going to get bitchslapped, and I'm not going to do a thing about it, And RIdz, I thank you for your opinion, It must be tough fro you to come up those middle classess, it must be TOUGH! 

Ridz- Anything else?

Mr.Mitchell - Yeah go to the office, you're pissing me off!

Ridz- What but Mr.Mitchell--

Mr.Mitchell- Later!!

Ridz just sighs to control her anger and makes her way out, Raj was laughing on her, so on her way out of the classroom she hits him with a book.. Raj just ignores her. 


The princi was saying out her novel to herself. when she couldn't think of another word for ingorged. She asked her secretary to look it up, but Ridz told her the perfect word for it...

Ridz sits down on the chair in fornt of the princi,

Princi- So Miss.Gpta I heard you were terrosizing Mr.Mitchells class?

Ridz- Expressing your opinion is not terrorist action.

Princi- The way you Expressed your Opinion to Raj? BTW, a few days ago his retreviation went quite case you were interested,

Ridz- I still Mantain that he kicked himself in that place,

Princi stares at her- The point is Ridz, you should use words that are..

Ridz gives her a word that might explain what she was trying to say..

Princi- Nope, But isn't it "Bitch" The term you use the most?

Ridz just smirks..

Princi-Smiles.-Thank you.. You may leave now..

Ridz leaves from there.

Raj and one of his friend was standing outisde, after school. 

Friend- Virgin Alert! Your favourite!

Raj looks at the direction, He sees Muskaan, he so wanted to go out with her but knew that he couldn't because of her father. muskaan was laughing with her friend, she walks by Raj giving him a smile. 

Raj - Lookin good Ladies!!

Friend- SHes out of reach even for you!

Raj - Nobodys out of reach for me!

Friend- you wanna put money on that?

Raj - Money I've got, This i'm going to do for fun and smirks.

Friend jsut giggles at him.


Atul and Rahul are just a few feet away from them, looking at Raj and them.

Rahul- Whos that guy??

Atul - Raj sen, Hes a huge Jerk, and a model.

Rahul- wait hes a model! Rahul starts laughing at that!

Atul - Yup!

Rahul - Man Look at her! Muskaan Gupta!! is she always so!

Atul - vavid?

Rahul - How can you say that ? Shes totally Im mean,, what are you talking about!

Rahul - theres more to her than you think, I mean look at the way she smiles and, Look at her eyes man, shes totally pure! I mean you're missing whats there, 

Atul - No! Whats there is a snotty little princess,  Justput her away and move on! Move on!

Rahul - No you're wrong about her!

Atul- Im wrong? You wanna take a shot be my guest! but shes actually looking for a french dude!

Rahul - are you serious? That's perfect!

Atul - What you speak french?

Rahul - well no But I will, I'll learn!

Ridz was walking with her friend Anjali, When a Red sports car was riding by her and stops right beside her. It was unfrotunately Raj.

Raj - Heyy Ridzz!! Your little Rambo look is out Ridzz,, Didn't you read last weeks  Cosmo?

Rdz just nods her head!! - Run along!!

And walks away..


On the other hand Muskaan was walking with her friend.

Senna - I know you can be ovedrwhelmed, and underwhelmed, but can you just be Whelmed?

Muski- I think in Europe you can!
(Both the girls were very stupid, not very smart at all)

Just then Raj was driving past them but stopeed beside the girls.. 

Raj - Hey ladies! You sweet little thangs wanna get a ride?

Muskaan was screaming inside! She also wanted to date Raj so she can become moe Popular!

Muski - Sure!!

Muski and Senna get in abd Raj drives off with them to drop them off to their houses. He only ave them a ride because he wanted to get Muski...

Ridz and Anjali saw that. Ridz and Anjali were in Ridz car.

Anji- Hes very Charming!

Ridz roll her eyes... - Hes disgusting!

Atul was on his bike and was riding by their car...

Ridz- move your dirty helmet then DIRVE!! She said that very rudely bewcause she was ina very bad mood.

Atul moved away and to Rahul...

Rahul - you okay??

Atul- Yeah just a minor encounter with the shrew! Thats your dream girls Sister..

Ridz drives off..

Rahul - Wait thats Muskaans sis?? 

Atul - Yup! Aight bye man!

Rahul - K cya dude!

Atul rides off..

Rahul also gets in his car and drives off..


Scene Shifts to Ridz house.. Ridz was sitting in a spagetti strap and short shorts. Reading a book..

Ridz dad comes up tot her goign through the mail...

Shanky - Hey RIddhima, Did anybody cry today??

Ridz- Sadly no.. but it's only 4:30 yet and winks at her dad..

Shanky just skakes his head..and sighs..

Muski comes there..

Muski- Hi Daddy!! She pecks Shankys cheek...

Shanky - Hey precious!

Ridz looks at Muski and smiles evilly in her head.. 

RIdz - an dwhere have you been??

Muski - No where!

Shanky - Whats this ? It says Sarah Lawrl..

Ridz snatches the letter away and looks at in shock and excitement!! Ridz reads it and screams!! and does the happy dance!! Shanky and Muski look at her.. 

Ridz - I got in!!!???

Shanky - Uhhh Honey Ridz.! Thats great buts isn't Sarah Lawrls at the other side of the country??

Ridz- Thats the basis of its appeal...

Shanky - But i though that you were going to stay at this school??

Ridz- No you decided.,...

Dad- Well okay.. So what? You're just going to leave??

Muski- Lets keep our fingers crossed..

Ridz glaresd at her then smirked..

Ridz- Ask Muski who drove her home?

Muski's smiled then just Vanished...

Shanky- Ridz don't change the subje- Muski who drove you home??

Muksi- Uhh!! Now don't get upset daddy theres this boy-

Ridz- whos a flaming imbusle!

Shanky - Please!!

Muski - I think he might ask me--

SHanky - I think I knwo what hes going to ask you.. and I think I know the answer! NO! Its always No! What are the two main house rules?? #1 No datinguntill you graduate, #2 No dating till you graduate!

Muski - Uugghhh!! DADDY! THATS SO unfair!! sulked muski

Shanky - you know, Ill tell you a story.. This morning a delivered two babies to a 15year old GIRL!! And you know what she said to me?? She said... I shoud'e listen to my FATHER!

Muski- She did no!

Shanky - Well thats what syhe would've said if she wasn't so DUmb!

Muski- Umm can we focus on me for a second please?? I am the only girl int he school that has never date!

Shanky- No NO! Your sisters not dating!

Ridz - and I don't plan to!

Muski- where did you come from Planet Loser???

Ridz - As opposet o planet look at me look at me.. she mocked Muski..

Shanky - OKay this is how we solve this one.. Old rule out new rule in.. Muski can date.. When Ridz does! And smirked at his brilliant plan!

Muski - But shes a dork.. what if she never dates??

Shanky - Then you'll never date.. 
Shanky mumbled to himslef - boy I like that!

Shanky - and I'll get going bye!!

Ridz got up to go to her room.. 

S- Adn we'll toalk about Sarah Lawrls later..

Ridz to muski - Bye!! and smirked!

Muski to Ridz- Can't you just have some retard tak eyou out the movies so I have have my date??

Ridz- Im sorry but the answer to tha will be NO!!

Ridz said NO in Muski face,,

Muski -Uhh!! You suck!!!

RIdz immitates Muski - You suck.. and heads off to her room.. Smirking to herself!

Alright theres the first part.. yeah its broing because its the first part and I had to make some things clear through out the story..
Its often boring!
Please comment and critisize!

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liveforever Goldie

Joined: 18 May 2007
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
I havent edited that part since I don't have time and I won't be able to PM either this time sorry!!

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immayurfan Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

nice part can u please pm the next part

dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
nice start 
loved it 
cont soon 
n plzz pm me thx

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