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AR FF:: Aapki Nazaron nE Samjha: New Thread Pg 150 (Page 93)

prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
hey, just caught ur ff

it is amazing

plz add me in ur pm list

i have also sent u buddy request

continue soon

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
AWesome ff.
I read all the parts today.
Riddhima is in sooooooooo much pain.
I'm afraid if she is ready to sacrifice her life for Niki's sake.But I don't think Armaan would agree to accept niki in his life.
Plz add me to ur pm list.
U r an excellent writer.
plz update the next part soonest.

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Nice story please update soon and add me to your pm list if possible

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janu1610 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 March 2008
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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:44pm | IP Logged
nice part dear.
I know this separation is necessary though i don't like it .
I mean he has to pay all the deeds of other ....
He got punished coz he had trusted on his love ,coz he was loyal..
Wake up with you by my side

thanks for pm.

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AR4eve Goldie

Joined: 24 June 2010
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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged

The next day Riddhima woke up early. Somehow sleeping peacefully was not possible for her. She woke up early morning and went downstairs. No one was up yet. She decided to make some breakfast for herself. She went to the kitchen counter and made bread and butter for herself. And took it to the window. The sun was already up but it was a total different feeling to watch it this early. Everything felt so serene.. so pure........ She started eating her bread n butter.
She wanted to keep her mind clear of any thoughts from the past few days. She kept looking at the atmosphere outside. The beautiful birds chirping and the flowers appearing so fresh. She kept the food aside and decided to go outside in the fresh.
She went out towards the rose plant that was appearing very beautiful in the morning dew. She touched it and tried to smile. But then the thought of Armaan and what all had happened with her for the past two days came back to her. She immediately removed her hand off from the rose.
"Sunheri Yaadein tootti hai toh bahut dard hota hai riddhima"

She turned to see who said that. She saw Nikki standing next to her.
Riddhima: tum.. itni subah......
Nikki: Haa.. maine tumhe yahan dekha isiliye main ayi.. Mujhe tumse baat karni thi...
Riddhima: Kis baare main.
Nikki: Riddhima pehle ghar main chal ke baat karte hain..
Riddhima: Nahin jo kehna hain yahin keh do...
Nikki: accha thik hain..... Riddhima tune aab tak bataya nahin kisiko teri yahan ane ki asli vajah kya hain...
Riddhima: Main bas thode din ma ke saath rehna chahti hoon...
Nikki: Tu kise jhooth bol rahi hain. Mujhe. Riddhima main tujhe acche se janti hoon.... Tu ghar chod kar ayi hain na.........
Riddhima: Aisa kuch nahin hain...
Nikki: Bhale tu mujhe na bataye.... par mujhe pata hain.... Riddhima   aisa mat kar.... tu janti nahin tu kya kar rahi hain...... tu....
Riddhima: Nikki...... main jo ab kar rahi ho na hota agar tu pehle sabko sach bata deti.....
Nikki looks shocked at her. She didnt expect a retort from Riddhima but then it was not wrong .
Nikki: Main janti hoon ki main tumhari gunegar hoon..
Riddhima: Nahin Nikki tum meri nahin ... Armaan ki gunegar ho......
Nikki: Armaan tere saath khush rahega Riddhima...
Riddhima turns to her and says: Nikki tune apna decision tab le liya tha jab tune sab se sachai chupai thi..... Ab mujhe apna faisla maalum hai..
And saying that she leaves from there
Nikki says: Riddhima agar yehi karan hain.. toh main sab ko sach bata dungi....
Riddhima stops and turns goes close to her and says:
Nahin Nikki.... Ma papa yeh sehan nahin kar sakenge....
Nikki: Riddhima. ..... toh tu promise kar tu ghar jayegi....
Riddhima: Nahin Nikki main vahan ab nahin jaungi..
Nikki: Toh main ma papa ko batadungi...
Riddhima: Tujhe ma papa ki bilkul fikar nahin...
Nikki: Hain.. bahut hain.... par agar meri is sachai ki vajah se tera ghar toot raha hain.... toh unka yeh sach janna bahut jaruri hain..... aur ma papa strong hain...
Riddhima: Ha.... kyun nahin.. tune itne zakhm jo diye hain unhe.. adaat ho gayi hogi na...
Nikki stares at her. Riddhima was very hurt .. that is why she was throing venow from her words. Nikki decided to just leave from there.

Riddhima thought that what she said was not right. No matter whatever the case.... she shouldnt have said it. She would talk to Nikki about it later on.

She went inside and saw Padma coming out from the kitchen.
Riddhima: Arre ma aap uth gayi..
Padma: Yeh sawal toh mujhe karna chahiye tujhe.. tujhe aaram karna chahiye na....
Riddhima: Ma mujhe aaram tumhare saath kaam karne main ayega.
Padma smiles: Thik hain chal mere saath.
And they have a jolly time making food in the kitchen.

Armaan woke up early too..... Although he was not used to Riddhima and he harldy talked to her in these days there was a strong emptiness around him...... Maybe because he was thinking that she would understand him his circumstances... but then again life had not been fair with her either..... He opened his personal file on the laptop and started writing:
After all that commotion yesterday the quiteness today is unnerving............... I don't know how this day is going to turn out but I just hope things fall in place atleast for her.

He saved it and closed it and then showered and went downstairs. He sat down for breakfast. Evryone was on the table but no one was talking.
The door bell rang  and Muskaan went and opened it. It was a courier so she signed the form and brought the courier in.
Muskaan : Yeh koi court ke documents hain..
Armaan got up and immediately grabbed it: La mujhe de de..... mere cliet ke documents he...
Billy looked at him and asked: Konse client ke Armaan.. hum kabhi clients ke documents ghar par nahin bhijwater...
Armaan fumbled and tried to answer it: Woh Dad yeh mere ek dost ke hain.. uske ghar main kcuh tension chal raha hain isiliye usne mujhe kaha.... tha ki woh yahan send karega.. and then I have to give it to him in office..
Billy nods and OK but is still not convicned ....

Armaan makes an excuse of going and calling his friend and goes in his room and opens the envelope...
The thing that he was afraid of happened.
Riddhima had sent him a legal notice for divorce.. and he was asked to be in courst today at 2pm...
He wondered how was he going to do this and how was he going to tell everyone.... about the divorce...
He received a phone call on his mobile and he started discussing a problem with the client.. He forgot about the paper and left immediately.

Billy walked in and read the open evnelope.... he was shocked ..... to read its contents.. He coudltn let this happen.. btu then he couldnt tell it ananya either.. what if she reacted strongly. no he had to tackle this on his own....He decided to call Riddhima.. But her phone was switched off... Somehoe he had to reach her and change her opinion... Had she told Shashank and Padma about it..... Maybe,... then he thought no.. because then they would have tried to contact him..... He had to find a way to contact her......

Riddhima had finished helping Padma.... and was upstairs. thinking of 2 pm when the final decision would happen..........
She had called her lawyer yesterday before reaching home... so that the decision would be taken soon...... Once the decision was taken then it would be easier for her to tell everyone... She had turned her phone off because she didnt want to talk to anyone about it.... and she knew that if she kept it on.. she would unknowingly tell it out to someone...

It was half an hour to 2pm.... She started from her house after telling her mom that she had to go to the market..... Her mom wanted to go with her.. but RIddhima somehow was succesful in evading her from accompanying her... and she left....
Armaan was in office when he remembered that he had received the lawyers notice.... He thought of evading it but then another thought crossed his mind.... what if this time she sent it again while he was not there and either one of the family members found out about it.. what would he do then.. no he couldnt do it.. So he called up his secretary and told her to cancel the appointments for the next 2 hours as he had to go outside... She nodded and said she would get it done..... and Armaan left from there...

They both reached the lawyers office at the same time.. They saw each other.. but then RIddhima went in.. Armaan waited for a few hesitating to go in.. but then.. he went in.

Lawyer: Hellow Mr. Armaan. your wife just walked in. (they shook hands) My name is Anita.... N I will be your lawyer for the afternoon.
Now as far as I know... Mrs Riddhima has filled for a divorce from you on the basis of( she reads the paper)... Mrs Riddhima.. you haven't mentioned the reason...
Riddhima startled tried to think of a way: Woh.. umm I did tell them the reason.. maybe they forgot to mention it in...
Lawyer: hmmm.. ok you can tell me now.. I would include it in..
Riddhima started thinking
Lawyer: Mrs. Riddhima....
Riddhima: ummm (she tried not to look at Armaan she wanted to tell out everything but then it might complicate things for Armaan so she said) well lets just say we are ot compatible...
Lawyer: hmm.. not compatible.... Is see( she jotted it down) sO  I will be performing a routine set of questions and I want you both to answer them individually...
THye both nodded...
Lawyer: Ok we will begin with Mrs. Riddhima. hOW LONG Have you been married?
Riddhim fumbled and then said: aboout a week.
Lawyer trying not to look surprised asked Armaan the same question: he answered similarly.....
Lawyer: Did you know each other before marraige....
They both nodded a positive.
Lawyer: was this marriage forced on you...
Riddhima looked at Armaan.... then said No...... Armaan said no too.. Riddhima looked at him.....
Laywer continued a series of other questions where in she judged their background of the marraige and other things.
Lawyer: Ok so finally Mrs. Riddhima according to all the information I have here..... You want a divorce from Mr. Armaan on compatibility grounds because you are not compatible with him and this is in one week of staying with him.. am I correct.
She nodded...
Lawyer continue: And Mr. Armaan.. you havent' told me muhc yet... but you are aware that this divorce has been filed against you under the conditions I just mentioned. Do you agree with it.
He nods.
Lawyer: Ok now my last question: Mrs Riddhima do u want this divorce
Riddhima thinks and then says yes....
Lawyer: Mr Armaan do u want this divroce.....
Armaan doesnt say anything....
Lawyer: Mr.... Armaan... I repeat myself.. do you want this divorce.....
Armaan: I just want her to be happy........
Lawyer looks at him.....and then AT Riddhima..: Hvae you guys talked about this with each other...
Noone says anything......
Lawyer takes a rest back in the seat as if exhauseted.. and says: Ok I am assuming you guys have not even talked about this divorce with each other properly. And frankly Mrs Riddhima.. your basis for the divorce are not strong......... unless htere is another reason........( Riddhima says nothing) well in that case.......... I cannot give you the divorce( Riddhima looks at her.. wondering why) for the simple fact that it has only been one week since you were married and as far as I know from here Mr. Armaan has not forced himself on you or tried to hurt you. As far as the compatibility issue is.. I am going to give you guys three months to reconcile... If in these three months.... you guys start liking each toehrs company then the matter of divorce is solve....d.... If however things dont change.. you can surely come and get the divorce.....
Saying that she smiles and says: Thankyou you may leave now..
Riddhima starts to leave.. The Lawyer asks Armaan to wait back..
Armaan asks RIddhima to wait outside....
Lawyer: Mr.Armaan..... I strongly believe that you didnt want this divorce..
Armaan jsu t looks at her...
Lawyer : And whatever the problem between you two I am giving you guys a chance to reconcile......... If however the problem is consistent next time I wont be able to save this marraige of yours.....
Armaan smiles and thanks her and then leaves.....
Outside he sees that Riddhima did wait...
He smiled to himself... today turned out to be good afterall....

He walked up to her.. Riddima main tumhe ghar chod deta hoon.....
Riddhima didnt say anything...
THye walked to his car and then he drove.....
He looked at her while driving but she tried not the distracted. He reached her home and she came out of the car...
Armaan: Riddhima ...
She stopped and turned: Riddhima: Armaan... main shaam tak ghar pahuch jaungi...
Armaan: Riddhima main tumse bas yeh kehna chahta hoon.. ki main hamare rishte ko..... apni poori koshish dunga...
Riddhima: Iski koi jaroorat nahin.. teen mahine baad yeh divorce hoga....
and saying that she leaves from there...
Armaan looks at her going and then sits in the car: Riddhima ab aisa kuch nahin hoga.. aj hi ek bahut acchi shuruvat hui hai.. dheere dheere sab kuch thik ho jayega..... I promise.... he smiles to himself and drives off...

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
res...wud edit in the mrng...;)

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
hey diiiiiiiiiiii
awesome partClapClap.............loved it................3 months enough to come close to each otherWink..........thanks for pm
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soonnnnnnnnnnSmile

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