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AR FF:: Aapki Nazaron nE Samjha: New Thread Pg 150 (Page 69)

jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
i want this line in next part plzzzzzzzz

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jannat4ever Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
hey dear jst read all parts of ur ff
nd all updates r awesome
superb concept..............Clap Star
continue soon
nd add me to ur pm list dear


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jannat4ever Goldie

Joined: 05 July 2010
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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
hey dear
jst read all parts of ur ff
nd all updates r awesome
superb concept..............Clap Star
continue soon
nd add me to ur pm list dear


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nyxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
LOVED the promo!
I hope this is in your next update...lets see what AR do now!

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:09pm | IP Logged

Hey Everyone,

So I know how you all wanted Nikki to Speak up...... and for a long time It hadn't been possible.... So here it is guys...

This is the update you guys have been waiting for...... Nikki Speaks.


Nikki is in the rickshaw and thinking about how life had changed for her in the past few months.

She happened to see two people walking all alone on the road at this hour. She imagined herself and Abhi like that. It would have been so special if Abhi would have been with her to support her, to love her, or to just be with her. Maybe  there was something wrong in the relation they shared.
She happened to touch her stomach. A smile left her face. She thought  Or maybe something just went right between them, hinting at the baby. She gave those two people walking one last glance and was about to look at the other direction when she noticed something. She immediately asked the driver to stop the rickshaw.
The driver stopped the rickshaw and she looked out of the rickshaw turning behind facing their back. She wasn't sure but maybe this was them. But it was impossible that they could be found in such a place at this hour. Nevertheless she tried her luck, "Riddhima, Armaan" she called out. At once the two people stopped. They thought who must be who called out their names at this hour. They turned back simultaneously and saw a rickshaw waiting.
Nikki had turned back in and was telling the driver to wait for a few minutes and to not go. Armaan and Riddhima seeing noone thought it might be a hoax but then seeing the rickshaw they decided to go ahead and check out who it was. Armaan carefully moved ahead of Riddhima and they moved to the rickshaw.

As soon as they reached the rickshaw, Nikki stepped out to face their shocked faces.

Armaan: Nikki tum yahan kaise. Tumhein toh hospital mein hona chahiye.

Riddhima: Yes Nikki. you should be in the hospital.

Armaan: Nikki kahin tum kisiko bina bataye toh bhag nahin ayi na'

Riddhima: Kahin Doctor ne kuch aisa toh nahin kaha ki tumhein bura laga aur tum bhag ayi.

Armaan: Nahin Riddhima, Nikki unmein se nahin hain jo bhag kar aye.

Riddhima: Mujhe pata hain kaun kaisa hain.. tum mujhe samjhane ki koshis mat karo.

Nikki sensing that the situation is going out hands interrupts in.

Nikki: Arre arre' tum dono.. ruko'. meri wajah se kyun lad rahe ho tum dono.

They both turn towards her and say it simultaneously

Armaan and Riddhima: Kahin tumhare baby koh toh kuch nahin hua na.

Nikki looks surprised that Riddhima knows about it. She looks at her and then at Armaan.

Armaan: Yes Nikki she knows everything. I didn't tell her. She found it out on her own.

Nikki looks at Riddhima and then looks down.

Riddhima walks to her and says: Tumhein isme bura manane ki koi jarurat nahin hain Nikki.. Jo bhi hua it was all situational and it was not ones fault in it.

Nikki still with her face turned towards them says: nahin Riddhima usme kisi ek ki galti thi.

Riddhima looks scornfully at Armaan who looks apologetically back at her.

Armaan tries to say something but Nikki cuts him off: Armaan mujhe tumse' aur Riddhima ab jab kit um yeh baat janti ho.. tumse bhi ek bahut jaroori baat karni hain.

Armaan: Ha bolo Nikki.

Riddhima: Ha bolo.

Nikki mustering all the courage she has says: Mujhe maaf kar do Armaan par yeh baccha tumhara nahin hain.

Armaan and Riddhima both look at her shockingly.

Armaan: Nikki yeh tum kya'

Nikki: Yeh sach hain Armaan.

Armaan: Par yeh kaise I mean.. Aisa toh'

Nikki: Armaan believe me this is the truth.

Riddhima walks up to Nikki and says: Nikki you don't have to do this for me. Main tumhare aur Armaan ke beech main ayi thi. You don't have to sacrifice yourself and this baby of yours for me.

Nikki: Nahin Riddhima tu samaj nahin rahi hain..

Riddhima: Main sab samaj rahin hoon.. Tu ab ghar chal.. you need rest.

Armaan agrees and says : Yes Nikki you need rest hum kal baat karenge'

Nikki: NAHIN guys. Stop it. Please stop being so nice on me that I feel I have committed all the crimes in the world.

Riddhima: Nikkia par main toh bas..

Nikki: Tum meri baat suno.. puri baat suno' Armaan I have been trying to tell this to you since yesterday but one thing or the other keeps me from telling this to you. Riddhima tujhe bhi yeh janna bahut jaruri hain. This baby is not Armaan's.

She takes a long pause in which no one says anything.

She continues: I have kept this secret in me for such a long time, it was killing me inside.

It all started when '.



Nikki was waiting at the busstop when it had started to rain. There she met a person, who changed her life forever. She met Abhi but she did not want to talk to him because he had ditched her right after high school when they had made promises to each other to get married. That pain of leaving her was still with her. She did not want to talk to him.

Abhi said, "Nikki bus ek baar meri baat sunlo.. Phir tumhara job hi faisla hoga mujhe major hoga."

Abhi tells her, " Nikki tumhein yaad hain humne vaade kiye the shaadi ke. Par kya tumhein yeh yaad hain ki main apne bemaar ma ki dekhbhal karne vala akela ladka tha. I never told you but my Mom was suffering from cancer and everytime it hurt me to see her like that. These few years that I have been away from you I have tried to earn all the money that I could possibly do to save her. I tried my best Nikita. I wanted to come and tell you everything but I was afraid that If you left me I might crash and would never be able to get up on my own. I did it so that I could help my mother. Nikki I couldn't see her condition. Her hair was being lost , she was suffering from all these illnesses and it was hard for me to confide in anyone Nikki. I hope you understand. But all these efforts went in vain vain. My mom died a week ago and it was dread ful Nikki Dreadful'.. I lost everything that I ever had. I needed you with me but I knew I had lost you a long time ago when I left you alone after high school.

Nikki I am happy for you that you have moved on in life.. but for me' I could never move ahead. Everyone I loved somehow was taken away from me. And I didn't want to lose you Nikki. I was afraid. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I just wanted you to forgive me and I wish you the best in life."

He starts to leave from there. Nikki holds his hand amidst the rain and hugs him.

Abhi: Nikki tum yeh'.

Nikki: Kyun Abhi'.. mujhe apni khushi main shamil toh kar liya tha par apne saare gam tum akele hi sahte rahe.

Abhi doesn't say anything always loved you Abhi. I was waiting for you always.

Abhi: Nikki'. yeh sahi nahin hain' you have moved on..

Nikki: But you haven't Abhi.. and that bother's me. I will tell Armaan the entire truth he will understand.

Abhi: Nikki.. you don't have to do this.

Nikki: Shhhh' I have to do this'.. because'. ( she smiles) I have always and will always love you.

Abhi waits for a few and then says: I love you too Nikki.

And then they engulf themselves in a huge embrace. The onlookers clap thinking that this is the end to a perfect love story.

Abhi takes hold of her hand and takes her to a room. He asks her to go and change as she was all wet and it might give her a cold. She goes on to change in the bathroom and he changes outside in the room. She comes out wearing a shirt and pajamas provided by the hotel. Her wet hair tricking the water droplets on the carpet. He looks at her and tries to look the other way.

They talk for a while reviving their old memories and what had happened in their life ahead. After a while, it was still raining and thunderstorm strikes. Nikki gets scared and hugs Abhi. Abhi at first doesn't respond but slowly he embraces her tightly. Nikki looks up at him who looks into her eyes. He gradually moves with her to the bed and shows her the love that he had hidden all these years.

Next morning, Nikki wakes up and smiles. Yesterday was the best  night of my life thanks to Abhi'. She turns and sees that Abhi is not there, she thinks that maybe he went in to shower. She gets up and tries to look around. But not finding him anywhere she gets a little tensed. Then she sees a note by the bedside and thinks that maybe he went somewhere and left the note for her. She decides to shower first and then read the note. After showering she comes out and reads the note.

My Dear Niku,

Last night was the best night in my life. I will always remember it. N It will always remind me how much I love you. Nikki, I had some urgent work and hence I had to go. But I will come pretty soon. Do take care. And stay smiling.

                                                                                                Lots of Love, Abhi.

Nikki reads it and re-reads it. How could he do this? Does he not know the meaning of this? She started panicking. The room service came in and asked her what did she want for breakfast. She asked him about Abhi but he said that he knew nothing about it.

She immediately went downstairs and asked at the reception about Abhi but they said that he checked out early morning and he has paid all the bills and asked us to make sure that you reach home safely.

Nikki becomes irritated at this and yells at the receptionist, " I don't want anyone to take care of me, atleast not the way he has asked" And she storms out of the hotel.



Nikki turns to face Armaan and Riddhima and says:

Armaan please forgive me.. I know you are very upset about this but this is the truth. I loved Abhi from Childhood. I guess since he broke up with me, and you were the only one who showed affection towards me I felt that maybe I could move on but this was not the case. Everytime I tried to move on, some or the other way he would come into my life. Riddhima tu jo Abhi ko janti hain na' Jise tu mera Prince chamring bulati thi.

Armaan: Nikki, how could you? You slept with me and since you did not find it satisfying you did it with Abhi'and now you are coming up with excuses to justify it.

Nikki: Armaan'''.. we never did anything. That night when you were drunk I lied to you. You did not touch me. I wanted to tell you and give you a surprise after marriage because that was when I was going to tell you' but destiny had other plans written for us. Armaan.. you did not touch me.

Armaan was thoroughly shocked. He walks up to Nikki and raises his hand to slap her..but then controls himself because she has just come out of the hospital and he didn't want to harm her baby.

Armaan: Nikki'.tumne mujhe itna sharminda kiya hai aaj'' All this while I was cursing myself thinking that I was the one who was doing wrong with you.. But you Nikki'. you have been doing what not behind my back' N'' shi Nikki''main.. aab kya kahun tumse'.. Mujhe laga tha'. ki tumhein sach main mujhse pyaar tha' par ab lagta hain.. ki shayad main sirf ek jariya tha'. tumhare aur Abhi ke karib ane ka..

Nikki: Please Armaan don't say that'.

Armaan: Why did you not tell me before Nikki'.Y'.

Nikki: I tried too' Armaan I tried to'


Nikki had not heard of Abhi for about two weeks now. She started to realize that maybe he just used her to satisfy his physical needs. She felt cheap of herself that she had been used. That she maligned herself on her own. She was thinking of killing herself because of what Abhi did to her'. and suddenly she started feeling dizzy. She rested for a while and then came back to her senses. Th thought of dying was distracted as her friends had come in at that point. Over the course of few days after that' she would starts vomiting early morning.. and feel dizzy quite a few times a day. She realized that this was not normal and decided to get herself checked up. After the check up she was waiting for the reports to come. She was anxious as to what might be in the reports and the doctor came in and told her that she was pregnant. It was as if the ground beneath her feet collapsed.  She asked the Doctor whether she was sure. The Doctor smiled and said that she was. Nikki thanked the doctor and went from there. All the while she kept thinking of what was she going to answer at home. how was she going to tell Armaan about it' N many other questions'.

Someone had seen her and heard her conversations with the doctor, " I will not let you ruin my family's life"

Nikki went home and saw that Armaan was at her house helping her mom with picking the dresses for the wedding. Seeing Nikki, Padma asked her as to where had she gone. She makes up some excuse.. and then Padma goes into the kitchen to get some juice for both Armaan and nikki'.

Nikki goes to Armaan and says: Armaan, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain'

Armaan: Nhain Nikki ab kuch nahin.. ek minute ruko toh'.(Nikki tries to talk to him but Armaan doesn't listen)Yeh laal chunar dal kar toh dekho ..

And he makes her look at herself in the mirror.Nikki feels like crying. She was in such a fix but she had to tell Armaan the truth'.. She tried her best but Armaan was kept busy in one thing after the other.

Nikki tells Armaan that she has to say something to him. Armaan teases her but Nikki tells him that it is important'. And goes to her room' Armaan looks back after her and thinks.. what must have happened with Nikki'. that she was behaving in this manner.

Nikki waited for the day to dawn. Armaan comes into her room through the balcony and startles a sleeping Nikki. She wakes up startled and says: Armaan tum yahan aise kyun''..

Armaan: Lo tum bhul gayi.. tumhi ne kaha tha'. ki tumhe mujhse kuch baat karni thi''..

Nikki: Haaa Armaan'.. woh main.. yeh kehna chahti thi ki'..

She turns away from him ''

Nikki: Armaan I am pregnant'

Armaan: looks surprised' Kya'.. Nikki.. tum'. pregnant.. are you sure'( she nods) hmm this is a little unexpected '.but'..nevertheless I am happy.. very happy'. Nikki'.. thankyou'and he hugs her'

Nikki: Armaan nahin.. tum'..

Padma come into the room at that point'.

Padma'. arre yeh kya.. Armaan.. maine kaha than a shaadi hojane tak yeh lovers wali aadate bandh karni hogi tumhein'.

Armaan: Kya karu main Sasuma'. mujhpar kabhu nahin'.

And then he sweet talks with Padma'. and Padma takes him down.. Over the course of days''' With wedding preparations'.. Nikki doesn't get a chance to tell Armaan'..


Nikki: Armaan un sabhi baar maine tumhein batane ki koshish kit hi par koi na koi karan se main tumhein kabhi kuch keh nahin payi'''  Mujhe maaf kardo Armaan mujhe maaf kardo'..


Armaan: Nikki tumne jo kiya hain yeh maafi ke layak nahin hain'.

Happy Reading...

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..KaJenDelena.. Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:40pm | IP Logged
FINALLLY NIKKI SPEAKS yes!!!! OMG hope Armaan forgives her! thank god armaan didnt touch nikki cant imagine them two together heheee LOL intense.. whats going to happen to AR now? Hope AN get a happy ending. :)
ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:46pm | IP Logged

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iceprincess101 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
awesome part.....I waiting for the next part hope it would come soon....I have to say that your ff is addictive because tomorrow I have an exam and I'm reading your great part...hope to see AR bonding now that the truth is out.....

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