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AR FF:: Aapki Nazaron nE Samjha: New Thread Pg 150 (Page 4)

Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Love the ff well the beginning
Update soon n can u please add me to ur pm list

qt4ever Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Hey! Nice part!
Pls add me to ur pm list
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged

@cutiepreet thanks hun… I will add u to the PM list

@Stupidcupid1234.. thnks hun ….I will

@qt4ever…. thnks hun.. I will

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Recap:: Armaan ignores Riddhima completely but she thinks that he probably is just tired and imagines him helping her get ready.

Smiling she comes downstairs and touches Ananya(Armaan's mom's) and Billy'S(Armaan's dad) feet and goes and hugs Muskaan( his sister). THey go for the prayer and everyone is pretty impressed with how beautifully Riddhima sings. Once the aarti ends she starts to go around to give the aarti to everyone, and eventually reaches to Armaan who takes the thali but doesn't look at her at all. But just because he took the aarti while she was holding it makes her happy all the more.

Ananya comes near Riddhima and takes the thali from Riddhima and puts it on the mandir thaal. She says to Riddhima, " Beta, you sing very good. Aur hum itne khushnasib hain ki tum humare bete ki zindagi main aayi ho". Riddhima feels elated at this and thanks Anaya for saying such sweet things about her. However Armaan, just looks irritated at this point and goes to Billy and says, "Dad, I have to go to the hospital as I just received a page from the hospital as there is a board meeting and I have to be there because I am introducing the brief to all of them." Billy says, " I understand Armaan, but Ananya mentioned to me that today is a rasam according to which there will Riddhima's mooh dikhai and then she would go to her father's house and you would have to bring her back." Armaan says, " Dad, why do you have to include me in all this. You know how I feel about all this."
Billy stops him right there and says, " I understand Armaan, but you know why we all took this step and I hope you respect your mother's choice of action. Besides I don't see anything wrong with Riddhima. She is a good girl and I am sure she will turn out to be a good wife and a very good homemaker." Armaan says, "Dad, even Nikki would have been a good wife, a good homemaker, and with her I would have been genuinely happy." Billy pulls Armaan away from the family so that no one overhears them, " Look Armaan, what has happened has happened and you have to move on. There is no doubt Nikki would have been a good wife but you know why she has not entered this house and hence leave it at that. Now stop acting like a child and take up your responsibility. You can go to work but by evening you will have to go to Riddhima's house and bring her back. Do you understand that." Armaan looked at his Dad and said, " I completely do Mr. Billy Mallik." and saying that he leaves.
Billy sees him leaving and whispers to himself, 'Someday Armaan, someday you will understand why I supported your Mother's decision of not bringing Nikki in this house and then you will realise that this was not a wrong decision.' He heaves a sigh and goes to Ananya to talk about the funcion.

Billy and Ananaya's family come and give blessings to Riddhima. Everyone praises Ananya saying that she has had a beautiful daughter in law and she will surely be a good homemaker. After the mooh-dikhai ends Riddhima helps Ananya in the kitchen.
Ananya, "Riddhima, you are happy here naaaa..."
Riddhima smiles and says, "Ji maa, I am very happy here."
Ananya hesitates because what she was about to ask now was a little too personal even if it was about her son, " Riddhima, Armaan has been thorugh a lot this past month, so if he is a little upset or so give him some time to cope up and he will be good." Riddhim doesn't understand what Anaya is actually trying to say, she says, " Maa don't worry, I know he was tired and I am willling to give him all the time he requires." Ananya smiles and thinks to herself ,'I have not made a wrong decision' and then blesses Ridddhima and thengoes out of the kithcen. Riddhima along with the help of Muskaan, and gayatri (the maid) makes the food. Just as she finishes making the food, her mom(Padma) and dad(Shashank) come home. Ananya calls Riddhima and tells her that her mom and dad have arrived. Riddhima is very elated to see them and goes and hugs her mom and dad.
Shashank, "Riddhima, my my , my daughter has gelled so well with her inlaws in one day itself." A tear leaves his eye and Padma sees that and tries to console him by making the sitaution a little less emotional. Padma, "Shashank, of course, aakhir beti toh hamari hi hain na... aur phir maine use sab samjha bujha ke bheja tha na.. " Everyone laught at that point and then Shashank, Padma, Ananya, Billy, Muskaan and Riddhima eat the lunch. Shashank asks, " Billy Armaan kaha hain." Billy says, " Shashank, use aaj ek board meeting attend karni thi isiliye woh nahin aa saka but don't worry woh Riddhima koh shaam ko Padphero ki rasam ke liye pahuch jayega." Shashank smiles.
After lunch they talk for a few minutes and then Shashank and Padma ssk for their leave as they have to take Riddhima home now.
Ananya says to Riddhima," Jaldi aa jana Riddhima, tumhare bina aacha nahin lagega mujhe."
Riddhima hugs her and says, " Maa main bus yun gayi aur yun aayi " and smiles and then leaves.

Riddhima comes home and sees Nikki sitting on the sofa. She comes and hugs her. Shashank and Padma look on worried as the sisters hug each other. Nikki doesn't say anything but just goes along with the flow.
Riddhima says, " Nikki I missed you so much and it is so good to see you back." Nikki just pretends to smile at her. Padma says,  "Riddhima Nikki ko aaram karne do. She is not well." Riddhima says, " Ji maa, I will escort her to the bedroom." sHE takes Nikki to her room and makes her sit and says, " Mujhe tumse bahut saari baatein karni hain... Armaan ke baaare main ( when Riddhima said Armaan's name... Nikki just closed her eyes as his name had so many memories attached to it that it hurt her to think that it was not her but her sister who was talking about HIm.)" Nikki just smiled weekly and then Riddhima leaves.

Nikki just lies down on her bed and keeps her hand on her belly. She think of the new year 3 years back in 2007.

It was her home and she had brought in Nikki, Muskaan, Armaan, and Rahul to her home for their annual family get together. Everyone was happy. But more than anyone else, she was happy because that night had changed everything for her and for ARMAAAN.

After the party had ended, Armaan was about to drive home along with Nikki, Muskaan, and Rahul as he was the one who had the car and he agreed to drop them off. He hugged everyone as he started to leave. Nikki told Shashank, "Dad, I will just leave them to the parkign lot and then I will be back." Shashank said, " Thik hain par Riddhima ko le jao cuz I dont want you coming alone all by yourself." Nikki agreed. So while everyone was saying goodnight and wishing New Year's Armaan and Nikki happened to skip away to the back of the garage where no one was there.

Nikki :Yeh kya hain Armaan. Tum sab koh jana hain and don't forget tumhe toh sabko ghar bhi chodna hain.
Armaan: Mujhe pata hain bossy ( she laughed) but yeh jyada jaruri hain.
Nikki: kya... yaha garage ke piche khade rehna.
Armaan: Nahin.. tumhare saath khade rehna..
Nikki smiled and asked: kya..??
Armaan: Tumne suna nahin ya sun kar bhi ansuna kar diya ..
Nikki: Armaan.. kuch bhi ... aab jaoooo.. go... I dont wont any drama.
At that point Muskaan comes there and Armaan and Nikki act as if they were looking for somthing that thye just lost on the ground.
Muskaan: Arre bhai, Nikki.. kya kuch kho gaya hain....
Armaan looked at Muskaan: Haa Muskaan aur dekh na yeh Nikki use dhundne main meri madad tak nahin kar rahi...( he winked at her)
Nikki was like: Nhain Muskaan main toh kitna help kar rahi hoon but mil hi nahin raha kuch...( she looked at him teasingly)
Muskaan: Arre bhai , Nikki ka hi toh ghar hain.. kal savare mil jayega toh Nikki call kar dena....( Nikki nods) aur ab chalooooooo hum sab ko ghar jana hain...
Armaan: haa par do minute to de..
Muskaan: Do minute kis liye.. challoooooo.. ( and saying so she pulls him)
They all reach his car and everyone sits in. Nikki and Riddhima are outside waving at them and then Armaan drives off.

Riddhima looks at Nikki: Kya baat hain Nikki.. tu badi hi khush khush lag rahi hain..
Nikki tries to hide it... and change the topic...
Nikki: main ya tu.. main dekh rahi thi... jabse mere friends aye the.. tere chehre se muskurahat ja hi nahin rahi thi....kyun Riddhi..... koi pasand aa gaya kya.....hehhe
Riddhima shies and says,,,... kya kuch bhi Nikki..... koi bhi nahin tha jo mujhe pasand aye aisa.. tu next time acche ladke leke aaana... ( n at that point they both start laughing ) chalo aab ghar jate hain....(to herself Riddhima thinks... Aab main tumhe kaise batao Nikki.. ki shayad mujhe pyaar hone hi laga hain...)

Nikki thinks toherself : Riddhima tujhe bahut hi jaldi pata chalega ki meri yeh khushi kiski vajah se hain... ( and saying that she hugs her sister Riddhima and they both go in the house and go to sleep)

Coming back to present Nikki thinks: So much has changed between me, you and Riddhima since that point Armaan. specifically between me and you Armaan. How I wish you were with me at this stage of my life but now all that I have is loneliness and dread. She silently started crying to herself.

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
nice ff
add me to ur pm list
Amoon.88 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
w8ng 2 read more!!
thnx 4 da pm
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
I dont know how but I have a lot of ideas today and hence I am updating a third part. :)


Riddhima is having a great time at home. She gets up and brings Nikki out of her room to enjoy with the family. Nikki comes out and tries to mingle with everyone by giving out a fake smile. Shashank and Padma see how difficult it is for her to be her old self. Shashank comes to Nikki, " Nikki you don't have to do this to yourself. I will never sacrifice one daughter for another. Go in and rest." Nikki smiles at her Dad, "I know my Dad and you daon't have to explain that to me. And I want to be out here." Shashank smiles and says, " Ok" Riddhima's friends come home to see her and everyone has a jolly good time.

Its evening and its time for Riddhima's pad phera rasam. Armaan comes home around 6pm. Shashank opens the door and says, " Ahh Armaan. So good to see you. We were expecting you." Armaan smiles and touches Shashank's comes in. Padma brings the pooja thali and puts a tikka on Armaan's forehead and then he touches her feet and enter s the house.

Riddhima sees this from the kitchen and smiles. She was making food for her entire family so that when Armaan comes they could all eat together. Her food was almost done and turned off the gas and went in her bedroom to get herself ready.

Shashank: Aao Armaan Baitho.
He comes around the sofa and as he walks by the sofa he sees her sitting on the sofa. Looking at her he feels sad. He just wants to go and hug her and make her feel that everything will be alright but he couldn't step across the several bonds that had come inbetween the two of them now. He goes and sits on the sofa across her.  He smiles at her and she smiles back. Padma says, " Riddhima should just be back in a minute. All evening she was preparing dinner for you and wouldn't let any of us enter the kithcen" Armaan smiles at Padma. Padma says, " I will just go and call her." and she leaves. Shashank asks him, " So Armaan how was the meeting today. Your Dad mentioned it was a very important meeting for you." Armaan says, " Yes dAD, The meeting was an important one." and he starts explaining how the meeting went. At that point Shashank receives a phone call and he excuses himself to receive the call.

At this point it was only Armaan and Nikki in the living room. Armaan looked at Nikki: Kaisi ho Nikki.
Nikki: fit and fine, Armaan.
Armaan sensed she didn't want to talk.
Armaan: Kab tak baat nahin karogi Nikki.
Nikki: Ab baat karne ko kuch baaki hain armaan.
Armaan: jo Hua usme meri galti thi? Tum janti ho kis haalaat main meri shaadi hui hain tumhari behen se.
Nikki: Isme Riddhima ki koi galti nahin hain. Merehi hi galti hain jo main tumhe pehchan nahin paayi. But mere saath tumne jo kiya hai woh main meri behen ke saath nahin karne doongi tumhe.
Armaan goes to her and presses her shoulders harshly: tumhare saath.. joh maine kiya......??? kya kiya hain maine.....Nikki...I was there at every stage...infact aaj tak main apni family se kehta hoon ki Nikki koh meri zindagi main aana chahiye tha.......
Nikki: leave me Armaan you are hurting me... leave me...( he loosens his grip on her) kehne aur karne main bahut farak hain.  tumne jo kiya so kiya Armaan.. maine tumhe maaf kar diya... magar meri behen ke saath kuch bhi bura karne ka socha toh mujhse bura koi nahin hoga........

Shashank comes back ending his call and Armaan quickly goes back to his seat. Shashank, " Woh Billy ka phone tha... he was asking whether Armaan has reached or not. I just informed him that you have come and that you will be having dinner with us." Armaan looks at Nikki ," Umm Nahin Dad.. meeting ke baad humne khana kha liya tha..... But I will wait until Riddhima finishes her food and then I will take her home." Riddhima and Padma enter at this point and Riddhima says, " Woh Pappa maine khana banate banate kha liya tha kyunki itni bhook lagi thi mujhe.. sorry Dad" she lies.  She tells that mujhe ab ghar jana chahiye kyunki Maa Papa mera intezaar kar rahe honge. Shashank and Padma smile. Ridhhima hugs everyone and while hugging Nikki she says," take care Nikki aur kuch bhi chahiye tu janti hain teri behen hain tere liye." Nikki smiles and says " main janti hoon Riddhima " and then she leaves. Armaan and Riddhima sit in the car and Riddhima says goodbye to everyone and then Armaan drives off.

In the car, Armaan was thinking of what Nikki told him 'kehne aur karne main bahut farak hain' What did Nikki mean by that. Riddhima was smiling to herself that Armaan had come to pick her up and was listening to the music being played on the car stero.
Armaan started thinking about Nikki's words.

Armaan and nikki had confessed to each other that they love each other but were hesistant to tel others about it.
Everyweekend they would meet and talk about their future.
During one of those weekends
Nikki and Armaan were at the beach and it was around 8pm.
Nikki was sitting with Armaan her head resting on his shoulder and they were just looking at the sun setting down.
Nikki: Armaan...
Armaan: Yeah Nikki....
Nikki: I am worried about Riddhima
Armaan: WHy?
Nikki: Because I think she has started liking someone..
Armaan: (smiling ).. so... haven't you..( he teased her)
Nikki: (smiles) I know I have but I trust you and my family knows you and your family knows me, I know they dont know that we are together but still they know me...but with Riddhima.. everytime I start this topic with her ... she changes it and then just doesnt talk about it. Its not that I want to meddle in her issues but she is my sister and I care about her. I just want to know that she is with the right guy and doesn't do anything wrong in the love of that guy.
Armaan: hmmm....
Nikki: can I ask you a favor?( Armaan says ha bolo Nikki) Can you talk to her. I know she idolises you and looks up to you a lot. And I know you can make her talk. Please talk to her and find out  what's going on in her life...
Armaan agrees and says ok I will Nikki.. dont worry...
N then they leave the beach.

Next Day in college Riddhima was walking towards her classroom when Armaan comes and calls her name, " Riddhimaa" She sstops and smiles and turns " Hi Armaan." Armaan " Hi Riddhima.. whats up.. aaj kal toh tu dikhati hi nahin...." Riddhima" Arre exams hain na sar par toh woh just busy preparing for it" Armaan" Par aisi bhi kya tayari that dosto ko nahin milna" RIddhima smiles and says " aisa kuch nahin Armaan meri class hain abhi tumhe main canteen main milti hoon 2 pm ko" Armaan agrees and says ok I will be waiting.

All the time she couldnt concentratee in ehr class thinking that she was going to spend time with  Armaan and that too all alone.

After class she quickly goes to the canteen. WHile walking to the canteen she enter the washroom and makes sure she looks good.

She enter the canteen and sees Armaan sitting there reading a book. She goes to him and he says, " Hi Riddhima toh tum finally aa hi gayi. Kitna sataye tumne mujhe is intezaar main" he said in a kiddish manner.
Riddhim laughs " kuch bhi"
That kuch bhi reminds him of Nikki and how when at the end of 2007 he had tried to tell her his feelings she had said kuch bhi..
He smiled to himself.
Armaan: Riddhima so kya chal raha hain life main aaj kal
Riddhima: same old.... exams sir par hai toh padhai par ji tod mehnat ho rahi hain...
Armaan: acchhha.. yeh batao tumhari love life kaisi chal rahi hain.
Riddhima was very shocked to see him ask a  question like that.
She laughed and said: kya matlab Armaan.
Armaan: Mera matlab... genuinely tumhe koi pasand nahi aya ab tak.
Riddhima: tumne yeh puchne ke liye mujhe bulaya hain yahan..
Armaan( to himslef): haaa
(to Riddhima): Nahin yaar...maine toh isisliye bulaya kyun ki itne dino se tumhe dekha nahin na isisliye..
Riddhima smiles and tries to change the topic.: Nikki kaha hain...
Armaan: Use Professor Shrma se Bio ke kuch questions puchne the isiliye woh waha hai.. aati hi hogi...
and then gradually their entire gang of Armaan, Nikki, Riddhima, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali, and Rahul come in the canteen and start making plans of what to do after the exams.

coming out of the falshback....
Armaan thinks to himself: Nikki tumne unjane se hi sahi Riddhima ko hamare beech main dala tha. How I wish things were different.

They reach home and Riddhima and Armaan enter the home. Everyone was asleep by then. They go to their room and change and then go to sleep: Riddhima goes to sleep smiling, Armaan with a question 'kehne aur karne main bahut farak hain'

Ok people tell me how do you guys like it.......

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krazy4kash Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged

i really liked ur ff................if u could plzzz pm me the next time u update....



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