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AR FF:: Aapki Nazaron nE Samjha: New Thread Pg 150 (Page 130)

kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
it was a beautiful part
srsly awesome n amazing
too cute
thanks for the pm


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_Afrin_ Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
nice part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finally I can see some improvements in Arman...LOL
cont soon...

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cute-aly IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 12:28am | IP Logged

waiting for next plzzz conti soon

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Lu_Armi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Wonderful part... Loved it...

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:28am | IP Logged
nice part
loved it!!!!!!!!

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged


After talking to her parents about Abhi and his condition Nikki had admitted Abhi in the hospital again. Her parents were apprehensive that she did not tell them this before marriage.

Shashank looked at Abhi and said, "Otherwise I would have never married my daughter to you"

Abhi looked down.

Nikki came forward to his rescue. "Dad I knew about his condition from the beginning, Dad. Please don't punish him for this."

Padma tried to calm him but Shashank continued, "Nikki" he said looking sternly in her direction "Nikki you have made mistakes before and I don't want to talk about it now… But I don't believe in this all. (To Abhi) Why did you marry my daughter when there is no certainty here? She is carrying your child and how is she supposed to live now?"

Nikki interrupted, "Dad It was my decision to marry him. He prohibited from marrying for the same reasons you cited."

Shashank looked at her "Nikki you have always made wrong decisions on your own without knowing the implication" saying that he sat down on the chair. Nikki rushed to him and touched his hand, "Dad, I know I have made wrong decisions previously but this is not a wrong decision Dad. I was destined to be with him. Why else would I see him at this stage now?"

He touched he hands affirming, "How are you going to deal with it all Nikki? You know how weak you were?"

She cut him off saying, "That was because I was not taking my medications. I am going to take it properly now Dad."

"He is not even going to be there during the days when you need him Nikki"

"I am going to be with him Dad, in every walk of life" she said.

He looked at his daughter. And then he looked at Abhi, "You are one lucky guy that you have got my daughter. I can't ask you to take care of her knowing your condition very well ... But... I just hope it all works out for Nikki's sake."

Abhi stood there and listened to everything.

Shashank continued, "But Nikki you have to listen to your Dad, and stay with me… I cannot let you live by yourself."

"No Dad….. I have to live in the house that my husband has created with so much love." She looked in his direction. Shashank looked at him waiting for him to say something. Abhi said, "Nikki you should listen to your Dad... you cannot live alone like this."

"Abhi I am not alone…. she smiled and I will be fine Dad… I have you Mom, and abhi…. and my baby… I am not alone.. Dad….."

She did not listen to Shashank and ultimately Shashank had to give in. They saw their daughter off and then Abhi and Nikki went to their new house to get it assembled and then to the hospital.

Riddhima managed to avoid Armaan all throughout the day. It was almost night time. He was worried that due to him she might not even enter the room. He thought of doing something to avoid that. He ventured out of his room and deliberately called out Muskaan's name as loud as Riddhima downstairs could hear it. She turned towards his voice from the kitchen.

Muskaan came near Armaan and said "Bolo bhai… kya hua"

Again as loudly as he could he said, "Arre Muskaan, teri exams vagere kaise chal rahe hain…."

Muskaan was surprised, not that he asked about her studies but because he asked it so suddenly…

"Sab ache se chal raha hain….."

"Hmm" he said trying to look in Riddhima's direction and then again loudly he said, "Acha mujhe dekhne toh de tu kya padh rahi thi.." Saying that he barges into her room….. Muskaan just follows him and shows him what she was studying. He tries to fidget with the books here and there all the while keeping an eye on whether Riddhima enters the room or not….. Muskaan was explaining to him what she was studying.. but after a few minutes she realized that he is definetly not listening to her…. She followed his gaze out from the room and saw where he was looking and then she realized all the chakar….. She said to herself ' Achha toh yeh baat hain…'

She said, "Umm Bhaiya main Riddhima bhabhi koh bulau kya"

Immediately he turned towards her…. and fumbled with words, "Kya…. arre main tujhe padhai ke bare main pooch raha hoon aur tu teri bhabhi ko bulana chahti hain"

"Ha kyunki aapka dhyaan mujhse jyaada bhabhi main hain" saying that she laughed.

Armaan just looked at her, "Kya matlab"

Muskaan walked towards him and pointed in the direction from where Riddhima was coming "Woh"

Armaan looked down and started to leave, "Chal Muskaan main jar raha hoon… tu padhai karle" and saying that he left…

Muskaan laughed at her brothers cuteness….. and then it drifted her into a wonderland where her and Rahul were just by themselves,

Armaan entered the room just in time when Riddhima was about to run away into the washroom hearing his footsteps….

"Riddhima" he stuttered.. and she stopped… "Riddhima mujhe tumse baat karni hain… tum neeche garden main aa sakti hoo?"

She failed to respond.. so he thought she must have not heard him so he decided to speak again when she nodded. So he left for downstairs. And Riddhima sat own on the bed.

'He is surely thinking about the kitchen incident. How am I supposed to face him' She got up and tried walking here and there. She looked downstairs through the window in her room. He was walking towards the garden. How she wished things were different for them. She went to the bathroom and changed into her night suit and hesitantly started walking downstairs. Each step she took, each step her nervousness increased ten fold. This was going to be the first time they would be talking alone after the Nikki incident. And she wasn't sure what he might say. She halted in her path. What if he talks about giving him another chance like he said it the night of the accident. She stepped back and decided to go back when Armaan caught her trail and called out her name 'Riddhima'. There was no other option. She had to walk now towards him.

He got up as he saw her coming. She came in and smiled a bit at him and then sat in exactly the opposite direction to where he was sitting. He sat down too… It was nice and breezy outside….. For a while none of them talked. So Armaan decided to start a conversation

"Its beautiful out here na today"

She nodded. "Yes it is beautiful out here today" she said without meeting his gaze.

He nodded and looked around trying to strike a conversation wherein she would say something more. "Hmmm" he hummed "You know I have stayed in home one day , hence I was wondering how would Dad be holding all the office. It gets very hectic. Not that I doubt his capabilities. I cant. Because whatever I have from him"

This seemed to have finally broken the barrier as she started talking, "I understand your concern but Dad wants that you should be well before you reach the office  lest something untoward might happen"

Seeing that she is talking he pressed on, "Actually I should thank Dad for letting me stay home otherwise how would I have got to see your caring side" She looked at him questioningly and then she understood he was talking about the times she helped him after the accident. "That was my duty…. I will always help people."

He stopped talking. "I know you are a great human being Riddhima."

"No no what I meant it"

He cut her off saying "and I would have never known how much you have withheld within yourself  if I had not come downstairs."

She stopped. He was arriving at the topic he had called her for.

"Armaan woh…………………."

"Riddhima you know today in fact since the past few days I have been thinking about you and me, about us, and……. I know how you feel about me….. Its that I want to give myself a chance with you Riddhima. I like being in your company. And from today afternoon I learned that you still feel the same ways about me as you did in college. Then why are we still so distant from each other Riddhima. I am not saying that we can be husband and wife right away but we can start by being friends at least."

He finished and waited for her to speak. He expected a positive response from her because he had seen her outburst and he thought if he told her how he felt about her maybe she would do the same.

Riddhima took a while to speak and then she said, "Armaan I might have said something that you might have heard but It was only an emotional breakdown that all of us have once in a while (she looked directly into his eyes) but that doesn't mean we want it necessarily"

He looked down getting the message but still not letting down.

"What is all that caring and crying behind closed doors Riddhima then?" he said

"I care because I cannot see anyone hurt and no I don't cry behind closed doors Armaan." she said

"Riddhima I have seen you many a times silently wishing for me" he said

She flared, "Excuse me What do you mean? Look Armaan I don't have time for all this nonsense." And she started to get up and go.

He got up and held her hand. "Armaan what is this. Please let me go. I have to wake up early tomorrow."

He did not let go of her hand. "In Muskaan's party why were you looking at me from the corner of your eye?"

She stopped fidgeting trying to get her hand out of his. He continued, "Riddhima this is not about today. I know your feelings. I am starting to feel something and hence I want you to give us a chance. I know we will be happy."

She turned towards him, "Armaan you are confusing your feelings."

"How am I Riddhima?"

She turned away from him, "You don't have feelings for me, you are just feeling an emptiness right now that…. (She stuttered saying this) that someone you loved has left you. (He let go of her hand. She turned to face him) and since I have been around you since that incident happened you felt it at ease to connect yourself with me. That is why I still want the three month condition to be valid. You remember right. So that you can start afresh with someone and it won't be due to any condition"

"Why do you think like that Riddhima? I cannot genuinely feel something?"

"It's your heart you can... I am just trying to explain to you the difference in your feelings"

"How can you be so sure? You might be wrong."

"I know I am not Armaan."

"Why did you cry seeing my wounds?"

"I…. (She turned away…) He walked towards her"

"Tell me Riddhima why did you cry seeing my wounds? Why did you care for me so much when I was a mere human being? Why did you feel so much for me that you wanted me to hold you and tell you it's alright?"

She closed her eyes. She knew the questions were coming but she was not prepared for it. He held her by her shoulders and asked her again

"Why did you look at me like that during Muskaan's party? Why did you help me at every stage in my life since that day? Why Riddhima? Why? Do you have the answer?"

She opened her eyes and whispered, "Because I loved you Armaan."

He stood there looking into her eyes. Tears started to form in her eyes. "Riddhima then why don't you say Yes to a chance for our relationship to at least give it a try."

She looked into his eyes and said "I loved you Armaan I still do but it hurts me to think I was a second choice."

Saying that she frees herself from his hands and runs to her room crying quietly.

He just kept looking at her go. Her words echoed in his mind "I loved you Armaan I still do but it hurts to think I was a second choice."

He sat down on the bench. He didn't know what to do. He now knew what Riddhima felt about him but what she said was worrying him. She was thinking that because of the Nikki incident he felt for her….. She might not be wrong and it was not right of him to press on her like he did….. Because he told her about the feelings only after Nikki left….. She might be right…..But she still loved him and just because of that she was not ready to give him a chance. How was he supposed to handle all of this? He knew she was right but that was the thing about her she knew him so well… that something which even he didn't know she knew it very well…… His heart ached to think of the time when he rejected her proposal in college. What must have she gone through. And yet she was so strong, cared so much….. He made a mistake in rejecting her the first time…. he knew for sure that he could not afford to do it again……But given the present situation he knew she would not listen to him now…..but if he lost Riddhima... he was not sure what to think of a life without her……. She had been a strong support for him, she loved him so much….. And until now... he did not even realize it...until Nikki left him…. he had to thank Nikki for it….but he had to make Riddhima realize that he actually wants her in his life and doesn't want to lose her.. He was not going to let it happen for sure…. But he didn't know what he could do … He stayed there for a while….

Upstairs Riddhima dropped on the bed and cried……. Now that she let her heart out she felt relieved but even thinking of going away from him in three months was unbearable but she did what she had too….She thought of all the times good and bad that she had shared with him….. She was going to cherish it forever in her memories. After about half an hour she heard him coming upstairs so she immediately wiped her tears and closed her eyes. He halted at the door and looked in her direction 'I promise Riddhima' he said to himself 'I am not going to lose you this time……' He came to the other side of the bed and lay down. It was evident that after tonight's happenings none of them was going to get sleep but Riddhima still didn't turn towards his direction.


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araja1234 Goldie

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Awesome part. I hope ridz gives another chance to armaan.

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