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AR FF:: Aapki Nazaron nE Samjha: New Thread Pg 150 (Page 125)

sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
amazing update dear
loved it

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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
beautiful part
am soo loving it
thanks a ton for the pm


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AR4everiddhan Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Loved the update , missed u n ur FF alot 

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:34pm | IP Logged


@shaaz_91.. thank you. do keep reading…


@Mrs.ArmaanMallik… J thanks.. definelty.. it can only go up from here….


@ArmaanKSGFan…. thanks m good… do keep reading…


@aamy_ka_ashu.. thanksyea I put that accident with the sole purpose to bring AR closer Do keep reading for more…


@kashndsel4eva… thnks .. do keep reading..


@jiya…. hehhe…. yeah my semester just ended….hence back…. thanks do keep reading…


@DRarmaanfan.. thanks….yup so it is.l… do keep reading…


@teenorchid …hehe.. aajayega.. dheere dheere aa toh raha hi hain na…. do keep reading….


@sammy4u…. thanks.. do keep reading..


@kweetrockstar….. thanks do keep reading..  J


@Tia_0810.. thanks hun… do keep reading… aww.. I missed u too….. I am gonna try to update regularly so u don't miss the FF

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged


Next morning she woke up first. And looked for her clothes and went to shower. On coming back while drying her hair she happened to look at him. Sleeping calmly. A smile escaped her face. And then she remembered last night when he held her hand forcefully and asked her, 'Riddhima were you cutting onions while trying to touch my cheeks.' She reddened at the thought of how he had seen her and that she couldn't even say anything. She moved towards him and bent down near his bedside. Just like yesterday a thought crossed her mind to touch his cheeks just assuringly but all she could do was end up looking at him. Her wet hair dripped droplets of water on his face and he started to twitch. Immediately she realized and ran away from him and towards the cupboard.

His sleep was broken now and he turned around to see that she was by the cupboard. He wiped the droplets and realized that she was near him a while ago. He looked at her for a while. Her back was facing him. She was trying to fidget with the clothes so that she could avoid meeting his gaze. She realized that she couldn't fidget any more so she decided to turn. He turned at that moment to the other side and tried to get up. She looked at him struggling to remove the Shirt so she helped him and helped him to the washroom. He expected her to leave because he thought that she was finding it awkward but she stayed back because she knew he would need help with putting on the shirt as he had to move the arm during that and that caused him pain. Once he came out she helped  him with the Tshirt and then asked him to come down once ready and saying that she moved downstairs to help with the breakfast.

She went downstairs and helped Ananya who was already awake with the breakfast and then everyone came down one by one. Ananaya and Riddhima helped everyone with the breakfast and then Muskaan and Anjali went to college. It was the last week of college, the week of final exams so taking blessings of Ananaya and Billy they left. Billly started to go to work too and Armaan told him to wait as he is coming in too' But Billy strictly informed him that he was to rest as he had just come back from the accident and he didn't want Armaan to be strained unnecessarily. He left. Ananaya told Riddhima and Armaan that she was going to the mandir because Armaan was safe and sound and she had prayed that she would go to the temple to offer the offerings to God for his well being''. Riddhima asked her that she wanted to come in as well but Ananaya said that no someone had to be by Armaan incase he needed something So Riddhima obliged and Anaanya left. Now it was only Riddhima and Armaan and they were feeling awkward about it so she excused herself and went to the kitchen. And he, to distract the quietnesss around switched on the TV. He started surfing the channels when he reached a music channel and decided to keep that. She started to clean the vessels and prepare for the lunch.

On TV It was B4U. It was Khoosboo the VJ reading out a mail from a reader

Khoosboo : Hmm so now lets look at the next letter (She picked up the letter) This one is from Vijay for his wife Sheetal. Hi Vijay Hi Sheetal. Vijay writes Thankyou. I love this show and I love how you anchor it so well. I want to dedicate a special song for my wife Sheetal who has made my life beautiful after coming into it. The song is from the movie Humraaz called Tune zindagi main aake'. (Khoosboo continues) How sweet. Well Sheetal you have got a wonderful husband there who loves you so much So this next song is for you from Vijay and the song starts to play.

Tumsa koi doosra Is zameen pe hua toh rab se sikhayat hogi'.

Tumhari taraf rukh kisi aur ka hua'..toh kayamat se pehle kayamat hogi''

music starts to play'.

Riddhima gets distracted by the song and she peeps from the kitchen into the hallway'.

Tune zindagi main aake'''

Armaan's eyes start to wander in the direction of Riddhima and then back at the TV'..

Tune zindagi main aake zIndagi'.. Ho'. zindagi badal di''

Tune zindagi main aake zIndagi'.. Ho'. zindagi badal di''

Armaan remembers of the time when he had learned about Nikki's truth and how Riddhima had supported him then''

Tune pyaar yoon nibhake zindagi.. Ho'. zindagi badal di''.

music starts'

He starts remembering all the times Riddhima has affected him.. like yesterday when he asked her to touch her wounds and the way she was looking and then what followed after when she said 'I was scared to lose you again'..'

He starts to walk near the kitchen where she was working all by herself and stands near the door'.

Ab gavara nahin koi aur bhi ho jo meri tarah yoon tumpe mare'.

She was busy in the cooking, cutting vegetables'..

Choona toh door hain ab na manjur hain.. Koi mere siva tera zikra bhi kare'

He comes behind her and touches her hands and helps her cut the vegetables''''

Tune fasle mitake' tune fasle mitake .. zindagi ho' zindagi badal di'.

She feels jitters in her stomach on his touch

Tune zindagi main aake zIndagi'.. Ho'. zindagi badal di''

He turns her around and looks into her eyes that are closed. He smiles'

Zindagi badal di''.

He caresses her cheeks and kisses her on the forehead'..

Teri Taraf Gar Aaina Bhi Kare Tod Doon Main Use Dil Mera Kahe

Tu Hai Mera Junoon Mere Dil Ka Sukoon

She opens her eyes. He looks into them'..


Main Deewana Hoon Tera Koyi Kuch Bhi Kahe

Yeh Deewangi Bada Ke

Yeh Deewangi Bada Ke Zindagi Ho Zindagi Badal Di

He moves his hand towards her chin and moves it a little up'.. and starts moving towards her to kiss'..

Tune Faasle Mita Ke Zindagi Ho Zindagi Badal Di

Zindagi Badal Di Zindagi Badal Di Zindagi Badal Di


The song ends and he comes out of his dreams. He sees that he is seated where he was and Riddhima is working in the kitchen' He feels awkward He doesnt know why he felt what he did. Did he feel it right... was he supposed to feel that ways... He had only just started talking to her properly... But he was worried... what was this feeling... was it because he wanted to feel Riddhima in his life or was it only lust.. the thought scared him.. he couldn't think abour Riddhima like that... but deep down he knew.. it was not lust...  his heart could tell him that mmuch'. And turns off the TV.. goes to the kitchen and calls out "Riddhima"

She turns to look at him and he says "Main apne room main jaa raha hoon' thodasa kaam karlu jitna bhi hosake'"

She says ok and he starts to leave'.

She sees that he leaves and relaxes'' She moves towards the fridge and starts to Imitate Armaan 'Riddhima were you cutting onions by touching my cheek"

She touched the fridge as if touching Armaan''.

She kept looking at the fridge as if looking at Armaan

Then she remembered "Riddhima'' main janta hoon'.u were affected the most by this but why are you acting so strange with   me'..iska matlab yahi na ki tumne mujhe maaf kiya hi nahin'.." A tear started to form''.. you don't know how much I was afraid for you Armaan'' I had already lost you once in Goa when you in love with''' She wiped her tear.. khaiirrr that's is all sorted.. but when yesterday I saw you like that in the hospital I was scared.. very scared.. that I would lose you again'.. I wouldn't have been able to live Armaan.. you don't know how much I wanted to hold you and feel that you were alright.. I will always remember yesterday when you made me touch your wounds'. It was so painful' even imagine you going through that''

The door opened and Ananya came in.. Riddhima immediately wiped her tears'.. and started to go and greet her'''..unaware that Armaan was standing right behind the kitchen door so that she couldn't see him''

Riddhima " Ma' Pooja kaisi thi"

Ananya "Sab ache se hogaya'.." She looked at the kitchen door and saw Armaan emerging from there "Arre Armaan.. tum vaha kya kar rahe ho.. tumhe aaram karne chahiye" And saying that she gave the pooja thali to Riddhima and went to help her son'.

Riddhima was surprised. She turned slowly and saw him standing there. He was looking into her eyes'.. She just couldn't say anything.. neither could she move from her place''

Arman kept looking at her. She immediately moved her gaze away but he kept looking at her

"Ma main thik hoon bas kithchen mein paani lene aa raha tha'.."


"Ruko main abhi laati hoon" and saying that she went to get water. Seeing her leave Armaan started to move towards Riddhima who immediately moved away and started to walk towards the home mandir to keep the thali. He halted in his way'.Ananya brought the water and then helped him sit on the sofa'.. Riddhima came and immediately went into the kitchen''.


The door bell rang and it was Nikki and Abhi who had come in for Amraan to ask about his health'' They sat and talked for a while . This gave Riddhima ample time to avoid talking to Armaan'. She was afraid that he had heard everything'.. Ananaya did not let them go without lunch.. By lunch time Anjali was home and on asking about Muskaan she said that Muskaan had one more exam and would come in late''


In the college'. Muskaan was waiting by the library. He came behind her and kissed her on the cheek. She immediately got up and looked around to see if anyone saw them or not.. Luckily no one saw them'.. She gave him a scolding expression.. in return he gave her a sorry wala expression'He inquired about her exams and then she told him about her brothers accident'. She discussed that in a way this was good as this would help her bhai and bhabhi come closer and she was happy for that. And he was happy for her. He put an assuring hand on her hand . They talked some more about life and themselves and college and then she reminded him that she had an exam to study for the next day so she better start going'. Rahul asked her to wait for some more time.. but she said she had to go as it was already late and if she goes any late they will all start wondering as to where did she disappear'.He didn't want her to leave but she had to go.. Ultimately with a heavy heart she got up and started to leave.. and saw him sulk'. She waved him a bye and left'. He kept looking in her direction''. waiting that she would come back but she didn't'.. She come from the other hand and kissed him on the cheek.. He turned around surprised and saw her and smiled profusely''. He then dropped her off until she caught a rickshaw and then left'. She reached home and Ananya asked her about her exams'.and then she ate her lunch'..

She chatted for some time with Riddhima and then went upstairs to study'..

Armaan was already upstairs in his room as he knew that he had no chance of talking to Riddhima in front of everyone so he went upstairs to concentrate on his work'..

Riddhima stayed downstairs most of the time.. avoiding going upstairs'.

She called Padma and talked to her because she was missing her and then Padma wanted to talk to her sasuma so she gave it to Ananaya.


Nikki and Abhi were walking back from Armaan's house when Abhi halted the taxi before reaching the Shashank mansion. She asked him as to why did he stop her but he just told her to wait. He then asked her "Tumhe mujhpe bharosa hain na" She nodded. He then put a blindfold on her eyes and guided her through his hands. Then appeared to halt near a place and then she asked "Yeh hum kaha aa gaye hain'?" He told her to just trust him and come with him'.. He made her stop at one place and then removed her blindfold'. The first thing that she saw was that they were near a house and she looked down and saw that there was a kalash with rice in it. She backed off a little saying that this might be for someone and we shouldn't be here. He assured her that they were at the right place but she was still hesitant to move ahead. Finally he had to tell her everything. He told her that he bought this house a while ago but never used it until now' He explained it to her that this was going to be their new house and that the rice was there for their gruh pravesh'. She understood it now and then smiled at him and then together they entered the house. She was amazed by the house because although it was small it was with Abhi's own hard earned money'. She was happy'. He was happy'..And then she remembered'. She turned towards him and said Abhi'. tum bhul gaye? He asked her questioningly and she reminded him of his Doctors appointments'..He turned the other ways''

She realized that he did not want to be reminded of that'.

She went towards him and hugged him from the back'.

"I know Abhi'' you don't like to be reminded of it'.. but you have to do this'.. for me'.. for us"

He didn't turn for some time and then he turned towards her "Nikki.. I won't be able to give you enough time'I want to spend as much time as I can with you'."

She smiled at him and said "We will spend an eternity'.. I will be old with you in my arms and our baby'.but you have to do this '. I cannot let you go'' I cannot imagine a life wherin I have to live without you''"

He immediately moved his hand on her lips telling her not to mention something like that'.

She looked into his eyes'..

He turned away from her

"Nikki'' I want to spend as much time as I can with you''. all that chemotherapy'.. it wil make me miserable''''."

She came towards him facing him and touched his face " I am going to be with you every day of your life'' I will be there with you . Abhi'. Chemotherapy is going to make you better'..We can do it together Abhi.. we can' "

She looked into his eyes'' He looked into hers about  to cry' and just hugged her tight'''..

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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hmm so Armaan is at the realization point that he feels something more for Ridz Embarrassed

Armaan standing behind the kitchen door was so unexpected Shocked but I'm glad that he heard this, this is the only way he will be able to figure out what Ridz is feeling because that mohtarma won't say anything soon D'oh

aww RM never get to spend time together, btw isn't Muski's family like totally chilled and stuff? why hide about Rahul Confused It would be nice if she told them already Embarrassed bechara Rahul doesn't get to spend time with her LOL

Abhi-Nikki part was really nice :) I like how you showed Nikki's belief that Abhi will be fine and it's so good to see her be so strong for Abhi Embarrassed aww chemo definitely is a difficult part of Cancer, I am sure Nikki will be a great backbone for Abhi Heart

loved the part :) waiting to see more of AR parts EmbarrassedLOL I just want to see Armaan confront her in the next part now TongueLOL or even writing in his diary expressing what he is feeling Embarrassed

Edited by Dr.BasketGupta - 16 May 2011 at 3:43am IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
amazing part...plz continue soon and can u add me to ur pm list plz

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:06pm | IP Logged

hey di...

long tym...

bt loved both the parts...


hope this accident bring AR close...

thnx for the pm...

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