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AR FF:: Aapki Nazaron nE Samjha: New Thread Pg 150 (Page 111)

krazy4kash Goldie

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
update update update..........sooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
waiting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
pls updateee
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 3:49pm | IP Logged

Hey Friends I apologize but I have been caught up with studies and work and hence was unable to update.This update is for the one special person who loves AN to the core...... I hope you like the part....


Riddhima wakes up early next morning. She sees around. She goes near the window and peeps outside by moving the curtains a little bit. She doesn't want Armaan to wake up because of the sunlight so she opens the curtains just a little bit. The morning was fresh. She felt fresh as if this was a new beginning.

After some time she went to shower and then came out. While walking back she happened to see Armaan sleeping coyly on the sofa. She kept looking at and remembered about last night. A smile left her face when she thought of how much she is still affected by him. He started to stir out of his sleep. Immediately she straightened her face and started to turn.

Armaan gradually opened his eyes and saw Riddhima as the first thing in front of him….. He tried to sit up… She had already turned her face from him and was starting to walk away from him

Armaan: Umm Riddhima

She stopped in her walk….

Armaan not knowing why he called her mumbled: Umm who main sirf yeh kehna chahta tha.. ki … who ummm thankyou

Riddhima turned towards him and said: Thankyou? kisliye

Armaan: Who umm bus yunhi kehne ka maan hua isiliy.e…

Riddhiam laughed at that: Kya Armaan….. kuch toh vajah hoti hain na…

Armaan(to himself): thankyou for still believing in him.. for still having the faith in me that u had before….

Armaan to Riddhima: Nahin bus aise hi…

Riddhima was about to press on more when Ananya called her. She went downstairs.

Armaan ( to himself) kya yaar tu bhi……. aisa koi karta hain kya.. thank you… aur kyun.. toh bus yunhi…. pagallll.. bilkul pagall…. hain tu….

And saying that he goes to freshen himself up.

Downstairs Riddhima helps Ananya with the food.

Muskaan comes downstairs: Morning Ma, morning bhabhi…..

Both of them greet Muskaan..

Muskaan continues: Arre bhabhi aapka college se koi envelope aya hain… mujhe college main kal diya tha unhone…. kal rat ki party ki chakar main dena hi bhool gayi main….

She gives Riddhima the envelope… Riddhima opens it and smiles….

Ananaya looks at her smiling face and asks her what happened

Riddhima: Ma mujhe college main admission mil gaya hain….

Muskaan: yoo hoooo bhabhi.. ab college jane main aur bhi maza ayega….

Ananaya: Riddhima beta yeh toh bahut acchi baat hain…. kab se join karna hain…..

Riddhima: yahan likha hain ki next semester se  yani.. summer se main shuru kar sakti hoon college.

Muskaan: Par bhabhi summer main toh hum sab bahar ghoom ne jane vale hain…

Riddhima: Ohhh

Ananaya: Arre Muskaan usme kuch nahin….. hum agle saal  chale jayenge… Riddhima tum college SUMMER MAIN HI SHURU KARNA….

Riddhima after much pondering says: Nahin ma…main Fall semester se shuru kar dungi college…..  (looking at Muskaan she says) aakhir.. mujhe bhi toh  ghoomne jana hain.. haina Muskaan……

Muskaan smiles  and says: aww Bhabhi.. u r the best….thank u thank u thankuuuuuuu

Riddhima: ha ha thik hain thik hain( and they both laugh) 

Muskaan: mA jaldi se naasta do na bahut bhook lagi hain.. aur phir mujhe college bhi toh jana hain…

Ananya: ha main dekh rahi hoon… aajkal tu bahut jaldi college chali jati hain.. Anjali ka wait bhi nahin karti….

Muskaan:Woh ma.. padhai jyada hain na.. isisliye…..

Ananya: Accha thik hain thik hain.. main toh bus yunhi pooch rahi thi……

Muskaan ( to herself) aaj toh bach gayi… age ka pata nahin kya hoga…

After eating she says bye to both of them and leaves….

Riddhima wants to ask Ananya for permission but doesn't know how to….. because she has been going out from day one.. that she is afraid this time ANanya might say No to her….

Armaan comes downstairs. Ananaya sees him… Ananya: Lo Armaan aa gaya.. beta uska naasta le jana

Riddhima looks at her and then at Armaan, hesistant yet she takes it….

She brings his breakfast

Armaan gets up and takes the plate from her hand gently…

Armaan: Lau main rakh du yahan par…..

Ananaya sees this from the kitchen and smiles.

Riddhima lets him take the plate and starts to go back to the kitchen…..

Ananya tries to make Riddhima stay there.. but is running out of ideas….

Armaan turns to see if there is a glass of water.. but there is none.. he starts to get up to get it himself…..

Riddhima while walking back to the kitchen suddenly turns because she thnks of asking Armaan if he needed anything before she left back for the kitchen…

As she turns he gets up and stats walking and they both crash into each other……..and both fall on the ground ... Riddhima on the ground and Armaan on top of her but holding her waist because he had tried to prevent them both from the fall but was unsuccessful.

Riddhima had closed her eyes because she thought that she was going to crash down and land up in the hospital… Armaan was still over her and worried for the sheer reason that hopefully she was not hurt anywhere…

Armaan: Riddhima tum theek ho..( he eyes were closed he was all the more worried)

Riddhima , her eyes closed was thinking maybe she is already in the hospital.. but then she did not feel any pain.. and some one was calling her name… tum theek ho.. was what she kept hearing….

She opened her eyes….

and saw Armaan in front of her eyes…

Riddhima: ha main thik hoon…

Armaan heaved a sigh of relief….. and straightened himself and helped Riddhima get up….

By this time Ananya was out of the kitchen….

Ananya: tum dondo thik ho na…..

Riddhima: Ha ma….

Armaan: Ha ma…

Ananya: par aise kaise.. tum dono ghir pade..

Armaan tried to explain it to her….

Riddhima quietely exited herself and went to the kitchen…..

Ananya enetered the kitchen after a while…

Riddhima was now even more hesistant to ask ananya for the permission…..

Nikki texted Riddhima: Tu ka baa rahi hain…..

While falling Riddhima's phone had dropped down and as she received the text message it vibrated and Armaan happened to hear it… He wondered whose phone it was.. and pressed the main button and saw Nikki's message… he realsied that it was Riddhima's phone and she had to go somewhere….with Nikki… but form the looks of it.. Riddhima seemed in no hurry to go somewhere….

He looked at her …. She was trying to speak to Ananya but was not actually speaking to her….

He sensed that maybe she is afraid to ask her

He wondered why would she be afraid… nevertheless he decided to help her out…

Having done with breakfast…. he went into the kitchen.. and talked directly to Riddhima

Armaan: Chalo Riddhima…

Riddhima looked at him surprisingly

Ananya questioned Armaan: Chalo? Kaha ja rahe ho tum dono….

Armaan: Ma Riddhima ko mujhe market chodna tha…..

Ananya: Beta tumhe market jana tha….

Riddhima is hesitant as to what to say to her….

Ananya continues: To isme ghabrane vali konsi baat hain.. bas mujhe bata kar chali jati.. chalo chalo ab jao…. tum dono..

Riddhima: Ha ma main bas yeh khatam kar lu..

Ananya: Riddhima yeh tum a aa kar bhi kar sakti ho…. main tumhare liye chod dungi bas. thik hain….

And then she sends Armaan and Riddhima out…

Armaan and Riddhima in the car

Riddhima: Tum ne ma se jhoot kyun bola….

Armaan: Tumne sach kyun nai bola….

Riddhima doesn't say anything..

Armaan looks at her and smiles: bas usi vajah se..

Riddhima: Usi vajah se kya..

Armaan: jis vajah se tumne Ma ko nahin bataya usi vajah se main e Ma ko nahin bataya…

Riddhim looked at him…

Riddhima: Konsi vajah…

Armaan: Tumhe daar laga tha na… ki ma tumhe jane nahin degi.. kyunki tum itne dino se bahar ja rahi roz….. isilye….

Riddhima just gaps at him..

How could he sense what she was thinking……

They reach her house and Armaan says: Lo aagayi tumhari manzil…

She looks at her house and then back at Armaan: Thankyou

He smiles at her… When she starts to leave he says: Riddhima… ghar pahuch jao toh ek miss call de dena… toh mujhe pata chalet um pahuch gayi ho..

She nods and drives off…

She keeps staring at his car for a while, smiles and then goes in….

She meets Nikki inside along with Padma and Shashank..

She greets Padma and Shashank.. and they with their permission she takes Nikki out with her to the hospital..

They reach the hospital…..and they are in the waiting room where the patients wait for their turn…..

Riddhima is still in her thoughts from the morning when Nikki happenes to see Riddhima in that state…

Nikki: Riddhima…..

Riddhima comes out of her thoughts

Nikki: Kaha kho gayi hain…..

Riddhima: Kahin nahin.. bus yahin hoon…..

Its their turn. They go into the doctors office

Doctor: Hello Nikki. How are you today?

Nikki: Fine thankyou Doctor.

Doctor: Good to hear that… I see you have brought in your sister today….

Riddhima smiles at her…

The Doctor then asks her some routine questions regarding her health and vitamins that she is taking and if she has some unusual feeling or not…

Riddhima receives a phone call and she excuses herself…saying that she will be back…

Doctor: So now Nikki just lay on the bed and I will be with you in a moment….

She starts to lay down on the bed….. Someone comes and closes the Doctors office…from inside……

Nikki: Ok Doctor I am ready

She receives no reply…..

She sees a male figure approaching her wearing a cloak and his face covered with a mask.. all she could see were his eyes…..

Nikki: The doctor sent you

The man nods…..

He is hesitant but he walks towards her and gently moves the top of the clothing that was covering her stomach….. He was wearing gloves and he started to spread a gel onto her stomach…..

Nikki was becoming a little apprehensive.. why did the doctor send this man and did not come herself…

Buthen she calmed herself down by thinking that if something was wrong then they would have knocked on the door… but she didn't know that there were two doors to the doctors office so even if u knocked on the outer door you would not hear anything inside…..

The man started appling the gel onto her stomach… and then once done he started to move the sensor onto her stomach…. He moved it around until he found something and then he stopped. Nikki turned to see why he stopped and what she saw brought tears into her eyes… She could see her baby… the baby that was inside her…. that was growing inside her…. she had known that she was carrying a baby but the feeling of seeing it was something totally different….. She started crying……..

The man turned towards her and then removed the sensor from her stomach… and started to wipe off the gel.

Once done he started to leave…. but he turned back to see her…. He went close to her..

Nikki was scared at that point.. Why did the guy come back….. By this time he had removed his gloves and thrown them.. He went upto her and touched her stomach again…. This time what she felt was totally different than before….. She knew the touch.. it was very familiar to her….. but she thought how was it possible… She tried to remove his mask…… He stopped her……

Nikki: Abhii…..

Abhi: he slowly removed his mask and smiled at her….

Abhi: how do u recognize me everytime…..

Nikki: I cant tell u that secret………

Both of them are quiet… Abhi starts to leave…But Nikki holds on to his hand tha was pressed against her stomach….

Nikki: Why did you come this time again…….


Nikki: Are you not going to answer that….


Nikki jerks off his hand from her stomach now…..

Nikki: You came here to feel the baby right…

Abhi looks at her and tries to touch her face in a caressing manner but being hurt she jerks it off again…

Abhi: No Nikkiii….

Nikki falls back on the bed….: Go away……why do u do this to me… u come for a few minutes and refresh all the burning emotions that I have withheld within me….

He starts to leave.. and she sees that.. she rushes to him immediately and hugs him from behind…..

Nikki: Why Abhi… why don't you stay with me.. why do you always come back just for this baby.. if it was not for this baby.. would you have deserted me……..

Abhi turns to face her and holds her face in her hand….: Nikki.. I love you.. more than myself….. I had, have and will always love u more than anyone……

Nikki: Then why do you leave me everytime..

Abhi: Nikkkiii

Nikkki looks at him in his eyes…..

Abhi: Nikkia.. main… tumse…

Nikki: bolo ABhiiii

Abhi: Abhi: Nikki I have been trying to earn for the three of us…….

Nikki broke the hug and slapped him hard…..

Abhi did not say anything

Nikki: Is this your reason for staying away from me..

Abhi: Nikki meri poori baat to suno…

Nikki : ab sunne ko bacha hi kya hain… you left me because u were earning for the three of us…… what does that mean…. I was not pregnant when u left me stranded that night…. why did u leave me then…..

Abhi:  Nikkiiiii mujhe cancer hain…..

Nikki leaves the hug……….. Her world comes crashing down…

Nikki: Kya… nahin yeh nahin ho sakta tum sirf mujhe bhagane ke liye kuch bhi bol rahe ho..

Abhi holds her shoulder and pulls her towards him

Abhi: NIKKI yeh hi sachai hain……Tum janti ho us raat jab hum mile the…. I was shattered and then when we came together you don't know how happy I was….. U are my world.. n it was the closest to me that night… but…….but the ext morning changed everything Nikki….. I recveived a phone call from my doctor.. I had donated blood for my mother during her last days.. and the doctos called in that morning to tell me that I had cancer.. he found tumor cells in my blood….. Nikki it was horrible…. I had left the note for you because at that point the doctor said that he just wanted to meet me…..but when I talked to him.. he told me that I HAD CANCER…. Since then Nikki I have been on treatment… Everytime I see you in the hospital is because I am admitted in the hospital Nikki……

He breaks down…

Nikki just stands there motionless…….

ALL this while she wanted to know the reason.. and now that she knows it she has no clue as to what to do next….. Why does everything bad happen to her… She doesn't let tears form in her eyes……

She goes to him and makes him get up…… and holding his hand.. she opens the door…. as she opens the first door she hears knocking on the door.. she opens the second one.. and the doctor is surprised to see Abhi there.. but before anyone can question anyone Nikki holding Abhi's hand takes him into an auto and drives…..

Riddhima sees her leaving.. and calls after her… but Nikki listens to no one.. She sits in the rickshaw with Abhi and gives the man a direction to go to.. Riddhima.. goes after them catching another rickshaw….

They arrive at a mandir.. Niki pays the rickshaw man..  She removes her chappal and asks him to do the same He questions her but she says no more…. He removed the sandals and she takes him up the mandir..

Riddhima reaches behind her to the mandir pays the rickshawala and tries to look for them as she doesn't find them

They are just outside the shrine where she turns towards him and says: I want to marry you right here right now.. no matter what the conditions are.. are u willing to accept me….

Abhi: Nikki.… nahin.. tum samaj nahin rahi.. I have,…

nikki: Will u marry me and give my child a name..

Abhi: Nikki main.. yeh….. main nahin kar sakta….

Nikki: Will u marry me…..

Abhi leaves her hand and starts to go….

Nikki starts to faint.. He turns and sees that and immediately rushes to her…

Nikki: Will you marry me

Abhi: Nikki tum yeh kyun kar rahi ho..

Nikki : Hamare liye……

Abhi just looks at her….

Abhi: I cant do this…. I cannot give u an undteremined future…..

Nikki: My future is u…… no matter how long or how short… but just the time.. between us….. should make it worth living for Abhi…….

Abhi… Nikki please..

Nikki doesn't say anything…. and starts to straighten up and leave…

Abhi.: Wait Nikki…

Nikki stops:

Abhi: I WILL marry u………..

She turns She goes to her holds her hand and they go into the mandir…

Riddhima spots them… and runs towards them…

She sees Nikki and Abhi speaking to apandit……

She rushes to them

Riddhima: Yeh kya hain Nikki..

Nikki: Riddhima hum shaadi kar rahe hain……

Riddhima: Kya… kaise.. itna sab hone ke baad…. Nikkiii

Nikki: Riddhima… meri aur meri is baby ki khushi isime hain…..

Riddhima: Tu sirf emotional ho rahi hain…. tu chal mere saath yaha koi shaadi nahin hogi…..

Nikki: Riddhima please samaj tu…..

Riddhima pulls her away from Abhi.. and starts to take her with her…..

Abhi stands there not knowning what to do…

Nikki glances at him

She jerks her hand off and goes to Abhi.. holds his hand and tell s the pandit to go on with the shaadi preparations…

Riddhima doesn believe what Nikki just did…… She knew there was only one person who could put some sense into her… She immediately calls him….

Armaan rushes out immediately to head towards the mandir.. He reaches there…..just in time when the pandit was about to start the mantras for the wedding…

He goes to Nikki and pulls her out…

Armaan: Nikki yeh tum kya kar rahi ho..

Nikki: Oh hi Armaan  toh Riddhima ne tumhe bhi bula liya.. acha thik hain…. atleast do log to aye meri shaadi main….

Armaan: Nikki yeh tum aise kyun .. kya wajah hain…

Nikki: Armaan pyaar yeh vajah kafi hain na….

Armaan doesn't say anything.

Nikki: Armaan I don't mean to hurt you…. or anyone for that matter….. But I have to be with him.. he needs me I need him the baby needs him…… He doesn have much time Armaan

Armaan looks at her shockingly….

She tries to explain things to him….

Understanding her he takes her to the mandap and tells the pandit to continue….. Riddhima looks at Armaan with anger……….. While the mantras are going on Armaan explains to Riddhima what Nikki told him… Now she understands her urgency to get married.. but she is still worried as to how are things going to on from there….


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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
superb update, loved the length, please do continue soon and thanks for the pm!

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SweetAddiction. IF-Sizzlerz

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
great part!
KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved AR
poor AN
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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