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factnfiction Newbie

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

Fact or Fiction?


In life there is nothing as good as fiction, and the fact is that life is factual not fictional! But I still think there are times, moments, instances that are factual but seem fictional. In the twenty four years of the life I have lived nothing has been fictional but I want the most wonderful thing in my life-LOVE- to be as fictional as possible! I have been writing since I was sixteen, my books have been national bestsellers! The fact is people love fiction, they are suckers of fiction-even I am, because there are no problems in them, and even if there are a few obstacles the hero and the heroine always overcome them and get back together in the end! Life isn't the same! People can write fiction themselves, but they cannot write their life. Although I am a firm believer of 'taking the blame on you for what you did', I still think god has written everyone's destiny himself. He is the writer of our lives-fiction for him-ah the irony of it all. I wish I could write my own love story! Here is where the weakness lies-everybody wishes they were the author of their lives; well almost everything will be good in the world then. Ah, LIFE! However, life is unpredictable and that's what I love the most about it!


"Hello" I am pretty surprised my P.A. called me this early in the morning, usually she is wasted and is throwing up, ha-ha well her life! Anyways what does she want from me? Oh no I'm so not helping her this time! She is my P.A. I'm not hers!!


"Riddhima?" Well duh it's me, who else would it be?


"Yes Muskaan, what do you want?"


"You woke up? It's like so friggin early!!"


"Well duh unlike you I m a morning person, so come to the point"


"Nothing, you happen to have an interview today, with Ms.Koel"


"Holy shit, I totally forgot!!Thanks Muskaan!"  That's what I love about her she's an awesome friend and at the same time the best employee, hell she doesn't wake up for her boyfriend this early she woke up for me, oh well duh she needs money, ha-ha I'm so cruel well whatever!


"Hello? Hello? RIDDHIMA! " Oh yeah she's still online


"Yeah sorry I didn't hear you, come again"


"Well I realised that, so do you want me to accompany you?"




"Hmm ?"


"Uncross you fingers and go to sleep" ha-ha gotcha! I know her pretty well you see.


"How do you do it?"


"How do I do what?"


"Catch me all the time?"

"Muskaan we've been friends for like how many years now? And you know I'm the character specialist!"


"Oh well that you are, so now hurry up, I don't want you to get late"


"Yeah well you are just saying that so that you can sleep"


"Yeah fine you know me pretty well Ms.Gupta, so do me a favour and let me get some sleep"


"Your wish is my command ma'am"


I always wonder what would have happened if I wouldn't have had Muskaan in my life, well no point wondering because she is going to be with me forever.

Happy new year folks :)



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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
nice cncpt.
Add me in ur pm list.

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iceprincess101 Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
gr8 start....would love to read more updtae soon and do add me to ur pm list.....
qt4ever Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Happy new year!
Nice prologue.
Do add me to ur pm list
dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
heyy dear 
nice intro 
cont soon 
 n plzz pm me
factnfiction Newbie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

1.Let's Make A Fool Out Of Ourselves

"You have to do it Mallik" please please say yes otherwise soon enough I will be jobless.

"What's wrong with Koel, Johnson?" not yet Kevin, I'm not giving up so soon.

"Nothing!"  Yeah right as if he is going to fall for that.

"Then why is she not doing the damn interview?" nothing are you serious? pst grow up dude.

"Oh well that, she isn't, u know prepared?" stop stammering you ass.

"Johnson, are you out of your mind? Koel and not prepared don't go hand in hand!" aha, there you go, chal angrez jaldi mu khol ab.

"Fine, she flew out of India yesterday night!" yeah I hope he does not ask further.

"Oh and why is that?" why did Koel go out of India and most of all she didn't even bother to tell me.

"Armaan you would not like the answer!" ughh how does he always get me answering his questions!

"It is professional Kevin I want to know why am I doing other's shows" spit it out damn it.

"She left India with what's his name!" there you go look at his bloody face all the blood gone, ha-ha, stop laughing Kevin he is your friend after all.

"That son of a gun, first he took my wife from my bloody life, then my apartment, now out of India, just great" oh well now he takes her so far away that I won't even be able to talk her out of it.

"Calm the hell down dude!" you are telling him to calm down? Start finding another job dude.

"Fine, I will do the show, but I have two conditions" I hate him; he took her away, so far that I can't reach her now.

"Name them" another one of his stupid tricks, ha-ha, I won't be jobless.

"Pay raise, and start calling him son of a gun from now on, he doesn't suit the what's his name title!" ha-ha yourself Kevin, IN-YOUR-FACE!

"Second condition done, and about the second one well you make today's interview a success and boom 20% pay rises!" duh what was I even thinking? He is the smartest person I know.

"40%" grow up Kevin 20% is all you can give?

"Nope, not possible but if we are negotiating then lets settle on 30%, what say?" he is indeed very smart.

"I'm not a frigging puppet, take me from one show put me to another and you know I'm  the rock star, the interview is going to be legendary, so 40% it is or should I walk out?" ha-ha let's see how you deal with this Mr Kevin  Johnson

"Fine 40% it is!" ughh I hope boss agrees, otherwise I'm going jobless.



"Riddhima, there is one problem!"

"Muskaan I have an interview in an hour I can't solve any of you problems right now" God what did she end up doing now? Well I hope she is not pregnant with Kabir's baby ughh no that would be totally gross! I will have to get them to break up soon.

"Well you are going to have to face one problem"

"Aha?" Well bring it on babe

"Yes Koel is not doing the interview"

"So what's the problem, holy shit it is cancelled?" Don't tell me!

"Well no Riddhima it isn't cancelled, it's just that someone else is going to take her place"

"And who is that supposed to be" Muskaan can be such a pain in the ass sometimes!

"Well, a certain Armaan Mallik"



"How's that a problem?"

"Well Riddhima that is a problem because that guy can be a real pain in the ass"

"How" Did she just hear my thoughts, or did I just say it out loud, well duh Riddhima she would have called you a pain in the ass instead right?

"He is one of the smartest reporters they have, or should I say India has, he manipulates things and words to get the truth out"

"Well Muskaan I repeat again, SO?" God what's wrong with her?

"Riddhima he can get anything out of you so don't let your guard down"

"Whatever Muskaan I don't think this is a problem"

"You know Riddhima he got a director and producer duo, to agree to casting couch, and the catch is he didn't even ask anything about casting couch, if you don't believe me I'm sending you the mms go check it now"

"Alright Muskaan don't freak out, if he did what you just said well, good for him! And now you listen to my catch I haven't done anything wrong that I should be afraid of him, now that you told me all this babe you've got a deal, if I respond back better or in case equally, you break up with Kabir! What say?" Bull's eye, what do we say, ek teer se do nishane, muhaha!

"Well as much as I know you are good at it too, I just know he is the perfect man so to prove you wrong, deal it is"

"Okay I got lost when you said the perfect man thing; you really think Kabir is the perfect man?"

"Shut the hell up I meant Armaan idiot"

"Oh well we'll see about that mademoiselle"

"Yeah so I'm coming to the studio"

"I thought you had to sleep Muskaan!"

"All the sleep went out of the window, who would not want to see the hottie who is going to interview you, plus I really want to see you lose"

"Whatever Muskaan, just grow up"


"I don't need a script to tell me what I have to ask her Jazz"

"But Armaan these are orders from Mr Johnson"

"Tell him to suck it up and flush the questions down the toilet"


"No but's and if's and what's, just tell me when do we start shooting?"

"In about an hour"

"Okay then see you later jazz"

"Yeah well, only if Johnson doesn't kick me out"



"What the hell, what you looking at?" Who the hell are you mister, well for one you are hot, so I don't mind you whistling, Riddhima control!

"Nothing ma'am just your car, such a beautiful lady driving such a mean machine, nice choice" Hot piece of ass, well two hot pieces actually!

"Uh...well thank you" Dumbo

"You know you can try and be a bit polite" Well let's pass time Mallik.

"Well certainly Mr..?"  You got it coming mister hot like fire.

"Armaan...Armaan Mallik" My dimples will certainly do the work.

"well Mr Mallik I'm a 24 year grown girl I know how to behave with strangers" Geez Armaan Mallik well Mr Mallik wait for your show you won't know what hit you, muhaha!

"Well Ms'?" Gore gore mukhde pe kaala kaala chashma.

"Well I'm wearing brown shades" Ha-ha you're so whipped Mr Mallik!

"Oh did I say it out loud?" Shit!

"Well...duh" ha-ha, smirk girl.

"Sorry but I didn't catch your name!" I hope this works.

"Well I didn't tell you" Changing the topic are we Mr Mallik

"So will you tell me?" So much attitude for a name.

"Well hello, I'm Muskaan" Ha-ha, I can't wait for your cheesy line; I hope you come up with a good one!

"Muskaan you have a beautiful Muskaan" was that too cheesy?

"Ha-ha, you are just being polite I gather" Really? I thought you could have done way better Mr Mallik.

"Nah, nothing like that, anyway, so what brings you here to the studio?" I better flash a smile from time to time, it will dazzle her!

"Yeah well my boss happens to have an interview here today" You are smiling a lot Mallik, wait for the interview time!

"Really, who?" Wow, she really does have an awesome smile! +1

"Umm, Riddhima Gupta" Suck it up, Mallik!

"What a small world, really? I'm assigned to interview her" Ughh, what the hell?

"No, wait I thought Koel was supposed to interview her" Aha, I'm not going to make you feel important, you are just a replacement after all.

"Oh well she ran off to some place in the world with her boyfriend" Why did you have to bring her up? -1

"What? Really? I thought she was married?"  Uh-uh I thought she was having a happy married life!

"Well yes she was" You brought our marriage up, why? Another -1

"Oh, I pity the guy she ditched; poor man must have been overwhelmed" Muskaan told me her husband was hot and cute and a gentleman, anyways I always thought Koel was a b****.

"Yeah well he certainly was" Ughh I desperately need to change the topic for this Muskaan another -1!

"Well I think he deserves someone really better than her" Maybe I can hook Muskaan up with him, she was gaga over the guy!

"Oh he sure does" Well thank you Muskaan one more +1 for you

"So what is it like to interview people? I heard you totally slaughtered the producer's and the director's image" Tell me your secret dude.

"Well it is good, and about them I didn't have to do much just got them drunk" So you have seen me, no wonder you are playing so cool! +1

"So are you going to get Riddhima drunk?" ATTENTION RIDDHIMA-don't drink what they give you, be it water or any damn liquid.

"Ha-ha well you never know" You care, be it a lame-ass writer or whoever you do care +1

"Oh so I'll go ahead and warm Riddhima not that she did anything bad, but she just gets a hangover" You Mallik are so gone, muhaha!

"Oh sure" You care a lot -1

"Have you read any of her books?" Spill it, I know you have!

"Nope" Oh, you are more interested in knowing about her from me than you are interested in me -1

"Hmm" Huh, I know you have you'll spill it out eventually!

"So want to catch a cup of coffee before the shooting starts?" Let's just know about each other now, turn your charm button on Mallik!

Hello folks here is chapter-1.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Take Care and review.


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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
nice one dear 
n thx for pm
AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
If abhi nikki are in here, pls pm me :)
Sheena <3

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