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Devils Den: The War Ain't Over (Page 2)

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Happy new year to allHug

 And congratulations to Geet team for successfully completing 200 episodes todayClapClapClapClapClap....Today I feel the Geet team needs to b applauded big time  for giving us the most beautiful and divine Jodi of  the year...MaaneetEmbarrassed...I m sure new year will bring some more freshness and creativity in the Maaneet love story now that both r all set to tie the knot in this new yearEmbarrassed
Coming to today's Episode Verdict
  • If u watch the episode hoping its 200th lots of romance and ahem ahem..u will b disappointedBig smile
  • if u watch the episode hoping story progress and some curiosity element...u will b delightedBig smile
  • Execution was not upto the mark ...but CVs did manage to keep suspense throughout the episode intactSmile
  • Overall it was a good episode from story-progress POVSmile
Things I loved Today..
  • Geet accepting the fact that MSK has a better knowledge when it comes to judging a personThumbs Up ;So somewhere Geet knows that if MSK has his doubts on Arjun,then he cannot b all wrongEmbarrassed...also liked how MSK has still kept his doubts on Arjun intact and is making sure his hawk eyes r on him all the timeWink
  • Brij track and  the suspense element surrounding the character is managing to generate interest from a story POVThumbs Up;There r lot of questions surrounding the character regarding his presense in Delhi all of a sudden or how he came to know that Geet stays with MSK and is getting married to him or whether Bri and Arjun r partners in crime or notErmm;I hope CVs r ready with these answers ...only then Brij track can b interestingWink;But his psycho act today seeing Geet on the terrace and then entering her room with that knife was quite interesting and the actor did a good jobThumbs Up;Only request to the CVs,plss don't run too fast with the Brij trackOuch;He should hv a proper strategy to attack MSK or Geet and not simply make foul attempts with a kitchen knifeLOL
  • Geet catching a cold next morning and then her sneezing act was quite funnyLOLEmbarrassed;DD was completely natural in this sceneClap ;Also loved the way MSK was nodding his head after her each sneezing actROFL;It was quite a hilarious scene...
  • Loved the fact that MSK finally broke his promise and hugged Geet when she was scared of darknessEmbarrassed;So this sort of indicated that when it comes to protecting his ladylove,MSK will not bother about any such promisesEmbarrassed;
  • Ending makes the viewers curious for next episode to see Brij and Maaneet confrontationThumbs Up;Even if a hide and seek game is shown between Brij and Maaneet till the marriage point,even thats interesting to keep the viewers on tenderhooks and it always works from trps POVTongue;So CVs don't take out cat so early from your with the suspense element in a intelligent mannerWinkTongue..
  • Dunno if there is any symbolism here..but in HP when Geet was locked in a storeroom by Brij ,,and then her dupatta goes flying and falls on MSK and then he enters the storeroom from the window,Geet was wearing yellow suit and MSK was in blue/navy coloured shirtWink;Today again Brij is there to attack Geet and  Geet-Maan r wearing similar coloured dressWink..So any symbolism queens out here can throw light on this ??WinkLOLTongue
Turn off for today
  • Editing of the first scene was a big letdownThumbs Down ..lots of scenes which were shown on SBS/SBB were edited in the actual episodeOuch;Even the precap yesterday showed MSK's front view while he was stripping in front of GeetTongue but today only his side view was shownAngryLOLOuch;So overall first scene was a disappointment and also looked a bit incompleteErmm;Why I get a feeling that on Maaneet's suhagraat,MSK will ask Geet to wear the same red dress so that he can show her what really happened in that TV ShowWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;Since CVs of this show hv a habit of opening loops and then closing them later,so I get a feeling this red dress fiasco is not over yet and its loop will b closed on SR ROFLROFLROFLROFL..
  • The night scene when she sits in the cold and acts all stubborn could hv been executed in a better wayErmm...again the scene looked a bit incomplete to meOuch
  • Brij's sudden entry in the outhouse to kill Geet looked a bit OTTOuch;I mean it looked as if its a cakewalk for any random servent to simply enter the outhouse and kill GeetROFLROFL;They could hv shown Brij entering the outhouse from some window rather than walking up the staircase which indicated he entered from the main door which means the main door of the outhouse was opened for the psycho killers maybConfusedLOL..
  • Episode had a good flow but execution of certain scenes could hv been betterErmm
  • Annie-Arjun scene din't leave any impactErmm;Piyush was good but Nikunj was flat..
Episode Rating:8/10...Viewers might hv expected a romantic episode today and mayb thats why many r diappointedLOL,but what I liked today was that theres a story-progress in the episode and finally I saw a story in Maaneet track in the form of BrijSmile;Thats what was missing in last few weeks when Maaneet track was running without any story but with Brij's entry,that void is slowly getting filledEmbarrassed;Now only if CVs can bring Dev back for the justice track of Geet,then even that missing logic in the show will come backEmbarrassed..Overall it was a good episode today from story POVThumbs Up
Bri wonderful opening postStarStarStarStar...waiting to read more from uEmbarrassed
Geetu as usual u rocked with your writingStarStarStarStar
Detailed Analysis on today's den theme which is Geet coming up tomorrow since I m too tired todaySleepy

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes on New Year!Smile

Theme of the Den - Geet
@ Bri & Geeta Lovely opening for todayThumbs Up

Here's something I want to say -

Chulbuli, chanchal aur sulajhi, pyaari, sacchi, sukumari,

Saral, sumadhur aur sharmelee,

Bhavuk, komal aur veer, dridha nishchayi, shaant aur gambhir.

Jeeven se yeh karti hai preet, jhooth par hogi sada sach ki jeet.

Aisi iski ummeed! Yeh hai humari Geet!Embarrassed

Dridha nishchayi = Determined,

Episode Analysis Smile

Rati leela ka hua khel khatam, Maan ne jab shuru kiya apna sitam.
Geet ko pradarshan nahi suhaye, woh dekho bhaag jaye.
Brij ka hua hai pravesh, naye bawarchi ka hai bhesh.
Khatare ka nahi gumaan, Maan aur Geet dono Brij se anjaan.

Purani yaadein tazaa ho jayein...
Brij jab dekhein Geet aur Maan ko..
Ankhon mein khoon utar aaye..

Maan ko nahin vishaas, Arjun ko rehna hoga Anvesha se dor,
Nahin chahte apni behen ko dekhna yun uske paas.
Geet ki hogi jimmedari, nanad ko voh bataye...
Arjun, Bhai ki pasand nahin tumhari.
Maan ko hai pehchaan insaan ki, Arjun ki lagati nahin fitrat saaf dil ki.
Kya hai tumhara kehna? Maan hain humse samajhdaar.
Yeh hai mera manana....

Geet ko sardi sataye, Maan dekho use samajhayein.
Baba ji aur Geet ki guftagoo, Maan laayein hain lakadiyaan...
Karane sardi udanchoo.
Geet ko hua sardi jhukaam, Maan bhi usko chidhayein...
Jaana hoga doctor ke paas, tabhi aayega kuch araam.

Out house mein batti gul, Geet ka dar ke mare ho raha hosh gul.
Yeh kaise khatare ka ehsaas, kisi ki aahat hui hai paas...
Jaane kaun hai yahan?  Chalo hai takarayi, dekho hain Maan.
Apne dar ka usne kiya jikr, Bahon mein bhar kar khein Maan...
Karo nahin koi fikr, jab main hoon yahan to kyun hoti ho pareshaan.
Na choone ki pratigya gayi hai toot, pyaar ka rishta inka hai atoot.
Koi khatra inhe nahin choo payega...
Inka pyaar hi inki dhaal ban jayega....

Congratulations Team GHSP on completing 200 episodesThumbs Up and Keeping us addictedLOL May New Year take you to new heights!

Aa gaya khoon ke pyaasa Brij ghar ke andar..
Maan suraksha karni hogi Geet ka pati bankar.

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 8:45am | IP Logged
@Brii& Geetu Brri Loved your lines in the 1st postClapStarClap haven't read rest will comment after i am back from my party..
A very Happy New Year to All of youHug
May All your Wishes be fulfilled
& May Bhaggu give us strength to follow our resolutionsLOL
Lemme List my resolutions so you guys can help me out too
-Ash Plz Get a Life from I-F
-Ash Stop making 10 million VMz
-Ash stop watching geet for a month you have exams in January
-Ash focus on your work, stop getting distracted while you are in school
-Ash don't mix up geet and your personal life when you are performing..Example: When you mentioned Khurana Constructions as a company for carrer advice in architecture to the students..
-Ash Control Your Mum she is getting crazy after MSKLOL..After all he is just fiction..Ouch
Ermm That's all I rememberErmm
Plan Flop: Gith is cute with her bickerings LOL
MSK Creating Climax of the show: Loved the way he chucked his tie and Gith ran away as expected No actionnLOLhehe the way he was smiling reaidng her plan was adorable..
Daadi Giving Hand to Brij: haha the way he was talking normally was funny coz Brij ka voice is all deep with his OYEEEEEs..LOLbut it wasn't difficult to get used to it after watching his cassanova act yesterdayROFL
NaBriMaan Trianglee: me was screaming Yesterday abt thisLOL
NE' Mehmaan Navazi: avoid my navazi spelling there don't knw if its ryt me is weak in hindiTongueand the scene
Maaneet &brij Hit Miss: lovedd the flashbacks thereeStarand wen Brij saw Maan Uff yaadein taaza hoo gayiiEmbarrassedLOLHis expression changedd..he was missing maan soo much..Ouchand Nakewl cusm in to complete the NaBriMaan TriangleROFLROFL..
Geet=Bodyguard of NE: I loved those shades between their unspoken talks..One side she was making sure tht his worry about Err-Jun harming Gith is removed so she suggests to keep an eye on them and the otehr hand she is khafa abt the bathroom thing..Embarrassed 
Err-Jun NE:why experiment with tehir BG and feed us MAAAAAAHIIIII with Maaneet..Ouch
yes it was sweetheart and not sweethurtLOL
NE-Gith: The only thing I loved with the scene tht Cvz didn't use the cliched manner where NE wuld blast Gith for asking about Err-jun's doubtful Character...
Geet is feeling Chilly& Brij is feeling Hot with Anger: Plz no same flashbacks loved it before but again and again not same ones..I love the FB where he is pulled by the constabless and and he is staring at is jus weird he is standing ryt there..I am sure geet can from the side of her eye that sumone is standing oh well this is how hit miss games work in tellydomLOLBut if she sees his face and doesn't recognise him tht is plain stupidStern Smile
NaBRi: we had three interactionss of theirs in today's epi itselfLOL
Geet & Her Babaji: they are always adorable and but babaji myt be fedup to hear sadu ka talks from her all the timeLOLher self-talk was cute lol itne bedard bhi nahin hai wohhTonguebut she expects too much of sorry and requests from MaanGodROFLROFL
Geet ki Sazaa: Tsk tsk gith u didn't listen to MaanGod see you have bad cold noww.. and all office ki kurriyan never seen anyone sneeze so sab bekaar khadi haiLOL
Geet ki Khwaish:LMAO she epxects him to pick her up,....haha after all he has picked her up 28 timess toh adat ho gayi hai naLOL
Brij&Nakewl on a roll: Ahh atleast a knife if not talwar..Haha Nakewl ahs bcum a kaamchor coz his love Brij has taken over his kitchen and he is drinking tea BindaasLOLWat was brij doing with the knife anyway it seemed like he was jus goin back and forth into his own handdLOL
Brijjy in Maan's Stalker Chaddi: How does he knw Gith lives in outhouse..Its all Errr-Jun ka kaam..My shak is turning into yakeen..I think he is guiding him with all thiss..Loved the mystery there in the room making all the viewers biting their nails..nail biting
Maaneet Hug: There we go one more hug AS they hit double centuryLOLLoved the hug with Maan comforting her, The kasam is overTongue and Brij sceming to kill two biirds with one stoneBig smile
Kal Kuch Nahi Hogaa..Light Will Come on Brij will hide and these hits& misses will keep goin on until shaadi ka diinLOL
@CVz Loved how Cvz are playing by maintatining the suspense factor with the cliffhanger..I am sure all of them will come back tomorrow to their Tv sets to find out what's cuming next so gud going with this Cvz...StarHope ish Maanitained..AND cONGO SHONGO on completing 200 episodes hope u have many more but only with proper storyline, editing, screenplay etc. etc. Best Wishes to youHug
@GC&DD as usual I say it everyday Faolouss JobbStarClap
@Behzaad U don't speak much but still catch so many eye balls to urself..Marvellouss JOb with expressions and acts..StarStarClap
It wasn't full of Maaneet but more of side characters but I don't mind coz CVz knw who is gonna watch the episode on New Year's eve except for sum saddists lyk us..LOL

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Happy New year to all  my friendsBig smile
Geet an 18 year old girl who loves small things in life and is brought up in a conservative environment.. Is married to an NRI and like any girl marries with all sorts of dreams.. Gets cheated by him and was asked to abort her baby. Had the courage to fight for her baby and came to a new city for a new life
Geet today is Confident,Courageous,
Still believes in humanity,Still wants to trust people,Loves her man,Trusts him more than herself,
Adores Maan ,Innocent,Naive ,Loving,innocent
Believes in God...,
Loves life to the fullest,
What I would like her to be
Become a little more mature and understand when to talk and when to keep quiet
COmplete her education
She  needs to have that confidence to make decisions after weighiong pros and cons and stop being so impulsive
Episode Analysis
Geet the innocent dumb girl runs away .. ha ha she reacts jsut the way maan expects and he is unpredictable as usual
Brij is in the mansion?? daadi is trully silly
Daadi-Geet maan scene was good.. loved the way geet wants to reduce his worry even when they are angry...Thumbs Up For her him being worry free is imp.. Silent communicationThumbs Up
Brij Nacool was really a cool sceneLOL
Geet behaving like a kid and all upset.. Funny
SHe has a cold and MSK teases her... LOL Maneet were funny in that scene
Last scene - MSK can break all promises to protect Geet.. Her safety is the most imp thing for him in life..

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Wishing all of you a happy and rocking new year Party

First of all some well deserved congratualtions to the Geet team for their 200th episode PartyStar
You guys rock and so I hope you pull up your socks and give us some mind blowing episodes. Big smile

Now moving on to today's episode

1) Geet moaning about her failed plans and letting on that she got the idea from a show. ROFL this girl is so naive that Maan was surely wondering from where she got all these grand ideas ROFL..........Maan on discovering that she got the idea from a show offers to show her what happens after that and starts stripping. Geet gets scared and does a runner leaving the list behind that Maan keeps and smiles after reading. Does this mean that he will preserve the list for posterity and use it later to seduce his wifey. I certainly hope so but knowing the dude I do not have too many hopes Angry
DD and GC rocked this scene. The editing and the camerawork however are another story. Angry
SBS had better screen shots than you guys did. I wanted the see the expressions on Maan's face when he was pulling the stripping act and you showed him from the side the camera angles will ya.

2) Geet sitting outside in the cold and Brij seeing her and recollecting everything that happened. Beizaad Khan rocked this. Thumbs Up Star. He is a rock star. Nacool coming and breaking his concentration was too good. He turns at the time that Geet turns to look at him and hence cannot see his face. This kept the suspense alive. Good call. Brij also sees Maan walk past and remembers how he humiliated him.

3) Geet is sitting in the cold and Maan comes and asks her to go in. But Geet remains stubborn and chooses to sit outside and asks Maan to leave. Maan leaves and Geet cribs. Maan comes back and tries to light a fire, but Geet gets angry and leaves. Filler scene.

4) Geet catches a cold and Maan suggests she eat ice cream LOL LOL LOL.....when Geet questions him he says that since she will do the opposite of what he says he is hoping that if he recommends ice cream, she will drink tea. LOL LOL LOL DD was extremely cute during this scene and GC supported her ably.

5) What the heck is NE's problem? Why the heck is she so desperate to get laid? Dead She is throwing herself at Arjun like a cheap tramp Dead. It will not be Arjun's fault if he takes advantage of her. Infact it is to his credit that he has resisted her so far LOL. She is like her brother Dev and likes to get laid no matter what the consequences. She is going to end up preggers for sure and end up creating more problems for poor Geet. Angry

6) Maan still does not trust Arjun and I like this Thumbs Up
Geet offering to keep an eye on NE Dead......Geet is too trusting Dead
But I liked Geet admitting to NE that Maan is a better judge of people than she is.
NE still does not know about NT's involvement or the fact that Arjun is NT's brother. This will surely spell doom. Dead

7) The last scene with Brij trying to kill Geet. How did he come into the outhouse when all the door's are locked. It would have made more sense if he climbed in through a window or something.

8) I still do not get how Brijjy boy can cook? I would think he is an MCP who thinks cooking is a woman's job. Is he faking it? Ermm

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suj01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 8:59am | IP Logged

Pointers about today's episode

Geet's plan of seducing Maan was expected to go for a toss, bouncer, googlyROFL

Maan semi - stripping ROFLROFLand Geet all shy whyand runs offROFLROFLROFL

Brij and NaCool finally meet
ROFLROFLAakhir milan toh hona hi thaROFL

Brij finally sees Geet in Khurana house

Loved the way NaCool was sitting and sipping from the cup whilst Brij was working

Daadi why did you come and disturb NaCool and Brij's talking session

But Daadi good you asked NaCool to get back to work and not take undue advantage of Brij

Finally Brij all ready to kill Geet with the knife but his facial expression doesn't seem like he is on a kill. I have a feeling he doesn't have the same HP killer looksErmm


Geet hugs Maan coz of her scare and hence breaking Maan's promise

Don't wanna talk about Arjun NE romance but yes Piyush as Arjun looks promising


Congrats to the Geet Team on the Completion of 200 episodes

Lastly A Very Happy and A Prosperous New Year

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 9:00am | IP Logged

got busy trying to mak a VM... lost track of tim.. n cam rushing to t den to reserve only to miss t first part.... yea i missed t climax!!
Broken Heart AAAAH!!Disapprove

so in detail aftr i catch up!!

i loved t epi.. seriously t best epi as in recent times.. toh it movd fast to my liking.. t execution n t way t various scenes were jotted up.. hit a new level today.. tat was good!!...

but Tha Brij... gav up his talwar for a random Kitchen knife!!Cry i need Tha Talwar bk!!! HAAN!!  ROFL

PS : HaPPy New Year devils!! HAAN!!!


In This new year..
wish everything tats dear stays near...
love can mean what not
so think b4 u untie a knot...
just as u wud do b4 u make one..
for eternity u say, but alone..

Happy New year..!

Geet - My Soulmate... ?

A not so innocent girl, i thought of her
with a family willing to burn the last of her
she is troubles easiest beget,
inviting in from every corner as yet
Never taking My advice
to keep herself away for my wise
A not so nice girl, i thought of her
with a family willing to burn the last of her

And right when i had put her behind
and i thought she did
fly away with the wind..
i was wronged and there she was wandering
to places unknown to her but in my being
i was to see her every hour of the day
till she was everything i saw from grass to hay
And right when i had put her behind
and i thought she did fly away with the wind..

But that i blinked to think of her
i planned to admit to never ever!
even to myself, as deep in me i fought
to keep her away not just from me but my thought
because i feared what it might bring to me
again uninvited, like in the past u cannot see..
and again that i blinked to think of her..
i planned to admit to never ever! 

Yes attraction it was, mysteriously sensuous
as we clinched at every touch, evidently vicious
even as i learned to care for her was the selfish me
i would not let it open up for her to see
because i saw admiration in her eyes living for me
but the reason behind her reluctance i could not see
Now more than just attraction it was, mysteriously sensuous
as we clinched at every touch, evidently vicious

We fought with eachother for the other, for us
when i wanted trust with purity of The Ganges
all she needed was togetherness for eternity
what she had been denied by my own fraternity
she wanted me beyond the need of my side
and i needed her besides the my want to hide
Toh We fought with eachother for the other, for us
she became my trust with purity of The Ganges

Time passed by in a relationship we could not deny
that had been written in the clouds of destiny
From giving it a name to realizing every promise
be it sliding the ring on her finger thrice
turning her disowned motherhood to my fatherhood
painting her forehead red with a drop of my blood
Time passed by in a relationship we could not deny
that had been written in the clouds of destiny

And now when to me she defines
innocence purity and with them my life in finesse
when in her glow i find my light
and with her tears flowing down i melt
She has made me a different Man, her Maan
with her as my strength, i am once more human
And now when to me she defines
innocence, purity and with them my life in finesse

Geet - she is, tey say will become to all a stranger
but i believe Geet she is, will remain from all 'distinct' forever!
but all said , the forgetten wrath in me,
the reason to which i had let her never see,
hidden behind the doors of my past, with hate!
without me opening to her, is she my soul mate
Yes Geet - she is, tey say will become to all a stranger
but i believe Geet she is, will remain from all 'distinct' forever!

Maan Singh khurana.

i wanted to write wrds of Lov (  i mean lov tis tim )  to t CVs.. but i am outta!LOL

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