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harshikarocks Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Hey this is harshika ...inspired by u all i m here to share a fan fiction with u all...the idea is not mine but has been taken from a famous novel...hope u enjoy reading it nd guess the novel

prologue - pg1
part 1       - pg1
part2       - pg2
part3       - pg3
part4       - pg4
part5       - pg5
part6       - pg6
part7       - pg7
part8       - pg8
part9       - pg10
part10     - pg12
part11     -pg16
promo    -pg23

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neha2607 IF-Dazzler

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harshikarocks Senior Member

Joined: 29 September 2010
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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 2:13am | IP Logged

A party was in full swing at Tambaroora.The homestead was ablaze with lights nbrightly coloured chinese lanterns glowed in the gardens.Laughter n the happy voices of young people joined the loud music that spilled out across the dark paddocks where sheep quitely grazed.
Armaan Mallik was going away,setting out to travel the world, and his family n friends were sending him off in style.
'Have u seen Riddhima?' niki asked him as he topped up her wine glass.
'i am sure i have,'armaan replied'she was here a minute ago.'niki replied 'i have been looking for her everywhere'' "i will keep an eye out.If i see her i will let her know that you are looking for her." 
But by the time he had completed a circuit of the big living room the verandas,Armaan still had not seen riddhima and he felt uneasy.Surely she would not leave the party with out saying goodbye.She was,in many ways,his best friend.
He went to the front steps n looked out across the garden,saw a couple suspiciuosly like hi sister Muskaan and Rahul kissing,but there was still no sign of riddhima.
She wasn't in the kitchen either.Armaan searched for her.His brother Sid came in to grab another bottle from the fridge.   
'Seen riddhima?'armaan asked.
Sid shook his head and hurried away to his latest female conquest.
a movement outside on the back veranda caught his attention .It was dark out there n he saw a slim figure in a pale dress,leaning against the railing ,staring out in the dark night.
She jumped at the sound of his voice.
"i have been looking for u everywhere,are u okay?"
"i had a headache."she spoke in a shaky voice"so i came outside for a bit of fresh air."
"has it helped?"
"yes thanks i feel much better."
armaan moved beside her and rested his arms on the railing, looking out,as she was,across the dark sky.
For the past four years the two of them had been away at the Sydney University,two friends from the tiny country town of willowbank,a drift in a sea of thousands of strangers.Their friendship had deepened during the ups and downs of student life, but now those years were behind them.
riddhima had come home to start work as a country vet while armaan who had studied  geology,was heading as far away as possible,hurrying overseas hungry for adventure n new experiences.
"You r going to miss thi place, won't u?"she said
armaan laughed."i doubt it."His brother,sid would be here to help their father,Billy Mallik.It was the life sid, as the eldest son,was born to ,what he wanted.For armaan,escape had never beckoned more sweetly."i wish u were coming too."
Riddhima made a soft groaning sound "
don't start that again armaan."
"sorry.I just can not understand why u don't want to escape,too." 
"and play gooseberry to u n maya?how much fun would tha be?"
the little catch in riddhima's voice alarmed armaan.
"but we would meet others nd u could make lot of friends.just like u always have."
riddhima had arrived at willowbank during their last year at high school and she had quickly fitted into armaan's close circle.But because they had shared a mutual interest in science, she and armaan had become really good friends.
He looked at her now,standing on the veranda in the moonlight ,looking beautiful with sparkly blue eyes and soft pale skin.
A strange lump of hot metal burned in his throat.
Riddhima lifted her face to him and he saw a tear run down her cheek.
"hey,basket."he used her nick name and forced a shaky laugh."don't tell me you are going to miss me."
"of course i won't miss you."she cried.
Shocked,armaan reached out to her.She was wearing a strapless dress and his hands closed over her bare shoulders.
"Riddhima,"he whispered but as he turned her he was moved by her tears.
His heart behaved strangely.He felt the heated softness of skin and when he reached the dainty curve of her tear-dampened lips,he knew that he had to kiss her.
He couldn't resist her and with the urgency of a wild-bee discovering the world's most tempting honey,armaan pulled her closer and kissed her. Riddhima wound her hands around his neck and he could feel her softness pressed against his chest.His body caught fire.
How could this be happening?
 Where on earth had riddhima learned to kiss ?like this?
she was so sweet and wild and passionate-turning him on like nothing he had ever known.
Was this really riddhima in his arms?
"riddhima?"Nikki's voice called suddenly."is that u out there,riddhima?"
Light flooded them.armaan and riddhima sprang apart and nikki stared at them,shocked.
They stared at each other,equally shocked.
"i am sorry",nikki said.
"no,it's okay"both said.
"we were just-"armaan began.
"saying goodbye,"riddhima finished and then she laughed.
Everyone relaxed.Nikki stopped blushing."sid thought u might like to make a speech soon,"she told him.
"a speech?"armaan said.
"a farewell speech."
"oh.yes.i had better say soething now before everyone gets too sloshed."
They went back inside and the spell was broken.
Everyone gathered around armaan and, as he looked out at the sea of faces and prepared to speak,he thought guiltily of maya,his girlfriend, waiting for him to join her in Sydney.Then he glanced at riddhima and saw no sign of tears.She was smiling and looking like her happy old self and he told himself everything was ok.
Already he was sure he had imagined the special magic in that kiss.

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harshikarocks Senior Member

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There were days when riddhima gupta knew she was in the wrong job.A woman in her thirties with loudly ticking biological clock should not devote huge chunks of her time to deliver gorgeous babies.
Admittedly,the babies riddhima delivered usually had four legs and a tail,but that did not stop them from being impossibly cute,and it certainly did not stop her from longing for a baby.Just one baby of her own to hold and to love.
The longing swept to her mow as she knelt i the straw beside the calf she had just delivered.As she shifted the newborn closer to his exhausted mother's head, she felt an all too familiar wrench on her heartstrings.
 The cow opened her eyes and began to lick her calf slowly and riddhima smiled as the newborn strugged closer.She never tired of this miracle.
  Within minutes, the little calf was wobbling to his feet,butting at his mother's site,already urging him to join in a game.
Nothing could beat the joy of new life.
Except....this idyllic scene was an uncomfortable reminder that riddhima had a very little chance of becoming a mother. She had already suffered one miscarriage and now there was afailed IVF treayment behind her.She was sure she was running out of time because of the women in her family having an early track record of her biological clock counting off the months,days,hours,minutes.
Swallowing a sigh riddhima stood slowly and saw that the shadows had lengthened across the golden grass of the home paddock.
"What's the time?"she asked atul joshi, the farmer who had called her in panic severoul hours earlier.
Instead of checking his wrist,atul turned slowly and squinted at the daylight outside."just gone five."
"already?"riddhima checked her watch"i am supposed to be at a wedding rehearsal by half past five"
Atul's eyes widened with surprise."don't tell me you are getting married, riddhima?"
"Me?Heavens,no.Nikita Mallik's the lucky girl getting married.I am just a bridesmaid."
Again, she added silently.
The farmer did not try to hide his relief. "I am glad u haven't been snapped up.The willlow creek district cannot afford to have you whisked away from us."
"Well,there's not much chance"
"Most folks around u here reckon you are the best vet we have ever had."
"thanks,atul."riddhima sent him a grateful smile.She went to the adjoining room to clean up.
She really,really loved her job and she had done a really hard work for many years before the local farmers finally placed their trust in a mere 'slip of girl'.But she certainly didn't want to be married to it!   

"For Armaan Mallik,coming home to willowbank always felt like stepping back in time. In ten years the sleepy country town had barely charged.
The wide main street was still filled with the same old fashioned flowerbeds. The bank,the council chambers they all looked exactly the same whe armaan first left home.
Today,as he climbed out of his father's truck,the familiar landmarks took on a dreamlike quality.But when he pushed open the gate that led to the white wooden church when tomorrow hi best mate would marry one of his oldest friends,he couldn't help thinking that this sense of time standing still was a mere illusion.
And here was the funny thing.Armaan had left sleepy old willowbank,eager to shake its dust from hid heels and to make his mark on the world.
From inside the church the wailing cries of a baby sounded, a clear signal of the changes that had taken place.Armaan's sister Muskaan appeared at the church door,jiggling a howling ginger-headed infant on her hip.
When she saw her brother,her face broke into a huge smile.
"armaan, i am so glad u made it.Gosh,it's lovely to see you."Reaching out,she beckoned him closer,gave him a one-armed hug."Heavens, big brother,have i shrunk or have you grown even taller?"
"Maybe the weight of motherhood is wearing you down."Armaan stooped to kiss her,then smiled as he studied her face."I take that back Muskaan. I don't think you have ever looked happier."
"I know,"she said beaming."It's amazing isn't it?" I seem to have discovered my inner Earth Mother."
He grinned and patted her baby's arm."this must be Jasper.The baby was the dead ringer for his father,Rahul,right down to his hair.
Jasper stopped crying and stared at armaan with big blue eyes,shiny with tears.
"Gosh,that shut him up."muskaan grinned and winked."you must have the knack,armaan. I knew you'd be perfect uncle material."
Armaan chuckled to cover up an abrupt slug of emotion that had caught him by surprise.
Muskaan's baby was incredibly cute.His skin was soft perfectly smooth,his eyes bright and clear.There were dimples on his chubby hands and,crikey,dimples on his knees.And,even though he was only four months old.,he was unmistakably sturdy and masculine.
"what a great little guy"he said,his voice rough around edges.
Muskaan was watching him shrewdly."ever thought of having a little boy of your own,armaan?"
He covered his sigh wuth a lopsided grin."We both know i have been too much of a gypsy."
Reluctant to meet his sister's searching gaze , armaan atudied a stained glass window and found himself remembering a church in canada,where,only days ago,he had attented the funeral of a work colleague.He could still see the earnest face of his friend's ten-year old son.
Hell if he think about that father and son relationship now, he'd be a mess in no time.
Hunting for a distraction,Armaan slid a curious glance towards  the chattering group."i hope i am not late?"
"No,don't fret.hey everyone!"muskaan raised her voice "armaan is here."
The chatter stopped.How good it was to see them all again.Rahul,muskaan's stolid farmer husband,was grinning like a cheshire cat as he held baby mia,jasper's twin sister.
Nikita,the bride-to-be,looked incredibly happy as she stood with her bridegroom's arm about her shoulders.
Niki was marrying Abhimanyu Modi and armaan could not get over the changes in Abhi.The two men had worked together on a mine site and they had quickly become great mates, but armaan could have sworn that abhi was not of marrying kind.
No one had been more stunned when abhi,chief breaker of feminine hearts,had fallen like a ton of bricks for Nikita Mallik.
One look at abhi's face now,however,and armaan couldn't doubt the truth out of it.He had never looked so happy.
As for niki........armaan had known her all her life.....but now she looked .......well,there was only one word .........
Niki looked TRANSFORMED.
He couldn't detect any sign that she had recently given birth to twins--to rahul and muskaan's babies,in fact, in a wonderful surrogacy arrangement.Niki was not only slim once again but she had acquired a new confidence that blazed in her eyes.
All this armaan noticed as everyone gathered around him,offering kisses,handshakes and backslaps.
"so glad you could make it,"Abhi said,pumping his hand.
"try to keep me away, mate.I'd pay good money to see you take the plunge tomorrow."
"we are just waiting for the minister and his wife,"niki said."And for Riddhima."


finally the part is completed .......will update it further after getting comments from u ........pls comment whether it is good or bad or u can press the like tab too...........and if u want pm pls add me to ur buddy's list..........

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swarobi1 Senior Member

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pls continue soon
teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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krazy4kash Goldie

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hey continue it soon................really liked the concept n all..............plzzzzz pm me when u update

bhavs_gid03 Groupbie

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hey...wonderful concept...

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