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Written update 12/30/2010: DK, Sarla find out about GD

Poll Question: Will Sandhya escape being exposed to Yuvraj & Prabhavati tomorrow?

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.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 12:24pm | IP Logged

DK & Sarla gloat

DK & Sarla are happy that they've brought Sandhya down a few pegs: Sandhya has fallen in the eyes of Prabhavati, while she's trapped b/w Shreya & DK's dear Sunita.  If she does anything now, Prabha will think she's doing a drama.  Looks like for now, Sandhya's wings are clipped.

DK tells her that this is just the beginning and the game that was started by Sandhya will be completed by them.  He tells her that Prabhavati had rebuffed him everytime he tried making the case that Vrinda was Sandhya, but this time, he'll go to her w/ the evidence, and see Sandhya off.

Sarla tells him that while he tries to establish to Prabhavati that she is Sandhya, Sarla herself will do what she can to establish to her sisters that she is Vrinda.  That way, Sandhya will have fallen in the eyes of Prabhavati, while be hunted by her sisters who think she's Vrinda. (This is stupid - how difficult is it for Sandhya to establish herself to any of her sisters that she's Sandhya - all those years of memories?  She just has to do it in private!  Besides, this sort of a double deal can be done by Sandhya as well w/o raising suspicion either among her sisters, or w/ Prabhavati.)

Sandhya wants to quit

DK is outside Vrinda's room, and walks in.  He says to himself that the true colors of one isn't obvious when he's out in front of everyone, but rather, when s/he's in his/her own room.  He takes out a cellphone and says that he'll leave it on, so that Sandhya's entire thoughts & conversations are out there for the entire family to hear.  He then looks for a good place to hide the phone, b4 hiding it among the flowers.

He then hears footsteps & hides behind the door, as Sandhya walks in.  She goes and fills up a glass of water, which is just next to the vase where the phone is hidden (chances are that she saw it, while DK looks mildly tense.)  She then turns away from the door, and DK takes the opportunity to slip out.

Sandhya thinks to herself (I sure hope she doesn't say anything to herself) that due to her, Shreya was humiliated, while Sunita is now mad @ her: how long will this go on?  How long will she hurt others just for her revenge? (Sandhya, as far as your dad goes, you are doing it not just for yourself, but Shreya-di, Sakshi-di, Savita-tai & Shradhya-di as well) As it is, nothing good happens in her life, so she's thinking of giving up all this and look for Neeraj.  She no longer wants justice, revenge or anything else.

Sandhya tries calling Gayatri, and then Manik.  She tells him that she tried calling Gayatri, but she can't do this any more, and that she's sick of pretending to be Sandhya.  Manik is shocked.  Her father never taught her to hurt her own.  But that's what she's doing w/ her sisters.  She cries that her sister is embarrassed in front of the world, and she can't do this anymore.  She's done w/ the idea of revenge or justice.  She asks Manik to tell Gayatri that she's quitting.

Manik asks her to focus on getting the remaining property, but Sandhya refuses.  She was never fighting all this for money. (True, Sandhya, but you need to deprive them of it so that they can't manipulate events their way)  Manik tells her that he knows she's endured a lot, but once she gets justice, that'll make her sisters the most happy.  And even her father is waiting for her to bring him justice.  For this, they have to be brought to their knees by being deprived of their property, & only Sandhya can do that.

Sandhya tells him that after what DK did, it's now impossible to win over Prabhavati, and w/o it, it's impossible to possess the property. 

Sarla tells Shreya that Sandhya is Vrinda

Shreya is sitting alone, when Sarla joins her and asks her her condition.  Shreya tells her that she's fine, and that someone seemed to have spiked her drink.  Sarla tells her never to take such drinks from strangers.

Sarla then tells Shreya that after coming, she seems to be a bit aloof from Sandhya and not talking to her, when she needs to be w/ her sister.  She asks her whether she's angry w/ Sandhya?  Shreya denies it, and says that it was probably Sandhya who was mad @ them due to Savita filing a case against Yuvraj.

Sarla tells her that there's no reason to hide from her the real reason for her coming - that she was here to establish that this girl was not her sister, but her double.  She tells her that what she and her sisters are thinking is correct: the girl who's pretending to be Sandhya is actually Vrinda.  Also, Shreya & her sisters can do nothing to prove that Vrinda is Vrinda and not Sandhya, due to both her looks & her brains.

Sarla tells her that when God closes one door, he opens another,  and that she can help Shreya w/ this, but on one condition: Shreya must not, under any circumstances, reveal to anyone, not even her sisters, that Sarla was helping them.  Shreya doesn't respond, and Sarla tells her that she does have a small selfish interest in this matter, which she will reveal in due course.

Shreya tells Sakshi what she found

Sakshi is on the phone w/ Shreya, who tells her that everything that was in that letter was true: this girl can see everything, and she got to overhear her when she was behind closed doors, and that whenever she opens her mouth, her language is gutteral language.  She resembles Sandhya so much that anybody would be deceived.

Sakshi tells her that it is Vrinda - Savita had gone to meet her parents, and everybody had this to say - that she was Vrinda.  Sakshi tells her to keep observing her, but not to let her know that she's suspicious, and not to make any moves until they arrive.  Shreya agrees.

DK hears the phone recordings

DK & Sarla are playing back Sandhya's conversation w/ Manik, and are both triumphant.  DK tells her that now, it'll be interesting to see Sandhya squirm out of this one.

Sarla asks her how he thought of this, and DK reminds her that this was Sandhya's idea - when she discovered Yuvraj's secret, this was the technique she used.  She had left it w/ recording on in Yuvraj's pocket, and sitting in her room, found out everything.  So today, her very own plan came of  use to him.  They'll paly this back to Prabhavati.  After all, they all worked for this, so how can Sandhya be allowed to run away w/ this property?  He reminds Sarla that Sandhya had driven her out of the house and beaten him w/ a hunter, and he was not going to spare her.  He'd have Yuvraj & Prabhavati punish her publicly.

DK then tells Sarla that Sandhya kept referring to one Gayatri - who was she? (DK, You & Yuvraj spotted her in Pune, remember?) Sarla smiles, and tells him that it's Gayatri Devi!!!  Who they drove out of Gwalior!!!  She tells him that she knew that someone was behind Sandhya, and that Gayatri Devi, unable to enter the city, had infiltrated them by having Sandhya disguise herself  as Vrinda.

DK tells her that the first time, they had Gayatri expelled from the city, and this time, they need to expel her from this world!  Finally, he can prove to Yuvraj & Prabhavati what he had been trying for months.  Sarla asks - why wait?  DK asks her to bring in Yuvraj &  Prabhavati, while he prepares Sandhya for this.

DK confronts Sandhya

DK goes into Sandhya's room, and w/o a word, turns on his phone and plays back  her conversation for Sandhya.  Sandhya looks @ him shocked.  DK triumphantly asks her to help him recognize whose voice it is?

He tells her that her game is up, and her haunting this family is over.  He finally sings back to her the zor ka jhatka song. Evil Smile  He then invites her to come outside, where everyone is waiting for her.


A completely wasted opportunity for Sandhya.  After Yuvraj talked to her, she should have wasted no time in persuading him to let her talk to Shreya, and explain everything to her in private.  Possibly, she's done that, which might explain why Shreya did not immediately accept Sarla's offer.  Instead, Sarla gets to see Shreya and feed her everything about Vrinda.

And Gayatri needs to stop playing games and take the sisters into confidence.  Sandhya needs to make her continued participation in this plot subject to them knowing the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth.  That way, they can at least be supportive.

Sandhya, is your gun handy?  Now's when you need it!  Or else, if Shreya comes into the room, Sarla won't want this, since it would be more problematic for them if they had to handle both Sandhya & Shreya.  My guess - while they are ready to do their expose, Sarla walks in and they have to scuttle this plan, and later, Sandhya manages to delete the evidence by getting hold of that phone somehow and deleting the recording

Episode rating: Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up: Manik persuading Sandhya to remain @ her task

Thumbs Down: Sarla getting to talk to Shreya b4 Sandhya did, Sandhya wasting time by calling Manik & discussing Gayatri - the idiot!!! Angry


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siddra_4_lyf Groupbie

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged

Great Update! Wonder how Sandhya gets out of this trap!

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Subaru537 Groupbie

Joined: 11 December 2010
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.

Wow like I said, DK would have to recorded Sandhya's convo. How will she escape now?
-sia- Goldie

Joined: 30 October 2010
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update!!
wonder how sandhya is going to get out of this now..sometimes i find this girl to be a bit too confident!!

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kalika_29 Senior Member

Joined: 26 April 2010
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 11:08pm | IP Logged

             thanks for update.

             Gayatri is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just don't understand their plan. Gayatri has completely entangled sandhya in her stupid plan.Angry
  • Now sandhya stays in jagirdar family as vrinda that is why her sisters have doubt on her that she is not sandhya but vrinda so now she has lost her sisters support completely.
  • She than committed one more mistake by telling yuvraj to announce that he is going to be a father, again she missed one more chance of proving yuvraj is a eunuch. And also she cannot prove that her dad was murdered because of yuvraj's secret.
  • According to me the CD that captured DK exposing yuvraj's secret to somebody, if sandhya would have shown that CD on the TV, media, cable than yuvraj may have committed suicide long back and it would have been easier for her to throw the jagirdars in the jail.

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SEPIDEHh Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 2:12am | IP Logged
Thanks Vrisha for the update.The Sandhya's situation seems so complicated ,so how she  can save herself from this trap ? I don't know but guess that may be Shrey's phone to Sakshi will brings them on time when the DK and Sarla want to reveal the true identity of Sandhya and this is a proof that their sister ( Sandhya is alive and Vrinda is never existed before) .And the Sister's support will help Sandhiya to uncover the  true face of Jagirdar Parivar.
 P.s I was so busy this week and last night I found you answered me about the meaning of Tais .Thanks a lot .

Edited by SEPIDEHh - 31 December 2010 at 2:16am
.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 2:24am | IP Logged

Yep, her plan defies comprehension to me so many times, for a myriad of reasons:
  • When Sandhya regained her eyesight, the first thing she wanted to do was talk to her sisters.  Gayatri was insistant that she not do it, so that Yuvraj twists in court.  But once Vrinda bailed Yuvraj out, where was the harm?  Gayatri could have allowed Sandhya to take her sisters into confidence, so that they could play along, and in fact enhance Vrinda's reputation w/ Prabhavati by showing her gaining her sisters' confidence that easily.  Right now, except Yuvraj, Pankaj & Prabhavati, all the Jagirdars know that Vrinda is Sandhya but none of the Savratkars do.  Ridiculous doesn't begin to describe it!!!
  • Why is that loser Sunita so important?  First, Sandhya stupidly does a series of mistakes that expose her to Sunita, and now Sunita threatens to expose her when she feels that a contrite DK is not given a fair chance.  So for Sunita's sake, Sandhya & Gayatri only issued an empty threat to show this to the public, and Sandhya pre-empted it by asking Yuvraj to announce that he's going to be a father.  Instead, had that CD run, Yuvraj would have been exposed, and DK would have been punished more severely.  But most important for Sandhya to note: Sunita is Mrs Jagirdar!!!  She's not your ally!!!  Sandhya doesn't regard Yuvraj as her hubby anymore, or herself as a Jagirdar, but Sunita very much does.
  • Causing strikes in Kolkata to distract Pankaj - it was only going to be a matter of time b4 Pankaj found out that Gayatri was behind all this.  Really brilliant lady
  • Vrinda misbehaving w/ Sarla from day 1 - that really turned Sarla against Sandhya after she found out who she was.  Yeah, it served Gayatri's ego well, but it created a real coalition against Sandhya from what was previously at least a neutral person.
Sandhya's desire to drag this on and make them suffer blow after blow is really stupid - it just increases their probability of winning.  Look at the dropped catches from Sandhya:
  1. Not taking her sisters into secret confidence
  2. Overplaying her hand w/ DK
  3. Letting Sunita into all her secrets
  4. Letting go of the CD broadcast opportunity
  5. Sabotaging Sarla's attempt to possess the entire property - that alone would have thrown Yuvraj & Prabhavati in jail, and once they were nailed, it would have been easy for Sandhya to ruin DK & Pankaj, since Yuvraj would have ratted.
In chess, if one can checkmate the opponent w/ a surprise move, just grab it.  Don't just let it go and try and decimate the opponent pawn by pawn - it just increases the probability of the opponent winning.  Gayatri & Sandhya are making this very mistake here!

I really hope they run thru the Jagirdars quickly, have Sandhya find Neeraj and then return w/ him to her sisters.

Edited by _Vrish_ - 31 December 2010 at 2:30am

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xx Natasha xx Goldie
xx Natasha xx
xx Natasha xx

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Lol now Sandhya is falling in her own trap! That's bad lol x

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