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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devils Den - Hum Tum Bathroom mein bandh ho (Page 2)

liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Today's episode belonged to two people
1. DD
2. GC

DD was simply superb in the scene where Geet tries to seduce Maan. The whole sequence was really hilarious. Geet trying to be a seductress was really funny to watch and DD was brilliant. Her moves trying to seduce Maan had to be seen to be believed. Whether it was her catwalk to her trying to follow the list or her trying to follow the script to a T - DD nailed every scene.

GC was unbelievable in that he kept a straight face throughout this whole sequence - something I could not do even while watching it for the nth time. The comic timing of these two is so good. I am glad you thought of this sequence.

We did not see much of Brij today but Brij has now entered KM it seems. I am excited about the upcoming track. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you do not mess up the execution like you have in the past.

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:21am | IP Logged

I loved the episode it was a complete laugh riot. ROFL I appreciate Good humor TongueROFL It was thoroughly entertaining and it didn't feel forced in anyway. I loved the scene with Maan and geet in the Terrace. Maan and Geet are aware of their effect on each other, and they both use that to their advantage when the need arises. Geet used the same tactic to get her dupatta back from Maan, as Maan did to Geet to get the file today. Embarrassed The Car scene was also very funny. Geet and her tricks are hilarious. Geet looked adorable with chocolate covered fingers and the look of fake "oops" she gave Maan was so funny.Embarrassed ROFL Maan also did not go weak and managed not to touch her. I must say, way to go Maan I didn't think he could do it. ROFL I thought you would fail MISERABLY! HAAN CoolROFLROFL

Arjun and Anvesha scene was also interesting for some reason. Question Was it me or was Annie decent today? Maybe I'm delusional but whatever.SillyROFL Let's not discuss the Non-existent ones.TongueTongue But Arjun must be the worst business man in the world. I mean who dares to show attitude to your client, isn't the client choice that matters? But once again, WHO CARES about the NON-EXISTENT ones.Sleepy  I need to keep telling that to myself. Anyway, Brij is looking sexy in that white chef's coat.EmbarrassedROFL That's right I said it, now spare me the jokes. Stern Smile He looks pretty mad when, Arjun asked about the butter chicken. We all know that in Brij's world butter has only ones use and that is to polish the Talwar. ROFL The way Arjun looked at Brij was kind of weird. I can hear Jaane Kyun in the background. ROFL I wasn't really sure if he knows of Brij. I'm guessing no, not at this moment at least. Ermm

Now the Tub scene was HILARIOUS! It made my favorite comedic Maneet moments list. Wow, DD is brilliant! Geet failed miserably in her attempt to "seduce" Maan and I'm not surprised. I bet Maan will tell her to stop trying to impress him. Geet should stick to doing what comes naturally, her trying means- DISASTER! ROFL I lost it completely after the "yes, of course". I'm laughing just thinking about it. ROFL GC, you rock for keeping a straight face when DD was at her comedic best.ClapClapClap I absolutely loved it! ROFL

DD was Brilliant StarStarStar GC was also very Good!StarStar Thumbs Up

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Today's episode was good. I liked the flow. I will take comedic romance over passionate any day, thank you very much! Approve I am very excited about Brij's return. Is he working with Arjun? I prefer that he does, so he gets and insight in to the plans. Then at last minute when he finds out about his sisters true nature, he can save Geet from Brij. Smile How did Brij get out of jail and how did he get to Geet so fast? I would like to have a logical explanation to this. Geet's antics are hilarious. ROFL ROFL ROFL  ROFL  ROFL ROFL  Drashti was too awesome in the bath tub scene. I loved it!! GC did great with his expressions. I think Geet failing so miserably in the art of seduction is very well within her character and made it more realistic.

One thing that bugs me is why does Brij have to stay at Khuran Mansion? That does not make sense logically.

Over all a good episode. 8/10

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:29am | IP Logged
@Brrii,Ash &Gou Amazinggg Analysis for Promotion..Hope CVZ take these Tips seriouslyBig smile
-Munda in Full Dusht Danav ModeEvil Smile
-Err-Jun Blackmailing NESleepy
-Brijjy as SardarDancingaka Ranbir
-NE & Geet have issues with men's behaviour..LOL
-They were watching SaJan LMAO My first Love tht scene was on Rose Day when Gunji's heart broke. ..I came on I-F ocz of them some old memoriess rushing throughDay Dreaming
-Seduction letter damn she is soo innocent lol the wya she was sprinkiling water on her faceeLOL
-LMAO The seduction act DD crackss me upROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLHow the heck culd Gc stand there all serious I can imagien how many retakes tehre myt be coz of her seduction actsROFLROFL
-The Great Fall WOAH my heart stopped there..hope there was no retake tehre was worried she didn't get hurt on her head..Ouch
Precap: Nothing is HappeningLOLexcept his strippping will make us drool..he is gonna let her run.. I have no expectations form thhis Baal brahmachariiStern Smile
Update will be late
New VM

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Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:30am | IP Logged

Yes! Polki is back...she knows all you Devils have been missing her...Wink  Okay maybe not, but Polki likes to think that her Devil family loves her...Big smile

Anyways I am back with a two part post. 

1st Ms. Taveez has a few words to say.

Dear Devils, Channel and Production House, 

Yes, it has been a while since I have imparted some gyan to you all, what can I so...stupid Polki has been busy and has ignoring me ever since she got that job.  

Just when I thought my job was done and it was smooth sailing for me, I have to once again use my protection tell you the truth I was actually hoping to go on vacation, maybe somewhere exotic..Wink,  you may ask, "Ms. Taveez, how are you to go on vacation?"  well my vacation would bee the DEMENTED Kudie and the INSANE Munda's honeymoon.   Tongue But from the way things are looking, it seems that my vacation my get postponed Confused

So lets see where should I start...lies lies and more lies...Wedding planner is now who he seems, non existing sister is lying through her teeth, evil brother is lying about who he truly is, vagera vagera, I am sure you all are smart enough to understand what I am saying...With siblings like these what is the point of having true enemies.  When the people close to you are on the path of your destruction, what are you to do? As Mark Twain once said, 'It takes your enemy and your friend, working together to hurt you to the heart' 

And now the part where both the Munda and Kudie are stuck on their takes a vow to not touch, the other is hell bound to make the other touch.  What is this? a car ride with your family when you are little and are trying to annoy your sibling but coming so close to them and repeating, "I am not touching you, I am not touching you."  

Ms. Taveez is confused, Is Munda a devotee of Hanuman..and is trying to practice his constraint when it comes to the female species... I am pretty sure he once mentioned that before meeting Kudie he was an atheist but since she is in his life..he wants to believe in I guess, he is not devotee of Bal Bhramachari...then why the...I am not going to touch you bit...Munda needs to start reading books...I say start cause if he was actually into reading, he would have probably come across...the words of Henry Kissinger who once said, 'Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes, there is too much fraternizing with the enemy.'

By now you all have already noticed that the theme of my rant is enemies...since siblings and the main protagonist of our story are taken care off, I am off to the next pair...the Channel and the Production House. Angry Both of these entities seem to be the enemies of their own creation...they do not care about what needs to be done to ensure that the show stays on air and reaches the maximum number of viewers possible...I am sure some of you may wonder why I am saying these things...let me tell you something...I have been a member of the forums for a Ms. Taveez I have made myself heard both here on the forums and on Facebook and I all I have seen is fans doing everything possible to promote the show...they have made amazing posters, VMs, written stories and even lied to their families to bring in more viewers.  Listen Channel and PH if you know what is best for you, read the 1st page of the den today, these girls are really smart and successful and they know what they are talking about.  Spend some money and you will reap the benefits, I am sure no one creates a show to go into financial loss and if you follow even 50% of their recommendations, you will see a big difference in your TRPs.

Speaking of TRPs...the viewers are not your please don't torture them with illogical story-lines and characters.  Please stop playing with them and start treating them with some respect.  Bring storylines to a logical conclusion, explain where the non-existing siblings came from and where the siblings mentioned earlier are....Don't even think for a minute that the viewers have forgotten Vicky...where the hell is he? I am in no mood to sweet talk to you, as the Hungarian Proverb goes, "A flatterer is a secret enemy."  And I am no enemy of yours are you created me, but I believe it is my duty to tell you what is on my mind.  I have an ulterior motive to this frank talk...I would like to exist for a bit longer.  

Well that is enough from me.  I have better things to do, i.e. enjoy Munda's smooth chest...ha ha, if he ain't touching Kudie that means that Kudie ain't touching him either...which means more Munda for myself...Tongue

Love always, 
Ms. Taveez.

2.  Song for the day

Every Rose has a thorn...every episode has a song.

I picked this song because it suits both SICKY and PSYCHO + DEMENTED and INSANE.....

Song:  Hot and Cold
Artist:  Katy Perry

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:33am | IP Logged

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 December 2009
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Theme of the Den - Marketing
I'm not a Marketing pro but here's what I understandSmile I'm using a model which is as follows -

Rogers model for the adoption and diffusion of innovations
- It classifies adopters of innovations into various categories, based on the idea that certain individuals are inevitably more open to adaptation than others. Is is also referred to as Multi-Step Flow Theory or Diffusion of Innovations Theory.

Now adapting this to the serial (considering it an entertainment product) and using demographics from Geet FB page..the age group is used as a reference tool and is not strictly adhered too...

Geet FB Page Demographics here

Brave people, pulling the change. Innovators are very important communication.
They may watch anything new that is being offered by the channels
Age Group - Youngest/teenagers (13-18 years)

Early Adopters
Respectable people, opinion leaders, try out new ideas, but in a careful way.
They review and watch. Age Group - youngsters (18-24)
Early Majority
Thoughtful people, careful but accepting change more quickly than the average.
This group actually creates the numbers along with the top two in hierarchy.... so to impress them you have to plan strategies...
Age Group - (18-34 years)

Late Majority
Skeptic people, will use new ideas or products only when the majority is using it.
Age Group - (35-44 years)

Traditional people, caring for the "old ways", are critical towards new ideas and will only accept it if the new idea has become mainstream or even tradition.
Age Group - (45years and above)

It is useful to remember that trying to quickly and massively convince the mass of a new controversial idea is useless.
So when you plan to promote prioritize ... there are people here like
Smita who talked about the promotional aspect with good suggestions...then
Ash elaborates about the media and usage,
Gouri gives us the breakdown of different media and internet
Bri explains about merchandising....and be innovative in approach.
So GHSP team it makes more sense in these circumstances to start with convincing innovators and early adopters first. Once the viewers base is strengthened... then you should aim to retain that and try to acquire more...

But in all this do not forget that the story has to proceed with logic, twists and turns are fine as the story progresses; but the logic has to stay at any cost... if that fizzles then all the marketing framework will be good for nothing...
That's all from me Big smile

Episode Analysis

I'm feeling not so well, I thought of writing something but it did not gel..
So I'm posting some lines, it describes Geet is benign
Her innocence and her love,
Her sweet seduction trial which has ended in laughter....
I feel she need no ideas...
Just being herself is enough to bring her troubles
Tripping and catching will follow soon
Maan and Geet in each other's arms they can swoonLOL

Dekho Geet ka Menaka avataar, hansi ke maare hai mera bura haal.

Maan bane hain Vishvamitra....tapasya inki nahin hogi bhang,

Geet ki saari mehnat hogayi hai berang.

Kahani ab aage badhayenge Maan, Geet reh jayegi hairaan!

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Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 8:48am | IP Logged

Am waiting for all the people to post their takes...I am no worries...if not today then on Saturday...but All you analyzers get ready cause the Judge is in the house....

Yes...people...ANALYSIS of ANALYSIS is demand....

Polki is the Judge and the Jury...

Edited by Poli.Geek - 30 December 2010 at 4:53pm

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