Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [30/12, Epi 45]

ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

hey guys, opened early because I won't be on later...

will update mine later, and read your takes later Embarrassed

ROFL Cheekuuuuuuuuuuu ROFLROFLROFL child locked ROFLROFLROFL and then says nobody in my house is a child ROFLROFLROFLi loved Arjun's attitude, he didn't say anything and just said that he will surely win her because of love and because they both love each other ClapClap i love his line "mujhe daal baana nahin aata" ROFLROFLROFLtoo good Arjun!!! i love you for that attitude...

Coffee and Cookie?
ROFLROFLROFL couldn't they think of better names?? i was feeling hungry when i was watching the episode and here they were talking abt coffee and hot coffee and cookie ROFLROFL coffee is hot but that coffee wasn't hot ROFL and cookie is yummy but she didn't look yummy ROFLROFLROFL ok that just made me sound vulgar ROFLROFLROFL

why more characters tho??
Thumbs Down they haven't done justice with the characters already, and now they have flooded more Thumbs DownThumbs Down i wish they would use Sanchit and the other ladies more and what was that convo with Rajveer and Lovedeep?? Confused ok who asks that?? D'oh D'ohI was like what the hell is going on??? to make it funny they have Cheeku...oh god forgot to mention, his face was hilarious in the car ROFLROFLROFL i couldn't even properly listen to Arjuhi's convo because i was too busy cracking up ROFLROFL

I am so happy they have Shefu talking to Arohi these days
DancingDancing and that expressionless boring Gauri is serving out there DancingDancing and the confusion between Rajveer and Cheeku and Arjun Shefu ROFLROFLROFL It was a little stupid...but it was funny...good to have a little funny track going on ROFLROFL and the dostana between Cheeku and Rajveer ROFLROFLROFL i knew both weren't straight ROFLROFLROFL Rajveer is always busy with men at the police station and Cheeku with businessmen ROFLROFLROFLROFL neither does Gauri like Rajveer and nor does Arohi like Cheeku ROFLROFLROFL these two are perfectly made for each other ROFLROFL yay we got another jodi in our KMH story Dancing and im so happy that the cousins appreciated Arjun DancingDancing another cupid in this story?? Ermm

DJ and Arohi...ehhh i always thought DJ would get Arohi to follow her heart but she is too busy looking after the name of the family...Ermm
but i liked the scene, at least she acknowledges Arohi's feelings for Arjun....Heart

Urghhhh i hate cheeku!!!! how dare he treat Arjun like that AngryAngryAngry he's a bodyguard not a buttler!! or a servant!!!! AngryAngryAngry but i think Arohi will surely do something...and save Arjun from getting humiliated Embarrassed

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Guys, I'm sad! Very sad!! Why did they have to repeat that scene??Cry Good for you, Shilpa, you'd missed it. "Tu jaane na" Arohi how much Arjun loves you! Why is she turning a bling eye towards him?? I've sympathised with her a lot in the past and I've always supported her because her feelings were justified. She's been betrayed and her trust had been broken but I'm sorry, now she's kind of crossing her lines, no offence to anyoneAngry

 Even though, Chiku is the master but it was more like Arjun was ordering him to leave!ROFL ROFLBut what the hell is wrong with Arohi??Shocked Since when did she start jumping to conclusions??Ouch Arohi, I really love you! Please don't dilute that love I have for you!! Arjun may be a criminal, rather, may have been a criminal once upon a time but at least he's a man of principles! And as I've told Arohi time and again, she can lie to herself but not to Arjun. He can READ her! He can see her heart through her eyes unlike her own family who's refusing to see that Arohi will never be happy with Chiku.

But man, Arjun is amazing! He's so determined that he'll win Arohi that even Arohi is scared! Scared of falling in love with him even more!! Scared that she'll no longer be able to deny her feelings! Scared that her heart may win over her mind!Day Dreaming

That Arohi-DJ conversation did not make any sense to me. DJ knows how Arohi feels for Arjun, she knows what kind of an effect he has on her, yet she's making her go ahead with her wedding. And Arohi does NOT know the difference between right and wrong. Otherwise she would've seen that Arjun has been right even when he was wrong (whatever that may mean).  But well, I have to admire Arohi for her dedication towards her family. At least she accepts her feelings in front of DJErmm

And Bua is adorable!! I know that somewhere, she's the reason Arjun and Arohi will be together again. I love how she livens everything up just with her presence!Embarrassed

I missed the scenes of Cookies 'n' Cream whatever it was after that because I was on the phone and something tells me I didn't miss much, except Arohi getting jealous?

Anyhow I started watching again after the second break. So she is jealous and I love Shefali for rubbing it in her face!LOL OMG, those Cookies 'n' Cream think Arjun was Arohi's fiance?? In your face, Chiku!Dancing DancingEven those two chics can see that Arjun and Arohi are meant to be together! Well lets see when the rest of the world realises this!Star

Memorable Quotes:

Arjun: Main logon ka daulat churata tha par kabhi kisi ke sapne nahi churaye maine. Mujhse zyada bure woh log hain jo kisi ke sapne churate hain, kisi ki jeene ki wajah churate hain.

Arjun: Main tumhe jeet loonga Arohi!

Arohi: Ab kaise jeetoge
Arjun: Pyaar se jo hum ek doosre se karte hain. Sachayi se, jo tumne mujhe sikhayi hai. Main  ek mamuli chor hoon Arohi aur main ek baar phir tumhara dill churaunga. 7 dinon mein!Clap

Arjun: Iss duniya mein  kaam karne ke teen raste hain: Sahi, galat aur mera!Thumbs Up

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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okaie...i will also reserve den...WinkLOLLOL


I super loved todays epi... Tongue...mainly cuz of the 2nd half and arjuhi's convo in he 1st scene...the second half was soo much bettr...Embarrassed..i got super angry wen they repeated that last den i loved it cuz of the BG...tu jaane was the most best and apt song choice for that was like arjun's dil ki baat in a song...Embarrassed...he wanted to explain 2 arohi...he wanted 2 tell arohi....that "Kitani Mohabbat Hai"..Day Dreaming...he wanted her to understand his feelings..Embarrassed... n that he is not a criminal anymore..he's a gud guy..TongueBig smileStar..he know's she feels the same but is hiding it and putting a stone in her was like he wanted 2 go 2 her and hug her...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHug...dunnoe why bt while i was writing this...i got goosebumps...BlushingBlushing...i so hated arohi's smirky smile...AngryAngry...poor arjun.Unhappy..hw much is he guna fight for his's arohi's turn nw...Wink...


i don't understand why arohi is being like this towards arjun..Ouch...i know because of her family n the fact she has 2 marry cheeku too.. n that arjun betrayed her by sayin he's a police officer but in real he kidnapped her...but she fell in love wid him...why cnt she see all this..Unhappy.....someone make her listen to the recording of pundit jee's words n show her a recording of the masqerade party...n esp show her the recording of all the things arjun did for her...esp saving her life twice..Heart....and taking the bullet 4 her....EmbarrassedDay Dreaming....arohi...u know all this...den stop it na..CryCry...don't try 2 make ur mind win the battle..wen u kno thats impossible...because u have already given ur keemti heart to arjun...EmbarrassedHeart...n he's keepin it safe forever...EmbarrassedDay DreamingHeart...overall i loved the arjun-arohi was really sweet...EmbarrassedTongue..yet i didn't like all the things arohi said to arjun...Broken Heart...aww the dialouge that arjun said.."mujhe dal banana nayi ata"...LOLLOL...he's sooo sweet..Heart... yay!!..naughty arjun is bac...WinkEmbarrassedBlushingBlushing....see i'm so arjun's determination 2 win arohi bac...!! he even said it on her face that he will win her back..wahoo arjun...DancingDancingDancing....n miss arohi..Evil Smile....u will deff b left speechless...n will run to ur arjun...Day Dreaming...because by den u wud have lost control of ur heart n mind n soul completely...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing...u wnt b able to resist arjun's charm n love for u..Day DreamingEmbarrassed...Karan was superduper cute in dis scene...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingTongueEmbarrassed...n Karan..ur always flawless...StarStarClapClapHug Hug 

and yhh chill out..!! i dnt underatand why arohi's family can't see arohi's sadness...if they r so joint and bounded wid each other..den they shud be able to feel each others's happiness and sorrow...Ouch...n they shud b able 2 feel that arohi is not at all happy marryin cheeku...they shud know her dil ki baat...Unhappy
arohi-DJ convo made me even angry...Angry...i was really thinkin that DJ mite b a cupid for arjuhi..Embarrassed..but no..even she is hell bent on arohi n cheeku marriage...OuchCry...dese guys will regret big time...Ouch...but arohi was really really gud in that scene...n the part where she was assuring DJ that she will only marry cheeku..don't worry...made me sad..Cry...but arohi had 2 marry him...for her family's i wish daddu let arohi marry the man of her choice...Star...n I kinda like lovedeep bua nw...Embarrassed...first i thot she was a waste of nw i like her cuz she makes the atmostphere so nice and fun...Tongue...i hope the CV's make her another arjuhi supproter...Heart...cuz rite now there is only shefali...but it wud b great if there was another family member hu suppors arjuhi's love...den the story wud b interestin too...Wink...i hope later on DJ supports arjuhi love...EmbarrassedTongue
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........AngryCryAngryCryAngryCry.....i had written such a long analysis....but wen i pressed update net connection went.....AngryCryCry....will edit it fully tomorrow nw..Disapprove

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Soo Today's Episode Was Soo Good .Clap....Enoyed Watching It Wink I've Even Read Updates 
Soo Cuute Yaar Embarrassed First Of All ......Would Like To Talk About The Stallers Of Today's Episode And Its Of Course Arjun , Arohi And Shefali Star They Were Amazing  Anyways ....The DJ-Arohi Convo Was Amazing And DJ Is Improving Noow LOL She's Starting To Understand Something Ermm
Chikku Was Hilarious Like Everyday LOL This Guuy Will Make Us Sick ROFL
Arjun : I Can't Make Daal Ermm Would Love To Help Yoou But I am Not Able To LOL Buut Arohi Was Cute There Day Dreaming Then Arjun's Challenge Toward Arohi To Win Her In 7 DaaysThumbs Up ( We Trust Yoou Arjun But Hope Arohi Does Also Ouch) He's Trying His Best To Win Her And I'm Proud Of Him Big smile
Then Today's New Apparences Cookie And Cofee ( Fortunetely Its Not  Cookie And Biscuit ROFL)
Great To Watch Them Just Because They've Successed Making Arohi Jealous Embarrassed Even They Tough 
Arjun Was The Jijou ....Doesn't Matter Coz He's The Real PrinceDay Dreaming And Not Like Chikku LOL
Arjun And Arohi's Expressions Was PRICELLESS  ...Too Good Clap Totally loved This Scene 
Arjun's Hint Of Smile ...Woow Blushing He Was Enjoying Doing That Soo Muuch LOL
Then Aro's Self Talk Was cuute  Star Shefali Tells Her That She Is Jealous And Then Aro's Says Noo And Then She Screams Ouut Love Yoou Shefali My Star Star
All Were Shocked And Asking Her " What's Happen ??" 
And To End With Chikku Who's behaving Just Like Arjun Is His Slave Or His Servant Angry
The Last Scene Was Bad  Ouch Hope Arohi Does Not Let That Happen Wink

Maria Heart

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looooooooooolllll reserved Tongue

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Updated mine aboveEmbarrassed

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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chikoo the joker,arjun the macho,arohi who is extremely jealous loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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res...ROFL..btw loved naughty arjun today:)

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