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Critics' Corner # 2 (DT Note:52)Jan 8th epi-pg106 (Page 65)

saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
@Aditee,  SOuma., SYS and whoever is still around...

THE Cvs thread was a disaster- becos there were two of them and they paid attention to the one that was a sticky and did not pay attention to the one that had 10 pages of dhulwaadi...the sticky CV thread we all know what a hoot twas and that one had rasam all over it in the last ten pages....

My problem with the CVs response was not so much characterisation of RASAM...honestly no...but the statement on shanak was a SLAP on our face...the statement said..shanak will be shown in purity....WHAT does that even mean???? and eye opener??? LOL...for us surely...

See end of the day, what are we cribbing about really? 

How can a team that gave us such a well crafted story not be able to pull it together - when they moved seamlessly from dhulwaadi to bombay to khanak leaving house-paathshaala-relaisation of love..what happened after that??? 

To me it started with a Public Relations disaster....you have decided to have a 6 day format...you need to have more actors in the series to make 6 day work...I get that!!! but you go and announce that suddenly nine months after building a story you will bring in a SECOND LEAD....that was the beginning of the end...not only that this lead is coming with a whole new deviated track....

And just when you started getting it together by announcing that you have abandoned the track, your lead falls ill and you stoop to a non story and caricaturisation format...

IN midst of all this your whole background technical team has changed.....

IMHO, our expectations from this new RBO must be nil...we need to start watching this RBO with a whole new mindset...we ahve to forget their background stories...this is a new serial....

and how did they expect this will work????

I will tell you how...because unlike some of us at CCorner, there are hoardes of us who will watch for SHANAK...no matter what..even today we start and end our conversations here with "no comments until Shaan comes back"....How many of us are ready to quit becos of lack of story and deteriorated quality in execution....very few,....

so until viewers demand more...the state of Indian TV will not change....I for one shall use this corner to demand better writing because that is what drew me to this serial...hell I praise the writing in another show;s forum all the time...becos right now according to me it does have the best writing in town...

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rafia 24-SYS-tvrasika.Dilwale.kubarerooj-i

.Dilwale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

hey all!

here's my take on the episode. like always with some negatives and more ahem......positives!Embarrassed

khanak sam:

ok! i loved the girl to girl bonding. i think that male bonding has been done to death in indian films and on indian telly but girl bonds have never been truly explored. i am not saying that it was out of this world or something but that i enjoyed it. the episode was pretty much an all girls episode and frankly i had more fun watching it than i did the all guys one which was telecasted a few weeks back.


i really had no opinion on this when it started but now it's beninnig to creep me out a little!LOL i agree that it's very strange that duck never knew shaan had a sister. duck going all ga ga over khushboo reminds me of akshay or to be more accurate rushad. i hope he comes back soon. he's such a spontaneous actor and it always make me happy to watch him.

Yashu Priyanka:

i think i might have watched a different episode because i didn't find khanak OTT at allLOL she's being her bubbly self, yes. eager to take things in her own hands and try to set them right but i think yashu did it really well. she could have easily gone over board in these scenes but is keeping it subtle. i think she's had to work double hard and twice as much during KT's absence and i genuinely think she did a fantastic job these last two weeks. so i am totally willing to forgive her one or two average scenes. priyanka is definitely getting better. i just think she still lacks spontaneity in her delivery and performance. otherwise, she did a good job today and her dialogues were also quite nice.

shaan's return/shanak/sunny:

i am so happy that kt is finally returning tomorrow. i am not a sentimental person at all but i think i might just start crying with happiness and relief when i see shanak/yasharan in the same frame again!LOL

i am really excited about sunny's entry but i don't only wanna see a jealous shaan. i want shaan to also realize how all this would effect khanak. when hetal baa gifted shanak sooraj's photo, i remember he had reacted very immaturely. instead of thinking about how seeing sooraj's portrait had made kahnak feel, he had shown her attitude and even expected her to apologize to him!LOL

they were not even in love then and he was still very much committed to natasha. i wanna see whether shaan has really grown as a person and whether this time he faces the sunny situation together with khanak, being her emotional anchor, and not clam up and sulk. i want to see shanak face this together!

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Anu80-SYS-saaazrafia 24tvrasikaYasharanrockskubarerooj-ibones88

kubare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Hello ladies....
Saaz noticed the change in story writer too...it happend a week back dear...when Shaan disappeared....I didnot mention it as so much was already changing....
You already said...this show has already shifted from Stroy format to Track/ One episode per day format...and looks like its that...
As for good writing...dear...can we really expect the past...nah...I have resigned myself to ...not getting those days back....but maybe something better or good out of the new staff thats taken over....
The dialogue and story writers recently before Shaan aka Karan took ill...had started doing a good job...not great but good...and we all were excited to see change for the better...and then suddenly ...with his disappearnace ...everything when Haywire again...thus...downhill slide as they paniced...and ...we all know what happpened.
Today was much better then...Murgun act and...etc....really.
Individually...Jas was good ...as Duck...Him not knowing Shaan has a sister was answered by him...itself when he said to himself...why did Shaan never ever tell me he had a sister....so...creative leway...
As for Sunil food fetish...he has a sweet tooth dear...Ghajjar ka halwa proved that....his suprise to see that Madhvi made something sweet fro him...as he loves sweet dishes..etc...What I loved in the scene was when Duck was talking to himself we had Sunil/Ali completely in his character not being able to decide which pastry to eat....to see that even in the background Sunil was in character with his hands...I love that about him, Yashu and Karan...even when they are not in the picture...they still remain in the character ..with their hand gestures, facial or body expressions.
Khanak...was overly bubbly ...yes but Yashu was good at it..no comments on her clothes or hair....we all have said it a million times atrocious really poor dear...
Sam...and Khanak bonding...late really but not bad...Pri ..was good...her hand gestures coudl be her wanting to bang Rahul's head.WinkLOL
What I loved is what Yumna said ..when Khanak was talking to Sam about what she feels...we could see that Khanak was thinking of her and Shaan, the whole story about Kismet...made us go back in time too..that I really liked.
The dialogue of Khanak...to God...saying sorry for lying...had me laugh out loud as she has done that so many times....saying sorry to God after lying...
The serial comment and her being filmy...thats Khanak...she even did that with Shaan...got him to make up to Natasha ji through her filmy tips...so that was in character really...
The rest...am waiting to see how the new team does now....they got over the whole Rahul fiance mystery over in todays epi...we will have Rasam confess their love by the end of this month or before and maybe a marrige too....and along with that happening we have Sunny enter...to which I and most of us are looking at with baited breaths to see how the CV's take this forward....
Till all this I am waiting....and HALLA BOL for good dialogues , script, clothes  etc is still on...Big smile

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
We all have our own perspective, so I for one was quite stunned to see Khanak greet and treat Mr Rahul so politely
A man who publicly humilated her hubby and arm twisted him into doing something he clearly didnt want to, something he had been craving for all his adult life to do, but Rahul ensured Shaan would do it in a way that would be humiliating for him and yet gratifying for Rahul
Maybe becoz I am a wife, I cannot imagine cozily chatting with my hubby's nemesis and worrying about getting him set up.
I wouldnt even want to see him, leave alone talk with him
HOW she did it is besides the point
HOW YM acted is also besides the point
The fact that Khanak's character is so ultra worried about Sam and Rahul's love life is puerile to me

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kubare IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 May 2006
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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
@Zen...me too want to see how Shaan reacts this ime around...will he be more mature in understanding how Khanak will feel...or will he again make it all about himself...lets see how the CV'sa go about it.
Oh and someone said I think it was Gaayu about us hating Gopi Akki link up...we hated that because there all concerned Mangal, Hetal, Gopi all knw Akki was married man in love with his wife...so seeing them bonding or even a hint leading to an extra-martial affair or Mangal Hetal duo using their growing friendship to hint or creat misunderstanding between Akii and Boo was a no no...
But with Duck and Boo its not the same senario...no extra-martial affair or anything leading to it or even hinting towards it....
Duck is supirsed tosee Boo the woman he saw at the launch at the same place as Shaan's home..adn mroe suprised that Shaan never ever told him that he had a sister too...as he knows about Aksahy...but does not know Akshay is married to Boo...so if one looks at it from a comic his prespective..its comedy as hes going to eb...damn disappointed ot know that every woman he falls for is taken...so in that its ok...
But did not like the Murgun act..toooo much..and not needed ,,,nor the kiss on the cheek by Boo,...not Boo's character to go kissing anyone..

Edited by kubare - 06 January 2011 at 1:26pm

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Another thought comes to mind...........
Much like many many pointless tracks in recent times, may be the much publicized "feud/enemity" track is also not worth the paper that its written on?
Who knows?
Remember the divorce track? what came of it?
Finding the Rs.10 note in jail?
Maybe Shaan and Khanak will play best man and bridesmaid at a surprise wedding tomorrow
Dont say I didnt warn you

Edited by aditee - 06 January 2011 at 1:28pm

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rafia 24-SYS-tvrasika.Dilwale.kubare

aditee IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 May 2006
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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
About how where when and what Shaan's reaction is to Sooraj,
Zenn ALL I will say is
I want Shaan to be feeling
I want Khanak to be reciprocating
I want Shaan to be doing something
I want Khanak to be doing something in return
THE ONLY EXPECTATION I have from the CVs as of today is for them to SHOW ME SHAAN AND KHANAK
I have eaten at all the places in town
I want to eat ghar ka khaana for the next week
Forgive my food analogy here
How ever badly edited, acted and illogical it will be I WILL TAKE IT
Its going to be a sight for MY SORE EYES

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.Dilwale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged

You came a day too late kuriye! Much discussion has been held on it already. may even posted a thread on it by the name of 'khanak's subtle sarcasm'. You should go through that. Also krishna posted a very good analysis on the episode yesterday. It's a few pages back on this thread. she's explained every thing wonderfully.

Ok, i really have to go now bud! So won't be able to reply anymore. My mom's ready to kill me LOL

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