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Critics' Corner # 2 (DT Note:52)Jan 8th epi-pg106 (Page 53)

tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
@ Veena
Thanks yaHug

Request to all those posting on CC thread: please read page 1. It clearly explains what is expected in this thread. Pls give your view of an episode and then offer comments. Pls comment only after watching an episode. Comment on all aspects of an episode, for example:

1. writing
2. direction
3. actors' emoting, dialogue delivery
4. content of the episode (what is it about)
5. connections you see to the larger plot (or if the connection is missing)
6. actors' attire
7. set ambience
8. song sequence- the way it is shot, directed etc....

These are just some of the points that come to my mind.

Of course one can talk of larger issues that arise from the show, for example, status of women, rural vs urban lifestyle, problems between couples in love or in marriage, defining love, all those issues that any form of entertainment talks about. Such discussions would enrich this thread....


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rashmi25 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Rasam were really awesome in the church sequence yesterday... Sam looked gorgeous... And rahul is a sexy rockstar don't need to say anything about him... Cv's thank u for giving such a beautiful scene, now please work on their characterization too as that is still not clear... Please don't waste such hot show steelers.. The scene was very beautiful... The candles d white drapes suited the larger than life character of rahul... Rahul and sam were dressed better. Than those shiny shimmering clothes.. And overall very nice scene and a saving grace for yesterday's episode watching the quick gun murgan disaster... There was lack of conviction big time in that scene...... Looking forward to watch rahul khanak scene tonight... Rahul looked very hot in his polo shirt... He looks hot in anything...
dr.dsr Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Chalo Friends, my quick take on the last 2 episodes.....
3rd Jan 2011
Liked Khanak in bits and pieces......a thumbs up for introducing KK's character through a dream sequence; liked the attention to detail about the alarm going off at 9 AM and Khanak responding with her "Main toh kabhi alarm nahi lagati" take......kind of in sync with her character always shown to be an early riser.....
Khanak Khandelwal looked ravishing...Kudos to Yashashri for carrying off the ensemble with great panache, as for the body language....bang-on at places, forced at others!!
Loved the whole Khandelwal get-together at the breakfast table.....natural acting by all, the off-screen ease and camaraderie easily palpable!!! Absolutely loved Yashu's "Boo" act.ClapClap....done in complete innocence, but hit the nail bang-on!!! Pretty much liked the "chidiya ghar" bit....had the desired effect!!! A thumbs-up to Rushali for being in character yet again.....loved her understated 'snobbish' act in response to Khushboo's "as long as we get the food" bit.
Liked Yashu's interpretation of the "Khanak phrom Dhulwadi" bit in the monologue that followed the breakfast rendezvous.....conveyed the sense of vindication, rather well!!!
4th Jan, 2011
Ok...just the day before, Khanak laments the fact that she's this 'unpadh, gawar' who she feels puts her in-laws to 'shame' due to her uneducated status.....wonder why she doesn't think on similar lines exactly the day after!! Would be a great idea, lady, to just pick up your books and revisit them, especially when there's so much free time at hand!!!!
Loved, loved seeing Dharam...totally in character....a complete thumbs-up!Clap
Liked Khanak's mischeivous glint in her smile during her convo with Sam.....made the dialogues believable!
A complete thumbs-down for Duck and his OTT antics!!DeadDead
As for RaSam....went through the 'drill'.....a complete thumbs-up for their march-past, up the altar....totally in sync!!!!

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wooster Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
5th January .....Chalo aaj Bhashan ka din tha....Speech!!! 

 Liked Sunil and Madhavi brought a smile...otherwise skipped the show....
Duck and Kushboo and Black Forrest Cake....and some dumb idiots...even I could get rid of them with my voice.....Tongue cheeee!!! lafange....saale!!!Wink
tvrasika IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 April 2009
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Jan 5, 2011 episode:

Khanak- Rahul scene: Khanak is her usual chulbuli self... she made some veggie kebabs for Rahul... he seems a bit clueless on how to deal with Khanak! Big smileShe is too energetic for him I thinkLOL... Clever of CVs to prepare the audience for Sunny's arrival... Khanak says may be Sam's parents in Kaanada have found a Punjabi guy for her, hehe....

Different kinds of love: Khanak 'pravachan' on different ways of expressing love... but big blooper- Dharam ba is married? wasnt he a bachelor? Confused

Rahul-Sam scene: Good lines given to them, for once... Sam asking why she cannot go to her family and whether she needs Rahul's permission and Rahul asking if she is going to marry someone! PB 's dialogue delivery seemed more firm today... it wasn't too low or too flat. Let's see how Rahul reacts when Sam returns with her Sunny Singh!

Duck-Boo scene: Who is Duck imitating? Is it SRK? I havent seen SRK's films recently... but have a vague memory of him acting like this in some film in the 90s... cant remember which one... cant be DDLJ now, can it? Must be some other film... Gosh... I really am getting old, as someone pointed out here ystrday gently:)

Isn't Boo supposed to be on an eternal diet? Boo in a pastry shop? Duck mixing whatever in the goons' food? Hmmm... am putting this down to time constraints.... that comes clearly in JKS's interview... they have very little time to think abt this at all. Even so, this track does not seem to have been well-received at all.

How long is Rushad on holiday? Shucks... such a good actor. wud have compensated adequately in KT's absence... our bad luck really....

My take- Some potentially good scenes were missed. Like Rahul's reaction to Khanak- cud have been more strong... like him thinking 'OMG... who is this energy pill? How on earth does Shaan manage?'...

i do not understand these bloopers. How can they make mistakes like that, Dharam having a wife? Wudnt the actor playing Dharam tell the director, 'Sir aapne kaha ki my character is unmarried. ab biwi kahaan se?'... No? Aisa nahin hota kya?

But the biggest blooper of all- why is Khanak so nice to Rahul? Because she wants Sam to get her love? She says if Shaan had been around, he would given the same advice on love to Rahul and Sam? Really now, Khanak? Shaan would have? Shaan would have thrown Rahul out of his house!!!!! He would not have invited Rahul at all! He doesnt even know Sam still loves Rahul! That was a major major flaw in writing! Or have I missed something? I didnt hear properly bcos of garbage truck ka noise, but I cud see very well.... why did Khanak act like she had no memory of this man trying to humiliate her husband, in public?

If indeed Khanak had decided that her husband's humiliation was less important compared to Sam's quest for love, then cud we not have gotten a scene where she debated that? Talked to herself about what she should do? where should her loyalties be? To a husband? Or to a woman and a friend who is in love and needs help? Thats a big issue.... why not a scene focusing on that turmoil?

And why so many self-talks from Khanak? She cud talk to an blank phone line and say 'Gopi, kaisi ho tum'.....

We know the CVs are trying very hard... but when such scenes are visible for us to see, I am just unable to understand why they cannot.... how do they write? how do they shoot? someone enlighten me on this process pls...

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
5th Jan 2011

Chalo back to episode/track format...

initial khanak-dharam-hari: THe thing is I love the fact that CVs remember this supporting cast in the sense they know we love them....so this koyi khaas person ke liye khanak is cooking...ting tong bell has to come with that BG...ting tong aur silence would ahve been okay na,...

Khanak-Rahul: Rahiul ji aayiye naa....yaar aaye hi hai...tho yeh BG music band ghar pe chodke aate.....Khanak has said aayiye 58 times....to be precise 5 times....aap hi ka intezaar ...hello? kya?? saaz relax...episode no link to story...story is in the mori...(abhi mori kya hai...yeh mat poocho..sink!!!)
when he is looking around the house (apparently hoping to catch a glimpse of the lady who he needs to push and pull)  the BG music that plays makes one feel like he is canvassing the house for his next heist...cannot believe this show won an award for its music...'socha tha main haal poochke jaaon'...kyun bhai???koyi apne dushman ka haal poochta hai kya??? Khanak .. arrey aise kaise jaa sakte ho...maine kabab banaya hai..YAAR ...yeh BG while walking towards kabab reminds me of those movies when someone is walking towards poisoned food.....LOL....MY BIGGEST PROBLEM with this scene..so the minute she says ..Duck Bha ne bataya...not only has Rahul's face not emoted the right way..but the sudden change in BG...confuses the viewer...THE BG IN THIS SCENE IS CONFUSING< ALL OVER THE PLACE.....best line...aap apni doston ke baare mein kitni fikar hain???!!!!...this if delivered with a little more sarcasm baat hi kuch aur.. ....doston ke saath contract vontract leke baith gaye....good lines...see the aspect of khanak creating  a mess in Rahul's brain and mind with respect to Sam was a good idea...but the exceution was ruined becos of displaced emotions on the dialogoues and worst the BG....OKAY the most cnfusing dialogue....'shantanu yahaan hote to kehte pyaar ka mamla hai isiliye main itna utavali ho rahi hoon...' HHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN?????/ Shantanu yahaan hotey to kehte...yeh script tho story ki vaat laga rahi hai....mujhe kya paddi hai Rahul Sam ke saath pyaar karta hai ya apne mooh mein kebab bharta hai....

DUCK-BOO scene:  Crassiness ...please do not expect me to review this.....please don;t...btw, did Boo wear the saree Khanak wore in her dream?? acha yeh bombay ke sabhi goonde mawali ko sirf duck ka cafe milta hai kya ....NOT FUNNY!!! GORADIA BACHAO...chalo aaj ka halla bol goradias ke naam

KHANAK PYAAR KA PRAVARCHAN: kehna, karna aur nibhana....arrey dharam ki shaadi ho gayi kya???? maybe this is the 'kehna' part...kabhi kehta hai nahi hua..kabhi kehta hai madhubala...
abhi karna part...Sunil-Mad....basically always sunnily mad at each other......nokh jhok hi pyaar...when khanak stands near the pillar and gives this pravarchan...I think its a commercial for something...I mean....the thing is if you want your lead actress to take the burden to 'telling' the episodic story....you can get her to talk in the background...without showing her and give more footage  to supporting cast...like a dharam putting flowers in his wife's hair...Sunil and Madhavi sharing an internet joke or an SMS>...there are ways to make the epsiode more interesting...

RASAM: of course jaise maine kahan...looSE THE Saathiya...kal ka jaaniya...tomorrow ka bhandiya....RBO music ka dhajiyaa.....ACTUALLY THE DIALOGUES were much better....OKAY raise your hand if you think RAHUL had actually pulled her but they edited it out....just after mom dad ki yaad aa rahi thi....and her good was really good...becos finally she gave him in his game...woh solo dialogues...YAAR KOYI YEH BG KA BAND KO GHAR BHEJ DO.....so holding her hand ...and she moving back and his soft 'mat jaao sam...okay dialogues between this duo have improved dramatically....in the sense....meri life hai...tujhe kya types...acting bhi aaj above avergae tha...still ek doosre ko har baar choone ki zaroorat nahin hai...and FRANKLY YAAR ..their Bg is really bad...and the tears have not got me yet....but keep at it....

KHANAk Ka pravarchan part II: Jab pyaar hadh se badh jaata hai aur aankhen bhar jaati hai tho hum samajh nahin paate ki jo annkhon se aansoon banke behraha hai,,,woh pyaar hai ke nafrat... yaar this confusing dialogue pretty much gives you the state of affairs with regard to RASAM...

Precap: Hum precap pe vishwaas nahin rakhte hain
Hamari expectations ko choorc choor karte hain

Coming soon...HALLA BOL for Goradiyas

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.Dilwale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged

loved the rahul khanak scene like always!

khanak irritating the snobbish rahul! i liked that! he stood no chance in front of her!LOL

i know khanak did not intend it, but she's probably taken the best revenge from rahul for shaan's humiliation. the things she said to rahul! man! was he p****d!

shaan would have been proud of her!LOL

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.Dilwale. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 January 2006
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged


yes. rahul's reactions were a little misplaced. i noticed that too.

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