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Critics' Corner # 2 (DT Note:52)Jan 8th epi-pg106 (Page 130)

The_May_Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kubare

^ Only God knows how this CM works truly....hopefull..by next week or end of this week we have it in the top 10...
Keep posting on IF, FB and Star One sites and articles....The more 'buzz' a show creates the higher the chaska....Smile

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garfield1209rafia 24kubare

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rafia 24
rafia 24

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by The_May_Rose

Originally posted by kubare

^ Only God knows how this CM works truly....hopefull..by next week or end of this week we have it in the top 10...
Keep posting on IF, FB and Star One sites and articles....The more 'buzz' a show creates the higher the chaska....Smile
i second that and with shanak back and blossoming and plus loads of new members RBO should break back into top 10
rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
Hey Gals,

So here's my take on this epi (super)

Loved it how they started off on a good note, with the typical Khanak way.

Now let's jump into the most serious part of the epi--Khanak reliving her past with Hiten's explanation.

It was really heart wrenching seeing Khanak going through those emotions. She was so lost and so upset. Yashu was amazing!

Loved it how her words spoke indirectly of the tufan bout to come "mujhe lagta hai kuch bura ho raha hai." 

Then the whole FB of Suraj climbing the stairs and Sunny climbing the stairs. that was fab-ly done with the whole music! And then the whole Shaan's/Hiten's walk. I loved it how Khanak was remembering Shaan's talk when he was telling her about the accident. Which reminds me this part is actually symbolic too. I will come back to all the symbolism from this whole show in a bit. Khanak was so fab, she was getting more and more restless as she watched Hiten walking. (in the FB voice-over of Khanak, her voice sounded so bacha like. I missed it so much man). 

then the whole electric shock scene and Sunny performing  his part. Man the way Khanak ran, it was as if she was trying to save Sunny as out of her own guilt and feelings. Idk if anyone thought of it or not, before she saw Sunny's face, the way she ran, it was as if she wanted to save the guy for the reasons she cudn't save suraj for. and then that song in the background and Khanak's expressions were just enough to make me emotional. mere toh rongtey khatey ho gaye thay. Yashu was fab! she was trying to save someone and then when she sees who it is, her expressions changes to that of shock slowly and then she faints watching him going through that with tears in her eyes. I was actually crying feeling her pain. And then she lets go, it was def. symbolic. again i will come back to that. 

and then in the hospital, the way Khanak is so out of her mental states was apparent in her disshelleved  physical states. The way she tries to talk her pain out and then she realizes that if she did say something, Sam would think she is crazy and then she felt she was just imagining maybe. then she questions herself as to why she is thinking what she is thinking. then she wonders why is she thinking that. Then she is wondering maybe it was just her imagination but she is still confused. then she wants to know who it is. her one sentence was very symbolic "sach much suraj tha ya phir koi aur." she questions that she saw him with her own eyes and then that he is dead and then the way she is saying that she is happy with Shaan so why is Suraj back. that was very symbolic.

Then she wants to talk to someone. she is clearly in pain. She decides to talk to Sam but then realized she can't so now she wants to talk to Shaan but then realize that Shaan would be upset. I swear this girl is still thinking about Shaan (Zenn your FF seems to come true. lol) while she is going through her mental state. for the first time, khanak is really confused. She is asking God to help her and then walks in Shaan! (this is symbolic) Poor girl was in daze to begin with and then suddenly comes Shaan and she is confused or rather has the dreamy look, as in she can't believe it but then she becomes majorly happy.

Shanak Scene:

Shaan is completely worried. He looked the guy who is broken down seeing his love in this state. He can't believe that the girl who is always helping him and in control was out of control today. He just sits down and hugs her like his life depended on it. he makes sure she is ok and his hug completely takes her in his hand. He looks at her from head to toe and gives her another hug. He is still worried. He pulls her back and ask her if she is ok and then he makes sure that she is ok and when she assures him that she is ok, he just brings his head close to hers. She hugs him back equally and she shows her pleasure and relief to see him. She even describes it. She is just as happy to see him, just as he is happy or relieved to see her. she just wants to be with him. the love is so apparent between them. I loved it how Di described, their noses formed connection. The way his fit right on hers was just too perfect! and then he kisses her! and then he pulls her back and says that she is ok. It was as if he was assuring himself she was ok. She looks at him with all the love and hugs him to assure him she is ok but in reality she assures herself that this is her love and everything now. another hug. then she complains as a joke and then he takes is sooo serious. I loved the way he talked next to her forehead. He apologizes to her there and promise to be with her and the he pulls her back to look at her once again and then the fear is said through his mouth and then he hugs her again, holding her tighter! and then she says that she is going mad in his yaad, he jokes back with her and of course the cute little nok jhok. They try to make the situation light. and then she is back to herself and then he runs his hand through her hair again to make sure she is ok. Uff the look they give each other. and then the way Khanak kisses his hand, it was as if she was trying to tell herself again that this is really her love and she doesn't want to loose him. He is surprised by her actions that she states that she missed him a lot and then runs his hand next to her cheeks and he feels guilty leaving her when she says that she missed him and brought his hand next to her cheek. he reciprocate the action and with questioning eyes he wants to ask her why is wrong, what is bothering her. this whole hand holding was very much assurance for her that Shaan was there and always there for her.

Ok now symbolism that I didn't mention above--

1. when Khanak was remembering about Shaan's talk, it was symbolic to me because she remembered his talks from the whole hadsa because it just says that how much he was part of it and is part of it now. She doesn't want to loose him at all now and if he wasn't there then he wouldn't be here now. It shows her concerns and care for him then and now. 

2. When she lets go of Sunny's hand...epic symbolism here! We all have discussed it so won't really talk about it much except for the fact that now it shows that how she will be letting go of him or how she has let of Suraj. 

3. When she questions herself about seeing Suraj is symbolic because now she will be going through the question of who she loves more. I felt that the dialogue was there for us to look into and explore the possibility of how Suraj's presence will help her decide because she doesn't want to decide at the moment.

4. When she asks for Help, Shaan enters, it is symbolic because to me it means that they both will be facing this problem together. She asked to show her the path to deal with it and then Shaan enters, of course she wants to talk to him but more over that part was to say that they both will deal with it and Shaan will help her make her decisions. 

Loved it how Swapna Ji showed the two contrast between Suraj and Sunny, a major, major importance to Shanak getting closer because we want her to realize it and what better way to show that he is not Suraj but Sunny. I loved it!


Although I like the fact that Suraj and Sunny are different but I'd say harpreet need to work on Sunny a bit better. just my take.

Sam, was good but a bit out of it idk...

Music a bit loud at times

and I felt yashu was wearing a wig and that ruined it...but i cud b wrong...

there was not much to say today...

btw YK vs. Shanak was there! lol

Ok I'm done!

Good job to everyone who worked on it but kudos to Swapna Ji!ClapClapClapClapClapClap

and KT and YM---No words for them! except ClapClapClapClapClap woh mahan hai!

Ok im done now!

dang that's long...sorry peeps!!!

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bones88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys I posted this in the discussion thread.. but I feel it should be posted here tooBig smile First time I am posting in the critics cornerBig smile

Hey Guys.. sorry for the delay on my take... I ended up watching the episode again and againDay Dreaming.. today this episode made feel why I lovee RBO soo much and why this show is class ...thank u CVs for time and time again for proving that Hug Firstly loveed the entire sunny and khanak scene.... the flashbacks too the presents.. a special mention to swapnaji for directing that sequence flawlesslyClap the effect of that scene left me shivering.... the way khanak was traumatized recollecting her past... beautifully executedStar.
Secondly the growing friendship between khanak and sam... I loveed the way  its gradually building it... and the concern on sam faceClap.
Finally Shanak SceneDay Dreaming KT/YM u are just mindblowingClap... the scene had everything... a shanakism sceneBlushing realistic to the coreDay Dreaming.
The Episode was brilliant... after a very very long time I have enjoyed a RBO episode with that RBO essenceHug and earlier I didn't want khanak too meet sunny first with a shanak scene... but the CVs have proved me wrong again...and I am soo happy they went with their creativity... I am now excited abt this trackBig smile I am sure the cvs are gonna ace itHug 

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SPN_JD_Addicted IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
Beautifully written Rooj!

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
Very nice Rooj!
Now for the Questions:
1. When Shaan realizes its some one that looks EXACTLY like Sooraj what will he do?
2. Will Khanak share her trauma  on her own or will we see Shaan return to the room again in shock and blurt who he bumped into the hallway?
3 The "maaldaar party" term is definitely leading. Will Khanak employ him as a pretend lover despite knowing now that he looks like her ex-hubby?

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SPN_JD_Addicted

Beautifully written Rooj!

thanks hun!

btw there is a song from anjaana anjaani that fits them right now...
aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
What I personally liked a lot about Khanak in trauma was:
1. The FEAR of actually seeing someone that had passed away
2. Worrying why she didnt see him for so long but suddenly today, she was basically worrying about if it means something to her marriage with Shaan, a divine indication.............. she hadnt seen Shaan in weeks and then now she "sees" her dead ex. I am happy with my husband now, why should I see images of Sooraj
3. The line "Lekin main to Shaan ke saath khush hoon" was so cute. Like THATS  reason enough never to be reminded of her past.
It felt like she was saying " I cant give Shaan back, even if you are back for good Sooraj!"
We as audience have never really been shown HOW she fell in love with Shaan. She had chosen Shaan due to a terrible tragedy, but we were never told how she came about loving him.........
The future holds lots of promise
I REALLY want to know what was it about Sooraj she still cherishes, and what was it about him that she has let go
I have had discussuions with Gaayu many times about why there is no mention of Sooraj........ ever
Why they basically locked that issued and threw the key away
I am super curious to see what is it about Sunny that she is immediately reminded of Sooraj, besides the obvious resemblance

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