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Kaho na pyar hai...(monaya) updated pg 51 (Page 51)

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
thank you everyone for all of the wonderful replies and i am sorry for the delay

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged

Hey guys so finally I am updating the next part I am sorry for the delay but what can i do studies come first naEmbarrassed anyways i hope u guys remember the story if not read the little recap i have written and please read the NOTE at the bootom...

Recap: Mohit sehgal and Sanaya irani arfe to completly different persnolity who come from different cities. They both are on their way to a picnic with their seperate groups of friends but destiny brings them together as they both get lost in a forest. After many fights and disagreements both finally become friends and find their way to the picnic where they meet up with their friends.
HeartKaho na pyaar haiHeart

That night everyone built a huge bond fire around which they stood chatting in their groups of friends well actually after meeting at camp everyone was everyone's friend they have really bonded with each other all but two people because those two just arrived at camp.

Sanaya came outside after changing her clothes and freshening up and she smiled seeing the sight she always loved camp fire and now she was at one with her friends things couldn't be any better she thought and with that thought she walked over to Rati and Tanya and joined the conversation they were having with a bunch of other girls. As the girls continued chatting away Sanaya's eyes fell on Mohit. He was standing far on the other side of the fire with his friends dressed in casual jeans and a red t shirt which said Mr. Perfect on it ;) for some reason seeing him made her happy she kept looking at him while he continued chatting with his friends unaware of her gaze.Suddenly he turned towards her so she turned around avoiding his eyes and pretended to be busy while he smiled at her and looked away once again. Kya main jakke use hi kahoon? Par use ajeeb lagge ga na (she spoke to her self confusingly) par strange kyu lagge ga main toh use janti hoon and who mera friend hain toh hi kehne main kya harj hai wese bhi pure 2 hours hog aye hain mujhe use se bat kiye weh, toh hi toh keh he sakti hoon na (she continued being lost in her own thoughts when finally Rati brought her back to live)

R: yar kaha kohi wi hai?

S: Who kahi nahi yahi toh hoon (sanaya spoke coming back to reality)

T: acha yeh sab chor hum sab ko bata ke who Mohit keisa hai? (Hearing his name made her more attentive but then right away she wondered what they ment by "Keisa hai" and more importantly why did they want to know in the first place?

S: kya matlab?

T: I mean dikhne main toh hot hai par persnolity kesi hai? (she asked in flirty tone which made Sanaya angry she always knew Tanya was a flirt and she had no problem with it ever but right now for some reason she had a big problem with it! "haan na sanaya batao na do u think he likes sharmili type girls yeah outgoing phir ussi tarike ke bane gain na hum is liye pouch rahi hoo" spoke another girl standing there.

S: mujhe nahi pata I mean hum toh bas jungle ka rasta dhund nei main lagai wei the so we bearly got the chance to get to know each other (she lied trying to avoid the topic) the girls sighed sadly and continued their discussion on their favourite topic'boys! And right now Mohit was their hot favourite which Sanaya did not like at all. She started zoning out of the conversation and looked around the camp fire where some people stood laughing and talking other couples stood in corners hand in hand while some danced around the camp fire to fast upbeat songs.

The chatter continue with loud music everyone was enjoying the warmth of  the camp fire on the cold and chilly night when suddenly benji went and turned the music off everyone turned around and gave him a "why did u do that?" Angry look.

B: hey hey guys I know you all are wondering ke maine music kyu band kiya right? Well I thought ke hogayi enough masti and stuff ab thora competition ho jaye? (everyone started to discuss among themselves on what competition was benji talking about now)guys guys listen listen apni phus phus band karo or kan khol ke suno'.the game is very simple ek or ek larki dance partners bane gai or phir hum bajae gai music the people not participating judge hogai or jiska dance unhe sabse zyada romantic laga sabse zyada sizzling laga wohi Jodi winner hogi! (the crowd cheers) so u guys ready ab ke pas 5 minutes hai ek dance partner pick karke yaha ajao so start moving and find yourself a dance partner;)

                The whole time benji was talking mohit was lost in his own thoughts he really wanted for 'her' to be his dance partner. Only he knew how much in 'loved' her. Yes he loved her he had fallen in love with her, when, he did not know par ever since he has arrived at this camping site all he wanted was to go and talk to her to spend some time with her. At first he did not know why but then he eventually realized that he was in love with her. Mohit slowly started to walk towards her when Tanya also came and stood in front of him smiling; he smiled a warm smile back at her.

T: Hey mohit I know hum zyada ache tarike se introduce nahi hue so I thought this would be the perfect chance to get to know each other what say will u be my dance partner?

Mohit smiled a big smile at her " of course I would love to be your dance partner or your right ishi bhanhe hum ek dusre ko ache tarike se jan jaye gai

T: toh challe

M: after you madam (mohit bowed like a gentlemen making Tanya giggle and he laughed along with her as both walked towards benji to take part in the competition.


Sanaya stood there watching mohit and Tanya from the back and she could n9ot believe what she was seeing

Sanaya's pov: hmph! Yeh apne apko samaj ta kya hai uss stupid Tanya ki toh mai "oh mohit will you be my dance partner" "oh Tanya ofcource I will" (she mocked the two of them) mujhe laga who hammare group of friends ki taraf isliye a raha hai kyuke who mujh se bath karre ga yeah phir uska dance partner banaye ga par nahi usse toh woh Tanya se bat karni  thi. Sarre larke ekjaise hote hai Tanya jesi flirt ko dekh te hi uske peeche peeche bhag te hai hmph! Par mai kyu ko itne gussa ho rahi ho (she made a confused face) why do I care? Of course I don't care why should I care? Avayi apna time waist kar rahi hoo un dono ke barre mai souch kar or mujhe to apni friend ke liye khush hona chai yeh na? tani usse passand karti hai and maybe he likes her to then I should be happy (but she was not happy she was very sad she quietly walked over to her other friends and stood in the crowd waiting for the dance competition to start)


All the dance Jodis participating in the competition came in the middle and stood all around the fire the est of the crowd stood all around them.

B: you guys ready? So lets begin

Song: Teri meri prem khanhi

As the song played mohit and Tanya danced to it gracefully; both were smiling and chatting as well to someone watching them they would look like a perfect couple and that is something that was making sanaya even more upset. Mohit spun her out and then pulled her back in and they continued to dance until the song ended and the whole crowd started to clap for them all.

B: wow guys that was a fun competition. I was definitely seeping some sparks fly around some of the dancing jodie's. so its time to see the result.We are going to simply do the voting with cheers the team who has the most cheers for them will win. Aliright so lets begin JODI #1 Arjun and rati (the crowd cheered a lot for them) Jodi #2 rahul and Anjali (crowed cheered for them as well) and Jodi # 3 Mohit and Tanya (the crowd cheered the most for them) wowww looks like we have a winner! Congrats to mohit and Tanya..kya bat hai mohit yaha ate hi sabke dil jeet liye tune? Benji teased his friend and then everyone congratulated the 2 after that everyone returned to the normal chatting.

M: ok guys ab bhut late ho gaya hia mai toh challa sone good night (he said to the 4 who still were awake at 2 am )

All: ok bye mohit

As mohit was walking back to the camp he was thinking of today's events when his eyes went on a girl sitting on a big rock right at the edge of the camp site by the forest. Mohit smiled to himself and walked up to her.

M: boo! (he startled her by his sudden appearance) yaha akele kya kar rahi ho? (Casually toke a seat next to her) phir se jungle main khone ka irada hai kya? (he laughed at his own joke which made her smile a little)

S: kuch nahi bas ese hi neend nahi a rahi thi toh yaha a kar beth gayi

M: are neend nahi a rahi thi toh waha sabke beech main beth thi na yaha akele?

S: waha main kissi ko zyada ache tarike se janti nahi na isliye'.

M: kya matlab waha par main benji armaan Arjun and Tanya hi toh teh

S: haan or main tumhare dosto ko achi tarike se toh janti nahi or tum or tani ek dusre main busy the (she said in slight anger) so mai yaha a gayi by the way congrats on the dance competition

M: thanks waise tumhe pata hai uswaqt na main tumhare pas a raha the tumhe apna dance partner bana nei par then Tanya came toh mai ne uske sath dance kar liye'

S: kya??tum usse na bhi toh kar sakte the na' keh dete ke nahi karna uske sath dance (she yelled in slight surprise and anger)

Mohit to himself( toh yeh bat hai madam actually chati thi ke main usse apna dance partner banao hehe how sweet chal mohit isse thora urr pareshan karte hai)

M: well mai toh tumhare pas isliye a raha tha kyuke mai yaha kissi or larki ko itne ache se nahi janta par jab itni khubsurat larki mujhe khud dance ke liye pouche to main na kaise kehta (he emphasized at the word khubsurat which made sanaya even more angry

S: dekha mujhe pata tha sarre larke ek jese hote hai  ek khubsurat larki kya dekh li deewane ho jate hai hmph!

M: hahahahahhahahaha(he Burst out laughing)

S: ab tum has kyu rahe ho? (confused)

M: toh haso nahi toh kya karo? Heheh tum toh ek dam se itna serious ho gayi yar

S: main ja rahi ho tum yahi behthe raho ( she got up in anger)

Mohit in mind lagta hai zyada gussa ho gayi shit! "are are kaha challi yar thorhi der roko toh sahi"

S: kyu? Kyu ruko

M: are gusse main kyu ja rahi hoon'tumhe pata hai tumhe gussa bara jaldi ata hai

S: toh tum bhi toh mujhe gussa dil watte ho

M: acha baba sorry dekho kan pakar liye ab toh mat jao ( he made a cute face)

S: acha bolo kya bol na hai (she smiled)

M: kuch nahi bas batai karni hai

S: subha ke 2 baje?

M: haan kyu ki problem hai

S: haan mujhe neend a rahi hai (made a bechari face)

M: acha jao so jao

S: tum nahi so gai?

M:Nahi thorhi der bat jao ga

 S: ok bye kal milte hai

M: ok bye

After sanaya left mohit set their talking to himself" tu bhi na mohit rat ke 2 baje usse batai karne ke liye rokh raha tha pagle hai tu'.uss bechari ko neend a rahi thi or main (he shook his head in negativity but then he started to smile) par jo bhi ho uss se bat karke yeh toh pata challa ke usse farak parta hai jab main Tanya ke pas hota hoo ab dekh na toh yeh hai ke yeh farak kyu parta hai (he got up and left to his camp)

As he left Sanaya stopped walking turned aroud in his direction and smiled there was definetly something about him that made him special par what was that something was a feeling she was un aware of.


Hey guys so this was the update hoped u enjoyed and i honestly do not know how it turned out because i did not have time to edit it.

As well i would like to let you guys know that in order to finish this ff i am going to shorten in into a small ss so i can update quicker and finish it Embarrassed


Guys this is important for all of my ffs that I am currently writting as you know I am not able to update them very often so i want all of yours honest advise do you think it would be better if I stoped writting all of them or if i try updating them but please note the updates wont be often.It wont be this big of a delay but maybe like once a month i can update and that is a maybe! Which is why I am honestly asking ur opinion on what i should do




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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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res! Dancing

Hey tanzi!! Hug
Acha ab agar tu kehti hai toh dance nahi karungi! SleepyLOL
par ek step aur...please...bas ek baar dance karne de... Dancing
OK thank you! ROFL

anways ending my not-so-cool dance here, your update was fantastic!! Embarrassed
LOVED it to the core!! ClapClapClap
The way sanaya was being jealous and mohit falling for her is totally MoNay-Ish!! WinkEmbarrassed
poor sanaya...had to see mohit dancing with tanya!! LOL

continue sooon!!!!
cant wait for the next part! Embarrassed
Ria. Hug

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 I thought...may be you forget to this FF...Finally You didSmile LOL Really Awesome Update Tanzeel.

You are really Wonderful writer.Clap Clap Clap You portray many things in very simple way...Clap I loved it.
Totally mind-blowing.I loved your wording n describing talent...Its so easy to understand everything.
Especially your story move...Its running so smoothly...Clap

And what is the meaning of your last para...??Confused Confused Don't dare to stop writing... Late hoga toh chalega...but,Stop hoga toh...Angry Angry Angry. Don't under estimate your talent... Yaar You are senior writer of I-F... You all are inspiration for us... Inspired to write something new n good... Aap sab hi stop kar dogi...toh hamare jaise Average writer ka kya hoga...Confused?? So,Please don't stop writing...Its only my request...n my really true view about your skill...

Sorry If,I bored you with my non-stop bak-bak... (Side effect of surgery...LOL)Please,update soon...Thanks for the PMEmbarrassed.


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-Saba- IF-Rockerz

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this is really awesome...!!
You know i am very very very big fan of Monaya.
they are live in my soul
n i am fully addicted to them'
love them soo muchHeartHeart

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Mitu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
really Wonderful writing
lovelyHeart outsatndingStarStarStarStarStar Clap
Thanx :)))))Embarrassed

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SandCastle. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Amazing Update tanzeel...!! 
I Loved It so much<3 <3 <3
MoNaya wer damn Cute...!! 
I Hated the part wen Mohit danced wit Tanya..!!Angry 
Tell her to stay away frm him...LOL
I so wished MoNaya Danced together...!! Hopefully next time... :D
Do Cont Soon & thnx 4 the PM...!! :)

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shruti-love Goldie

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very nice
beautiful update
cont soon

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