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Kaho na pyar hai...(monaya) updated pg 51 (Page 48)

SandCastle. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Superbbb update tanzeel...
God it was hillarious...
the 1st half was scary but finally mohit came to her rescue...
awww...loved Monaya scenes so much...<3
& specially the Samrat Shergill Scene...
hehehe...mohit was asking wat is in that samrat...??!!
Ab kya bolu wat is in Samrat...the list is just endless...hayyyeee...Day Dreaming
& evn Sanaya drools on him...Embarrassed Big smile
Jealous Jalkhora Mohit...LOL...superbbb yaar...LOL
Samrat is the BEST but Mohit is the BESTEST...
my two hotties...ok enuf of my drooling over SAMHIT...coz it will nver stop!
Superbbb update tanzeel...
u've done a fabulous job...
loved it so much...Heart
do cont soon & thnx 4 the PM dear...Hug

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
nice update.
update soon.
thanks for the pm.

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 6:52am | IP Logged
tht was sooo niceee part

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SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
heyyy tanzeel..Hugsorry 4 d late commnt..
d update was awesomeee..
d monaya scenes were soo cutee.Embarrassed
loved it,,
waiting d next part..
cont soon!

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hiii

Originally posted by ria_lovesajan

Hey tanzeel!!
Finally you updated this FF... I was desperate to read this!!Wink
so mohit saved sanaya from those goons...yay!! waise pata toh tha that he'll save her but after reading it im in monaya dreamland!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
aaaww sanaya got worried to see mohit's wounded hand...and then tied the handkerchief..
but it was a very short part angry on you!!AngryAngryAngry
please update soon ad make the next part a bit longer...wana i'll complain to monaya on their blog.Big smileWinkLOLLOL
thank for the PM,
hey ria
im glad u loved it and yeah i  know it took forever but i have so much work that i never get time
aww im glad i was able to send u in their dreemland its fun thereWink
am sorry acha pakka next part bhut lamba or jaldi hoga is ff ke i dont know hwy lambe part nahi likh pati par ab zarur likho gi promise
wese i wouldnt mind u complaining to monaya themselve atlest mohit will notice me that wayWinkEmbarrassedLOL
no prob abot pm
lolz mohit tumhe notice karega uska pata nahi but jo jungle wala scene hai use padhke sanaya aur mohit dono blush zarur karenge!WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 8:39pm | IP Logged

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

Hey guys I am back with the next update I know it has been over 1 month since I have updated but I was having exams so I was unable to update. However now I have summer vacations and I can update again. Anyways now I will update more frequently and this story will pick up the pace from now on so I hope you guys enjoy. Since its been long time since I have updated here is a small recap to refresh your memories.

Recap; Mohit and Sanaya get separated from their friends and get stranded into the jungle; they spend days in the jungle until they finally find the road; while trying to get a ride to a bus stop from the deserted road they meet 2 guys. The 2 guys are horrible jerks who take away Sanaya by force. Mohit gets worried for Sanaya and looks for her like crazy; he rescue her from the goons and they run away back on the road trying to find their way back to their friends. Abb agai'.

Episode 9


                As the sun came out into the sky Sanaya woke up from a deep sleep she looked around her in amazement the road that at night looked empty and deserted was filled with cars. A huge smile formed on her lips to see cars traveling on the road now finally they can find their way out of this mess. But first she had another challenge to deal with waking up Mohit! She turned to her right where Mohit layed on the little path next to the road sleeping peacefully 'god yeh kitna sota hai. Main iske bat soi thi phir bhi pehle uth gayi or yeh toh din main bhi sota hai phir bhi itni neend ati hai isse unbeliveble!'

S: Mohit Mohit utho come on Mohit get up (she shoke him to wake him up) Mohit look na yaha par cars hai we can finally get out chaloo utho

soone do na neend a rahi hai'. (mohit muttered this and some other un understanble words in his sleep) He was really starting to irritate Sanaya now 'fine main tumhe apne tarike se utha de ti hoo' and once again mohit was splashed with cold water by Sanaya

M: ahhh! Tu pagle hai kya ( he got up ready for a fight)

S: dekho I warned you tum uthe kyu nahi mujhe bhut important cheese dikhanhi thi..'asi kya important cheese hai jo itna thandha pani dal diya mujh par' mohit spoke cutting her off in anger while Snaya gave him a look ' duffer look around we are save kuch 4 din bat tumhare ilawa or log dikhai de rahe hai mujhe we can finally find our way to the picnic'

Mohit looked at the road where cars were driving 'omg we are saved tune mujhe pehle kyu nahi uthaya Sanaya pehle nikal the toh pehle pouch jate kitna time waist ho gaya'

She opened her mouth to speek to defend herself but was once again cut off 'chor ab jaldi kar lift mangte hai or nikal the hai yaha se or is dafa lift main mang lo ga last time ka incident repeat nahi karna mujhe' he spoke while walking a head and Sanaya just looked at him with wide eyes 'unbelievable sota khud rahe or blame mujhe karre' she spoke and followed him to the road side where he stood asking for a lift.


They got a lift from an a sweet aunty in her middle age who was more than happy to help them and she offered them to drop them off at the bus stop. And both Mohit and Sanaya thanked her for the ride

Sanayas POV: Yes Yes humhe lift mil gayi ab bhut hi jaldi hum bus stop pai hogei or phir from their picnic! Waha main Rati se milo gi Taniya se milo gi and then hum sab girls mil kar khoop masti karre gai; finally I will get to enjoy my picnic (she looks towards mohit) wese this has been an adventure on its own thora irritating hai yeh Mohit par maza toh aya hi tha or wese bhi mujhe kon sa muka mil ne wala hai jungle main jane ka toh acha hai na yeh bhi try kar liya and it was fun especially jab yeh mud main gira tha (she smirked to herself) wese who videos bari  kam anne walli hai maire. Ager isne iss trip main kabhi or mujhe irritate kiya toh iske sarre friends ko who videos dikha dou gi she said smiling to herself.

Mohits POV: Hmmm so finally we are going to the picnic hopefully is bar bus nahi miss hogi! God yeh kya adventure tha but I guess now it's finally over pata nahi ke mere un kaminey dosto ne humhe dhunda bhi hoga yeah apni hi party karne main busy hoge. Im sure who girls main busy ho gai its so typical of them especially for armaan (he smirked thinking of his friends then looked over at Sanaya) yeh kitni ajeeb larki I mean ajeeb as in weired nahi ajeeb as in alag bhut alag hai pehle toh mujhe birkul nahi pasand thi kabhi sone hi nahi deti in pichle 4 dino main mujhe 2 bar thanda pani dal kar utha chukka hai par itni bhi buri nahi hai dil ki achi hai. Par thorhi bewakoof hai tabhi toh un larko ko itni jaldi trust kar liya isne (unknowingly he started to get angry remembering that incident) Par fault meri bhi hai mujhe use akele gari main nahi jana dena chai yeh tha koi bat nahi next time I will be more careful.

And just like that both of them stayed involved in their own thoughts.

Aunty: tum dono itna chup chap kyu behte wei ho newly married couple ho right. Iss hi liya itna sharma rahe ho right! ( Both Mohit and Sanaya were left wide eyes) they screemed in a unioun 'what' 'no' they both looked towards each other in shock

M; aunty who hum hum married nahi hai

Aunty:  oh ok then boyfriend girlfriend ho right'

S: no hum hum sirf friends  hain aunty

A: oh ok I am sorry

M: it's ok

Now both Mohit and Sanaya were kind of feeling awkward and he rest of ride was done in complete silent until they finally reached the bus stop. Both Mohit and Sanaya got off at the stop

M: thank you so much aunty for the ride it really means a lot to us

A: no problem beta thank you kehne ki koi zurwat nahi hai

S: seriously aunty apko nahi pata apne hammari kitni help ki hai 4 din se bhatak rahe hai hum ab finally hum apni picnic pai pouch sake gai hum sif apki waja se thank you so much.

A; Its ok beta your most welcome hopefully phir kabhi mile gai acha bye.

MS: bye aunty thank you once again

The car drove off and Mohit and Sanaya went and bought tickets for the bus that will take them to their station; then they bought some food and went and set in the bus there was still an hour before the bus leaves but they didn't want to take their chances so they set all alone in the bus chatting.

Ahhh finally some peace warna toh pure waqt ek ajeeb si hi hal chal thi (mohit spoke sitting down while taking a deep sigh. Finally they were on the correct bus at the correct time heading to the correct place. The jungle and the goons had tired both of them out a lot and now both were ready for some nice fun with their friends which of course now included each other's company)

S: Mohit umm thank you once again (Sanaya came and set in the ayel  seat besidehim)

M: thanks? Kis liye? (mohit turned towards her and looked at her confused)

S: mujhe un gundo se bachane ke liye or bakki sab kuch ke liye bhi ager tum nahi hote toh main akele toh na uss jungle se nikal pati or ager nikal bhi jati toh un gundo se kabhi nahi bach sakti so thanks (she smiled at him thanking him from the bottom of her heart he really helped her a lot)

M: Sanaya tum na birkul dhakkan ho tumhe kissi nei nahi bataya ke friendship main no sorry and no thank you ( he gave her a big smile while talking; they both were friends but never really expressed it to each other well uss jungle main time hi nahi milla)

S; hmm kissi ne bataya toh nahi par yeh line movies main bhut sunni hai toh next time something original please haa .

M: madam mere pas time nahi hai tumhare liye beth ke original lines bana ne ka so abhi inse hi time chala lo

Both of them looked at each other and laughed. Each other's company always made them laugh and kept both smiling in no time the hour passed away and other passengers came and took their seats. The bus soon started its journey.


                After a long bus ride Mohit and Sanaya finally reach their destination. Both of them were very excited and were wide awake neither of them even rested in the bus ride they just continuously chatted. In a real hurry they quickly picked up the one remaining bag they had left of Sanayas and found a taxi so they can get to their group.

S: Mohit look waha cmps lagge wai hai we finally are at the right place (Sanaya spoke in excitement running a head of him and Mohit to quickly followed )

Right by the camps stood 3 boys laughing and chatting when Sanaya reached them

S: hi yeh wohi Adventure group hai na joy aha Mumbai and Delhi se groups ko lekar aya hai?

Guy 1: haan this is it par tum.. (before the guy could finish his question Sanaya jumped in excitement and then turned around 'Mohit this is it hum sahi jaga main finally pouch gay hai' she yelled behind her to Mohit who was walking towards them with the beg in his hand)

Guys: Mohit! (they all turned to where Sanaya was looking and saw Mohit)

M: hi guys ( mohit spoke giving them a big smile)

S: tum log ek dusre ko jante ho? (Sanaya asked confuse seeing their friendliness)

Arjun: MohitShockedtu khaa tha abhi tak?

Armaan: finallyBig smile tu a gaya hum toh pareshan hi hogaye the

Benji: yeah seriously dude tere bagair maza hi nahi a raha tha kaha ghum gaya tha?

M: haan haan who toh dikh raha ke tum logo ne mujhe kitna miss kiya (mohit spoke sarcastically) main 4 din se gayab hoo or tum log yaha gappe mar rahe ho> Bhut hi ache dost paye hai mene (he spoke sarcastically)

S: dost? (Sanaya interrupted again she was standing their having no clue what was going on and none of them were answering her questions. Finally Mohit heard her and turned towards her)

M: yeh mere woh dost hai jinke sath main yaha ane walla tha

S: oh ok 

M: and guys yeh hai Sanaya mere sath sath iski bhi bus chut gayi thi actually ishi ki waja se hammari bus chuthi thi but that's a long story phir kabhi batao ga( he said and looked towards Sanay grining)

S: haan haan or jab batan toh mujhe bhi batana I will show them those tapes to go along with the story (she glared right back at Mohit  thretning him with the tapes)

Meanwhile Rati and Tanya came and joined them

R: hey guys wats up? (she spoke casually to Arjun, Armaan and Benji without even noticing Sanaya or Mohit)

S: Rati! (rati and Tanya both turned towards the loud scream and saw their bubbly Sanaya standing in front of them)

T: OMG SANI! (She hugged her right away followed by Rati)

R: tu kaha thi pata hai Sab kitne pareshan the

S: lambhi khanhi hai yar phir kabhi bataye gai abhi yaha pouch gaye hai sahi salamat yehi kafi hai.

T: acha theek hai tu chal toh hamare sath Camp leaders ko bhi batana hai tum log mil gaye unho ne toh tumhare liye or kissi Mohit ke liye search party bhej rakhi hai

Ar: haan guys I think pehle tum dono ko unse mil lena chai yeh then humhe puri khanhi batana

All of them walked to the Camp leaders who were relieved to see both Mohit and Sanaya fit and fine they told them that now they can join their group of friends in their camps and make sure this never happens again. With that the long tiring day was coming to an end the sun was setting and the campers were building the fire for the night. Even though the day was coming to an end the camping was just beginning ;) .

Precap: Bond fire singing and dancing

Mohit dancing with Tanya Wink

Hey guys this is all the update for today very soon in this same week I will hopefully update the next part. From now the story will be picking up pace sort of and will go into more of Monaya's love story. I hope you guys enjoyed this part and if u did please do not forget to hit the like tab and leave me your precious comments criticism is much welcomes as it really helps me improve.



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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged

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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
awesome updt tanzi..
excelleny yaar..
plz cont. soon
and thnx fr the pm

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