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Kaho na pyar hai...(monaya) updated pg 51 (Page 26)

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
nice update......................

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -smiley-

Tanzeel Shocked Shocked Shockedday by day i am loving ur updates jaan lagata hai i am editing to them you bad girl
LOLLOL really addiction is a bad thing
but glad u love them
main kya karo monaya are so addicting its not my faultWink
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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

awesum update yaar........
it was sooooooo hillarious......
awwww.......i cud actully imagine MOHIT with a yellow moustache.......
he's soooooooo adorable.......Day Dreaming
& mohit was luking @ sanaya's figure! kya baat h.....Embarrassed
luvd it & yes the FF is totally hint of SaJan @ all......
u've done a gr8 job........fabulous writer.........Thumbs UpClap
luvd it wen sanaya hugged mohit.....!!!!Wink......

THNX 4 THE PM & DNT 4GT 2 PM ME.........

w8ing 4 ur next update........cont soon......Smile
thank u so much dear
glad u loved it
and found it funnyWink
ya i know i was thinking same about mohit while writing yellow mustach stuffEmbarrassed
and im glas its monayaish and not sajanish causs thats my main goal for this ffTongue
no prob about the pm
-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ayesha_LuvSaJan

awesome update..
MoNaya was so hungry..
Finally they found Mangoes and ate..
LOL Sanaya was teasing Mohit he got a yellow moustache while eating mango..
And in the end Sanaya was crying because Mohit scared her talking about ghost and adam
Continue soon..
Love Yew..

hey ayeshi
thanx so much
glad u loved the update yar
will cont soon
love u
tanzeel Hug
-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RadhikaBhushan

hey tanzeel.....
i really liked the part yaar...
hmmm so monaya ki jungle story start ho gayi n mango scene was
really very nice..
n the lion wala so monay aclosed to each other...
n sanaya hugged mohit... haaayyyyyyy
well bt precap ...
itni jaldi road mil gaya????

muje to laga jungle me mangal ho jayega bt....
well kuch to kar yaar....
do cont asao./ n dont be lazy ok....
be like me..... m really damn busy though m updating regularly....

waiting for nxt part...

thanx radhi d
well i guess there are still a few parts in jungle
the precap is not exacley in the next update
and i will try my best to make jungle me mangle happenWink
will cont soon
its just hw that prevents me from updating
but will update asap
-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fend

hey tanzeel
awesome update
loved it
cannot wait for the next part
n thanks for the pm
thanx so much yar
glad u loved it

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rock8

hey tanu awesum n luvly update
i really enjoy da enjoy da jungle part, craving 4 food LOL
keep rockin gal
hey shririn
thanx yar
glad u loved it
ya here starvingLOL
-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
hey guys thanx for all ur lovely comments really apreciate themTongue here comes the next part sorry for being a little alte got caught up with school stuff
Kaho na pyar hai

Jungle main barish! 

Episode 5


It was getting darker as they went in the forest deeper and deeper trying to figure out a way to get out of their the night was growing. neither of them had a watch and there mobile batteries were dead! They had no idea what time it was they were just continuously walking like they have been doing for past who know how many hours yet there was no sign of the road or the morning.

S; uffff Mohit main bhut thak gayi hoon...please ab kahi rukh jatain hain

M; ya ur right wese bhi i think ab hum safe hain yaha koi animal ki awaz a toh nahi rahi.......ok ab koi bhi achi jaga dekh kar rukh jaye gain

S; jungle main achi jaga bhi hoti hain

M; pata nahi par yaha toh bhut trees hain koi open land hoon toh behtar hoga........

Mohits pov

Hum again chalne lagain... bus thorhi or der hi chale thein jab Sanaya nain woods ke beech se kuch dekha so hum us direction main chalne laga it was a shed made out of hay surrounding it were trees, the trees made a perfect circle around the shed leaving some ground in the middle with just plain grass. Finally humme shayad aj rat thorhi see neend naseeb hoon.........

S; wow Mohit yeh kitna cool haina chalo shed ke andar dekh tein hain (she ran in front of me and in the shed)

Usne darwaza khula toh dekha andar dust hi dust hain dust main coverd hay sack kone ko rach keh wain the or beech main kuch wood thi jisko dekh keh lag raha tha ke yaha fire jalai gayi thi.........

M; wow nice place itna acha ghar hain amazing (i said sarchestically)

S: well uss forest seh toh behtar hain thorhi si cleaning ke bat hum yaha reh paye gain par mujhe thand lag rahi hain so please start a fire na......

M; ok theek hain main fire start karta hoon... magar bhair yaha kuch hay way pain agg lag gayi toh sab kuch burn ho jaye ga.... jab tak please yaha thorhi safai kardo kuke mujhe bhut neend a rahi hain

S; toba hain you know mai ne Aek bat note kari hain tum sotain bhut ho na ...jab main tum seh pehlhi bar bus main mille thi tab bhi so rahe the........main toh tab bhi nahi soi thi phir bhi tumhari jitni neend nahi a rahi mujhe......

M; yar meri neend hain tumhe kya?... pata nahi kyu sab ko meri neend se pareshani hoti hain (he said making sad pouty face)

S; (she smiled)nahi main toh ase hi puch rahi thi tumhe sona hain toh soo par pleace is waqt fire start kardo naa (she said making a pouty face and i couldn't help but smile)

Ufff done toba kitni dusrt thi isme atleast ab yaah sakoon sain sou toh sakain gain until hum jungle seh bahir jane ka rasta na dhondlain ya ha hi rehna pare gan............oh god bhut thand hain shay ad Mohit ne agg jala di hoon il go check
S; Mohit. Agg jail kya

M; of toba yeh agg bhi na its taking forever to light up kyu nahi jal rahi yeh abhi aye gin Sanaya agg ke barre main puch tain weh (then he heared Sanaya "Mohit agg Jali kya") god jaldi seh is agg ko jalado (he tried again) yes finally wah Mohit kya bat hain wese dekha jaye toh yeh bhi ek sort of adventure trip hi hain......tere dost nahi hain toh kya hua Sanaya ki company is not that bad infect achi hai nahi bohut achi hain (he aid smiling to himself)..........

(Sanaya aproched him) yes fire thanx mujhe toh bhut thand lag rahi thi she said sitting down on one of the logs (just like the once around a campfire)... tip something felt on sanayas face "yeh pani" she looked up at the sky followed by Mohit

M; oh no! (Right then it started to pour rain and there went the fire) shit meri fire itni mushkil seh jalayi thi L

S; wow barish!!!!! (Sanaya got up in exitment and started spinning in the rain in the big open area surrounding the shed then being boredered by trees all around; in the background the music started)


Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom...Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom....(these lyrics started in the background ) Sanaya started jumping around in the rain spinning in it and enjoying the water on her face........

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum ...O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum
Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum ...O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum (she starts singing) Sanaya danced around in rain as Mohit watched from shed and stared at her in disbelief at her childishness

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom...Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom Sanaya ran to Mohit and pulled him out in the rain and started laughing because he made a irateted face at her for getting him all wet......Mohit started smiling and joined the fun

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai (Mohit came and joined her in jumping around in rain)
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom both dances
Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai ....Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum( he turned to her and sing in teasing mode)
Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai
Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum (he gathered some water in his hand and splashed it at her face and started running as she gave him oh you're so dead look)

She chased him until she caught him and started splashing him


Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai she started singing to him
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (she was now running from Mohit and he was chasing her)
Arre Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom (she ran far turned around and made a face at him while singing)

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom (Mohit caught her grabed her by her waist and spined her around in the rain)
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom(both were splashing eachother and chasing eachother like little kids)
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom they ran inside to dry off

Baadal Jhuke Jhuke Se Hain ( Sanaya extended her hand out feeling the rain)
Raste Ruke Ruke Se Hain ( he came and splashed water at her and she did same to him)
Kya Teri Marzi Hai Megha (Sanaya turned to Mohit)
Par Hum Ko Jaane Na Dega( he sang while remembering that they were stuck here)
Aage Hai Barsaat Peechhe Hai Toofan (she pointed at the rain and at the forest)
Mausam Beimaan Kahaan Chale Humtum (then she asked him ab kya karre)

Ho Ho Ho Ho (Sanaya started feeling sad about being stuck in forest)
Hey Hey Hey Hey (she missed her friends and family)

Ambar Jhuka Jhuka Sa Hai (Mohit came to her trying to cheer her up)
Sab Kuchh Ruka Ruka Sa Hai (he asked her whats wrong)
Chhaya Samaa Kitna Pyaara (he pointed outside at the beautiful mosam)
Saawan Ka Samjho Ishaara (he made funny faces to ge her to smile)
Aise Mausam Mein Tum Bhi Kuchh Kaho ( he sang pointing at her)
Tum Bhi Kuchh Karo Khadi Ho Kyon Gumsum ( then came to her and tickled her in the stomach to make her laugh)
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom ( Sanaya started laughing cause of tickling)
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom ( they both sat down chatting)


After a while both fell a sleep Mohit sitting up leaning against the wall and Sanaya  was in half sitting and half laying position leaning on him un intentionally

Sanaya woke up first and saw that the rain stop and the sun was just rising she could here the birds chirping and the forest actually looked beautiful then she saw Mohit sleeping (isse hota deti hoon)

S; Mohit Mohit utho Mohit (she shacked him a bit) uff hoo Mohit come on wake up we gotta get out of here

Ab kya karu yeh toh uth hi nahi raha then she saw a bucket in the corner of the sheck which had collected water because of the roof leaking above it and she got an idea and smiled to herself

Mohit this is last warning wake up mujhe main patients nahi hain... logo ka wait karne main nahi janti... so hurry up

M; what kon hain sone doon (he said irrateted turning to the other side while sleeping)

S; Mohit ( she yelled annoyed)

M; what ( he was irateted)

S; wake up!

M; nahi neend a rahi hain

S; ok suit ur self she lifted the bucket and dumped it on him he woke up screeeming

M;ahhhhhh yeh kiya tum ne are u mad

S; mene warning dia that um nahi hothe toh mene kardia water dump tumpe

M; itni mushkil seh mere kapre sukhe the tum shayad bhul rahi hoon par mera luggage mere sath nahi hain ab sari shirt geeli ho gayi shit! (he said looking at his shirt)

S; opps.....par main kya karti humhe yaha seh nikal nah ain na so jitna jaldi ho sake utni jaldi chalna chaiyeh yeh soch ke main en tumhe utha dia

M; yeh kesa uthane ka tareeka hain yar

S; yeh mera tarika hain or ab jab tak hum sath hain tab tak tumhe subha jaldi uthna hoga warna yahi hoga

M; your evil tumhe pat ahian

S; yeah yeah ab chalo mujhe bhook lagi hain 9she said smirking)

M; haan haan chale madam baraber fast food restaurant hain ab batai kya kahe gin burger ya pizza....ya phir dono?

S; main tum jesi bhukad nahi hoon main sirf burger kahoo gin (she smiled)

They both looked at each other and for no particular reason bursted out laughing..............................

precap same as before

Hey guys here is the update sorry for little bit delay i got caught up in school work but i updated today anyways even though kal test hain i gota go study now so couldn't write more

Hope u enjoy it and if u did pleses do click the like button and leave ur comments




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