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Abhay-Tracker-Piya-Dan: This doesn't end here.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:13am | IP Logged

Abhay-Tracker-Piya-Dan: This doesn't end here.




I want to go and kiss the creatives for NOT showing the werewolves even though it seemed they had planned to. Most likely , Ekta and the creatives seem to have decided to wait for a better SFX team , lolz. Never mind. The build up, the intrigue and the suspense around the wolves is heightened now and it works.


Another reason today that why we call Abhay a HERO. When Piya saw Abhay change momentarily to scare away the wolves , she ran away from him ' scared and taken aback by the sight that those blood hounds actually went away because of Abhay. But Abhay did not run after her screaming Piya, Piya, Piya. He knew that it was Tracker who needed him right now ' an unconscious and helpless Tracker. At that moment, Abhay chose Tracker over Piya ' doing the moral duty of a hero unclouded by emotions. He couldn't leave her and he didn't. Instead, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her through the forest. And Tracker is cho-chweet! I loved how she clung to Abhay's neck like a baby and gave him those dreamy eyes wondering if the dream-boy-spell was for real. Abhay asked her if she felt fine. Was she okay? His only concern at that time was to get Tracker back to the camp safely. I loved their cute little argument over Tracker's yellow heels and how a frustrated Abhay finally just picked up the tantrum teenager and carried her off to the camp.


And the rest of the gang? Ah, well. So much for friendship and bravery. Unable to find Piya and Tracker , they came back to the camp waiting for some miracle and having the girls back with some HOCUS-POCUS?  At least Pancchi and Misha behaved in a civilized manner with Abhay when he brought Tracker back alive and safe. Pancchi's THANK YOU was a relief. In an Un-Ekta manner , Tracker knows that Abhay is her saviour and so does everyone else. 


And now, coming to Abhay-Piya , ChaandEena and the wolves. What do you think now? Why did the wolves target Piya? Do they know about Metz? Why did Chaand and Haseena save Piya from the wolves? So that they could slice her themselves? Hmmm' questions, questions, questions. But all said and done, Chaand and Haseena did save Piya from the wolves by standing between her and the wolves. Yet, Abhay sensed that even though his parents had saved Piya from the wolves , they were danger to her. He saved Piya from them- his own parents.


What followed was an intense and awkward moment between Abhay and Piya. Awkward for Abhay and intense for Piya. As he gently made her sit on a rock and calmed her down, what he didn't realize was that she needed no calming and reassurance. He was with her and she felt safe just being with him ' right in the middle of a dark vampire and werewolf ridden forest. While Abhay told himself that he cannot go any step further with Piya because he is virtually threatening her life , Piya ' totally lovelorn wished that time would stop right here and she can sit on that rock looking at Abhay like that all her life. More than Abhay, you feel bad for Piya . Her love for Abhay is really going on irrevocable lines and you don't know if you should be sad or happy for her.


I like the way Abhay handles his emotions and controls his vulnerability. He plays no games , really. When Piya looks up at him with those 'Piya' eyes ' Abhay simply tells her not to look at him with those eyes. When he gently touches her face as if to make sure that she is okay , he almost seems to be telling Piya that yeah, this is real but it is simply not to be. You are actually amused that the lamb wants to stay in the forest with him but the lion wants to get back to the camp with acceleration ASAP. Piya has to try a lot harder because Abhay is not as vulnerable as sometimes we think him to be. Abhay was psyched that something could happen to Piya but did it show on his face while sitting with her on the rocks? NO.


Back at the camp, well, away from Abhay and Piya's panic and trauma returned. While everyone ooh-aahed and mothered Piya, she had eyes only for Abhay and Abhay for her.Not even once did they look away from each-other until Abhay broke the eyelock and went away ' he cannot afford to love Piya and that is that. Abhay was rude to her towards the end but it was necessary and nobody seemed to mind his rudeness because he had saved two girls' lives and shut them all up.


Kabir? If you understand him, please explain to me as well. He is just lucky that Abhay keeps a cool head with him and is grateful for all the abuses that he hurls at him. This is just not the Kabir that I know.


Coming to the last scene. Chaand and Haseena are RIGHT in whatever they did and told Abhay. All said and done, the fact is that they both risked their lives to come and shield Abhay . It's him who is rebelling like never before and not listening to what is right for him. It's because of Abhay that now, the wolves have all the liberty to enter the area of the vampires because Abhay broke the treaty. Just because the wolves stepped back doesn't mean this is ending here. They are going to take it to another level altogether if the show  is to showcase the wolves' angle.


PRECAP: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! '.*jumps up and down like a happy bunny*' My favourite villain is back! Dan is back and as someone rightly said yesterday, it's Dan who has planned all this kidnapping stuff. Super stubborn , Abhay's maar-dhaad and dhamkees don't seem to have affected him. Dan has all the talent to become a vampire. Be happy, ppz. He is your TRP villain. Haha.Abhay needs to save Piya again. Dan is stubborn - jab tak vampire nahiin banaaoge , nahiin maanne waala.OuchLOL


Special mention to the Creative and Productiom team: The lighting of the night scenes was brilliant and the director has taken some great shots. Especially the lighting of  the Abhay-Piya's rock scene  and when Abhay came to see Chaand and Haseena in the last scene. The blue-grey hues made the scenes look even better. Awesome job ! Clap


Love and luck always, Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug


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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

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Whoa, I have fun reading your posts! And you haven't still told me what to call you! Anyway, hey! Hug

I somehow do not feel anything that great about the whole heroic spirit Abhay has. One the one hand, he doesn't want to be projected as good and on the other hand, he always has to showcase his strength by saving somebody or the other. He's vulnerable and has to conceal a few things and everything but - this is serious hypocricy. I don't know if this the right word, though. :D

At first, I did not understand why Pia had to run away. She has been subjected to the weird side of Abhay many a times, hasn't she? After that, I realized it were Chand and Haseena the moment I witnessed them first. I like them. :P The best part of the episode obviously has to be Tracker and Abhay's scene. You were right, Tracker is far away from all the malice and hatred the other characters possess - she's one helluva actress. This show has an awesome caste!

The Abhay and Pia scene had me all goosebump-ish, it was like something extremely intense. I can't help but notice how clear Pia is with what all her feelings are and how she's sticking to it after an outright rejection. Abhay still confuses me, I told you. :D

And phew! I have more time for preparation - no werewolf has yet made an entry. D'oh


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Abhay deserves all the appreciation he's getting from us as fans. He's truly proved time and again why he's been given the title of a 'Hero' and an 'Angel" by Pia. 
I actually feel bad for Pia. Its not her fault, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. She's warming upto Abhay and its not good for her at all. She knows she and Abhay cannot happen but her heart is not ready to listen to her mind. I posted a quote in the KMH Forum yesterday, "Whenever there is a confusion between your heart and your mind, always listen to your heart because your mind knows everything but your heart knows only you". Though, Pia is one of the very few people who shouldn't abide by this, but she is. She's refusing to take Abhay's words seriously because he's not giving her a strong enough reason not to fall in love with him. He's saved her from every possible danger, shielded her whenever she needed him to do so, stood by her when the whole world was against her! Can we really blame her? No. Can we stop her? No. We all know how stubborn Pia is so its useless to talk sense into her. Plus, Abhay has not really told her 'why' he's forbidden. "I'm forbidden, we cannot be" Bas! Khatam! Since when is Pia the kinds who'll just blindly follow instructions??
As far as Abhay is concerned, just one thing I'll say for him, "A face can speak a thousand emotions but it can easily mask what the heart truly feels. Never be fooled by the happiest face, it may be masking the most hurted heart"
About Kabir, well, one of the toughest things is having words in your heart which you can't utter. Lets face it, Kabir is irritated with Abhay because a) Abhay has now become the hot dude of the college, b) He can sense the strong attraction Pia feels towards Abhay and c) He loves Pia and the 'Game of the Shadows' has made him commit one of the seven deadly sins: Envy. He obviously can't say what's really bothering him hence, he's chosen to be mean to Abhay. And if I've interpreted Kabir wrongly, then Jai ho Ekta Maiyya ki. I"m clueless!

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monsoonlove Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:47am | IP Logged
yaar...aap itna accha kaise likhte ho..i am soo addicted to your posts..i knew it was gonna be amazing today...kab se..waiting..i clicked refresh likes 20 times literally....awsome analysis!!!! Hug
agreed with every single word you said....i had expected abhay to run after he didn't...he is not at all as vulnerable as i had thot him to be..he handles his emotions very well and knows the priority..he even handled tracker's craziness very well..very calmly...i surely don't understand why ppl hate him..he is not rude to anyone except piya really...may be a bit it's because he doesnt give a damn about wat ppl say or think...
and yayyyy...danish is back as eviler supervillian..he is not yet vampire..thank god..i want him to be a vampire not yet...i was soo wondering why abhay would take so much of risk to break treaty and all tht..since her safety isn't the as a matter of was the main issue..he knew danish would come for her...he knew it all the way...gosh..i love him...
and ya..chandeena...they did save piya from wolves..i actually don't think they are as bad as they seem..i think they also feel the need to protect her since she is precious to their son..though watever they said to abhay is completely true and their concern is understandable..
and kabir..yaar..i just hope he doesn't continue to be like this..he is getting on my nerves is soo not him..pls give us back our old kabir...itna arrogance aur rudeness kidhar se aaya usme...
abhiya scenes was totally amazing today..wasn't was brilliantly shot as well...loved the line how u expressed was abhay was sayin wen he touched her face gently...i like how cvs are sticking to the main story line and beginning's always goin to be abhay who will go away..and piya will be there waiting for him..abhay knows he is dangerous to will always be there wen do feel bad for i salute abhay's strength and courage...he handles everything very well...i just want piya to show the strength of her love now..truly unique love story..
the wolves are truly not ending i liked how wolves disappeared and felt seemed quite original to me..cuz i always felt tht wen werewolves were around it was vampire who needed to be scared and wolves overpowered it wasn't the case many wolves and 2 vampires..still wolves disappear...there is some mystery there for sue...ok..i should stop's getting too long now..LOL..i don't wanna get you bored..
let's see wat danish's plan is..why trakcer???..
as usual..amazing post..loved it..Heart

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madmaxine IF-Rockerz

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Hi there Pocahontas! Analysis par is usualSmile! I had a niggling feeling that Abhay would scare the wolves away with his monster roar and eyes...and glad it happened that way. Better no wolves than shoddy wolvesSmile! And yeah...good scene by the rock. Quite goosebumpySmile! So, I am wondering..what exactly did Abhay bang the car bonnet down on, if Dan is ok and back to his villainous self? And Kabir...I know he's jealous of Abhay and Piya's simmering, intense almost-relationship, but no need to be obnoxious, no? Anyhoo...can't wait for tomorrow!

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Prateeksh Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Hey Pocho..I loved today's episode after 2 filler ones....btw, just a mention here, your OS episodes are rocking and very intriguing..I hope CVs take these plots...and yes, I was so sure and right that A's harsh words mean nothing to Pia...its like a drug to her, the more he hurts, the more she gets into his thghts and her loves goes deeper and deeper...
waise, if A keeps looking at her like this, keeps saving her like this, keeps calming her like this, how she ever gonna start not loving him???????? (i wouldnt say hate, coz thats a very strong emotion and Pia will not be capable of it, especially for A) :)

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Great POCOWinkBig smile

Surprice of the Epi ChandEena saved PIAShockedShockedShocked,,,,OMG

Beta to tha hi Bodygaurd ab Parents bhi,
PIA aisa sasural kaha milegaLOLLOLLOL
But then what they wanted to do by getting closer to PIA?????ConfusedConfused ,,
I dont think they want to hurt her coz if ChandEena want ot hurt Pia they wont save her,,,,
I m happy Ahay had not killed Danish,,,,
But I would be more happy if they killed himWink

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NIDIZ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:57am | IP Logged
I admire u're posts Poca.. Abhay I salute this man.. He shuld be awarded with Bravery awards....
I think Raichand Mansion shelf's wuld be full of it..than.. *Sign* I didn't expected Panchi n Misha's Thnx but they did.. I was so happy for Abhay.. But he was worried only abt Pia..nothing else was imp to him @tat time when Panchi said she's still missing out..
Abhay saved Ruhi.. Yes he can control his emotions n can maintain them to be sidelined for his moral n Haseena shuld be proud tat her Blood is ethically responsible..
ChandEena r completely right.. Abhay going other side of river was a stupid teenager behavior from him.. ChandEena shuld have stopped him first only.. Surprise the episode makes us brain storm to a gr8 extent.. Why did ChandEena saved Pia..if they wanted to kill her.. I think it's all becoz of Blood..LOL
Kabir..No comments..
Dan return's.. Wowwwwwie to my surprise.. Devilish evil returns.. Yeah he wants to get admission in supernatural clan so eagerly.. That he can go to any extent for the admission fee's..
Tracker..?? I simply didn't get it..why wuld he kidnapped her..I think he knw's tat Pia detective giri will make her follow the kidnapper..

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