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Written update 12/29/2010 :- Bike Race begins (Page 2)

sunaina02 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Did the color of the bike change ??
So Ranbir has asked the goons to hit Shravan but they hit  the wrong person  as they did not know Shravan was riding a yellow bike .

shobrakapooor IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by desi_lover_guy

It starts with shravan comming out with bike and pratap and ranbeer standing in front of him..
Pratap:- what u think i dont know backside of my house i made this house
shravan get down and pratap ask for keys ....
shrvan sadly gives back keys..
Pratap:- come with me
shravan and pratap goes inside pratap room
Pratap:-what u thought ... if u cant become let become thief only whats wrong
shravan:- this is my bike..I need it very much
Pratap:-I know everything.. bike race.. 1 lac ....i told you to earn that money on your own... this bike is mine...even if you win this race then it will not be ur victory
shravan:- My victory lies in getting saanchi
Pratap:- that gal who ignores all ur wrongdoings u cant earn 1 lac for her..
shravan:- why dont u say clearly that u dont want to see us together..
Pratap:-what... idiot i want to give u every happiness succes in ur life thats why i am doing all this You want everything without doing anything... Okay take saanchi with u and i will send ranbeer back to london ...I will tear all divorce papers... You will get what u want without doing anything...
Happy now...and keeps bike keys in his hand...
Tell me one thing today u get everything u wanted but what will happen tommorow when no one will be there... everyone will leave u including dadi me bhai bhabhi... Then what will u do... you will not be able to handle anything house family buisness...
stealing.... That also you cant do properly...

Tell me what will u do then.... achha tell me one thing do you want to win that race on mine or on yourself...
shravan gives bikes keys back to pratap
Pratp:- From two weeks onward, there is bike race... Victory or defeat all is in ur hands.. Best of luck shravan jaiswal...
shravan leaves...
and comes out there he met saanchi
saanchi:-what happened did papa caught bike
shravan nods his head
saanchi:- Now how will bike race will happen without bike reward money our dreams...
shravan:- i will complete our dreams... I will do anything... I cant see sadness on ur face... I will convert this into happiness.Bharosa hai mujsh par
saanchi:- more than myself
shravan:-Then see how will i get trophy one lac and more of that one thing
saanchi:- what
shravan:- smile on ur lips..
they both looks at each other and shravan leaves
shravan comes out of house and take bag and thinks I have promised to both saanchi and dad now how will i get bike in 2 weeks
he thinks something

Meanwhile pratap is in his room and is looking at shravan photo and thinking about yesterday incident when ronak put gun at him and how shravan said he is......
and he has tears in his eyes..
suddenly dadi comes and sees this
Dadi:_ Pratap
Prtap:_ Haa maa
Dadi:- I know you love ur son... I know that also u learn in life through hard experience... But dont you think u are doing more injustice to shravan
Pratp:=-You all think like this...That i am his enemy not his father... I did drama of divorce so that shravan get jhatka and improve...
dadi:- is it all drama
Pratap:- Yeah You are my mom... you even didnt know that ur son loves shravan so much..I like him more than myself... You didnt felt till now how i feel bad about him while doing all this to him.,..
dadi walks to him
Pratap:- Maa if i would have told you then shravan would have known this thats why i had to do aloneI didnt left no stone unturned but still shravan didnt get any sense of responsibilty
He doesnt knwo how to find what is wrong and right ... Maa ranbir is also part of my plan... I knew that ranbir and shravan rivalry... I thought to bring him so that seeing him he will put all his effort to win over ranbeer
Dadi:- Have u ever thought abt saanchi
Pratap:- socha hai...saanchi always saysshravan can do anything... i also want to tell her that her trust is true also..
Right now she will not understand... But u r my mom u can understand me,.,, 
dadi nod her head..

Dadi:- I know my pratap will do for better of family 
Pratap:- Please dont tell this to anyone ... If shravan comes to know thn he will get relaxed

meanwhile in garage 
shravan is sleeping on cot 
ronak singh and mandira comes ronak with gun:_ its good he came on his own
he wakes shravan shravan:- dont kill paaji
ronak:- i came to kill you and who is killing me
shravan:- how i came here.. Yesterday night ur dad came to my dream
ronak:- why ur dream
shravan :- to meet blessing
ronak:- what they said:
shravan:- he saw his bike( ronak father bike) and he was very angry abt condition of bike... He said  this bike has to win race...
chavanni and ronak clean bike
shravan what a bike what a engine.. I will have to open and reassemble.. 
ronak:- tu race win kare or loose... I just wanna u to marry mandira If u didnt marry her then i will break u in many parts...
shravan starts bike it get started and again it stops
chavnni:- lagta hai petrol khatam

shravan calls saanchi
shravan:- saanchi how are u
saanchi:- i am fine but worried abt u
shravan:- forget all tension.. I told you so i got bike...
saanchi face turn happy and how u got it..
shravan:_ forget abt it,.. can you come at bike start now..I am going for enrollment so i need my lucky charm
saanchi:- i will come but u tell me onething u havent done thing which should trouble us in future...
shravan:- no..
Then suddenly chavanni did something to bike
shravan  says okay bye saanchi
Meanwhile in mansion
all ladies are gathered in hall discussing abt bike race..
dadi:_ he is my grandson... He will only win bike
Neeta:- I heard that all specialist racers from all over india are participating
dadi:- so what
Pratap:- what u are discussiing did shravan got bike
dadi:- what u thought u will not give then he will not get it..
Pratap:- so what cc special tyres.. all are needed to win that race
Then ranbeer comes and he says to pratap he need your permission and blessing so tht he can win race,..
Pratap:- sure
everyone looks at them with anger
Ranbeer:- I am going for enrollment
saanchi:- can i also come with u
ranbeer why not
( he thinks now lucky charm is comming with me now i will only win)

dadi:- what u two have done magic on saanchi that she went with ranbeer
Pratap:- shravan must be comming over there thats why
Ranbeer reach venue with saanchi
saanchi get down and run away
ranbeer stops then  two guys came and ask him long time.. Now u are here u will only win
ranbeer:_ hmmm yeah but there is one compettier.
that two frns :- who is that..
ranbeer:- he is very theda... He can do anything... I dont wanna take any chance..
One of frn:- dont worry u will only win... I am there na,..
Ranbeer:- You have beaten so many times now see how u will win

shravan comes from rickshaw and saanchi waiting there
both look happy with each other
ranbeer walks with his frns
ranbeer:- so u will win with this khatara pointing to rickshaw
saanchi wants to say but shravan stops her
shravan:-Bahut tej bol raha hai .. if you drive fast bike like then u will win race it will be better for u
ranbeer:- we will see in race
waise model looks nice
shravan:_race is won by who drive not by models.. i know better lanes of mussorie than you
ranbeer:_ apni gali mein ko  kutta bhi sher(lion) hota hai
shravan:- this dog will know not lion..( very well replied)
both look at each other
Ranbeer walks away along with his frns

Meanwhile at garage 
shravan is working on his bike
pratap comes and sees it and feel happy
pratap walks to him
shravan sees him and what u are doing here... u r not happy that i got this bike
pratap:- I am happy that u got this bike on ur own  but i dont think u will win this race with this bike
so better accept defeat
shravan:- i will not accept defeat
pratap:- soch lo if you loose then u will loose saanchi too
shravan:- saanchi is mine and i will not loose her what ever u do
pratap:( to himself):- this confidence i wanted to see in u I also wants u to win this race my son...
bythen ronak and mandira arrives

Ronak comes to shravan and says u didnt told u are pratap jaiswal son
shravan:- we dont talk with each other'
ronak:- i will talk ...what he was saying after race shaadi do they know abt mandira and you
shravan:- Hmm
ronak get happy and leaves..
saanchi comes with food..
and says since u r working so i came to feed u myself
then mandira also call him at same time
shravan says to saanchi go now..otherwise problem will come
saanchi l;eaves
shravan is shown eating from mandira once and with saanchi in another frame( background song:- ek taraf gharwali ek taraf bharwali from movie gharwali baharwali)_
shravan is working day night on bike and saanchi is helping him with exercise and mandira making him eat
( wow what a lucky guy having two gals at his side everytime)
Finally bike get ready... Its look great and nice yellow in color..

At race venue...
Pratap along with his family comes  and takes a seat
saanchi looks for shravan,,
saanchi goes to see for shravan pratap tries to stops him but she didnt stop

she is standing in middle many racers are passing by
she saw ranbeer with his frns and turn away from him
Then shravan comes... saanchi says all the best
shravanL:- not just by saying what i said
saanchi smiles and kiss him on his cheeks
while ranbeer look with jealousy and anger
saanchi put tilak on bike and ties a thread along handle.. shravanji race jeet ke aayega... all the best...

shravan and saanchi leaves..
ranbeer to his friends:- you know what u have to do
frn:- hmm
hranbeer shows thumbs down.,..( so mean of him)
ronak along with mandira arrives
security guard stops him but he says pratap jaiswal and walks to them ronak and mandira touch feet of pratap and dadi
mandira sits next to dadi dadi tell her to sit there..
dadi ask her who is she
ronak says she is then some announcement
ronak hugs pratap and says she is my sis and we will do shagun and talk abt marriage...
pratap:- what okay we will talk after race
ronak sits next to pratap
pratap:- here is my wife sitting
ronakl:-- whats mine and whats urs
saanchi comes and sits betwwen dadi and mandira
ronak says:- the bike ( on which shravan is sitting)u are seeing is like my father
neeta:- how can be like father
ronak:- bike is like my mother too
then madhura comes and find ronak sitting in her seat
ranbeer make her sit behind pratap
then announcement begin race is abt to start
dadi in excitement :- jeetega bhabi jeetega shravan jaiswal jeetega( she should compain for

Pratap:- let race begins
announcer announce name of everyone when he announce shravan name both mandira and saanchi jumps from seat and start clapping

all racers lined up... shravan and ranbeer both give look to each other... shravan remember saanchi..
then firing done to start race...
as soon as race started shravan bike got stopped with some problems

everyone including pratap got worried
shravan get down and try to fix it meanwhile all including ranbeer is driving fast..
Then chavanni comes with toolkit and helps him... ranbeer is leading ahead of all saanchi is getting more tensed
shravan get back to his bike and wears helmet

Last part in 10-15 min
  then shravan takes his bike rides it with first wheel on top as in dhoom 2 reaches near ranbir's place and both catches hand and is fightin along that they r drivin also . endddddd
shobrakapooor IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:43am | IP Logged

Last part in 10-15 min
[/QUOTE]  then shravan takes his bike rides it with first wheel on top as in dhoom 2 reaches near ranbir's place and both catches hand and is fightin along that they r drivin also . endddddd[/QUOTE]
desi_lover_guy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Its complete now... and enjoy....Wink
sorry for lil slow but today net gone slow in middle and it was 1 hrs so thats why....
nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 11:05am | IP Logged
thx for the update
adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
awesome thanks for sharing! when will Nidhi have her baby?
chammak_challo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
Big smile let the drama continue LOL thanks for the update
tanyaj Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
thanks for the awesome update

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