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#Devil's Den# Pyar Ka Izhaar Aur Takraar (Page 3)

panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Hey thanks Suj...Hug!!! Hi Arwen, Minnie, Shraddha,  An, Priti, Geets and everybody else who I have missed...Hug!!! Jhappis to all!!!

I liked today's episode, it had the right dose of romance, comedy, drama and intrigue....An out and out entertainer....So Kudos GHSP CVs....Thumbs Up!!!

Looks like the GHSP team is coming out of their holiday mode and trying to bring back the original flavour of the show!! Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't disappoint!!!!

I liked the first scene as it was a continuation from yesterday's scene (Thank God for that) But Geet was still shouting in the beginning later it was OK....I liked the Dialogues here ...But some of them seemed like Geet was still suffering from MaanGod syndrome....Anyways all said and done it was a EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed scene

I liked the Brij scene shown after that OYEEEEE Da Brij is back....Dancing And he is out for Geet's blood....would love to see some nice fights between him and Maan.

And you know what I was just watching the old HP episodes...And the episode where Geet gets Brij arrested she was super confident and aggressive against him...That was then when she was still a frightened girl trying to fight for her rights...Now she is our Munda's Sherni....I would love to see her confront Brij and more than Maan I want her to stand up against him and bring him down...not with violence (coz she hates that) but using her intelligence....I want her to make him eat his words like Ladkiyan kisi kaam ki nahi hoti etc etc!!!! Brij really needs a strong dose of Women Power and who else but ur SHerni to give it to him!!!!!

Wow...I digressed and How!!! Anyways I am happy Brij is back!!!

I liked the way Maan told Geet that their Private Lives are Private and are not to be shared with everyone not even close family!!! Coz, there is a dignity that needs to be maintained around elders, youngsters and outsiders!!!!

Last NEB-NES scene I liked because it showed us the true colors of NEB and I enjoyed the cat and mouse game he is playing with NES!!! The stupid female deserves whatever fate has in store for her!!!

The precap looks interesting!!! I thot Maan said they are gonna work from home....then why r they going to the office...Confused!!! I guess they r going for a meeting ....

Anyways, today's episode was a full on entertainer.....Clap!!! I will take this mix any day Thumbs Up

You know the most poignant dialogue for today was when Geet said "Main aapko kabhi aapke marzi ke khilaaf kuch karne ko nahin kahoongi....bas main aapka intezaar karoongi"...That is I will never push you ever again to do something and will wait for you forever....This I feel is a hint to the future ....

Will be back later with my twopence on Arjun

Hmm...What can I say about Arjun....He's a Suave, Charming and Cool Enigma. We as an audience are still trying to figure out his master plan and there are many theories being discussed by everyone. Like Ann and Anj today have tried to create a simile between the characters from the epic Mahabharata and the characters of Geet....

So, I thought let me try a simile with another great epic of India Ramayana

As we all know Maan and Geet personify Raam and Sita...
So, we can have Arjuna as Raavana who listening to his sister Naintara...decided to avenge her honour...As we all know Surpanakha for her own interests came and told a skewed story about Raam and then Raavan decided to kidnap Sita for the sake of revenge....This might be what Arjun is trying to do but instead of Sita he is using NES.....

Although Raavan is an out and out villian...he did love his family just like Arjun and he sure as hell felt what he was doing was right...It is a different thing that he later became so enamored with Sita that he wanted to marry her...Here Jyo's Darr theory can come into picture that makes Arjun obsessed with Geet...That wud be something interesting to watch....although highly unlikelyTongue

So there are quite a many similarities between Arjun and Raavana and many dissimilarities too...Actually he is such a mystery that it is difficult to assess his character. So let's watch what path the CVs tread...they have multiple interesting ways to further the story line...SO, let's Just Wait'n Watch..LOL

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Khudi is phaast
Brij is back Oyeee
NES showing attitudeTongue
First scene Geet reealises why MSK did all this.. MSK feels she understands and trusts him more than himself.. Hmmm
Geet says he wrote the 3 words on her heart.. that touched his heart
Geet gives him a kiss and munda is all shy
Dining table wala scene was hilarious.. MSK being msk does not like anyone knowing he has changed..
All angry
Arjun NE no comments
Brij is back yippee
MSK tells her he wont touch herConfused all ork was done by khudi anywayLOL
Brij back for Geet ..Hmmm bring on the action

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Hey everyone!

Ann- i haven't read yet...LOL I will pakka se soon

About arjun- 

I love this guys character and I think he has great potential!

I am not jumping to conclusions but what I read about him in the article today- well..I hope we see various shades- AKA..GRAY.

white to black- he needs to be all to make him v interesting to us na..

Fine, let him fall for Annie..still, 

a. he could have a struggle between following the duty of a bro or following the path of justice.

b. he could still be a villain and continue to be in love...

but plz dont suddenly or otherwise turn him positive Ouch

It was awesome to see BRIJJy back!! yayie!!

About the epi-some thoughts-

1. Barry meri jaan why repeating dialogues? 
DDLJ anyone?
I love the thoughts...but sweety, originality and genius that you it :)) 

That said I liked the scene. 
Great mentions of pyaar, bharosa etc..

Reminded me of "tumhare liye pyaar ke kya maayene hai" wali line.
also the sequence reminded me of the time when maan was scared Geet was reading his mind..LOLLOL

I liked the kiss and msk's surprise..LOL

2. Footsie..ROFL...can we have more of that?LOL

Hand holding ka badla..LOL
Well- Geet is in the habit of saying everything she feels..she can't hide na..
Maan is more of a restrained person and doesn't like to tell and show to everyone how he feels...yeh toh hona hi tha..
he got annoyed at a small mazaak because he thinks some things must remain private between HUm...and not hinder his image of Maan Singh Khurana..because if he's shown as a softie to everyone..people will KNOW that GEET is the key to his heart and may harm or use her. HE DOESN't want that.
Plus he just wants to keep MAAN and MSK separate..which is what we want to..

But somehow execution of this idea didn't come through too well..

Give him small and short dialogues because...his char needs to remain a mystery na..sab kuchh bata doge toh dikhaoge kya?

We are waiting for Maneet marriage- why not confirm for sure that its happening?

Dubbing, editing- kahan gaye kal ke episode mein?? why so much of problems??

and seriously why was there an echo effect for MSK's ILU??

4.About Geet's seduction plan-
MSK tells Geet he won't touch her before marriage.
Geet says its not like that but he's too angry to understand and refuses to melt.
MSk goes thinking that only..that he must do as he thinks now.
Geet told maan that she won't force him to do anything.
So, she will just make sure he gets the point- she wants him close to her..before and after marriage-for all of her life and janams to come..

So..I feel it is in character for her.

yeah she falls and feels embarrassed because it didn't quite go as she planned and she fell into the tub..but msk will talk to her tomorrow..and it shall be fine...
(BTW Barry I loved the dialogues in the sonograph epi ..beautiful ones!EmbarrassedClap)

I am glad we are seeing in small doses some big issues in marriage and long relationships- about trust, about privacy, about compromise etc..

Good epi.Good mixture today

but Arjun-Anwesha eye locks are BLANK!!!
Seriously, the actors need to work hard on that!

That's all from me..
love to all

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2009
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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:06am | IP Logged
  • I found today's episode much better than yesterday's in terms of flow and content.
  • I guess they tried to bring some logic behind Geet's sudden transformation into a red hot siren...So Thumbs Up for that...
  • I did not understand what Arjun was doing with the rope if his intention was to turn her around at the last moment....That guy is evil. He knows that she has fallen for him and yet he hasn't stopped the hunt..curious what he has planned- killing her? brain washing her? As per the article he is going to fall in love with Anvesha too...Looking at Annie's character and the actor's abilities- Its just so hard to imagine anyone falling in love with NES!!LOL Not withstanding his poor taste in women he is the most intriguing character in the show right now!
  • I wish NES would tone down her desperation to get laid. Its a bit too much to take. You like the guy - we get it...But seriously do you really need to be such a brazen hussy?
  • I liked how we got a glimpse of MSK ...and he drew the line between his personal and public life...I think that statement will come back in the future- on how he does not like his private life being made public...even in front of family members,....and that he has a side which is only for Geet and a chosen few...Smile..Much needed dose after we almost died of diabetes over the last couple of weeksLOL
  • However, what I did not understand was this "No touching"  kasam! That was an over reaction of the worst kind..especially after the peck he got last night on the terrace!LOL..Khair we shall suspend disbelief for now...and wait for menka Geet to break MSK in the best possible way! <though we already know she is going to somewhat fail..I am reserving judgment on the overall outcome for nowWink>
  • Brijjy boy is back- wonder who paid for his bail- NT or Arjun? He is out get Geet- Cant wait to see his reaction to Geet getting married to MSK while pregnant with Saint Dev's child
  • No comments on the sugary romance in the first scene- except for the dubbing. I am guessing the noise from the snow machine drowned out the actual voices of the actors..but still the dubbing was really sad!
  • Too much of anything is not good for please go easy on the spoilers...
  • Note for the Writers/Creative directors: I think I speak for a lot of the viewers when I say that we are emotionally invested in this series. So please think carefully while scoping out the Dev track. Do not take the coward's way out by killing him or giving him a happy ending. He needs to be punished for his sins. We have waited for almost 6 months for the culmination of this track. Do NOT leave us hanging outside Meera's door indefinitely. Replace the actor- I understand you have casting constraints currently. Replace the actor and do justice to your creative vision. I am sure the viewers will support you in accepting a new actor to take AS' place. Dev's character is too important to Geet's story to just fade away into the horizon. Today he is laying no claim to the unborn child- what happens when he sees the baby for the first time? Is he still going to be indifferent? Or will we see some regret, some paternal feelings? If you kill him you can neatly tie the lose ends and carry on indefinitely with the romance- but then romance alone does neither make for great story telling or good drama as the falling TRPs indicate. We have had an overdose of romance the last couple of weeks and yet the TRPs have shown no improvement. Please do think about this.

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Arwen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:15am | IP Logged
And i m here LOLLOLLOL

guys move here Approve

@Anshu .. kaan pakar kr sowwiee EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Loved the ws nothing less than perfect..if i am on pg 3 pakka analyisn..if no..then forget it..hehe

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MishtyShona IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Hey Devils lets start a campaign for NES n NEB scenes to be shown at the end only n not in between maneet scenes... Haan Approve

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Arwen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Swati ,... we shd instead campaign for Nikunj to be fired from this show LOL

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