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#Devil's Den# Pyar Ka Izhaar Aur Takraar (Page 2)

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:03am | IP Logged
@Ann and Anj Awsome Analysis of Arrjunone of My favourite character
but the scriptures bit goes over my head as I have no knowledge about it so lemme read it again then I will edit my commentBig smile
@Jaya Fab linesROFLROFL
Love is Magical: DhillonClapClapYour dialogues were shining there..Loved how MSK said everything about Trust. She believes everything he says, her trust means a lot to him...Now both can read each other's eyes they don't need to talk..Maan said it before and Geet said it today..LOL
Geet is Leading: Munda is totally backward, She said I love you First, She kissed First and Munda stands there smiling lyk a kuurriHe is still stuck with forehead kisses and fatherly hugsROFL
Hey Bhaguuu Ghor Kalyugg..
Err-Jun & NE Torture: Stop Calling him anvesha or mum is gonna break my Screen..
Chori Chori Chupe Chupke: Munda loves to play footsie chup chup ke hold hands chup chup ke..I have issues with his kurri side..
Kurri is Modern Munda is Baba adam:Same old tricks Maan sir Kuch naya karo..Sleepy..LOok at Kurri she uses modern means of communicating, she can text u without daadi catching her and you are still stuck in Baba adam ka zamanaShe is damn clever at sneaking a lie and look at Munda being all Bhola Bhaala
Maan's Exposure:I lovee YOU GeetROFLROFLROFLROFLAy le Pol Khul gayii and Munda bcame a tomatoo..
Maan's Conversion: NO NE not from Amgry Young Man to Ranja but from AYM to Majnu with Chorri type qualities..
MSK Over-reactedStern Smile: haha they were pulling his leg as they see him as Joru ka Ghulam but he cannot take a Joke so becharaaa Maan is now hhurt the fact that his GIth exposed him and others are predicting she is gonna take the lead in everything..BUt it is a FACTGeek
So he runs away for his important Miting to hide behind Adi ka pallu
MsK Touch me NOt: I am Baal Brahmachari till our Vivaah...*MSK in Himalayas Practicing to get romantic after Marriage*
"I am Maan for you but for everyone else I am still Maan Singh Khurana" I guess here CVz are giving all those people a msg who think MSK's character is changed..That he is still the same Dusht Danav for everyone else but he can only show his natural behvaiour in front of geet.Big smile
Tasha-Err-jun-NE J sessionsSleepyTheir scenes are always torture I actually shove my head into my pillow.. I cannot stand them..
Err-Jun's Mysterious Plans to ruin MSK's D-day seems like it is Brij coz he is gonna be shown he is in delhi tomorrow. And Someone Bailed him out so NT has bailed him and Brij will meet Err-Jun in delhi..He will put his plan forward to destroy Maaneet's marriage..Although I thot it was unlikely for Err-jun &Brij to join hands but after watching today's episode it allworks out..I maybe wrong too..Loving it how the curiosity is mentioned with da Brij in Precap which will bring all viewers next day to watch GHSP at 9:30 to find out what is he is gonna do to destroy Geet..
@GC&DD Fab job with the romanchik scene in the start but tehre were issues with DD's dubbed voice..I will ignore it because its the snow blower which messes that but then howcome GC's voice had no problemErmmGC loved MSK in full form of Dusht DanavEvil Smile..DD your wish of wearing modern clothes fulfilled with red dress..I am sure you are damn excitedLOL
@CVz Year is ending and your tubelights are striking.. You are doing a fab job with everything, promotion including logical episode except today I am confused abt the date..was it deleted coz we cannot stand them
@Behzaad Welcomme BackHughaiyee I saw the scarf now my ears are eager to hear the loud "OYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
Oh wait I was in bed yesterday whole day and this popped up in my mind..Lemme leave it upto you who I am talking about hereLOL

behti hawa sa tha woh (tha woh')
udti patang sa tha woh (tha woh')
kahan gaya usae dhoondo

hum ko to raahein thi chalati
woh khud apni raatein banata
girta, sambhalta,
darr darr ke chalta tha woh
hum ko kal ki fikr sataati
woh bus raat ka jashn manaata
har raat ko khul ke jeeta tha woh

sulagti dhoop mein andehere  jaisa
raegistaan mein dhoop ke jaisa
mann ke ghav pe namak jaisa tha woh

hum sahme se rehte koovein mein
woh ladkiyon mein gotae lagata
seddhi dhara cheer ke tairta tha woh

baadal awara tha woh
yaar humara nahin tha woh
kahan gaya usae dhoondo


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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:03am | IP Logged

I found today's episode quite interesting minus some very familiar issues.

I liked the first scene. Barry, your words are beautiful. I loved that the mutual trust was brought up here. Maan knows just how much Geet trusts him. Geet, along with her trust in Maan will be his pillar of strength when his past comes crashing back. Geet's kiss was a very sweet surprise for Maan.  Although Maan Knows his Geet is a Sherani, her boldness still catches him off guard at times. EmbarrassedROFL (Everything and everyone is phassst compared to Maan) ROFLROFLROFLROFL

I know many of us hoped that Arjun will push the Non-existent one off the terrace, but nothing in life comes that that easy. Pinch So, unfortunately for us, Arjun does change his mind at the very last second.AngrySleepy I must say, Arjun is very brave to be "romancing" NES at the Khurana Mansion. Piyush was very good in this scene.Smile As for Nikunj, her blindfolds kept me from being able to assess her acting skills by the diameter of her eyes. Question

Brij...How much I love to see you. Yes I can't believe I'm saying this given that I loathed the first time around. LOL But since you've been gone I have come to appreciate the real villain that you are unlike the phony one in limbo OuchROFL

Now let's discuss my favorite scene of the episode, the breakfast table scene.  My first thought was "why are they repeating another sequence?", but then it turned out to be a very interesting one. Smile Maan is definitely a changed man  where Geet is concerned. He is in love and does not want to waste a chance to romance his fiancee.  However, that doesn't mean that he is a changed man to the whole world.  He was and is and always will the MSK when it comes to everyone else. Embarrassed When Geet exposed Maan in front of the dadi and Annie, he was irked because his MSK persona was shaken. It was not merely the fact that he was exposed that riled him up but the comments about him being a changed man.  Embarrassed His angry reaction is very true to his character,  and did not appear OTT. Although I like Geet's Maan, It's great to see that angry MSK back.EmbarrassedTongue The way Maan backs her into the wall vowed to not touch her till their marriage were words spoken about of anger. Maan is always known to have no control over his words where is anger is concerned. He himself admitted to that. LOLNonetheless, it is quite obvious that Maan is going to have to back out of this vow, given that Maan can barely keep her hands off her angry or not. And, Geet flaunting a sexy red dress is only going to make it that much more difficult for Maan. BlushingROFLROFL

Now coming to the issues:

1)      Dubbing in the first sceneOuch

2)      Nikunj non-existent acting skills SleepySleepySleepySleepyDead

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Loved what I saw today!  Awesome episode from my point of view! 

What an episode, just loved it! 


1st scene of Maaneet was so classic and apt, it was based on trust!  How blindly Geet trusts Maan, this is just a reassurance to us that if Maan's past does come in front of Geet, she will never doubt him, at least I hope so!  Loved the dialogues here, thank u DD, GC and Barry! Loved how Maan expressed his love for her, he said words aren't enough as to how much I love you, very very touching!  Loved GC's look here, his hair was looking awesome, still Im not fond of him in tight clothes!  Our kuddi Geet is just too good, she gives him a kiss and did u see Maan's eyes, oh man it popped wide open.  It shocked him a bit, but loved how he lifted her face and made her look into his eyes!

He makes her go to any extent!


NE and Arjun, well Im not too fond of the two, but Im seeing what I like as the future of the show, I'll leave it at that!


Brijy back, now that's interesting, now the question is who posted his bail! He is after Geet, Arjun after Maan and Dadi following Maneet all over the house.



Loved the breakfast table scene, yes Maan is only Geet's and I just love how he expresses his love to her, no matter how khadoos a man is a woman can either break or make him and Geet transformed Maan into who he is.  She warned him with SMS to leave her hand and he should have, but then now he has paid for the consequences, oh well that's life Maan, she didn't do it infront of anyone, just Dadi and NE and that was fine.  MSK is a man who doesn't like his image tarnished and when Geet did this, it brought his ego down as Maan Singh Khurana.   I think he over reacted a bit with Geet when he cornered her against the wall, but that is MSK, once his ego is attacked that's his reaction!  Trust me some men are very private about their love lives and Maan is too!  So he's vowed not to touch Geet til marriage, let's see how long this lasts.  This just tells me that it's now Kuddi's turn to seduce him, she will do just that, then again he is MSK and he will toy with her emotions and still might not touch her for a bit just to teach her a lesson(What a khadoos) eventually he will cave in. Creatives r u listening, Im expecting a nice romantic scene for 200th episode!


NE getting jealous Arjun with tasha, but I liked what Arjun said to her, don't make a scene and make a fool of urself, just shows he maturity there.

Let's face it guys, Brijy is back, but Maan's gussa overtakes the episode, shows how powerful he is na!  I thank the creatives for keeping Maan's character intact! 


Low points for today!

MSK's tight clothes, still I can't stand them.

Arjun's hair, please fix it! 

Edit are the creatives contradicting themselves here~

Now that I'm thinking about this whole thing with Maan being private about his love life...hello the creatives are contradicting themselves here! 

OK how about office days at one point he grabbed Geet close to him and she said people are watching, he said let them!

How about when he lifted her to take to hospital and she said people are watching he again said let them!

What the hell is his problem, now those two instances there are in public eye, did the creatives forget this! 

Geet just made fun of his nature in front of Dadi and Ne, who always tease him !

Now this nature of MSK is bugging me, Geet should give it off to him and remind him of his public display of his love! Angry

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:06am | IP Logged

Hello friends,

Hopefully holidays are treating you well with friends, families and GHSP. Anyways, the episode was wonderful, loved to see how geet exposed maan in the dinning table and later how maan turned into msk and asked geet to stay within limits in front of others as well as staffs. Yes, that's how they are; geet is cheerful while maan is full of ego! Loved their caress and clashes!
NE-arjun, still a pain. NE cant act but kept hitting on arjun. Arjun playing with her so conveniently. The way its going, NE cant even blame arjun in the future because its she who kept flirting with him. Arjun on the other hand can act but dont know how far he can entertain us who is using a female for implementing his plan. So boring!
Now comes our real vamp brij, oh what a lifesaver! I felt all refreshed, renewed, recharged when i saw brij even if it was for 15 secs! Welcome back brij.
About that bathroom scene, i supposed it was NE's plan and now i can see that its NE's plan and geet's annoyed face gave me the impression that maybe geet fell on the tub mistakenly when msk came to enjoy the whole thing! Poor geet, love you a lot.
Anyways, take care everyone
loves and prayers.............

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Theme Of Den - Arjun!
@Ann and Anj both, interesting read you have listed all the possibilities, it will be interesting to see more shades of his character CV's....
@ Jaya Lovely Lines (we had snow showers todayLOL all has vanished though)

Arjun definitely is gray character in my eyes...

Episode Analysis

Moorkho ki shehjaadi ban kar Geet ne yeh pehchaana,
Barf hai nakali yeh hai jaana.
Jitna tha sunnane ka armaan, usse kaheen jyada tha kehne ka intezaar.
Banana chahte the is pal ko khaas, koi na ho bas hum tum hon paas.
Meri khushi  ka rakha khayaal,
Aur main badbadati rahi kiya yun hi bura haal...
Pyaar hai mujhse yeh nahin koi raaz,
Is nazaraaneh se dil par mere likh diyeen yeh alfaaz.
Vada raha yeh mera aapse,
Aapki khushi mein hi meri bhi khushi hai...intezaar main karoongi pyaar se.

Vajah mere pyaar ki tumhe kya bataon,
Jaanti ho mujhse is qadar main bhi na khud ko jaan paaon.
Aqeedat tumhari yun mujhpar, jatati ho qudrat ki bhi fitrat ko nakaar kar.
Yeh ehsaas lafzon mein nahin hota bayaan,
Kaise samajhaon tumhe apne pyaar ki intehaa.
Nazarein karti hain sab kuch bayan, lafzon ki madad nahi chahiye yahan.

Khoobsurat banaya dono ne yeh lamha....
Izhaare- mohabbat ka bandha hai sama.
Geet ne diya Maan ko ek bosah gaal par, yun hai khadi ab duzdeedah-nazar.

Andhere saaye sa nikala ek shaitaan!
Yeh koi aur nahin Geet ka bhai Brij hai, Sab Saavdhaan!
Kisne hai jamanat kar ise chudaya, mauth ke fariste ko hai bahar bulaya.

Arjun khel raha niraale khel, Anvesha ko pata kar, kar raha dilon ke mel...
Kholi hai isne pyaar aur ishq ki dukaan,
Jiska istemaal kar lega jaane kis ki jaan.

Naashte par hai mehfil jameen, Dadi, Anvesha aur Maaneet.
Maan karein phir chedkani, Geet ka haath pakad kari shaitaani...
Anjaan ban Geet ko batate kaam, ek haath ke kaamkar voh hai pareshaan.
Iltejaa uski Maan ne thukrayi,
Haath nahin chodenge yeh baat isharon mein batayi.
Phone ka hoga ab istemaal, jo jor se na kaha jaye aise nikala hall.
Dadi ne baat par pabandi lagayi, naastha hoga pehle yah baat batayi.
Geet ne bheja dosara sandesh,
Dadi se voh hai kehti....Jaroor shaadi se judi koi baat hai vishesh.
Sandesh mein Maan ko kiya aagaah,
Chodo mera haat varna...Maan poochein varna kya hoga...
Geet ka ek haat se yun chatpatana,
Dadi poochein phir kyun kha rahi ho ek haath se khana?
Geet yun hai dikhati, Maan ke haath mein hai mera haath yeh batati...
Maan dekho kaise sakpakaaye, Geet ko apni aankhen dikhaye.
Badlaav ki ho rahin hain baatein, Geet Maan hain tumhare sab yeh jatate.
Maan table chod chale gaye... Teen deviyon ki baatein na sahi jaye..
Geet bhi ja rahi hai office, Maan se pooche kya hai unhe kuch jaroorat?
Maan hain khafa kyun Geet na samajh paaye?
Na choone ka vaada kar dala, Maan kis liye hain itne jhallaye?
Baat nahin ab suni jayegi Geet ki, kar diya aisa elaan.

Geet, Maan nahin jhel sakte aisa mazaak,
Shayad khatarein mein lagati hai unhe unki pehchaan...
Samajhana hoga tumhare liye hua hai sirf yeh badlaav.

Aqeedat = Faith, Bosah = Kiss, Duzdeedah-nazar = Shy look

On Maan bein in character today...
He was in character... for me Geet has taken his openness lightly or I should say for granted... he hates it when somebody makes fun of his feelings esp for Geet... and Geet unknowingly does that all the time....she needs to know that it hurts him and he'll lash back ...

Some how I also feel that what we call love; it's reverence for him. when someone makes fun of it he is super angry...Smile That was the vibe I got when that tailor scene was shown behind being possessive there is another feeling. Geet did not get the message then...she needs to learn it now... the way she feels him to be her everything.. it is the same for Maan... he may not verbalize it but it's still the sameSmile I also agree that he has an image to carry him being in control of  KC but this is the hidden meaning which is not conveyedSmile

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IndigoBlues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:13am | IP Logged

Ann said Arjun reminds her of Duryodhan.


But for some strange reason Arjun reminds me of Karna. Confused


Karna was not actually negative per se. But yeah, he supported Duryodhan out of his friendship to him, for Duryodhan filled the need Karna had for family. In the same way Arjun supports Naintara out of the blood relationship that binds them together. 


Arjun made his entry in a street fight-which shows that he's not aggressive as in lose-your-temper-frequently or generally abusive aggressive, but aggressive in the cold, calculated way. He's definitely a smooth criminal. He didn't just knock the lights out of his opponent; he had a certain style, a certain grace to it, as if he actually respected the art, like a true warrior.


Arjun chose to impersonate himself as a well, tolerable person, as a part of the family. Over here is where he deviates from Karna-Karna kept his distance from his half-brothers, for he knew he could never be a part of them. Arjun knows this too, and yet he behaves as the weird wedding planner with no agenda than to atone for his sister's sins.


Secondly, Karna was not a betrayer, nor was Duryodhan, though Duryodhan went against his brothers, his ideals as the Evil Cousin were always clear-but Arjun is different. We don't care much for NES, true, and yet it is unfair to use someone else to fight your battles-do it yourself. You might even call him somewhat a coward for doing that. Ermm


And finally he is not exactly self-harming, though he threatened to kill himself. He did not actually plan to do it. It was just a lesson for Naintara. In the same way if he kills NES then it won't be anything personal against her, it will just be a lesson for Maan. LOL


If they show a love story between Arjun and NES, as they are doing now, it might turn into a full-fledged the bad guy who turns good in love story. But it will take away the focus from the main pair. Arjun is hot, but we need to keep the theme of the show in mind. We don't want another Saint Dev on our hands. LOL

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winona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Tujhe jeevan ki dor se baandh liya hai
Tere julm-o-sitam sar aankhon par

Meine badle me pyar ke pyar kiys hai
Teri khushiyaan aur gham sar aankhon par


Today's episode started  with continuation of the last Maaneet scene in the previous episode. Geet finds out that the snow is artificial. And it dawns on her that Maan was as desperate to say those 3 magical words to her as she was to hear them. She tells him so.  Both saying ILU to each other again, basking in the glory of their new love.  He tells her that he appreciates the fact that she knows him more than he does him self  and trusts him blindly.

Labjon me keh na saku, bin keh bhi reh na saku

It was such a sweet moment.  Day Dreaming

Then the most awaited moment. Brij in Jail, gets bail.  He is on the mission revenge. Big smile

Breakfast table scene was similar to the last one when Maan held Geet's hand. But this time Geet plays the prank back on him.  Tells Dadi and Anie why she is eating with only one hand. Maan is maha embarrassed and leaves.

This was the cutest scene in the episode. Day Dreaming

Arjun - Annie scene was the continuation of their last scene. Just as we all were hoping that he pushes her down from the roof, he turns her towards the terrace where he has arranged a surprise date  for her. Lights and dinner table. Romantic. She is rapidly falling into his trap.

Babaji, why didn't he pushed her when he had the chance? LOL

After the breakfast scene Maan is super angry with Geet. When she asks him the reason for him to be so angry , he tells her that if she doesn't want him to touch her before the wedding he will oblige. She tries to tell him that she was just joking. But is not in the mood to listen.

Are yaar , why he thinks that she does not want him to touch her. Didn't she kiss him the previous night? Babaji, such a stupid quarrel.

But Maan behaving like a typical man. Men say anything when they are angry, don't they?

And now we know why Geet is trying to seduce Maan. Wink

Last scene

Arjun is playing his game well. Trying to make Annie jealous. Anie is making his task easier.

Precap 1:  

CVs again showed us that they read our posts. Many people were upset about Maan's character turning all soft lately.  Hence the explanation that he has changed only for her and only woth her. With others he is still the old khadoos MSK.

Precap 2: Devils ko jiska intezar that who aa raha hai. 

Ghar aaya mera pardesi pyas buzi mere akhiyan ki

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Hey thanks Suj...Hug!!! Hi Arwen, Minnie, Shraddha,  An, Priti, Geets and everybody else who I have missed...Hug!!! Jhappis to all!!!

I liked today's episode, it had the right dose of romance, comedy, drama and intrigue....An out and out entertainer....So Kudos GHSP CVs....Thumbs Up!!!

Looks like the GHSP team is coming out of their holiday mode and trying to bring back the original flavour of the show!! Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't disappoint!!!!

I liked the first scene as it was a continuation from yesterday's scene (Thank God for that) But Geet was still shouting in the beginning later it was OK....I liked the Dialogues here ...But some of them seemed like Geet was still suffering from MaanGod syndrome....Anyways all said and done it was a EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed scene

I liked the Brij scene shown after that OYEEEEE Da Brij is back....Dancing And he is out for Geet's blood....would love to see some nice fights between him and Maan.

And you know what I was just watching the old HP episodes...And the episode where Geet gets Brij arrested she was super confident and aggressive against him...That was then when she was still a frightened girl trying to fight for her rights...Now she is our Munda's Sherni....I would love to see her confront Brij and more than Maan I want her to stand up against him and bring him down...not with violence (coz she hates that) but using her intelligence....I want her to make him eat his words like Ladkiyan kisi kaam ki nahi hoti etc etc!!!! Brij really needs a strong dose of Women Power and who else but ur SHerni to give it to him!!!!!

Wow...I digressed and How!!! Anyways I am happy Brij is back!!!

I liked the way Maan told Geet that their Private Lives are Private and are not to be shared with everyone not even close family!!! Coz, there is a dignity that needs to be maintained around elders, youngsters and outsiders!!!!

Last NEB-NES scene I liked because it showed us the true colors of NEB and I enjoyed the cat and mouse game he is playing with NES!!! The stupid female deserves whatever fate has in store for her!!!

The precap looks interesting!!! I thot Maan said they are gonna work from home....then why r they going to the office...Confused!!! I guess they r going for a meeting ....

Anyways, today's episode was a full on entertainer.....Clap!!! I will take this mix any day Thumbs Up

You know the most poignant dialogue for today was when Geet said "Main aapko kabhi aapke marzi ke khilaaf kuch karne ko nahin kahoongi....bas main aapka intezaar karoongi"...That is I will never push you ever again to do something and will wait for you forever....This I feel is a hint to the future ....

Will be back later with my twopence on Arjun

Hmm...What can I say about Arjun....He's a Suave, Charming and Cool Enigma. We as an audience are still trying to figure out his master plan and there are many theories being discussed by everyone. Like Ann and Anj today have tried to create a simile between the characters from the epic Mahabharata and the characters of Geet....

So, I thought let me try a simile with another great epic of India Ramayana

As we all know Maan and Geet personify Raam and Sita...
So, we can have Arjuna as Raavana who listening to his sister Naintara...decided to avenge her honour...As we all know Surpanakha for her own interests came and told a skewed story about Raam and then Raavan decided to kidnap Sita for the sake of revenge....This might be what Arjun is trying to do but instead of Sita he is using NES.....

Although Raavan is an out and out villian...he did love his family just like Arjun and he sure as hell felt what he was doing was right...It is a different thing that he later became so enamored with Sita that he wanted to marry her...Here Jyo's Darr theory can come into picture that makes Arjun obsessed with Geet...That wud be something interesting to watch....although highly unlikelyTongue

So there are quite a many similarities between Arjun and Raavana and many dissimilarities too...Actually he is such a mystery that it is difficult to assess his character. So let's watch what path the CVs tread...they have multiple interesting ways to further the story line...SO, let's Just Wait'n Watch..LOL

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