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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Smooth Criminal

So it's the due date for my assignment and all the devils better read and discuss else I will come after you for revenge and it can get very nasty...just ask Parsa.

I have a new professor her name is Professor Airport. If you don't know whom I am speaking of, search somewhere below she is probably there. So anyways, Professor Airport has given me the assignment of deciphering Arjun through the study of Mahabharata.

We have had the pleasure of meeting very interesting non-existent characters a few weeks ago. There is Anvesha Khurana better known as Non-existent sister and then Arjun Rathod the stealthy villain (maybe). Arjun is a character that can go in many directions. He has the prospective to be molded in to whatever the story demands, he can transform from villain to saint.

Arjun Singh Rathod was first introduced to us while competing in a street fight. What was the point of introducing him to us in such a way? Introducing Arjun in an underground fight has left is with the impression that he is a risk taker and likes danger. It told us that he is not someone that you want as your enemy. Not only does he take part in the fight against the undefeated champion, but also succeeds in his battle.  He is a character with strong will and determination.

Arjun may come off as a hard-hitting character, but when we see him in the scene with his sister, Naintara, we realize that he is also a caring brother. He vows to keep her safe and swears revenge upon Maan Singh Khurana, whom he believes has ruined his sisters' life. This kind side to Arjun might as well be his weakness.

Naintara has poisoned Arjun's mind and has not told him the entire truth.  He is misguided and possibly digging his own grave. Being ill informed always leaves blind spots. The blind spots may lead to his loss. He does not seem to be completely evil and upholds morals to some extent. For example, giving Geet advice despite her being a stranger to him. The question is what will he lose? What if he really falls in love with Anvesha while playing his games? If he does, then when his truth comes out Anvesha may not accept him.

Arjun, it appears is proactive and a planner. He makes foolproof preparations before taking any action. From the first moment, he has drawn out how he will bring down Maan. Maan and Geet are getting married and it just so happens that Arjun opens an event management company. He has done his research. This gives him the upper hand. He is able to make his way in to their home. Not only that, he has also made a place in the hearts of the women in Maan's life, Geet, Daadi, and Anvesha. The women in Maan's life have the most influence over him. Arjun possibly has discovered that.

Arjun dynamic:

  •  Arjun has targeted Maan's sister, Anvesha in his plan for revenge. Though it is not clear what his plan is, he is toying with Anvesha's feelings. He may believe in the saying, "An eye for an eye". Maan hurt his sister and in return he will hurt Anvesha, hence indirectly targeting Maan. What can he do by using Anvesha as a pawn? He can tarnish the Khurana's reputation by maligning Anvesha as a characterless girl. 
  •  Has has to have effect on Maan and Geet's relationship. Arjun wants to take away Maan's happiness, which is Geet. In order for Maan and Geet to take a hit, Arjun must bring Geet in to play. Maan will never approve of Arjun as a partner for Anvesha. Knowing this, Anvesha turns to Geet for help. Geet then convinces Maan to allow Anvesha to be with Arjun. This gives him the perfect chance to target Maan.
  •  He can marry Anvesha and leave her or malign her reputation. That is when Maan will blame Geet for taking part in the destruction of his sister's life. Another possibility is that Arjun may actually fall in love with Anvesha, but must carry on with his revenge for the sake of his sister. If Geet and Arjun become friends, she may aid him in taking the right path.
  •  Another possible plot that can be shown is Arjun falling for Geet. He can then fight for her with Maan. Though he will fail just like Karna did when fighting for Draupadi against Arjuna.
Originally posted by an12345678

Something from An that I (Ann) have somehow missed and wholeheartedly agree with.

There is something that we are ignoring while sketching or predicting the character of Arjun. That is Geet's trust and in the end it's going to win. Arjun will turn positive because Geet still believes in goodness, and not because he is going to fall in love or he will discover his sister's plan.

He has to turn positive in the end without doing too much of damage, and possibly repent. But, there is a dark tunnel to cross before seeing the light. So Arjun will play the game.

Since this is Geet's story and she convinced Mann to hire him and start trusting people, it would look out of order if he betrays that trust. He may play dirty games, woo NE to serve his evil purpose, will fall in love, or draft a plan to spoil the wedding but he will turn out to be positive.

If he remains negative then Geet loses again.


Taking Inspiration from the Mahabharata

(Disclaimer: Do not kill me if I kill the epic. This is purely from my POV and is open for debate.)

Note: I will be looking at this thorough Arjun's point only.

Character from the Mahabharata that Arjun can possibly resemble is Duryodhona.

  • Duryodhona represents Arjun, because Naintara steers him in the wrong direction. He only sees what she wants. Similarly Duryodhona was misled by Sakuni, his uncle. Sakuni in attempt to keep the kingdom in the hands of the Kauravas, guides Duryodhona.
  • Durydhona attempts to take the Kuru Kingdom from the Pandavas. In Geet, Arjun may try to take over Khurana Constructions or make them bankrupt. Duryodhona was actually successful in this mission with the help of Sakuni. It led to the exile of the Pandavas fro 13 years. In the show however, the Khurana's can rebuild their empire. Geet being Maan's support and strength through the ordeal
  • Eventually Duryodhona is defeated by the Pandeva's in the Kurukshetra war. Arjun can continue to believe that he has succeeded in over taking the Khurana's but eventually Maan will again regain his position, just like the Pandavas did after the war.

Arjun as a character has immense potential to grow.  He basically has grey shades. He is neither good nor bad. He can change according to the information he is given. Through his eyes, he is not doing anything debauched, but merely fulfilling the duties of a brother.  To him, Maan is the felon.  Like any other person, he believes in justice being served for the ones who have been wronged. In this case, it's his sister. He is simply taking the side of his sister and fighting for her. He may be misinformed, but that does not change to what extent he is willing to ruin someone's life. That is the major difference between him and someone who is actually a positive character. He uses his intelligence for evil despite knowing the difference between right and wrong. Positive characters tend to stay one-dimensional. However, someone like Arjun can take many forms, may it be good, evil, or both. Now that is an appealing individual. He is someone who adds the right amount of spice and twist in the story, someone who should always stay true to his shady nature.

Here goes a song in the name of Arjun.

"Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie? You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal" ROFL ROFL



Character Index for Mahabharata (If you are not familiar with Mahabharata)

Arjuna - One of the five Pandava brothers. He is the most skilled archer and is always able to hit his target where he wants. Though he was very accomplished and could take down any enemy, he maintained high morals.

Karna - Son of Kunti and Surya the sun god. Kunti bore him as an unwed mother and could not raise him in fear of society. So she set him down the river and was adopted by Adhiratha. He did not know the origin of his birth till later. Karna's friendship and loyalty to Duryodhona bound him to fight against the Pandava brothers. But he did not have knowledge of Duryodhona's enmity against the Pandavas. He especially had animosity against Arjuna for winning over Draupadi. Is defeated by Arjuna during the battle of Kurukshetra.

Duryodhona -  Son of the Kauravas. His father was born blind and hence was denied power over the land, while the Pandavas were given power. This created a hatred for them in Duryodhona's heart as he was denied the throne. Duryodhona was

Sakuni - Duryodhona's uncle who had misguided him filled more poison in his heart for the Pandavas. Sakuni, wanted to take the Kuru Kingdom from the Pandavas for his nephews.

Subadra ' She was one of Arjuna's wives and sister of Krishna. She marries Ajruna despite her family being against it because they were cousins. Krishna advises Arjuna and Subadra to elope because Krishna had a soft spot for Arjuna and wanted the best for his sister. Subadra then pretends to kidnap Arjuna, so her family does not blame him for their elopement.

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Characters come in various colors. I like the gray ones. They are full of potential. Imperfect beings that make the story dynamic. Through their mere presence they create suspense. The truly intriguing ones can play others like pawn, but are somehow still human. Arjun Rathod is one such enigma. He's a fighter, a planner, a risk taker, a thinker, a free spirit. He loves Naintara and has bought her bull about Mean Swarthi Kameena. Why would he not? She is his trusted sister. Maan does not fall for his "peace" gambit, but the 3 ladies in his life appear susceptible to Arjun. Daadi he trust he seems o have won, Annie to his charms has fallen prey, Geet wants to give him scope. He may also have an admirer in Tasha, who can help him make inroads into Khurana Construction. But, let us not underestimate BabaMaanDev.

What we do not know is what bad story NT has given about begunah Maan. What Arjun does not know is that the story is false and his sister is not suicidal, but homicidal. How will we react when he learns the truth? Will he be able to live with his actions? Will he be the Arjuna, Karna, or Duryodhana of this story? For those of you conphused ' Geet mein yeh log kaha hai? I am talking about the great Indian Epic ' Mahabharata, the ultimate treasure trove of grey characters.
  • Arjun: Is his name emblematic of his ultimately "white" nature? Arjun* Why might the paradigm fit? He is woeing the Advil against her brother's wishes for his own strategic reasons. Just like Arjun entranced Balaraama & Krishna's sister before her marriage to another. He has the strategic, artistic and combative nature. And once he learns the truth (becomes enlightened), as Arjuna was by Krishna on the cusp of the kurukshetra war, he may fight to defeat his own blood (NT).

  •  Karna: Or will his obligation to NT, as her brother, overwhelm his sense of justice or fair play (assuming he has some)? If so, will he gift away his armour like Karna at the start of the battle upon learning the truth of his birth and awareness that he was siding with evil? Yet, then proceed to side with NT regardless due solely to loyalty.

  • Duryodhana: Or will he stay staunch to the bitter end like Duryodhana. Seeing no wrong in what he is doing ' his mind entirely corrupted by his puppeteer (NT). Giving Maan takkar to his last breath/exit.

Which of these Gray Archetypes he will follow is for the Geet:HSP team to decide and for us to gobble up or gag upon. It would be kewl if they sketched remorse, inner-conflict, isolation, and desperation into Arjun Rathod's story that will keep him gray. How so?

  •  An occasional bout of perception that he is deluding an innocent girl, who herself has wronged none except the audience with her presence.
  • Glimmers of guilt when he is with Geet. Unbidden attraction to her radiant warmth
  •  Raw regret or rage that he cannot meet the eyes of MSK when he is defeated or enlightened
There are a 101 paths that Arjun can take into his destructive destiny. Here is but, a quick sampling:
  • Baazigar: He kills Anwesha not immediately but, later when he realizes that she is not MSK's jaan. He then gains entre into KC via Geet, whom he quickly becomes enamoured with. Then we can have Darr or a outright powerstruggle
  • Corporate Espionage: He can slowly siphon the secrets of Khurana Construction directly from the home, Tasha, etc. during the course of the event planning. Then use it against MSK when he's back from his honeymoon.
  •  Marriage Con: He can marry his way into the family ' seducing Annie and then maybe saving the bride from Brij, so its hard for even Maan to say "no". Then make work and family life for Maaneet total regret.
  •  Contract Out: He can bring recruit outside muscle (i.e. Sameera or Brij, as they may have mutual goals and would not know each other). But, he does not seem the designating type.
  •  Direct Warfare: We can rule out a straight up war at this early stage, as Arjun is intent on keeping his intentions hidden. But, later such a all-out corporate competition war might happen.

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 

Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT fully live yet.  So, watch from the site if u can.  Its the least we can do as good viewers.  

Note to Devils:
If you have reserved beyond pg 3, please PM the den opener the link to your analysis for index. Thank you.


Pg. 1 Analysis
Ann.A, Darlunia (Jaya) , mi7chimes (Resmi), liv2laugh (Jhan), starlite7(Vandana)

Pg. 2 Analysis
Cute_Ash (Ashu), MarshaP, 49erFan(Geets), taqdir (Nabiha), Shreya_I (Shree), IndigoBlues (Meg), Suj01, Winona (Praju)

Pg. 3 Analysis
Panchjun5, spshastr (Smita), Geet.a, -pixie- (Shradha)

Analysis by Zarmyna on Pg. 9

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Pyar Pyar Pyar!!! Uff Kitna Pyar!! For the people who would never refer to their feelings as love have finally done it! Now we know what they feel is PYAR! They have uttered it many times in the last tow episodes enough to make up for all the time they not say it.LOL They finally said it!! They said "I love you"!! Shocked Not once, but trice for Maan and twice for Geet.

The episode begins with Geet discovering that Maan had faked the snow fall for her. She gets annoyed and then realizes that he did it only to make his "ILU" moment special. This was much better then what we saw the day before. Geet also gives him a kiss, though not where he wanted. But it seemed he was pleased. LOL  I'm not sure that too much soft mushy dialogues in good for my glucose level. Keep it on the down low.

Entry of Brij! I am super excited for this track. He says one line and it takes the cake!! He will hunt down Geet where ever she is!! Go Brij!! Find her and make her life miserable either way he will end up taking the fall at the end. Bring on the twist!! welcome back Brij!!

My favorite scene is the breakfast scene. Maan keeps joking with Geet and she pays him back for it by embarrassing her in front of Daadi and Anvesha. I think Maan's behavior is justified. That is the Maan from HP days. He likes to be private and does not like display of his emotions and life in public...that is how it was from day one. So Geet telling Daadi and Annie about how he has changed in love wont sit well with him. He likes to be the person with power and dignity...showing him as some lover boy in front of the world goes against his nature and that is precisely why he is angry. 

Maan version Dusht Danav is back!!!! I am glad the CV's finally have decided to bring back the old Maan. It is justly apt that she tells Geet to draw a line between their relationship and the rest of the world. That is exactly what the Maan Singh Khurana we know would do. He is a private person and only Geet should be able to see the change in him. To the rest of the world he is MSK. This is how it should be, to the world Maan is Angry young man and to Geet he is lover boy.

Arjun and Annie scene: Today i think it was better. Nikunj still needs improvement though.  Arjun is a kaccha khiladi and knows exactly what he is doing. I wonder how he will ruin Maan and Geet's wedding. Will he team up with Brij? If he teams up with Brij and later find the truth about what Naintara really did, he may counter Brij in the process. That will get him in to Maan's good books. He will eventually fall in love with Annie and she may be the one to reveal the real story behind his sisters deeds. Arjun may have too choose between love and  family, but my judgment of him says he will choose what is the right path. This will prove Geet's belief in humanity to be just and prove Maan's view that she is naive wrong. Which is appropriate.

Overall I liked the episode.  Much better then yesterday. Good transitions between scenes and much better execution.  Thumbs Up

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I had to reserve a spot
To share my views and what not
On the non existent brother
And his potential character

But the character sketch history
Of dastardly Dev in this story
Does not give me any hope 
That Arjun will be the psychopath in this soap!

While I hated Arjun's cliched entry
Which was hardly complimentary
His smooth and calculating ways
Have been winning me over temporarily

But I am far more excited today
About Brij and his talwar wielding ways
I love that he is unrepentantly
The villain in Geet's story

I want him to create lots of drama
Unlike Dev who wanted to be a mahatma
Or Arjun who will soon fall in love
With the NE sister I wish he had shoved!

So...while I hate the story these days
And I scratch my head at the screenplay
The evil characters are making me stay
And watch this story without going away!


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ughh!!Stern SmileErmmWacko

skipped sleep for analysis yest.. thn 8-8 duty... n gotta catch a train at 6 tomrw morning!... so yea i need sleep..!!

One plea... yea plea it has bcom!Ouch

Who ever who decides what comes where...!! n who ever who chides you come here...!! needs to get there braincells drycleaned!.. i suggest Ariel Oxyblu.. kyunki Dag nahi.. behatar safayi dikhegi..!!

T BRIJ!!Cool yeh dil maange mor!Embarrassed

As usual screen play was good.. execution and editing  was bad!!

PS : MSK did not overreact!
PPS : Nikunj cant act!! n Piyush tries to act!
PPPS : MSK has no sista!! n tats fact!


il edit if train is possible!LOL

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The tale of Mahabharatha(MB) is itself so complex that trying to fit a modern day TV series completely into it is a mammoth task. However MB is a story that has a bit of everything - love, hatred, jealousy, fall from grace, redemption, return of the prodigals, cruelty, kindness, scheming, saviors, evil and finally the triumph of goodness. So you can see parts of any story in the MB and the MB in any story by extension. Wink

The characters of the Mahabharatha are themselves so finely crafted that there is not one character that is simple and this is what makes the tale so fascinating. It is a story of human folly and how no one is exempt from it. Star

I know a lot of people think that Geet is following the MB but I do not subscribe to that theory. For starters Geet is no Draupadi. She may have had 2 husbands but that is where the similarity ends. Draupadi had a loving family to back her plus she was accomplished in her own right.

Maan is actually a mixture of all the Pandavas and a few characteristics of the Kauravas
- he is a man who is very intelligent and sticks to his ethics like Yudhistira and like Yudhistira he is a one-woman man Wink
- he is a man who has strength like Bhima
- he is a man who once he sets his eyes on a target, he will acquire at all costs, much like Arjuna
- he is a man who works by his instincts and can anticipate trouble much like Nakul
- Sahadev was good with animals and a great swordsman. So if I have to pick one of the qualities to match Maan, I would pick the latter because he was involved in a sword fight with Brij LOL LOL
- Maan is arrogant and this is a quality that Duryodhana had
- Maan is also not a people person. The Pandavas were well liked and the Kauravas were not so I guess that would make him like Duryodhana.
- His love for his family would make him more like the Pandavas

Originally posted by md410

@ Jhan
great analysis with MB base
MSK ko then you should call Karna too
becoz every Pandav has one quality but Karna had all five in him.

NE does not fit in anywhere because she does not exist just like the Pandavas did not have a sister Maan does not have a sister haan ROFL

Dev is a confused character who started off like Duryodhana being guided by Shakuni (NT) but then went rogue and decided to do his own thing ROFL

Daadi would be a combination of Bhishma (the wise grandfather bound to the throne) and Dhristhrashtra (the blind king). Daadi is blinded by her ability to take things at face value and her maternal feelings.

Arjun (combination of Duryodhana and Karna)
- he comes to take revenge because of the machinations of NT (Shakuni) so that makes him similar to Duryodhana
- he seems to have morals unlike his sister and this makes him similar to Karna.   Karna was a very virtuous person but he sided with the unjust because of his friendship with Duryodhana. Just like that Arjun will side with NT and avenge his sister's perceived insult.
- Karna was very intelligent and Arjun is the same.
- Karna was very good at strategy and plotted the downfall of several warriors on the battlefield. Arjun is planning the downfall of Maan
- Karna had his armor taken away and this was the cause of his death. Arjun's armor is the fact that he believes his sister was wronged. The day he realizes that this is false is the day he will fall.
- The reason for Duryodhana's downfall was a woman (Draupadi) and the reason for Arjun's downfall will be one too. No it will not be NE Dead.....shame on you for even thinking that LOL. Geet will be his Achilles Heel and it is her faith in him that will bring him down in the end. He will be able to handle Maan but he will be unable to break the faith the Geet has in him. It is the goodness in Geet that will win him over in the end and vanquish the monster in him.

The biggest problem with the MB theory - there is no Krishna - if there was no Krishna there would not have been a MB.

So I rest my case

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Helloo Nissar, CVs, Barry, friends et al … a good episode with interesting upcoming events. But before I begin I wanted to voice my disappointment at the one of the spoilers posted today on Geet FB.

Yesterday's episode ended with a good cliffhanger – will Arjun push NE over the edge ? Is that part of his plan to get back at MSK?

You shud have let us wallow in our perceived impression that this was Arjun's plan. Why did u nullify that with one of your spoilers today (before airing the show, mind u) which showed NE and Geet together ? Arrgghhh !!!!!

Caught red-handed !
Moorkhon ki shehzaadi finally figures out it's fake snow…LOL ! Loved Maan's guilty look. So now Geet has also started reading Maan's eyes ….wah bhai wah ! Loved this scene ! Magar aaj yeh baat apne mere dil pe likh di ! Some very good dialogues, Barry !
Liked the kiss on the cheek too…and Maan's first reaction … out of this world ! GC/Maan – Fantastico !

Oye ! Welcome back !!!
Who posted bail for Brij ?
Who will be a better villain – Brij…NT…Dev…or…Arjun ?

One thing's clear…Arjun loves taking risks but can also rein in his killer instinct at the last minute.

@ Breakfast table
Liked the usual Maaneet nok-jhok. This time Geet is bolder and exposes Maan which he does not appreciate. Ranjha Maan to Angry MSK. Geet has yet to learn when not to provoke Maan.

One thing I must say, even tho she is shaky pouring that cuppa coffee with hand, she, a new mobile owner, seems to be pretty deft at SMSing with one hand !

Precap - Mein tumhare liye Maan hoon, baaki sabhi logon ke liye, abhibhi Maan Singh Khurana hoon.

Arjun-NE in KC
Arjun saying – Mera maksad Maan Singh Khurana ki shaadi tak hi pura hoga….interesting !

Let's noodle on some of the possibilities –
• Arjun sprung Brij out of jail – how does Arjun know Brij ? Do Arjun-NT have a heart-to-heart talk wherein NT tells the truth ?
• NT sprung Brij out of jail – NT is unsure if Arjun can deliver so she uses Brij as Plan B. Who else hates Geet as much as NT ? Brij, of course
• Brij's old gang sprung him out by stringing along some savings…why is Brij in Delhi (per the precap) ?
• Tomorrow's promo dithered on the sonogram… that means Brij's arrival is harmful to baby.
• How will Brij react when he finds out that Geet is getting married to Maan ? Weren't Bri-Maan at logger heads in HP? Will Brij still be willing to hurt Geet now ?
• Will Brij hurt Geet coz she sent him to prison, forget everything in between ?
• What if all the chakki peesing has calmed down Brij enuff to have 20/20 vision (a far cry), eventually understand the real culprit ?
• What if Brij goes after Dev/NT ?
• Will that pit Brij against Arjun ?
• What if Maaneet/Brij unite against NT/Dev and fight for the HP land ? Wouldn't that bring in the rest of Geet's family into the picture and extend that storyline ?
• How about pairing Sasha with Brij ? Why not ? Wouldn't they make a fantastic couple, oozing poison ?

Nissar, Barry, CVs – good job on the episode and keeping our interest in the upcoming possibilities. Find good actors to replace AS and Kanika. Now with Brij back, we need Dev and Sasha too back in the game. Let there be justice for all !

Good to see the old MSK back at the same time as Brij !

Gurmeet, Drashti – Fabulous….eagerly looking forward to the sangeet :)

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Jun 15th Update: Takraar Before Pyaar

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md410 90 10764 16 June 2010 at 6:48am by sizezeroaddict

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