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BB4 ~ Daily Discussion ~ 29th Dec 2010

Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 7:53am | IP Logged

StarWelcome to the Bigg Boss 4 forum Star

A new season with new host Salman Khan and new house mates. Lets hope to see good entertainment and fun.

This thread is for daily episode discussion wherein anyone who is watching the show can post the happenings/updates/incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.  All are free to add their own observations/opinions/ interpretations. If you find some part missing, you can add to it but there is no need to bicker with the post maker.
For those members who want to know in brief what transpired in the episode, the DT has thought of an option. We will compile all the updates/snippets posted by the members in the thread and summarize it in the main post itself. Members who wish to update please do so on the main page so that it doesnt get lost in the pages and those interested in reading comprehensive update can access easily.
Importantly take the show as a means of entertainment only do not get affected. To the fans of celebrities please do realise that the celebrities here are NOT playing your fav character from a show but they are here as their real selves.  Hence criticism will be directed towards the celebrity so no need to feel angry or fume over it. Criticism should be in civil manner and based on the show's premise. NO involvement of personal life will be tolerated. Its debatable whether the show is scripted or not Many a times you would find two celebrities fighting but still they are not becoming sworn enemies of each other and later on they would be friends again.
The recordings of a couple of days is edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth. Arguing with each other over the celebrity actions will not help either you or the celebrity. It will only causes bitterness within us. Its fine to comment/criticise the actions/reactions of the housemates but absolutely No personalised comments against housemates or against members will be tolerated.
Please remember that IF-COC applies on all posts made.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome. Have fun.

Moderator's Note: 

If you have query  related to closing or warning issued then pm to the DT  clearly citing the issue. There is NO need to be angry/furious over it and express your issue clearly. The DT wont entertain such posts on the forum.
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Zero tolerance policy towards derogatory/demeaning and obscene references.
BB4 Development Team

Its been noted that in Discussion thread, certain celebs are being talked about and joked on. The ardent fans are requested not to feel antagonised and take it as light hearted bantering, limiting it to the harmless fun only, but anything offensive or derogatory will NOT be tolerated. To the members joking, dont stretch it beyond the civil limits.

Thanks and seeking cooperation of All.

Please do NOT post till the episode begins. Thanks.

Those who want to give details please reserve. Thanks.


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axeion IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Since I don't see anyone giving updates... Let me update from what I see on Youtube Ouch

Day 86, 8:00 A.M.

Wake-up song : Yaadon ki baraat...

Ashmit, Shweta and Sameer are having a "Red Bean Bag" Conference...Ashmit wants the other two to ask their fans for more votes...Sammy n ST feel it won't make much difference, while Ashmit requests all his fans and BB's fans to vote for them Big smile

Dolly and Khali on dining table, Dolly wants Khali to start confronting the others...But Khali refuses...Dolly imitates Khali and shows him how she would have reacted had it been her in his shoes Evil Smile Khali refuses to get into any kind of a brawl... Dolly is amused and sings "Kya hua Veerji ko, thande ho gaye" ROFL

Dolly wants Veerji to call the captain and inform her to ask some other gharwala to feed Khali...Veerji refuses to play the messenger initially, but then says he would inform ST. He calls ST in for breakfast, but ST says she's already done with her breakfast... So Khali can go ahead and start eating. But Khali wants to know who's going to feed him and Ashmit comes to play the Nanny for Khali ROFL Dolly wants to know why Sammy din't volunteer and if he was aware of the task...

Ashmit comes in, and Khali wants to know if Sammy is still upset over Monday's issues...Ashmit doesn't answer anything.

Evening time...Everyone is discussing who would feed Khali again..And Ashmit says he's already done with it. ST nudges Sammy to feed, and Sammy says he doesn't feel like. Khali asks Sammer if he is coming, but Sammy dodges the question so the dejected Khali asks Dolly if she's going to feed him... (Gosh, this is disgusting...) Dolly points towards Sammy.... Sammy very smartly dodges it again and inquires Dolly abt what she wants to eat... Dolly repeats the question like a parrot and asks "Khane mein kya kya chahiye aapko" .... Khali says "Chawal hai toh bhi theek hai"...Dolly is not willing to play Nanny this time around...She says that the food is ready so whosoever is playing Nanny can feed him. Sammy wants to confirm if Dolly is feeding Khali, but Dolly refuses giving the reason that she needs to shower Confused

Sammy is still not budging from his stand, and he asks if ST wants to feed Khali...And she agrees, but Dolly says the Captain is not supposed to perform any tasks...Khali ko toh bhook lagi hai bhaiya...He says "Aisa kuch nahi hai, agar woh khud khilana chahti hain toh hum kya kar sakte hain" ... ST says "Ab Dolly ji kisi ko force toh nahi kar sakte naa" and Khali agrees ... (ST deserves a Clap here,and Sammy boy Thumbs Down)

Ashmit volunteers to feed Khali again, but Dolly reminds him that he did it in the morning too...But ashmit says, he's ok with it...and doesn't mind. He informs Khali that he'll finish his snack and be there in a minute...Khali says, thats fine as ST is feeding him...Ashmit reminds him that ST is captain and she can't feed Khali...So he says he'll there in a minute...Khali goes in.

In the Kitchen... Dolly asks ST whether Sammy will feed Khali or not? ST says Sammy never refused, but he said Dolly will feed Khali or Ashmit will feed... Dolly wants to know, who's Sammy to decide that Ouch

Dolly informs Khali that she was just messing around, and she will feed him... She was just saying that everyone shld take turns while doing the task..Khali says he knows it and he agrees with her... 

Ashmit tells ST that she is not supposed to feed Khali as she is the captain. She informs him that Dolly is feeding Khali. Ashmit tells ST not to volunteer for the task ever, as it's against rules...and goes in.

Sammy says if he continues staying with ST n Ashmit...then uska kuch nahi ho sakta... He's pissed that the other two listen to whatever is told and don't oppose it, but they still whine abt it to themselves Ouch ST reminds him that its just another 10days more, and everyone will go their own way...Sammy says it's not abt 10days, he says ST complains "Dolly ji yeh, Dolly ji woh" but when she feels something, then she shld have the courage to take a stand too...He also mentions that he fed Khali twice everyday before...It's only now for the past 2days that he doesn't feel like doing it It' shldn't be a big issue...He says Khali repeats "Dolly ji Dolly ji", so now he shld bug her to feed him...Why is he asking others. St says that Sammy is out of his mind...and Sammy smiles it off saying..He can only take things till they reach a threshold after which He doesn't care... Once the person loses his respect in Sammy's eyes..then it's lost forever. He wouldn't do anything that he doesn't feel like doing. Audience might chuck him out, nothing can be worse than that...So he doesn't care whether he's inside the house or not...

Dolly and Khali have a lil "Koffee with Khali" session... Khali advices Dolly to be patient as everyone is trying to rile her up...He says both Sammy and Ashmit are trying hard to disturb the balance... He also says ST and Sammy are trying to make Khali lose his cool...

Sammy and St are having their own "Rendezvous with Beany Sammy" ... Sammy tells ST, it's going to be fun when Khali will lose his cool... He says Khali does get angry at times, but he composes himself immediately Tongue 

Back to "Koffee with Khali"... Khali says that its like a test for him and he shld maintain his cool... He thinks that the others would win a lottery if they succeed in making him angry...Dolly wants a clear explanation of this...Khali says it's of no use trying to explain it to to Dolly...But she wants to understand what Veerji's Dimmag is she pesters him a lil more...He says if he loses his cool, he might get physical..And hence stands a higher chance of being chucked out from the house...Dolly agrees with him.

Back to "Rendezvous with Beany Sammy"... Sammy says Khali might be wondering ki kahaan phans gaya..He might have expected  happy n fun-filled stay in the BB house with all luxuries, but it's not like that...ST adds that BB won't let it be a happy journey, the road has many bumps LOL She says BB tests everyone (kis liye Evil Smile) And Sammy is glad that everyone is tested LOL

"Koffee with Khali" .... Khali says that his gut feeling says ST or Sammy are going out this week...Dolly reminds him that this is the first time ever he had a gut feeling LOL

"Rendezvous with Beany Sammy"... Sammy claims that had all the four of them been nominated, Khali would have been the one to leave the house...St reminds him that Khali isn't nominated, so Sammy says that himself and ST are the culprits Ouch

"Koffee with Khali"... Khali thinks jo acha hota hai woh final mein jata hai, and jo aur bhi acha hota hai wohi jeetega..Isme koi cheating nahi....Yeh BB ka ghar hai ROFL

"Rendezvous with Beany Sammy" ... Sammy and ST decide to pray for each other LOL Sammy has a problem with Khali's size and his name...He thinks BB is pampering Khali. Sammy says "Main bhi apna naam rakh leta hoon - The Great Sameer" ROFL He wonders what BB might be calling Khali, and decides on renaming himself The Great Sameer Tongue ST and Sammy, then try to think what BB calls everyone...and Sammy says that BB calls everyone with their first name trying to project that everyone is equal...ST toh abhi bhi BB ko sabse great manti hai Wacko

Guest on "Rendezvous with Beany Sammy"... Ashmit joins the Duo to form a Trio ROFL ST wants to tell him something, but thenstops herself...She says she wont tell..>While Sammy teases her saying that she would spill the beans herself within 10mins, ST says she won't this time around. She says there are some other things also that she wants to share, but she stops herself everytime. Sammy asks her if they are good things or bad, and she says good...So Sammy says she shld share them. But ST says, she can't as it won't be good for her if she shares them Confused ST says uska n Raja ka cased chal raha hai...And Ashmit wants to know if Raja is still in touch with Palak. She says yes, and then Ashmit bolta hai that it's the toughest time for the kid...ST says she can find a good BF/Husband, but she needs to find a good Father for Palak...Ashmit says something... (I am spacing out already, Sorry Guys Cry)

Sammy says, he plans out the next 24hrs in advance and how his GF hates it... And then he gets into a story abt his previous bday...and starts talking in English. ST is concerned that they might get punished, but Sammy says they'll talk in Hindi when they are gossiping ROFL BB reminds/warns Sammy not to use English and the responsibility of checking on him is assigned to all others...BB punishes the rest of the inmates for their unsuccessful attempt at checking Sammy's English... Sabko ab Sammy ke saamne Uthak Baithak karni padegi Angry Dolly is angry...ST agrees with Dolly, and Sammy says he'll give them company...ST makes Sammy do some Uthak Baithaks playfully Tongue Dolly makes him do a few extra ones too ROFL Sammy starts blabbering in Hindi LOL

The task starts... With Pam's entry scene. Sammy is playing Ashmit while Dolly plays Pam ROFL ST is Veena, Ashmit plays Hrishu and Khali is Manojwa ROFL Funny scene...Not updating it Ouch

Scene 2: Sara throwing fit over her Shaadi ka Lehenga ROFL ST is Sara, Sammy is Ali Ouch Dolly plays Ashmit ROFL while Ashmit is Hrishant Tongue

Scene 3: Ashmit = Seema, ST = Dolly, Dolly = Veena,... (I don't recognise the scene yet Ouch)

BB announces that they are heading towards the end of the show, and it's Dolly, ST or Sammy;s to leave this Friday. So he wants to know the opinion of everyone in the house.

ST -> Dolly, least amount of time spent in the house.
Sammy -> Dolly, same reason.
Ashmit -> Dolly, same reason.
Khali -> Sammy, for spreading Bhed-Bhaav in the house.
Dolly -> ST, same reason as nominations.

Sammy indirectly taunts Khali when the latter is filling up his water bottle, while the former is doing dishes Angry He apologizes to ST for Bhed-Bhaav-ing against her...And says ab se woh gaane gayega and bansuri bajayega...

Khali wants to know who was Sammy referring to, while Sammy says he was talking to ST and Khali shld listen to the whole sentence before butting in. 

The Big Fight begins...*Blowing Conch*
Khali and Sammy get into an argument, where Sammy has just one argument..."Main aapse toh baat hi nahi kar raha, toh aap kyun baat kar rahe ho"... Khali is all riled up...And warns Sammy to mind his ways...

Sammy apologizes to Khali and says all though he doesn't agree with Khali's reasoning...He shldn't have smiled. Khali confronts Sammy again about Sammy's behaviour in the kitchen...and they end the argument with Sammy apologizing saying that he over-did it Ouch 

Sammy relays the conversation to ST, and says Khali is furious bcoz of the Video tape. Sammy jokingly says, he needs protection ROFL Security bulao LOL

Dolly is laughing like crazy and Khali wants to know the joke Shocked Dolly now wants to know what did Sammy say, but Khali says lets not talk abt it...and vaguely summarizes the whole incident...

Sammy relays the incident to Ashmit, and says how Khali ki sari greatness ki aisi ki taisi ho gayi Confused Sammy admits he was expecting Khali to punch him in the face, but Ashmit says Khali can't raise his hands...But Sammy says Khali was most out-of-control today as compared to ever before on the show.

Dolly and Khali back to "Koffee with Khali",,,Dolly says now Sammy realises what it means to be challenged by a man...And something something... Kuch toh mard-aurat-sher ka nara laga rahi thi... Same goes on between Sammy-Ashmit-ST...Everyone is praising their ownself and how they were right...

Aaj ki picture khatam babu... Kal please original updaters wapas aa jao...U guys are seriously great ... Ishan, SASu, Gypsy...U all deserve a (virtual) standing ovation ClapClapClap

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cl0wn IF-Dazzler

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Khali to Sameer : " Main tere ko warning de raha hoon" Shocked Shocked Shocked LOL

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yellowflower IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Samir bitching abt Khali to Shweta....... Dolly instigating Khali against Samir, Shweta, and Ashmit and Khali replies that its his test because he is being instigated so that he raises his hands and get evicted.......... 

Mai to abhi Khali ki fan ban gayee............. Khali is sooo cool headed......... 

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kakka_ji_kahin Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cl0wn

Khali to Sameer : " Main tere ko warning de raha hoon" LOL
Smile Sameer Pitne ke pure plan bana raha hai  Tongue
Quantico IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by samFan

Samir bitching abt Khali to Shweta....... Dolly instigating Khali against Samir, Shweta, and Ashmit and Khali replies that its his test because he is being instigated so that he raises his hands and get evicted.......... 

Mai to abhi Khali ki fan ban gayee............. Khali is sooo cool headed......... 
way to go The great Khali LOL .  Dolly is surely asking for more troble. Why khali is hanging out with her dont understand. He has shweta to be sweet with him LOL . Dolly ne bhabhjiii koo bole diyaa khali is getting out of control . LOL

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Quantico IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kakka_ji_kahin

Originally posted by cl0wn

Khali to Sameer : " Main tere ko warning de raha hoon" LOL
Smile Sameer Pitne ke pure plan bana raha hai  Tongue
007 sameer plan, Khali or dolly hits him again and they are out. LOL

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Quantico IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Waise inmates are right about kahli being one sided. He always tell others to keep quiet when dolly scream on top of her voice.

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