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~ AR OS : Just Do As I Say ~

Chotii Goldie

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My Dearest AR-ians, DMG-ians (esp KaJen-ians Tongue) Hug

I'm Saz and I'm here to share the first O/S I wrote a few months back for a Geet FF contest :) I randomly felt to alter it to suit AR and repost it for you guys to read and tell me what you think of it as I certainly enjoyed reviewing this on AR! Embarrassed

Quick note to all and one: This forum is bursting with amazing, creative writers who I urge to please overlook the standard and simply smile at the effort and ideas in the work ;) This O/S isn't anywhere near as good as what the brilliant lot write so everyone, before reading this, tie up those expectations and stuff them through a postbox and send to "Neverland" please =D

Just Do As I Say

Movie: Veer (Armaan Riddhima ishtyle Wink)        Scene: Veer enters Yashodhara's palace to spy

 The scene starts where Veer has entered his lady love Princess Yashodhara's palace. He has come to spy on the plans of the British army who is being supported by the princess's father. At the same time though, he wants the princess to confront her father about their relationship.

Her eyes widened as she sensed a familiar tune being played in the grand hall. Without thinking, she gripped onto the heavy skirt of her gown and flew out of her room across the palace corridors, rushing towards the hope of seeing him there. Her heart rising and falling to the rhythm of the piano, her excitement mounting as the sound grew louder, she knew she was getting closer. Breathless, she finally reached the balcony above the hall, rested her anxious hands and body against the barrier for support and focused her eyes on the figure playing the tune. She felt foolish as she saw her friend Nikita seated at the piano, playing the last note of the melody. As if her heart had played an unfair joke on her, she looked away defeated. She closed her eyes to take a breath and whispered


Her tender murmur may not have been heard by the few people present, but it had surely reached him. This was enough for Armaan to know that she was missing him as terribly as he had missed her. With the intention to relieve her pain, he leaned forward, revealing himself near the piano and responded

"Dabi dabi saanson me suna ta maine... bole bina mera naam aaya."

Her heart flickered as his voice tickled her senses. She turned her head in the direction of the sound to find that he was really there. Her eyes filled with tears of joy and love as they met his equally loving gaze. They both lived a thousand moments in that one alone, their eyes expressing how happy they were to have found each other again. His presence caused an increasing havoc in her entire body. She needed to get down that staircase and see him closer, whilst he stood there refusing to shift his gaze from her for even a second. He wanted to drink every detail of her form that day, slowly and fully. As she fluttered down the final step, she was greeted by Atul, Armaan's younger sweet brother whom she felt warm to see at the palace as well. She quickly glanced behind him and saw the brother who had captured her heart moving towards her with Nikita holding him by the arm. Armaan released Nikita's hold on him and walked closer to Riddhima. He lifted her hand to kiss it, looking into her eyes the whole time. Riddhima could feel the warmth of his lips pressing through her satin glove making her blush and lower her eyes. Armaan adored this charming sight of Riddhima, raised her arm a little higher pulling her forward to begin a dance.

He began "Dabi dabi saanson mein suna tha maine, bole bina mera naam aaya..."

Armaan twirled Riddhima around making her truly feel like a princess for the first time in her life. As Riddhima spun out, Nikita spun into Armaan's arms. His eyes still fixed on a shy, smiling Riddhima as he continued

"Palkein jhuki aur uthne lagi toh, haule se uska salaam aaya"

Overwhelmed by the magic in the room, Riddhima sang back

"Jab bole woh, jab bole..."

Charged up by his lady love, Armaan twirled Nikita into Atul's arms and pulled Riddhima nearer to himself again, keeping their faces close he sang

"Uski aankh mein rab bole"

They were quickly reminded that they were not alone as Nikita and Riddhima's sister Anjali joined them in their dance of love, joining hands with them and forcing the couple to stand at a distance, opposite each other. With her eyes falling to Armaan's lips, Riddhima sang again

"Jab bole woh, jab bole"

to which Armaan answered with a smile forming on his lips

"Uski aankh mein rab bole"

Riddhima glided two steps forward close to Armaan singing

"Paas paas hi rehna tum, aankh aankh mein kehna tum"

She was about to take two steps back again when Armaan held onto her hand to stop her. He tilted his face as if about to kiss her, and answered her

"Dekha tumhe to aaram aaya."

In this way, Armaan and Riddhima danced until the evening ball began where they were both accompanied by different partners for the rest of the time. Although delighted with Armaan's sudden appearance at the palace, Riddhima could not help but feel anxious for what this could mean. If her father found out that this was Armaan, the same man who her father held responsible for her brother's death, Armaan's life would be in danger. The thought of it passed a chilling fear through her body. Riddhima knew she would somehow have to convince Armaan to leave Madhavgarh.

That same night, Riddhima felt ridiculously restless and could not stop tossing and turning in bed. She knew that Armaan was staying at her palace for the next few days as her father hired him to work for them, oblivious to Armaan's real identity. She felt desperate to see him but at the same time, she knew that she must make him realise that he should not stay. With every passing second, Riddhima felt more impatient. It was a risky task for her to meet Armaan at that hour, but she knew it was impossible for her to rest without speaking to him.  She pushed the covers off her body, exposing her bare arms and a body wrapped in a long, plain, navy blue, satin, strapped night gown. Riddhima thought it was best to leave the room without anything else on as her heavy robe would create noise and attract unnecessary attention. She hurried out of her bedroom and quietly crept along the long corridors of her home and luckily did not have too far to move as Armaan's room was on the same floor as her own.

As Riddhima entered the room, her eyes met the most delectable sight she had ever encountered.

Moving steadily up and down on the floor with nothing but black bottoms on, she saw Armaan exercising. Riddhima was slightly taken aback. It wasn't that she hadn't noticed Armaan's muscular form earlier, for it was evident from the shirts he wore that he was a well toned man, but she had never imagined a body as well crafted as that. She stood at an advantaged position where she could see him perfectly without him noticing as the side of his body was facing the door from which she had entered. Her eyes danced across his broad tanned shoulders and back to his rippling biceps and strong hands. She slowly moved her gaze over to his tough handsome face. She didn't realise how long she was standing there staring at him like that, until she leaned her head back against the open door causing it to shut abruptly and break her trance.

Armaan turned his head up in a sharp movement towards the door. It was his turn to be taken aback by the heavenly image displayed before him. Riddhima sensed his sharp gaze on her and felt unnerved as if he were mentally touching her. He was still in his push-ups position, just not moving. His eyes were relishing every intricate detail Riddhima possessed. He traced her beautiful feminine structure with hungry eyes. He admired the way her hair sat loosely over her left shoulder falling just below her breasts. His eyes continued to run over her bare long neck, her silky arms and his favourite part, the satin dress which clung onto her body, accentuating her delicate curves and heightening his desire. Once his eyes made their way back to hers, he reluctantly looked away knowing that if he stared any longer he would not be able to control his actions. Riddhima heaved a sigh of relief as she watched him turn away and continue his push ups.

As Armaan resumed his exercise, Riddhima took the opportunity to speak.

"Armaan" she said softly walking up to him.

"We need to talk."

Armaan ignored her, sensing what she intended to discuss.

"Armaan?" Riddhima repeated.

She realised it wouldn't be easy to convince him. She moved close enough and sat on his back as he pushed up and down against the floor, faster. He felt something faint tingle his back as Riddhima stroked her fingers across his skin and stated

"Armaan, it isn't safe for you to be here. I've missed you a lot, but you shouldn't have come."

Armaan remained silent as Riddhima's fingers caressed his shoulders, her touch forcing him to move harder. Riddhima was aware of his unhappiness with what she was saying but knew that she had to make him understand. Her hair floated onto the back of his neck as she bent lower towards the side of his face. Armaan closed his eyes for a moment as he could smell her intoxicating soft scent. Riddhima could feel the heat his body was releasing as she brought her lips near his ear to whisper

"Please Armaan, you will have to go from here."

Armaan threw one hand behind himself to grab Riddhima by her hair and pulled her down at his side. Riddhima fell in surprise but without pain as Armaan gripped her by the waist with his other hand to ease her fall. He quickly disentangled his fingers from her hair and swiftly climbed on top of her to continue his push ups.

"Now look me in the eye and tell me again that you want me to leave."

Armaan moved up and down each time moving his face and body closer to hers.

"Armaan choriye mujhe, koi aa gaya to?"

Their proximity made Riddhima feel nervous and desperate for an excuse to escape from beneath him and his cutting stare.

"Rajkumari Riddhima" he bit in frustration.

"You didn't care about anyone seeing us when you decided to come here, so why do you worry now?"

He could feel the rapid rise and fall of her chest against his own, it was weakening his control. She found it difficult to look at him as his hot breath fell on her face making her want to submit. Armaan blew the lock of hair that rested on her neck and asked

"You don't want me to be here?"

He had stopped moving and gently rubbed his thumb over her trembling lower lip.

 "I don.."

was all she managed to reply in a hoarse voice as he dug his face into the curve of her neck and lightly kissed it. He planted soft kisses across her neckline down to the bare entrance of her breasts. Riddhima gasped in pleasure as Armaan pinched the flesh with wet lips. He lifted his lips slightly off her skin to ask

"Riddhima, you still want me to leave?"

then lowered his lips to bite the place he had just tempted. He then teased his way back up her smooth skin, smiling between kisses as he reached her neck again. His lips made their way along her shoulder and stopped when they met the thin strap of her dress. Riddhima knew that there were plenty reasons for her to push him away and make him leave. She had forgotten them all however, deciding that she could remember them later. He ran his tongue around the slight bit of material, enjoying the taste of her warm flesh before closing his mouth over the strap to pull it off with his teeth. Riddhima shuddered and whispered

"Armaan" in pleasure, willing for him to continue.

All she wanted was for him to persist. She brought her arms out from under him and dug her fingers into his thick hair for stability, as they both indulged in new pleasures. He could feel her hands wanting to move his face back up to hers. She was as hungry for his lips as much as he was for hers. A sudden urgency made him crush his mouth on to hers, groaning in pleasure as the sweet taste of her mouth enhanced his yearning. They began sucking, biting, discovering, and savouring every flavour of their uniting.

A fluttering sound forced Armaan to pull his lips off of Riddhima 's. Armaan grudgingly tore away from a panting Riddhima to check what had disturbed them. Riddhima laid on the floor breathless by the sudden ride of passion, her lips still stinging from the thrill they received moments ago. As Armaan walked away, she straightened herself off the floor, pulling the tattered strap back onto her shoulder.

"It was just Atul outside"

Armaan assured her as he made his way back to her. Their eyes met at that instant revealing their untamed yearning for each other. Armaan stepped closer to Riddhima as she was about to leave the room.

"You were here to tell me something, weren't you Riddhima?" he asked scanning her face with his eyes.

She looked up at him trying to recollect why she had actually gone to see him.

"Armaan... woh... I just..."

"You just what Riddhima?"

He asked moving his head closer to hers. She shook herself away turned her back to him and continued

"Armaan. You don't understand. You can't just decide to stay here like this. If my father finds out then..."

"Then what?" he persisted closer.

"Then what? Huh Riddhima?" he hissed, moving his hands around her waist and tummy from behind.

Riddhima clutched onto her dress for support, knowing that she couldn't fall weak again.

"Armaan please, for my sake, please leave."

He gently turned her around still holding her by the waist and placed one hand on her cheek.

"No Riddhima. If I've come here it's for my bride. It's for you and I don't intend to leave without you."

She shrugged his hands off of her self and moved away

"Armaan you know it's not possible. My father would rather I die than give my hand in marriage to the enemy. I suggest you forget about your insane idea and leave this place" she answered, hurrying towards the door.

"Without you Riddhima? Never." he snapped back.

Armaan Malik had never learnt how to back down from anything or anyone. Come what may, he would make Riddhima accept his proposal. 

The next day Riddhima flew around the palace halls searching for Armaan, hoping and praying he had agreed to do what she wished. Although there was no sign of him, something told her that he had not left. It was Armaan after all, had he really given up without a fight? She questioned one of her guards whether he had seen Armaan that afternoon. The guard bowed in assertion.

"Yes Rajkumari sahiba, he is spending the entire day with Miss Nikita. He has been with her since this morning".

Displeased and irritated with the news, Riddhima asked a final question.

"Where will I find them?"

Riddhima pushed open the large doors to the Royal Gardens of the palace. Her eyes skipped across the grounds and saw Atul talking to Anjali and a group of other girls. Her eyes pranced around until they found Armaan and Nikita standing alone and rather close for her liking. She quickened her steps towards them and could see Armaan positioned behind Nikita as if holding her in an embrace. He seemed to be teaching her how to play the violin, moving her arms back and fourth on the instrument with his own. Nikita blushed and beamed with delight as he told her that she was doing a wonderful job.

"Yes, the tune sounds beautiful. You are learning fast, and are playing really well" he let her know.

Infuriated by the sight, Riddhima interrupted them.

"Nikita dear, I just thought you should be made aware that the gardens are not the place to practice music, or whatever it is you are practicing." Riddhima spat, indicating the latter part at Armaan, holding his gaze with a piercing stare.

"I'm quite sure we hadn't bothered anyone here up til now, Rajkumari Riddhima." Armaan retorted.

"This beautiful season seems to welcome this shower of affection out here in the gardens."

Irked with Armaan's behaviour Riddhima retreated to the palace, turning her head around to notice an unaffected Armaan, continuing his lesson with Nikita.

Before Riddhima could head back up the stairs to her room, a strong pair of arms pulled her back and pinned her against a wall.

"I thought you wanted me to stay away from you Riddhima. What made you change your mind?"

Armaan had both arms locked at her sides. He wasn't going to let her go so easily, she needed to accept what she actually wanted. Armaan brushed a strand of hair off her face making her shoot her eyes up at him. She stared at him in anger which was quickly dissolving at his touch.

"What happened Riddhima, you didn't like me assisting Nikita out there?" He whispered, leaning his lips closer to hers.

"I have a feeling you'd much appreciate me teaching you a few things instead" he smirked, moving his arms down hers.

He rested his hands tightly around her waist and pulled her body higher, closer. Riddhima pushed her fists hard against his chest and struggled to shove him off. He kept leaning closer, making it harder for her to move.

"You don't really want me to leave you, do you Riddhima?" he asked rotating his lips around hers, teasing them and not quite touching them.

His masculine smell made him even more irresistible, Riddhima closed her eyes and inhaled, parting her lips just slightly as she allowed herself to enjoy his firm hold on her. Armaan lifted his head back slightly to see his Riddhima waiting for him to sweep her away in another moment of sheer ecstasy. He looked at her without blinking. Her soft skin, her fluttery eyes, her cute nose, her lovely cheeks and her mesmerising, rosy lips... he could stare at her like that forever.

"Armaan..." Riddhima's voice trembled in urgency,

"Armaan" she said again, rising to her toes.

He knew what she wanted and hovered his lips over hers before lightly brushing his slightly stubbled chin against her cheek. She moved her head towards him, trying to nibble a small part of him and clenched onto his shirt when she got nothing. Although highly stimulated by her gestures, Armaan slowly released his hold on her waist and placed a soft kiss on her nose and moved back a little. He was still mesmerised by her beauty and her longing for him. He looked down at his shirt in attempt to resist the temptation of pulling her back into a tight embrace and make her feel what he really wanted to.

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes to see Armaan fixing his collar. Her cheeks flushed, as she caught Armaan looking back at her smiling in victory.

"I told you. You didn't really want me to leave."

She blinked a few times trying to regain some sense of her surroundings and their situation.

"Riddhima, the sooner you accept this, the sooner you will stop fearing what your father might say."

His words instantly made her remember everything she needed to.

"I do not want to talk to you about this again. This is the last time I shall be seeing you Armaan, whether you like it or not."

"Whether I like it or not?" Armaan spat back angrily, clasping her wrist.

Riddhima pulled her wrist free with her loose hand and walked past Armaan, not facing him and stated assertively

"Before tomorrow's sunrise Armaan, you must leave Madhavgarh."

With that said, she headed for the stairs, stopping as he declared clearly

"Riddhima. I came here with reason. Mark my words Rajukumari Riddhima," he continued with a scary certainty.

"Tomorrow itself, before the sun sets, you will declare before your father, before the whole of Madhavgarh, that I am Armaan. Your Armaan. Armaan Malik, the man you are in love with". 

So that was that! =D
Hope you guys liked it =D

Two things I must jaldi se clear up

  • The reason for why this begins with a scene from Veer is because of the nature of the contest I initially wrote it for. The idea was to slot characters from the show into a movie of your choice and sprinkle some originality over whatever happens. Hence, the story / scenes do not mirror the movie entirely, just the theme here and there :)
  • Sorry to dissappoint anyone who feels that the end was not exactly a proper one, but hey... it's an O/S, so there's no need for a solid finish right? ;D (and I had a word limit with the contest *lol*)


You have
Got to comment simply because my selfish self wishes to read what you guys thought bout it - good or bad.. preferably good lol and Be Nice! (please *flutters lashes) it's my first bit of creative writing on AR on the forum and I wanna know whether you guys could feel the lurve!
  For those lazy lot out there, just hit the 'Like' button will you - there's no way you did not appreciate / Love the image of a topless KSG / Armaan now... so come on, hit it! :p 

With tons of Love, and huge smiles!



*Quick Note 12th June

I've made a reappearance out here to edit the horrid punctuation / spacing and general layout of this OS. (I don't know why I didn't sort that out right in the beginning...)

Also, I for any Maaneet fans out there, here is the link to the same OS, MG version:

Just Do As I Say (MG)

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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here-i-am Senior Member

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nice oneSmile

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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Hey Saz.... i really liked the OS... though initially i felt tht it was so much like the movie but thn wen u thn later i was like wow shirtless Armaan is seriously hot... i totally loved the way everything happened... u shld seriously try writing more often...

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chahat_j Senior Member

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very well written.....loved it write another part to tell exactly what happened "tomorrow" :))

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OMG firstly to the first few people who've liked / commented - I can't stop smiling! My little sis thinks I've gone crazy! But I really am so elated with the comments!

Originally posted by kavyaa

to say dat i luved it is an extreme underestimation.... u know off late i m nt really into commenting much courtesy mah exams going around... bt u just forced me 2 comment wat wid d splendid OS dat u just gave me 2 read.. oh i luv u 4 dis one... really nice...
i wud wish if u cud continue it & give it a proper ending & if u decide 2 d dat pleaseeeee dn kill armaan in d end... well dat was just a suggestion from my side... In d end its u who's 2 decide wat 2 do wid dis... so no pressures dear... bt yeah do lemme know ur take on dis...
& one more thing do pm me if u write any ff or os in d future....i wud luv 2 read ur writings!!
Gud job dear!! Smile

Kavyaaaaaaa what a Sweeeety-Pie of a comment! omg, I actually don't know what to say...
*takes a moment..*
You've plastered a permanent smile on my face, I just can't thank you enough for your amazing comment. When posting this, I never imagined receiving feedback as heartwarming as that! I just can't stop smiling now!
This may be some sorta spoiler (regardless of whether this be continued or not), but I could Never kill Armaan Embarrassed If Ever I do decided to write up something else or continue this, Believe me.. I will Defo PM you first!
Loadsa luck with the exams hun! Thank you Thank you Thank you for reading and commenting Big smile Hug

Originally posted by crazy_4_karan

Hey Saz.... i really liked the OS... though initially i felt tht it was so much like the movie but thn wen u thn later i was like wow shirtless Armaan is seriously hot... i totally loved the way everything happened... u shld seriously try writing more often...

Hiya! Thank you!! I'm super happy you really liked it LOL Yes, it starts off with the film scene (cos of the contest theme..) and I agree, Shirtless Armaan is just to-die-for so I'm happy to present that any time! I should try writing more often? hey, thanks! As of now, it's difficult.. Although I'm on a break from Uni, I still have work to do Confused but I would defo love to and might just do so! Wink Thanks for your wonderful comment!! Hug

Originally posted by here-i-am

nice oneSmile

hey thanks! Big smile Big smile

Originally posted by chahat_j

very well written.....loved it write another part to tell exactly what happened "tomorrow" :))

LOL LOL I dunno bout continuing just yet, but point taken! And Awwwwww thank you for loving it! Big smile Big smile Hug

Thank you guys


For Liking!

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debby_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:05am | IP Logged was great....but i seriously want to know what exactly happened tomorrow...
i dont know whether i will get to read what happened the answers r with you...
but still watever you wrote was fantastic...a beautiful piece of work...[just a piece u see...i want d other pieces too as you have made my hunger grow more after reading this piece of work of yours]
lovely writing...enjoyed it.....


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heyyy dear,
nice one
do write more


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