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||Odyssey - An MN & SG FF|| Promo-Pg 33 (Page 10)

PurpleRain IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by dua_adil

hey great concept

would love to read

thx for the pm

Hey Dua!!

We're glad that you liked the concept! Big smile Thanks dear! Smile

- Shar and Cindy

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PurpleRain IF-Dazzler

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PurpleRain IF-Dazzler

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-Sindhu- Senior Member

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Originally posted by -Aish-

Oh My God. It's Sharmila and Sindhuja, together?! That's like the KJo and SRK combo!!! It's gonna work WONDERS!!!! The story, well, seems to be good. The characters are, to an extent, the same, right? I'm hoping that the story shapes up well. Good luck, the two of you.

I'm extremely sorry for not having commented earlier. Sincere apologies.

And yeah, Happy New Year, you two! 

Loads of love,

Hey Aish!! Hug

Yeah, it's Shar and Cindy together!! Tongue KJo and SRK combo?! Don't you think, it's an exaggeration!! LOL We hope it works wonders. Embarrassed It all depends on the readers. All we do is write. That's all we know also. Smile

The characters seem to be like the same. But as the story proceeds, you'll get a better idea of each character. Big smile We hope the same! Embarrassed Thank you very much! Smile

It's okay dear! We're glad that you commented at least now. Smile

Thanks again Aish! Hug Wish you the same! Smile


Shar and Cindy!

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-Sindhu- Senior Member

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Originally posted by nan_10

nice start n character sketch
plz PM me whenever u update
do continue soon


Hey Nanditha!!

Thank you very much dear! Big smile

Sure! You're added to our PM list. You'll definitely get a PM whenever we update! Smile

We'll update soon! Smile

- Shar and Cindy

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PurpleRain IF-Dazzler

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-Sindhu- Senior Member

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Two young men, one in a black waistcoat and the other in blue were in a board meeting. They both were discussing a project with their clients which could give them a huge profit. After an hour's discussion, they decided to sign the deal. And soon, the news was out.

"Sharma-Shergill Group of Companies sign their fifth deal in a week."

"Congratulations Samrat!" said Mayank smiling and shook Samrat's hand.

"Congratulations to you too dude!" said Samrat grinning and pulled Mayank into a hug.

Mayank Sharma and Samrat Shergill are the country's Young Business Tycoons. They owned the Sharma-Shergill Group of Companies. They were two successful businessmen. They both were best friends since their school days and as years rolled, their friendship turned into a business partnership. They were thorough professionals when business was concerned. Otherwise, they become two friends who know how to enjoy life. They were the best of friends.

"I'm leaving now. See you in the evening. Gunjan called you and Shilpa aunty for dinner. I got to rush before my wifey calls me another time" said Samrat packing his stuff in haste.

"Why are you so afraid of your dear wife?" asked Mayank chuckling at his friend's state.

"You will understand that when you get married" said Samrat.

"I'm not getting married!!" said Mayank glaring.

"Of course you're! If you don't remember, Gunjan fixed a date for you. You're going to meet Roshni for lunch. Talk about all the things and get ready for your marriage. Gunjan simply loved her" said Samrat grinning while Mayank was shell shocked.

Gunjan did tell him about her. And he was least interested in her. Well, he never liked any girl for that instance. And this girl is the 13th one he was going to meet. He met all of them just for the happiness of Gunjan.

"Fine! I'll go and meet this Roshni. But I can't assure you whether I'll like her or not!" he said in a not-so-interested tone.

"Whatever happens, you'll definitely get married. If not this gal, we'll search for another! What's the big deal?" he asked moving out of the conference hall.

"It's no use talking you, Sam. I'll deal with Roshni myself" he thought.

"Bye Mayank! See you in the evening, hopefully with good news!" he said winking at him and rushed before Mayank kills him.

"Damn it! Just for the sake of Gunjan's happiness, I'm meeting girls. Otherwise, I'd have never even seen them" he thought to himself and starting packing his stuff.

* * * * * * * *

Samrat Shergill is happily married to Gunjan Arora for 5 years. Gunjan is from a middle class family. Samrat has always appreciated arts. He loved anyone who possessed an interest in any kind of art form. In one such incident, he met Gunjan. Gunjan's paintings were being displayed at an Art Exhibition. Samrat went there by chance and was immediately drawn towards her. Gunjan was equally blown over by Samrat's simplicity. And before long, they were madly in love! Mayank was more than happy when he got to know that his best friend was in love. He was impressed by his friend's choice and helped Samrat and Gunjan by convincing their parents for their wedding.

Samrat reached the Art Gallery and parked his car.

"Hey Shona! I'm sorry for being late. I was convincing Mayank to go and meet Roshni" he said walking towards Gunjan.

"That's alright Sam!" she said walking towards him. "I just hope Mayank likes this gal. I can no longer see him suffer" she said sitting in the passenger seat while Samrat adjusted himself in the driver's seat.

"That's true! It's high time that he moves on" he said.

"Don't worry Sam. Everything will be fine" she placed her hand on his and smiled.

"I hope the same" he said entwining his hand with hers and kissed it.

The rest of the journey they discussed about the new project they got.

"By the way, I called Mayank for dinner along with Shilpa aunty" he said while they were entering the house.

"Good. I'll go and freshen up. You too go to the guest room and freshen up" she said and moved towards their bedroom while he went to the guest room.

* * * * * * * * *

Mayank reached the restaurant where he was supposed to meet his 13th suitor. He asked the receptionist about the table booking. She showed him the table where a girl was already sitting and applying nail polish. She wore a blue sundress with all matching accessories including her heels. As soon as her saw her, he was frustrated yet he kept his cool.

"For the sake of Gunjan. For the sake of Gunjan" he chanted this mantra and moved towards the table.

"Hey! I'm Mayank Sharma" he said forwarding his hand for a hand shake.

"Oh my God, The Mayank Sharma is here!! I can't believe it!!" she said and clung onto him.

Mayank choked for air.

"This gal will definitely kill me" he thought to himself and tried to loosen her grip on him.
She pulled out of the hug and said, "I'm so sorry! I just got carried away."

She was blushing while he was hell embarrassed as all the eyes were on them.

"Do you mind if we sit and talk?" he asked trying to control his temper.

"Of course not!" she said and sat down. Mayank also sat down.

"Hi, I'm Roshni Khanna" she said sticking her hand out.

"Hi" he said shaking her hand.

"I'm so happy to see you. I've never thought that I'd meet you in my life. You're the country's most eligible bachelor. When I told all my friends that I'm going to get married to you, they didn't believe me at all. But now, they'll definitely believe me. We look so perfect with each other. As if we are made for each other" she said it all at once and shocked Mayank.

He gulped a glass of water in one go.

"Let's order something. I'm hungry" he said.

"Sure!" she said blushing.

He called the waiter.

"Orange juice for me and. . ." he looked questioningly at Roshni saying this.

"Orange juice? Even I loooovvee orange juice" replied Roshni stressing too much on the word Love which infuriated Mayank beyond words. But he kept his cool repeating that all this was only for Gunjan and his mom, to himself.

"Then two orange juices" ordered Mayank and the waiter left with a polite nod.

Mayank didn't know what to say and started fiddling with his mobile, when Roshni placed a hand over his and asked "So jaanu, where shall we go for our honeymoon? Mauritius or Paris?"

This question shocked Mayank beyond words and he loosened his tie a bit and replied "Err. . . Roshni"

"Ah, my name sounds so melodious when you spell it" she interrupted.

"Wait! Let me say something. I actually don't want to marry right now! I've come to meet you only because my mom asked me to!" he clarified her.

Hearing this, Roshni stood up and started crying like a melodramatic queen and all the people around started giving Mayank dirty looks.

"Please stop all this right now Roshni. It's not like we've broken up!" said Mayank in a stern voice and added "I've no idea how Gunjan chose you, but I really can't stay here any longer. I'm sorry!"

He left from there, went to the counter, paid the bill and left even before Roshni could realize what just happened. He got into the car and rested his head on the steering wheel and was lost in deep thought when he realized that his mom will be waiting for him at home.

* * * * * * * *

Mayank and his mother, Shilpa reached the Shergills.

Mayank parked the car and walked into the house with a scowl. After what had happened in the afternoon at the restaurant, he decided that he'd never meet any gal again even if Gunjan wanted. He walked inside to see his mother, Samrat and Gunjan laughing holding their stomach. He sighed and sat on the couch.

"How's the gal Mayank?" asked Gunjan.

"Don't you dare show me anymore gals Gunjan. Till date, I've seen and met gals only for your happiness. But not anymore! I'm done with them" he said sternly shocking all the three.

Gunjan was hurt. And Mayank realized it.

"I'm so sorry, Gunjan. I didn't mean to hurt you. But I don't want to meet any gals. I'm so tired and sick of them" he said apologetically.

"I understand, Mayank" she said and got up to leave.

Mayank held her wrist.

"So, did you forgive me?" he asked cutely melting her heart.

"Yes, I did!" she said smiling.

Mayank left her hand. Gunjan and his mother went to set the dinner table while he and Samrat discussed business.

* * * * * * * *

All the four sat for dinner and none was talking. After a while, Gunjan spoke up.

"Samrat, our 5th Wedding Anniversary is coming up. I want you to take me to Paris and Bahamas Islands" she said looking at him.

"Sure sweetheart! Anything for you!" he said while the others smiled.

"I wanna go in a cruise!" she said smiling.

"Cruise?" he asked looking at her intently.

"Yeah, cruise! You heard it right!" she said grinning at him.

"As you wish sweetheart!" he said passing her a smile.

"Can I ask for another thing?" she asked with a little hesitation.

"What is it, Gunjan?" asked Shilpa aunty.

"I want Mayank also to join us!" she said shocking Mayank.

"Why me?" he asked baffled.

"I just want you also to come along with us" she said looking down.

"That's a nice idea, Gunjan" said Samrat.

"Are you both sure?" asked Shilpa aunty.

"Of course, Aunty! That's a very nice idea. What would be the happiness if only we both went?" he asked.

"But it's YOUR Wedding Anniversary!" Mayank said emphasizing on your.

"So what? You're our friend and it'd be really nice if you joined us both on our special occasion" he said smiling.

"But, what will I do? I'll just become the kebab mein haddi between the two of you!!" he said.

"Oh, c'mon bud! You can join us. It would be a pleasure to take you along with us" said Samrat trying to persuade him.

"No ways! I'm not coming with you both!!" said Mayank stubbornly.

"Who knows? You might find someone on the cruise, you'll fall in love with!" said Samrat playfully.

Mayank's face turned red due to anger and sadness.

"No, Sam! I won't fall in love. Not after what has happened last time!" he said pushing the plate and left the room in a rush while the other three stared at his retreating figure.

* * * * * * * *

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed reading it!! Next update, hopefully by the end of this week. Till then, keep smiling! Take care!!
Shar and Cindy

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