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For the little heart of mine(AR SS) Last Part Pg2 (Page 2)

AR-ARHI_naila IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 July 2010
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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:10am | IP Logged
hey amal,its really nice.smthing different.waiting 4 the next part.

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
nice one.
Do pm me in nxt part.

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
hey nice part
do pm me wen u cont

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Nice one ... When i stared reading it i was lost. Arman agrees to get mrd to Shilpa Disapprove and Ridhima told that she doesn't want Arman... I thought then how this is an AR story?? But as i read on i found it. Lovely  one.
Please don't let Ridhima die .Cry

Continue soon and do pm me for the last part.
kavyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 6:39pm | IP Logged

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Aubade. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:56am | IP Logged
Hey this is the last part of this ss..hope u all like it..muah to everyone who supported...

" Diary..

Today had been the most happening day of my life..Every inch of my body hurts and is against my own wished..The blood running across my body are witnesses and the only witnesses to my dreadful day today..My tears had not for once betrayed me in my endeavor..My love, Armaan..I could die to make him hurt like this..Well I'm going to die..Thats the irony..hehe..But I don't see any other option..How am I supposed to let him live a life of utter torture and with the name of widower..How can I let him marry me when I know I'm not going to last another 2 more months..Knowing him as well as I do..Im sure hw will marry me all the more if I reveal all this to him..I shall never be able to rest in peace if that happens..This shall remain the one truth I shall hide from my love..I cant see him in any sort of pain..I know he will never marry and kill himself isolating himself from the world..He shall torture himself for the pain my death shall bring to him..And so I ensured that my sister Shilpa marries him..Im aware she loves him..I know in a way I'm doing no good to her because Armaan is bound to never love in any way more than sister..But I am sure he will accept her being the good human he is..As much it tears up to see him with another girl..I shall remain happy that I leave this world ensuring my love is happy and his dimpled smile stick to his face..

Diary, this is shortest entry ever unlike the lengthy vivid moments that I describe when I was with Armaan..But this is and shall be the most important of all for you hold my secret along time..


Good Bye"


Tears trickled down his face..He had never before loved Ridhima more..His happiness was more important to her than her own..But she forgot that for him her happiness was more important..which meant he wasn't going to marry her sister..His thoughts drifted to Shilpa..for sure she would be hurt but it would be better for everyone if he doesn't marry, now that he knew every bit of the truth..He realized that this was what was lurking behind his head every time he thought that Ridhima ditched him..He always had an impulse of hope..And this was the reason..The very fact she never stopped to love him..Never will she cease to love him not even if she stops to breathe..


Just then he felt the pair of eyes brimming with tears gazing at nothing but him..She had woken up and had found Armaan reading the paper with the tears escaping silently..Each drop he spilled was like a hundred knives cutting through her heart..Now that he knew the truth she felt lighter..She had carried the burden of having not told the most important secret of her life to her beloved..She was felling lighter..His presence was doing wonders to her soul..


Armaan: Ridhima..


Ridhima: Armaan..


Armaan: ush..ush..Now I do the talking..


She nodded as her lips curled up to a small smile..He wasn't ever going to change..He was always just as caring and as adorable as ever..


Armaan: The last time you talked was utter lies and now as your punishment you shall listen to truth I have to say..


Ridhima:  And what is the so big truth..


Armaan: That I love you..


She had expected this..She knew Armaan too well..Any other person would expect him to scold her for not having told anything..They would have want him bombard her with questions.. She felt that she was the luckiest person when heard the three golden magical words once more..She decided to play with him..


Ridhima: But im sorry..I hate you..


Armaan grinned..She was using her old tactics..their first confession..the bestest confession ever..


Armaan: Oopsi..I forgot that today was opposites day..


They both chuckled at their never ending banter..their way of expressing their love..the times when they were in their own lala world..


Nurse: Dr.Armaan..sorry to disturb..actually who Dr. Arjun ne kaha surgery abhi abhi shuru karni hai..


Armaan: Ji..aap jaakar Dr.Arjun se kahiye ki surgery ke liye taiyaar karne ke liye..


Nurse: Ji..


When the nurse left, Armaan turned to see a bewildered Ridhima..Of course she dint know that she was to have surgery..


Ridhima: Armaan..since when did you start working here?


Armaan: I don't work here, baby..Sirf ek surgery karne ke liye aaye hai..


Ridhima: Surgery??Here??Whose??


Armaan:  Yours..


Ridhima: What?? Armaan..what cr*p are you telling?? Do you even know that my disease is incurable??

Armaan: No..Its not was incurable..not any more..


Ridhima: Kya?


Armaan: Basket..Relax..Im unofficially your doctor..If you raise your voice once more, I promise I will give a sleeping injection..(A petrified Ridhima shut her mouth..grr Armaan was such a player..He knew this was the only that could lock her mouth)..Okay..actually when Sid brought you here and you were unconscious..arjun had ran some tests..the reports were quite satisfying because they said that a major surgery might save you..


Ridhima: Armaan..but you very well know that the chances of success in these kind of major surgeries are hardly any..


Armaan ( coming closer to her whispering above her lips) : Basket..I know you won't dare to leave me alone..


Ridhima :(breathlessly whispering) What if fate plays with us?


Armaan: If fate can bring me here, it definitely can bring u back to me..


Ridhima: Im already yours..


Armaan: I know that..


Ridhima: But just so the surgery goes wrong?


Armaan: Don't you trust me?


Ridhima: I do more than I trust myself..And that's exactly why Im asking you..I don't want your belief to break..My love cannot stand it..


Armaan: You don't want me doing your surgery?


Ridhima: Yes I do want you to do..If you are successful I shall be able to live with you forever..If you are not I shall be equally happy to die in your arms..


Armaan (putting a finger on her lips): NEVER say will be back..Nothing other than that shall happen..


Ridhima nodded..She knew that when the doctor in Armaan and the extreme lover in Armaan came together, nothing she told could change his determination..Secretly she wished  that his wishes came true..


Armaan: Okay..Im to talk with Arjun before the surgery..


He kissed her lightly in her forehead..took his steth and file..and walked out of the ICCU..




In the post surgery ward..


Armaan was reading her file..totally exhausted after the surgery..crossing his fingers..Whether the surgery went bad or not, they would know in about 6 hours..He closed the file, dragged his char closer to her bed..He took her hand and rubbed her forehead..mumbling words of love..


Just then his glance went to the monitor..Blood rushed faster than ever..The monitor was showing signs of low heartbeat..His mind went blank..but he knew this wasn't the time to think emotionally..he had to act fast..Armaan saw the nurse enter with the medicines…

Armaan: Sister, please get me the injection fast..and quickly pager Arjun..


Nurse: Ji, Sir..


The nurse came with injection..He injected it into her veins..He checked constantly her pulse and breathing..Nothing worked..Her pulse was weakening with each possible second..


A doctor entered..


Doctor: Armaan..I have come for Arjun..What happened?


Armaan: Sudden drop in pulse..


The other doctor checked while Armaan checked on the glucose tube..


Doctor: Im sorry Armaan..She is sinking..


Armaan: NOOOOOO…its not possible..We need to do something..She CANNOT sink..


Doctor: Relax Armaan..We will try giving shocks..


Armaan went onto the other side of the bed..Adjusted his stethoscope..


Doctor: 1..2…3  and he gave Ridzie a shock..


Armaan who had prayed for a pulse was in for total shock..Nothing seemed to happen..


Armaan: Nothing..ek aur baar try kijiye..


Doctor: 1..2…3


Armaan sighed a relief as he heard a normal pulse in his ears..


Armaan: We have got a pulse..


Suddenly the other doctor's pager rang..


Doctor: Armaan there's an emergency accident case..mujhe jaana hoga..will  you be able to manage?


Armaan: ok..


Armaan had nothing more to do..He had done everything a doctor could do at this situation..He found himself praying hard for her life.. Never before had he placed his trust with utmost sincerity to the Almighty..


He bend towards her ears and whispered..


Basket..please wake up..You know I cant live without you..Then why are doing this to me..I know you are hearing me..Dekho..If you play longer..I wont talk to you ever..Please..ankh kholo Basket..I love you basket..please wake up..Im waiting for you..Main…


His words were cut short just as Ridzie's eyes struggled to open with sudden exposure of lights around..Armaan was pacing wild..


Armaan: Basket..


Ridhima: Arm…maa..aan…


Armaan: I'm here..Thank you Basket..I knew you won't leave me..


Ridhima: And I know you too will never leave me..


Armaan: I want to try it, Basket


Ridhima: Armaan..are you even aware that we are in a hospital..


Armaan: So what??I want it..And now..




Armaan dug deep into her rosy lips..He made it gentle for she wasn't in her best health..Ridhima was feeling content with this sudden moment..His touch brought her nothing but utter pleasure..Even though his back ached..he wouldn't stop..This felt so divine..He wished time paused here and never play again..She knew Armaan wouldn't stop plus her head was in mood to have some fun..She shook Armaan from his dreamy world when she moaned hard..Armaan stood up straight..

Armaan: What happened..Basket are you okay?


Ridhima: No my heart aches (she said with a pout)


Even in this condition, lying in a bed..her pout was so beautiful..she was so freaking cute..Hmm so she was playing..Well, he was Armaan Mallik..He decided to play along..


He bend down onto right above her heart..


A pleasantly surprised Ridhima asked him: What do you hear ?


Armaan: A murmur..


Ridhima: What murmur? Which murmur?


Ridhima was surprised at the turn in events..not at all what she expected..


Armaan: The murmur of love..For me..


Ridhima smiled and the color in her cheeks returned after what felt like ages..


She whispered : I love you..


Armaan: But I don't hate you..


He sealed the moment capturing her lips..

There you go guys...

If u like what i write do check out these ffs of mine..

Lost in your love (AR FF)

Fanaa (AR romantic suspense thriller):

Thanks to everyone..

Will be bak soon with another ss...

Till den

take care

<3 Amal

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 2:08am | IP Logged

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
nice ending

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