Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan III:Last Chap Page 88 Aug6th (Page 86)

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Originally posted by P.Kamaljit.Sean

I so need to read from the beginning ...Afu , You are an amazing writer...Keeep Rocking...Love Ya !

thanks pooh...hehe u have to Smile

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Originally posted by AASUS

Afreen I didn't know you updated it :(
Will read when possible.

Thank you. 

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s  Afreen you're an IF Sizzlerz Party

I love the detailed chapter. You covered loads of things.
Nice to have Harman & Meher back.
It was fun to see family working together, kids masti and also cute PH &  Preet Ash scenes.
Heer & kids and Prem and kids scene though short, were v. interesting.
I'm guessing Meher's family decided to fulfill her wishes as Heer must have informed everyone about church wedding. Looks like exciting update coming up next Big smile Can't wait to see Meher's reaction.

Love you Afreen and thanks so much for taking time off to update for us Hug

thank you for the congrats was so sweet. and thanks for the amazing comments...Big smile
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Originally posted by seema.sharma86

pls update 

update coming up in a few mins Smile
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Chapter 80

Note: A lot of you have changed your usernames so if you are not receiving a PM about the update and would like to please let me know your new username. An updated PM list is on page 1

                It was after breakfast the next morning and she was fixing her sari, getting ready for the haldi ceremony when her kids ran in. "mama'dekho na prateek bhai kehrahe hai keh meher bua hume chodke chali jayengi, aisa nahi haina?" her daughter asked with her eyes staring at her. Before she could answer, "nahi'bua Harman phupha keh saath chali jayengi'kaho na mama chahat ko," her son said. She just stood there not knowing what to say. She knew how attached chahat was to meher. How could she tell her that tomorrow when she woke up, her bua wouldn't be here? How? "batao na mama," chahat said tugging at her pallu. She went on her knees and looked at her daughter, "chahat'bua aati rahengi. Woh every weekend tumse milne aayengi aur mama bhi tumara jab maan kare, unse milne ley chalongi," heer said. "toh bua hume chodke chali jayengi'prateek bhai right the'woh  sahi the," chahat said as tears filled her eyes. "chahat'iss mein rohne wali kya baat hai'maine kaha na tum jab chahogi tab main tume unke paas ley chalongi," heer told her as chahat wrapped her arms around her as she starting to cry. Heer tried consoling chahat but she wouldn't stop. "chahat'please beta'aabh chup bhi hojao'aap toh mera strong beta haina," heer said as she broke apart from chahat and wiped her tears. "mujhe bhi bua keh saath jaana hai'main bhi jaongi," chahat said adamantly. "chahat'," she stopped seeing her husband walk in. Seeing her daughter crying and sensing the tension, he looked at her asking her what was happening. "chahat chathi hai keh meher bua yaha se nahi jaaye aur agar jaati hai toh humari pyaar beti bhi saath jayegi," heer said looking at prem then at chahat. "ha papa'main bhi jaongi. Aap Harman phupha keha dijiye'meher bua keh saath main bhi jaongi," chahat said again. "toh aap mama aur papa koh chodke chali jayengi'hume miss nahi karengi?" prem asked as chahat looked at them. "ha chahat'agar aap mama koh chodke jayengi toh mama kaise rahengi'I will miss you na," heer told her. "phir meher bua bhi toh hume sabh miss karengi na'kya dada dadi unne miss nahi karenge?" chahat said as they looked at her with no words. Heer pulled her closer and made her sit on the lap, "dada dadi meher bua koh bahut miss karenge aur woh bhi hume especially aapko bahut miss karenge lekin meher koh jaana padega, har beti koh jaana padtha hai," heer said. "matlab mujhe bhi jaana padega aapko, papa aur PB koh chodke?" chahat said as prem and heer chuckled. "aabh toh bahut time hai uskeliye...main tume itni jaldi nahi jaane dungi," heer said. "mama'aap bhi nanu ko chodke aayi thi?" chahat asked and heer nodded. "ha beta'tume paata hai main bahut rohi thi apne shaadi keh din'mujhe apna ghar chodke nahi aana tha lekin main aayi iss ghar mein tumare papa keh saath aur mujhe yaha ek naya parivaar mila. Waise hi meher koh bhi ek naya parivaar ek nahi duniya milegi lekin iska matlab yeh nahi keh woh hume bhul jayengi, aisa nahi hota," heer said as she remembered her home back in India. "lekin main aap sabh koh chodke khabhi nahi jaongi'khabhi bhi nahi," chahat said as she hugged heer. Seeing that, prateek ran up to them and wrapped his arms around, "I will miss meher bua," he said. "I know but now no more crying'aaj meher bua ka bahut special day hai issliye hum unne khush rakenge'ok," heer said as chahat wiped her tears away and prateek nodded. "aabh chalo'neeche dadi aap dono koh doond rahi thi," prem told them and they left the room. As she stood up from the floor, he walked up to her, "tum theek ho?" he asked. "yeah woh bas chahat se baat karte huwe baba ki yaad aagayi. Woh waha akele hai aur itne saal hogaye unne dekhe huwe," she said as tears filled her tears. He just wrapped her arms around her, "tumne unse baat ki?" he asked. "ha doh dino phele ki thi but I really miss him prem. Maasi se baat ki thi toh unone bataya keh baba ki tabeyat kuch dino se theek nahi hai lekin baba ne mujhe kuch nahi kaha," she said. "shayad woh tume pareshaan nahi karna chathe the," he told her. "shayad," she said. "tume ashlesha se baat karni chahiye, I am sure tume accha lagega," he said. "abhi nahi'shaadi keh bahut saare kaam hai'main usse baad mein baat karlongi," she told him. "heer'tum hamesha," he was saying when she stopped him placing her hand on his lips, "main theek hoon aur aaj mera nahi meher ka important din hai aur tum uske baade bhai hai'chalo," she said as she pecked his cheeks and ran out of the room. He stood there, "tum khabhi nahi badlogi'hamesha apne se phele dusro keh baare mein sooch thi ho'mujhe hi kuch karna padega," he thought as he followed her downstairs where the haldi ceremony was about to begin.

                Downstairs, the to be bride sat on the small, silver table dressed in a sleeveless yellow salwar suit surrounded by the juneja ladies, radhika, and a few close relatives. As they were trying to apply haldi on her cheeks, "bhabhi please'itni saari haldi nahi," meher said as she caught heer's hand. "aree aise kaise'tumne hum sabh ki shaadi mein humare upar itni saari haldi laagayi hai aur aaj humari baari hai'kyun di?" heer said. "bilkul heer'aaj tum nahi bach sakthi," kulraj said as everyone laughed. As the ceremony was going on, heer looked at gayatri and motioned her to say what was going on. At that moment, someone told them to take meher upstairs. Sometime later, after taking a shower, meher changed into a purple anarkali dress and was drying her hair when she saw her mother and bhabhi walk in. "meher'hume tumse baat karni thi," she said. "ha bhabhi kahiye na," meher said as heer and gayatri walked in and took a seat next to her on the bed. "woh actually ma koh kuch kehna hai," heer said as gayatri looked at her. "aap log kuch kehna chathi hai toh kahi na," meher said. "woh baat yeh haina beta keh joh hall humne shaadi kehliye reserve kiya tha woh cancel hogaya hai," gayatri said. "kya? Kyun? Woh aise kaise karsakthe hai?" meher said shocked. "meher kuch problem hogaya tha unke system keh saath aur humare phele kissi aur ne woh hall book karliya hai issliye hum nahi ley sakthe," heer explained. "aabh kya hoga bhabhi? Shaadi kuch ghanto mein hai aur hall nahi hai toh hum kya karenge," meher said all tensed. "aree tum pareshaan mat ho'humne sabh theek kardiya hai. Joh hall tumne pasand kiya tha woh toh nahi mila lekin ek dusra venue milgaya hai aur woh bhi bahut accha hai. Yaha se thoda dhoor hai lekin woh bhi bahut accha hai," heer said as meher sighed a breath of relief. "oh thank god bhabhi'lekin saare guests, Harman aur uski family unne toh kohi problem nahi haina," meher checked. "meher kisiko kohi problem nahi hai'sabh solve ho chuka hai. Hum toh bas tume baatana chathe the kyun ki aakir faisla toh tumara haina," heer said. "mujhe kohi  problem nahi hai bhabhi," meher said smilingly. "aisa hai toh tum jaldi se saari cheezi packing karlo..main neeche jaage saari tyaari check karley thi hoon," heer said. "tum jao'main aati hoon," gayatri told her and heer left from there.

                Gayatri walked up to meher, "sirf kuch ghante bache hai tere saath bitane kehliye phir toh tu parahi hojayegi," she said caressing her cheek. "ma," meher said as she threw herself at her mother. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered her memories. From the moment, she started to be aware of her surroundings; she has spent her entire life in that house. Whether she was happy, sad, or felt anything she shared with her family. This house was her world and now she had to leave this world and go to a new place, make a new world but will she be able to? She didn't know. She broke apart and wiped her mother's tears. "I am sorry maine aap ko rohla diya," she told her. "main theek hoon," gayatri said as she caressed her hair. "ma'aaj yeh ghar chodke jaane se phele main aapse kuch kehna chathi hoon," she said and gayatri looked at her. "main iss duniya ki sabh se lucky beti hoon. Paata nahi maine pichle janam mein zaroor kuch bahut acche kaam kiye honge keh mujhe aap aur babuji jaise ma babuji mile. Jab bhi mujhe aap logo ki zaroorat thi aap sabh mere saath the. Agar maine aap koh thoda bhi hurt kiya ho toh mujhe maaf kardijiye," meher said. "meher'aisa nahi hai beta. Tujhe maafi maang ne ki zaroorat nahi hai'tune khabhi hume dukh nahi pauchaya hai. Tu ek bahut pyaari beti hai aur mujhe pura yakeen hai keh tu usse bhi acchi bahu aur patni banegi," gayatri said as meher slightly smiled. "aabh bahut hogaya rohna. Tu kahi dhoor thodi na jarahi hai'bas ek ghante ka hi toh raasta hai. Main chathi hoon keh aaj shaam koh meri beti uss dulhan keh jhode mein sabh se sundar lage aur aise rohte huwe nahi, haste huwe jaaye," gayatri told her. Time passed as they sat together talking about old memories. The way she was as a kid. The way she used to make excuses to go to school. The way she cried every day to drink a glass of milk and how gayatri used to chase her all around the house. She will miss it all! Everything!

                Soon, the family members and relatives packed everything needed for the wedding and it was time for them to leave for the wedding venue. Walking down the stairs, she looked around the house for the last time as Ms. Meher Juneja. "aaj inn sabh koh chodke mujhe jaana padega. Ma ka woh laad pan, babuji ki dath, di ka mujhe bacche jaise dekhne ka ehsaas, jeeju ki nok jok, prem bhaiya ka khayal rakna, heer bhabhi ki prathana, preet bhaiya se ladna, ash bhabhi ki masti'.aur vishaal, tannu, prateek aur chahat keh saath joh waqt bitaya hai woh sabh shayad khabhi waapas nahi aasaktha lekin yeh sabh har pal meri yaadon mein mere saath rahenge," she thought. At that moment, she felt an arm wrap around her and she came out of her thoughts. She saw her father standing in front of her with tears. She wrapped her hands around him and started to cry. Lalit didn't know what he was to say to make his daughter stop crying. In each other's arms, they walked out of the house and lalit made her sit in the car. On the way, all family members were in the realization of giving a daughter away. They were extremely happy that meher was getting married to Harman. He was a sweet, hardworking, and respectful guy and meher was really lucky. She observed the he was really quiet as he was driving and he wasn't even paying attention to their son or daughter who were talking to him. She placed his hand on her shoulder, "prem'tum theek toh hona?" she asked. He came out of his thoughts, "ha bas aise hi," he replied. "meher keh baare mein sooch rahe hona? Chinta mat karo Harman usse bahut pyaar karta hai, woh waha bahut khush rahegi," she told him. "jaanta hoon heer phir bhi ek ajeeb dar hai maan mein. Bachpan se maine meher ki har zid puri ki hai usse jab bhi kuch bhi chahiye hota toh mujhe kehti thi lekin kal se woh kisse kahegi'main toh waha nahi rahonga na," he said sadly. "prem'main jaanti ho keh yeh pal bahut mushkil hai. Lekin tume ma babuji kehliye himmat rakni padegi. Aaj unne ek beti koh vida karna hai aur unne tumari bahut zarorat hai," she said. He smiled as he held her hand. She smiled back pressing his hand against hers telling him it will all be fine. Telling him that meher will be happy and to have trust in his sister's love. Later, they reached the venue. Getting off, meher was surprised at what stood in front of her. "ma yeh toh kohi resort lagtha hai'yaha shaadi kaise hosakthi hai?" she asked. "iske peeche bahut sundar venue hai'tu andar toh chal. Tere bhai aur bhabhi ne sabh check kiya hai," gayatri told her. Just then, preet and ashlesha joined them. "meher ki complain karne ki aadat aaj tak nahi gayi'gungun bhi tere itna complain nahi karti hogi," preet said pulling her cheek. "bhai'main complain nahi karahi thi'bas pooch rahi thi aur aabh main baadi hogayi hoon, tantrums nahi throw karti," meher said as everyone laughed. Later, everyone went inside and checked into their rooms. As he stood by the window looking out at blue water waves, she watched him from the bed as she was unpacking their stuff. She kept her dress to the side and walked up to him. "are you ok?" she asked. "you know abhi neeche meher ne kaha keh woh bacchi nahi hai jab mujhe ehsaas huwa keh woh saach kehrahi thi. I mean aaj tak maine kisiko iss ghar se vida nahi kiya hai. Kulraj di shaadi karke humare saath hi rahi toh aaj bahut ajeeb lagraha hai," he told her. "agar tume aise lagraha hai toh soocho preet meher koh kaisa lagraha hoga. Woh yaha sabh koh chodke ek nahi duniya banane jarahi hai. At least tumare paas apni puri family hai lekin usse Harman aur uski family keh saath ek naya safar shuru karna hai, she needs our support," she said. When he just stood there looking at her, "preet'tum aise kyun dekh rahe ho?"  she said. He took her hand and pulled her closer, "tumare liye bhi yeh bahut mushkil huwa hoga na, baba koh aur sabh koh chodke aane mein. Saach kehna padega bahut strong hoti ho tum ladkiya keh apna sabh kuch chodke aur humari zindagi mein aake usse sawaar dehti hai," he said placing a kiss on her forehead. She smiled. "aur nahi toh kya? Tum bahu lucky ho Mr. Preet Juneja keh main tumare paas phas gayi," she said. "woh toh mujhe already paata hai," he said as they chuckled together. Just then gungun opened the door and ran into the room. "and this makes our life perfect!" he told her as he picked their daughter up in his arms and they smiled at each other.

                After a few minutes, all the juneja ladies gathered in meher's room. "Di'mera shaadi ka ghagra kaha hai? Maine sabh jaage dekh liye lekin kahi nahi hai," she said. "meher'ussi baare mein hum tujhse baat karne kehliye aaye hai," kulraj told her. "matlab?" she asked as she looked at everyone. "ok don't be mad at us," ash said. "bhabhi'aap yeh kya kehrahe hai? Main kyun gussa hongi?" meher said confused. "humne tumare liye ek naya dress laya hai," heer said. "naya? Kyun? Joh already decide huwa tha uss dress koh kya huwa?" meher said getting anxious. "tu ek minute shant hoja'heer tum dress leyke aao," gayatri said. Heer and ash left and returned with something that was covered in a long, black plastic cover. Meher still didn't understand what was going on. She moved forward and opened the cover only to be blown away. In stood a long, white, strapless bridal dress with silver sequencing that looked like this:  "bhabhi'yeh kya hai?" meher asked. "tumara sapna," heer said. "lekin maine aapse kaha na keh main woh baatein aise hi keha diya tha'phir kyun?," meher told her. Before heer could reply, "kyun ki woh baatein aise hi nahi kahi thi tune'woh teri khwaish thi, tere sapne," gayatri said as meher looked at her. "mujhe heer aur ashlesha ne sabh baata diya tha aur meher meri aur tere babuji ki khushi teri khushi se hai beta. Aur shaadi toh janam janam ka bandhan hai'zaroori yeh hai keh doh log dil se iss bandhan mein jhode yeh nahi keh shaadi mandir mein ho ya kahi aur," gayatri told her. "matlab'sabh koh paata hai aur babuji koh bhi kohi problem nahi hai?" meher asked making sure. "nahi kisiko kohi problem nahi hai," gayatri said. A broad smile crept on her lips as she hugged her mother, "thanks ma'thank you so much," she said. Coming out of the hug, "tu khush hai yehi mere liye sabh se baadi baat hai," gayatri said caressing her cheek. "tumare liye aur bhi kuch hai'chalo humare saath," kulraj said as they took meher downstairs. Reaching the lobby, she saw her father, brothers and jeeju waiting for her. "I guess I should be ready for another surprise," meher said as everyone smiled. Prem walked up to her and took her hand. They walked together towards the end of the hall. The doors opened and in front of her eyes stood heaven. At least heaven on earth'that's what she thought. She didn't know what to say as she stood there surprised. "meher'kaisa laga?" prem asked. "wow!" was all she could managed to get out. She walked ahead as the family members followed. She stood facing the beautiful, blue sea water. Just away from the shore line was her wedding altar. It was shaped like a flower using white and pink silk cloths. In the middle stood a small, silver chandelier to give light to the altar. Attached to the silk ribbons, were strings of roses of all colors. Down the poles that were holding the altar, were strings of lights and pink and white roses wrapped around. On either side, there were chairs for the guests. Between the chairs, a red carpet laid out leading to the altar. she couldn't believe this was happening'her dream'the dream she had ever since she can remember was coming true. "its awesome'I can't believe it'it's just awesome," meher said happily. Everyone felt a rush of joy seeing meher smile. Soon, everyone retrieved to their rooms to get ready for the wedding as the groom and his family will be arriving soon.

                There room was looking nothing less than a garbage dump. He was trying to knot his tie; the kids were running all over the place. Her daughter didn't want to have her hair tied this way or that. Her son didn't want to wear the shirt because as always it didn't fit him. "prateek'chahat! Stop!" she yelled. "bahut hogaya'.if you don't stop this right now, I am not taking you to the wedding," heer said as both her kids stopped jumping on the bed. She fixed chahat's hair and placed matching pink clips on the side of her hair. Then, she fixed her son's shirt and made him wear his suit. "aabh neeche jao aur acche baccho ki taara behave karna. Agar aaj kuch bhi toota toh mujhse bura kohi nahi hoga'got it?" heer said and they both nodded as they walked out the door. She took a deep breath, "yeh dono na ek din mujhe paagal karne keh chodenge," she said to herself. Hearing her say that, he chuckled and she turned around to look at him. "ha ha haas lo'mujhe paata hai tume mujhe thaang karke bahut maaza aata hai," she told him. He smiled, pulling her closer by the waist, "galat'mujhe maaza tumari yeh cute se nose dekhar hota hai. Jab bhi tum gussa hoti ho toh yeh kaise lal hojati hai," he told her. "accha. Aabh mujhe chodo, jaldi se ready hona padega warna late hojaongi," she said. As she was about to leave, "oh'not so soon," he said pulling her back. "please meri tie bandho," prem said. She smiled as she moved forward and did his tie. "ok'tum jaldi se ready hojao'I will be waiting," prem said and went outside the room to wait so she can get ready. Time passed and the room door opened and she stepped out. Dressed in a pink sari with a silver sequenced border, she had added matching earrings and bangles. Her hair was put up in a bun with a pink rose. She always blew him away with her simple, angelic beauty. It has been almost 6 years since she had walked into his life but she still has the same effect on him like she did the first time he saw her. Seeing him, she blushingly smiled. He offered her his hand and she took it. They walked together hand in hand and reached the lobby where the family was waiting for Harman and his family. "Here come the love birds!" preet teased and they quickly broke apart with their cheeks turn tomato red. "Just to clarify, aaj meher aur Harman ki shaadi hai'paata haina tum dono koh," kulraj said and prem heer looked at each other. "di'," prem said as everyone laughed. Just then, Harman and his relatives arrived and the family members welcomed them all.

                In the room, she was dressed in her wedding dress and her hair was put up in a bun with a few bangs curled on the side. As the makeup artist was starting to do her makeup, she asked if she could be excused for a minute. She dialed the phone but it kept going to voicemail. At the final try, she decided to leave a message hoping he would hear it, "namastey uncle'main'main meher bol rahi hoon. Maine aapko invitation bheja tha lekin paata nahi keh aap aarahe hai ya nahi lekin agar aap aaj humari khushi mein humare saath shamil honge toh mujhe bahut khushi hogi aur Harman koh bhi, yeh main jaanti hoon. Maine aapko issliye phone kiya kyun ki suddenly wedding venue change hogaya hai, main aapko address message kardongi'I hope aapko message jaldi mile," she said and ended the call. Just then, heer and ashlesha entered the room. "aree'meher tu abhi tak ready nahi hai'sabh aachuke hai'sirf humari pyaar dulhan ka intezaar horaha hai," ash said as meher smiled. "aur ha aaj Harman bahut handsome lagraha hai lekin meri pyaari behen jaise utna nahi," heer told her. Later, they finished up the last touches and added silver earrings matching to the dress. Lastly, they added the veil on her head, "yeh lo ready hogayi hai humari dulhan'chale?" heer asked. "ha bhabhi'you know iss pal kehliye maine itna intezaar kiya hai lekin jab aaj yeh pal finally aagaya hai, I feel like butterflies flying in my stomach," meher told them. "don't worry meher'hum sabh iss pal se guzar chuke hai. Iss din mein khushi keh saath saath bahut dar bhi lagtha hai," ash said. "lekin jab tumare saath Harman hoga toh saari pareshaani door hojayegi'.aabh chalo kyun ki Harman aankhe bhija ke apne pyaar ka aur hone wali patni ka intezaar karaha hai," heer said and meher nodded.

                Downstairs, everyone was at the wedding venue and Harman stood at the altar waiting for her. She stood behind the closed doors as her heart fluttered as she realized that on the other side stood her family and friends waiting for her. She had to walk down that aisle with all eyes on her. Suddenly, she felt an arm around her shoulder and turned to see her dad assuring her with a smile that everything will be fine. She smiled back. "Ready?" he asked and she nodded as she wrapped her arm around his. The doors opened and everyone stood up and looked in her direction. She forgot everything and looked directly at him. He had a big smile on her face with a glint of happiness in his eyes. The carpet that was empty before was now filled with rose petals. The sun had set and the lights around the venue were glittering making it more beautiful. Each step she took, took her closer to the thing that will change her life forever. As they reached the altar, lalit kissed her on the cheek and gave her hand into Harman's. He took her hand and she moved into the altar and stood in front of him. Her eyes scanned through the coward for someone but she couldn't find what she was looking for. He said he would come but he didn't, she thought sadly. "Can we get started?" the priest asked. "can we please wait for a few minutes'please?" meher said as Harman looked at her. "yeah if you need to," the priest said. "meher'tum kisika wait karahi ho?" Harman asked. "woh maine kisiko invite kiya hai aur woh abhi tak aaye nahi'toh bas thodi dher aur," she told him. "does he know about the venue change?" he asked. "ha maine phone kiya tha lekin I think woh flight mein the issliye I left a message'I hope he got it," meher said. "par meher'who is coming? Some special friend huh?" he teased but she didn't say anything. She looked at the door again hoping he would come but somewhere deep in her heart, she had some doubts that may be he won't come. As time passed, gayatri walked up and pulled her to the side, "meher'tu yeh kiska intezaar karahi hai. Harman, uske ghar wale aur saare log aagaye hai aur tum kisi ek insaan kehliye apni shaadi late karahi hai, kyon aaraha hai?" she asked. "ma please yeh meri liye nahi main Harman aur uski khushi kehliye karahi hoon," meher said. "tu yeh kya kehrahi hai?" gayatri said confused. "ma main aapko baad mein sabh baata dungi bas paanch minute aur please," meher said and gayatri agreed. As each minute passed, she was becoming increasingly anxious as all eyes stared at her wondering if she was just making an excuse to delay the wedding or was someone really coming? She finally gave up! She wanted to do this for Harman. She wanted to give this happiness as a wedding gift to him but may be that wasn't really possible anymore. "I am sorry...kohi nahi aaraha hai. I am sorry keh aap sabh koh itna intezaar karna pada," she said. "meher'its ok'tum sorry kyun bol rahi ho'are you sure keh hum ceremony start kare?" Harman asked. "yeah'I am sure," meher said as she moved forward in front of him again.

                As they stood together holding each other's hand, the priest started, "Beloved people, we all gather here to celebrate the union of Harman Mehta and Meher Juneja. As these two people join their lives together today, I am happy that the people who helped shape their lives and made it what it is today are here to bestow your blessings on them. And, now the couple will read their vows," he announced. They smiled at each other as he pulled her closer to him, "Today, my life begins a new ride, a new chapter. Before today, I was a boy who was alone. But today, I become a husband, your husband. I become accountable to someone more than me, I become accountable to you. No matter what happens, I will be here right by your side. I promise to love you, to take care of, to hold you in my arms and to keep a smile on your face till my last breath," Harman said as she could feel tears rolling down her cheeks. She wiped her tears away as she had to say her vows now. "Ever since I crashed into you in that hallway, not only did I lose the papers I was holding, I think somewhere I lost my heart. I lost my heart to you. Though I didn't even know you then, it somewhere just felt right. The more I came to know you, my feelings got stronger. I stand here today ready for our journey together as husband and wife, ready to take on the responsibilities of a wife, of a daughter-in-law, of a woman. Today, I promise to love you, to make you happy, and to be there for you no matter what. I choose you to spend the rest of my life with. Starting this instant, we will spend each moment of our lives together and I, as always, can't wait! I love you," she told him. "By the power invested me by God and the government of Canada, I now pronounce you man and wife," the priest announced as everyone happily applauded for the couple. He pulled her closer, moved the veil and placed a kiss on her forehead. As his lips touched her skin, their friends and family bestowed their blessings on the couple in the form of rose petals. They broke apart and turned to face everyone but what they saw shook their world. Far away from everyone, a man in his early 50s dressed in a black suit stood by the entrance door. He had thick, black hair that was gelled back and his eyes were similar to harman's, she thought. On the other hand, he couldn't believe it. Was it really happening or was it all a dream? He didn't know. It's been almost 10 years since he saw him. It was when he left them. "dad!" was all he could managed to get out. Hearing him, everyone turned to look at the door. They both got off the altar and he walked up towards them. He felt guilty for what he had done. Whatever problems he had were with his wife, he shouldn't have punished their son for it.

Coming face to face, "congratulations son!" he said. Harman moved forward and engulfed him, "thanks dad'I can't believe you came'aur aapko kaise paata tha keh aaj yaha meri shaadi horahi hai? Ma ne baataya?" he asked. "nahi mujhe yaha tumari patni ne bhulaya hai?" he told him. Harman was surprised. He turned to look at his wife and she smiled. "aayiye main aapko sabh se milata hoon," Harman said as he turned towards the juneja family. "yeh mere dad hai, Mr. Anupam Mehta," Harman said and then he introduced everyone in the family. He was really happy that for the first time in such a long time his father has come to celebrate something with him. And that celebration was his wedding with meher made all of it much more special. "aur isse toh aap jaante hai but phir bhi, this is my better half meher," Harman said. "of course, she is a lovely girl. Bahut hi pyaari bacchi hai," anupam said as he came forward and gave meher a hug. "It's really nice to finally meet you. Mujhe toh laaga keh aap nahi aayenge but thank you so much for coming," meher said. "mujhe toh aana hi tha. Itne saal maine apne bete koh apne se dhoor raka lekin aaj itne baade din mujhe iss khushi mein shamil hona hi tha," anupam said as everyone smiled. Then, he turned to his son, "Harman I know keh sirf sorry keha dehne se sabh theek nahi hojayega lekin main tumari zindagi ka ek issa banna chatha hoon. Aaj main yaha tumari khushi dekhne aaya hoon, uss mein shamil hona chatha hoon. Pichli baatein bhul kar kya hum aage badh sakthe please?" anupam said. "please dad, don't say sorry. Aaj se hum ek nayi shuruwat karenge," Harman told him as everyone smiled.

                Later, the newlyweds were invited on the dance floor for their first dance as man and wife. Hand in hand, they walked together to the dance floor. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close. She put her arms on his shoulder as they swayed to the music. "tum naraaz toh nahi hona?" she asked him. "tum aisa kyun pooch rahi ho?" he said. "nahi'woh maine dad koh yaha bhulaya aur tume baataya nahi issliye," she told him. "meher'tumne joh aaj kiya usse mujhe kitni khushi mili hai main baata nahi saktha. Mere dad aaj tak meri kohi bhi baadi khushi mein mere saath nahi the aur aaj woh meri shaadi mein aaye, I am so happy," he said as she smiled. "lekin ek baat batao'tumne yaha unne kaise bhula liya I mean how did you do it and when?" he questioned. "bahut lambhi kahaani hai. Jab woh humare engagement mein nahi aaye main jaanti thi keh tume bhaut bura laaga tha issliye  maine  mom se baat ki aur unse baat karke maine paata kiya keh dad kaha rehte hai. Lekin woh waha se move hogaye the issliye thoda time laaga but I found him at the end and here he is," meher said. "kehna padega, meri biwi toh bahut smart hai," he said as she giggled. "kya karoon ek relationship mein kissi ek koh toh smart hona padtha hai," she teased. "aaj main tume kuch nahi kahonga'you can tease me as much as you want," he told her. "really? Phir bahut maaza aane wala hai," she said. "From here, I am going to take you somewhere special," he said. "kaha?" she asked. "woh main nahi baata saktha woh ek surprise hai," he said. "Harman'batao na kaha jarahe hai hum, mujhe toh laaga keh tume doh dino mein job join karni hai," she told him. "yeah join toh karna hai lekin hum kaha dhoor nahi jarahe hai'bas ek ghante ya so raasta hai," he said. "lekin tum mujhe nahi bataoge?" she asked. "nope," he said as he pulled her closer and pecked her lips. Later, other couples joined them on the dance floor and the party was in full swing.

 His hand on her waist and her hand on his shoulder, hand in hand, they danced to the music. They smiled seeing their son and daughter dance next to them on the dance floor. "finally, aaj Harman aur meher ek hogaye," he said. "I know prem, woh dono ka pyaar itne saal door rehakar sirf baada hai, khabhi kam nahi huwa," she said happily. "jaise humara huwa hai," he said as she blushingly smiled. "prem'tum bhi na," she said. "saach hi toh keha raha hoon main heer. Tum batao kya tum mujhse aaj uss din se zyaada nahi pyaar karti hoon jis din hum mandir mein mile the?" he asked. "yeh kaisa sawaal hai?" she said. "ha ya na?" he said. "ha main tumse uss din se bahut zyaada pyaar karti hoon," heer said. "see, that's my point!" he said as she smiled. "tume paata hai maine Harman koh ma se kehte huwe suna keh woh meher koh yaha se kahi leyjaane wala hai'ek surprise jaaga aur meher se thoda sa bhi intezaar nahi horaha hai," she told him. "waise surprise toh mere paas bhi hai, tumare liye," he said. "mere liye? Kya hai?" heer said. "heer'surprise hai," he said stressing on the word surprise. "tum na mujhe khabhi nahi baata the keh tumare surprises hai kya? Mujhse intezaar nahi hota, tume paata hai kitna mushkil hai yeh," she said. "sirf kuch ghanto ki toh baat hai, thoda intezaar karlo aur aaj raat main tume tumara surprise deh dunga," he told her as she pouted. After that, everyone ate dinner together talking and sharing memories about meher and harman's childhood. Later, it was time for Harman and meher to leave. No one knew where Harman was taking meher because he wanted it to keep it a surprise. Tears filled her eyes as the thought that she will be leaving her family crossed her mind. For 23 years, she has lived with them, learned everything from them. Good or bad, happy or sad, she shared everything and anything with them but now she will have to leave behind everything. She hugged everyone and said her good byes. In the end, as she came to chahat, she picked her up in her arms. "tume bua bahut miss karengi," meher said. Chahat wrapped her hands around her neck, "please, chahat koh chodke mat jayiye," she pleaded. Hearing that, meher burst into tears. Heer took chahat back in her arms and consoled meher. The family walked meher out and made her sit in the car. They stood with tears as Harman and meher drove away.

                The family returned home and everyone missed meher and the bubbly aura she carried with her. Tired, they retrieved to their room to rest. She was changing the kids into their pajamas so she can put them to sleep. She already changed her son and put him to bed. She was changing her daughter, "mama'kal se meher bua humare saath nahi rahenga na?" she asked. "ha chahat lekin mama ne aapse kaha na keh aapko jab bhi bua se milne ka mann kare mujhe baatana, ok?" she said. "ha paata hai lekin main raat koh jaise bua keh saath milke movies dekhti thi aur jab bua aur main milke papa keh saath tricks karte the, chahat woh sabh kaise karege?" she asked sadly. Heer moved forward and picked her up in her arms, "kya chahat woh sabh mama keh saath karegi?" heer asked. "aapke saath?" chahat said unsure. "ha'chahat aur mama park jaate hai, mall jaate hai, peanut butter jelly sandwiches banate hai, aur kitne saare kaam karte hai toh movies saath kyun nahi dekh sakthe?" heer reasoned. "aap mera saath Cinderella movie dekhengi?" she asked. "ha dekhongi," heer said. "aur snow white?" chahat asked. "Cinderella, snow white, Barbie sabh dekhenge lekin chahat aabh roh nahi sakthi, theek hai," heer said and chahat nodded. "good girl'aabh bahut raat hogayi hai, chalo jaldi se sohjao," heer said pecking her head. "Good night mama," chahat said. "Good night," heer said as she turned on the night lamp in the room and left. Few minutes later, she changed into her night gown and walked into the room to see her husband on the bed. She walked up to the bed and lay next to him. "sabh acche se hogaye yehi bahut khushi ki baat hai'I am sure meher aur Harman ek dusre keh saath bahut khush rahenge," heer said. "tumara aur ashlesha ka idea bahut accha tha'meher toh surprise dekhar itni khushi hogayi I was really happy," he said. "ha prem'joh jaise bhi ho ek ladki ki shaadi uske mann pasand hi hona chahiye aur yeh khushi hum humari meher koh deh sake iss kehliye hume bhagwan ka shukur karna chahiye," heer told her. "accha? Aur hum ladko ki pasand kuch nahi?" prem asked. "ladko koh thodi na apna ghar, apne parivaar koh chodke jaana padtha hai," she said. "issliye humari kohi value nahi hai," he said. "aisa nahi hai'humne Harman se bhi toh poocha tha na aur usne kaha keh meher koh jaise chahiye waise hi hogi shaadi," heer explained innocently. "mujhe paata hai'main toh tumari thaang keech raha tha," he said. "prem'tum na'hamesha aise hi karte ho," she pouted. "aur meri pyaari aur bholi heer hamesha phaas bhi jaati hai," he said pulling her nose. "phaas toh main gayi," she said as they both smiled looking at each other. "mujhe tume kuch dehna hai," he said as he turned to get something from the side table. She looked at the envelope in his hand not sure what was it in. She took it from his hand and opened it. "prem yeh tickets'aise achanak, kyun?" she asked. "aise hi mera dil kiya toh," prem said. "lekin prem hum kal hi chale jayenge toh aur ma babuji aur sabh koh bhi toh baatana hai," heer said. "sabh koh already paata hai," he said. "kya?" she asked surprised. "ha'maine ma se kaha keh mujhe meri 6th anniversary meri biwi aur baccho keh saath maanani hai aur unone ha kehdiya," he told her as she smiled. "toh hum kal hi austrailia jarahe hai?" she asked. He smiled wrapped his hands around her waist and pulling her closer, "ha Mrs. Heer Prem Juneja main yaha aapko sabh se chura kar kahi dhoor ley jaraha hoon, humari 6th anniversary celebrate karne kehliye," prem said as she wrapped his hands around him and pulled him in a hug.

Hey guys
I know you all have been waiting for like ever but believe me I started this chapter like 3 weeks ago but something or the other kept coming up so it took forever for me to complete the chapter. But I hope you guys like the update...cant wait to see your comments. Big smile Next chapter will be the last chapter of pyaar ki yeh dastaan so I have to work hard on it and make it good so it will take time Embarrassed.

love you all

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
SO now finaaly Meher and Harman are married... loved how the family fulfilled meher's dream.. So prem and heer 6th aniversary celebration is coming.. looking forward to the next part.. fabulous update

continue super soon and thanks for the pm..

take care

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chalo finally meher and harman got married
chahat was really cute Embarrassed
eagerly waiting for prem's surprise
pls cont soon
thnx 4 pm

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Posted: 08 July 2012 at 4:07am | IP Logged
superb update...
inally our harman and meher married.
loved all premeer scenes.
can't wait to see their anniversary celebrations.
update soon
thanks for pm

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