Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan III:Last Chap Page 88 Aug6th (Page 71)

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Originally posted by sowmya18

awesome update...

thanks dear...Smile

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Originally posted by zigzagway_sadi

The part was as usual fantastic..

rainbow stars

it was lalit who saw meher and harman...
i was thinking it might be prem or heer..
wow...harmaan told the trruth... i think he did the correct thing..
But feeling so sad for them...they all are blaming harmaan for this..

No... i don't want prem becoming angry with heer... hope that prem soon come to his sense and everything between them become fine!!!but i am happy that heer at least got to tell her POV about all this to prem...
WOW..atleast prem understood his mistake...really happy

rainbow stars
Eagerly waiting for the next part

Continue super duper soon!!!

rainbow stars

thank you for the beautiful comments...I love all the smileys...they are cute. Big smile
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Originally posted by repunzell

i had a feeling tht u will udpate todayyy...thankx for updatingggBig smile!!!!

the update was very janoooEmbarrassed!!!!

feelt pitty for meher, hope premeer n preet n ashlesha help herr!!!

loved premeer scenesss...they are the eternal coupleeeStar!!!!

but i want more premeer sceness plzzz

thanx for the pm n update soonnn!!!!

thanks for the amazing comments...will continue soon Smile
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Originally posted by vrushika

hi di..a fab update i loved it..
it was superb..
fantastic..awesome..mind blowing..
no words..
prem scolded heer????
i knw she must have told him..but y did he have 2 shout at her..the way he did...
finally but he told that he was sorry..
that was better...
thank god..
and poor meher feeling bad for her poor girl..
hope everythng fn soon...
fingers crossed..
di thank u so much for updating..
love u di..
thanks a lot...
u kept ur promise...
thank u thank u thnak u..
love u di..
thank u again for the update and pm.,.
sorry no long comment..
really busy with all stuffs..
hell busy till the exams are made compulsory here..three entrance exams... so timings have extended... so really sorry.. plz bare with me..)
luv ya di..take care

thanks for the beautiful comments shika...Big smile
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Originally posted by sinak

Awesome upate

thank you...Smile
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Originally posted by -Shwetasri-

Hey, I know I am late bt my schedule was really tight so wasn't able to spend a lot of time on the forums, bt as now I am back . . . . . .

Well, as always, love ur update as they are long n interesting but this one was really sad. I really hope that Prem doesn't get angry with Heer . . . . .I would hate to see that.
But I really appreciate Harman, to tell the truth and finally accept his love for Meher. But I feel really sad for them . . . . .the behavior of the family members was really really rude.

Anyways, hope that the coming update won't be more sad.

Thank you for the PM.
Take Care. Big smile

And if time permits then plz update soon . . . . .Smile

thats ok worries. thanks for the beautiful comments...Big smile
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Chapter 76

                As the journey continued, prem and heer discussed about meher and harman's problem. "tume lagtha hai keh babuji maan jayenge….maine aaj tak babuji koh itne gusse mein khabhi nahi dekha," she said worried. "babuji hamesha se hi hum sabh keh baare mein bahut protective hai aur meher keh baare mein toh sabh se zyada kyun ki woh sabh se choti haina," he said. "lekin prem hume kuch toh karna hoga na. meher bahut roh rahi hai aur aabh hum Harman koh India mein chodke meher koh wapaas leyjarahe hai," she said. "tum chinta mat karo heer. Hum kuch na kuch zaroor karenge," he said and she nodded. "heer…once again I am sorry," prem told her. "prem please tum phir se," she said. "nahi heer…tum sahi thi aur mujhe woh samaj ne mein dher hogayi. Maine meher ki aankho mein Harman kehliye pyaar dekha hai, chinta dekhi hai," prem said. "mujhe ma koh lekar bahut pareshaani horahi hai prem. Woh kuch kehti nahi lekin bahut pareshaan hai," heer told him. "aaj tak joh bhi problems aaye hum ne solve karliye na…aage bhi karlenge," he said. She smiled, "main hamesha tumare saath hoon," she said as she placed her palm on top of his. He pressed her hand as they sat together smilingly. "aur hum bhi," someone said as they turned to see preet and ash. "tum dono?" heer asked. "ha bhabhi…humne ma babuji koh humare seats mein shift kardiya," preet said and him and ash took their seats. "hum jaante hai keh aap dono bhi meher keh baare mein baat karahe hai…hume bhi bahut chinta horahi hai," ash told them. "aabh toh hum kuch nahi karsakthe, hume Canada pauchne ka wait karna padega. Lekin hum karenge kya? I mean hume toh yeh bhi nahi paata keh Harman kaha chala gaya," heer said. "bhabhi is right…paata nahi harmna kaha chala gaya. Meher bahut pareshaan lagrahi hai," preet said. "Harman theek hoga…he probably just wanted some time alone…mujhe lagtha hai keh phele hume yeh saara problem thoda shant hone dehte hai," ash suggested. "nahi ash…tabh tak bahut dher hosakthi hai. hume jald se jald ma babuji se baat karni hogi," prem said. "tum shayad theek kehrahe ho prem…agar yeh baat khatam hojayegi toh shayad babuji humari baat tak na sune," heer said. "ha…paata nahi eid keh chand koh kya hogaya hai…itna gussa," preet said as prem and heer turned to look at him. "what? Saach hi toh hai?" he said. "preet!" heer said. "ok so what's the plan?" ash said as they all looked at each other without a clue. "plan?" heer asked. "ha babuji koh maana ne kehliye plan," ash said. "hume plan kya karna hai? I mean hum toh sirf unse baat karne wale haina," prem stated. "aree jeeju baat karna hai yeh toh paata hai lekin kya baat karna hai woh plan karna zaroori hai," ash said. "agar tumne itna sooch liya hai toh tum hi baata doh," preet said. "dekho agar babuji koh meher aur Harman keh side mein laana hai toh unn par emotional atyachar karna hoga," ash said in filmy style and prem and heer looked at each other. "ash…yeh tumare baba nahi yeh eid ka chand hai…emotional atyachar unn peh chalne wala nahi hai," preet said. "ash tu na khabhi nahi sudregi…tere yeh plans tu apne paas hi rak…hum babuji koh samalenge," heer said. "whatever…tum sabh koh meri smartness ki kadar nahi hai," ash said as everyone smiled at her.  

                After the plane travel ended, they all reached the juneja mansion from the airport. As the family members were walking to their rooms, lalit spoke up, "ek minute…meher mujhe tumse baat karni hai," he said and everyone stopped. Everyone just looked at each other worried and not knowing what lalit was about to say. "aaj se tum phone, computer kuch bhi istamal nahi karogi. Na hi tum iss ghar se bahar jasakthi ho," he said as meher looked at him shocked. "kya? Par kyun?" meher asked. "kyun ki main nahi chatha keh tum kisise bhi baat karo," lalit said. "aur kisise matlab aap Harman ki baat karahe hai? aap aisa nahi karsakthe babuji…mujhe usse baat karne se kohi nahi roksaktha," meher said. "mujhe kuch suna nahi hai meher…maine tume kehdiya hai bas kehdiya," he said. Meher got mad. How could he do something like this with her? what was her mistake? But she knew there was no answer to these questions. She threw her bag on the floor and ran to her room from there. Gayatri and heer followed meher upstairs in her room. "meher…meri baat toh sun," gayatri said as she followed her. "kya kehna hai aap ko? Babuji koh toh aap kuch kehti nahi lekin sabh mujhe hi blame karte hai," meher said angrily. "aisa nahi hai meher…ma teri fikar karti hai issliye…tu shant hoja," heer said. "nahi bhabhi…mujhe kuch nahi suna hai. sabh mujhe hi blame karte hai kyun bhabhi? maine kya galat kiya hai?" meher asked. "main jaanti hoon keh tune kuch galat nahi kiya hai. main tere babuji se baat karongi lekin tu bas thoda shant rahe, main sabh theek karne ki kosish karongi," gayatri said as meher felt guilty. She had been so rude to gayatri from the past few days. She didn't want to but with all that things that were happening, she was going crazy. She didn't know what she was saying. She wrapped her arms around her mother, "I am sorry ma…really really sorry. Main bahut dar gayi thi bas issiliye. Aap please babuji se baat karahi na…main Harman keh bina jee nahi sakthi…main usse bahut pyaar karti hoon ma…please," she said as she cried. "meher shant hoja…sabh theek hojayega…tu roh mat," gayatri consoled her daughter as she looked at heer. Coming out of the hug, "main tujhe rohte huwe nahi dekh sakthi…main sabh se baat karongi," gayatri said wiping meher's tears. "main aur prem bhi aaj babuji se baat karenge," heer said. "tu ja fresh hoja aur neeche aajana. Maine shyam se kehti hoon keh khaana lagaye," gayatri said as meher nodded and left for the bathroom. "samaj mein nahi aata keh kya karaho," gayatri worried. "hum sabh milke sabh theek kardenge ma…aap chinta mat kijiye," heer said as they went to their respective rooms to change.

                Later, the family gathered for dinner but meher was nowhere in sight. "ashlesha jaake dekhna keh meher kaha rehgayi?" gayatri said. "jee ma," ash said and left to check. Minutes later, ashlesha returned, "ma meher toh sohgayi," she said. "sohgayi? Shayad tak gayi hogi…theek hai, tum baito," gayatri said. The table was quiet as they ate dinner together. As he finished dinner and was about to walk away, "babuji…hume aapse kuch kehna hai," prem said. "kis baare mein?" lalit asked. "woh babuji….meher aur Harman keh baare mein," prem replied. "uss ka naam iss ghar mein leyne ki kohi zaroorat nahi hai," lalit yelled. "theek hai babuji lekin hum meher keh baare mein toh baat karsakthe haina?" prem asked. "kaho kya kehna chatha hoon," lalit said. "babuji aap aise kaise karsakthe hai meher keh saath. Uski baat samaj ne ki kosish toh kariye?" prem said. "aabh tu mujhe seekayega keh sahi kya hai aur galat kya?" lalit asked. "babuji aap toh humse baade hai  hum aap koh kuch bhi kyun seekayenge…hume toh meher ki chinta horahi hai bas issliye. babuji woh itne dino se bahut rohrahi hai, aabh usse maaf bhi kardijiye na," heer told him. "tum sabh koh lagtha hai keh main uske saath zyadti karaha hoon? mujhe bhi uski chinta hai. woh ladka humari meher kehliye theek nahi hai aur woh abhi bacchi hai," lalit said. "hum jaante hai babuji keh aap se zyada meher ki chinta kohi nahi karta lekin babuji woh Harman se pyaar karti hai…aap samaj the kyun nahi?" preet said. "mujhe samajne ki kohi zaroorat nahi hai. main wahi karaha hoon joh sahi hai," lalit said. "nahi babuji…aap meher keh baare mein toh sooche na. uski baat toh ek baar sunlijiye…please babuji," kulraj said. "accha toh aabh tum sabh milgaye ho…tum sabh koh main galat ho na, sabh uska saath dehrahe hai," lalit said. "babuji hum sabh toh ek parivaar haina…aap hume sides mein kyun baath rahe hai," heer said sadly. "mujhe laaga tha keh meher toh bacchi hai lekin maine yeh khabhi nahi soocha tha keh tum sabh bhi mujhe galat samjoge," lalit said as he walked away, fuming. "babuji toh naraaz hogaye," ash said concerned. "main jaake baat karti hoon," gayatri said as she followed lalit inside and the family members stood there looking at each other.

                She walked into the room to see him standing in front of the wall where the family picture hung. "aapko shayad meher ki baad maan leyni chahiye, woh usse bahut pyaar karti hai," gayatri said. "nahi gayatri woh ladka meher kehliye sahi nahi hai. uska parivaar..nahi," he said. "dekhiye hum joh bhi karte hai woh humare baccho ki khushi kehliye toh karte haina. Meher ka roh rohkar buri halaat hogayi hai. phele saare ghar mein humari meher titli ki taara udti rehti, hamesha khush aur aabh uske aankho se sirf aansoo behe the rehte hai…mujhse dekha nahi jaata," gayatri said as her eyes teared up. "kuch dino mein sabh theek hojaye…waqt guzar the hi meher usse bhul jayegi," lalit firmly stated. "apni zid chodijiye…meher ki khushi kehliye maan jayiye. Harman ek accha ladka hai. maine dekha hai…meher jab bhi uske saath hoti thi bahut khushi hoti thi. Aap maan jayiye," gayatri said pleading. "aabh tum bhi apne baccho keh saath milgayi. Theek hai…sabh koh main hi galat hoon lekin main bhi aisa khabhi nahi hone dunga," lalit said angrily. "theek hai…toh aaj se main bhi apne beti keh saath hoon. main usse uski khushi wapaas dilake rahongi," gayatri said and walked out of the room as lalit stood there looking. She walked into the kitchen to see gayatri in the corner with tears in her eyes. "ma…kya huwa? aap theek toh haina?" heer asked walking up to heer. "tumare babuji samaj hi nahi rahe hai. unne lagtha hai keh Harman meher kehliye sahi nahi hai. lekin unne kyon samjaye keh meher usse apna dil deh baiti hai," gayatri said sadly. "shayad unne thode waqt ki zaroorat hai phir mujhe pura yakeen hai keh babuji samjayenge," heer consoled her mother in law. "waise tum yaha kya karahi ho?" gayatri asked. "soocha keh meher kehliye khaana uske kamre mein ley chaloon," heer said. "tum rehne doh…main ley jaati hoon," gayatri said. "aap zyada tension mat lijiye…hum sabh milkar sabh theek kardenge," heer said to her and left. Next, gayatri warmed up food for meher and took it upstairs. She saw that her daughter was still asleep. "meher utja beta…kuch khale uske baad sohjaana…utja," gayatri called out as she placed the food tray on the table. Getting no response, gayatri walked to bed and tried to wake up meher again. Touching her daughter's arm, gayatri was shocked. "aree isse toh bukar hai," gayatri worried. She quickly went downstairs and returned with the medicine box. She woke up meher and fed her food and then the medicines. The night passed by as gayatri sat next to meher checking her temperature and placing a cloth with cold water on meher's forehead every few minutes. "mujhe maaf karde meher…main apne farz aur mamta keh beech phasi jarahi hoon. Tumare babuji samaj hi nahi rahe hai keh unki beti ki khushi kisme hai lekin hume kuch toh karna hoga aur main karongi. Main kuch na kuch zaroor soochongi," gayatri thought to herself as she sat next to her daughter. Soon, sleep hit her and she fell asleep in the chair.

                Back in India, Harman returned back to the juneja house to find it locked. "ghar keh sabh kaha chalegayi…ghar band kyun hai?" he thought. "aree Harman beta…tum aagaye?" someone said as Harman turned to see kishan. "ha…ghar keh sabh kahi gaye hai kya?" he asked. "woh beta…kuch zaroori kaam aagaya tha issliye saare ghar wale wapaas Canada chale gaye," kishan replied as Harman looked at him shocked. "kya? Kabh?" Harman asked. "aap keh jaane keh dusre hi din sabh chalegaye," kishan told him. "theek hai kaka…thanks," Harman said as he was about to leave. "ek minute beta," kishan said as he reached into his kurta pocket, "yeh chitti meher betiya ne tumare liye chodi thi," he said as he gave Harman the letter. "meher ne diya hai…theek hai…thanks," Harman said as he took the letter from kishan. He walked to the front of the house and took a seat in the plastic chair in the garden. He looked at the letter in his hand and caressed it. He could see her dried tears on the letter. "I am sorry meher…jab tume meri sabh se zyaada zaroorat thi tabh hi main tumare paas nahi tha. Lekin main kya karta meher….maine nahi chatha tha keh tum meri wajase apne parivaar se ruto. Main jaanta hoon keh ek parivaar ki hemiyat kya hoti hai kyun ki mere paas woh khoobsurat rishtey nahi hai," he said sadly. He opened the letter and started to read:

                Paata nahi hum phir se kabh milenge Harman lekin milenge yeh zaroor paata hai. tumne mujhse vaada kiya haina keh tum waapas aaunge toh main tumara intezaar karongi. Lekin Harman mujhe bahut dar lagraha hai. main tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon Harman lekin yeh bhi saach hai keh main mere parivaar se bahut pyaar karti hoon. mere liye mere rishtey hi sabh kuch hai par jab inne rishto mein se ek koh chuna pade toh paata nahi main yeh kaise kar paungi. Mujhe tum bhi chahiye aur mera parivaar lekin please Harman tum wapaas aajao. Mujhe pura yakeen hai keh tum aur main milkar ghar walo koh zaroor maana leyenge. Till then, I love you and I will miss you!

                                                                                                                                                                                Tumari meher

Tears fell from his eyes onto the letter. He closed his eyes remembering their cheerful moments together. He wished that he could bring back those moments and always keep them with him. "kash meher main sabh theek karsaktha lekin kaise?" he said. "mujhe wapaas jaana padega. Paata nahi meher kaisi hogi…kis haalat mein hogi. Please bhagwan…I hope meher theek ho," he said to himself. He left from there and went to the nearest ISD telephone booth he could find. He tried meher's cell phone but it was turned off. He tried her number again and again but there was no answer. "shayad woh abhi tak soh gayi hogi…waha to iss waqt raat hogayi hogi na," he said as he hung up the phone and left.

                He walked from the kids' room into theirs and saw her sitting on the floor unpacking suitcases, lost in thoughts. He walked up to her but she didn't even notice. "heer…kya huwa?" he asked. "aree prem…tum kabh aaye?" she said coming out of her thoughts. "main toh baccho koh check karaha tha…woh dono sohgaye lekin tum kis kayalo mein kohi ho?" he asked. "bas aise hi sooch rahi thi," she said. "main jaanta hoon  keh tum meher koh lekar pareshaan ho lekin mujhe pura yakeen hai keh sabh theek hojayega," he told her. "kaise prem? Tume paata hai ma ne babuji se baat ki lekin babuji unse bhi naraaz hogaye, ma baata rahi thi," heer said. "kya? Kya kaha babuji ne?" prem asked. "unne lagtha hai keh Harman aur uski family meher kehliye acchi nahi hai aur ma koh lagtha keh meher ki khushi kehliye unne maan jaaana chahiye," heer said. "main kal phir se babuji se baat karta hoon," prem stated. "nahi prem…aisa mat karna. Babuji koh already lagtha hai keh hum sabh unke kilaaf hai jab ki aisa kuch nahi hai. Agar tum phir se baat karne jao toh kahi baat bigad na jaye," she told him. "kaise din aagaye haina? Apno ki khushi kehliye apno koh hi naraaz karna padraha hai," prem said sadly. "kya tume lagtha hai keh hume kuch waqt kehliye baat koh yehi chodena chahiye?" she asked unsure. "paata nahi heer. Ek taraf meher ki khushi hai aur dusri taraf babuji…samaj nahi aaraha hai kya karo?" he said. "kash sabh jaldi theek hojaye," heer said worried. "theek hojayega…tum chinta mat karo," he said and she nodded. "tumne baba koh phone kardiya keh hum pauchgaye?" he asked. "ha kardiya," she said still lost in thoughts. "heer…heer tum sun bhi rahi ho," he said but she was totally lost in her worries. "yeh sabh kya horaha hai humare ghar mein? Aisa kyun horaha hai? please bhagwan…humare ghar ki suk aur shanti lauta dijiye," heer thought.  He took the clothes she had on her lap and started to throw them everywhere. She came back to reality, "prem…tum yeh kya karahe ho?" she asked. "tum meri baat nahi sunrahe ho toh main inn kapdo se apni baat karaha hoon," he told her. Listening to her words, she started to laugh, "prem…tum bhi na pagal ho," she said. "aise hi hasti rehna…main saare problem theek kardonga…no matter what!" he said. She threw herself in his arms, "mujhe paata hai keh tum sabh theek kardoge lekin chinta hohi jaati hai," she told him. "paata hai mujhe…after all woh tumare favorite hobby joh hai," he told her as a smile crept up on her lips. "prem…," she said as she hit his shoulder jokingly. They both smiled looking at each other coming out of the hug. "tumne saare kapde yaha se waha kardiya…sabh theek karna padega," she said. "bahut raat hogayi hai…hum baad mein kardenge…chalo sohte hai," he said. "nahi prem…aisa sabh chodke," she said. "heer…maine kaha na. forget it about it…chalo," she said. Later, she changed into her night dress and they both went to sleep as they were tired from the journey.

                The night passed and the sun bought in the new day. She opened her eyes to see her mother sitting by her side. "aabh kaise lagraha beta?" she asked. "bahut better feel horaha hai lekin aap saari raat yehi thi?" she said. "teri tabeyat theek nahi thi toh main kaise soh sakthi thi," gayatri said. "lekin ma aabh main theek ho aap jaake rest karlijiye," meher said. "teri tabeyat toh theek hai lekin main jaanti hoon meher keh tu theek nahi hai," gayatri said caressing her daughter's cheek. "main theek hojaungi ma…aapne babuji se baat ki?" meher asked. "baat toh ki lekin…," gayatri hesitated. "main jaanti hoon ma babuji ne kya kaha hoga…aap ne mere liye khosish ki mere liye yehi bahut hai," meher told her. "tu fresh hoja…main tere liye kuch bana thi hoon," gayatri said and left. "yeh sabh kya horaha hai? kya yeh sabh meri wajase horaha hai…kya main theek karahi hoon? mujhe kya karna chahiye…please god help me," she prayed silently. As gayatri was walking down the stairs, she heard the phone ring. "itne subha kiska phone hoga," she thought as she reached the phone and picked it up. "hello," she said. "hello aunty," someone said on the other line. "Harman tum?" gayatri said. "aunty please…phone cut mat kijiyega. Main kal se meher se baat karne ki khosish karaha hoon aur uska phone band aaraha hai," Harman said. "meher keh paas uska phone nahi hai…uske babuji ne uska phone leyliya hai," gayatri said. "kya? Aunty meher theek toh hai. uncle ne usse phir se toh maara nahi," Harman said with concern in his voice. "woh theek hai beta lekin bahut pareshaan hai," gayatri said. "aap please uncle se baat kijiye…main aur meher ek dusre se bahut pyaar karte hai….please aunty," Harman pleaded. "main khosish karahi hoon Harman lekin main bhi majboor hoon. ek taaraf meri beti ki khushiya hai aur ek taraaf mere patni hone ka farz….main kya karo mujhe bhi samaj nahi aaraha hai," gayatri said. "uncle koh mujhse kya problem hai aunty? Maine kya galat kiya hai? kya woh mujhe ek mauka bhi nahi dehsakthe," harman said sadly. "woh…dekho Harman main chahthi hoon keh meher khush rahe aur yeh bhi main jaangayi hoon keh uski khushi tumse hai. lekin inne lagtha hai keh tumare parivaar theek…," gayatri tried to explain. She didn't want to hurt him but he had to know what was the problem to solve it. "oh main jaanta hoon keh aap kya kehna chathe hai. aaj tak sabh meri family keh wajase mujhe hamesha taane dehte the lekin aaj," he said. "I am sorry Harman…main tume hurt nahi karna chathi thi lekin tumne poocha toh," gayatri said. "Main jaanta hoon aunty. Meher se kehna keh uska khayal rake aur meri chinta mat karna, main bilkul theek hoon. aur usse kehna keh main jaldi usse milonga," Harman said and the conversion ended.

                That morning, everyone was silent at the breakfast table. She sat at the table looking at her family. She remembered the moments when there used to be so much noise at the table. Everyone chatting, her fighting with preet, prem staring at heer, everyone teasing them…she missed it all. "meher…meher," she called out. "ha bhabhi," meher said. "kya huwa? kya kohgayi? Khaana khao," heer told her and she nodded and went back to munching on her food. Days passed and nothing seemed to change. Meher tried to talk to lalit, but he wasn't ready to listen to her. Meher even saw lalit and gayatri argue one night. lalit didn't talk to anyone in the family as he felt like everyone was against him by supporting meher. She couldn't take it anymore. "yeh sabh meri wajase horaha hai. mere parivaar ki khushiya cheene wali main khud hoon. meri wajase ma babuji se beech bhi problems aarahe hai," she thought as she sat on the bed with tears in her eyes. "soocha keh sabh theek hojayega lekin aisa kuch hoga mujhe umeed nahi hai…yeh sabh meri wajase huwa hai toh main hi isse theek bhi karongi…main karongi," she said to herself. Minutes later, she knocked on her parents' bedroom door. "aree meher…kya huwa beta?" gayatri asked. "ma…mujhe babuji se baat karni hai," she said. "mujhe kisise kohi baat nahi karni," lalit stated. "theek hai babuji lekin aap please meri baat sunlijiye," she said. since he didn't say anything, she continued talking, "babuji…main khabhi aap ko ya parivaar keh kissi bhi sadasya koh hurt nahi karna chathi thi. Main aap sabh se bahut pyaar karti hoon par yeh bhi saach hai keh main Harman se bhi pyaar karti hoon. Par babuji usne khabhi bhi mujhe bajboor nahi kiya…maine hi phele apna pyaar ka izhaar kiya tha. Jab bhi main uske saath rehti hoon toh mujhe bahut khushi milti hai aur mujhe aisa ek ehsaas hota hai joh main shabd mein baya nahi karsakthi. Maine soocha tha keh jab sahi waqt aayega toh main aap sabh koh sabh baata dungi lekin kuch aur hi hogaya. Par babuji maine sooch liya hai. main nahi chathi keh meri wajase ghar mein problems ho. please babuji meri wajase aap aur ma jagada mat kijiye….main sabh bhul jaungi," she said as lalit and gayatri looked at her shocked. "ha babuji…mere liye aap sabh bahut important hai. main Harman se keha dungi keh woh mujhe bhul jaye aur main bhi babuji sabh bhul jaungi….sabh kuch," she said as tears ran down her cheeks. Gayatri felt tears fill her eyes and lalit sat there looking at his daughter. Before he could say anything, meher ran out of the room not able to control herself.

                The next morning, she sat in the kids' room with chahat in her arms, putting her daughter to sleep. She knocked on the door but there was no response. "heer bhabhi…bhabhi," she called out. Right then, heer walked out of the children's room, "meher…tum yaha? Kya huwa?" she asked. "bhabhi…kya aap mere liye ek favor karsakthi hai," meher said. "kya chahiye? Kaho na," heer said. "bhabhi…please aap mere liye ek baar Harman keh aunty keh ghar phone karsakthe hai," meher said. "lekin Harman…babuji ne toh kaha hai keh," heer said. "babuji ne mujhe baat karne se maana kiya hai lekin aap koh nahi. Please bhabhi bas phone karke yeh kehdijiye keh agar unne Harman ka phone aaye toh woh mujhe phone kare. Mujhe Harman se bahut zaroori baat karni hai…please bhabhi," meher pleaded. "theek hai…number dial karke deh," heer said. Meher dialed the number and gave heer the phone. A lady answered the phone on the other side, "hello," heer said. "kyon?" the person said. "main meher ki bhabhi hoon…kya aap Harman ki aunty bolrahi hai?" heer asked. "ha…lekin aap? Sabh theek toh haina?" harman's aunt asked. "ha…mujhe aap se yeh pooch na tha keh kya aapko Harman ka phone aaya tha?" heer asked. "phone kyun? Harman toh yehi hai," she said. "kya Harman wapaas aagaya?" heer asked. "ha…woh kal raat hi aaya tha," she told heer. "Harman kal raat aagaya," heer told meher. "aap usse boliye bhabhi…usse boliye please," meher said and heer nodded. "kya main Harman se baat karsakthi hoon?" heer said. "hai…ek minute," the person said and Harman came on the phone. "heer didi," Harman said. "Harman….tum theek toh hona?" heer asked. "main theek hoon lekin meher kaisi hai?" he asked. "meher theek hai…maine ussi keh baare mein tume phone kiya hai," heer said. "kahiye na," Harman said. "meher tumse kuch baat karna chathi hai…woh tumse milna chathi hai," heer said. "kya huwa didi…sabh theek toh haina?" Harman asked worried. "ha bas woh tumse baat karna chathi hai," heer told him. "lekin main usse kaha mil saktha hoon…kya aap meri help karenge," Harman said. Heer didn't know where they can meet…meher couldn't go out and if Harman comes here then she knew there would be problems again. "ha…aaj babuji ka doctor ka appointment hai…tum shaam paanch baje tak yaha aajao…tum dono theek se baat karsakoge," heer said. "theek hai…main aajaunga…thanks di," Harman said and hung up the phone. "thanks bhabhi," meher said. "tum Harman se aisi kya baat karna chathi hoon?" heer asked. "apna faisla kehna chathi hoon," meher said and heer looked at her confused. "kaisa faisla…dekh meher tu joh bhi karne jarahi hai…uske baare mein ek baar acche se sooch le," heer said to meher and she nodded and left the room.

                  Heer told kulraj and ash that Harman was coming that evening to talk to meher. Kulraj suggested that she goes with lalit and gayatri to the doctor so she can tell them what's happening. They all agreed to the plan and kulraj got ready to go with lalit and gayatri. As they were about to leave, lalit told kulraj not to come and that it was not necessary. "lekin babuji main bhi chalthi hona," kulraj said. "nahi…maine toh tumari ma se bhi kaha tha keh na aaye lekin woh maani nahi," lalit said. "par babuji…aap," kulraj said when lalit interrupted, "aabh kya tum bhi tumari behen ki taara mujhse behas karogi," lalit said. "nahi babuji…aisa kuch nahi hai…aap jayiye," kulraj said. Later, lalit and gayatri left. Preet, prem, and kulraj were gone to the office so kulraj, heer, and ash along with meher were waiting for Harman. As the clock struck five, the door bell rang and meher ran and opened the door. As she saw him, she threw herself in his arms, "tum kaha chale gaye aur phone kyun nahi utaya…paata hai main kitna pareshaan hogayi thi," she told him. "I am sorry meher…maine phone gusse se neeche pheka tha toh toot gaya so I didn't have a phone," he said. "mujhse yeh nahi hoga Harman…maine ek bahut important decision liya hai…I hope tum mera saath dohge," she said. Bringing her out of the hug, "main tumare har faisla mein saath hoon lekin kya hum yehi baat karenge," he said. "oh sorry…andar aao," meher said and they both walked inside to see heer, ash, and kulraj. Harman greeted the ladies, "tum dono yaha baat karo…hum upar rehte hai," heer told them and the trio left from there. "tum kuch loge…paani ya kuch?" she asked. "nahi meher…I am fine…tum bolo kya kehna chathi ho," he asked. "Harman…main tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon lekin phir bhi maine yeh faisla liya toh sirf issliye kyun ki main nahi chathi keh meri wajase meri family suffer kare," she said. "meher…tum kya kehna chathi hoon…I mean mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aaraha hai," he said. She didn't know how to say it easier. It was not like she wanted to make this decision, but she had to. "yeh mat samaj na keh main apni family koh tumare upar choose karahi hoon lekin mujhe aisa lagtha hai keh mere paas kohi aur raasta nahi hai. Pichle kuch dino se aisa lagraha hai keh main kissi aur keh ghar mein ho. meri wajase babuji aur ma aur ghar mein sabh koh tension horahi hai aur main aisa khabhi chahthi thi aur issi liye maine yeh faisla liya hai keh hum ek dusre koh bhul jayenge," meher said as Harman looked at her shocked. "main jaanti hoon keh I am being unfair but I am sorry Harman...main aise doh tukdo mein bhat kar nahi rehsakthi. Bhul jao keh tum meher jaise ek ladki se mile the…bhul jao keh usne khabhi tumse yeh kaha tha keh woh tumse pyaar karti hai ya yeh keh tum usse pyaar karte hoon. bhul jao sabh," she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

He stood there taking in what she had just said. what was he supposed to say? He didn't know. Was it right? Was it better that they separate for the sake of others? He couldn't make a decision. He closed his eyes and saw her smiling face…the way she always was so full of life, always bringing a smile on everyone's face. But, today she had tears in her eyes. And those tears were because of their love and their desire to be together. He remembered the importance of having a family. He never had the happiness of having a family and knowing what that really meant to have someone to stand by you, no matter what. Whenever he needed someone to share his secrets, he really didn't have anyone. He had seen how happy and close meher is to her family. Not only that, he knew how close everyone in the juneja family was. Being with them for a year now, he knew them very well. He wanted to see her happy and he would do anything for that smile to stay on her face. "theek hai meher…tumare liye yeh bhi sahi," he said as she looked at him. "par ha meher…main humare pyaar koh bhula ne kehliye tyaar hoon lekin tume nahi. Main jaanta hoon keh tumare liye tumari family kitni important hai…issliye main tumare aur tumare family keh beech nahi aaunga lekin mujhe meri dost meher wapaas chahiye…kya woh mujhe milegi," he said as tears filled his eyes. She couldn't believe it! He was agreeing to his for her sake. She couldn't ask for anything more…nothing at all from life. "yes…yes! Tumari dost tume milegi," she said as he pulled her into a hug. Tears ran down both their faces as they stood there in each other's arms. This is probably the last time they were going to be in each other's arms so they were going to hold on to this moment as long as they live. They felt helpless but it was the better of everyone else even if it wasn't for them. Upstairs, heer, ash, and kulraj saw them hugging as they were standing at heer's bedroom door. "lagtha hai keh unn dono ne sabh solve kardiya," ash said excitedly. "nahi ash…yeh dono toh roh rahe hai…paata nahi meher ne kya faisla kiya," heer said worried. "yeh bhagwaan aabh kya hoga," kulraj said. "kya huwa di?" ash asked a shocked kulraj. "babuji aagaye!" kulraj said as they all looked at each other shocked and then at the entrance door where lalit and gayatri stood!


What happens now? Will meher and Harman get into more trouble? Will heer, ash, and kulraj get in trouble? Will Harman and meher be united? Keep reading to fine out! Smile



Hey guys

I know it's been forever since I update and I am really sorry but believe me I have my reasons. First as you all know, my laptop was broken and then I had finals. After finals, I have been studying for a exam that I need for medical school so been in the library for about 10 hours everyday so haven't had time to write. I will be doing the same for this whole break so will try to update as soon as possible. This update is just a filler one…the next will bring in some more masala, more prem heer scenes and may be some happiness? Wink




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