Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan III:Last Chap Page 88 Aug6th (Page 62)

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Chapter 74

             He picked her up in his arms and rushed her to a room. Kiran called the doctor and she was on her way. Every second he saw her like that, he felt his heart fall weak. Why is it that just when everything seemed to be getting better'something goes wrong? Why did it feel like problems always found them? Why? The doctor arrived and she told them to wait outside so she could examine her. He paced back and forth outside the room while others waited anxiously. Is she ok? Will she be fine? Would he have to choose between two halves of his heart again? No, he didn't want to think about it! He just couldn't do it! He prayed that he was never in that situation again. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see his mother. "prem'tu chinta mat kar, heer theek hojayegi. Shaadi keh itne saare kaam the na bas issliye woh tak gayi hogi," gayatri said. "mujhe bahut dar lagraha hai. aap toh jaante haina keh abhi abhi uski tabeyat theek huwi thi," he honestly confessed. "main jaanti hoon keh tu kis baat koh lekar pareshaan hai lekin tum dono keh saath kuch bura nahi hoga. Bhagwan tum dono ki jodi banake bheja hai toh tum dono keh saath woh khabhi bura nahi hone dehga," gayatri consoled him. At that moment, the doctor walked out and prem quickly went up to her, "doctor heer theek toh haina? Kya huwa hai usse?" prem asked. "chinta karne ki kohi baat nahi hai Mr. Prem. Mujhe lagtha hai keh woh kissi baat koh lekar pareshaan hai aur stressed bhi hai, shayad woh kuch dino se theek se soh nahi rahi hai. Aur health wise woh weak hai issliye main kuch vitamins aur calcium tablets likhe dehti ho. Aap unne time peh woh dehte rahiyega aur kuch dino mein woh theek hojayegi," the doctor replied. "aur kohi baat toh nahi haina?" prem asked making sure. "nahi bas unne maine ek injection diya hai jiski wajase woh saari raat soh sake so don't worry," the doctor said. "Thanks doctor," prem said as he sighed a breath of relief. As the doctor left, "maine kaha na se sabh theek hojayega. Heer koh aaram karne doh, main aur kulraj chahat aur prateek koh dekh lenge,"gayatri said. "ha prem tu chinta mat kar. Agar kohi bhi zaroorat padi toh mujhe ya ma koh bhula na," kulraj said. "jee di," prem said. "tu bhi sohja'pareshaan mat ho," gayatri said and the family members left so heer can sleep peacefully.

                He closed the door and turned to be amazed. His room looked very different, but beautiful. But, the most beautiful thing today was his bride. She was the most beautiful girl in this world but today, he had no words to describe her beauty. He saw her sitting on the bed with her gunghat over her face, waiting for him. She heard him come in and she felt her heart race. She felt a strange nervousness inside her. It wasn't the first time they were alone, but they both had this unfamiliar nervousness that was inside them. May be because today their relationship has changed, it has became more strong and real. As he took each step towards her, both felt their hearts beat faster. In all the craziness, they were still happy that they were together. He reached the bed and took a seat in front of her and moved the gunghat to see her face. He could see her cheeks turn red as he sat there mesmerized. "haye'kash main aur kuch mang liya hota," he said. "kya?" she asked. "ha ash woh kya haina kuch dino phele maine ek toot tha taara dehka tha aur maine duwa ki keh mujhe kohi acchi ladki miljaye lekin mujhe kya paata tha keh meri duwa mujhe hi baari padne wali hai," he said. "preet! Kya matlab hai tumara?" she said as she playfully hit him as he smiled. "tum hasso mat'mujhe tumse kohi baat nahi karni," she told him. "kyun? Maine kya kiya?" he asked innocently. "tume nahi paata?" she asked. "nahi toh," preet said. "bano mat'tumne neeche cheating kyun ki?" ash asked. "Cheating? Kis cheating ki baat karahi ho tum?" preet said. "itne bhole mat bano. Neeche toh maine kuch nahi kaha lekin yaha toh saach nahi chupa sakthe," ash said. "Come on ash, everything is far in love and war," preet said. "bahane toh acche bana leyte ho," she said as they both smiled at each other. He straightened up and took her hands and became serious. "Ash yeh saare jokes ek taraf lekin main tumse kuch seriously kuch kena chatha hoon. Tum meri zindagi ho ash. Main jaanta hoon keh humare beech bahut saari misunderstandings huwi hai lekin aabh hum ek nayi zindagi shuru karenge. Tumne apna ghar chodke mere liye aayi ho toh main tumse vaada karta hoon keh I won't let you down, main tume khabhi bhi dhuki hone nahi donga," he told her as her heart filled with happiness. She was so wrong about him. She felt terrible. "I am sorry preet maine tume samaj keh bhi samaj nahi paayi, mujhse gusse mein bahut badi galati hone wali thi lekin tumne apna faraz nibhaya. Agar tum aur heer'," she said as tears filled her eyes and he covered her mouth with his hands. "maine kaha na sabh bhul jao'aaj ki raat humari zindagi ki aur humare rishte ki ek naayi shuruwat hai," he said as he pulled her into a hug. Life returned into her and her breaths weren't forced anymore. The guilt of not trusting him and hurting him couldn't go away so soon but at least now it felt like it has reduced. For the rest of their lives together, she will make it up to him. She will keep him so happy that his would forget what sadness even means. And that was a promise that she made to herself, to him, and to the one above!

                Everyone had told him to go to sleep and not to worry about anything, but how could he? How could he when she lay there on the bed like that? She looked pale and weak. Her pink cheeks had lost color, he thought. And the beautiful smile on her lips had vanished. When he had heard the words that she could be pregnant, he still couldn't forget how it felt in his heart. The thought of losing her again encircled his mind but pinched his heart. He had felt the pain of being uncertain with her life for so many months and he didn't even know whether he had the strength to go through it again. He took her palm in his hand and caressed it. "Agar woh baat saach hojathi toh main mar jaata heer. Tumari bina main kuch nahi ho heer'kuch bhi nahi. Tume ek baar maine almost kohdiya phir khabhi uss raste peh hum nahi chalenge'mujhe chal na hi nahi hai. Main tumare saath jeena chatha hoon'bhuda hona chatha hoon. Humare baccho koh baada hote huwe dekhna chatha hoon. Lekin tume tumari bilkul bhi chinta nahi hai'hamesha dusro keh baare mein sooch thi ho khabhi khud keh baare mein nahi," he said. Tears fell from his eyes as he placed a kiss on her forehead. He loved her for who she was: a warm, loving person who loved and kept everyone around her happy. But, sometimes, he wished that she would think about her, at least once. He knew something was eating her but he didn't know why she wouldn't tell him. More than it hurt him, it worried him. "main jaanta hoon keh tum kissi baat koh lekar bahut pareshaan ho heer lekin ek baar mujhe baata kar toh dekho, main tumari saari problems theek kardonga, I promise you," he thought looking at his sleeping beauty. She was taking so much stress with everything that had happened. During pregnancy, she worried about the kids' health more than hers. She also worried about the family members and how their lives were getting affected because of her. After the kids were born and she came out of coma, she worried about preet and ash's problems. Now, he didn't even know what she was worrying so much about. But, he knew one thing. Whatever it was, he will find out and solve it. As the night passed, he sat next to her praying that she was always fine and with him and no worries touch her. Whatever problems God had planned for her, he prayed that God gave them to him.

                He pulled her out of the hug and placed a kiss on her forehead. They looked at each other with eyes full of love and desire. They loved each other more than anything in this world, even more themselves. They desired to be with one another. They desired to make love to one another. They desired to be in each other's arms. He moved closer to taste her lustrous lips. As his lips touched hers, her dupatta slipped from her head and a shiver ran down her spine. She closed her eyes in bliss and wrapped her arms around his neck. He nuzzled her cheek as she blushed. "iss pal kehliye maine bahut intezaar kiya hai," he said placing a kiss on her cheek as she smiled. Next, he slowly removed her jewelry embracing her in his arms. Kissing her nape, he untied her blouse's dhori. Laying her on the bed, he lay on top of her. She tightened her grip on his neck and pulled him forward, pecking his lips. "I love you!" she told him. They had both waited for this moment, their moment of togetherness. This was a dream come true for them. After what had happened, they had both lost hope. But, destiny bought them together for this life and they hoped the same for the next. Under the beaming stars and moon, they become one and came closer than before. They promised to love and cherish each other for life. As they lay together, in each other's arms, "accha preet tum mujhe yeh batao keh tume kitne bacche chahiye?" she asked caressing his cheek. "mujhe? Tum phele batao tume kitne chahiye?" he asked. "preet'maine phele poocha hai," she said. "theek hai. mujhe toh puri cricket team chahiye," he replied. "kya? Puri cricket team? Matlab tum gyara bacche chahiye?" she asked shocked. "ha kyun? Problem kya hai?" he asked. "tume kyun kohi problem hogi? Khabhi mere baare mein soocha hai?" she said. "ashlesha'maine yeh kaha keh mujhe gyara bacche chahiye lekin yeh kabh kaha keh saare tumare saath hi chahiye? Agar tumse nahi hoga toh you know main kissi aur koh doond longa'after all I am Mr. Preet Juneja," he said as she felt her jaw drop. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, "mere pyaare pati devji'agar tume kissi aur ladki koh aankh utake bhi dekha na toh I will kill you!" she said. "aisa hai toh tume bahut meinat karni padegi after all puri cricket team koh paida karni hai," he said placing a kiss on her lips. She blushingly smiled and hid herself in his arms as he chuckled.

                She felt the warmth of the sun rays, which were beeping through the windows, against her skin. She slowly gained consciousness and opened her eyes. She felt his hand on hers and turned to see him sitting on the floor near the bed. She smiled seeing him sleep peacefully. "lagtha hai saari raat pareshaani mein yahi baita tha aur aisa hi soh bhi gaya," she thought. She looked around for her children but they were no were to be seen. She tried to remember what happened, but couldn't. The last thing she remembered was that she made tea and coffee in the kitchen for the family members. She sat up and felt a weird feeling in her head. She had to check on prateek and chahat so she slowly tried to remove her hand from his grip. In his sleep, he could feel her hand slipping away. As she succeeded in pulling her hand out, he grabbed it back, "kaha jarahi ho tum heer?" he said. Feeling his sudden grab, she almost jumped. "prem tum utgaye? Sorry main tume jagana nahi chathi thi issliye," she said. "tume kuch chahiye?" prem asked. "nahi main toh sirf prateek aur chahat koh dekhne jarahi thi," she said. "woh dono theek hai'ma keh paas hai," he said. "lekin prem main yaha kaise aayi? Mujhe kuch yaad nahi aaraha hai," she told him as she tried to get up from the bed. "aabh kaha jarahi ho?" he asked. "Fresh hone kehliye. Aaj ash ka shaadi keh baad phela din hai toh puja hogi na issliye ma koh help karne jarahi hoon," heer said. "tum kahi nahi jarahi ho," he plainly stated. "kyun? Prem kal raat kya huwa tha?" she said as she tried to remember herself. She remembered seeing blackness in front of her; she could see her falling and him running up to her. So, she fainted last night, she thought. "heer'maine kaha na keh tum kahi nahi jarahi ho?" he said getting angry. "tum gussa kyun horahe ho?" she asked confused. "toh main kya karo heer? Tume toh apni thodi bhi parva nahi hai. Tume saari duniya ki fikar karsakthi ho lekin apni nahi. Agar tume apni parva nahi hai toh at least mere liye aur mere liye nahi sahi toh humare baccho kehliye apna khayal rakna seek lo," he yelled. She felt tears fill her eyes and he realized what he had done. He didn't mean to yell at her, but he was just mad. The pain he felt yesterday when she was in his arms, only he knew'only him. But, it wasn't her fault either. She didn't even know what had happened yesterday. "heer'tum," he said when she interrupted him, "mujhe jaana hai," she said as she left from there. She went up to the cupboard and he followed her. "heer I didn't mean to'," he said but before he could complete his sentence, she took her clothes and left for the bathroom. "yeh maine kya kardiya," prem thought as he stood there looking at the way she had just left on.

                She stood in front of the mirror trying to fix her sari and she didn't know how long she has been trying to doing that. Every time she thought that the fit was ok, the sari came off when she walked. "paata nahi saari aurate itne asaani se kaise pehen leyti hai," she said to herself. She did her pleats again and tucked them in. "please God'yeh aabh na gire," she said checking in the mirror. Just then, she heard him calling out to her from the bathroom. "kya hai preet?" she called back. "Ash'main apna towel bhul keh aagaya please towel deh do," he said. "ok lathi hoon," she said. She searched for a towel in the cupboard and found one. She walked up to the door, "preet'darwaza kholo towel laayi hoon," ash said. The door opened and his hand came out. She went to hand him the towel and he caught her hand. "preet kya karahe ho? chodo," she said trying to get out of his grip. "main toh nahi chodne wala'tum chaho toh nikalo," he teased. "preet please abhi abhi maine yeh sari bahut mushkil se banda hai'kahi yeh phir se nikal na jaaye," she said. "yeh toh aur bhi accha mauka hai," he said as he pulled her inside. She closed her eyes thinking that he wasn't wearing anything. He whistled, "hello'apni aankhe kholo," he said. "nahi tum yeh towel phele leylo aur mujhe chodo," ashlesha said. "maine towel pehen raka hai," he said. "saach?" she asked unsure. "Ash," he said. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. "tum na saach mein cheater ho'jhoot kyun bola," she said as she pushed him. His feet slipped and he fell, pulling her with him. He fell in the bath tub with her on top of him. They were both totally wet. The more they tried to get up; they slipped and fell back in. Finally, they both stood up and she threw the towel at him and walked out. "Aabh phir se change karna padega aur sari peheni padegi," she whined as she tried to keep the sari together and walk back to her cupboard. Reaching her cupboard, she got another sari and was about to change when she heard someone knock on the door. "yeh kyon aagaya," ash thought. She went and opened the door to see kulraj at the door. "di'aap?" she said. "ash'tume kya huwa? tum theek toh hona?" kulraj asked seeing the state she was in. "woh di main fisal gayi toh sari geeli hogayi, paata hai kitni mushkil se peheni thi," ash pouted and kulraj smiled at her childishness. "main help kardo?" kulraj asked. "aap help karengi?" ash asked excitedly. "ha aao," kulraj said as she took ash inside. As she showed each step on how to tie a sari to ashlesha, she blabbered on about how heer did this all the time or someone else help her tie saris and how wrong she was not to learn. Kulraj saw that she was a little childish but, she was honest from heart and nature.

                He sat on the bed waiting for her. He knew what he did was wrong. He was tensed, worried, and concerned and that came out in the wrong way. She stepped out of the bathroom dressed in a maroon and green sari. Her hair was still wet and the droplets fell on the floor as she walked. She walked past him to the dresser without saying a word. She sat on the chair drying her hair and putting on the matching jewelry. She could see him through the mirror. She knew he was feeling guilty for yelling at her. She wanted to say something but she was still confused why he was mad. Did something happen last night that she didn't know about? She knew he was worried for her but, she also knew that something was wrong. He sat there watching her finding a way to break the silence. What was her fault in what happened last night? Why did he have to yell at her? "prem'" "heer" they both said at the same time. "tum bolo," she told him. "kuch dher phele joh bhi huwa uskehliye I am sorry heer. Kal raat se woh baat mere dimaag mein ghoom rahi hai aur main uss keh baare mein sooch sooch kar main bahut pareshaan hogaya tha bas issi liye," he confessed. "kyon si baat prem? Kal raat kuch huwa kya joh tum mujhse chupa rahe ho?" she asked him. "aisa kuch nahi hai. kal raat jab tum behosh huwi thi toh chachi ne kaha keh shayad tum phir se pregnant ho toh," he said as she looked at him. Now, she knew what he would have gone through. If she was in his place, she probably would have been worse. "I am sorry prem. I am sorry keh meri wajase tume puri raat yaha pareshaan bait na paada prem. Main jaanti hoon keh tum peh kya guzri hogi lekin main pregnant nahi hoon," she said. "jaanta hoon heer lekin agar woh baat saach hojati tho hum dono jaante hai keh kya hota," he said. She came up to him and sat in front of him. "nahi prem'please aisa mat kaho. Shayad yeh baat saach hosakthi thi lekin huwi toh nahi na toh iss baare mein mat soocho prem. Hum already bahut problem sehe chuke hai aabh aisa nahi hoga please tum aisa sooch na chodo," she told him as she held his face in her hands. "please heer'please apna khayal rako. Tume main khabhi bhi waise nahi dekh saktha jaise tum kal raat thi. Please heer khabhi mujhe chodke mat jaana please," prem said as he pulled her into a tight hug. She felt tears flow down her cheeks and she held him in her arms. "nahi prem'please aisa mat bolo. Main tume chodke kaha jaungi. Tum meri zindagi ho prem. Main apni aakri sans tak tumare saath rehna chathi hoon aur humare baccho keh saath rehna chathi hoon, main tume chodke kahi nahi jaungi," she told him. Coming out of the hug, "I am sorry keh maine subhe subhe tume rola diya," prem said wiping her tears away. "Tum please apni pareshaani mujhse chupao mat. Main tume pareshaan nahi dekh sakthi. Jab bhi tum pareshaan hote ho toh mujhe takleef hoti. Mujhe mera prem haaste huwe aur mujhe thaang karte huwe hi pasand hai," she said as he smiled. "accha aabh joh bhi huwa usse bhul jao'tum jaake change karlo, main neeche jaake prateek aur chahat koh dekhar aati hoon," she said. "ha'unn dono keh bina kamre mein bahut shanti hai," prem said as she giggled. "prem'tum bhi na," heer said as she left and prem went to change.

                She went downstairs and found gayatri in the mandir. Seeing her come in, "aree heer'tum utgayi? Aabh tumari tabeyat kaisi hai?" gayatri asked. "ha ma'aabh main theek hoon. Chahat aur prateek kaha hai?" heer said. "woh dono aabhi tak sohrahe hai'tum jaake aaram karo, tumari tabeyat theek nahi hai," gayatri said. "ma'main theek hoon'aap chinta mat kijiye," heer said. "apna khayal rakna beta'tujhe paata hai hum kal raat kitne pareshaan hogaye the. Itna pareshaan mat huwa kar," gayatri said as she caressed heer's cheek. "jee ma," heer said as she smiled. "yaad se doctor ne joh dawayi di hai woh time peh leyna," gayatri said. "ma'aabh aap itni chinta mat kijiye, main bilkul theek ho. Aap baatayiye keh main aapki kya madad karo?" heer asked her. "sabh hogaya hai'hum jaise hi sabh aajaye toh puja shuru karenge," gayatri said as heer nodded. "ma'mujhe aap se kuch kehna tha," heer said. "ha beta'bolo na?" gayatri said. "ma'kal raat joh bhi huwa uske baare mein aap preet aur ashlesha koh mat baata na. Mera matlab hai keh kal hi unn dono ki shaadi huwi hai, main nahi chathi keh woh pareshaan ho," heer told gayatri. "theek hai main kuch nahi baataungi," gayatri said. "thanks ma!" heer said as gayatri smiled. Right then, they heard kulraj call out to gayatri. They both turned to see kulraj at the mandir's entrance with the new daughter-in-law, ashlesha. Dressed in a golden sequined red sari, she was looking beautiful. She had added matching ruby earrings and red bangles along with the mangalsutra around her neck.  A smile crept up on heer's lips seeing her sister in the avatar of the juneja bahu. She could see a change in her sister. The ashlesha who was always childish and the baby of the family was now the responsible bahu of the juneja family. Ashlesha walked in and covered her head with the pallu before she bend down to take gayatri's blessings. "jeeti raho'khush rehna," gayatri said caressing her cheek as ashlesha smiled. Seeing that her son was nowhere in sight, "preet kaha hai? kya woh aabhi tak soh raha hai?" gayatri asked. "nahi ma'woh utgaya hai'ready horaha hai," ash replied. "accha hai. ashlesha main chathi hoon keh aaj puja mein tumare haath se bana huwa prasad chade. Tum halwa bana dohgi?," gayatri said. "jee," ash said. "maine halwa ka samaan kitchen mein nikaal keh rakdiya'tum chalo'main aabhi aati hoon," gayatri said and ash left. Excusing herself, heer followed her sister. "wah devrani ji'aap toh sari mein bahut hi pyaari lagrahi hai,"
 heer said as they both smiled at each other. "thanks heer lekin dar lagraha hai kahi girna jaye," ash said. "matlab?" heer asked confused. "ha'baadi mushkil se kadi hai woh bhi kulraj di ne help kardi issliye warna main kabh se try karahi thi paata hai tujhe," ash said as heer chuckled. "tu bhi na paagal hai'aisa kuch nahi hoga. Shuru shuru mein aisa hi lagtha hai lekin kuch dino mein aadad hojayegi," heer told ash. "I hope so," ash said. "accha tu halwa toh bana logi na?" heer asked. "ha heer'main karlongi," ash said. "agar kuch help chahiye toh baata dehna," heer said. "theek hai," ash said. At that moment, they heard holler from the room down the hall. "lagtha hai bacche utgaye'main jaake dekhti hoon," heer said. "ha main bhi halwa bana dehti hoon," ash said as both the sisters went their own ways.

                She walked into the room to see both her kids awake and crying. She smiled seeing them. It's been three months and now they have become part of her life. Without them, her life felt incomplete. It was true that it was tiring to take care of both of them at once, but there was a unique joy when she had to stay awake at night and put them to sleep. Every time, they came in her arms, she didn't have words to express the feeling she had in her heart. The sense of being a mother couldn't be expressed in words, it had to be felt. She cradled prateek and chahat in her arms and placed them on the bed. "mama uthi nahi aap dono bhi utgaye na hume thaang karne," she said as she smiled. "aaj aapki mausi ka'nahi nahi aapki chachi ka iss ghar mein phela din hai," she told them. They both quiet down and watched her as she spoke. "ha toh aaj aap dono puppa koh thaang karna'ok?" she said as both the kids played with her bangles. She smiled as she sat there watching them and she didn't realize how time passed as she played with them.

                She sat up on her bed and yawned. She looked at the wall clock and realized how late she was. "crap! Mujhe toh jaldi utna tha'chal meher jaldi ready hoja. Aaj preet bhai aur ash bhabhi ki pheli puja hai shaadi keh baad'I can't miss it," she said as she ran in her room trying to find her stuff to get ready. She went into the bathroom and couldn't find her towel. She ran outside and found the towel. As she was quickly returning back, she saw something that caught her attention. There was a little bear with a rose in his hands on her dresser. She walked up and took it in her hand. It was a white teddy with a heart that had sorry written on it. Along with it, there was a rose with a note attached. She removed the note and opened it. "Main jaanta hoon keh tum mujhse baat nahi karna chathi but please ek baar mujhe tumse baat karni hai. Kehte hai keh ek galati toh sabh koh maaf hoti hai, kya mujhe ek mauka bhi nahi milega," it said with his name signed at the bottom. "tum aisa kyun karahe ho Harman. Jab hum dono koh paata hai keh hum dono keh beech kuch ho nahi saktha toh kyun. Tum aur main bahut alag hai. Mere liye mera parivaar aur mere rishte hi sabh hai aur tumare liye rishton ki kohi yehimiat nahi hai. yeh meri galati hai keh maine bina jaane tumse pyaar kiya, galati meri hai toh maafi tum kyun maang rahe ho," she said to herself. The words that he said yesterday rang in her ears. The fact that he only came here'"chod meher'uss baare mein sooch kar kuch nahi hoga," she said to herself as she threw the bear and flower away in the garbage. Wiping her tears, she started to walk back to the bathroom when the towel got stuck in the corner of the dresser. As she bent down to remove the towel, she saw the bear and flower in the garbage can. No matter, how much she tried to forget it, how much she tried to hate him or move on, she just couldn't. She felt helpless but her heart wasn't in her hands. She took the bear and flower from the waste and put it in one of the drawers and closed it. She will be way from him. If he didn't love her, she didn't want to force him with his feelings. She may be just wasn't lucky enough to succeed in her first love, she thought and left to change.

                Later, heer took the kids upstairs and changed them for the puja. Ashlesha too finished making the halwa and bought it to the mandir in a bowl. The family gathered in the mandir for the morning aarti. Preet and ashlesha did the aarti as the family stood behind them. Heer was very happy seeing the sight in front of her. It's been a long time since they all did puja like this together. But, today they were all together and that's what mattered. Everything was in place now and she prayed that it stayed this way, forever. After the puja, preet and ash together took aashirwaad from gayatri and lalit. "jeeti raho'bhagwaan tum dono ki jodi banaye rake," lalit and gayatri happily. Next, the family sat at the breakfast table. As ashlesha was about to serve, "nahi beta'aaj tumara phela din hai toh tum bhi bait jao," gayatri said. "lekin ma'aap baitiye'main serve karthi ho," ash said. "aaj nahi'phir khabhi'baito," gayatri said as ash nodded. "heer'tum bhi bait jao'kal raat',"kulraj was about to say when heer interrupted her, "di'main theek hoon'aap baitiye na," heer said as kulraj looked at her confused. "kya huwa kal raat?" ash asked. "kuch nahi ash'bas chahat mujhe thaang karahi thi aur main theek se soh nahi saki'bas," heer said looking at kulraj. Preet and ash looked at each other knowing something was wrong. Before the discussion could go any farther, lalit interrupted them as gayatri had told him about heer's wishes. "prem'reception ki tyaari saari hogayi beta?" lalit asked. "jee babuji'maine phone karke check kiya hai aur sabh tyaari shuru hogayi hai. kuch dher mein main aur jeeju jaake saari preparations check karlenge," prem said. "theek hai aur sabh koh invitations bhi chale gaye na?" lalit said turning to kulraj and kiran. "jee babuji'.sabh koh kehe diya hai," kulraj said. "ha babuji aur main sabh koh phone bhi kiya tha," kiran told him. After the family ate breakfast together, ashlesha was getting ready to go home for phagphera. He walked in to see her getting ready, "ash," he said and she turned to see him. "mat jao," he said sadly as he took a seat on the bed. "preet'tum itne sad kyun horahe ho? main sirf kuch ghanto kehliye jarahi ho aur waise bhi baba ki bahut yaad aarahi hai," she said. He walked up to her, "
main jaanta hoon ash'I cant even imagine keh tum aur bhabhi kaise apne ghar koh chodke aisa kaise rehsakthe ho'bahut himmat chahiye hogi," he told her. "ha'har ladki koh himmat karni padthi hai lekin heer aur main toh bahut lucky hai," ash said. "woh kaise mere aur PB jaise husbands milgaye issliye right?" he asked. "Wrong. Humara parivaar bahut accha hai," she said as he smiled. "I will miss you," he said. "don't worry'main jaldi aajaungi," she said as she pecked his cheek and ran out of the room.

                Balraj had sent ashlesha's cousin with one of her little brothers to get her for the phagphera. As she reached her house, she got off the taxi and ran inside. "baba'baba!" she called out. Hearing her voice, he quickly came out of his room. "ashlesha'aagayi," he said seeing her. She ran up to him and gave him a hug, "kaise hai aap baba?" she asked. "tujhe aise dekhar main khush keh siva kuch aur hosaktha hoon kya," he said. "maine aap koh bahut miss kiya baba," she said placing her head in his lap. "maine bhi. Tujhe gaye huwe ek din bhi nahi huwa hai aur yeh ghar suna suna lagtha hai," he told her as tears filled his eyes. "baba please aap dhuki mat hoyiye'main yaha aati rahongi aur phir aap mujhe kaise miss karenge," she said wiping his tears. "kaisa tha aaj tera phela din?" balraj asked. "bahut hi accha baba. Waha sabh bahut acche hai. aap koh paata hai subhe mujhe sari nahi pehene aayi toh kulraj di ne help ki aur phir ma ne halwa banane kehliye kaha lekin unone phele se saari chize nikaal ke raki thi," ash went on talking as he listened. He was savoring these moments while he can because he knew once she went to Canada, there will no one here to talk to him like this. No one will be here to spend time with him like this. Later, ash sat in the garden watching the little kids play. Ash felt tears sting her eyes. How was she going to live so far away from them? Who was going to take care of them? Who was going to take care of her baba? For now, she was here but she will soon go away to Canada and what will happen then, she thought. She was very happy to be married and to be with preet, but the thoughts about balraj being alone with the kids worried her. She knew that someone will be here, but will it be the same? Will they take care of them like she or heer did? As she sat lost in thoughts, she felt a hand on her shoulder. "hum theek honge'tu chinta mat kar," he said to her. "baba aap? Main toh bas aise hi aur main chinta nahi karahi hoon," she said. "ashlesha'tujhe kya lagtha hai keh teri shaadi hogayi hai toh tu mujhse jhoot bol sakthi hai," balraj said. "toh kya karoon main baba'chinta horahi hai mujhe aap ki aur baccho ki. Kaise samaal payenge aap sabh akele," she said to him. "waise hi jaise tab tu aur heer chote the. Main sabh dekh longa aur maine doh logo se baat bhi ki hai mujhe help karne kehliye," he said. "aap please apna khayal rakiye," she told him. "pakka rakonga lekin tujhe uskehliye kuch karna padega," balraj said. "mujhe?" ash asked. "ha'tujhe aur preet koh ek saath khush rehna hai aur tujhe waha sabh ka bahut acche se dihaan rakna hai," balraj said. "theek hai baba'main aisa karongi," she said as they both smiled. Just then, her phone rang and she excused herself. "hello," she said. "tumari awaaz sune bina pure paanch ghante paata nahi main kaise jeegaya," he said and she giggled. "preet'why are you being so dramatic? Main kuch ghanto mein wapaas aarahi hoon aur zindagi bar tumari jaan hi kahongi," she told him. "haha'very funny!" h said on the other side. "tume yaad toh haina keh tume mujhe doh ghanto mein pick karna hai," she said. "tume pick karna bhul keh mujhe ka katra mol leyna haina kya?" he teased her. "whatever preet!" she said. "theek hai. main doh ghanto mein tume leyne aajaunga," he said. "ok see ya then!" she said and their conversation ended.

                In the juneja house, gayatri has told the designer to bring saris to the house because she wanted to gift saris to her bahus and betis to wear for the reception that evening. She picked a pink sari and offered it to her daughter, "meher'dekh maine tere liye yeh sari select ki hai'tujh peh bahut acchi lagegi," gayatri said. "nahi ma'mujhe yeh nahi chahiye. Mujhe na hi yeh color chahiye na mujhe sari peheni hai," meher said. "lekin kyun? Sabh pehen rahe hai aaj shaam'tu bhi pehen ley'bahut pyaari lagegi," gayatri said. "ma please'maine kaha na mujhe nahi pehen na hai kya aabh main meri marzi se kapde bhi nahi pehen sakthi," meher said getting angry. "meher'tu yeh ma se kaise baat karahi hai'woh bas aise hi kehrahi thi," kulraj said. "ha di galati thi toh meri haina'hamesha meri hi hoti hai," meher said as she stormed out of there. "yeh ladki koh kya hogayi hai?" gayatri said. "ma'main jaake baat karti hoon'aap chinta mat kijiye," heer said as she took the sari that gayatri had chosen and followed meher. As she was walking back to the room, she found another rose on one of the tables in the hallway. She picked it up and read another note, "meher, tum jitni bhi khosish karlo hum dono jaante hai keh hum ek dusre se door nahi jasakthe," it said. "what the heck?" she thought. "kya samaj tha hai yeh apne aap ko," she thought as she looked around trying to find him but, he was nowhere in sight. She threw the note away and kept the flower back where it was and went to her room. She stood in her balcony looking out at the blue sky. "baar baar mujhe yeh notes bhej kar kya prove karna chatha hai? why is he doing all this?" she thought. Right then, she heard somewhere call out to her. She walked back to see heer in the room. "bhabhi'aap yaha?" meher said. "mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai," heer said. "jee bhabhi kahiye?" meher said. "meher tu yeh kya karahi hai? main jaanti hoon keh tu Harman ki wajase pareshaan hai lekin iska matlab yeh toh nahi na keh tu ma se aise baat karo. Unne kitna bura laaga hoga," heer told her. "main kya karoon bhabhi? Subhe se mujhe pareshaan karaha hai woh bhi roses aur notes bhej keh," meher said. "usse ek baar baat karle," heer said. "kya? Bhbahi sabh jaante huwe bhi aap yeh kehrahi  hai?" meher asked in disbelief. "First hear me out!" heer said and meher looked at her. "dekh meher main jaanti hoon keh Harman ne tujhe hurt kiya hai lekin agar woh tujhse ek baar baat karna chatha hai toh usse woh mauka dehde na," heer said. "pichle baar bhi diya tha na bhabhi but kya huwa?" meher said. "lekin pichli baar tune usse apni baat puri karne ka ya explain karne ka mauka bhi toh nahi diya," heer said. "meher I don't want to interfere in your life but main bas yeh kehna chathi hoon keh khabhi khabhi baat karne se problems solve hosakthi hai. One last time, give him a chance!" heer told her. "I am so confused bhabhi," she honestly confessed. "thodi dher akele bait kar sooch le meher kyun ki teri saari zindagi iss faisle peh depend hosakthi hai," heer said as she kept the sari on the bed and left the room as meher stood there thinking.

                Time passed and preet went to pick up ashlesha from her house. After she returned, all the ladies gathered in a room to get ready for the reception. They were all looking gorgeous dressed in saris. Changing into the sari, she walked out of the bathroom and went to her mother. "ma," she said and gayatri turned around to be surprised. "meher'tune sari pehen li'bahut pyaari lagrahi hai," gayatri said patting her check. Meher threw herself in the warmth of her mother's arms, "I am sorry ma'I am really sorry," she said as tears fell from her eyes. Bringing her out of the hug, "itni si baat kehliye kohi rohta hai," gayatri said wiping her tears. "nahi ma I was very rude. Woh mujhe sir mein darad tha aur ussi tension mein maine aap keh aur didi keh saath bhi bahut meanly behave kiya," meher said. "joh hogaya usse bhul ja'ek baar haas deh," gayatri said and meher smiled. "yeh hai meri pyaari si aur choti se meher," gayatri said as everyone smiled. Seeing his new bride dressed in the maroon and cream sari, he felt his heart skip a beat. "Looking gorgeous!" he whispered to her as she blushed. "tum bhi yeh suit mein bahut handsome lagrahe ho," she said to him. "wow compliment aur tumse'I am impressed Mrs. Ashlesha Juneja," he said acting shock. "very funny! Kya karoon mujhe jhoot bolna nahi aata," she said winking at him as he chuckled. As it was getting late for the reception, all the family members left other than prem, heer, and kids. Heer was still trying to get chahat ready after she dressed prateek. Upstairs, she was in her room trying to calm her daughter who was carrying because mommy was trying to dress her up. He walked in, "heer'chalo hum already bahut late hogaye hai," he told her. "I know prem. Kya karoon dekho na isse yeh dress pehena hi nahi hai, itna rohrahi hai," she said. "agar meri princess koh yeh dress nahi pehena hai toh nahi sahi," prem said as he picked chahat in his arms. "prem'tum kya karahe ho? wapaas rako isse bed peh," heer said. "dekho na humari beti aise hi kitni acchi lagrahi hai," prem said. "aise? Sirf nappy pehen keh," she said as they both giggled. "nahi aise mere saath. Dekho na pheli baar yeh mere paas aake humari beti chup huwi hai," prem said. "aree ha'this is a big moment'tum yahi ruko, main aabhi aati hoon," heer said. She went to the cupboard and came back with the camera. "say cheese," heer said as she snapped the picture of a smiling prem and chahat. Later, prem helped heer and together they got their daughter ready and left to join the others for the reception.

                As preet and ashlesha stood on stage receiving gifts and being congratulated by friends and family, suddenly some took the microphone, "ladies and gentle men'may I have your attention please," he said. Hearing his voice, she felt her heart stop. "harman?" she said to herself and she turned to see him on the stage with preet and ash. "I would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Preet Juneja on the start of their new relationship. I want to wish them good luck and hope they live together, happily ever after. Iss ghar mein sabh ne mujhe bahut pyaar diya hai aur aaj, I would like to sing something for preet and ash on this special occasion," Harman announced as the crowd cheered. "I would like the newly wedded couple to honour the dance floor with their grace," Harman said and everyone smiled. She couldn't believe it! From the morning, he was nowhere to be seen and now suddenly, he wants to sing a song. What is he thinking? He looked at her and anger filled her, visible in her eyes. As she turned to leave, the music started. "May I have this dance?" preet asked putting his hand out. "Of course," she said placing her hand in his. Reaching the dance floor, he slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer and they started to sway to the music. She was going up the stairs when he started to sing:

Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya
Aur ishqaan dil mein bhar gaya

[Hearing the lyrics, she stopped and turned to look at him]
Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya
Aur ishqaan dil mein bhar gaya

[Prem and kiran joined the dance floor with their respective wives]

Aankhon aankhon mein woh
Laakhon gallaan kar gaya oye
[Prem remembered the first time they have met. The way she had her eyes closed when he held her in his arms the first time and the way he was mesmerized when he had seen her beautiful eyes]

O Rabba mein to mar gaya oye
Shahdai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye
Ho Rabba mein to mar gaya hoye
Shahdai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya hoi

[Preet nuzzled his nose on her cheek as she turned tomato red. She pecked his nose and whispered, "I love you! "Not more than I love you," he said smilingly]

Koi dil beqaabu kar gaya

Aur ishqaan dil mein bhar gaya
Aankhon aankhon mein woh
Laakhon gallaan kar gaya hoye

[One of meher's cousins came and took her to the dance floor]
<a href="">Rabba Mausam Lyrics</a>

O Rabba mein to mar gaya hoi
Shahdai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya hoye

[Seeing her join the dance floor, he asked someone and took the girl to the dance floor as he continued to sing]
O rabba mein to mar gaya hoyi
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya hoye

[They were dancing with someone else but their eyes were on each other]

Ab dil chahe khamoshi ke hothon pe main likh doon

Pyaari si baatein kai
Ho...kuchh pal mere naam kare woh
Main bhi uske naam pe likhu mulaaqate kai

[In each other's arms, they swayed together. "yeh humara special din hai preet you know mujhe yeh sabh hamesha yaad rahega," ash said. "mujhe bhi'agar tum mere bahoon mein aise hi rahogi toh zindagi khushi khushi beeth jayegi," he said pulling her into the hug]

Ho pehli hi taqvee mein ban gayi jaan pe
Naina waina uske mere dil pe chhape

[The way they crashed into each other in the hallway. The way she yelled at him and instantly apologized the next second]
Ab jaaun kahaan pe, dilruba hai wahaan pe
Jahaan dekh ke mujhe woh aage badh gaya hoye

[The guilt she had in her eyes melted his heart but that day was also a start of a new relationship: their friendship]

Rabba mein to mar gaya hoi
Shahdai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya hoye
O rabba mein to mar gaya hoyi
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya hoye

Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya

Aur ishqaan dil mein bhar gaya
Aankhon aankhon mein woh
Laakhon gallaan kar gaya oye

As the music came to an end, the couples came in a circle and the men started to move their partners around. The music ended and she was in his arms. His hands wrapped around her waist and his eyes staring at her. She tried to move away but he wouldn't let go. "Harman'let me go," she said. "nahi'main tume nahi jaane donga. Bahut hogayi tumari maan maani. I want to say something and you will have to listen," he firmly stated. "Harman please don't create a scene'yaha sabh hai. mujhe chodo," she said afaird that someone will see them. "ok I wont but uskehliye tume mujhe kuch promise karna hoga," he said. "kya?" she asked. "reception khatham hone keh baad aur sabh keh sune keh baad'tum mujhe ghar keh piche garden mein milna padega," he told her. She was going to saying no but she remembered heer's words, she remembered his notes and the flowers and she remembered their moments together. "theek hai'main milongi but remember Harman, agar tumne iss baar mujhe hurt kiya toh main tumse dobara zindagi mein tumse khabhi nahi baat karongi," she said. "I promise your meher'tum aaj ki raat khabhi nahi bhulogi," he said as he let go and she left from there as he stood there with a smile, happy that she had agreed.

                Hours passed, the party ended and the guests left. The family members returned home and went to their rooms to rest for the night. She had changed into her pajamas and was waiting for everyone to go to sleep so she can go meet him. She didn't know why he had invited her to the garden at this time of the night but she has promised and she had to go. She slowly went down the stairs and walked into the back garden. She looked around and didn't see him anywhere. "mujhe yaha bhula kar yeh kaha chala gaya?" she thought. "thanks for coming meher," he said from behind and she turned to face him. "joh bhi kehna hai jaldi kaho mujhe bahut neend aarahi hai," she said still angry. She looked cuter with the anger on the tip of her nose, he thought as he smiled. "meher I know keh tume maine bahut hurt kiya hai but aaj kya tum mujhe ek baar tume sabh kuch baatane kya mauka dohgi bina kuch kahe please meri baat sunlo," he said to her and she nodded. "meher'jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho tumne mujhe rishton ka matlab samajaya hai, unki hemiyat seekaya hai aur maine jaan bhujkar tume hi hurt kardiya. Lekin meher jab se tum mujhse door gayi hoon toh maine yeh ehsaas karliya hai keh mujhse galati hogayi thi. Uss raat maine joh kaha I never meant it. woh toh bas situation aisi thi keh maine kuch bhi kehdiya, I wasn't thinking. Aur phir kal bhi main kuch aur kehna chatha aur kuch aur hi kehdiya," he said as she stood there listening. "main yaha ma koh kuch prove karne kehliye nahi aaya tha meher. Maine ma koh apne dil ki feelings batayi aur unone mujhse kaha keh mujhe tumse apni feelings kehe dene chahiye issliye main yaha aaya hoon," he said. "kaisi feelings?" she asked. "main tume yaha saach baata ne aaya hoon keh tum mere liye kya meine rakthi ho. aur saach yeh hai keh tum mere liye yeh phoolon ki taara ho," he said as he bought two roses in front of her. "matlab?" she asked confused. "meher yeh white rose bilkul tumari taara hai'honest aur innocent. Aur yeh yellow rose humare rishte ki taara'humari dosti kehliye jis mein hum har baat ek dusre se karsakthe hai bina kohi dar ke. Lekin aaj main iss mein ek aur rose johd na chatha hoon," he told her and she felt a gimplse of hope in her heart. He went down on his knees and bought out a red rose. "Harman?" she asked surprised. "please meher'kuch mat kehna. Maine bahut mushkil se himmat jhotayi hai tume yeh saach baatane ki. Meher jab tum mujhse door gayi toh mujhse ehsaas huwa keh tum mere liye ek dost se badkar ho. Mujhe tumara dost nahi par ek saathi banna hai. Woh saathi joh tume khabhi bhi dukhi na kare aur hamesha haasa the huwe rahe. Woh saathi joh tumari baatein zindagi bar sune bina kohi problem keh. Woh saathi joh tumare rang mein rang kar apni zindagi bitana chatha hai. Main tumse pyaar karta hoon meher'I love you!" he said. As he looked up at her, he saw tears running down her cheeks. "Meher'tum roh rahi ho?" he asked shocked. "ha'tumne itni emotional baatein joh kehdi. Agar pyaar karte the toh saaf saaf kaha kyun nahi," she said hitting him. "I am sorry," he said. "I hate you'I hate you for making me cry'I hate you for waiting so long'I'main tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon," she said as she threw herself in his arms. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and twirled her around. As they were treasuring their special moment together, they failed to see the pair of eyes watching them from the back door. 

Who is at the door? Are meher and harman in trouble? What will happen? Keep reading to find out!

Hey guys
Back with the next part...hope you guys like it Big smile I am sorry that you guys had to wait so long but I had midterms going on so was busy studying. Will definitely try to update soon this time. Cant wait to see your comments Smile


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Yayyy... we got an update...

The part was really really nice.. awesome.. splendid.

Bears and hearts

Heer's fainting has been such a shock'and the thing that she might be pregnant has added
more to it.
. but  thank god it was not true..and she is alright..

Feel happy fo preet and ash'  after so many problems they are finally together'

"Agar woh baat saach hojathi toh main mar jaata heer. Tumari bina main kuch nahi ho heer'kuch bhi nahi. Tume ek baar maine almost kohdiya phir khabhi uss raste peh hum nahi chalenge'mujhe chal na hi nahi hai. Main tumare saath jeena chatha hoon'bhuda hona chatha hoon. Humare baccho koh baada hote huwe dekhna chatha hoon. Lekin tume tumari bilkul bhi chinta nahi hai'hamesha dusro keh baare mein sooch thi ho khabhi khud keh baare mein nahi,"
Aww' that was so touching thing that he said'
No' prem shouted at heer.. but glad that they solved it later!!
Prem and chahat are so cute'

she went to prem without crying for the first time!!! So lovely..

Now who is the person who is watching harman and meher??? Hope its heer'
Bears and hearts

Eagerly waiting for the next part'

Continue super duper soon!!!

Bears and hearts

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loved the update...
'thanks for the pm...

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Thank u so much di...Love u
A very big thank u for such a big update...*big hug*
Aww...Harman and Meher...loved his cute
And Prem and Heer r just unique...really hope that they don't face any more serious them...
And Preet and Ash...ahem ahem...Wink...sweeet
Thank u di for d pm...Take care... Big smile

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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Thank God heer is not pregnent, nd prem is such a caring husbandEmbarrassed
preet nd ash scene was awsm. I really luv harman's confession.
and the last but not the least prem nd chahat little, cute moment.
really sooo sweet!
cont soon thanx 4 PM.

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