Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan III:Last Chap Page 88 Aug6th (Page 54)

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that was amazing... loved  it ... cant wait for the next update...continue soon Smile

thanks dear...will update soon...Big smile

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nice ff...plz...update...and pls add me to ur pm list.. 

thanks dear...will surely add u to the PM list...Smile
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Chapter 73

            She wanted to run'run far away from him and hide somewhere where no one could find her. But, she felt her feet stuck to the ground. She wanted to tell him to go away, to leave her alone but her heart didn't let her lips speak. Right then, she heard someone say his name. She came back to her senses and moved to the side. "Harman'tum yaha? Aur woh bhi iss waqt?" heer asked reaching the front door. "hi heer di'ha woh meri flight late hogayi thi'I am sorry keh main itni raat koh aap logo koh disturb karaha hoon," Harman apologized. "nahi mera woh matlab nahi tha. I meant keh agar tum baata dehte toh main tume leyne kisiko bhej dehti thi," heer said. "Agar baata dehta toh main surprise kaise dehta aur waise bhi airport mein taxi milgayi aur mere paas address tha toh here I am," he said looking at meher. "theek hai...andar aaona," heer invited him. At that moment, they heard balraj calling out for heer and asking who was at the door. "tum baito'main baba koh baata keh aati hoon," heer said and left. Harman nodded, "well ash'congratulations! Heer di ne bataya keh tumari shaadi horahi hai," he said. "thanks'tum bilkul sahi time peh aaye ho'preet ne bulaya kya?" ash teased. "Preet kyun bhulayega?" he asked. "Aree meri aur preet ki toh shaadi hai toh maine soocha keh usne bhulaya hai," she replied. "Lekin mujhe toh laaga keh tumari shaadi kissi rajveer se horahi hai?" Harman asked lost. "Horahi hai nahi horahi thi. Bahut lambi story hai'khabhi aur baata hongi. For now, preet aur main ek dusre se pyaar karte hai aur humari shaadi horahi hai," ash stated excitedly. "phir toh double congratulations!" Harman said smilingly. "accha agar tumne hum mein se kisine nahi bhulaya toh tume kaise paata chala keh shaadi hai," ash asked. "main toh india aaraha tha toh soocha keh shaadi attend karlo, mujhe heer di ne bataya tha," he told her. "Nice. Toh tum apni family se milne aaye ho should be exciting?" ash said. "nahi meri yaha kohi family nahi hai lekin meri mom mujhe graduation kehliye kuch gift dehna chathi thi aur mujhe aisa laaga keh India mujhe bhula raha hai toh," Harman said as his eyes wandered off to meher. "Kyun aaya hai yeh yaha? Sabh kuch chod keh toh main yaha aayi thi lekin aabh," she thought as she stood behind ashlesha trying to hide herself. She could feel his eyes scan her body and he saw her cheeks turn red with anger. He knew she was mad at him but he wasn't going back'at least not until he made her the same meher. Like the meher she was the first day they met'bubbly, energetic, full of life! "main abhi aayi," meher said as she excused herself. As she was walking back, she bumped into someone. "meher'tu theek toh haina?" she asked looking  up. "sorry bhabhi'I wasn't paying attention," meher said. Heer was shocked to see tears in her eyes, "meher'tu theek toh haina? Tu roh kyun rahi hai?" heer asked. "yeah bhabhi'I am fine'bas kuch dher akele rehna chathi hoon," meher said and she left before she lost control. "paata nahi Harman yaha kya karne aaya hai? main toh bas yeh chathi hoon keh woh meher koh phir se chot na pauchaye. Abhi abhi meher apne aap koh samaal ne lagi thi aur yaha Harman koh dekhar'bas sabh theek hojaye," heer thought looking the way meher had just gone. Later, heer set up one of the rooms for Harman so she can relax and freshen up. 

            Upstairs, ashlesha sat on her floor packing her belongings since she had to leave tomorrow. She sat there looking at a childhood album'it was one of the albums that her mother was in. Even though, she hadn't spent much time her mother, she remembered her and still missed her. Tomorrow was going to be the biggest day of her life and her mother won't be there. "mujhe aapki bahut yaad aati hai ma'yaha sabh hai lekin aap keh bina ek kami rehti hai," she said running her palm over her mother's picture. She got up and left the room. It was a night that he didn't want to pass. "aisa kyun hota hai keh jab itne saalon ka samna saach hota hai toh jitni khushi hoti hai utna hi dukh bhi hota hai. Hamesha chatha tha keh meri betiyon koh ek accha ghar mile aur uss mein se ek sapna toh pura hogaya hai, heer ki zindagi bas gayi aur woh bahut khush bhi hai. Jab woh iss ghar koh chodke gayi thi toh ashlesha ne iss ghar koh aur mujhe samaal liya. Par aabh ash bhi chale jayegi toh yeh ghar suna suna hojayega. Agar aaj teji hoti toh yeh ghar khabhi suna nahi hota, iss ghar ki lakshmi joh hoti yaha. Mujhe pura yakeen hai keh ashlesha waha bahut khush rahegi lekin dar bhi hai. Ash abhi bhi baccho jaise harkat karti hai toh ek ghar ki bahu hone ki zimedaari kaise samaleygi," he thought staring out in the dark night. Right then, he heard someone call out to him. He wiped his tears and turned to see his daughter at the door with something in her hand and tears in her eyes. "ash'tum yaha? Kya huwa beta? Tu roh kyun rahi ho?" balraj asked. She didn't reply. She ran up to him and engulfed her arms around him. "mujhe yeh shaadi nahi karni baba'main aap koh aur iss ghar koh chodke nahi jaana," she said as she started to sob. "ashlesha'kya huwa? Phele mujhe baata keh tu roh kyun rahi ho?" balraj said. "mujhe yahi rehna hai'main aap sabh keh bina nahi rehsakthi aur joh yaadein iss ghar mein hai usse chodke mujhe nahi jaana," she said between her sobs. Balraj didn't know what to say. All he could do was smile. She was never going to grow up, she will always be a kid. Brining her out of the hug, "dekh ash har beti koh uska ghar chodke jaana hi padtha hai aur har baap koh na chathe huwe bhi apni son chiraya koh vida karna hi padtha hai," he said caressing her cheek. "lekin hume hi kyun jaana padtha hai baba'agar mujhse hi shaadi karna hai toh preet yaha aakar hamera saath nahi rehsaktha?" she said as balraj chuckled. "ash tu bacchi ki bacchi hi rahegi," balraj said.

"ha yeh aaj bhi waise hi hai jaise hatra (18) saal phele thi," someone said as they both turned to see heer at the door. "baba dekhiye na heer mera mazaak udarahi hai," ash whined. "aur aaj bhi aise hi complain karti hai. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai bachpan mein jab bhi main tujhe kuch karne se rokti thi toh tum aise hi bhaag the huwe aakar baba keh paas complain karti thi," heer told her. "ha ha udale mazaak mera," ash said sadly. "aaj kya complain hai?" heer asked. "humari laadli ash iss ghar se jaana nahi chathi. Woh kehrahi thi keh agar preet usse shaadi karna chatha hai toh woh yaha kyun nahi aata," balraj said. Heer walked up to them and took a seat in front of ash, "ash'main jaanti hoon keh iss ghar koh chodke jaana bahut mushkil hai lekin hume karna padtha hai," she said. "lekin heer mujhe baba aur baccho ki bahut yaad aayegi. Aur aaj mujhe ma ki bahut yaad aarahi hai," ash said looking at the album in her hand as tears filled her eyes. Heer felt a pain in her heart. She looked at balraj and then at ashlesha, not knowing really what to say. "Ash'tu iss ghar se kitna bhi door chali jao, woh hamesha teri yaadon mein rahega. Ashlesha main yeh nahi kehrahi ho keh yeh asaan hoga lekin main tujhe yeh zaroor kehsakthi ho keh tu waha bahut khush rahegi. Usually jab ek ladki ki shaadi hoti hai toh usse uska maayka chodke sasural jaana padtha hai lekin hum itne lucky hai keh hume doh doh ghar milte hai. Aur ma koh yaad karne ka tumara hak hai par ash ma jaha kahi bhi hai aaj tume dekhar bahut khush hongi keh unki beti koh ek sahi jeevan saathi aur itna accha sasural mil raha hai," heer said. "Aur tumari ma koh hume aise rohte huwe dekhar bilkul bhi accha nahi lagega," balraj said wiping his daughters' tears. "Aur aaj ki raat toh bilkul bhi nahi. Hum aaj ki raat haaste huwe bitayengi," balraj said as a smile crept on their lips. They spent the rest of the time talking about old memories and creating new ones, the treasure that they were going to keep with them forever!

Later, she returned to her room. She smiled thinking about what happened downstairs. She had missed times like these when they used to spend hours talking about their family. It was nice to have it back, even if it was just for a day. Her smile fell remembering the event that occurred a few hours ago. She should have told him. He should know. After all, she is his sister. But, she promised her and how could she break it? Either way didn't seem right. She picked up the phone and dialed his number. "mujhe paata tha keh tum mujhe miss karahi hogi lekin yeh nahi paata tha keh tum uss gham mein abhi tak sohi nahi," he said. "prem'," she said. Hearing her voice, he knew that something was wrong. "heer'kya huwa? main bas mazaak karaha tha," prem said. "prem'mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni hai," she told him. "ha heer lekin tum itni pareshaan kyun ho? kya huwa hai?" he asked worried. "prem'harman aaya hai," she said. "kya? Woh yaha kyun? Aur tum usse lekar pareshaan ho?" prem asked now confused. "woh preet aur ashlesha ki shaadi kehliye aaya hai. nahi prem woh baat nahi hai," she said. "ok toh kya baat hai? chahat aur prateek theek haina?" he asked. Her not saying anything was scaring him. "heer please kuch toh bolo," he said. "nahi prem woh dono theek hai, sorahe hai. Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai lekin kaise kaho bas woh nahi paata," heer said. "heer tume mujhse kuch kehne kehliye soochna padraha hai?" he asked surprised. "aisa nahi hai prem," she said. She shouldn't have done this. She didn't have the courage to tell him. She shouldn't have called. Its not like she didn't trust him, she trusted him more than herself but she was scared that he may not understand. He may think that meher and Harman were still young and may not take their feelings seriously. "heer kya baat hai?" he asked again. "kuch nahi. Agar main tume kuch batao, tum please naraaz mat hona," she said. "nahi heer'kya hai? bolo?" he said. "main tume phele hi sabh kuch batana chathi thi lekin main apna vaada nahi thodna chathi thi. Prem woh baat yeh hai ki'woh," she was about to say when the kids holler interrupted their conversation. "woh prateek aur chahat haina?" prem asked. "ha sohrahe the abhi jaag gaye," she said. "tum unne samalo, hum baad mein baat karte hai," he said. "lekin prem'," she said. "heer'maine kaha na keh hum baad mein baat karte hai. Bahut raat hogayi hai tum baccho koh sola doh aur tum bhi sohjao," he told her and hung up the phone. She knew he was hurt that she didn't tell him her feelings directly. "mujhe prem koh phone karna nahi chahiye tha. Aabh paata nahi main kya kahongi usse," she said to herself. Later, she calmed the kids down and put them back to sleep. She tried to fall asleep but couldn't but as time passed, slumber hit her and she went to bed.  

Within a couple of hours, the morning sun bought in the auspicious day. Heer freshened up and started working on the preparations for the wedding again. The haldi ceremony was going to be held sometime before lunch. She tried to immerse herself in the preparations but at the back of her mind, she could hear his voice questioning her like she didn't trust him. She had called back this morning but he didn't pick up. When she tried calling home, gayatri told her that he had gone to do some arrangements for the wedding. It was about time for the haldi function and heer bought ashlesha, dressed in a sleeveless, simple yellow salwar kameez, down the stairs and made her sit in the middle of the living room. Right then, gayatri and kulraj joined them and they bought the shagun ki haldi and the bridal dress. First, gayatri and kulraj applied the haldi to ash. As heer's turn came, "aaj meri baari hai badla leyne ki," she said as she took lots of haldi in her hand. "heer'not fair!" ash said. "it's completely fair'mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai jab tumne mujhe saari haldi laaga dithi," heer said as she applied the haldi to ash as everyone laughed at the two sisters. After the rasam, heer took ashlesha upstairs so she can take a shower and change. After the shower, she changed into an organe salwar kameez. Walking out of the bathroom, she heard her phone ring. "hello," she said. "Hello to be Mrs. Preet Juneja," he said. A smile crept up on her lips, "hello Mr. Juneja'kahiye aapne hume kaise yaad kiya?" she asked. "woh kya haina main tumare baare mein sooch raha tha toh phone karliya," he said. "mere baare? Kyun tumne shaadi ki saari tyaari karli?" she asked him. "tyaari toh sabh karahe hai'main toh yeh sooch raha hoon keh aaj meri dulhan kitni khoobsurat lagegi," he told her as her cheeks turned red. "maine suna keh tumne haldi lagane kehliye pura ghar shir peh utaliya tha," she said teasing him. "aisa kuch nahi hai aur waise bhi tume kaise paata?" he asked. "what do you think preet?" she asked. "shaadi hoyi nahi iske phele hi meri ma aur behene mere nahi rahe," he said acting all dramatic. "meri toh bas bhabhi hai,"preet said as ash giggled. "aaj keh din woh tumari bhabhi nahi'meri behen hai aur rahegi," ash said with full confidence. "Lets see!" he said. "ha dekhte hai. ok aabh mujhe jaana hoga lagtha hai kohi aaraha hai aur tume paata hai keh hum baat nahi karsakthe hai," she said as they both smilingly ended the conversation.

She was outside playing with a few kids. She needed something to distract her and heer had told her to rest. She felt like she needed to be away from him. Every time she saw his face, all she could remember was the night. The night when it had all ended. All the good times they had spent together seemed to masked by that one night. Why? Why was it that way? She should have never confessed. It was her fault that their friendship broke. She feared it would happen and it did. It was her fault! "didi'kya huwa? aap roh rahe ho?" a little girl asked pulling at her hand. "nahi beta'mere aankho mein kuch chala gaya tha," she said as she quickly wiped her tears. "meher di'chalo khel the hai," another boy said. "theek hai..kya khelna hai tum logo koh?" she asked. Before the kids could answer, she heard his voice calling out to him. "tum log khelo main abhi aayi," she said and she started to leave from there. "meher please meri baat toh suna?" he said following her. She didn't listen and kept walking. He caught up to her and stopped her, grabbing her wrist. "meher please at least listen to me once," he said. "why Harman? Kyun karahe ho yeh sabh tum? why are you here?" she asked getting mad. "meher I know I hurt you but ek baar meri baat sunlo," he said in a pleading voice. "mera haath chodo," she said firmly. "Ok I will but tum meri baat sunogi?" he asked. "Ok but mera haath chodo," she said and he let go. "meher I know maine tume bahut hurt kiya hai. maine uss raat joh bhi kaha woh galat tha, I know. I am really sorry," he told her. "mujhe uss raat keh baare mein kohi baat nahi karni Harman. I can never forget what happened," she said. "I know lekin meher mujhe at least ek mauka toh doh apne aapko explain karne ka keh maine waise kyun kaha," he said. She could feel an honesty in his voice. She wanted to listen but she was scared that she would be hurt again. "Ok, kya kehna chathe ho?" meher asked letting her heart win over her head. "meher tum jaanti ho keh mere saath kya huwa hai? mere parents ka rishta toot the huwe maine dekha hai meher aur uskehliye main aaj tak apna aap koh kahi na kahi guilty maan tha ho," he said and she felt his pain. She genuinely felt bad for him that he had to suffer for someone else's mistakes but then again what was her fault in all this too? Seeing that he is listening, he continued "uss raat joh bhi huwa, I wasn't thinking straight meher. Tumne jab achanak kaha keh tum mujhse pyaar karti ho toh mujhe bilkul bhi samaj mein nahi aaya keh main kaise react karo, mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aaya. Phir maine bahut soocha aur ma se bhi baat ki toh mujhe mere galati ka ehsaas huwa." "What? Tumne aunty koh bataya?" meher asked shocked. "woh bas main tume lekar bahut upset tha aur ma ne poocha toh I confessed to her. She is the one who told me that I should go talk to you," he said. "so tum yaha issliye aaye ho kyun ki tume aunty ne bheja hai?" she asked. "nahi meher'aisa nahi hai," he replied. As he was about to place his hand on her shoulder, she moved back. "nahi Harman'bas bahut hogaya. Main bhi na kitni pagal ho. Mujhe laaga keh tum mere liye aaye ho aur woh bhi kyun ki'kyun ki. Tum toh yaha apne liye aaye ho aur woh bhi aunty koh ek accha beta prove karne kehliye haina? I never thought you would be like this. Thanks for ruining my day aur ha tumne joh sabh se jhoot kaha haina keh tum yaha shaadi kehliye aaye ho toh ruko, shaadi keh baad chale jaana. Don't ever try talking to me again!" she yelled as tears ran down her cheeks. "no meher you have it all wrong," Harman said.  "I hate you Harman'I hate you!" she said as she left from there. He felt guilt punch through her heart. He never thought that he would ever those words from her. "Tum galat ho meher. Main yaha apne marzi se aaya hoon kyun ki mujhe tumari heymiat tab paata chala jab tum mujhse door gayi. Mere dil koh ehsaas huwa keh tum mere liye kitne important ho aur shayad yeh bhi keh tumare liye mere ehsaas ek dost se badgaye hai," he said to himself. As he turned to leave, he saw heer standing at the door looking at him. Having not to say, he left from there as she stood there confused what to do.

The rest of the hours passed with heer and balraj checking and finalizing the arrangements for the wedding. The decorations'the cars to pick up guests'the rooms for guests to stay'the caterers'everything needed to be done. As ashlesha desired her wedding to be outdoors, the venue was set in the backyard garden of the ashram. The mandap was decorated with pink roses and pink and white satin cloths hung in the center making a floral design. On top of that, there hung white lights as strings all around the mandap. Dressed in a red and green combination heavy work sari, she fixed her bindi one last time before heading out the door. She walked into her sister's room with the bridal dress and jewelry. "finally heer tum aagayi hum sabh kabh se tumara intezaar karahe hai," ash said as she sat at the dresser with her friends. "Sorry ash. Prateek aur chahat koh samal rahi thi aur saare kaam bhi dekhne the par aabh main yaha hoon'bas thodi dher mein tum ready hojaogi," heer said. "ok main abhi lehenga pehen keh aati hoon," ash said as she took the dress from heer and left to change. Minutes later, she stepped out of the bathroom dressed in a dark maroon bridal lehenga. It has silver sequins all over the lehenga and choli with a silver border on the dupatta. Heer could see the shyness of a to-be bride on her sister's face. She could sense the nervousness of her sister even though she tried to hide it under her smile. Her heart filled with emotions and her eyes displayed that. Time flew away so fast that she didn't know when her little ashlesha grew up so much that she was going to be a bride today. "heer'kya huwa?" ash asked. "kuch nahi'mujhe aabh bhi yakeen nahi horaha hai keh tu itni baadi hogayi hai keh aaj tere ghar basne jaraha hai," heer said as she pulled ashlesha into a hug. "heer tune hi kaha tha na keh hum dukhi nahi honge," ash said. Bringing her out of the hug, "paata hai lekin yeh toh khushi keh aansoo hai," heer told ash. Next, heer took ash to the dresser and made her sit in front of the mirror. She tied her hair in a bun and slid a couple of bangs on each side of her face. She did her makeup and added a matching necklace set. Finally, she pulled the dupatta over her head. "aaj tere chehre ki chamak dekh keh baba bahut khush honge aur ma bhi tujhe dekh rahi hongi keh unki beti aaj bilkul pari lagrahi hai. Tujhe kisiki nazar na lage," heer said as she took kajal from her eyes and placed it behind her ear as ash smiled. "thanks heer. Tu bhi aaj kuch kaam nahi lagrahi hai'jeeju ka toh bura haal hone wala hai," ash teased as heer's smile fell from her face. He hadn't talk to her since last night. She had been calling him whenever she got time but he had been ignoring her. Right then, they heard the baraat coming close. "lagtha hai baraat aagayi hai," heer said happily. "tum log baaki sabh dekh lo'main jaati hoon," heer said and left the room as ash sat there smiling.

Seeing her walking down the stairs, "heer sabh tujhe doond rahe hai'baraat aagayi hai beta," balraj said. "jee baba'aap sabh jayiye'main abhi aati hoon," heer said. Walking into the kitchen, she quickly grabbed the puja ki thali and garlands needed to welcome the guests. As he saw everyone walk outside to receive the baraat, his eyes searched for her. After what happened last night, he hadn't been able to talk to her as he was busy with the wedding preparations and he couldn't wait to see her again. Just then, he saw her join the rest of the members. Under the radiating moon, he saw her skin glow. She looked magnificent in the sari, he thought. Seeing her so beautiful, a smile crept up on his lips remembering their wedding day. At that moment, her eyes met his and he smiled at her. She smiled back at him but he could see that the smile didn't reflect in her eyes. She walked up to preet and did the aarti. Placing the tika on his forehead, she welcomed him in. "bhabhi'yeh aap kehliye," he said as he gave her a box. "yeh kya hai?" she asked. "yeh aap kehliye ek chota sa gift," he told her. "lekin preet'tum toh mere chote bhai ki taara ho, main yeh kaise ley sakthi hoon?" heer said. "heer'yeh shagun hai keh dulha apni saali koh joh uski arti karti hai usse tohfa dehta hai'isse leylo," gayatri said. "jee ma," heer said as she took the box from preet and the baraat proceeded into the house. As she was talking to the guests and telling them to settle down, gayatri walked up to her. "heer kohi madad chahiye?" gayatri asked. "nahi ma sabh hogaya hai'aap baitiye main dekh longi," heer replied. "chahat aur prateek kaha hai?" gayatri said. "woh raat bar sohye nahi toh upar sohrahe hai. Main abhi jaake check karne wali hoon," heer said. "tum unki chinta mat karo'tum kaam samalo, main jaake dekhti hoon," gayatri said. "thanks ma," heer said as she left to go to the kitchen to get something for the guests. She was in the kitchen pouring juice in glasses when she felt him behind her. She placed the pitcher down and turned to see him. "tume kuch chahiye tha prem?" she asked. "kya huwa heer?" prem asked. "kuch nahi. Woh prem kal raat kehliye I am sorry. Main bahut pareshaan thi issliye paata nahi maine kya kya kehdiya," she said. "heer tume kohi baat pareshaan karahe hai toh mujhe batao hum dono milkar solve karlenge," prem said. She didn't know what to say. She felt like she was betraying his trust. She bust out into tears. "I am sorry prem'mujhe tume baata dehna chahiye lekin main apna vaada nahi thodsakthi thi," she said as tears flew down her cheeks. "heer'heer please shant hojao'.tum roh kyun rahi ho?" prem asked concerned and confused as to why she was crying. "tum mujhse please naraaz mat ho'agar tum mujhe baat nahi karte toh meri zindagi aduri lagthi hai," she told him. "heer main tumse naraaz nahi hoon'please roh mat," he said wiping her tears. "phir tum mujhse baat kyun nahi karahe ho? kal raat keh baad maine tume kitne phone kiye lekin," she said. "heer main busy tha aur phir meri phone ki battery dead hogayi thi toh issliye," he said. "saach na prem? Tum mujhse naraaz toh nahi hona?" she asked him. "nahi heer'main tumse naraaz nahi ho'aabh please haas doh," he said pulling her cheeks. "khabhi mujhse bina baat kiye mat rehna," she said engulfing him in a hug. "khabhi nahi," he said wrapping her arms around her. Coming out of the hug, "tum mujhe kuch baatana chathi thi?" he asked. "baad mein prem. Aaj preet aur ashlesha ki shaadi hai, unka din'hum baad mein baat karenge," she said. "theek hai. tum theek toh hona?" he asked making sure. "ha aabh main bilkul theek hoon," heer said. "toh chale?" he asked putting his hand forward. She smiled placing her hand in his. "ek minute main yeh tray toh yehi bhulgayi," heer said.

As she turned to pick up the tray, she felt blackness in front of her eyes and her head spinning. She stumbled on her feet and he caught her. "heer'kya huwa?" he asked as he caught her from hitting the ground. "paata nahi'achanak chakkar aarahi hai," she said. "yaha aao'baito," he said as he took her to one of the chairs and made her sit. He poured a glass of water and made her drink. "tume apna khayal rakna chahiye heer lekin tum meri baat khabhi nahi sunti," prem said. "main theek hoon prem. Kal raat zyada soh nahi paayi thi shayad issliye, I will be fine," heer said. "tum yahi ruko, main doctor koh phone karke aata hoon," he said. "nahi prem. Doctor koh phone mat karna warna sabh pareshaan hojayenge," she said. "lekin heer tume doctor ki zaroorat hai," he said. "Please prem," she said pleadingly. "theek hai lekin ek sharat peh," he said. "kya?" she asked. "saara kaam main karonga'tum sirf mujhe kahogi aur kuch nahi karogi," he said as she smiled. "theek hai'maan li tumari sharat'aabh chale sabh mujhe doond rahe honge aur muhurat ka samein bhi horaha hai," heer said and they both left. Minutes passed and everyone gathered in the garden for the ceremony. He stood in the mandap waiting for his bride. Looking up, he saw heer walking her down the aisle. He had never seen her look so beautiful'in fact he had never seen anyone so beautiful. He smiled and she looked up and smiled back at him.  She was bought in front of him and heer offered them the garlands. They exchanged garlands as the family members and friends showered them will rose petals. Later, they took a seat in front of the holy fire. The pandit recited the mantra and they both promised each other that they will never fight. They will listen and trust each other no matter what the circumstances were. Balraj came up and did the kanyadaan of his daughter, entrusting her to preet. Heer came forward and tied her dupatta and his sherwani scarf for this and the seven janams to come. Next, they stood up and started the pheras. Walking together, they promised to love, protect, and trust each other more than even themselves. Ashlesha promised herself that he will take his family as her own and keep them happy and together to the best of her ability. On the other hand, preet promised to be her happy and to never give up on her, no matter what. Seeing the wedding, prem and heer wandered back in their old memories. They both remembered the auspicious day when they became one for this janam and the janams to come. He remembered how his beautiful bride looked that day and she couldn't forget how her prince charming came to take her away. As she stood with chahat in her arms, she felt rose petals falling on her. She turned to see him and he beamed at her. "prem'tum yeh kya karahe ho'shaadi waha horaha hai," she told him. "woh kya haina heer mujhe humari shaadi ki yaad aaarahi hai aur I am sure tume bhi yaad aarahi hogi toh main sirf unn yaadon koh asal bana raha hoon," prem said as they both smiled at each other. As the pheras ended, preet filled ashlesha's maang with sindoor and adorned her neck with the mangalsutra. Later, they went to take ashirwaad from lalit and gayatri, "jeete raho'hamesha khush raho," they said. Then, they went to balraj, "khush raho'bhagwan tumari jodi hamesha banake rake," he said. Prem and heer hugged their siblings and congratulated them. Time passed as the rest of the guests congratulated the couple and dinner was served.

He smiled seeing her daughter so happy after a long time. From the past two months, somewhere he knew something wasn't right but she always told him she was happy and he believed her. But today, he could see that she was really happy and he was sure this time. After dinner, he looked around and realized that his shoes were no were to be seen. "mere jhote kaha hai? maine yehi choda tha," he said thinking out loud. "kya huwa?" she asked. "I can't find my shoes ash," he said. He heard her chuckle. "Now whats funny?" he asked. "preet'maine kaha na keh aaj meri behen, meri behen hogi," she told him. "matlab?" he asked confused. "matlab keh heer ne tumare johte churaye hai," kulraj said. "kya?" preet said as his jaw dropped. "bhabhi'aap bhi. Aap toh meri bhabhi thi," he said looking at heer. "thi nahi, abhi bhi hoon issliye toh tere johte churaye hai. yeh shagun hota hai aur dulhan ki behen hone ki naate mera haq bhi hai," heer said. "PB'aap bhi mujhe help nahi karoge?" preet asked feeling helpless. "preet'teri shaadi abhi abhi hoyi hai issliye tu mujhse yeh pooch raha hai. thode din ruk ja phir tujhe khud jawaab mil jayega," prem said as the family members laughed. "lekin bhabhi aapne toh kaha keh main apka chota bhai hoon toh?" prem said. "theek hai main tujhe tere johte wapaas deh dungi lekin uske badle mujhe kuch chahiye," heer said. "ha bhabhi kahiye?" preet said. "mujhe ek vaada chahiye keh tu ashlesha hamesha khush rakega. Tum dono ek dusre ka saath dohge aur khabhi ladoge nahi'mujhe tum dono se yeh vaada chahiye," heer said as balraj and the family members looked at her with a smile. Preet and ashlesha promised her and she gave preet back his shoes. Soon, the moment balraj dreaded came'the bidaai. Ash was trying to be strong. Ash didn't want to make it worse for balraj as she knew how he felt about being all alone here when she and heer went back to Canada.  Wrapping her hands around his arms, "mujhe aap ki bahut yaad aayegi baba," she told him in between her cries. Balraj tried to control himself and calm her down, but she didn't listen. Seeing balraj and ashlesha, tears rolled down her cheeks. Enclosing her in his arms, "heer'agar tum hi rohogi toh ashlesha koh kaun samalega," he said. "jaanti ho prem lekin mujhe meri bidaai ki yaad aagayi jab mujhe sabh koh chodke jaana paada," she told him. "Tume woh baat yaad hai'mujhe toh sirf meri chand se bhi zyaada khoobsurat dulhan yaad hai joh sharmate huwe, phir bhi muskurate huwe, mere saamne aur mere saath thi," he said as she looked up at him. "heer'zindagi mein khushi keh pal keh saath thode dukh keh pal bhi aate hai lekin hume khushi keh pal yaad rakne chahiye, dukh keh nahi," prem said wiping her tears. She smiled hearing his words. "meri dulhan sirf aise hi acchi lagthi hai," he said and she nodded. Heer went to ashlesha's side and hugged her to calm her down. As it was time to leave, balraj folded his hands in front of him, "bhai saab ashlesha abhi bacchi hai agar usse kohi galati hojaye toh maaf kardijiye," he said. "aap aisa kyun bolrahe hai bhai saab'ashlesha humari hi bhi toh beti hai'hum uska pura khayal rakenge," gayatri said. "mujhe pura baroosa hai behen ji," balraj said with a smile. Lalit, gayatri, kulraj, and kiran left first so they can go to the house and get it ready for the new bride. Prem and heer were in one car with chahat, prateek, tannu, and vishaal followed by ashlesha and preet in another car, which was specially decorated for the newly wed.

On the way home, chahat started to cry and she wouldn't quiet down. "heer kya huwa? yeh itna kyun roh rahi hai?" prem aksed worried. "paata nahi prem'I think yeh sudden change of environment usse bahut pareshaan karaha hai," heer said. "hume shayad doctor se baat karni chahiye," prem said. "nahi'bas kuch dino mein theek hojayegi, I am sure," she said. "heer mami?" tannu said interrupting the conversation. "ha beta," heer said. "prateek aur chahat abhi itne chote kyun hai?" she asked innocently. "beta woh jald baade hojayenge," heer said. "lekin dekhiye na'iska haath itna chota hai aur kabh se aise hi hai," vishaal said. Prem and heer both smiled hearing the kids. "jab aap itne se hojayenge toh prateek aur chahat bhi baade hojayenge," heer told him as they continued to explore little sleeping prateek. Reaching the juneja house, prem and heer together bought preet and ashlesha to the front door where the family members were waiting. Gayatri walked up to them and offered the puja ki thali to heer. "main chathi hoon keh yeh rasam tum karo," gayatri said to her. "lekin ma aap mujhse baadi hai'yeh rasam aapko karni chahiye," heer said. "Tumne iss shaadi mein ek behen bankar saari rasmein nibayi hai. Aabh main chathi hoon keh tum iss ghar ki baadi bahu bankar iss ghar ki dusri bahu ka swagat karo," gayatri said. "jee ma," heer said as she took the thali happily. As she did the aarti, both the sisters looked at each other realizing their new relationship. Till now they were sisters and friends but, now one more relationship was added to the list. After that, she welcomed the couple into the house. Ashlesha pushed the kalash then kept her feet in the kumkum water and walked into house as the new bahu of the juneja family. The family and the relatives settled in the living room as kulraj and heer were making preparations for the next rasam. "ek aur rasam? Aur kitni rasmein karni hai?" he whined. "preet'tujhe itni jaldi kyun hai. yeh sabh rasmein accha shagun hai," gayatri said slightly hitting him on the shoulder. "Ma'samja karo na. Aaj ki raat toh jaldi hogi na," kulraj said as preet and ash's cheeks turned red and they wanted to be anywhere else than there at the moment. Next, heer bought a thaali with milk and rose petals in it and placed it in front of preet and ash. "Ok toh main yeh ring iss thali mein dalongi. Joh bhi isse phele doond dega woh saari zindagi dusre peh hokum chalayega," kulraj said as she dropped the in. Both their hands reached the thali and started to search for the ring. Within seconds, she found the ring. But before she could pull her hands out, his hand caught hers. She looked up at him and he smirked, teasing her. She tried to pull out her wrist from his grasp, but he was too strong for her. He tried to get the ring from her but she wouldn't give it to him. Finally, he won. As he pulled the ring out, "mujhe paata tha keh preet hi jeetega," kiran said patting his back for the win. "Aise kaise? Isne cheating ki hai," ash said. "Accha? Kya kiya hai maine?" preet asked innocently. She was too embrassed to tell everyone what has happened. "kuch nahi'main hi haar gayi," ash said as everyone smiled at the new couple. She looked at him and he winked at her playfully.

After the rasams were over, heer took ashlesha upstairs to preet's room for the nuptial night. The room was decorated with floral hangings all around the walls and candles were lit everywhere. The bed was adorned with pink and white petals in heart shape. Heer made her sister sit on the bed and saw how nervous she was. "dar lagraha hai?" she asked. Ash looked up at her, "ha heer bahut. Itni nervous main pheli khabhi nahi thi'khabhi bhi nahi," she said honestly. "mujhe bhi aisa hi lagraha tha uss raat aur shayad har ladki koh lagtha hai. Lekin ash yeh saare palo koh samaal ke rakna yehi pal zindagi bar kehliye khoobsurat yaadein banke tere aur preet keh saath rahengi," heer said. "heer'kya tujhe lagtha hai keh main ek acchi bahu ban paungi itni saari responsibilities aur sabh samaal paungi?" ash asked. "ha ash bilkul'mujhe pura yakeen hai keh tu ek bahut hi acchi bahu banegi. Dhere dhere sabh seek jayegi," heer said. "Saach?" ash asked. "Ha. Dekh ash main tujhe yeh nahi baataungi keh tujhe kya karna chahiye ya kya nahi lekin ek baat yaad rakna keh tu akeli nahi hai, main hamesha tere saath rahongi. Aaj tu sirf ek patni nahi bani hai, tu ek bahu, ek bhabhi, ek dost, ek saathi'yeh saare rishte nibane padengi. Aaj se tu akeli nahi hai issliye kohi bhi faisla lene se phele sirf apne baare mein nahi sabh keh baare mein sooch na aur yeh saare rishton koh saath lekar chalna. But, aaj ki raat teri aur preet ki hai so yeh sabh sooch mat, kal se yeh sabh hota rahega aur tu dhere dhere seek jayegi," heer said and ash nodded smilingly. Hearing the family members coming, heer moved forward and gave her sister a hug, "best of luck!" she said as she drew ash's dupatta over her face and left. Reaching the door, heer saw kulraj and meher blocking preet's way and prem and Harman defending preet. "phele humara naig dijiye phir hi aap andar jasaktha hai," meher said. "preet bhai kuch nahi derahe hai aur hum unko andar ley jakar rahenge," Harman said and meher ignored him. She didn't even want him to be here but lalit insisted that he stayed with them as he had come for the wedding. However, she wasn't let anything affect her anymore. it was her brother's wedding and she had all the right to enjoy. "preet agar tujhe andar jaana hai toh naig dehna padega warna sooch le humare paas puri raat hai, hume kohi jaldi nahi hai," kulraj said. "kya? Lekin maine toh aap dono koh already naig diya na," preet said as everyone controlled their laughter. "itne se kya hoga bhaiya, no way!" meher said. "mera saach mein kohi nahi hai," preet said like a kid. "bahut dramatic hone ki kohi zaroorat nahi hai'le deh de," prem said as he handed preet two gift boxes. "thanks PB'aap toh best ho," preet said happily and gave the boxes to kulraj and meher. He pushed through and quickly ran inside and closed the door as everyone giggled. He turned around to see his bride waiting for him. He had been waiting for this moment every since. Tonight was theirs and only theirs. Tonight, they will become one as husband and wife and their love will have a whole new meaning.

As heer returned to the living room, she saw the family mebers sitting in the living room, tired. "Aap sabh bahut takgaye honge'main chai ya coffee banake lao?" she asked. "ha beta, ek cup chai miljaye toh jaan ajayegi," lalit replied. "ha heer mere liye ek cup coffee please," kiran said. "Theek hai'main aabhi laati hoon," heer said and left for the kitchen. "Doh dino mein kitna kuch hogaya Na'mere matlab hai hum yaha ashlesha ki shaadi kehliye aaye the aur aabh preet ki shaadi hogayi," kulraj said. "Isse hi shayad taqdeer kehte hai. Mujhe pura baroosa hai keh ashlesha preet kehliye bilkul sahi hogi," gayatri said. "Ha ma kya paata woh bhi ek dusre kehliye bane ho jaise humare PB aur heer bhabhi," meher said. "Yaha baat preet aur ashlesha ki horaha hai toh tu mujhe kyun beech mein larahi hai," prem said. "shayad issliye kyun ki tum aur heer yaha keh sabh se romantic couple hai," kulraj teased as prem blushed. "di'aap bhi na," prem said. "Toh Harman India mein kahi aur jaane ka plan hai ya sirf Punjab visit karahe ho?" kiran asked turning to haramn. "Actually jeeju abhi kehliye sirf Punjab hi hai shayad baad mein kahi aur jao," Harman said. "Punjab mein tumara kohi hai kya? I mean its nice keh tum shaadi kehliye aaye but to come all the way here," kiran wondered. "Well jeeju mom graduation kehliye mujhe kohi gift dehna chathi thi aur mujhe yaha India aana tha issliye. Aur jaha tak kohi hone ka sawaal hai toh bas yeh sooch lijiye keh main aaya akela hoon lekin kisiko lekar hi jaunga," Harman said looking at meher. She felt her body shiver from his stares. "main jaake dekthi hoon keh bhabhi koh kohi help chahiye," meher said as she left from there. Reaching the kitchen, meher saw heer pouring coffee and tea into cups. "bhabhi'main aapki kohi help kardo?" she asked. "nahi meher hogaya'chalo," heer said. "aap jayiye'mujhe kuch khaane ka maan hai main kuch khaane kehliye lekar aati hoon," meher said and heer left. She almost reached the living room with the tray when her head started to spin again. Blackness flashed in front of her eyes and the tray started to lose balance. Hearing the noise, everyone turned to see her. She tried to hold on but couldn't anymore. The tray fell from her hand and she was about to fall when prem got up and ran to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and caught her before she hit the ground. "heer'heer'aankhe kholo," he called out looking at her worried. "Achanak kya hogaya heer koh?" gayatri asked concerned. "aree gayatri lagtha hai keh tumari bahu phir se kohi khush kabri sona ne wali hai," one of the relatives said. Shock and worry filled their faces as the family members looked at prem and heer. Prem looked down at her. No'not again'he wasn't going to let her put her life at stake again'never! He thought as he held an uncouncious heer in his arms.

Hey guys

I know I havent updated in a long time but I am sorry I was sick and from the past two weeks, I have started having pain in my neck so I couldnt type. Some how I managed to type this part in bits and pieces and completed it. So I hope you guys like the update...cant wait to see your comments. I am going to the doctor tomorrow for the pain as I finally have time so I hope the pain goes away. Depending on that, I will try to update as soon as possible...Smile



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for the part!!!!

Harmaan came there... poor meher she wanted some time alone but now that harmaan came there..hope that harmaan become successs in his plan!!!
loved the family bonding..  heer, balraj and ash

Loved all the weding ceremonies & our premeer!!

Heer can be pregnant again!!! good news and bad new

for the pm!

Eagerly waiting for the next part!!!

Continue soon!!!

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hey AFreen!
gud 2 c u bck! missed u!
Get well Soon dear!Smile
D update was awsum...!!! Preet n Ash r married! Hope Harman n Meher's Problem is solved as soon as possible!
Luved Premeer scenes..!!
heer ko chakar??? kya hua??
i thnk due to ovr stress hua hoga..!!!
plz do update soon d nxt part! n thx for d pm dear!Embarrassed

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for the double post!!

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nice update
but heer behosh kyun ho gai?
i hope she is not pregnant againUnhappy
pls add me in ur PM list

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