Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan III:Last Chap Page 88 Aug6th (Page 39)

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like you seriously believe Shockedthat i finally back off from my laziness & kept my promise to read it like now now..ROFLu know?
well no more shocking buz m done with it. YESDancing
all of sudden everything changed in premeer's life...sad but i know they will get out of it soon buz hey its premeer na,ApproveCool

awesome update, Affy.Hug.can't wi8 to read what happens it soon so i cn reserve the spot well not reallyROFL this time/..hopefullyBig smile

and and and..I got some complains about heer..ll b telling ya soonLOL

omg...sammy did it Shocked lol I cant believe u actually finally read it hehe. anyways thank you so much for the sweet comments...complaints? ok...i will wait and see what they are...Big smile

yes i did itLOL
always welcomeHug
yes i have just told u about those complaints LOL
i better go and let u do ur updateLOL

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Chapter 70

         After breakfast the next morning, prem and heer told the family that chahat was sick and they have to leave to India without them. "lekin heer'tumari behen ki shaadi hai'tum nahi jaogi toh kaise chalega," gayatri said. "ma'main bhi jaana chathi hoon lekin doctor ne chahat koh desh se bahar jaane se maana kiya hai lekin jaise hi woh theek hojayegi hum aajayenge," heer said. "par heer'tum prateek aur chahat koh akeli kaise samalogi'main yaha ruk jaati hoon," kulraj said. "nahi di'iski kohi zaroorat nahi hai'main samalongi," heer said. "ha di aur waise bhi heer akeli kaha hai'main hoon na usske saath," prem said. "tujhe apne office se time mile tabh na," kulraj said. "ha beta'main tere saath ruk jaati ho," gayatril told them. "nahi ma'aap sabh jayiye. Waise bhi agar main shaadi koh nahi aasakhi toh at least aap log uske saath honge'mujhe accha lagega'please maana mat kijiye," heer told everyone. "theek hai beta'agar tumari yehi itcha hai toh hum sabh jayenge," lalit said as heer smiled as she looked at prem. They both wanted the family to be there when the truth about preet and ash's relationship came out. They didn't know what was going to happen but may be if the whole family was there'it will help preet to decide what was right for his future along with ashlesha. The next two days in the juneja mansion passed with the family packing for the trip and heer taking care of the kids. Even though meher didn't feel like going, she felt this was a nice way to go away from things and think about what has happened from the past few days. Finally, the day has come for the family to leave. "apna aur baccho ka khayal rakna'khaas kar chahat ka," gayatri said patting heer's cheek. "jee ma'aap sabh bhi khayal rakiye," heer said. As she hugged everyone and bid goodbyes, "aree yeh prem kaha rehgaya?" lalit asked. "woh tyaar horaha hai babuji'aata hi hoga," heer replied. "woh kyun aaraha hai? usse toh tumare saath yaha hona chahiye," kiran said. "nahi jeeju'main yaha theek rahongi'prem aap logo koh airport chodna chatha tha," heer said as prem walked in. As the family was leaving, heer walked up to preet, "all the best! Mujhe pura yakeen hai keh tum kamiyaab rahoge," she said with a smile. Later, the family left for the airport along with prem. After helping the family members to check in the luggage, prem took preet aside before they all went in. "mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai," he said. "jee PB," preet said. "preet'main nahi jaanta keh tumare aur ashlesha keh beech kya problem hai par main sirf yeh kehna chatha hoon keh apne pyaar koh jaane mat doh. Tum sooch bhi nahi sakthe utni takleef hoti hai, jaise kisine tumare dil koh aag laaga di ho. Uske saath joh bhi problem hai usse jitni jaldi hosakhe solve karlo'I just wish you good luck," prem said from personal experience. "I will try my best bro," preet said as the brothers hugged each other, bidding good bye. After the family left, she put the kids to sleep and came downstairs. She just couldn't get the thoughts about ashlesha and preet out of her head What was going to happen in India? Will ash listen to preet and the misunderstanding between them be cleared? How will both the families react? "paata nahi kya hoga'ashlesha ka gussa toh uske naak peh chaada rehta hai'bas ek baar woh shanti se sooch le warna teen teen zindagi barbaad hosakthi hai," heer thought. To help her mind calm down, she went to the mandir downstairs.

         Covering her head with the pallu, she walked in and stood in front of the idols with her hands folded in front. "maine hamesha aapse mere apno ki khushi maangi hai aur aaj bhi yehi maang ne aayi hoon. Aapne hamesha meri pratana suni hai aur mujhe umeed hai keh aap aaj ek baar phir meri duwa kabool karenge. Bina maange aapne mujhe sabh diya'ek pati joh mujhse khud se bhi zyaada pyaar karta hai, doh bacche joh humari zindagi hai aur ek parivaar joh mujhe khabhi bhi yeh ehsaas nahi karna dehta keh main bahu hoon; mujhe hamesha ek beti ki taara treat karte hai. Aaj main wahi pyaar aur parivaar meri ashlesha kehliye maang na chathi hoon. Main nahi jaanti keh preet aur ashlesha keh beech kya huwa hai lekin main bas yeh chathi hoon keh woh dono apni problems solve karle aur ek hojaye. Maine dekha hai keh ashlesha aur preet ek dusre keh saath kitne khush hosakthe hai'please unne ek kardijiye. Aapne mujhe yeh umeed di hai keh agar aap chahiye toh na mumkin bhi mumkin hosaktha hai. Jab maine saari umeed khodi thi toh aapne mujhe ek dusri zindagi dekhar yeh baataya keh aap ka haath mere sar peh hamesha hai. aaj main yeh maang ne aayi hoon keh aap woh haath ashlesha aur preet keh upar aashirwaad bana kar rakde. Ek aur baat'agar meher ka pyaar saacha hai toh usse uska pyaar dehdijiye. Maine nahi jaanti keh Harman keh dil mein uskehliye kya hai'lekin agar kahi bhi meher kehliye pyaar chupa hai toh usse yeh ehsaas dila dijiye keh woh meher se pyaar karta hai. Aur agar joh ehsaas meher keh dil mein hai woh pyaar nahi sirf umar ka ek mod hai toh usse himat dijiye keh woh usse bhula kar zindagi mein aage badjaye," heer said as she lit a diya in front of the murti and left. Deep inside, she felt better about the whole situation after she poured her heart out in the mandir. Right then, she heard the winds gusting outside and thunder and lighting. "lagtha hai mausam karaab horaha hai'yeh prem kaha rehgaya," she thought as she checked outside. Going around the house, she locked all the windows and doors to keep the rain from coming inside. Seeing that prem has still not come, she tried calling prem but the operator kept saying that the phone was out of reach. Later, she went into the kitchen to make dinner. As she was cooking, she kept worrying about prem. The weather was getting worse outside, seemed like they were getting a storm. After finishing, she arranged the food on the table and went back to the kitchen to get water. Getting the water from the fridge, she was near the counter pouring it in the jug when she felt someone behind her. "prem," she said turning around but no one was there. "mujhe aisa kyun laaga keh kohi tha'prem hi tha na," she thought as she moved forward.

          Suddenly, his arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back, close to him. She could feel his wet body against hers. "Tume mujhe darane keh aadat nahi gayi na," she said. "kya karoon? Tume surprise karne mein bahut maaza aata hai," he said nuzzling her cheek. She turned around to face him, "tum toh puri taara bheeg gaye aur aabh mujhe bhi bheega diya'aisa toh prateek aur chahat bhi na kare," she said as she ruffled his wet hair. "woh kaise karenge'woh toh aabhi bahut chote hai issliye main unke behalf mein karaha hoon," he teased her. "haha'very funny'chalo change karlo warna tum bhi beemar padjaoge," she said. "accha hoga na'tumare 100% attention mujhe bhi milega," he said pulling her closer and pecking her nose. "nahi'filal kehliye ek beemar baccha hi kaafi hai'ek aur nahi chahiye, chalo," she said as she dragged him upstairs. "shor mat karna'prateek aur chahat sohrahe hai," she told him. "itne storm mein bhi'wah'no wonder its raining this time of the year," he said. Hearing his words, she giggled, "prem'tum bhi na," she said as she gave him clothes to change. Heer too changed into a night gown as her sari was wet and checked on the kids to make sure they were still asleep. Minutes later, prem walked out dressed in a white kurta pajama. He saw her sitting on the bed waiting for him with a towel in her hand. She motioned him to come and sit. He walked up to her and sat in front of her on the floor and she started to dry his wet hair. "you know main apne baal khud bhi dry karsaktha hoon'not that I am complaining," he said. "karsakthe ho par karoge nahi'.mujhe acchi taara paata hai," she said as they both smiled. "ha'shayad yeh bhi theek hai," he said as he enjoyed her care. "tume paata hai'main pareshaan horahi thi jab tumne phone nahi hotaya aur mausam itna garaab horaha tha," she told as she dried his hair. "phone mein connection nahi aaraha tha'mausam bahut garaab hai. Baarish bhi tez hai aur hawa bhi," he told her. "ha maine dekha. Aabh jaldi chalo'maine khaana banaya tha par aabh toh woh thanda bhi hogaya hoga," she said as she finished. "kohi tension nahi hai'tumne banaya hai toh hum kuch bhi khalenge janemaan," he said acting filmy as they walked down the stairs. Heer chuckled, "tume kya hogaya hai," she said. "bas yeh khoobsurat raat aur yeh akela time mujhe romantic bana raha hai," he said as she blushing smiled. "accha," she said as they reached the table. Seeing his favorite parathas, "wow'aaj toh lagtha hai keh tum bhi bahut romantic mood mein ho," he said. "Itne din hogaye the mujhe khaana banane ka mauka hi nahi mila toh issliye maine banaya hai. You are just lucky that prateek aur chahat sohrahe the," she said as she served him. Later, she served herself and took a seat to eat. Before they could even eat a bite, the lights went out. "yeh light kaise chali gayi," she said as she stood up. "main jaake dekhta hoon," prem said. "nahi prem'mujhe yaha andhere mein chod keh mat jao'mujhe dar lagraha hai," she said. "paata hai'lekin main jaake check toh karo," he said. "nahi prem'tum mujhe bhi saath ley chalo," she told him. "theek hai chalo," prem said as he held her hand and took her with him and they went to the kitchen using the light from prem's phone. In the kitchen, they found candles and lit them and kept some in the living room. Then, prem took heer upstairs so they could check on the kids. Heer walked into the kids' room to see prateek awake and crying. She picked him up and started to console him. "tum yahi raho'main bas doh minute mein aata hoon," prem said and left to check what was wrong with the electricity. 

         Heer hated being in the dark alone ever since she was a kid. The kids were there but still she felt scared. She started to feel weird seeing the darkness around her. Her heart beat increased and she felt her palms sweat. "yeh prem kaha rehgaya'mujhe bahut dar lagraha hai," she said to herself as she held prateek in her arms. Just then, the lights came back on and heer felt a sigh of relief. At that moment, prem walked in, "tum theek hona?" he asked heer. "ha'main theek hoon," she said. "accha?" he said as he walked up to her. "toh tume itna pasina kyun aaraha hain," he said as he took his hand-kerchief and wiped her forehead. "tume paata haina keh mujhe andhere mein kitna dar lagtha toh tum  mera maazak kyun udarahe ho," she said getting mad at him. "Main kya karoon'tume taang karne mein mujhe bahut maaza aata hai," he said. "itne dino mein main yeh toh jaan hi chuki hoon," she said as they both chuckled. "isse mujhe deh do," prem said as he took prateek in his arms. "Tum inn dono koh dekh lo'main abhi aayi," she said as she left. Later, she came back with milk for the kids and saw that chahat was awake too. As she fed them, "prem tum jaake khalo khaana thanda hogaya hoga," heer said. "nahi heer'tum bhi chalo'hum saath kahenge," he said. "yeh dono udgaye toh aabh main kaha kha paungi'tum khalo'late horaha hai aur tume kal office bhi jaana haina," she said. "ha lekin'," prem said. "prem," she said with the look. "theek hai'par hum saath hi kahenge," he said and left. He went downstairs and warmed up their food and returned with both their plates. Heer placed prateek on the bed with his toys and he played with them while heer held chahat as she was crabby from the fever and medications. "heer'tumara khaana thanda horaha hai'bait keh khalo," prem said. "bas thodi dher prem. Tum dekh rahe hona keh yeh mujhe bait ne bhi nahi dekh rahi hai," heer said. Prem finished his dinner and took her plate. As she held chahat and walked from here to there in the room, prem wanted to feed her. "prem main khaana kha sakthi ho," heer said. "par kha toh nahi rahi ho na," prem said. He offered her the food and she ate it. The night passed as prem finished feeding her and played with prateek while heer told care of chahat. Few hours later, heer put the kids to sleep. At about 11 at night, the rain has stopped and the sky was clear again. They sat in each other's arms near the balcony door feeling the summer wind touch their skin. "kitne din hogaye na hum dono aise ek saath shanti se bait kar," prem said. "shanti? Chahat keh aane keh baad iss shabd ka matlab bhul gayi hoon main," heer said as they both laughed a bit. "ha aur prateek uske bilkul opposite," prem said. "dekha mera beta kitna shant hai aur tum hi toh the jaise beti chahiye thi," she said. "chahiye toh mujhe hi thi lekin woh tumari beti zyaada hai," he told her as he hugged her tighter, nuzzling the corner of her cheek. "zindagi kitni jaldi badal jaati haina'mujhe toh aisa lagtha hai keh hum kal hi mile the aur aaj humare bacche hogaye aur woh bhi doh doh," heer said to him. "ha'waqt hawa ki taara udjaata hai aur humara rishta bhi toh badal gaya hai," he said pecking her cheek.  "badal bhi gaya aur mazboot bhi hogaya hai. saach kehte hai log keh tum sabh se zyaada zindagi mein kisise pyaar karsakthe ho keh uss insaan kehliye apni jaan bhi dehde. Tume paata hai'main soocha karti thi keh meri zindagi mein aisa khabhi hogaya hi nahi...main toh apne baba aur sabh keh saath khush thi. Jab tumara rishta aaya tha mere liye toh main aur bhi dar gayi thi keh ek Canada ka ladka mujhe kaise samjega lekin main galat thi. Agar aaj main yaha hoon toh bhagwan ki marzi keh saath saath tumari mohabbat bhi hai," she said as tears filled her eyes. "heer'meri zindagi mein woh insaan tum ho jis kehliye main apni jaan bhi dehsaktha ho aur jab bhi main tumare aankhoo mein ansoo dekhta hoon toh mere dil mein bahut dard hota hai, issliye no tears," he said as he wiped her tears. She turned and threw herself into his arms and he held her caressing her hair. "main aabh sirf yeh saari khushiya apne paas rakna chathi hoon," heer said. "main tumse vaada kartha hoon keh main tumse yeh khushiya door jaane nahi dunga'yeh hamesha kehliye tumare saath rahenge," prem told her. Coming out of the hug, "mere saath nahi'humare saath," she said as she smiled. He smiled seeing the smile on her lips. Their eyes spoke the words from their heart that only they could understand. They were so close that they could hear each other's heart beats. He moved forward and placed a kiss on her forehead. Next, he pecked her eyes and then her nose. As his lips touched hers, she felt her body shiver. She wrapped her arms around his neck. At first he pressed slightly, but within minutes, they both deepened the kiss passionately. Grasping for air, they broke apart and she hid herself in his arms.

         Minutes later, he picked her up in his arms and she shyly wrapped her arms around his neck. Placing her on the bed, he lay next to her and stroked her hair with love as she smiled at him. This time, she grabbed his kurta and pulled him closer, pecking his lips. Understanding her intentions, he moved on top of her and kissed her, this time longer than before. Slowly, he opened her over coat of her night dress and she willingly let him onto her. He then removed his own kurta and she felt his bare body against hers.  She closed her eyes in bliss as she felt his touch. She had missed his touch for so long and he had missed making love to her, the one person he wanted to make love to. Since the pregnancy complications began, they have just been worried and nothing else. Even after the kids were born, heer had been so busy they never had time for themselves. Today that they have gotten the chance, they didn't want to lose it. That night, she let him explore her at levels as never before. They just wanted to spend the momet they had with each other forgetting everything and everyone else in the world. In the middle of the night, she opened her eyes when she heard holler from the other room. She slowly moved out of her husband's arms. Wearing her over coat that she found on the floor and tying her hair in a bun, she walked into the kids' room to see chahat crying. She took her daughter in her arms and checked her temperature. She got worried when it was higher than the previous evening. As advised by the doctor, heer gave her the medicinal syrup. The rest of the night passed with heer walking back and forth in the hallway outside their room with chahat in her arms. It was around five in the morning when chahat finally started to fall asleep. She went into the kids' room and took a seat on the couch with her daughter in her arms. The clock struck seven and the alarm went off. He opened his eyes and saw that his wife was gone. He was pretty sure where she would be. So he got up and checked the kids' room first. He smiled seeing the mother and daughter sleeping on the couch. They both looked so alike when they were asleep; he thought'The same beauty, the same innocence, and the same smile. "jaisi ma waisi beti," he said caressing chahat's cheek. He slowly took chahat from her arms and placed her in the crib. Then, he went back to their room and returned with a blanket. Feeling the warmth of her blanket, she opened her eyes to see her husband. "prem'tum? Chahat kaha hai?" she asked. "woh sohrahi hai'lagtha hai tum saari raat sohi nahi ho," he said. "woh chahat udagayi thi aur usse thoda bukaar bhi tha'waise time kya hai?" she asked as she sat up. "tum aaram karo'main office chaltha hoon," he said. "nahi prem'main theek hoon. Tum ready hojao aur main aabhi tumare liye breakfast ready karti hoon," she said as she yawned. "ha'woh toh dikhraha hai keh tum kitni theek ho. Heer'tum aaram karlo," he told her. "prem'main tumare liye breakfast bana do phir main aaram karlongi," she said. He knew there was no reason to argue with her as she wasn't going to listen. So, she made him breakfast and he left for office telling her to rest and to take care. Heer was about to rest but at that time, prateek woke up. The whole day heer didn't get a minute to sit. If prateek slept, then chahat woke up or vice versa. While the cook and helpers took care of the house, heer took care of the kids.

         Back in Ambala, two cars pulled into the sukhvilas ashram and saw balraj, ashlesha, and the kids waiting at the door. The juneja family stepped out and balraj welcomed them in. everyone congratulated ashlesha, but as soon as preet walked up to her, she ignored him and went inside. Seeing everyone but heer, prem, and the kids, "aree heer aur prem kaha rehgaye? Dusri gaadi mein aarahe hai kya?" balraj asked. "woh kya huwa bhai saab keh woh log aanahi paaye," lalit replied. "par kyun?" balraj said. "chahat koh viral fever aagaya hai issliye doctor ne usse bahar ley jaane se maana kiya hai bas issliye woh nahi aasake," gayatri explained. "chahat theek toh haina? Aur woh log shaadi tak toh aajayenge na?" balraj asked again. "paata nahi'agar chahat ki tabeyat theek hojaye toh heer keh kaha hai keh woh zaroor aayegi," gayatri said. "yehi baat hai ya heer mujhse itni naraaz hai keh woh meri shaadi tak mein nahi aana chathi," ash thought. "phir preet kyun aaya hai'usse dekhar toh aisa lagtha hai keh woh bahut dukhi hai lekin main usse maaf nahi karungi. Aaj agar heer meri shaadi mein nahi aayi hai toh uska zimedaari preet hi toh hai," she thought as she looked at preet. As he looked up and their eyes met, she gazed away and made an excuse and went to the kitchen.  Seeing everyone busy talking, he saw a chance to talk to her and followed her to the kitchen. He saw her telling others to take snacks outside. He waited until everyone left and walked in. She pretended not to see him and continued making the tea. "mujhse tumse baat karni hai," he said. "dekho preet'please scene mat create karo'mujhe bahut kaam hai," she said as she poured the tea in the cups. "scene main create karaho ya tum? mujhe ek baar baat karne ka mauka toh doh," he said. "tume main kitni baar samjao keh mujhse tumse kohi baat nahi karni hai. preet meri shaadi koh daz din bhi nahi rahe hai so please can you stay away from me," she said as she tried to leave. Preet held her wrist and pulled her back. "preet'chodo mujhe," she said trying to get out of his grib. "Dekho ash'main yaha humare saath joh bhi misunderstanding hai usse clear karne aaya hoon. Main tumse pheli bhi bahut baar maafi maang chukka hoon please ash I am sorry, mujhse galati huwi thi but uski ek waja bhi hai," he said. "accha kya waja hai preet joh main pheli bhi nahi jaanti thi?" she asked removing herself from his grib. "maine yeh sabh sirf bhabhi koh khush rakne kehliye kiya tha. Main nahi chatha tha keh unki pregnancy ki problem sunkar sabh pareshaan hojaye aur bhabhi bhi yehi chathi thi," preet explained. She looked at him in shock, "tum kehrahe ho keh tumne yeh sabh heer keh kehna se kiya tha?" she asked. "ha ash'bhabhi hi nahi chathi thi keh yeh baat sabh koh paata chale, mujhe bhi galati se paata chalgaya tha," he said. "aur tum chathe hoon keh main yeh maan lo?" she asked. "matlab?" he said. "tum chathe ho keh main yeh maan lo keh heer apni khud ki zindagi ki halat keh baare mein mujhe nahi baatayegi'main uski behen hoon preet," ash said. "main jaanta hoon ash lekin bhabhi kisiko koh pareshaan nahi karna chathi thi. Woh chathi thi keh sabh khush rahe," preet said. "I am sorry preet'main iss baat par tumse baroosa nahi karsakthi thi," she said as she tried to leave. "kya tume iss baat peh bhi baroosa nahi hai keh main tumse pyaar karta hoon?" he asked. Hearing his words, she felt her feet stop. She wanted to leave'desired to get away but her heart wouldn't let her. It was easy when he wasn't in front of her but when she had his eyes piercing through her body, she couldn't just ignore him or hang up on him like on the phone. Before she could answer, "ashlesha'," balraj called out. "aayi baba," she said as she looked at him. "Preet'main tum par'," she stopped when she saw someone walk in through the kitchen door. "Rajveer," she said as she saw the tall, handsome gentle man. He smiled, "sorry'main tume disturb toh nahi karaha hoon?" rajveer asked. "nahi nahi'hum bas baat karahe the," ashlesha said as she looked at preet. "Rajveer'yeh preet hai, heer ka devar aur mera dost aur preet yeh rajveer hai," ashlesha introduced them to each other. "Her fianc," rajveer said. Preet faked a smile and shook hands with rajveer. "Ashlesha chale'ma babuji bahar intezaar karahe hai," rajveer said and he took ashlesha with him as preet stood there watching.

         It was around six in the evening when the house phone rang. She quickly ran towards it and picked it up since she didn't want to wake up the kids. "hello," she said. "hi heer di," he said. "Harman tum? hi kaise ho?" heer asked.  "main theek ho. Aap kaise hai?" Harman said. "main bhi theek ho. Batao kaise phone kiya?" heer said. "Woh di main doh din se meher koh phone karaha hoon lekin uska phone laghi nahi raha hai issliye maine ghar par phone kiya hai. Can I please talk to her once?" Harman said. "Harman lagtha hai keh usne tume baataya nahi lekin meher aur ghar keh baaki sabh log India gaye hai," heer said. "kya? Who India chali gayi?" Harman said sadly. "ha woh ashlesha ki shaadi hai issliye. I am sorry Harman," heer said. "nahi bhabhi aap kyun sorry bolrahi hai'thanks. Main raktha hoon," Harman said and the conversation ended. "Paata nahi yeh dono keh beech kya horaha hai. shayad ek dusre se door rehakar yeh dono keh beech sohla hojaye," she thought. "Thinking about sohla, aabh tak toh sabh ghar bhi pauch gaye honge'paata nahi kisika phone nahi aaya," she said to herself. Just then, she felt blackness in front of her eyes and a dizzy feeling. She held onto the table from the fearing of falling to the floor. Composing herself, she walked to the couch and took a seat. "yeh achanak mujhe chakar kyun aaraha hai aur sar bhi dard karaha hai," she said to herself. She drank a glass of water, but that didn't help much. An hour or so later, he walked into the front door to see her resting on the couch. He smiled and walked in. Hearing his footsteps, she sat up, "tum aagaye'tum fresh hojao'main tumare liye chai laati ho," she said. "heer'tum theek toh hona? You look so tired," he asked worried. "Tired toh main hoon. Subhe se ek minute bhi bait nahi paayi'agar chahat sohti hai toh prateek udjata hai aur agar prateek sohta hai toh chahat jaag jaati hai bas issliye," heer said. "tum aaram karo'main change karke aata hoon," he said and heer nodded. Minutes later, prem returned with a tray with two cups. "yeh kya hai?" she asked. "tumare liye coffee'yeh pilo'tum thoda better feel karogi," he said as he gave her the coffee. Later, they both drank coffee together and relaxed. A while later, as they sat eating dinner, "aree main baata na bhul gaya'ma ne phone kiya tha keh woh sabh theek se paugh gaye hai," prem told her. "yeh toh bahut acchi baat hai. mujhe baba koh phone karna tha aur baata na keh hum kyun nahi aapaye lekin time hi nahi mila," heer said. "I am sure ma babuji ne unko sabh baata diya hoga'par hume shaadi keh phele toh pauchna hi hoga na'I mean baba koh bura lagega aur hume preet aur ashlesha ki problem bhi toh solve karna hai," prem said. "ha'waise tumne preet se baat ki'usne kuch kaha?" heer asked him. "preet se baat toh ki lekin sabh the waha toh usne kuch kaha nahi," prem said. "I just hope keh ash preet koh maaf karde aur sabh theek hojaye," she worried. "don't worry'sabh theek hojayega'tum thodi dher jaake aaram karlo, prateek aur chahat sohrahe hai na warna tume time nahi milega," he said. "nahi prem'main theek hoon," she said. "Agar tum aisa hi karti rahi na toh tumari tabeyat karaab hojayegi'chalo," he said as he pulled her from the chair and sent her to their room to rest until the kids woke up.

         He so wanted to kill someone if they weren't his family members. It's not even been a full 24 hours since they have reached India and all he heard was how good rajveer was. From the time the family had met rajveer the previous evening, all they talked about was "rajveer yeh hai woh hai'woh kitna accha hai'kya sanskaar hai and blah blah and blah," he thought. He walked into the room and saw himself in the mirror. "joh bhi ho preet you are better than him'don't worry. Waise dikhta theek thak hi hai. Main uske baare mein kyun sooch raha hoon'preet concentrate. Tum yaha ash koh maana ne aaye ho na hi uss rajveer peh concentrate karne," he said looking at himself in the mirror. "par main ash koh kaise maanao'woh toh meri baat sunhi nahi rahi hai. kash bhabhi yaha hoti toh mujhe zaroor help karti'warna unki behen toh pagal hai," he said. Just then, someone called him down for breakfast and he left. A week or so passed as heer took care of chahat and she recovered from the fever. Prem and heer took chahat to the doctor and she gave them permission to leave to India. Prem booked tickets for the next day itself. In Ambala, preet tried to explain that what he was saying was true but ash didn't want to listen to him. She couldn't believe that heer would hide something so big from her'she just couldn't. It was four days before the wedding and preet was running out of time. It was like water dripping through his hands'no matter how much you tried to keep it in your hands, it slips away. It was at night and ash was walking back to her room after checking that all the kids had gone to bed. Someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her in the store room. Before she could scream, she saw his eyes, "preet tum?" she asked. "ha ashlesha'mujhe tumse baat karni hai," preet said. "itni raat koh? kya kehna hai?" she asked. "kya tume nahi paata keh main kya kehna chatha hoon? Tum mujhe ignore kyun karahi ho ash?" he said. "Ignore? Aisa kuch nahi hai preet," she said unable to meet his eyes. "ash yeh tum bhi jaanti ho keh jab maine tume saachiye baatayi hai tum mujhe ignore karahi ho. Kyun ash? Kya tum humara pyaar koh ek mauka bhi nahi dena chathi. Kya main itna bura hoon keh tum mujhe maaf bhi nahi karsakthi?" he asked as his eyes filled with tears. "preet please'don't make it harder than it is. Aabh kuch nahi hosaktha," she told him. "kyun? Kyun ash?" he asked with questioning eyes. "kyun? Preet meri sagayi ho chuki hai'rajveer mujhse pyaar karne laaga hai," she told him. "aur tum? kya tumse kisi aur se pyaar karsakogi ash? Bolo?" he said. "preet mujhe chodo please'jaana hai," she said to him. "nahi'aaj main tume mujhe yeh baataye bina jaane nahi dunga'mujhe mere saawal ka jawaab chahiye," he told her as he had his hands wrapped around her firmly and pulled her closer. "tum nahi samajte preet'yeh itna asaan nahi hai. sabh se meri itni saari expectations hai'I mean keh yeh sabh mere gusse aur bewakoofi ki wajase huwa hai issmein baaki sabh ki kya galati hai. rajveer aur uski family expect karte hai keh main ek acchi bahu bano joh har family shayad unki hone wali bahu se karte hai aur baba bahut khush hai  keh mujhe ek accha jeevan saathe milgaya hai. Aur main kaise inn sabh koh hurt karke apni khushiya baana lo," ashlesha honestly confessed. "aur meri khushi ka kya? Kya woh tumare liye kohi meine nahi rakta?" he asked. "main majboor hoon preet'I am sorry," she said as she started to leave. "theek hai ash'par tumne aabhi bhi mere saawal ka jaawab nahi diya hai," he said. "main uska jaawab nahi dehsakthi preet kyun ki maine mere dil koh samja liya hai lekin main ek baat kehna chathi hoon keh joh waqt maine tumare saath bitaya hai usse main zindagi mein kitna bhi aage badjao, bhul nahi paungi," she said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Finshing, she ran out the door and he stood there watching the way she has gone, "bina bole tumne mujhe mera jaawab dehdiya'main tume itni asaani se jaane nahi dunga. Chahe joh bhi hojaye main tume apna banake rahonga," he said to himself as he too left from there.

         That night, she sat in her dark room as tears rolled down her cheeks. There were not even four days left for the wedding. How could she go up to balraj and tell him that she didn't want this marriage and what would be her reason? That she had misunderstood preet and did all this because she was mad at him? She didn't know what she wanted to do. If preet was right all along, she didn't want to punish him; however, at the same time, she didn't want her baba to be embrassed in front of everyone. She knew that ambala was a small town and words spread like fire here. If a girl's marriage broke just days before it was fixed, the blame always came on the parents. And, she never ever wants her baba to suffer for the fuss she had created. Three days before the wedding, prem and heer arrived in ambala with the kids. As they stepped out of the car, they saw the family members at the door and ashlesha stood with the puja ki thali. As they walked up to the door, ashlesha did aarti welcoming chahat and prateek in their home for the first time. Next, prem and heer along with the kids took ashirwaad from balraj. "tujhe dekhar jaan mein jaan aagayi...mujhe toh itni chinta horahi thi," balraj said as he caressed heer's cheek. "baba...aabh please purani baatein bhul jayiye...aabh toh sabh theek hogaya haina," heer said as she engulfed him in a hug. "ha...bhagwan ki kripa hai...tum log andar aaona," balraj said and they all went in. As the family took a seat in the living room, "heer...isse mujhe dehna," balraj said as he took chahat in his arms and ashlesha took prateek from prem. Within minutes, chahat started to cry. "aree yeh toh rohrahi hai...shayad neend aagayi hai," balraj said. "nahi baba...yeh hamesha aisi hi hai...kissi keh paas zyaada waqt rehti hi nahi hai...sirf mere paas aur ma keh paas," heer said as she took chahat back in her arms. "Tum log jao fresh hojao...khaana lagne hi wala hai," gayatri said and prem and heer left to go upstairs. After they ate dinner, heer pulled preet aside escaping from the eyes of the family. "preet...kya huwa? ashlesha se baat ki kya?" heer asked. "ha bhabhi par mujhe nahi lagtha keh aabh kuch hosaktha hai," he said. "Matlab? Kyun?" heer asked. "Kyun ki ashlesha yeh shaadi karna chathi hai'sabh keh khushi kehliye," preet told her. "preet'kya woh pagal hai ya tum?" she asked. "nahi bhabhi'aisa kuch nahi hai. woh rajveer aur uski family ya baba koh kohi dukh nahi pauchana nahi chathi issliye usne mujhe khud bola hai keh main usse bhul jao," preet said as heer looked at him shocked. "aisa thodi na hota hai preet. Saacha pyaar itni asaan se bhula nahi jaata," she said as he just stood there not having any words. "tum mujhe batao keh tumare aur ash keh beech kya huwa hai...please," heer said in a pleading way. "please bhabhi...aap mujhse aisa mat baat kijiye aur please yeh bhi mat poochiye keh kya huwa hai," he told her sincerely. "preet...tum abhi bhi mujhse chupna chathe ho...shaadi koh teen din bachgaye hai aur tum," heer said as tears filled her eyes. "bhabhi please...aap aisa. Mujhe already bahut guilty feel horaha hai keh main apni problem mein aapko bhi pareshaan kardiya," preet told her. "bas...bahut hogayi tum dono ki maan maani...preet tume meri kasam hai mujhe saach saach batao keh tumare aur ashlesha keh beech kya huwa hai...sabh kuch!" heer said as she took his hand and kept it on her head. "bhabhi...aap yeh kya karahi hai," he said as he quickly moved his hand. "aabh toh tume baatana hi hoga...tumne meri kasam khahi hai," heer said. Preet stood there looking at her having no choice. "theek hai bhabhi...main aapko sabh baata tha hoon," preet said and he started to tell her everything from the beginning. The fight in the hospital...her leaving to India to get away from him...him trying to talk to her from the past three months but how she kept ignoring him every time. "Aur aabh maine usse kaha keh aap sabh jaanti thi aur aap khud yeh chathi thi keh main kisiko kuch na batao toh usse lagtha hai keh main jhoot bolraha hoon...usse lagtha hai keh aap usse kuch chupa nahi sakthi," he told her. Heer didnt know what to say. She felt guilt punch through her heart. All this was her fault. All this was happening because of her. She had come in between her own sister and her love. "Toh yeh sabh meri wajase huwa hai...meri wajase," she said. "bhabhi...please aisa mat kahiye. Aap ki issmein kohi galati nahi hai. aap please guilty mat feel kijiye," preet said as his worst fear came true. All this time he was hiding this from her so she wouldnt blame herself for all that was happening, but today he couldnt do anything. She just stood there with tears rolling down her cheeks. Preet knew who can comfort her so he left from there and went downstairs.

         Seeing prem sitting with the family members in the living room, he walked up to his brother, "bhaiya ek minute aap mere saath chaliye na," he whispered to prem. Prem excused himself, "kya huwa?" he asked as he moved away from the family. "PB woh bhabhi'aap please mere saath chaliye," preet said concerned. "heer? Sabh theek toh haina?" prem asked worried as they walked up the stairs. "bhai woh bhabhi roh rahi hai'," preet said as prem looked at him shocked. Right then, they reached the room and prem saw her standing there. "preet tum jao'main dekhta hoon," prem said. Preet looked at him worried for heer and prem told him that he will handle everything and preet left. She was responsible for everything! These words kept ringing in her ears. For so many months, preet and ash had suffered and it was because of her. Suddenly, she felt his hand on her shoulder and turned to face him. "Heer'tum theek toh ho na? kya huwa?" he asked. She didn't want to say anything'she just wanted to feel better so she threw herself in his arms and started to cry. He wrapped his arms around her and she felt the pain in her heart reduce. He kept asking her what was wrong but she just held onto him for support as tears kept coming out of her eyes. Few minutes passed as they stood in each other's arms. "heer'tum please shant hojao aur kya huwa hai? tum mujhe batao," he said bringing her out of the hug. "sabh meri galati hai prem'sabh kuch meri wajase huwa hai," heer told him. "matlab? Tumari wajase se kya huwa hai?" he asked confused. "tume paata hai keh ash aur preet itne dino se ek dusre se kyun baat nahi karahe the?" she asked. "kyun? Kya huwa tha?" he said. "prem woh'," she started and told hm everything as he listened. "sabh meri galati hai prem'main kya karoon mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aaraha hai," she said sadly. "heer..tum aisa mat kaho'tumari kohi galati nahi hai," he said wiping her tears but she kept sobbing. "heer'please roh mat..meri baat suno," he said as she looked at him. He held her face in his arms, looking in her eyes, "meri baat suno aur dihaan se suno'tumari wajase se yeh kuch nahi huwa hai," he said to her. "lekin prem woh'," she said. "heer'tum shayad unke bheej huwi misunderstanding ki waja ho lekin joh bhi huwa unke wajase hi huwa hai aur preet aur ashlesha uskehliye khud zimedaar hai," prem told her as she looked at him confused, "matlab?" she asked. "matlab keh unke beech pyaar toh hai lekin baroosa nahi. Ash koh preet keh upar baroosa nahi hai keh woh tumare baare mein accha hi sooch raha tha na hi preet ne usse khabhi bhi haq se puri baat baatane ki khosish ki. Agar pyaar hai toh takraar hai aur agar takrar hai toh usse theek karne ka haq bhi hai," prem said. "phir bhi prem'mujhe yeh sabh theek karna padega'kuch bhi karke," she said worried. "tume nahi'hume. Hum dono milkar sabh theek karenge," he said as he put his hand forward. She smiled placing her palm on top of his, promising him that she will support him in whatever he was going to do. They both cared about their little siblings and will do anything to make them happy. However, the truth was that they didn't know for sure what had to be done to make things better, but they had to find a way and they will.


What are prem and heer going to do for their siblings? Will ash and preet become one? Will ash be courageous enough to accept her love for preet or will she go ahead with the marriage for the sake of her loved ones? All this and more coming up'keep reading to find out!

Hey guys

So sorry for keep you all waiting but my mood has been really off from the past few weeks because I lost a close friend and my aunt so thats why I didnt feel like waiting. I will try to update soon from next time...I promise. Thank you for all your sweet comments...hope you guys like this update as things are moving along. Smile





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resrved Embarrassed
thanks affyHug

awesome update..that was phomantic and full of premeer..loved itEmbarrassed
waiting for the next update..take ur tymLOL

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awesomeee too good very nice part waitinggg for next asap.

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awsum update..!!
luved it..!!
prem n heer scenes wer dam romantic...finally both got sum time to spend wid each othr!
Y cnt ash undrstd??? Heer blamin herself??? aw! hope premeer makes evvrythin normal..!
Wht happens to harman n meher story..!! i guess the distance wil ake harman undrstd his luv for her..!!
n dan finally evrythin wil b WELL :-))))))))))

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nice update
i loved it
thank god atlast u updated
thanks fr updating
hope u r keeping well..
update next part asap..
thnks fr the pm..

lots of love

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loved premeer romance...

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Smileamazinginggg update afreennnSmile!!!

loved each n every bit of it esp the premmer romance after soo longEmbarrassed!! hope u give more scenes lyke thtWink!!!  prem n heer willl do sumthing for preet n ash n thn there will be  complete happy family Smile!!! 

the prem n heer romance was strawberry on the cakeSmile!!!
thank u n hope to see the next update soon...take careBig smile!!!

P.S: feel bad to hear abt ur frnd n aunt :(!! may their soul rest in peace Ameen !!

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Author: asyasahil928   Replies: 1194   Views: 94476

asyasahil928 1194 94476 29 June 2011 at 10:57pm by Ms.Raizada
My last hope and last attempt!

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Author: nandini27   Replies: 44   Views: 5431

nandini27 44 5431 06 January 2010 at 5:44am by -Goth-
Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan: Chap 36-Page 144 (11/05)

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Author: asyasahil928   Replies: 1208   Views: 143980

asyasahil928 1208 143980 03 January 2010 at 1:32pm by anishajk99
(FF)~*Pyaar Ki Dastaan*~ Pt. 11 Pg. 42 (May 19)

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Author: indiandoll89   Replies: 338   Views: 20811

indiandoll89 338 20811 26 May 2009 at 11:07pm by indiandoll89
Psychic connections: Pyar ki Dastaan; Chp 3, Page4

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Author: -funnfrolic-   Replies: 27   Views: 3738

-funnfrolic- 27 3738 05 April 2009 at 10:02am by sweta2005

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