Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan III:Last Chap Page 88 Aug6th

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Hey guys
Back with a new thread again. Wink I would have never imagined that I will open a 3rd thread for this ff considering the fact that I never update LOL but thanks to all my readers that have been with me through everything. I just want to thank you guys for all your support and understanding whenever I was busy with college.
Embarrassed thank you so much HugHugHug

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        reservd LOL
        but do add me in pm list..hopefully i will read and not drool on harshad or text uROFL

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        Chapter 63

                        It was late after dinner and the juneja family was getting ready to hit the bed. She walked out of the bathroom dressed in a light blue night dress. Seeing him still working, "prem'bahut raat hogayi hai'aabh soh bhi jao," she said. "bas das minute aur heer'almost hogaya," prem said. "tumara kaam khabhi khatham nahi hota. Tum office se toh jaldi aajate ho par tumare office keh kaam khabhi khatham nahi hote," she complained as she walked up to the dresser. As she stood there brushing her hair, she saw him staring at her through the mirror. "kya huwa? Aise kyun dekh rahe ho?" she asked. He placed the laptop on the table and walked up to her. When he just stood there not saying anything, "prem'kya huwa? Kuch bolo na," she said. "main tume thanks kehna chatha tha," he replied. "thanks? Kis liye?" she asked him confused. "meri zindagi mein aane kehliye," he told her. She smiled hearing him, "prem'tum yeh acchanak'.," she said when he placed his palm on her lips quieting her. "please heer'mujhe aaj joh kehna hai mujhe kehne doh," he said. He moved closer and took her hands in his, "thanks heer'meri zindagi mein aane kehliye'mujhe yeh ehsaas dilane kehliye keh pyaar kya hota hai'mujhe yeh sikane kehliye keh hum kisise itna pyaar karsakthe hai keh unke kehliye aapni jaan bhi deh sakthe hai'meri zindagi koh roshni se barne kehliye'.mere parivaar koh aapna maan kar unne itna pyaar dene kehliye'thanks for everything," he said as tears rolled down her cheeks. "heer'please rohna mat'main yeh sabh tume dukh pauchane kehliye nahi kehraha tha," he said wiping her tears. "nahi prem'yeh toh khushi keh aansoo hai'yeh jaan kar keh tum'," she said. "shhh!" he said placing her hands on her lips. "kuch mat kaho'kuch bhi nahi'tham lo iss pal koh'tham lo ek dusre keh saath koh'ehsaas karo iss pyaar ko," he told her. "humari zindagi mein itna pyaar hai phir kyun itna dard hai prem'kyun itne paricha dene padrahe hume?" she asked. "yeh hi toh zindagi haina heer. Shayad bhagwan bhi yeh dekhna chatha hai keh jab zindagi mein aisa mod aaye jab hume aise doh insaano mein se chunna pade jisse hum bahut pyaar karte ho toh hum kya karte hai," he said. "kohi kya karsakthe hai prem? Ek taraf aapna pyaar ho aur ek taraaf ussi pyaar ki ek nishaani ho toh kohi kya karsaktha hai. Kisiko kya karna chahiye?" she questioned to no one in particular. "shayad usse kismat keh upar iska faisla chodeh na chahiye'jaise humne choda hai," he said. "aur agar kismat ka faisla sahi nahi huwa toh?" she asked looking away from his eyes scared to face him. He cupped her face in his hands and made her look at him, "toh humara pyaar faisla karega keh kya hona chahiye humare aane wale kal keh saath aur mujhe pura yakeen hai keh woh faisla khabhi galat nahi hosaktha," he told her and she threw herself in his arms. He wrapped his hands around her making her feel safe and peaceful. She could only pray that he was right and what their love has decided for them would be right, for them and their children.

                    Two months passed in a blink of an eye, especially when prem wanted to hold every passing second in a closed fist of his hand. As time passed, heer's health worsened. As the babies were growing, heer was experiencing more and more weakness. She was on complete bed rest as she couldn't even walk for a short distance anymore and even if she did try, she couldn't breathe and she had shortness of breath. She was growing more and more paler as blood flow through the body was getting harder and her nails were blue since blood wasn't reaching them. Everyone in the family was worried about heer and prem just told them that the symptoms were because of heer's weakness. Heer also was getting very concerned about the babies as her heath worsened, but prem was there to support her, always! He tried to be home as much as possible. He only went to the office when he was needed and stayed at home to do the rest of the work. He always went with her to her doctor appointments, which was every weak now to check that everything was fine with the babies and heer. Also as heer's health was deteriorating, her cravings were increasing. A night didn't pass by when she woke prem up for sweets, ice cream or something sour. But, prem was always there for her and he did everything to keep her happy especially when he knew how much heer hated sitting at home not being able to do anything. On the other hand, ash and preet were getting close as each day their love increased for each other. Ash was impatient and wanted to tell everyone, but preet had told her that he wanted to wait until heer had her children and that they would tell everyone their happiness along with prem and heer's. However, the truth was that preet couldn't think of being happy when his PB and heer bhabhi were going through such a tough time. Meher and Harman were becoming better friends as time passed. Even though, meher thought that Harman had feelings for her of more than a friend, but she was scared to tell him. One, she was scared that he would break off their friendship, but she was also scared that he would reject her.

                    It was late and she sat on her bed wide awake even after being told by her mother-in-law that she should rest. He was always home by 5 or 6 but it was almost 11 and he still wasn't here. He had called to let her know that he will be late and that she shall go to bed, but she couldn't fall asleep without him. He knew he was late, but the work had to be done today. He parked his car and walked into the house. He didn't want to wake up his lovely wife who he assumed to be sleeping. He walked in to see her standing near the window dressed in a green night dress lost in thoughts. He slowly walked in and walked up to her. She came out of her thoughts as she felt his arms around her waist, "prem," she said feeling his touch. "kya huwa?" he asked. "kuch nahi," she replied. "heer'tum jhoot nahi bol sakthi'mujhse toh bilkul bhi nahi," he told her placing his cheek on her shoulder. "bahut bura lagraha hai prem'aisa lagtha hai keh sabh mere liye aapni zindagi koh jeena bhulgaye hai. Meri wajase se ghar keh log kahi nahi jaate meri wajase hum ghar mein kohi celebration nahi karte'meri wajase preet aur ashlesha ka rishta aage nahi badraha hai," she said with guilt evident in her voice. He turned her around to face him, "heer'.yeh ghar keh har insaan ki zindagi kahi na kahi tumse johdi hai'aur tumare bina main aur humara parivaar adhura hai," prem told her. Heer wasn't satisfied'she felt that she was responsible for everyone's trouble. Seeing her still lost in thoughts, "ok'chalo mere saath," he said. "kaha?" she asked. "kuch mat pooch'main tume kahi leyjana chatha hoon," he said to her. "par prem'itni raat gaye? Aur I am in my night dress," she said. "who cares'chalo," prem said as he picked her in his arms. She smiled as she looked at him. No matter what, he can make her forget all her worries and bring a smile on her face. He saw her looking at him, "aisa kya dekh rahi ho? Tume chalna maana hai so I am your transportation at your service," he said as she giggled. He carried her up to the car and placed her in the passenger seat, and then took his driver's seat. "prem'hum kya jaaraha hai?" she asked. "tume na thoda bhi patience nahi hai'hum jab bhi bahar jaate hai'tume jaana hota hai," he said teasing her. "mujhe patience hai'I will be quiet," she said as she sat back to wait. Minutes later, prem pulled the car into a parking lot and heer was surprised seeing where they were. Heer put the window down and beamed with happiness as she felt the fresh air touch her skin and bought along the smell of sea sand. She turned around to prem with a huge smile. He smiled back happy to see her smile again'a true one. "tum room mein bait kar bore horahi thi na issliye main tume yaha ley aaya'main abhi aaya," he said. Prem got out and went to get something from the trunk. He pulled out two chairs from the back and placed it on the ground close to the car. He helped her out carefully and made her sit on a chair. "yaha aakar bahut accha lagraha hai. Yeh aawa'yeh rim jim paani ki awaaz'taroi keh neeche'aisa kuch karke kitne din hogaye," she said. "heer'bhul jao sabh kuch'saare tensions'saari problems'sabh kuch. Iss pal koh jeelo," he said as he held her hand. "prem'tum," she said when he interrupted, "heer'maine kaha na'hum kuch nahi bolenge'enjoy this moment kyun ki main tume phir ghar se bahaar nahi laane wala at least until tumari delivery nahi hojati," prem told her as she smiled. They sat together holding hands under the moon light in silence in which they could hear each other's heart beat. The silence was over taken by the music of their love. Prem and heer left so peaceful being there at the beach after all that has happened. They hardly had time to spend with each other'with all the tensions'they only worried about each other when they were with each other. But, today, they were together and they were not remembering any of their problems'they have left them all behind only to be happy in each other's arms under the starry moonlight.

                    Hours passed and prem heer returned home late at night and went to bed. Prem woke up the next morning and left for office while heer slept in till late morning. She opened her eyes hearing the sound of her phone ringing. She sat up and answered the phone. "hello," she said. "heer'," the person said on the other end. "baba'!" heer exclaimed. "kaisi ho beta?" he asked. "main theek ho'aap sabh kaise hai?," heer asked. "sabh theek hai'tumari aur ashlesha ki bahut yaad aati hai," balraj said. "Mujhe bhi aap sabh ki bahut yaad aati hai'par aabh kuch hi din toh hai aur phir ashlesha wapas aajayegi aapki madad karne," heer said. "ashlesha kahi nahi jaarahi hai," someone said at the door and heer turned to see ash. "kya?" heer said. "ha'main tabh tak nahi jaarahi ho jab tak tumari delivery nahi hojati'maine aapna visa extend kara liya hai," ash told heer. "par ash'baba koh tumari zaroorat hai," heer said. "nahi heer'ash bilkul sahi kehrahi hai. Main toh waha tumare saath nahi rehsaktha par woh toh rehsakthi hai," balraj said to heer. "lekin baba'.," heer said when he intervened, "heer'maine aur ash milkar yeh faisla liya hai'maine hi ash se kaha tha," balraj said. "kya? Aap dono ne?" heer asked as ash smiled at her. "ek baat yaad rakhiye baba'aap mere saath hona na ho'aap ki yaad mujhe hamesha aati hai," heer said. "aapna khayal rakna," he said. "jee baba," she said as ash took the phone. "ha baba'aap bilkul tension free hojaye'main aapse tab hi milongi jab main maasi aur aap double time nana banjaoge," ash said as balraj and heer both laughed. "aapna aur heer ka khayal rakna aur zyaada shararat nahi karna," balraj said. "jee baba," ash said. "main rakta hoon," balraj said and the conversation ended. "ash'tuhje baba keh paas waapas chale jaana chahiye'unne madad ki zaroorat hai'main yaha theek ho," heer said. "heer'tu chinta mat kar'maine maasi koh phone kardiya hai woh kuch dino kehliye humare ghar aarahi hai," ashlesha said. "phir bhi ash'yaha toh sabh haina," heer tred to reason as she thought that balraj needed ash's help more than she. "heer'aabh iss topic peh bahut discussion hogaya'main tumare saath rehrahi ho'bas," ash said. "kya yeh visa meriliye ya kissi aur kheliye extend kiya hai?" heer teased. "oh come on heer'woh itna bhi important nahi hai keh main uss kehliye visa extend karo," ash said. "accha?" heer said as they both giggled. "but seriously heer, ha main khush ho keh mujhe uske saath thoda aur waqt bitane ka mauka milega lekin mere liye tumse badkar kohi nahi hai," she said as she engulfed heer in a big hug. Since heer had come into her life, heer has always been there for her, first as a mother then as a sister and now as her best friend, and now it was her turn. Coming out of the hug, both the sisters wiped their tears. "tum rohte huwe bilkul acchi nahi lagthi'mujhe toh meri hasti chulbuli ash hi acchi lagthi hai," heer said wiping ash's tears as both the sisters smiled.

                    It was a little after lunch and gayatri walked up to lalit and kulraj who were in the living room chatting. "suniye'mujhe aapse kuch baat karni thi," gayatri said as she took a seat. "ha gayatri'bolo kya baat hai?" lalit asked. "jee main sooch rahi thi keh heer ka saath wa meine khatham hone ko hai toh main sooch rahi thi keh hum uski godh barahi kare," gayatri said as kulraj smiled. "ma'yeh toh bahut accha idea hai," kulraj said. "ha gayatri lekin tum toh jaanti ho keh heer ki tabeyat kitni karaab rehti hai,"lalit said. "jaanti ho'lekin heer pheli baar ma bannewali hai aur balraj bhai saab bhi yaha nahi hai toh kya yeh humara faraz nahi hai keh hum humari bahu koh yeh khushi deh," gayatri said. "main jaanta ho gayatri aur main bhi chatha hoon keh heer koh yeh khushi mile lekin kya tume lagtha hai keh prem manega?" lalit asked. "ha ma'babuji sahi kehrahe hai'aap toh jaante hai keh prem heer koh lekar kitna pareshaan rehta hai," kulraj said. "main yeh bhi jaanti ho keh prem heer ki khushi khabhi maana nahi karega'main uske aate hi baat karongi," gayatri stated. "aur agar woh maan gaya toh hum aaj hi tayaari shuru kardenge," lalit said as gayatri smiled. That evening, prem had returned from work and it was time for heer to eat so he took dinner for the two of them to their bedroom. Heer really didn't want to eat and prem was trying to persuade her. "prem'mujhe bilkul bhi khaane ka maan nahi hai," heer said. "heer'bas thoda sa'agar tum kahogi nahi toh main tume tumari medicines nahi deh saktha'chalo khalo," prem said as he fed her a spoonful of rice. As heer was eating, someone knocked on the door. Both prem and heer turned around to see gayatri at the door. "aree ma'andar aayiye na," heer said as she tried to sit up. "nahi nahi beta'tum baiti raho," gayatri said as she walked up to them. "baitiye ma," prem said as he stood up giving her space to sit next to heer. "mujhe tum dono se baat karni thi?" she said as prem and heer looked at each other. "jee ma'boliye na," heer said. Gayatri didn't know how to tell them what she wanted to. She wanted heer to be happy, but she also knew how sick heer was. "ma'.kya baat hai? Sabh theek toh hona?" heer asked seeing gayatri's unsure face. "ha beta'bas paata nahi kaise bolo," gayatri said. "ma'aap humse kuch bhi bolsakthi hai'itna kyun sooch rahi hai," prem said. "woh'main aur tumare babuji chathe hai keh hum heer ki godh bharai kare," gayatri said as prem and heer looked at her. "ma'aap toh jaante haina keh heer ki tabeyat',"prem said. "ha beta par heer pheli baar ma banewali aur hum pheli baar dada dadi banewale hai'kya tum nahi chathe keh hum yeh khushi sabh keh saath share kare," gayatri said. "ha ma'par'," prem said when heer interrupted, "aap jaisa chathi hai waisa hi hoga ma," heer said. "saach?" gayatri asked. "ha ma'godh bharai hogi aur waise hi jaise aap aur babuji chathe hai," heer told her. "thank you beta," gayatri said as she smiled and left the room happily to tell everyone else.

                    Prem took his seat next to heer, "tum yeh nahi karsakthi," he said to her. "prem'main jaanti keh tum meri tabeyat ki chinta karahe ho lekin soocho prem hum joh bhi karahe hai ma babuji aur sabh ki khushi kehliye karahe haina toh kya yeh unkehliye nahi karsakthe. Aur soocho prem godh bharai peh bahut saare log aayenge humare baccho koh aashirwaad dene aur kya tume nahi lagtha keh hume inn sabh keh aashirwaad ki zaroorat hai," heer explained. "par heer'tum theek se chal nahi paarahi ho aur tum function kaise handle karogi? Waha itne saare log honge." prem worried. She kept his hand on his, "prem'main saara din rest karongi'don't worry," she said and prem nodded, still unsure. "main abhi aaya," he said. "prem'," she called out and he stopped and turned back. "prem'mujhe lagtha hai tume ma se baat karni chahiye'jis taara tumne unse aise hi maana kardiya'tum unse ek baar baat karlo," heer said. "your right'main abhi aaya," he said and left to talk to gayatri. After talking to the heer and prem, gayatri was on the phone making arrangements for the godh bharai. "ma," he said walking into the room. "aree prem'aao na," gayatri said. He walked in and sat in front of her on the floor. "I am sorry ma," he said feeling guilty. "prem tu maafi kyun maang raha hai?" she asked. "ma'mujhe aise hi maana nahi karna chahiye par aap jaanti haina'," he said when she interrupted. "prem'tuhje kuch bhi bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Main jaanti ho keh tu heer koh lekar bahut pareshaan rehta hai. Par beta hum sabh heer koh khush dekhna chathe hai, woh peechle kuch dino se ghar se bahaar bhi nahi jaati issliye hum chathe hai keh usse yeh khushi mile," gayatri told him. "kash woh theek hojaye," he said as he kept his head in her lap. "bhagwan peh baroosa rakna'sabh theek hojayega," she said stroking his hair. "kash aisa hi ho," prem said. "prem'agar tum hi itne pareshaan hojaoge toh heer koh kyon samalega," gayatri said to him. "aur main yeh bhi jaanti ho keh tujhe yaha kisne bheja hai?" gayatri said. "matlab?" prem asked. "matlab keh meri bahu ne tume yaha bheja hai. Usse toh kuch kehna hi nahi padtha woh toh sabh samaj jaati hai. Iss bacchi koh aaye huwe kuchi meine huwe hai par lagtha hai keh iske bina iss ghar ki zindagi ya ruksi gayi hai. Aabh toh bas yeh jaan kar accha lagtha hai keh woh kuch dino mein theek hojayegi," gayatri said happily. "kash aisa hi ho ma'par jab sabh koh paata chalega keh shayad heer aabh khabhi wapas nahi aayegi iss ghar mein toh kya hoga iss ghar ka. Dar hai keh kohi tufaan iss ghar keh rishton koh kissiki nazar na lagjaye," prem thought looking at his mother. At that moment, lalit walked in and smiled at the scene in front of him. "kya baatein horahi hai ma beta mein?" he asked. "kuch nahi," they both said in unison wiping their tears. "maine saare logo koh phone kardiya'tum decorations phone kiya?" lalit asked his wife. "ha'maine decorations wale aur caterers koh phone kardiya woh subhe hi aajayenge," gayatri said. "subhe? Ma kal hi?" prem asked. "ha beta'naik kaam mein dehri kaisi," lalit said. "sahi kaha aapna babuji'main chalta hoon," prem said as he walked out of the room.

                    She had just heard from kulraj that her godh bharai function was tomorrow. She was happy, but she was scared as well. Not a lot, just a little'may be! She didn't know what everyone will say tomorrow and that worried her. Right then, he walked in to see her sitting in her chair by the balcony. "heer'guess what? Tumari godh bharai kal hi horahi hai," he said walking in happily. "paata hai," she said plainly. "heer'kya huwa? Thodi dher phele toh tum bahut khush thi?" he asked. "prem'tume yaad hai jab kuljeet mausi aayi thi uss din?" heer asked. "ha'par woh toh almost doh meine pheli ki baat hai'tum uss baare mein aabh kyun sooch rahi ho?" prem asked confused. "tab toh sirf daljeet chachi aayi thi par kal toh bahut saare log honge toh agar kisine kuch kaha toh hum kya kahenge? Yeh pale skin aur yeh blue nails inn sabh keh baare mein?" heer said to him. "toh tum issko lekar pareshaan ho? Ok'kuch sooch the hai," prem said as he thought of a way that no one could ever recognize that heer was sick. "idea!" he said. "kya idea?" heer asked. "tum kissi bhi baat ki tension mat lo'kal shaam koh tum function kehliye bilkul ready hogi," he told her. "par prem'hum karenga kya?" heer asked. Just then, two people entered their room arguing. "hum bhi aayenge," he said. "nahi bhaiya'waha sirf ladies hongi. Aap waha nahi aasakthe," she said. Both prem and heer looked each other. "kya huwa hai? Tum dono ladh kis baat peh rahe ho?" prem asked. "dekhiye na bhaiya'preet bhai kehrahe hai keh woh bhi godh bharai mein aayenge. Aap unne baatayi na keh waha sirf ladies aasakthi hai," meher said to prem. "That's unfair PB'akir meri bhi bhabhi hai'main jaunga," preet said. "aree itna shor kyun macha hai yaha? Kya horaha hai?" lalit said as him and gayatri walked in along with kulraj and kiran. "babuji'aap hi boilye na yeh unfair hai keh nahi keh sirf ladies jaa sakthi hai," preet complained. "iss mein unfair jaisi kohi baat nahi hai preet," lalit said. "par mujhe bhi function mein jaana hai," preet whined. "aree preet'yeh kya baccho jaisi harkat hai," gayatri said. "ok'main bhabhi se hi poochta ho," preet said as he turned to heer. "Boliye bhabhi'kya main'apka sweet devar kal function mein aasaktha ho?" he asked making a sweet face. Heer smiled looking at him, "theek hai'tum bhi ajaana," heer said. "saach bhabhi?" preet asked excitedly. "ha'yeh ek family function hai toh sabh ka hona toh zaroori haina?" heer said as everyone smiled. "Aabh heer ne hi kehdiya hai toh aisa hi hoga'aree ghar keh marad toh waha ho hi sakthe hai," gayatri said. "aabh toh kal ka faisla hogaya hai aabh chalo sohte hai'bahut raat ho chuki hai," lalit said and everyone left to their rooms to sleep. Later, prem gave heer her medications and put her to bed before he went to bed for the night.

                    The next morning started out in a chaos in the juneja household with caterers, decorators, sangeet wale'everyone was starting to come in and the elders of the house were trying to get all the jobs right and on time. She walked out of the bathroom wiping her hair and she turned out to see her husband at the door. "prem'kya huwa? Tum aise kyun kade ho?" she asked. "tumare kal keh tension ka hal laaya ho," he said and two girls dressed in dressy skirts and white shirts walked in. "prem'yeh kyon hai?" she asked surprised. "yeh dono tume tayaar karenge'aaj shaam kehliye'aabh tum yaha baito aur baaki sabh yeh karenge," he said as he made her sit on bed. "Girls'start working'I want my wife to be ready by 6 in the evening. You understood everything I told you," he said and the girls nodded. For the rest of the day, the whole house was decorated with violet lilies and purple satin cloths along the stairs and the railings. Around the house, strands of lights hung from the walls. At the corner of each stair was decorated with a diya on both sides. "Aree gayatri heer kaha hai'abhi aayi nahi?" someone asked. Gayatri walked up to prem, as he wasn't letting anyone go into their room, "prem'heer kaha hai? Sabh intezaar karahe hai?" gayatri asked him. "ma'main jaake dekhta hoon," he said as he left for the room. He knocked on his room door and it opened. He stepped into the room and the girls walked out. She stood up from the dressing table and turned around. She was looking gorgeous in a red sari with a golden designing border and red embroidery flowers scattered over. Added to that was a ruby necklace and earrings along with a maang tikaa. Her hands were adorned with mehendi and red bangles and he smiled looking at the kadaas that she has added, which he gifted her. Her hair was tied up in a bun and a few strands of bangs let loose on the side. They have given her pink blush to hide her pale skin and they have painted her nails red matching the sari. He smiled looking at her as she has dressed up after so long. He walked up to her and she stood there with a blushing smile, looking at the floor. "aaj toh sabh koh bahut problem hojayegi haina?" he asked and she looked at him confused. "ha'aaj joh chand zameen peh aagaya hai," he said. She smiled recognizing his words. How could she forget those words'those were the first lines he said to her on their suhaag raat. "main itni bhi acchi nahi lagrahi ho," she told him. "kyon kehta hai?" he said as he turned her to face the mirror. Standing behind her, "mere aankhon se dekho toh meri heer kal bhi meri angel thi'aaj bhi hai'aur hamesha rahegi, forever! Duniya wale kuch bhi kahe'meri liye tum duniya ki sabh se khoobsurat ladki ho," he said engulfing her in his arms as she smiled. "prem'kohi aajayega," she said seeing the open door. "kohi nahi'sabh tayaari mein busy hai," he said nuzzling her cheek. "prem'" someone called and prem quickly moved away as heer giggled. "waha bed peh dupatta hai," heer said. Prem went to the bed and came back with a red bridal dupatta. He walked back to her and opened the dupatta and pulled it over her head, finishing the last touch and smiling at his beautiful wife who was completely ready. At the moment, gayatri walked in, "prem'heer tayaar nahi'," she stopped seeing heer in front. Walking up to her bahu, "kisiki nazar na lage meri bacchi ko," she said as she took a bit of kajal from her eyes and placed a small dot behind her ears. "chale?" gayatri asked and heer nodded and they all left for the living room where the function was supposed to be held.

                    Gayatri took heer to the center of the room and made her sit in the middle on a chair so that she would be comfortable. Then, she took a plate full of heer's favorite food that she and kulraj have cooked from the morning. After feeding heer, she placed a gift box in her hands and bend down to whisper in her ears. "bhagwan kare tumari godh doh chand keh tukdoh se bar deh aur tumari zindagi mein aur bhi khushiya lekar aaye," gayatri said as heer smiled. Next, kulraj went to heer, "aaj tume itne dino baad haas the huwe dehkar bahut accha laaga. Meri bas yehi duwa hai keh tumari godh khushiyo se baari ho aur tum aur prem ki Jodi hamesha saath rahe," she said. Next was ashlesha turn. "main bas yehi pray karti ho keh tum bhagwaan doh gol maatol khoobsurat bacche deh, bilkul waise hi jaisi tume pasand hai," ashlesha said as heer chuckled. Later, all the other ladies did the same. Prem was happy to see heer being pampered and that her wish of getting blessings for their babies was being fulfilled. "accha'bhabhi'yeh batayiye aapko beta chahiye ya beti ya phir dono?" meher asked teasingly. "mujhe betiya chahiye," heer said blushingly as everyone smiled. "ek minute'jeeju koh bhi pooch teh hai," ashlesha said as she bought prem and made him sit next to heer. "ha prem'baata tuhje beta chahiye ya beti?" kulraj asked. "woh muhje toh beta chahiye," prem said. "wah wah'kya baat hai?" preet said to tease his PB and heer bhabhi. "aree yeh kya heer koh betiya aur prem koh beta chahiye," someone teased as everyone laughed. "main toh bas yeh chathi hoon keh beta ho ya beti'bas woh dono theek ho," heer told everyone as prem smiled looking at her. "accha'aabh bahut hoga discussion'maine aur meher ne heer kehliye ek surprise plan kiya hai," ash said. "kaisa surprise?" heer asked. "wait and watch bhabhi," meher said and they both left from there. The lights turned dim and the music started.

        Note: [The lyrics of the song have been changed to suit the situation of the story. All copyrights for the original song go the movie director and music producer]

        (Waari jaawa waari jaawa waari jaawa
        Sau sau baari sau sau baari waari jaawa) - [Ash sang as she came in the middle of the hallway]

        (Waari jaawa waari jaawa waari jaawa
        Sau sau baari sau sau baari waari jaawa) ' [meher sang as she joined ash]

         Sola singaar karke godi bharaayi le - 2
        Saiyyaan, saiyyaan, saiyyaan saiyyaan [
        Saiyyaan se kheli bahut ab
        Chhotu ko khilaayi le [ash sang as she pulled prem to dance with them]

        Sola singaar karke godi bharaayi le
        Sola singaar kare [meher sang as she and ash danced together]

        (Waari jaawa waari jaawa waari jaawa

        Sau sau baari sau sau baari waari jaawa) - 2
        Chhotu jo aave ghar mein 

        Chhotu jo aave ghar mein

        Oye hoye hoye hoye, oye hoye hoye hoye

        (Chhotu jo aave ghar mein, dadi behlaave
        Paayal pehenke naani naach dikhaave) ' 2 [As meher and ash sang, they bought gayatri in the middle and she danced in happiness]

        (Waari jaawa waari jaawa waari jaawa

        Sau sau baari sau sau baari waari jaawa) ' 2

        Haan, chhotu jo aave ghar mein [As ash sang, preet joined in to sing]

        Chhotu jo aave ghar mein

        Hoye hoye, oye oye oye oye [Teasing ash, preet sang these lines teasing her]

        Chhotu jo aave ghar mein, maasi ko bulaave
        Naadi badalke unki lori sunaave [hearing these lines everyone laughed]

        Naadi? Maasi ki? [Ash got mad hearing preet and she started to reply back to him]

        Chhotu jo aave ghar mein, aave unke chacha [Ash said as she stomped on preet's foot]

        chacha? Ya mama, [Prem whispered only that ash and preet could hear]

         hmm chacha [preet answered]

        Chhotu jo aave ghar mein, aave unke chacha

        Daaton se naala pakde, haath se pajama [Ash sang to preet as he stood there making a puppy face]

        Oh, teri hasi bhar bharke
        Ghar mein chhidkaave [ash sang as she hugged her sister with love]

        Oh, sola singaar karke godi bharaayi le
        Sola singaar karke godi bharaayi le
        Saiyyaan, saiyyaan, saiyyaan saiyyaan
        Saiyyaan se kheli bahut ab
        Chhotu ko khilaayi le
        Sola singaar karke godi bharaayi le
        Sola singaar karke

        (Waari jaawa waari jaawa waari jaawa)

        As the song came to an end, ash, meher, and preet pulled everyone in the middle and all the family members danced happily. As heer saw everyone dance, a broad smile crept up on her face and all the family members smiled as they were successful in making heer happy after all she has been through from the past few months. Later, everyone had dinner together and heer felt a relief to eat with the everyone in the hall rather than in her room.

                 After dinner, prem bought heer to the room as she was starting to get tired. Making her sit on the bed, "tum theek toh hona?" he asked. "ha'bas toh ajeeb lagraha hai," she said as she felt a weird sensation in her stomach. "kya huwa? You cant breath? Doctor koh phone karo?" prem asked concerned. "nahi'bas thoda paani," she said as she rested her head against a pillow. He gave her some water, "tum leyto'main doctor se baat karke aata ho," he said. After talking to the doctor, he came back in the few minutes. "doctor ne kaha keh aisa hota hai inn dino mein'tum chinta mat karo," he told her as she nodded. He took her hand in his and held it as he calmed her down because he knew she was worried even though she wasn't showing it. An hour or so later, heer felt a little better so she changed into a green night gown and walked out of the bathroom and took a seat on the bed. Prem too changed into a white kurta pajama and took a seat next to her. "aaj function bahut acchse hogaya na," she said. "ha'sabh tume dehkar bahut khush huwe," he told her. "aur ma babuji ki iccha bhi puri hogayi," heer said smilingly. "accha'tumari dawayi ka time hogaya hai'main abhi laya," he told her and she nodded. As prem got up from the bed, heer felt a weird sensation in her belly. She felt a kick from inside and "ahhh," she yelled in pain as she placed her hand on her bulged stomach. Prem ran back to her, "heer'kya huwa? Tum theek toh hona?" he asked worried. "usne maara," she said. "kissne?" he asked. "prem'mera matlab hai humare baccho ne pheli baar kick kiya," she said as she looked at him and a tear fell on her cheek from her eyes to her cheek. He placed his hand on her stomach and felt another kick. They both smiled with happiness as they felt their kids' first impression that they were coming in this world soon. Prem wiped her tears and she landed in his arms. As they sat in each other's arms, "aabh bahut jald yeh dono iss duniya mein aajayenge," prem said. "aur mere paas bahut kaam samein," heer said sadly. "heer...phir aisa mat bolna," prem said getting mad. "saach hi toh haina prem'aur iss saach ka saamna toh karna hi padega na?" heer said. He came out of the hug and cupped her face in his hands, "heer'main tume kuch nahi hone donga'chaye mujhe kuch bhi karna pade'main tume meri zindagi se jaane nahi donga'I promise!" he told her. "mujhe paata hai keh mera prem aapna vaada khabhi nahi toh dehga," heer said as she hugged him again. "bhagwan se yehi duwa hai heer keh woh tumara baroosa khabhi na toot ne deh," prem thought to himself as he silently prayed with heer in his arms.

        Precap: A beginning of a new chapter is an end of another...but is the story really complete without all the chapters together??? What will happen to heer? will fate decide or the divine love?

        what do you think? wait and watch!

        hey guys

        before you guys throw any tomatoes or eggs at me....I am really sorry...holding ears...Embarrassed I was really busy with exams and then I was going to update last week but then I had a eye infection so couldnt. I really hope you guys like it...cant wait to see your comments...Big smile





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        Originally posted by Sweet_Kandy

        reservd LOL
        but do add me in pm list..hopefully i will read and not drool on harshad or text uROFL

        sure i will add u. u even know whats happening in the story but anyways...have fun...Big smile
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        Originally posted by premeer928

        Originally posted by Sweet_Kandy

        reservd LOL
        but do add me in pm list..hopefully i will read and not drool on harshad or text uROFL

        sure i will add u. u even know whats happening in the story but anyways...have fun...Big smile

        LOL thanks
        haha i did had fun when i questioned
        reservd to comment on everything till i read

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        awesum plse dont kill heer otherwise am going to kill u AngryAngry thanx for de pm dis really made me cry Cry excellent dialogues thanx

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        plz add me in your pm...................awasome update...................i was waiting since weeks for your update.....thanks for updating..........

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        awsum update luved it....godh bahri was awsum....!!!!! first kick..>!!!! so they r on their way cnt wa8 2 c wht happens nxt..!!!! dnt wry wil nt kill u..!! bt dnt kill heer...!!!!! plz update nxt part asapplz...thx for da pm..>!

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