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ff: Trapped (roji) (Page 4)

shruti10august Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2010
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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Nice update. I lyk the fact that roops have her own brain in ur ff. I feel bad for roops only in ur ff but in serial i badly hates her now. In serial, i lyk baji pairing wid madhu rather than wid roops. But for ur ff, i m lyking roji.

Nd ya, baji shud be roops bodyguard.

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cutegurl224 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
I really like your ff!
Please add me to the PM list and do update soon!
Take care

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rayjst Senior Member

Joined: 24 July 2010
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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
1 last thing: first off, Happy New Year EveryonePartyDancing
Yesterday I happened to watch three sequences which I had seen only bits nd pieces of before:
1) 7th-8th Jan 2010: Nakusha's face is revealed for the first time nd Babi has a flashback of Naku's elder sister Roopa nd why she hid her daughter's face.
2) 8th-9th March 2010: Dutta's past.
3) 23 Feb 2010 part3: Baji-Sethji moment.
Made me analyse all the characters all over again nd they seem to make perfect sense now..Hats off nd Bows down to LTL CVs for such amazing characterization nd for staying true to it through outClapClap..... Most shows start with hardly ny character description nd twists nd turns for the heck of it nd by the end of it all, everything ends up in a total mess, but LTL team totally deserves full credit for creating these chara which are very much real nd not so hard to find around us.
So, I had to write this(forgive)....I won't blabber much jst a bit about Baji, Roops nd Madhu... Baji is a very street smart character.. U put him anywhere nd he will survive, at the same time he is a very lively chara. It's impossible for nyone to not like him. His childhood might have been a lot bit like Sethji's with the diff that he was an orphan, born to the streets. Dutta's situation might have been a little bit better, as in he had a family, not that he wasn't poor.. He seems to have been scared for life due to the way DP treated him. He might have been very silent, very timid, introverted nd Baji is the exact opposite, he is an extreme extrovert.... Baji might have immediately struck up a friendship with Dutta nd Dutta for once would have been happy that he had this smart cute friend... So the only thing that truly matters to Baji in his life is his friendship with Dutta....
Roops might have been a brat... Dutta's favourite.. I think her childhood might have been something like Kareena's character's childhood in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham...
Nd Baji nd Roops might not have had way too many interactions till they moved into PN...They might have known each other nd I think B's impression of her has always been that of a selfish brat...Nd Roops doesn't seem to have way too much of an impression of him eitherLOL...
Coming to Madhu, she seems to have been brought up for most part outside India, how she uses generic hindi terms like bhaiyya, bhabhi etc. nd seems like very well educated. Always wanted to be the part of a family, so used to be a bit lonely maybe..
Impt part is Baji, checking her out doesn't seem so weird nymore, I mean she is like this imported videshi girl nd most guys would check her out atleast once. I think he might have been curious since a kid ki ye London wale log sab kaise hote hain nd you have this girl from London hu is very down to earth nd normal, no wonder he looks at her with amazement every time she does nything at allLOL... Nd I have a serious doubt that his brain is still in the process of processing the fact that 'Dutta's sister'LOLLOL

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shally_m Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2006
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 6:52am | IP Logged

happy new year dear .... wishing you a great new year

thanks for adding me to your pm list
update is getting more and more interesting .....

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lizdarcy Senior Member

Joined: 10 August 2010
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Wow! Good job! I really really loved both the chapters! I didn't expect to, coz I'm not a big fan of Ruji, or Maji for that matter. Smile I completely belong to TaSha! LOL
But your portrayal of Roops, as something more than the featherbrain who dances to her sister's tunes, has me floored! After reading your FF, I've started wishing that the CVs had actually done it that way. I mean, they had started in that direction, but God knows why they stopped.
I love Roops's conflict, her apparent hatred towards Baji(which is obviously because of jealousy). It'd have been good if we had a Ruji love story instead of Maji. I mean, it definitely would've been more interesting that way! Big smile

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watevewriter Groupbie

Joined: 28 December 2010
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 9:49pm | IP Logged

 happy late new yearParty

  Chapter 3


Baji's P.O.V


Nothing more was said after that. I called Aye Sahib to inform her and then motioned Roop towards the jeep. She was crying, her hands were wrapped around herself and her eyes were staring at the ground. We sat in the jeep and I waited for her to put on her seatbelt. When she didn't, I reached for her seatbelt but she looked at me frightened with her bloodshot, red eyes and started shivering uncontrollable while trying to create as much distance between us a as possible. I sighed and shifted back into my original position and pointed at the seatbelt, "Put it on."

She did as she was told without any argument. Her eyes were staring at the floor again and her shivering hadn't stopped either. Maybe I had been a bit too hard on her but she did deserve it. She can be so immature at times. Roop had to realize she wasn't a child anymore. Bhau had never acted this way before but then again I wonder how much of his anger was because of Roop. I knew very well that most of his anger had to do with Nakusha's betrayal. He had so much bottled in him because of his father's truth and Nakusha's beauty. Before he had me to talk to but know he even considered me as a traitor and I guess this was way of letting his anger out. I felt insulted that he didn't trust me but I was happy that in some way I had managed to help him with his troubles, even if it caused me a lot of pain.

We reached the house and Roops still hadn't moved an inch since we had started. We walked in and were greeted by everyone in the house with worried faces. Kala Tai  embraced Roop in a tight hug, "We were so worried Roops, are you okay?"

Roop nodded slowly and my eyes travelled down to her arm which she was still holding with her other hand. There was a huge red mark on her upper arm; guilt came over me, 'had I done that?' She noticed my gaze and quickly covered her arm with her Dupatta.

"Roop" Bhau was next, he placed his hand on her upper arms and she flinched in pain but said nothing. "What happened? Did?" He looked at me with pure hatred for a second, "how did you get lost? Was someone involved? I swear if anyone tried to hurt you I will'."

"No Bhau," she said shaking her head furiously, while a fresh batch of tears made a trail down her face once again, "I wanted to go for a walk, it wasn't Baji's fault, I had told him to leave me alone."

Bhau glanced at me and for a second I thought I saw regret in his eyes, but than he looked at her again, "You scared us, you should have at least told someone, we were worried."

"I know, I am sorry," she hiccupped and looked at him with expressions I had only seen once before in her eyes, regret and guilt. The only time I saw these emotions in her eyes was when she had been drunk and wanted to put Rakhi on Bhau. Was she really that sorry for her mistake?"

"I think Roops needs rest now bhau," Kala Tai took a hold of Roop, "She has had an eventful day,"

"Hm," Bhau nodded and soon everyone began to scatter. Madhu ran after Bhau and Nakusha sat with Aye Sahib.

"Nakku," I gestured towards her and she came immediately.


"Nakku, Roop ke haat mai dard hai, ja usse dawa laga dai."

She looked at me shocked, "How do you know? Did some thing happen? Baji mujhe abhi bata dai ager kuch huwa tha to, mai sahib ko kuch nahi bataige."

I stared at the floor ashamed of my actions. We stood there for a second, "mai jati hai," and with that she left. I didn't have to say anything and she understood everything.





Roop sat in a corner of her room, softly caressing her arms, 'why was Bhau so worried? Why couldn't he hate me? Why didn't he yell at me like Baji did and just walk away? Why did he make me feel so guilty?' these thoughts were corrupting her head, when she heard a soft knock.

Without looking up she whispered, "Come in."

"I have brought some dawa for your arms," Nakusha spoke softly.

Roops gaze turned towards Nakusha instantly before quickly covering her arms, "there is nothing wrong with my arms."

Nakusha gave a sad smile, "I know about it," she pointed at the medicine, "can I?"

Roop gave no response so Nakusha took that as a yes and sat beside the young girl. She slowly lifted Roops dupatta and gasped at the dark purple bruise. Her fingers slowly dipped into the cool liquid and she massaged Roop's right hand. Roop flinched, "it hurts a lot?" Nakusha questioned.

"Why doesn't Bhau hate me?" Roops question puzzled Nakusha and she motioned for Roops other arm.

"Because you're his sister and he loves you,"

"Is that the only reason?"

Nakusha closed the bottle and looked at Roop, "love is unconditional; you don't need a reason to love someone."

Roop looked at Nakusha with so much emotion, "Do you hate me?"

Nakusha was shocked, "of course, I don't."

"And why would she?"" both girls turned to see Kala, and Leila was right behind her.

Roop finally realized who she was sitting with, "if you're done. You can leave."

Nakusha was hurt by Roop's sudden change of attitude but said nothing and left.

As soon as Nakusha left Kala locked the door and hugged her sister, "you did amazing."

"Yea who knew our choti behen had grown up so fast?" Leila added.

Roop was confused "what did I do?"

"The getting lost drama, what else?" kala smiled, "do you know how big of a scene we created here? We insulted Baji so much."

"Don't forget my dear husband," Leila smirked, "us ne kitne kan bharey Bhau ke, Baji ke against, ager wo nahi hota to Bhau kabhi bhi nahi marte baji ko"

Roop was shocked as it dawned on her that her sisters were involved with Baji's current state.

"Man na parega choti," Kala sat on the sofa, "you killed two birds with one stone, you got Bhau to hate Baji even more than he already did and you were also able to gain everyone's sympathy."

Roop couldn't believe her ears. Did her sisters really thing she had planned all this?" she felt disgusted with herself.

Kala smiled, "now time for part two, Dutta won't know what hit him. Jo bhala na samjhe, jo bura na samjhe, wo kalavati ko kesain samjhe ga?"





Please don't throw tomatoes at me because I posted the wrong recap last time *hides herself* Ouch feel free to throw cookie though.Wink

Honestly this chapter was to long and I really wanted to get the Nakku-Roop interaction in but to be fair to you guys I will give you TWO recaps.Clap




1) I think Roops needs a body guard.


2) I want ice cream right now!



*Question of he Day*


QOD will remain the same:


Who should be Roops Body guard?

a)      Our cute BajiRaoDay DreamingBlushing

b)      Someone with six packs and no shirts. (Possibly to make Baji JealousAngry)

c)      Suds (so that Baji can become chief of security again)Smile

d)      Other leads (Dr. Armaan Malik, Maan Singh Khurana, etc.)Star

e)      Other (plz specify)Smile



*Personal Responses*




Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment!Smile




I absolutely love reading your comments so don't worry at all about their length. Your comments are a great help to me and I thank thee with all my heart.Heart





Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment!Smile



Dutta is going to have to write a huge apology letter to Baji after injuring my poor BajiraoAngry. And confusion is the first step to realization lLOLl. Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment!



You like Roji in my fanfic awww'''. Big smile

Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment!Smile



Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment! And your name is Nupur how cool. I love Nupur from MJHT.Approve



Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment!Smile



I think my head is growing! Your comment just made my ego rise!!!!!!!!!Blushing

Thanks sooooooooooo much for your comment!

if i forget anyone i am sorry!Embarrassed i don't hate you. infact all your comments bring a smile on my face, seeBig smile *shows shiny teeth*



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shashi-roops Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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shruti10august Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2010
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
NICE UPDATE. Btw, wat's ur name?

Cuming to ff, i lyked it coz it shows positive side of roops, wich i totaly lost the hope of seeing in the show. I just luvedddd naku-roops convo, although small.

I want to know wat happens to madhu, i mean did she came back from mall wid roji?

My answer of QOD is same ie baji.

Thnx for PM me nd update soon. Big smile

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