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ff: Trapped (roji) (Page 3)

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LOL, had to post this 'cause I was so reminded of thisLOLLOL......Ye Leela bhi naLOLLOLLOL.......
I half expected Roops to throw something at him....... 

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Haha don't worry she will be positive, I don't think it would seem realistic if I made her positive in the starting since she has done sooo many horrible things in the show.

Writing MaJi scenes were hard for me to but just knowing its going to be Roji in the end makes me happy.

She likes Kala as a sister but as a person she is sort of confused and I guess tired of being pushed around.

Thanks for the comment.



                Thanks for the comment, yea I feel sorry for Baji too bechara but he did always want someone special and know he has two!



                Thanks soo much for the comment. I did think it would be better to use Roops p.o.v. it gives us another prospective to work with.



Thanks for the comment, ha-ha but I don't think Leila and kala will ever remember their kids, its just an excuse to give Baji and Roops some time alone.



                Thanks soooooo much for that awesome comment.

1)       I hadn't thought of how to describe Leila but your write she is the one who loves to spend money!

2)       When I was writing the story I was thinking of after Dutta became a killer, I hadn't even thought of he being neglected as a baby, which just gives me so much to work with.

3)       As for her age I did realize she had to be older but I thought with my story I wanted her to be a bit younger, since she is so immature it would work better for the story.

4)       I wanted to bring Madhu and her interaction during the first chapter, infact I had a written up a part after she becomes drunk but then I decided I only wanted Roops perspective to be their for the first chapter. But yea I am working on Madhu- Roop, Dutta Roop, Nakusha-Roop and of course Baji Roops interactions.

5)       Thanks for the video, I only started watching this show to weeks ago and I have gotten as far as the kala and Leila searchingng nakusha's house so I hadn't seen that but it did help keep my hoops up.


Chapter 2


Roop's (P.O.V)


The drive to the shopping mall had been fairly quite. Kala Tai had made sure that I got the front seat with Baji and not Madhu. This didn't make much of a difference though. Baji kept on using the excuse of fixing the front mirror in order to stare at Madhu, whose reflection was being casted on the mirror.

Kala Tai's words rang in my mind, "make sure that before you get back from shopping, you have at least gotten some response from Baji, we need him on our side to crush Dutta."

"Isn't this going to be so much fun Baji?" I clapped happily trying to start a conversation.

"Hmm….oh yea," he looked at me startled for a second than his gaze went right back to Madhu, "London mai sab to different ho ta hoga na Madhu."

Madhu looked at Baji and smiled, "yes, but I like it here as well."

Her eyes travelled towards me next, "so what type of jewellery do you need to get?"

I looked at her through the mirror, and rolled my eyes, "you haven't seen the dress."

Her face fell. Kala Tai had told me to be nice to Baji but she didn't say anything about Madhu, so why be fake to her?

Seeing her face Baji instantly started another conversation with her, ignoring me completely and that how the rest of the ride went.

By the time we reached the mall I wanted to run away from them, so I motioned Madhu to a boutique, "you need dresses, so you can buy them from there," than I motioned to another store next to the boutique, "I will be in there."

Both Madhu and Baji's face fell, "I will come with you and then we can both look at the dresses together later," she said with a hopeful smile.

I shook my head, "No I want to shop in solitude you and Baji can go look at the dresses."

Baji's face lit up immediately probably because he was getting to spend time with her and not me. "Are you sure Roop?" he questioned but I could tell he didn't care.

"I am sure" they left soon after that; Madhu looked at me twice hoping that I would change my mind but I didn't.

I waited a few seconds after their departure and then made my way to the jewellery store. I stood at the front door contemplating my next move. I had gone against Kala Tai's wishes but at this moment I did not even want to look at Baji much less talk to him.  I stood still for a few more seconds before walking away.

I didn't know where I was going and I didn't care either. Right now I wanted to get away……… get away from Kala Tai's plans. From Baji, Madhu and everything in my life. By the time I regained consciousness of the world around me I realized I was at a park. It was old with broken swings and a rusty slide. There were few people here and a lot more garbage. I sat on an old bench carefully dusting it off first.

Tears rolled down my face and I didn't try stopping them. I was hurt and confused, I didn't know where I stood but there was one thing I was sure of. I did not want to pretend to love Baji. Baji was the only person who was not fake in my life. My relationship with Bhau was fake I did not love Bhau but I had to pretend to. Baji had never expected anything of him; I want a great asset to his plan like I was for Kala and Leila Tai. He had never given anyone my importance like aye sahib had to Dutta Bhau.

More tears fell from my eyes. Everything was so different now. Thanks to Kala Tai my relationship with Baji was becoming fake. The attention that had always been mine was being given to Madhu and Nakusha now and I couldn't do anything to stop it.

My tears gad ceased by now and the sky had began to darken. Dutta Bhau had changed all because of a girl. He had stopped caring, because she had betrayed him. He wanted to make money not realizing that he was selling our happiness. I hadn't betrayed him but I did pay the price for Seema's crime and now because of Madhu, I was suffering again Dutta fell for Seema and I paid the price by loosing my brother, Baji was falling for Madhu and I again was paying the price by loosing him.

I wasn't aware of the outside world, so lost in my thought, but when a hand roughly grabbed my hand and pulled me up I panicked. I met his brown eyes there was so much anger and hatred in them. What surprised me though was his black eye. As soon as my eyes fell on his whole face I felt nauseated. He had a deep cut above his left eyebrow, which was bleeding badly and his lip was swollen. There was a huge red mark on his cheek as well.

His hand on my wrist tightened and he wrung it hard causing a spasm of pain to erupt through me.

"To mai apne siwa kisi or ke fiqar hai?" he hissed as I began to cry.

"Baji," I tried to back up frightened, "you are hurting me."

His hand left my wrist and both his hand travelled up my arm, "I am hurting you?" his hands began to crush my upper arms, "what about you hurting us? Do you have any idea how worried everyone is about you at home?"

With every word his voice rose until he began shouting. I turned my face from him, closed my eyes and tried to make myself small. I had never been this frightened in my life.

"Look at me," he yelled and brought my face to look up at his with force, "do you know how much pain I was put through? How angry Bhau was after he realized that I had lost you?"

All of a sudden he let go of my arms and turned from me, "but you wouldn't care," he looked at me once again with his stone cold eyes, "do you care about anyone but your bratty self?"





"I think Roops needs a bodyguard."


*Question of the Day*


Who should be Roops Body guard?

a)      our cute BajiRao

b)      Someone with six packs and no shirts. (possibly to make Baji Jealous)

c)      Suds (so that Baji can become chief of security again)

d)      Other leads (Dr. Armaan Malik, Maan Singh Khurana, etc.)

e)      Other (plz specify)


To get out of roop's mind we will have Baji point of view in the next chapter.




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They don't show much about Leela's chara other than what they show in the beginning episodes, I think... The money thing is something I felt at a point of time, don't know how generic that is to her character. Two things that are known for sure, one is that she nd her lame-o husband are made for each other and she is very proud of him(don't ask, totally beats me why) and the other thing is that she is loyal to no one and will shift her loyalties easily whenever it suits her purpose, like whichever has better scope of providing her with the opulent life she lives. She has never double crossed Kala but is skeptical of her nonetheless. And she looks down upon people who are poor like Babi nd co.

Nd I meant Roops might have been neglected much as a kid, but thats my perspective, really. As for Dutta, he was neglected when Damodar Patil was in charge of him but ever since AS took over, I don't think so. I think AS neglected her daughters nd it might have been Kala who more or less or took care of her sisters, because K does lash out at AS at times that she only cares about Dutta and not her daughters..

edit: Dutta is AS's favourite, sorry if I got you confused because of my last postSmile
and Roops is Dutta's favourite, sabse choti nd all, don't know how the dynamics are after Madhu's entry but I think he likes them both equally only... Nd I don't think Roops hates Dutta, Kala does nd she follows Kala around, she never hated Dutta, nd I think she is pretty fond of him too if not for Kala's influence... The Rakhi Scene, during her flash back nd her drunk talk all indicate that only.............

Aawww nd I noticed jst now that you wrote Baji calling her as RoopThumbs Up nd not Roops, onscreen he always calls her Roop only.......Dutta calls her Roops though.....

Nd feel free to ignore My comments whenever they don't feel right/seem moronic, k..... nd jst write what You feel is right 'cause I think you are doing a fab job with the characters without any of thoseSmileSmileSmile................

Eagerly waiting for the next updateSmileSmile........................

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Dutta hit BajiCry because of Roops ! ! DuttaAngry nd Roops bhiAngry ,bina soche samjhe kuch bhi kar lete hain, reminds me of the Roops drunk scene nd Dutta yelling at Baji afterwards.. But Dutta hitting Baji seems a little ooc, even though Roops is very dear to him..

Bodyguard, my choice, definitely Baji....

First off, these two need to spent some time together, Baji doesn't get Roops at all nd unless they are forced into doing so, they never interact at all, plus Madhu is chipkao with him 24/7 otherwise...

Nd Baji isn't the type to get jealous especially not over Roops, if a guy was hanging around Madhu, maybe, but Roops, nope. Plus I think Dutta will think twice before getting some random guy as her bodyguard 'cause the last time he did it(read Sups) the girl eloped with the body guardLOLLOL............

Nd no Suds re, pleaseCry, usse aaj kal onscreen hi itna saara footage milta hai ki if you put more of him in the fic also, I'll kill myself...............

Nd other leads, I vote against it 'cause I don't know many of them nd I think Patil Niwasis themselves would be more than enough for the drama nd we already have Madhuji too.. But it's ur choice, lets c what the majority wants....

My logic behind Baji, first of Dutta, AS nd the entire Patil clan trusts him... Kala will support it because it goes well with her plan regarding Baji-Roops since he will be forced to spent more time with Roops nd if Kalavati decides on doing something, v might as well consider it done....Suds will support it because another opportunity for him to moke nd taunt Baji... Nd Dutta always has this u did wrong, now u get sazaa thing. So he might tel him u lost my sis now bhuktoLOL..............................

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I am writing way too much, Sorriee................., next time se kam likhungiEmbarrassed................

edit: hmm, 1 last que, nychance  of drunk Roops at some point?? Baji got the shock of his life last time she was drunk.... Will be chup now, I talk too muchSmile......

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I will answer your question first...I reckon someone with six packs should be Roops bodyguardLOL, to make Baji jealous.....
Huh did Dutta do that to Baji????????????? Haww my poor BajiCry.....
Roops better make up for it jaldi se....
Roops is such a confused soul..she needs to get herself together....
waiting for next update!

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a nice updt............i think Baaji should be Roops BG.........

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