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ff: Trapped (roji) (Page 13)

shashi-roops Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 7:35am | IP Logged

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
hey just got time to read ur upda8..n it gr8!! luvd hw naku waz bein soo caring as usual n hw roops was abit supirsd n stf.she wil gradualy turn in2 a positv characta lol
awh naku man shez soo cute..she gt hapy jus cz D tlkd 2 baji/naku 4 abit..evn tho if he sed thnku wich jus made dem both even mor paraya..strangers inh...
feel sory 4 baji..his lil tlk wit dutta was soo heartuchngly emotional..bless him..
er i wud luv 2 go sum wer suny..posibly dubai..on beach..swiming..sunbathing.....*heaven*
i tink u hav 2 hav dem in ur buddy nt 2 sur hon..jus ask sat da help desk...
thnx 4 pm
continue soon
rayjst Senior Member

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Role reversal ha, this time Naku bani kabaab mein haddiROFL, she might be laughing evilly inside "Baji rao, this is revenge for aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the times you walked into Saab's room unannounced, u jst wait, it's payback timeEvil Smile"

Roops finally realised she wasn't dreamingLOL and was actually nice to Naku after the initial bitterness, now dats improvementClap. nd Dutta, sweet, concerned, gadha Dutta, usse raha nahi jaaya ha, he jst had to find out how Baji was, kya bahaana banaaya, but he jst couldn't leave jst like that, had to make Baji sad, nd didn't reply to Baji's query alsoUnhappy.. At least he talked directly to Naku, nw dats also progressClap.... Nd Baji finally noticed the fakeness in Roops's voice, hm.. U r rite, I'll wait nd see how it goesSmile.............

Nd thank you once again for sharing my VMsSmile................

Originally posted by watevewriter

I HATED the way they are dealing some of the current track I mean I LOVE Nakku/ Dutta/ Sud & kala even Kishore but hate how the others are being treated. Madhu has literally had no lines, what's the sense of bringing a new character if you are just going to put her behind the curtain. She is just like a statue with the same look in every scene. Roop has gotten better I must say with her whole "pani" and telling Baji tha they won't leave him and than holding on to him that was cute but besides that I think they are showing Baji's character a bit to weak I mean he is Dutta Bhau right hand man for heavens sake he can't control a few bodyguards? But I did Vinay's acting through the week. He did mind blowing. But I am really waiting for Dutta and Nakku meet up. I wonder how she is going to react when she finds out that he is blind and when finds out about kala.

Yep, Madhu has been mum for about a month now, if I were Soni, I would be really irritated by nowAngry, hope she would get a better role to play when this track gets over, I would have really like to see the other two sisters bond with Madhu since they are all locked up rite now nd got tonnes of free time, but may be they are not showing it 'cause not all viewers might wanna see thatOuch, well lets hope she gets a good role to play in the future*fingers crossed*. Btw, I really like the portrayal of Madhu in ur ff, like when she defended Naku, Baji nd allThumbs Up.................
 Hee hee, nd I really like the precap, can't waitSmile, Madhu taanke kheech rahi he ya seriously bol rahi hainLOL?? Eitherways, it would be fun.....

Where do I wanna go, I already listed some ha, will say want to go to the Ends of the Universe nd find out what lies beyondBig smile.....

PS: Will send some good food ur way  in Pluto when I am enroute to destination in my imaginary space shuttleSmile............
watevewriter Groupbie

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
sorry guyz i threw juice all over my laptopCry two weeks ago and i don't know when i am gonna get my laptop fixed so u guyz will have to wait till than. SORRY Cry

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Hi yumna Big smile
Just today I started reading ur FF and guess what!!! Embarrassed
I finished all chapters at 1 go!!!! LOL
Pls pls add me also to ur PM list Wink Big smile

Oh sorry to here that ur laapy not working Cry. Hope it will be fixed soon Big smile
Hope to read ur next update soon
Love and hugs
Azmiya Big smile
_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged

love ur ff
 i read all in one go 
love it.
Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged

I hope your lappy gets fixed soon

watevewriter Groupbie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged

Chapter 10

Normal P.O.V


Roop made a disgusted face and placed the bowl back in the tray. Nakusha who had been busy changing the sheets turned to the young girl, "kiya huwa soup pasand nahi aya?"

"Nahi Roop touched her throat, "it's just that my throat is all icky and it hurts."

"Tumhare bal slightly gilain hain tum kaho to mai dry kardon?"

Roop gazed at her for a second in pure amazement, "thank you par mai badmai khud karlon gi."




The two days had been long and hard for Roop but finally she was getting better. In the two days passed she had learned a lot, she had learned that her sisters were avoiding her because they did not want to catch her cold. Roop had also learned that Baji was a lost cause when it came to poetry. A craze had come up on him and he wanted to bring Dutta and Nakusha together. His first plan was to write poetry for Nakusha anonymously but well one would have died of fear just reading his poetry. After reading the terror she decided to help him out.

For Baji it had been his plan all along, he knew if he could get Roop interested in Bhau's life, she might see his good qualities. His plan was to get her to help him patch Dutta and Nakusha. He knew it wouldn't work, Dutta was still fuming mad, but he knew he might not be able to bring those two together but he might be able to bring a sister and brother together. Baji had noticed that during the two days Nakku and Roop had become more comfortable towards each other. When kala and Leila tai had refused to visit Roop, Nakusha had taken care of Roop like a true sister in law and even Roop had began to accept her. This made Baji wonder whether his friendship with her that had brought such a positive response so quickly from Roop.

A new day had begun and in the past three days Roop hadn't been out of her room so finally she decided to eat with the rest of the family. She had dressed in her best and walked down the stairs catching the eyes of everyone especially a certain Baji Rao. Everyone noticed the brightness in Roops smile and the free spirit in her walk.

"Roop, tujhe pata nahi mai nai kitne prashad ki terey liye," Kala gave a worried look.

Leila also turned to her sister, "ab kesi hain tu choti?"

Roops face fell and for the first time she felt upset at her sisters, "mai thik hoon tai."

Her eyes traveled to Baji who was staring at her happily, "vheni?"

Kala, Leila and Sudharshan looked surprised as they wondered why Roop was calling Nakusha. While Nakusha gave a smile.

"kiya mai apke saat kahana paros sakti hoon?" now everyone was really stunned it was as if the old Roop had disappeared.

"Kyun nahi tum Baji se shuru karo," Nakusha had noticed the closeness between Baji and Roop and had made her own plan to get them together.

Roop smiled and took the Dal to Baji, who smiled, "ajj to apon bhot khageyga, pehle baar ghar ke choti or akel ke khoti koi kaam kar rahi hain, weise Roop terey uper koi bhot to nahi char gaya?"

Roop looked at him irritated, "bhot khana hain?" she gave him an evil smile before dropping all of the Dal on Baji's plate, "ab kaho bhot."

Everyone laughed at this and even Dutta couldn't help but smile Roop noticed this and an idea came into her mind, "Bhau dal kesi hain?"

Dutta looked shocked at having been singled out but answered never the less, "achi hain."

"achi to hogi," roop smirked, "Vhenji ni jo banaya hain."

Madhu and Aye smiled, Nakusha and Dutta looked at each other awkwardly at each other, Kala, Leila and Sudharshan were angered at Roops sudden change. While Baji on the other hand was proud of how quickly Roop was improving and how willing she was to help the cause.

Roop turned to Baji and gave a cheerful smile, to this Baji smiled back and swept his hand through his disheveled hair.

"haan, waise bhau Dal to waqai bhot achi hain, kash hamari biwi bhe hamay itne mazay ke kahnay bana ke deti." kishore smiled switly while his wife was red with anger.

Dutta become very uncomfortable and left the room, while everyone stared at him.


*In the living room*


"To tum Londonwaliyan waqai mai…."  Baji was surprised at finding so many facts about Madhu

Roop came in and was angered to see the two sitting together, "Baji," she shouted a little louder than necessary.

"Roop apun yahin hain koi London mai nahi hai jo to itne zor se chekh rahi hain" Baji rubbed his ear trying to get his hearing back.

To this Roop folded her arms together and humped, "tum busy lag rahain thain or mudge ek zarori baat puchn I thi."

Baji looked at her irritated, "kiya pouch na tha?"

"which nail polish looks better on me?" Roop waved her hands in the air reavling a handful of red glittery nail polish and the other v=baby pink with green poka dots.

"yarri ho gai hai tu kiya?" Baji looked shocked that she would even ask such a question, "apon ko kiya pata? Yeh apun ke type ke cheeze nahi hain."

"per Baji," Roop pouted, "mudge nahi samdge araha konsi zada achi hain."

"um… wo pink wali zada achi hain," Madhu spoke bearly above a wispher.

Roops eyes hardened, "tum se kis ne poucha?"
"nahi," Madhu looked away, ""wo mudge bus pink wali achi lagi, thori different han or combination bhe acha hain or cloths se bhe match kar raha hain."

Roop looked at her clothes and thean back at her nail polish, "waise baat to sahi ke hai tumne."

'apon kahan pai pas gaya?' Baji covered his face with a cusion.

At this both girls broke into laughter. Madhu controlled her laughter, ;do khoubsorat larkiyon ke beech main.'

'han Baji tumhe to khush hona cha hiye.'

Baji got up angrily, "mai chalta hian.""

"per Baji rokon, baat to suno," both Madhu and Roop ran to catch a nervous Baji who hid behind Aye Sahib who had just walked in.

"Aye Sahib samdjao apni in churalon ko," Baji begged the elder woman.

Both girls acted as if they were deeply offened by his comment, "churail?" Roop's voice rose, "mai tumhe churail lagti hoon?"

"ek bar yeh makeup utar do, wada hai khud se dar jaogi!" Baji ducked as Roop made to hit him.

Aye sahib smiled, "itne dino baad is ghar mai khushi dekh kar acha laga."

"hari om," Kishore entered the room, "isi baat pe sab ke liye parsad."

Baji went to kishore's side, "Bhau, is parsad ke sab se zada zororat in larkiyon ko hain, shayad yeh kah ke thori sodhar jein."

Roop stomped her foot furiously, "aye sahib ap isse dekh rahin hain? Kaise mudge insult karey jar aha hain".

Madh tried to calm Roop, "relax Roop, atleast we can change but there is no hope for these boys," roop laughed and made to hug Madhu but then realized what she was doing and stoped.

"tu londonwali ko mazak bhe karma ata hai?" Baji commented.




He stood still like a statue not even wanting to breathe. There was a small part of his brain that was asking him to wake up, reality knocking on the door of conciousness, but he was not going to open the door, no he was not going to remember anything.



Would any of you mind if I add you on my FL? It will be eaiser for me to PM my stories. You can also PM your answer, if you don't want to answer openly.



I am soooooooooooo sorry but it wasn't my fault. Okay so it sort of was I shouldn't have spilled juice on my laptop L but oh well. Atleast I got a new one! Its Russian though. I don't know why Russian though.

No personal response today but I will restart it from the next chap though.



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