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ff: Trapped (roji) (Page 10)

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Chapter 7

Baji's P.O.V


It was almost sunrise by the time we made it back to the Patil house. Roop had fell asleep on the way back so the ride had been fairly quite except for  the sound of her heavy breathing and the occasional coherent words that erupted from her lips, most sentences were not comprehendible except for the names "Baji," and "Dutta Bhau." But I was thankful of the fact that she was asleep for I had no idea what would have happened if she was awake. There was so much going on in my head that I wasn't sure if I would have been able to face her. Reaching the Patil house I had carried Roop back to her room, bridal style. I was greatly relived that everyone was asleep, including the lazy bodyguards, and no one was there to witness me carrying Roop to her room. After I made sure that she was comfortable and as dry as possible with her soaking clothes on, I went to the security room and stole the security tape of the night. I carefully hid it in my room and than made my way to my bed. I knew sleep wasn't going to visit me today, there was way too much to think about, so much information to comprehend.

It was almost two in the afternoon and I hadn't moved from my position. Nakusha and Madhu had both came in to check on me several times but I had told them that I wasn't feeling well. Madhu had bought breakfast for me when I had refused to accompany everyone for breakfast at the table, using my headache as and excuse. She had left the food on the table where it lay still, untouched. I had questioned Nakusha about Roop and she had looked at me suspiciously while stating, "Roop is not feeling well according o Kala Tai." To this I had said nothing and she left as quietly as she had come.

My headache had reached its peak and I planned on skipping lunch as well. I had been thinking so much since Roop's outburst and so far I had only reached one conclusion, 'I was not going to get achieve anything from just sitting here and thinking, except for maybe a headache.' I wanted to go talk to Roop but I wasn't sure how to, what would I say? What would I do? There were so many questions I need to ask her but I didn't know how many of them were she willing to answer. Aside from our conversation on Bhau there was one more thing that was troubling me, one picture that flashed into my mind every few seconds, the picture of the hug.  I wasn't sure why but the hug kept on replaying in my mind. The rain, the sound of her soft sobs, her wet hair, her touch and how it all felt.

*knock knock*

"Come in," I turned to see Nakku with a silver tray filled with food and my stomach grumbled, reminding me for the first time how hunger I was.

She played the tray besides me and sat opposite me, "merey ko laga tu shayad akele kahna chahin."

"Thanks Nakku," I gave her a cheeky smile and her eyes travelled to the plate Madhu had left in the morning.

"Sab thik to hain Baji?" Nakku looked at me worried, "Sahib kuch kehtein nahi lakin merey ko pata hain un hain teri fiqar hain. To subha se dikha nahi isliye wo subha se paraishan hain, subah se unke nazar koi 100 bar stairs pai ja choki hain, jesai wo terey an nai ka intezar kar rahian hon."

There was a spasm of happiness bursting through me; could it be that Bhau was finally starting to for give me? It was so long since I had heard such fantastic news, and I wasn't sure how to react, "such Nakku?" she nodded with a small smile, "jab sahib ko terey sar dard ke barey mai pata chala to un ka chera jesai murja he gaya. Upper se…"

Nakku stopped in mid sentence and her eyes left mine, "upper se kiya Nakku?"

"Upper se," she was a bit uneasy, "subah se Roop bhe nahi neechain aye or kuch kaha bhi nahi rahi hain plus merey ko aye nai batai ke usne subah vomiting bhe ke. Uske waja se bhi Bhau thorey separashan hain." She placed a firm hand on my shoulder, "unhe is waqt kisse aise ke zororat hain jo unhe purey confidence se keh sakai ke mai hain na bhau mai sab thik kardega."

"nahi Nakku," I gave a sad smile, "unhe kisse aise ke zororat hain, jo bager kahain sab thik kardein or meray wada hain Nakku mai sab thik kardega."

Nakusha wiped the tear on her face, "mai jante hain Baji tu sab thik karde ga."  

A new energy travelled through me, "Nakku tu ek kaam kar, ek plate mai kahna nikal ke Roop ke kamre mai leya."

As I got up Nakku looked worried, "per baji tu pehle kuch kaha lai tu ne bhi to subha se kuch nahi kahya."

"Apon badmai kaha lai ga."


*Normal P.O.V*

Roop sat on her bed with both hands on her head. Her head was aching badly and to make matters worse she was feeling a bit queasy. She guessed she had a little too much to drink the night before. She couldn't remember the events of the last night except for a hug between her and Baji but even that was a bit hazy and she hoped beyond hopes that it was just a dream and not an actual event that had accord. If it had she wasn't sure how she was going to handle it.

*Knock Knock*

Roop felt the bouncing of her head to the beat of the knock, she murmured a come in and watched Baji enter, and "itne zor se knock karne ke kiya zororat hai, Darwaza torne ka kiya mood hai Baji?"

To this he scoffed, "jab raat peya gi to of curse yeh to hona tha, ab jab har choti se awaz dard karegi tu manga na or botal. Pehle bhi tujhe samjai tha ke mat pee mager tu kissi ke sunti kahan hain.

Roop looked at him irritated, "Baji tum kiya mujhe dante ne aye ho?"

"Nahi tumhe or icecream kehla nai aaye hn," he said sarcastically.

She looked at him confused for a moment wondering what he was talking about and then the picture of the hug flashed into her mind and she asked hesitantly, "Baji kal raat kiya huwa tha?"

"meri jaib kahli," he said a bit harshly, "puri dukan ke ice cream tum ne or tumhare doston ne kahli."

"Kon dost?"
Baji looked at her and seeing her uncertain face he calmed down, "tujhe waqai mai kuch yaad nahi?"

She clutched her bed, "Kyun kal kuch huwa tha kiya?"

Hearing the vulnerability in her voice he realized he couldn't tell her the truth, so he lied, "nahi wo bus raat ko kuch gharib bachai mill gaye they rastai main."

"Or kuch bhi nahi?" she asked still not convinced, and both instantly thought about the hug.


Kiya tu mujhe se dosti karegi?


*Question of the Day*

Guyz I really need you to answer this question as it will help me with the up coming track and it will be helpful if u guyz give me a reason as well.


How should Baji in love act?


a)      Childish (try to win her over but always ends up making her madder. Think the love letter to sup from Dutta that he wrote or even him troubling Dutta about sup/ Nakku)

b)      Intense (has the control while she is still uncertain, really close scenes, think the drunk scenes in the show or the one where they cry. The intensity of the moment thing a bit of angry young man.)

c)      Cool (acting indifferent, making her jealous, think his and Madhu's kiya ap mere dost banai gey or the dinner he and Nakku plan for sup Dutta.)

d)      Another suggestion.


Personally I like the intense one as it will fit the upcoming track very well but childish is how baji is and cool will be easy since we have Madhu to help. Honestly I am confused I can't imagine him in love it's so confusing. Please do consider the fact that he has history with Roop and he is in a way more familiar with her than Madhu so he might react differently to her love.


*Personal Response*

Guess whose finally back after a break?

No of course I am not talking about Karan Wahi (my new dream man).

Rather as you guyz might have guessed ME!!!!!!!!


Exams are done no more books! Unless it's for this Fanfic. Now only trying to catch up to LTL I hear a lot of good things are happening in the show for e.g. Dutta staying and Roop being good,

Mudge pata tha tum logo ne mudge bhot miss kiya ho ga *Sry ego's speaking not me*

Sorry for the wait guyz.

 BTW I started a new fanfic check it out, its called forbidden memories it has not only Roji goodness but also Tasha!


Coming to the chapter, I know it was a bit plain but because of the last emotional chapter I wanted to lighten everything a bit so it might seem boring but I will try some fluffiness in the next chapter.




Thanks for the lovely comment. I think they do have feelings for each other but they just haven't realized it yet since he is nothing but a right hand man while she is like the boss' sister so I guess they never thought about it.



Thanks for the lovely comment. I don't think she realizes that Dutta is doing this for his sisters, she sort of feels that it was only to prove something to Seema.



Thanks for the comment. I am back with my personal comments. Thanks for liking Baji's P.O.V I wasn't sure if I was doing him any justice but you helped raise my ego.



Thanks for the lovely comment. I really like the fact that you got my point with baji being a don and yet she might love him. But in the last chapter there was a point where she says that baji is a murderer just like Dutta. I believe she doesn't hate Dutta, she is just disappointed in him cuz if face the fact I don't think any of us want our brother to be a murderer right? So I think this highlights her love that even though she might love Baji she still luvz Dutta more because she cares for his safety and would rather baji being a murderer rather than her brother.



Thanks for the lovely comment. I am sorry for the wait but hopefully I will be updating regularly know. I am glad that you thought it was emotional that's one of the greatest complement a writer can get.



Thanks for the lovely comment. Awww I am so glad you like my story much it's a real relief to know my story is appreciated. Even I luv his dimples so much, they are just really cute just like him.



Thanks for the lovely comment. I also felt really sad writing that part but its one of the peaks of the story so sadly I had to make her say all that but don't worry by the end you won't feel so sad, hopefully.



Thanks for the lovely comment. For starters I really want a nice lengthy analysis of the question of the day and your answer for it. Your comments always help me right better so remember a long detailed answer for the QOTD, nahi to…. Samjhe…..  Point 2) loved the video reminded me of the good old days and also helped me develop Roops character in the upcoming track. Thanks a ton for dedicating the video to me, made me smile.



Thanks for the lovely comment. OMG I just loved your comment. You understood my whole point of view. You got everything right from Roop not really hating Dutta just being really disappointed in him because no one wants their brother to be a murderer, no matter how much you love a person once they do something wrong we do react negatively to their behavior just  the way Roop is doing, to the Roop having no friends or even her family not having time for her.



Thanks for the lovely comment. Its okay I am not completely with her either especially in the show at least until as far as I have seen. I hear she is getting better.

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Reserved......... Fisrttly answer to question of the day......... i will go for Option # B..........Intense........
A very nice updt............ bot are impatient and dont know how to face each many questions going on in Baajis head........... Roops does not even remember wht all happened the prev night other than the hug...........The hug is really making both restless...........Luved Nakku-Baaji convo...........continue sooooooooooooooon........... Thanx 4 PM........... sorry fr late comments (read it in the morning but now posting comment after the clases)........had classes 2day .................

Edited by ushankitvc - 30 January 2011 at 2:30am

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First thing first... INTENSE! lool.. i wana see an intense baaji.. he wud look HOT!...
Awww baaji n nakku are such sweet bhabi and devar... they understand each other so well.. im glad atleast dutta is kinda worried for his friend.. hope he mellow down soon..
LOL both baaji n roops gt headache.. well roops had to have it.. she drank a lot so now hangover time lol..
aww they both thinking bout their hug.. how cute.. but i guess they are both uneasy to tlk bout it as roops wasnt in her senses!... hope they open up soon doe.. but i love sarcastic baaji.. jeb khali lmao.. he's a joker.. aise situations mein bhi mazaak karta hain lol..
Great update.. glad ur back!!.. Continue soon :)

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Hey yumna, nice to see u back after such a loooonggggg tym, almost a month, bt as u say u vl be regular now, i m luking forward to it. Nd ya, i missed u alot. I hope ur exams go well.

Cuming to update, its a bit plain bt its ok dear, i m luking forward to roji frndship.

I vl also suggest intense mood.

Thanks for update dear. Update soon.

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very nice update .....

like the conversation between nakku and baji

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged
FINALLY! You know I was just thinking yesterday that I would PM you and ask you to update it and you did :-)
Love it!!
Baji is the best friend a guy can have and the best guy a girl can fall in love with :D
Awesommee! Update soon and thanks for the PM :-)
Take Care

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You r back nd you updated also, YAYPartyDancingPartyDancing......
I am so happyBig smileBig smileBig smile....................
I check IF every day morning to see if there is ny chance that I get a pm saying trapped(roji), nd today I did nd it totally made my day, so thankuEmbarrassed.....

Nd I really loved the chapter, very well writtenClapClapClap.. Didn't feel like it was plain or nything.. Loved Naku-Baji as well as Roops-BajiThumbs Up, nd they are both confused about whatever happened last night ha, LOL... Both of them got sick, nd Roops has one serious hangover ha.. Really loved Baji's sarcastic remarks to Roops nd her retorts back... He is concerned for her alsoDay Dreaming... Very much eager to read the next chapter, want to know how exactly he is gonna convince her to eat. Hope she asks him to eat too, poor guy has so many problems to deal with nd on top of that no food also. Nice precap nd fluff ha, I Heart fluff, so yay....Nd Dutta is having second thoughts, hmm... Apne dost se intna pyar karta hai to jaake puuchta kyun nahi ki usne kuch khaaya ya phir dawaai li, gadha kabhi nahi sudhrega, lost case I tell uAngry...

Abt QOTD, u r rite, it is kind of difficult to imagine how Baji in love would be like nd the upcoming tracks are not exactly happy-wappy ones, I don't know, maybe a good mix of all but predominantly Intense I guess...............

He has known Roops for a very very long time nd vice versa, so even if they start developing feelings for each other, they may not realize it that easy, especially not Baji...Roops might, aftr sometime, but Baji, I don't know. But lets not forget there are some very bright people at PN(read Kala) who would spot it right away, though she may/may not be oblivious of her sister's feelings. Either ways, lets face it, it's Kala, the woman tried to hang her son down the balcony, don't think she will care much about whether or not her sis gets hurt as long as it suits her purpose...Nd Naku too, she seems to have a knack for sensing these kinds of things too especially since Baji is involved...
Baji doesn't feel like the type who would intentionally come up with something to make someone jealous or act indifferent but, he is dense in some things which automatically makes Roops jealous, hee hee eg:all scenes where he is bina kisi sharam ke adoring Madhu, he doesn't even realize someone might get jealous in the background or eg:when Roops bade pyar se khaana leke gayi thi uske liye nd all he was worried abt was his Bhao, "Bhao is on vrat, not taking ny food implies Mein bhi not taking ny fud"ROFL
Nd Baji writing a love letter to her, that might take some time. She might get a letter he was writing for someone else for some other purpose or Naku realising about these 2 might force him to write one, dat would be hilariousLOLLOL... I really like the way their fights nd banter, nd it would be fun to see him do somthing to impress her but end up making her madder, oh yessThumbs UpThumbs Up..It's Roops nd Baji so childishness at some point of time is a must I think plus it will come naturally when the situation arises.

So all in all, I think I got you more confused, SorrieeBig smile.............

I vote for a mix of allSmileSmileSmile........

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awsum upte waz rely sweet
wa lool!! she dsnt rmmba enfn..n tinkz da hug is just a dream..wel dat surly tels she lykz hm dat she evn tinkz dat it cn only b a dream..dus she dream bou hm often lol undefined 
thnx 4 pm bbe..continue soon.x
ps..i wud choos...b)      Intense (has the control while she is still uncertain, really close scenes, think the drunk scenes in the show or the one where they cry. The intensity of the moment thing a bit of angry young man.)
pps..congratz on ur new ff..soundz rely intrstn..wud luv 2 read it..plz pm it..btw i wud luv 2 c mor tasha scnez on dat 1 rada den roji...

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