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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani


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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
hI i am new to the pkyek forum...can somebody plz b kind enuf to tell me the story so far in detail~!!! THANK UU ...

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Piyashree Jaiswal has always been a different girl, a girl with a mind of her own.Piya moves to Dehradun to pursue her degree.

In the chill of the dense forests, she meets Abhay Raichand, a strikingly handsome boy who completely sweeps her off her feet. But Abhay's mysterious disposition raises questions in Piya's mind. He is a recluse and very unlike the other boys in college.

Abhay is not 'human'. Because he is an immortal with supernatural powers. To Abhay, Piya is that person he has waited ages for – his soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Abhay must struggle to resist his inherent instinct of killing a human. However, facing this, the two will have to nurture their impossible love.

The story begins with Piashree or Piya (Sukirti Khandpal), an orphan who goes to Dehradun after getting a scholarship in Mount College. While there, she befriends the outgoing Misha (Priya Wal), and college casanova Kabir (Vishal Gandhi). Tanushree a.k.a T (Madhura Naik)the colleges 'supposed' diva, takes an instant disliking to Piya.


While rappelling with her friends she falls, and is caught by a mysterious young man. The man leaves immediately after helping Piya. Piya is then introduced to Panchi, Misha's sister and Danish (Tabrez Khan), her fiance (who is also Kabir's brother). Piya is shocked to see Misha's father, Arnab Dobriyal, who happens to be her own father (not that he knows), who had left her mother long before when Piya was a child. But she doesn't tell him anything. A young man named Abhay Raichand (Vivian Dsena) from a very rich family comes to the college to seek admission. Piya realises that it was the same mysterious man who saved her life.

A). A new principal is hired (courtesy Mr.& Mrs. Raichand). When Piya finds out that her roommate, Maya is pregnant, she gets on the case of finding out who the guy is. Piya doubts Abhay and he admits to it. Piya records a video of Maya and a guy, whose back is only seen, and she believes it is Abhay.

Danish proposes to Panchi and the Dobriyals' organize a party where comes to know that Danish made Maaya pregnant, she reveals this to maya and Abhay and confronts Danish and he accepts but he manages to clear out the proofs Piya collected. Everybody starts hating Abhay except for Piya. She tries helping him. Panchi calls the police and asks them to arrest Abhay, but Piya stops them by stating that on the day Maya was hurt, Abhay was with her in the Boy's Locker Room.

Danish comes to hurt Piya at her hostel. Abhay reaches before Danish and takes Piya to his house for her own safety and, there she spends the night in his room. Piya nearly sees a photo of Maithili (a girl who resembles Piya, and whom Abhay used to love) but Abhay pulls it from her hand before she sees the face. When she asks Abhay whether Maithili was her girlfriend and he says Yes. Haseena Raichand comes to check, Abhay picks Piya up quickly and takes her to the bed, just in time before Haseena opens the door. Pia unknowingly sleeps in Abhay's arms which she feels bad about later.

The next day, the principal of the college comes to Piya's class and announces that a girl from their college had spent a night at a boy's house and the parents have come to identify the girl. Arnab comes to Piya's rescue at the principal's office and points out justice hasn't been delivered since Piya is the only one accused and not Abhay. Abhay is also called. He disagrees in front of his parents that Piya was not with him that night.

Piya goes home with Mr. Dobriyal and is greeted by a rather hostile Panchi. Piya is called to attend a phone call by the matron who reveals to her that she found a cheque addressed from Danish to Maya. She asks Piya to see if Maya has received it. Piya sees this as possible proof to reveal Danish's true nature in front of the whole family but after she reveals it to Misha, the Dobrial family say that Danish has told them everything. Arnab almost slaps Piya but just in time Abhay stops him and takes her away. In class, Piya gets a lot of notes with rather nasty and insulting comments. She gets upset again and Abhay supports her. Misha goes to the locker room where she realizes that the date on the cheque was 6th november whereas the Maya affair had started on 1st december.

Meanwhile back in class, Abhay gets some sort of a concussion where his eyes change colour and he gets extremely, uncontrollably furious. He recovers from it soon enough to tell the whole class to get down on their knees immediately. The class thinks that he has lost his mind but they obey. Suddenly, an earthquake hits and almost everything in the class is destroyed. After the tremors, the class runs out to safety and suddenly Piya remembers that Misha is still in the locker room.

Piya tries to find another way out to the locker room and she chances upon a broken down wall(which Abhay had broken down, having sensed that Misha was still in there stuck underneath the debris) and she sees someone(Abhay, hidden by the dark) carrying Misha to safety. By the time she calls everyone to where she is, he's gone. Piya goes back to the locker room having doubted the same. There she finds Abhay's pen. Abhay goes back to college and realizes that his pen is missing. He asks a peon if he had seen his pen anywhere, and he is suggested to ask Piya (she was in there earlier to ask for the CCTV footage of the locker room at the time of the earthquake to prove Abhay's involvement). Abhay finds her just in time and he warns her to keep her distance from the issue and that she must learn to respect people's privacy.

At the Raichand mansion, having been assured that all's going to be well for the family, Haseena and Abhay watch the news. The reporter says that the media has finally find out who the hero is and this would be revealed later that night. Abhay immediately doubts Piya and he feels betrayed for having trusted her and supporting her. He decides to confront her, which results in a rift between them. But after watching T boasting as Misha's saviour, Abhay gets to know that it wasn't Piya who called them & goes to apologize to her.When he reaches the forest he finds Piya & apologises. Suddenly,he saves Piya before a branch falls on her.

Shocked at his act, she asks him how he could predict unpredictable accidents & attacks on her & the others and asks him what he is. Soon, they have a heated argument & Piya says that she will leave Abhay's life forever. He agrees to it and says that it is right for both of them. But in their hearts, both have unconditional love for each other which they haven't realized yet. Meanwhile, Misha recovers and she discovers Danish's truth somehow, after getting Piya's phone fixed.

She apologises to Piya who willingly forgives her but, they pretend to continue fighting in front of others. Piya finally sees Maithili's photo in Abhay's wallet. She gets her hair straightened and confronts Abhay. Piya asks Abhay who Maithili is, because of which Abhay tells her to stay away from him.

Abhay leaves but, not before he overhears Misha and Piya making plans to bring out Danish's truth in front of everybody at Danish's bachelor's party.Danish's party is on and Kabir chances upon Misha and Piya going somewhere together and his doubts arise. Maya is back, having returned after telling her family the truth and she apologies to Piya for having left without her knowledge, leaving her, alone to face Danish and the Dobriyal family and, that she has to apologies to Abhay too, for leaving him the trouble to face her problems single-handedly.

Maya's now not afraid to face Danish anymore. Kabir breaks in on the conversation and, from Maya and the rest, he learns the entire truth. Misha comes up with a new plan. She coaxes Panchi into gatecrashing the bachelor's party. Meanwhile, Abhay arrives hoping to prevent Piya from getting into more trouble. He senses Piya walking with Maya, in disguise, and stops her from behind. Abhay is unhappy to see Piya dressed like a belly dancer for the party. He said he didn't know she is "that" type of girl, to which Piya replies - it is none of his business. They have a heated argument and Piya slaps Abhay in fury.

Suddenly, he shouts 'Maithili' out at her and an already furious Piya leaves. Piya and Maya dance at the party to entertain the guests. Meanwhile, Misha arrives with Panchi at the party and Kabir lures Danish to a room upstairs where Maya is waiting for him. An argument ensues and without his knowledge, Panchi listens to the entire conversation and she discovers the truth. Panchi breaks into the room with Misha and slaps Danish asking him why he did this, that instead of taking responsibility of a mistake he already committed, he tried to hide it in such a manner.

Misha then adds to proof, the difference in the date on the cheque and the fact that she was able to recover the video from the Piya's mobile. Panchi's and Danish's parents arrive in time to listen to the whole conversation. Kabir calls the police. Seeing all lost and no way to escape, Danish becomes very agitated and blames Piya for destroying his life. He picks up a knife and tries to harm her. Suddenly Abhay reaches there and stops him thereby, terribly injuring his hand. Kabir arrives with the police and Danish is arrested. Abhay leaves and Piya blames herself for the injury caused to him.

Abhay mysteriously clears the wound on his palm. Piya goes after him to enquire if he's alright and she sees blood (his blood)on the ground evaporating mysteriously. She follows him to the forest where she sees him leaning in front of a tombstone.Meanwhile, Mrs.Dobriyal is back home from the wedding shopping spree and when she sees her family's faces, she gets to know something's wrong.

Arnab,Misha and Panchi tell her the entire incident and Misha furthers abuses Danish and his vile character,not knowing that her father was once like that too(with Piya's mother).Back at the forest,Abhay leaves and Piya takes a closer look at the tombstone.It is Maithili's!...Piya is now more than ever eager to find out what's the connection Maithili had with Abhay, and their story.

She is about to leave when she suddenly comes face-to-face with Abhay, who warns her again to stay away from his life.Misha calls Piya home and she leaves.Mrs.Dobriyal thanks Piya for saving Panchi's life(something that only a sister can think of).Meanwhile,Mr.Raichand asks Abhay to get Danish released on bail,having received a phone call from Danish, who explains to him that Piya's destroyed his life and has sent him to jail and now she's after Abhay,doing almost the same thing(Danish's plan now is to make Mr.Raichand his alibi, since his entire family is against him).Piya and the rest of the girls have a sleepover.

Misha comes up with the idea of calling spirits with the 'Ouija' board and Piya says that she wants to call on Maithili's spirit.Arnab shares his views about the incident with his wife.He feels miserable for having misjudged Piya for Danish.Madhu tells him Piya is his daughter and they have a brief argument and Madhu wakes up only to realize its a dream.Mr.Dobriyal gets a call saying that Danish has been released on bail and he is wanted at the police station.Kabir is lost in thoughts and his father thinks he's thinking about Danish but,Kabir is actually thinking about Piya for he feels so guilty for terribly accusing her and not supporting her when she knew the truth.He knows that Piya won't take him back again.

Meanwhile,Misha,Ruhi and Panchi ask the board questions and they're all faced with comical answers(proving thus far that the board is fake).When Piya's turn comes, she questions Maithili's presence in the room.Immediately lightning and thunder strike and a fierce wind blows out the candles.Suddenly, the coin starts moving on its own, so fast, that Misha writes down the message.It reads 'Abhay is your destiny',answering Piya's question as to what connection she has with Abhay.At the police station,Mr.Dobrial confronts Danish and asks him who had the cheek to get him out of jail and just then, Abhay enters the room and says his father made him do it, since Danish is their company's employee.

Arnab is disgusted because he knows Mr.Raichand has done this for personal reasons and he tells Danish that he's not going to let him get away after playing with all their lives.Meanwhile,Panchi realises that Misha and Ruhi were only playing it up with the board with magnets but,when Piyashfa says Abhay's case is complicated,Misha confesses saying that once the lightning struck all their hands were off the board so, for sure no one made that part up.Piya and the rest wonder who or what it was that made this happen,all drawing the same conclusion that Maithili must've been present all this while.

Abhay and Danish are on their way home and Danish makes snide comments at Piya and he says that if he ever had the chance, he would kill her.Abhay gets extremely furious and stops the car.He asks Danish to get out of the car and check the engine.While Danish is checking,Abhay bangs the bonnet shut on Danish,angrily and says that he'll never let Danish do what he wants with Piya because he will protect her and stay by her side,like a shadow.Kabir comes to the Dobriyal house and has a word with Misha about apologising to Piya.He is doubtful of her forgiving him and taking him back as her boyfriend, after having treated her so miserably.

Piya enters and she does forgive Kabir when he apologises but, she says that she'll be only a friend to him ,to which Kabir reluctantly agrees.Abhay reaches home sans Danish and Mr.Raichand questions him where Danish is.Abhay lies saying that after what happened,Danish wanted to be left alone to think things over.Mr.Raichand tells him that if Danish doesn't turn up for a project that he's handling,Abhay has to go with him.Abhay casually states that he's got to go to college and that there's a trip planned to go to the museum.

A sceptical Mrs.Raichand declares that he's not permitted to go there because its on the other side of the river and they(their kind)are not allowed into that territory and he would be immediately caught if he does go.Abhay doesn't care anyway and says he'll manage himself.Everyone in college is excited to go.Piya sits with Kabir with Abhay watching them close behind.When Kabir playfully flirts with her,Abhay tries hard to hide his jealousy.But,Abhay is no saint no less;he purposely flirts with T in hopes of making Piya jealous too.Its almost late in the evening when they arrive at the river and the bus stops abruptly, and suddenly Abhay is made to think twice about what his mother had said.

The tyres have been punctured and the bus cannot go further.So,the group decide to camp by the river for the night.Abhay is dismayed and he stays aloof from the rest of the group but keeps a close watch on them.At the bonfire,they play a game of 'Spin the bottle/Truth or Dare' to entertain themselves.When Kabir's turn comes,he chooses truth and expresses his love for Piya in front of everyone.Abhay seems to not care but, he's actually listening.Abhay's turn comes and at first, he chooses truth but later, chooses dare and is asked to kiss a girl,which he does.He kisses T on the cheek,much to the astonishment of the others,especially Piya, who is shaken by the act.Misha plays a nasty prank on T and gets her locked in the bus.Ruhi comes to get her and since she's drunk again, gets her to go sleep.

Abhay's rudely defies Panchi's instructions to not stray away from the group and wander around the camp.Piya comes to Panchi's defense and when she tries to question with Abhay,he insults her terribly and a tearful Piya walks away.Abhay secretly prays that Piya wouldn't do anything stupid after what he'd said to her.Piya comes back to the camp,and goes to talk to Misha but, on hearing from Ruhi she's already asleep,she goes into the tent anyway.The tent is in darkness and Piya expresses her love towards Abhay to a sleeping Misha,or so she thinks.After having confessed everything to her,Piya brightens the lamp light and is shocked to see Abhay sitting in front of her(confirming the fact that he had been listening to Piya all this while and not Misha,as she had thought).Abhay rudely confronts her and insults her for being so silly and throwing herself at him, like the other girls do.Piya remains speechless throughout the conversation and Abhay leaves the tent.

He runs into the forest at high speed and takes out his anger and frustration on his surroundings.Kabir wakes Misha up and tells her that if they both don't watch over Piya,she might land herself in trouble with Abhay.Misha plays a hilarious prank on the campers, dressed like an old woman but,Panchi does get a hint,its her.Danish's mother comes to the Raichand mansion to verify his whereabouts since he hasn't returned home and Chand assures her that he'll return soon.But,Haseena is quick to suspect something's wrong.Later,Chand and Haseena watch the news and they are in for a shock, when the reporter reveals that wolves have been sited on the other side of the river.Panchi gets the news too, and she asks everyone to stay together, within the camp limits.Abhay is seriously worried now because he knows too well why the wolves have come-for him.



Thts where v r in the story so far....i got it from some website....

i knw its much to read....but i hope u will like it Smile

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thank u relli much....hvnt read it yet...but fanx
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hey pls ask these queries in help desk.
PKYEK Help Desk

and here is the link to story so far.
PKYEK story so far/SCENES-updated weekly

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