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Jus Imagin Its Possible-2 Pg79- Rads VM (Page 70)

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Hey lnmdjians, this is my first contribution to JIIP thread. The first 3 paragraphs of this OS is written by one of the all-time great writers of this forum NAQIYA. The credit for those wholly and completely goes to her. They were an extract from her journal which was sent to me by Munaza (username: M2NZ) I've kept those 3 paragraphs which she wrote undisturbed as a tribute to her.

I wanted to give a title for this OS. But couldnt get any. So named it as below.

                              BEAUTY AND THE BODYGUARD

A party full of crowd, every body mingling with each other. It was the celebration party of Inder Mehra, fiance of Damini Gujral who was looking like a Goddess of beauty. Everybody's eyes were on her, how  her black net saree was gathering all her curves. She was moving with Inder introducing his fiancee to everyone. Inder was very much happy. But what about Damini? Was she really happy? Didnt seem to be. One man was staring at her from the corner of the bar. He knew she was holding her fake smile as he knew Damini for the past few months. He was none other than Prithvi Saxena, Damini's bodyguard and Chief Security officer of Gujral Industries. Damini and Prithvi never got along but from few days Damini was being used along by Inder. He never listens to her but just orders her around, which hurted woman's heart. Damini was strong but at times she used to feel bad about it. She even cried but hid it from all, but not from Prithvi, who used to feel angry, hurt and much more to see Damini sad.

Damini's eyes met with Prithvi while moving around. She felt heavy in head. what she hid from everyone is now visible to him.  She had been hurt by Inder in the evening when she had to come with him to the party. After waiting a lot she called him. Inder had forgotten about this. But instead of apologising he asked her to come with her filthy bodyguard. Damini felt bad, very much bad when she heard such thing about Prithvi.  She took her outburst at him saying, "Inder what do you think of yoursef. Have some manners..." All that she got in reply was, "You care about your damn animals, your damn bodyguard where i cannot fit in". This made tears roll down from her eyes. She had decided, " Now i dont care about him. What does he mean. I cannot go to the party now". But then she cannot upset her mother. Prithvi was coming out of the mansion when he saw Damini near he car alone. She was going but seemed very much upset. He went forward and asked if he could leave her to the party. Damini who was trying hard to control herself simply nodded.

Prithvi could see how much hurt Damini is and what could be the reason, other than Inder. He wanted to to rip off his head. "Why the hell does he hurt a girl like Damini?" He could see Damini composing herself, trying to be normal. Both drove silently. As they reached she was about to go when his words stopped her. "He doesnt deserve you Damini." This shocked her. She turned around looking at him in a helpless mode. Prithvi nodded in a no to her, "Dont do this Damini". She was screaming in herself. She wanted support right there before breaking down. She wanted somone to get her up. Prithvi held her habd and started to take her back. He didnt want her to go and break. Then they heard Inder's voice at the back. "hey Damini, thank God you came, I'm very sorry for the bahaviour. Work load you see", which made Damini and prithvi's hands apart. Inder without noticind Damini took her away or to say dragged her inside.

(i've continued from here. this is entirely my work)

Since then Prithvi was a little angry on Damini. Why doesnt she shoo him off? Why does she encourage him? Damini could see this openly in his behaviour. He left from there angrily and went up the stairs for a change. He stopped at a place suddenly unable to believe his eyes. Inder was kissing another girl. The entire day he mentally tortures Damini and on her back he's cheating on her. Prithvi want to tell Damini about this and turned back to leave. But then he changed his mind. For her. He knew she's hurt now. And when she comes to know anout this she'll be broken. So instead he proceeded towards Inder and kept his hand on his shoulder. Inder disturbed turned back and saw him. "You filthy bodyguard.. What are you doing here?" Prithvi trying not to show his anger said, "Dont you think i'm the one who's supposed to ask this question?" It didnt have any effect on him. Guilt, fear nothing. "Oh well, now you know about it. What are you going to do? Tell my fiance about it?" Prithvi said, "if i really want to, i would have called her here. so that she could see all his doings with her own eyes. I'm here just to warn you, enough is enough. Damini is really a girl of gem Inder. You should consider yourself lucky to have her". Inder laughed, "yes, i am. but why should you feel bad. you are afterall a lowclass body guard. Our servant. Our Dog. Isnt it that there's something going on between you two?" "Inder...", Prithvi shouted in disgust. "Dont you dare raise your voice. If Damini cant satisfy my needs, i need search for someone else isnt it? And moreover i'm not so concerned about her than i'm concerned about her money. So now, i can offer you anything to keep your mouth shut". and then "let's find a private place for us, darling", he said to his girl and left.

Prithvi was shocked about what Inder had admitted. He turned back to go down stairs and found Damini at his back. He ignored her and tried to leave. "Prithvi, please stop.", she asked, "are you angry with me?" Prithvi gave her a pity look, "you know what damini, you should be blamed more than Inder. I dont understand why do you do this? To youself?". Damini told him, "what am i supposed to do Prithvi. Mom is totally smitten by him. You know better that she's going through ill health and each day she's just lucky. i  really cant make her sad and deter her life." Prithvi understood her helplessness. Inder has won the heart of Ila Gujral, Damini's mom and got into her good books first. and since she's ill she cant leave Damini alone and wanted to get her settle down before she closes her eyes forever. And whom can she choose other than the supposed best Inder for her? Prithvi made Damini understand, "Damini, look at me.. Do you think parents want to throw their children in hell and be happy? Damini Ila ma'am will be alright. We'll make her happy and heal her health. But not on fake happiness." Damini listened to Prithvi. His words always had a soothing effect on her soul. He hated him yet she loved him. she knew that he's just like a coconut. His tough exterior when broken reveals his soft, tender and even tasty heart. But there's no hope that she can have it. Prithvi continued, "Damini Inder changes like a chameleon. Can you assure to yourself that his true colors wont be revealed to your mother after marriage? Dont you thing she'll be far more broken when she'll know about what you went throught, even before marriage? And you hid it from her? Didnt trust her?" Damini thought for a while. She didnt say anything. and left form there making him more angrier now. Inspite of his words she didnt understand him.

Damini went into the party. She saw Inder there on the phone. she moved towards him and said that she wants to talk to him. But he ignored her saying that he's busy. Then what happened next was unexpected. Damini took off her sandal and before Inder could understand anything, she gave a thrash on his cheek. The entire crowd in the party were shocked. So was Inder. To that force he fell down. "You've got out of control Inder. Now i cant no longer tolerate it. I have been tolerating this abusive relationship in just a little hope that you'll amend your ways and become the Inder i've known before. But today i came to know that you're just an imposter". Inder tried to explain, "Have you gone nuts Damini.? What have you done. Just by listening to someone else..." " Not to someone else. I've seen it with my own eyes. And if you dont accept your mistake... i may get the security footage of the stairs". Inder was caught and now he could see that Damini is red with anger and everyone in the party surrounded them and were gossipping. He tried to change colour but now its unaffected on her. "Damini lets talk in personal. Why are you making such a drama nfront of everyone?" He tried to take her away by grabing her hand. But she was reluctant and gave him a killer look. he threatened her menacingly, "listen to me carefully Damini. Just think of your mom before doing something. you know she doesnt have much time.. her health... what will happen to her when she'll know that her daughter's engagement is broken.. She'll die on the.." before he could complete he got another trash on his cheek. This time more harder. Even the crowd before whom the drunk Inder couldnt control himself accused him.

Inder felt insulted. He knew now there's no way to get her back. He grabbed a bottle and breaking it he tried to stab her. Damini shouted in fear and closed her eyes. But then she didnt get hurt. She opened her eyes slowly and as she expected she was saved by Prithvi. He caught hold of inder's hand in time and twisted his hand making him throw it.. Sometimes she wonders how he appears from nowhere when she's in trouble. He gave a huge blow to Inder and left the party with Damini. But before going Damini removed her ring and threw it on Inder's face. "You hell Mr. Inder Mehra. what did you think that i wont know your intensions?. You have engaged my money, not me. Now you get neither. Loser!".

They drove toward the Gujral Mansion. In the car, "thanks", Damini muttered. "its my duty", he replied. She was used to this dialogue of his. Smirking she said, "Dont act smart. I mean thanks for everything. you know something you have a big attitude problem..." he was furious at first but then soon realised that she's playing with him. So he decided along and retorted back. After a lot of nok-jhoks they reached home. He was very happy that his Baddimaag Damini is back and got out of her Damsel-in-distress avatar very soon. He was smiling and so was Damini at each other. Even she didnt believe that her Badtameez Prithvi would help her in composing herself so soon. But then when they were about to enter inside she stepped back and the smile on her face was lost. Prithvi could read her thoughts as though it was a telepathic connection. "She wont be broken Damini. Instead she'll be happy very much happy and thank god that her daughter been saved from a monster." But Damini was unsure. She knew that her mom atleast would be panicked. "You trust me". She nodded. "Then trust wholly." He offered his hand as a support and she gave hers. They shared an eyelock. Words expressed through eyes say more than thousand emotions. All that she wanted is that to hold this hand for eternity.  So did Prithvi. Now sure their feelings they hugged each other passionately. Not as they wanted to. But as they were always meant to be.


Waiting  for your comments.


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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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wow.. loved it.. purely a PriDa special..

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Tich , you made it
Wow tables turned
Loved it!
Thank u so much

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Hi Tich, awesum os. It was complete pridalohic. Luved it.

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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A wholesome Prida package..with action from both...Badhimaag and Bathameez ki LNMDJ...loved the teatment that these two gave Inder..and the end passionate hug was awsome...the begining by Naqiya was wonderful...

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I know...I know...I have been super super irregular with my responses and I have NO excuse for this extremely bad behavior. Ouch
To all the contributors - THANK YOU Keeping the JIIP Flag flying high. Will revert shortly on all the beautiful work that I missed commenting on earlier.
Keep them comingBig smile
- Khushi

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Originally posted by Mru_bee

Walking on the cool sandy beach
By the beautiful Pacific ocean
With the salty waves slipping away
The tiny grass trying to hold sway

The dancing queens on the stage
The words flowing on a lonely page
It is all in a gentle smile
Glances that can travel the mile

When the proximity begins the feel
When it can barely contain the zeal
A King and a Queen bring back memories
& makes me believe in pixies and fairies...

-- Mru

Beautiful words...very poignant. And they do bring back lot of lovely crazy and fun memories. If only we could hold time in our hands without them slipping away like sand...sigggh.
- Khushi.

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Hey tich beautiful os but d best thing was damini removed her sandal and thrashed on d jerk's face waah waah kya scene tha & hanks for d pm - akshata Smile

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