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Jus Imagin Its Possible-2 Pg79- Rads VM (Page 53)

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@Honey: Good to see you here! Thanks glad you liked it!

@Nandini: Glad you liked the scene so much and that you could imagine GK and CS acting it out.. Thanks alot. 

@Shalini: Thank you!

@Nitika: Haha can understand why you havent watched this scene in quite some time.. Cant stand that shirt either.. Ouch He looks like he joined the army.. very blahhh.. Glad you liked my take on how the scene could have continued.. and really glad to know that my er detailing helped you in envisioning the scene.. Smile
@Last dialogue: Chandana would have definitely done that well yeah.. Smile The CV's all had diplomas in being UNCreative.. LOL

@Rads: Thanks! Glad you liked the scene.. Smile

@Tich: Thanks alot.. Glad you liked the attempt. Smile

@Mazzy: Mazzyyy.. Thank you.. Glad you liked the small attempt.. Yep the makers just didnt dig deep enough.. These two definitely had so many layers to their characters.. Miss them too. Unhappy

@Sia: Thank you... Glad you liked the scene.. Smile

@Kanchan: Thanks! Ummm I know its small.. But i dont see how Pri could have stayed given that he was trying so hard to stay away from her.. Sorry if it was a disappointment as far as the length is concerned.

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Hey all!! I'm so happy you all liked part 2!! Lovely comments... Thank you so much! You made my day... And now, the last part.

Part 3

It was 2'o clock in the afternoon and Prithvi was going through hell. For the past three hours, Damini and Aryan had been laughing and chatting together as the latter showed off his prize horses and revealed his plans for them. Smarmy git hadn't left a single opportunity to impress Damini, and Prithvi was keeping count. Aryan had complimented her looks, her clothes, her style, her riding, her smile, her personality... And Damini was just lapping it up!! Couldn't she see what an idiot Aryan was? Prithvi sighed, shading his eyes as he looked at Damini petting a horse. She turned to him just then, and met his gaze with so much happiness that he felt a little ashamed. With a wry grin, he walked to her, joining her in stroking the animal's flank. "He's gorgeous, isn't he?" Damini gushed. For a minute, Prithvi thought she was referring to Aryan and his heart sank. "He... he..", he began to say, but she was paying no attention to him. "You are the most wonderful boy I've seen", she crooned to the horse. Prithvi felt incredibly foolish. "The horse", he told himself. "She's talking about the horse, you ass." Heaving a sigh of relief, he was about to agree with her when the current bane of his life arrived.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself, Damz", Aryan said, with a charming grin. Prithvi glared at him. Damz? Where did that come from? Talk about mutilating a beautiful name... Just who was this guy and why did he think it was ok to hit on HIS wife? Witha snarl of frustration, he walked to the other side of the horse and began a conversation with it. "You are magnificient", he said, "but your master is a worm!" Aryan was once again flirting with Damini and Prithvi had to harness all his self-control to keep from snapping his scrawny neck... Counting to ten, he began to think of the ways in which he could commit a murder and get away, when he became of conscious of someone speaking to him. "What do you think, Prithvi?" Damini was asking him. He had no idea what she was talking about, but saying that was a sure-fire way into her bad books and that was one thing he wanted to avoid. "Whatever you say, Damini", he smiled, surprised and infuriated when Aryan squealed and hugged her again. "See?! I told you he'd agree! You're always making him out to be a sourpuss when he's really the sweetest bloke ever!!" A sense of foreboding gripping him, Prithvi glanced at his wife questioningly. She was looking at him with surprise and not a little amusement. He wanted to ask her what he'd just agreed to but that would have meant accepting that he hadn't been attention, and he wasn't sure if he could afford another fight with Damini. Aryan was still screeching in a voice that reminded him of a shrill parrot with a sore throat. "How about a ride before you two leave to get ready then?" was all he could discern from his high-decibel squealing. Really, the man seemed to love speaking at pitches only dogs could hear... "Makes sense too, seeing as he is a dog", Prithvi thought ungraciously, as Damini dragged him inside the stables to pick a horse for him to ride. "He'd better stop sniffing around my wife and soon. Maybe I should tell him I have a shoe that is just itching to meet his backside", he mused, getting onto the horse that Damini had chosen. Suddenly he realised that he was alone near the stables. Cursing fluently, he looked around only to see Damini galloping around the ground, being cheered on by Aryan. He inadvertantly clutched at the reins a little too tightly and the horse shied. "Sorry, boy", he muttered, "Your master is truly a dog of the mutt variety".

His jaw was starting to ache by now; he was sure that he'd have no teeth left if he was forced to endure Aryan for another hour. Still, grinding his teeth would serve no purpose. He had to prove that he was the man. With only that thought in mind, he joined Damini, matching her pace perfectly. He turned to look at her and was once again stunned into silence. The exhilaration of being on a horse again had brought a glow to her face and a sparkle to her eyes... He was suddenly reminded of the first time he'd seen her on a horse. He'd fallen for her instantly, although it took some time for him to accept that. Despite the confusion and pain he was going through, his heart had known that she was the woman he'd been looking for. "Race with me, Prithvi", Damini said, and that brought him back to the present. "With pleasure", he smirked, gearing up to win.


He lost. Prithvi couldn't belive it... Damini had beaten him. He'd always thought that he was a better rider than her, especially because she couldn't control Toofan at all, but Damini had just beaten him fair and square. He supposed there was some merit to the argument that Toofan was in love with him and jealous of Damini, after all... "Maybe Roshni was right...", he mused, smiling slightly as his wife danced a victory jig. Aryan was jumping up and down, screaming, "Excellent, excellent", and Prithvi rolled his eyes. Where was Toofan when you needed her? He would have given anything to have that crazy horse chase Aryan around the ground. Damini finished her dance and came to stand next to him, her hand on her hip. "So Mr. Saxena, where's my prize?", she teased, arching her eyebrow at him. He grinned. "What would Mrs. Saxena like?" She pulled a face of intense concentration before giving him a radiant smile. "A ride with my husband would be wonderful..."


For once, everything was perfect. Aryan had disappeared somewhere, Damini was not angry and the horse hadn't gone crazy... Prithvi tightened his hold on Damini, pulling her back firmly against himself. Damini's hands came to twine with his own, the warmth of her touch soothing his irritation. The horse was trotting across the ground, but Prithvi couldn't be bothered to guide it. His mind was filled with thoughts of Damini; her proximity, as usual, going to his head. He buried his nose in her hair, breathing in the perfume that was uniquely hers. She sighed, leaning into him further, jumping slightly as he pushed her hair to one side and kissed her neck. "I love you", he whispered, ruing the inability of those three words to convey the depth of his emotions. Damini's fingers tightened on his hand. "I love you too... ARYAN!!!!" Prithvi sat up straight. "WHAT?" he nearly yelled. "Prithvi, get out of the way", Damini was saying and his heart broke. She was asking him to leave so that she could be with Aryan? How would he live without Damini? Depression clouding his heart, Prithvi began to speak, but it was too late... In the next instant, both he and Damini were sprawled on the ground, and two horses were scampering the other way. Damini got up and looked at him disgustedly. "I told you to get out of Aryan's way... What were you thinking? Didn't you see him lose control of the horse he was trying to break in?" she yelled, going over to help Aryan who had fallen head-first into the water trough. Relief seeped through Prithvi. She wasn't leaving him... Thank heavens! As Damini fished out a very wet Aryan from the trough, he smiled smugly, changing her expression into concern when she turned his way, but her quick eyes had caught him. "How can you smile, Prithvi?", she huffed. "Where are your manners? How would you feel if Aryan laughed at something you couldn't do very well?" Prithvi cringed, staring at his shoes. She continued "Come on Aryan, let's get you to the house... And yes, I give you full permission to ridicule Prithvi's sloppy dancing at the party tonight..." Prithvi groaned as he finally found out what he'd agreed to earlier. A party... with Aryan in attendance. Life was cruel...


The party was in full swing when Prithvi and Damini made their grand entrance. Since the unfortunate incident of the afternoon, Damini was not speaking to her husband again and was hovering around Aryan instead, fussing that he'd caught a cold because of the tumble he'd taken. Prithvi rolled his eyes as Damini made her way straight to the loser, looking very concerned when he sneezed. "She's acting as if that idiot has a brain tumour..." he sneered to himself. "Of course, it is necessary to have a brain for that, so I'm not sure if that something he can ever develop." Damini seemed to have read his mind, because she suddenly gave him a very nasty look. Prithvi suddenl felt very tired. He sat down on one of the couches provided, wishing they hadn't come. Everything was going wrong and there was nothing he could do about it... He rubbed his neck, groaning as his head started to pound from the loud music. He decided to relax for a while, and before long, he'd fallen asleep.

A particularly loud song woke him up. There were a couple of girls who were sitting next to him and giggling, and Prithvi gave them an embarrassed smile. Really, what sort of a dumbass fell asleep at a party? He cursed himself. "No wonder Damini is so annoyed with me", he thought. "Where is she, anyway?" His eyes scanned the room, narrowing when they landed on Damini who was dancing with Aryan. She was being ogled by half the guys in the room. Prithvi buried his face in his hands. "I told her not to wear that dress!!", he muttered, his eyes skimming up the length of leg dispayed by her short skirt. The top wasn't any better; a skimpy black silk concoction that hugged her curves and left nothing to the imagination. Looking around, Prithvi realised, with some surprise that Damini was actually dressed conservatively when compared to the other girls in the room, but there was no denying that she was the centre of attraction. As he stared at her from his corner, Aryan once again pulled her in for a twirl and dipped her low. Prithvi didn't know why, but that simple action was too much for him. This had to end now!

He got up from the couch, walking decisively towards Damini. A new song was just starting when he reached the floor. He gritted his teeth and smiled at Aryan, telling him he'd have to find a new partner because his wife would now be dancing with him. It seemed as if Damini would protest, but the look on Prithvi's face made her hold her peace. The song was a sensuously paced salsa and it was with some surprise that she realised that Prithvi was in fact a very good dancer. He'd already danced with her before, of course, but there was no technique involved there. This time, however, Prithvi was going through the motions with all the ease of a professional dancer. She felt a shiver snake down her spine as his hand trailed down her side, spinning her around whe it reached her hip. She was mesmerised for the rest of the dance, not really aware of what she was doing, only following Prithvi's lead as he dipped her and twirled her around the dance floor. The dance ended amidst applause from everyone who was watching, as he clasped her close, his forehead touching her chin as she threw her head back. Slowly they disengaged, looking into each other's eyes. Without a word, they turned and made their way out.

Damini wasn't too sure of the specifics of what had happened later. She didn't know if she'd eaten or spoken to anyone or how they'd gotten back to their resort, or at what time... All she knew was that she was in the sitting room of their suite and that she was pressed up against the wall, held in place by Prithvi's arms and that he was kissing her thoroughly. The frustrations of the past weeks evaporated as his lips traced hers, making her lose control. She pushed him against the wall, continuing to kiss him, her hands latching onto his forearms for a minute, before they trailed up his arms to wrap around his neck. He pulled back slightly, smiling at her softly, before picking her up in his arms and carrying her to the bedroom...


Prithvi was in a very good mood the next morning, grinning like a fool as he watched Damini fly around the room, trying to pack her things. She looked relaxed and happy, and he was rather proud of himself. A pillow hit his face suddenly, wiping the smug grin off his face. "Get off the bed and pack!", Damini ordered mock-angrily, trying to hide her amusement. He stuck his tongue out at her and got up. "There's loads of time", he said, kissing her soundly. She pushed him away with great reluctance after a few minutes. "The cab will be here soon, Prithvi", she said, forcing him to get to work. An hour later, they had managed to pack, eat breakfast and get out of the town. Damini snuggled into Prithvi, ignoring the cab driver completely. He kissed her forehead softly, feeling at peace with the world. He cleared hs throat as he worked up the courage to ask her something that had been niggling him. "Damini?", he ventured, wondering if he was going to get into a fight with her again. "Hmmm?", she smiled, looking up at him. "Ummm... how do you know Aryan?" To his surprise, Damini giggled. "You really were quite jealous of him, weren't you? I must say Sameer's plan worked rather brilliantly. " she teased "Thank god Aryan was in town then... He's Roshni's friend's fiance and we've grown up together..."  Prithvi just grinned and held her closer, slowly falling asleep.


Sameer Saxena walked into office the next morning looking very harassed. Every little sound seemed to scare him and on three separate occasions, he had surprised his colleagues by ducking under his chair each time his cabin door opened. Towards evening, his colleague had come to give him a message. "Sameer, Prithvi..." was all he managed to get out before he realised that Sameer had fainted and was currently adorning the floor. It took a jug of water and repeated assurances that Prithvi Saxena was, in fact, not in office to bring him back to his senses. When questioned, all he would say was "Bhalayi ka toh zamana hi nahin raha..."


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Originally posted by petunia121

Mahammmm    !! Hey Amiya... Longgg comment huh? How did you manage that given the OS is so tiny.. :P LOL
Awwwww..............   This is soooo Sweet........... but why soo Short  ??  Haha glad you found it sweet atleast.. sorry about the length.. it seemed complete to me so i didnt stretch it.. 
We are not used to such Short pieces from you ............ This is so Unlike you    LOL   Anything from you is such a Welcome Treat ........... but it should not be in such a small dose ........... This is just like wetting one's lips and then finding the Glass Empty  !!     LOL Hahaha thats very kind of you.. and yeah i suppose i do ramble alot.. Bet this is a shocker :P
But  really, Thank you for this Beautiful little Gem of a piece  !!    StarClapStar Awww I'm glad you liked it.. Big smile
I Loooovee this Concept of building up from the original scene ......... it not only takes us back to those Golden days but also takes our minds into these new Unchartered territories of   " IF Only ......... "  and not only makes all of us thrash out and analyse all their Feelings anew, but let our minds run amock with the thoughts of   " Did they mean this or was it meant to be this way  "  ( you know what i mean , Righttt )     Big smileBig smile Haha yeah i get you.. Glad you liked the concept.. Smile
Aaaahhhh........... If only the scene had turned out this way and we could have seen his Struggle b/w his Love ......... his Urge to reveal everything.............. and the scene ending  with Kissing his wife before going away   !!      Day Dreaming   Sighhhh........... Yeahh.. if only.. 
You have managed to Convey Soooo Beautifully the feeling of Sadness mixed with a tinge of Hope on his part    ClapClap   (  But then what is New in that............... you do it everytime .......don't you  )    Big smile   Thank you.. Glad to know i could convey all those emotions well.. 
And i soooo wanted  that  feeling of Sadness in this Scene which you have given ............... rather  than  our Pri being made to be Sooo Harsh and  almost Cruel to Damzie ............. Our Damzie loving him soooo much ............ Painful to see her  Confused and unable to understand why her Husband was not Opening up to her , why he was Shutting himself up behind this Wall ........... Yeah i wanted that too.. There's no way Pri could have been harsh to her.. not when she was hugging him like that.. JIIP :P
Anyways , i better stop , because my respose is now Bigger than the OS  !!     LOLLOL Hahaha yeah it is.. Thanks for your feedback.. Smile
Needless to say that as always you are Brrilliantttt  !!      ClapClap  Thanks again!
and   Loooooved  it    !!      SmileSmile
P.S  :   I know that you are now Busy , but i just wanted to remind you that you had started a  "Journals of an  Addict "    !!      TongueBig smile Uhhh Amiya.. That topic got closed.. :P

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Originally posted by jakhushi

M Hug Khush.. Hug
Abhi "Thank You" nehi bolungi for this OS......dubara daant nehi khana. And folks think I am the only one scolds peopl....tsk tsk tskWink. Hahaha GOOD.. and yeah i know i scold you but only when you act like an idiot :P
Very well written .... their confusion and dilemma with their feelings and the need to express captured beautifully. My heart went out to Damini in the original scene, but through your OS I could feel a little bad for Pri too....poor couldnt have been easy for him either.Thank you.. Glad you liked it! Big smile I'm glad you could feel bad for Pri too.. :P
A kiss on the forehead seemed very natural...Why couldnt they do that in the ShowAngry. But I guess it's their complexity that made them more alluring. Though I agree they are lesser "dhakkans" in your OSTongue. Hahaha yeah they actually havev brains in my OS's :P Glad you found the forehead kiss natural too.. :-)
Though I wish you had made this a longer scene M.... but even this tiny tiny scene helped me feel better. Uhhh it did honestly seem complete to me otherwise you know i have no issues in rambling :P But I'm SUPER glad that this made you feel better Hugs back!

Edited by ...Maham... - 07 April 2011 at 2:36pm

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Originally posted by sonyo

Hey Maham,
Awww, thanks for this beautiful OS..But agree that was too short, we are not used to, to this side of Maham Big smile Hey Sana.. Glad you liked the OS.. once again sorry about the length.. 

OK...Anyhow, loved and enjoyed reading IT. Even this short piece is described so beautifully with those  unsaid words, there confusion talking to each other, there unconditional love, those concerned eyes, so much wanted to say; and that Kiss.... I wished you made him stay there for long but... khair. It's really very well written..Continue with more, plzzzzz Thank you.. glad i could capture the essence of the scene well enough for you.. Smile

And after this I'm sure you will putting other (un) completed scenes under your pen.. Like when Damz was asking for divorce and Pri was manaoying her.. Those cvs should 'ave  pro-longed those scenes.. ButOuch...
Hope you will be coming with them coz your master in this, isnt it? SmileSmile awww thanks so much.. will surely try to write that scene.. Smile

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
ROFL LOL Wink..Diya babe awesome Romcom SS..i cudnt stop laughing..awesome work as cont soon

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 8:03pm | IP Logged

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AWESOMEEEE part... literally was LOL..... poor Pri :))) ...loved Pri's refrence to toofie btw surprised dat Aryan dint hav some broken bones at the end of the day gng all awww at the bits of prida romance in btwn....  loved the ending.. adored the sameer part :D....

dis was a wonderfullll prida treat thnqqqqqq soooooo mch..absolutely njoyed each part of this 3-part OS n all the scenes to the hilt....Big smile

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