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Jus Imagin Its Possible-2 Pg79- Rads VM (Page 51)

LazyKid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
First of all m really sorry for commenting so late... m really stuck up these days...

@ Panna : that was really nice april calender
wish i could have a nice summer vacation Cry

@ Maham : that was such a sweet scene maham
during those days even i was thinking of such scenes to be included in the eppy
have only one complain... u could have extended it .. pata hi nahi chala ki kab scene suru hua aur kab khatamTongue

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LazyKid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Khwahish ... its truly a wonderful one
dont dare to say that its boring
loved the convo of PriDa...

abhi m getting more greedy for this OS... plz continue na

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LazyKid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Diya wat a gr8 way to be back
agar 1st part is so interesting toh wat say for 2nd part 
hehe its always a treat to see when pri has throughly messed up with pri 

do continue soon

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...San-Yo... Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Hey Maham,
Awww, thanks for this beautiful OS..But agree that was too short, we are not used to, to this side of Maham Big smile

OK...Anyhow, loved and enjoyed reading IT. Even this short piece is described so beautifully with those  unsaid words, there confusion talking to each other, there unconditional love, those concerned eyes, so much wanted to say; and that Kiss.... I wished you made him stay there for long but... khair. It's really very well written..Continue with more, plzzzzz

And after this I'm sure you will putting other (un) completed scenes under your pen.. Like when Damz was asking for divorce and Pri was manaoying her.. Those cvs should 'ave  pro-longed those scenes.. ButOuch...
Hope you will be coming with them coz your master in this, isnt it? SmileSmile

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dee86 Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Khwahish, Maham, Nan, Amiya, Khush-i, Kanchan 
Thanks for commenting!!! Really glad you liked this little thing... Thanks to everyone who like this as well! Btw I'm happy to inform you that the two-shot has become a three-shot and there will be a part 3 coming up on thursday. Hope y'all like this!!
Part 2
When Prithvi and Damini reached home early that evening, they were not on speaking terms. Damini was highly irritated by the fact that Prithvi had a hero-complex that manifested in the most inappropriate of times. Prithvi, on the other hand, maintained that he had behaved as a gentleman should... After a brief lunch which was spent hissing insults at each other, the two had decided to ignore each other. It had been hard to do that when they were in the car together on the way back
home, though... Damini was acutely aware of Prithvi's strong hand near her knee, of his strong presence so close to her... Each time a bumpy road had sent her careening into him, it was all she could do to keep from jumping into his lap. What was annoying was that Prithvi seemed to have no difficulty in keeping away from her; he hadn't so much as looked at her since their little spat. Little did she know that the steering wheel was being gripped so hard that it was a wonder they got home

In true Damini fashion, she swept out of the car with her nose in the air and stormed into the house without waiting for Prithvi, only to be accosted by Sameer. After last night's episode, he had wisened up to the fact that he was playing with fire, which explained his position near the door. "Bhabhi, we have a surprise for you", he began, edging closer to the door when Prithvi entered looking like a thundercloud. As Damini looked at him inquisitively, he smiled and said "You're going to Mahabaleshwar for the weekend!" Prithvi immediately objected, saying "We have an important meeting..." but Sameer cut him short. "No excuses. We'll handle the meeting. Tum log jao..." Avni came in just then, and displaying a rare streak of bossiness, dragged her sister off to pack. Prithvi on the other hand looked a little put out. "I'm too tired to drive that far..." he grumbled, running his hand through his hair. Sameer rolled his eyes. "Bhaisaab, cab bulaya hai. He'll be here in 5 min. Please get ready early will you? If you leave now, you'll get there at midnight and you can have a relaxed
weekend." With nothing left to say, Prithvi began walking out of the room. Sameer called out "Wahaan relax karna, ok? We give you full permission to stay in bed all day!!" to his retreating brother. That he barricaded himself in his bedroom till he was certain his brother was safe in Mahabaleshwar is a fact that we can overlook at the moment...


The third drive of the day was fraught with tension. Damini was still not looking at Prithvi and was instead looking out the window. Prithvi, however, had calmed down considerably and was looking forward to spending some quality time with his wife. The problem was that said wife didn't seem inclined towards quality time, but he was sure he could handle her... He snuck a look at her, admiring her soft hair and the way it framed her face, falling to her neck and stopping right at the point where he loved to kiss her... Damini put her hand up to push away her hair from her eyes in what he knew was a nervous gesture and Prithvi smirked. He was certain that she was aware of his scrutiny, but her temper wouldn't allow her to acknowledge it... "It's not going to work, Damini", he thought, streching his arm out over the back of the seat, making sure his fingers trailed over her shoulder. Satisfied at the little shudder that ran through her, he slid his arm around her, pulling her closer and muttered "Sorry" into her ear. Damini looked at him with a happy smile, her anger dissipating. "It's ok", she whispered, taking his hand into hers. That would have been the (very satisfactory) end of the matter if Prithvi had not chosen to display his male stupidity at that point. "You were jealous of that girl, weren't you?" he asked, with a slightly arrogant smile. "She was rather pretty too...", he began, shutting his mouth when he realised what he had said. But the damage was done. The soft smile on Damini's face evaporated, her eyes transformed into cold slits... She wanted to kick her husband soundly for (a) his smugness about a girl finding him attractive and (b) for saying that dayan was pretty. Her foot was just starting to twitch, when she realised that the idiot cab driver was looking at them interestedly through the rear-view mirror. Not wanting to create a scene, Damini consoled herself by pinching Prithvi's forearm hard and turning away to look out the window again. His muffled yelp was probably the sweetest sound that she'd heard that day... "No", she corrected herself, "the sweetest sound was Ms Despo going 'thump' down the stairs"...


The short vacation was quickly turning disastrous. After his near-encounter with his wife's pretty foot and his subsequent mauling by her nails, Prithvi had subsided into silence. After an hour, she was showing signs of cooling down, when his phone began to ring. It was the client from that afternoon - the woman who'd managed to get under his Damini's skin. Prithvi tried his best to reply in monosyllables and conceal the caller's identity from his wife, but her name did slip out. The glare
Damini shot him then scared him senseless. With a last "Thank you ma'am, you won't regret giving us this contract", he gave her Sameer's number, disconnected the phone and switched it off. If things continued this way, Damini would strangle him for sure...
It was midnight by the time they reached the resort, so Damini had gone straight to sleep, while he was left tossing and turing in bed. At one point, he'd attempted to hold his wife, but she'd switched on the table-lamp, given him a nasty look and pushed him away slightly. Not one to give up that easily, he'd waited till she fell asleep and tried again. "Keep your paws to yourself or else", Damini spat, not bothering to open her eyes, although the sensitive skin near the nape of her neck had erupted into goosebumps. Slightly overconfident of his effect on his wife, he'd proceeded to kiss her temple and cheek, his hand sliding up her arm to turn her to face him. The next thing he knew, he'd been sprawled on the floor, with the contents of the water jug emptied all over him. "Take a cold shower if that wasn't enough", Damini had advised snidely, turning her back to him. Prithvi had retreated then, staring at the ceiling and trying not to be lured by the enticing form of his wife, till he fell into a disturbed sleep.
By the time he woke up the next morning, Damini had left the room. Prithvi cursed and ran to the bathroom. As he was getting dressed, he tried to pull a puppy dog expression, something that Sameer had once told him worked on all girls. Unfortunately, lack of practice meant that he looked like a constipated mutt, with rabies setting in. Damini would most likely kick him and then drag him to the doctor's if he looked at her like that. Sighing, Prithvi racked his brain for a sure-shot method to woo his wife. Drawing a blank, he decided to go out and find her first...


He sauntered through the resort, not really caring where he was going. A few girls sent appreciative glances his way, but Prithvi had learnt his lesson. All he wanted to do now was to find Damini, apologise and spend a calm weekend with her, preferably in bed. As he turned a corner, Prithvi heard Damini's musical voice say something softly and smiled. He'd found her! Rushing towards her voice, he found her sitting at a table in the lawn and stopped in his tracks... She was so beautiful! She was wearing a sky-blue summer frock, her hair was open and dancing in the breeze, and the most beautiful smile was playing on her face. Then his eye fell on the guy who was sitting next to her and he grit his teeth. The guy was tall, handsome and was hanging all over HIS wife. Prithvi's eyes narrowed as he saw Damini burst into laughter at something Mr. Smooth said. Thrusting his hands into his pockets, he walked to his wife, smiling at her and brushing a kiss to her forehead, while glaring at the other guy. "Where did you disappear, baby?" he asked, ignoring Damini's raised eyebrow. So he'd never called her 'baby' before... so what? He could call her 'baby' and 'honey' and 'sweetheart' and 'love' and 'darling'... He was her husband, dammit! Mr. Smooth, who surpassed even Sameer in flirting was continuing to sweet-talk Damini and was giving Prithvi a headache. He decided that enough was enough. "Come now, love", he said, pulling Damini to her feet. "We have to go..." Damini rose, but not before making a date with Mr. Smooth! Well, he supposed, 'date' was a bit harsh. Apparently 'Aryan' owned stables, and he had invited both of them to come and spend some time there. Damini seemed to be excited about the trip, and truth be told, he didn't mind it either... Prithvi changed his mind, however, when Mr. Aryan Smooth hugged his wife slightly and pecked her cheek. The nerve of the man! In grinding his teeth and giving him death glares, Prithvi missed Damini's amused smile. It was going to be a long day!!!
So, what do you think?

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Studying like a good girl ( Even though i still havent got a clue about whether i have an exam tomorrow or not Ermm) Will get back to you about everything soon.. Big smile

Thanks a ton for this.



Okay I am back.. and i cant get away with a short comment.. dang.. Tongue

Anyway I LOVED this.. Hero-complex LOL he does have that i suppose.. Though i dont remember Damini minding that particular aspect of his personality when she used to be the Damsel in distress.. Tongue

Hissing insults.. Not hard to imagine at all.. That sounds so cute in a way.. LOL Loved the car scene too.. PriDa being so aware of each other.. Yep thats the way it should be..

ROFL@ Sameer barricading himself in his room till PriDa left.. Wimp :P

He snuck a look at her, admiring her soft hair and the way it framed her face, falling to her neck and stopping right at the point where he loved to kiss her...

Sighhhh... Very nice description Dee.. :P

Loved that moment that they shared in the car tooo... *sighs again* and ufff Prithviiiiiiii WHY did you have to do that.. This OS is really out to prove just how big a pig he can be isnt it.. and that rhymed really wierdly..  though i suppose even i dont want them to make out in the car.. ROFL

"No", she corrected herself, "the sweetest sound was Ms Despo going 'thump' down the stairs"...

nicely put.. LOL

The scene in the room.. LOL Show him Damini.. and i think i have an eyesight problem.. I completely missed the part where Pri kissed her temple and cheek.. Damini's really mad isnt she.. :P

That Rabies bit.. ROFL Classic!

Jealous Priiii.. hahhaha.. Khush will be super happy.. LOL Loved that scene as well.. Mr. Smooth.. Humph... Tharki kahi ka.. Howww dare he hug Damini and kiss her.. NOT DONE!

Waiting for the next part!


P.S: is that long enough for you? :P

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Nan08 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged

I think it is one of the mosttttttestttt ( sowiee i know its not a word :P) cuteee n adorable prida part ever written till date :))... it ws totally filled wid ur brand of wit n prida fite...was totally in splits n gng all "awwwwww" imagining the above scene....loved to see my firebrand Damziee back.. missing her a lottt :'( ...n am superrr glad ur doing a third part.. thnqqqq soooooooo mch.... hoping u update soon Tongue....

PS:  BTW J Pri... whoaaaaaa me cnt wait for the third part :D

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Dee Hug Big smile
awesme OS..Loved it to d core

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