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Jus Imagin Its Possible-2 Pg79- Rads VM (Page 49)

Maz. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
@khwaish...really cute OS :)...liked the little banter...good work

@Panna..perfect siggy! JIIP ki jai Dancing

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Khwaish - not boring to say the least.. i really liked the excuse he gave her :)

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Hi everyone!! Long time since I wrote na? Well, I'm going to remedy the situation right away! This is part 1 of a two-shot that I wrote recently. I know it isn't great, but it's PriDa, so it has to be ok, right? Right! Without further delay, here goes!!

This one's for you Maham!!
Part 1
Damini glowered as she watched Prithvi bent over the work desk in their bedroom. Really, this was unbearable!! The man was practically wedded to that desk! And those files had become his mistresses. Damini fumed as she recollected the Prithvi she had met for the first time some three years back. That Prithvi had been ruggedly handsome, smirking demonically as he  countered her fiery spirit with his cool attitude. This one, on the other hand... She shook her head ruefully. She knew he was working very hard to keep their little family afloat, that the new business they'd started together needed all his concentration, but a selfish part of her wished that he would pay attention only to her for a change. Immediately, her treacherous mind went into great detail of what that attention would be like, and Damini Saxena was lost to the world.
"Damini, I need you to check these for me", Prithvi said, holding up some files, without taking his eyes off from the papers he was currently perusing. When no answer came from his wife, he looked up with a frown. Damini was perched on the window sill, staring not at the view outside, but at the wall opposite her. Her face was flushed and a slight smile was playing on her face. Having seen that expression on her face on quite a few occasions (almost every time they were alone, really, he thought proudly), he knew exactly what was on her mind. He smirked for a second, before clearing his throat loudly and unnecessarily. A startled Damini looked up and blushed a vivid red before snatching the files from him. "We need to discuss what we are doing in the meeting tomorrow", she mumbled, not meeting his eyes. Prithvi had half a mind to throw his papers to the wind and pull his wife into his arms for a very thorough 'discussion'... He raised his eyebrow at her, smirking again when she turned an even brighter red and went out, muttering that she was feeling thirsty. He frowned at that. While he found it adorable that Damini could still blush after three years of marriage, she'd never left any business unfinished. She was being uncharacterstically shy and that irked him. Wondering what could possibly be wrong, he turned back to his work.

As Damini made her way to the kitchen, she was hoping against hope that Prithvi would follow her out. She knew it was not like her to back down from a confrontation of any sort, and that was the reason she'd done it - maybe Prithvi would get piqued and pay her more attention. She would love to see Prithvi get a little jealous and/or possessive over her. Truth be told, the current state of affairs made her feel as if he was taking her for granted and that annoyed the hell out of her. Mood suddenly taking a turn for the worst, Damini stomped to the freezer and pulled out a big tub of ice-cream. Fine, if he wanted to ignore her, she would do the same. "Let him spend the night alone in bed and see how he likes it", she thought spitefully. Now working herself into a temper, Damini pulled out a spoon and dug into the icecream viciously, much to the surprise of Sameer, who walked in at that moment.

"Oooh, what did bhaiyya do now?!", he exclaimed, waggling his eyebrows. If looks could kill, Sameer would've been dead, but the icecream had taken the brunt of Damini's temper and he was spared. "Bolo na bhabhi, kya hua?", he asked, forgetting that discretion is the better part of valour. This time her glare was so potent that he actually took a step back. His death wish,
however, was not quenched, so he muttered 'Someone is frustrated and I think I know why' and forgot to run.

When Avni wandered in ten minutes later, baby in tow, wondering why her darling husband was taking so long to fix a bottle, the kitchen was in shambles. There was water everywhere, cutlery was spread across and the dining table was skewed. Said husband was sitting at one corner of the kitchen, icecream dripping down his head and cowering from her sister, whose eyes were glinting dangerously. Avni hurried to them, in full damage-control mode. She shot a questioning look at Sameer, who was visibily shaking, and grinned slightly. She handed the baby to him and led her sister away, sitting her down at the (skewed) table and fixing her a cup of hot chocolate. "Kya baat hai di?", she asked, only to be rewarded by a grimace. Avni patted her sister on the back gently. "You can confide in me, you know...", she said, softly. She had to lean in to hear what Damini was saying. "Men are pigs!" Fighting back a grin, Avni turned to share a smile with Sameer, only to find him and Champ engrossed in licking the icecream off his face. "So they are...", she sighed.

After Damini had been persuaded to return to her bedroom and rest, and both the messy Saxenas had been read a lecture on hygiene, Avni sat down to try to understand her sister. From her earlier comment, it was apparent that Prithvi was to blame for her current mood, but she had no clue what might've happened. As far as she knew, di and jeej had not been fighting recently. In fact, they had both been working very hard on a new project. Jeej had slept at work the past week, and when he was at home, he was buried in papers. How did they find time to fight?! Turning to her husband, who had mercifully showered, she put across her doubts to him. Sameer rolled his eyes. "That is the problem, idiot", he said, looking at her meaningfully. She started to frown but the truth of what he'd said struck her. "Hmmmm, do you think they need a vacation?" she asked.
Sameer smiled. "Yes!! But can we afford to send them away right now, when the business is just picking up?" Avni shook her head. "We can't afford a new house, can we? If di doesn't calm down soon, she's going to commit arson..."

Damini woke up the next day feeling a little ashamed of her behaviour the previous night. She couldn't remember why she'd been so irritated with Prithvi. "Note to self: control your damn temper..." she thought, as she clambered out of bed to prepare for the meeting. Prithvi had already woken up and was doing some last minute calculations. By the time she was out of
the bathroom, he was in his formal clothes and was struggling with his tie, as always. Rolling her eyes, Damini went to help him. Prithvi had ruined the tie so she had to get a new one, but his rueful grin was worth it, making her shake her head in amusement as she knotted his tie with a flourish and smoothed down his collar. He caught hold of her hand and kissed it, murmuring "Thank you, my lady", with a small smile. Damini was just about to yank him down by his tie and kiss him when the phone rang with the unwelcome news that the clients would be there an hour earlier than planned. Everything else forgotten, they rushed to office, but Damini's frustration had begun to increase...
They were just in time for the meeting, so that was a blessing. The clients had come to discuss a contract that was crucial for their fledgling company. Once everyone was seated, Prithvi and Damini began their presentation, and from the looks of it, the clients seemed encouraging. Damini relaxed slightly, confident that everything would go well. That was when the day began
to go downhill. One of the clients was a charming (or so she thought) young woman, who seemed to be very impressed by Prithvi. As she watched the fool make cow eyes at HER husband through the meeting, Damini felt her resolution go down the drain. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to smile while she was seething inside. "Chudail, dayan, despo kahin ki", she
muttered, with a pleasant smile plastered on her face. She got through the presentation without any hazards, but then the woman decided to touch Prithvi and giggle "That is a wonderful idea, Mr.Saxena" and bat her eyes at him. Stupid man, of course, could do nothing but simper at that. Damini saw red. Steps would have to be taken. The business sense her mamma had drilled into her made her keep quiet till the contract was signed, but once that was done and the clients were on their way out, Damini lost no time in sticking out her foot and watching with satisfaction as 'Despo Case' took a tumble down the two steps beyond the door. She would have been happy, but her fool of a husband had to be chivalrous and offer his shoulder to the woman who squealed  helplessly, moaned piteously and clutched at him all the way to her car. "Aaarghhhhh", Damini screamed, ready to pull out her hair. Men really were pigs!!!


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Khwahish Senior Member

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Diya !!!

u r back ...with a bang !!! Dancing

gr8 1st part ..."chudail, dayan despo" bit had me in splitsLOL..we have had a lot of J pri ..a J damzie is wat we needed..thnku fr giving us datBig smile

now w8ng fr part 2 ..the fun is about to begin *rubbibng my hands with anticipation*

update soon

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At last m back
its been ages since i visited JIIP, so much work is pending uff

@Gauchalover:  lovely SiggyClap

@Radsy: already said u sweet VM..keep it comingClap

@Khwahish : Wow one more creative mind in the list
It was like the 'Rains' bringing those old school days back in fort of my eyes.
Husband Pri oooh
'Budhu' aww so sweet ,damzi missin her reason to live brilliantly put palHeart
mesmerizing ahh loved it
Awesome  stuff yaar

Agreed wid Maham n Panna, keep that in mind alwaysLOL

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Sia889 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 4:44am | IP Logged
@Skorpion : mind blowing calender

@ Mah:
ahh such a fantastic scene
loved the hidden emotions pouring out in that mute language
versatile,pleasant n touchy write up

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...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Deeee thanks a ton! Hug Okay not really used to dedications so thanks alot.. That's really really sweet of you. This definitely cheered me up... *hugs Dee again*

BTW you are going to post the 2nd part na? I will kill you otherwise ( Yep, my affection can come and go in five seconds :P)

Sweet part.. Damini blushing and day dreaming.. LOL Now if only she hadnt walked out.. Grrr.... Prithviiiii... Define romance for your wife will you! 

Poor Sameer.. Visibly shaking.. LOL

The tie scene was cute.... why why why were they interrupted.. *groans* Can totally get Damini's frustration here... 

Loved the office scene as well... HA@ the girl tripping.. Show her Da! Idiot.. though i wish Pri hadnt helped her up..

He's a pig alright... Lets hope you make him improve on that.. Post the second part SOON! 

Thanks again for this!

Take care,

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Nan08 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome siggieeStar........JIIP yesssss!!!!!!!

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