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Jus Imagin Its Possible-2 Pg79- Rads VM (Page 47)

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@ Prerna ...thnx buddy ..glad u liked it

@ anuridi...dhakkan he will be an adorable one at that ..and seeing them again ..we all wish that yaar ...glad u liked the part

@Maz ..thnx fr appreciating ..glad u liked it

@Kanchy !!..told u the reason fr small write up ..have made the next part a bit longer ..hope u will like it :)

@Sana..thnx fr the appreciation sana ..means a lot ..yupp we all love a budhu pri was the part of his appeal..hope u'll like the next part

@Pia ..glad u liked it :) thnx

@Amiya ...thnx for appreciating buddy really encouraged me ..yes they had a fight surprises there ..making up ...hope u will like wht i wrote :)

@Nandu ...gee u liked it happy ...and i'm updating before u go dabang ..such a sweet bacha i am Tongue
 @ snehal ...uff tum aur tumhara bhaasan ..agle election mein tum zarror khadi hona..india aa jao ..bahut votes milenge....Tongue...glad u liked wht i wrote ... :)
@Shalini..thnx  fr liking it

@Honey ..thnx fr kind words .... hope u like the nxt part

@Khusi ....sabko torture kane ka mann kiye ..what better way than making them read my stupid OS..nd why do you want bechara pri to suffer ..wht did the poor guy do to u ...waise dont worry pehle sorry woh hi bolega :)

@ maham ...arrey  .... its fun to irritate others fr update ..khud likhne mein bahut mehnat lagti lazy no 1...waise glad u liked it ...means a lot ..nd regarding the fight ..both of them r at fault ..but i have made Prithvi say sorry .... hope u like the nxt part

@ Panna...glad u liked what i wrote ..thnku so mch fr the feedback will help me get better ..hope you like the next part :)

@Nitzie ..sooo glad u liked it ...rain scene ..actually it was rainig here in kolkata ..wen i wrote it ...hope u like the next part :)

thnku all fr commenting nd pushing the like butoon .... really encouraged me


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Part 1

link :


"Nahin, jhagda pehle usne shuru kiya hai, maafi bhi woh hi mangega. Agar aise kamzor pad gayi, toh who akdu aur bhi attitude dikhane lagega. I'm going to grill him this time." she muttered adamantly as she dropped her earlier idea of truce. There was absolutely no way she was going to back out. It was his entire fault, she thought with a determination as the memories of their last fight filled her mind.

Part 2

It all started a week back. Prithvi was back from a 20 days long business expansion tour of North America and Europe when he was told about strike in one of their factories in Kolkata and he went straight to the office from the Airport. The whole day was spent in negotiations with the trade union, trying to persuade them to call off the strike but when nothing worked he decided to leave for the city the very next day. That did not go down well with Damini, she asked him to send someone else, telling him that he needed a break. He did not agree to it and they had a heated argument. He left early next morning in a very foul mood, without even bothering to wake up a sleeping Damini. When he cooled down a little, he tried to make up with her, but till then his wife had made up her mind to boycott him completely, refusing to take his call or answer his messages. The truth was that she had heard that the workers had turned violent and she was very worried for his safety so she was trying her best to stop him, if only he would listen.

With these disturbing thoughts Damini drifted off to sleep. It was well past midnight when she woke with a start from a scary nightmare, perspiring heavily, her heart hammering so wildly that it seemed like it would jump right out of her chest. She turned to her side to find the other side of the bed empty and remembered that Prithvi was out of town. With shaking hands she dialed his number, all thoughts of their fight forgotten. She needed to speak to him, now.

Prithvi had a really long day, a really long week to be precise. After constant negotiations with the leaders of the trade union and using a lot of political pressure there was  a breakthrough. They were finally able to strike a deal. The whole day was spent in meetings and he hardly had time catch breath. It was almost midnight when he was finally able to retire into his hotel room. As the doors closed on the outside world, emptiness engulfed him .It has been a week since he talked to her. And that was a sheer torture for him because she was his best friend, his only friend in the whole world.  She always had a soothing effect on his mind. All his fatigue used to vanish the moment she would take his name in that melodious voice of hers. He would share all his problems, thoughts, dreams and aspirations with her. But his wife was quite a complex creature. there were times when she was the most tactful and mature person around with a very practical approach to life completely different from those mushy, dreamy girls and there were times when she would behave like a stubborn little kid screaming for attention, like this time . It was not like he enjoyed all this. Staying away from her was a punishment in itself and to top that she was completely avoiding him. He had tried to talk to her, heck he was even prepared to apologize to her. But when she did not even answer his calls or revert to his numerous messages he decided that he had just had enough. If she could act pricey so could he. Why did he have to say sorry all the time even when he was not at fault, he often wondered. This was an emergency that he needed to attend to, as the situation was getting from bad to worse in the factory. He could not shrug away all his responsibilities to spend some romantic time with his wife. There would be time for that too. He had tried explaining it to her, but she simply refused to understand and fought with him. Not the welcoming he had in mind after 3 weeks of separation. He had hoped for some hugs and kisses and may be more. "That clearly didn't happen" he mused bitterly.

Prithvi stared at the screen of his cell phone that held the beautiful smiling face of his stubborn wife, it been a while since he had the fortune to see that smile for real. He lied down on the bed and as exhaustion of the day finally took over he slipped in to a deep sleep. It was around two in the morning when he woke up to persistent ringing of his phone. He groped about for it and answered the call sleepily.

"kya hua??" he bellowed into the speaker clearly irritated at being woken up like that.

"Prithvi 'so gaye kya?? " Damini asked nervously, she realized that it was a wrong time to call as she heard his sleep laced voice.

"Tumhein kya lagta hai??" he bit out angrily not enjoying being woken up from a sleep he desperately needed.

"Oh  ...sorry!" she apologized and canceled the call.

Prithvi rolled over to the other side pulling the covers on him. It was after a full second that he realized what he had done and jerked his head, eyes wide open. He turned around to find himself in an empty hotel room instead of his own bedroom that he had assumed it to be. So neither was it a dream nor was his wife trying to wake him up with her naughty tricks; she had called him and that too in the middle of the night. The thought panicked him a little, why would she call him at this hour. Was she in trouble? She seemed a bit nervous, he recalled. He cursed himself for his stupidity. He had behaved like a first rate jackass with her, but the strangest part was that she did not even fight back .That was so unlike her.  A worried Prithvi called her back but as it has been the case all week; his call went unanswered. He knew he had messed up big time.

Damini was terribly shaken by the nightmare and she just wanted to ensure that he was alright so she had not thought twice before calling him in the middle of the night. She was not at all prepared for his rude outburst. He must have been tired and she disturbed his sleep .She knew how much he hated that. But she had not expected him to react the way he did. Her throat choked with tears as she recalled his harsh tone and all her previous anger came rushing back to her. She settled herself on the large window seat of her room hugging he knees. As she continued to watch drizzle outside, tears clouding her vision; her cell phone rang again. It was the seventh time that he was calling her. What did he want now, he made it quite clear that she was the last thing on his mind then why was he taking the trouble of calling her?

"Kya hai  ...kyun tang kar rahe ho??" she almost growled as she finally she took the call wiping her tears; totally prepared to tell him off.

Prithvi sighed with relief. At least he knew she was okay. He felt a little better now that she was her usual angry self. She had scared him earlier with her shaky voice and so many unanswered calls.

"Are u okay Damini?" he asked nervously, knowing full well what was coming.

"Tumse matlab  ...go back to your precious sleep"'she was fuming.

"Aisi baat nahin hai Damini "

"Acha! toh phir kaisi baat hai Prithvi  ..."

"Damini woh baat darasal yeh hai ki mujhe laga ki mein sapna dekh raha hoon "

"Oh toh tum sapne mein bhi mujhse dhang se baat nahin karte "she said with an edge in her voice. She couldn't believe that was his excuse.

"Ab kya karun tum sapne mein bhi mujhse ladti ho." he joked although it was like playing with fire at the moment .He didn't know why he loved to tease her so much.

"Oh is it??"  is all she could manage to say as she found herself smiling in spite of her at his quick retort. He was the only person who could make her laugh even when she was in the foulest of moods He was also the only one who could spoil her mood so perfectly.

"I'm sorry Damini." Prithvi jumped up to the opportunity.

"Hunh !! " she was totally caught off gaurd at his sudden apology .

"Mujhe tumse itna rudely baat nahin karni chahiye thi...please mujhe maaf kardo...mein neend mein tha."  he apologized again.

There was silence at the other end .He knew she was still far from satisfied.

"Why did you call Damini?" he asked

"I had a dream... a nightmare actually." She finally spoke.

"What sort of nightmare?" he asked concerned.

"I saw that you were mobbed by the workers ...they were throwing stones and 'one of the stones hit you ...and '" she trailed off as the dreadful vision clouded her mind and she shuddered.

Prithvi closed his eyes and sighed. Now he knew the reason for her her petulant behavior. She was worried for him.

"Mein bilkul theek hoon Damini. Kuch nahin hua mujhe." he told her in a deep reassuring tone.

"Damini you know I could'nt just stay there when things were so bad over here. I cannot run away from my responsibilities." He tried to explain his point of view.

She simply listened to him; as much as she hated to admit it, she knew he was right.

"Why didn't u answer my calls if you were so worried ?" he asked her

"Because I was mad at you."

"Damini will you do me a favour, no matter how much we fight, no matter how angry we are at each other, don't ever cut me off from yourself like that, ever."

"Kab aa rahe ho ??" she finally enquired; too tired to fight him anymore. His argument was a valid one, she admitted grudgingly. Besides, she wanted him to apologize to her but she was not even picking up his calls, which was totally unreasonable on her part.

"Kal, everything is sorted out over here." he answered. Then there was an uncomfortable silence at both ends as neither of them knew what to say next.

"Toh tum apna gussa sapne mein mujhe pitwa ke nikalti ho." Prithvi tried to lighten up the moment.

She chuckled at that. He grinned on hearing her laughter. He loved it when she laughed. It was the best feeling in the whole world.

"So I finally managed to make u smile." He said almost victoriously.

"Haan ..magar iska matlab yeh nahin hai ki maine tumhein maaf kar diya."

"Aisa". He smirked. He knew his wife was simply playing hard to get now.

"Haan aisa." Damini was not in the mood to let him off that easily. He needed to work hard to earn forgiveness.

"Why is that?" he asked

"Kyunki sometimes saying 'sorry' is just not enough."

"Then what will it take for you to forgive me."

"You have to do something impressive."

"Hmm..How about dinner tomorrow night?"


"Toh fir"

"Arey' why should I do all the thinking ? "

Prithvi raked his brain. He did'nt know what will be an impressive gesture in his wife's eyes.

"Okay...How about a holiday? work talk, no phone calls, just you and me." He finally asked.

"Now you are talking."

"Alright then...pick a spot...where do you want to go?...anywhere...just name the place."  

"Khandala" she chirped happily peeking outside her window.

Prithvi was bewildered at his wife's choice. He was ready to take her anywhere in the world and she had picked a small hill station near Mumbai. This woman always managed to surprise him. Even for their honeymoon she chose African Safari over all those mushy romantic places.

"Why?" he couldn't help asking.

"Because it's raining." she said in a singsong voice, stretching her hand outside her window playing with the tiny raindrops as they soaked her palm.

He smiled softly shaking his head . He knew how much she loved rain. They had that in common. He had a hard time keeping her inside the room even on their wedding night as it was raining outside. His heart warmed up as the memories of that night filled his mind.

"In that case, I'm not going to let you get out of the room sweetheart." he said in a flirtatious tone.

"Well that's the beauty of it Mr Saxena" Damini pitched in; not the one to back out .

"Why do we need to go anywhere then? We can stay at home." he teased her.

"Then be prepared to sleep on the couch darling."

Prithvi laughed at that. His wife surely knew how to play her cards.

"Acha baba theek hai win ...Khandala it is." he said finally conceding defeat. One week with his wife in arms was better than one week in the doghouse.

"Yes." she said jubilantly. He was coming back to her and they would finally get to spend some time together. She was unbelievably happy.

And as it continued to rain outside, the two souls chatted away through the night; teasing, joking, flirting with each other. Their playful banter carried on till the break of dawn when they finally drifted off to a peaceful sleep with a smile of contentment on their faces.



this is it has turned out to be a bit boring ..a lot boring actually...sorry about that ..i wont blame you if u feel like murdering me after reading this part .Ouch

but still waiting for you feedback



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nyc work khwahish

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absolutelyy adorable Prida part.. i just burst out laughing reading dat part wer pri dsnt recognize damz voice n den jerks out of his sleep.. hahaha good one..u hav soo kept the essence of prida alive..the nok-jhok of prida with undercurrents of emotions that we all love the most...soo great goingThumbs UpStarClap

btw.. hoping we will b getting the khandala sequence smtime soonWinkTongue

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Khwaishh    !!
This is Truly  LOVELY   !!      ClapClap       Made my Heart  soo  Happy   !!     Smile
Your words have Evoked all their feelings ranging from their Anger laced with Concern to the Flirtatious Teasing  sooo Beautifully .............. reading this was such a Delight  !!     StarStar
and the way you have made these two Fight ............... That is the way we Love our PRIDA .... "  Tum Sapne main Bhi Mujhse Ladti Ho........... "    This was too Good     LOLLOL 
Loooved the whole Telephonic Convo ............ you Conveyed the whole Moood with the Varying Emotions really Well   !!        StarClap  and of course it is Pri who will always have to be the first one to Apologise ........... our Damzie is not our Queenie for nothing   !!        LOLLOL
and the Memories of the Rain............ Aaaaahhhhh .........   EmbarrassedBig smile
Once again  a  FANTASTIC  Job     !!       ClapClap    and you  have to write more often    !!     Big smile

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Nice os khwahish. Missing PRIDA! Pl continue

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Nice os khwahish. Missing PRIDA! Pl continue nd thks.

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awesome work khwaish Smile thanks for d pm

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