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AbHer/YaRav Heaven #38 - Yeh Pyar Kabhi Na Hoga Kam (Page 111)

Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Here's Eksie's wonderful take about Abeer's confession and after....Loved reading it..

Firstly .. Hats off to all of you! You guys have brought in some amazing discussions over the episodes .. and its fun reading various perspectives and POV's.
Here is mine Smile  Dunno how many will agree/disagree .. but anyways .. 
About the current track .. now I feel the creatives are taking the round-about fashion of going by things .. rather than the predicted straight route. Maybe going by the orderly fashion of slowly falling in love would be predictable. They probably thought of adding the spice .. for the sake of TRP's!
First of all .. I absolutely LOVED GK's drunken act!! I'm not a fan of such scenes and most actors (including some veterans) usually falter with such scenes, going overboard. But GK .. IMO .. was flawless! His was an act I could watch again & again .. coz otherwise, I usually end up forwarding such scenes or just don't watch it! Coming to Abeer .. I thought his actions were justified. Maybe my views of the actor are clouding my judgement of the character & scenario .. but I still felt it wasn't a surprise that Abeer immediately took to drinking. Firstly .. he didn't go to get the beer himself .. he was handed over by a random friend .. and in the heat of the moment, he took to it!
Abeer was angry .. frustrated .. and hurting. Hurting BAD!! And in such situations .. different people react differently. Some jilted lovers move on .. some take to drinking and regret later .. some take to drinking forever .. and some even kill the girl they love!!! So yeah .. keeping all that in mind .. I think Abeer was alright. Abeer drinking is a one-off case .. he will get over it today/tmrw (depending on how they take the episode). No comparisons to Devdas .. coz in the movie/book, Paro gets married to someone else .. leading him to drown himself in drinking! Not the same with Abeer .. coz Leher ain't going anywhere LOL Secondly .. we know they are/gonna be a couple .. and naturally, Leher ain't gonna be with someone who takes to drinking at the slightest provocation. This drinking bit has to come as a major mistake on Abeer's part .. and Leher will make him see that.
From the way I look at things .. both Abeer & Leher are going through the same emotions. Both are in love .. both are hurting bad .. both are WEAK (as of now!). Leher has become Abeer's weakness .. and he's showing it through his anger & frustrations. Leher on her part, is trying to be strong, but her weakness is showing in her tears!
For Leher's POV .. I'd like to mention what Natz brought out in Jyoti's Adda Annex post. She sorta brought out the fact that Majumdar was such a strong father who took all nonsense for his daughter .. while Brij couldn't take even what his brother said to him .. how will he handle TN & Boodhha in the future?! This makes me think .. Rashmi's outburst during the rasam was directly the result of the strength she derived from her father!! She kept watching her father take nonsense after nonsense .. and yet being so strong about the whole thing and she finally vented out. Leher has become weak .. broken from the inside after seeing her father's condition. Her tears, is a result of everything .. her father's condition .. her ever-growing affection for Abeer and knowing that its probably not going anywhere.
I'm probably looking at the whole thing, not from the current situation .. but the aftermath of the current situation. We know of Abeer as this childish, immature young guy who can be mature when required .. and understands the right from the wrong. He will understand what he did was wrong .. and how much he has hurt his family .. and Leher too! She needs to tell him that.
Secondly .. from here, how I would like for things to progress is - Right now Abeer is desperate to hear a YES from Leher, coz he knows that is the truth! I was thinking .. maybe his 'drunk' act in the terrace .. could well be, an act! With TN downstairs screaming at him .. I have a feeling Abeer ka nasha udhar hi utar jaayega!! LOL  With Leher .. its only to get a YES from her (though I could be completely wrong here .. esp after reading the TB article).
For now .. I want this confession bit to get over & done with!! In the heat of the situation .. Abeer's anger & frustration .. he said he loves her and expects the same from her. I want her to now say YES .. and Abeer will back off! Just her saying yes to him .. the guy will gain ground and all his strength back! Leher on her part, will slowly come around to the whole situation. I want Abeer to tell her that this is what he wanted to hear .. and then he lets her decide the course of their relationship. Then maybe the creatives can take it back to Abeer getting back to normal (coz he got what he wanted) .. get back to his studies .. and take to them starting from scratch!
Leher needs to talk to him about how much he's hurting her by his behaviour .. and that will be enough for Abeer to snap out of it! I also would love to see a Abeer-Sudha scene .. where he apologizes to his mother for his behaviour .. knowing it has hurt her the most!!! Sudha being the mother she is .. will understand that her son did so only coz he is hurting so much!
Oh boyy .. that was quite a bit!! Sorry for the ramble guys ..

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Neeba IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 April 2010
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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Anybody home?

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Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Nobody's here? Cry...I'm leaving then...Good Night..

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Thinker_Belle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Hey Neelu, I just came... here, that is. I was reading the updates at the "Memory lane" thread...
Shucks, that made me so nostalgic... I wanna see those episodes all over again..

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--Ratna-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Neelu  Hug.....Sorry i missed u my dear.......thank u for liking my creation......check the creation gallery for more......trying to perfect it still Embarrassed......thank u for all the updates u have been posting.....really appreciate your u soooo much......TC Smile


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Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Update of 9th Hina..

Written update ~ 9th March~

Epi begins with TN charging down the stairs  to tell Abeer off and Abeer is totally talli ....
TN says " kya ho raha hai yaha pe?"  lalla  relies that they've come to wish him on  holi 
Sudha cries to see Abeer in this state and tryies to stop him  from saying whetever he is...

Abeer goes close to TN and wishes him a happy holi and TN throws him away sayin "tum ne sharab pi hai? " Sudha comes between the two and stops TN from hurting Abeer

TN yells at Abeer and says how dare he entered the house after having alcohol and  Abeer was mindblowing when he says 'humne sharab nahi pi hai amma  " and the goes "bauji aapki har cheez ko itna .... nahi itnaaaa bada chada sochne ki aadat ho gayi hai "  (well said lallaji,ab TN ko koi kya samjhaye tsk tsk ) 

he further says that theres so much different happening in their big house these days ,that they are hiding every good thing or abjecting towarrds it and every bad thing is being given so much importance ...Then Boodha asks like what?  ....Abeer says that is ghar me sab ek ek karke ab galat baatein hori hai 

TN asks kya galat hua? ans says battameez ...

Sudha constantly tries to make peace but lalla isnt done with his rant ,he says is ghar me itna kuch galat hora hai ....aur humne sharaab nahi pi hai amma ...agar apko kuch galat nahi lagta to hame bi kuch galat nahi lagta ! maana humne thodi si beer pi hai par usme galat kya hai ? 
TN and Boodha give him the worst looks ever 

then he points to Boodha and goes daadi,satyanaash kaha tha na aapne?
 and says jo daadi ne Mathurs and Majumdars ke sath kiya wo kya ! (maan gaye lalla ji apne to sixer maar diya) ek hi jhatke me Boodha ki sari hekdi utaar di !
felt bad for Sudha as she helplessly tried to pacify her son

Abeer then goes sach kaha bauji aapne,battameez ho gaye hai hum...amma sahi kaha bauji ne Abeer bohot battameez ho gaya hai,jo moo me aya bolta chala ja raha hai "

the Boodha goes baavra ho gaya hai ye,nashe me kuch bi bole ja raha hai leke jao isko uske kamre me " lol and Abeer goes correct ! haha awesome act GKClap

then his friends take him up to his room and he goes muje kyu leke ja rahe ho Abeer ko lejao LOL

TN leaves and Abeer keeps wishin him happy holi while climbing up the stairs ...Sudha is again shown crying lots and Boodha holding her head in disgust and Chutki feeling bad for her mum ...


They show the Mathurs discussing Mridula's sudden decision to go on the char dhaam yatra ,she says that she wants to go since much has happened in the past few days ...she plans to go with some friend and they finally agree with her decision...and then chahchi asks Leher to go get the clothes from the chath,she's a little hesitant and Bittan notices that ....

Leher unwillingly says yes and goes to the terrace...She looks at Abeers room and while taking the pegs off the wire ,one of her duppatta flies to the middle terrace wall ,she looks at Abeer's room's door and slowly walks up to pick her dupatta when Abeer grabs hold of her hand and trust me GK's excelled in this scene...

She asks him to leave her hand but he says no he wont until she tells the truth,she says she has already and tries to free her hand from his grip but he says she 's lied and says that he's the son of a renowned lawyer Mr.TN Vajpayee and that is adalat me sach ke siwai kuch nahi bol sakte ...aur kuch nahi...aur aapka jhoot adalat ne sun liya hai ....sab sun liya hai aur ab aap suniye ki sach kya hai....sach ye hai ki  jis tareeke se aap humse pesh arahi hai ,jesa apka behaviour hai ,usse dukh hum se zyada apko hai ....humse zyada aansoon aapki ankho me hai aur hum se zyada dil aap ka toot raha hai ...Leher looks fab here  ...he then says ,yehi sach hai ...aur mujrim hai aap ... mujrim jo jurm karna hi chahta wo khud par kar raha hai...bekasoor hokar bhi wo sazaa chahta hai ...(sexy line Abeer )
then he says a few more lines of the same sort and she starts to leave ,he cluthces her arm again and goes she can't leave until the adalat has passed a judgement  order order order  ! aur is adalat ka faisla ye ha ki mujrim Leher Mathur se Abeer Vajpayee  pyar karta hai,bohot pyar karta hai  and says that he will keep loving herall his life and that  no one can stop him from doing so...not him nor his dad or daadi or amma or bhagwan or even Leher herself...Awesome performance Clap!

and in the end he goes khamakha is jhamele me he didnt wish her holi,happy Holi !
my heart really bled at that bitCry  to see him smile and cry at the same time ,this man is fanstastic with every act !

and then he declares the cort to be adjouned and toddles along to his room when Leher 's worried of his drunken state but then she weeps to see him go and walks back downstairs !


Guddan runs down the stairs to her room when Bittan bumps into her and notices her moist eyes
she asks her the reason but Leher runs away and chachiji just then comes up to call them down for lunch,Bittan tells her that Guddan's not hungry and that she must have had mithai...

chachi leaves and Bittan goes to talk to Leher ...
they have a little sweet sisterly scene and 
Leher tells her that she's always spoken the truth all her life and now its become so hard for her to tell the truth,when he(Abeer) has spoken all the truth there was to tell...
Bittan asks who she's talking abt and goes Abeer? and Leher says yes
she says that she's done wrong in  treating him rudely and that she's so helpless
coz its either her family or Abeer she has to chose between ad her family matters to her the most 
so Bittan says that she's hurting herself to see Abeer hurting and that she should tell him how she feels but Leher says she cant  coz of her family...


Sudha is serving dinner to TN when he asks her to get some extra domestic help,she replies that she doesnt need it and that all is working fine ,poor thing doesnt read between the lines ...
Boodha tells Sudha off for letting Abeer out of their control and boasts of the perfect upbriging she's given TN and how Sudha's faltered....
TN agrees with his mum and says that he's never before interefered in the parenting issue but after watching lalla's drunkard scene today ,he really thinks that she should focus on her son closely and forget all house chores....
Sudha poor thing can only cry while the mother-son taunt her to the max...
Chutki witnesses all this and I have a feeling that she will pass on the message to Abeer
TN asks Sudha to get Abeer to talk to him and that its high time he puts a nakel in his naak?( i guess he meant to take charge of his life)

Abeer is done with being drunk and looks fresh and sensible
TN taunts and says kya mangaoo aap ke liye rum ,whisky or beer?
later he says that he wants Abeer to leave home at 8 am in the morning for college and asks Boodha to look for a rishta Shocked for him ...


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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged

hello people !

loooooooooooooong time no see I know
but kya karein yeh sali zindagi
lol yes me's back with my cheesy self LOL

thanks Neelu for posting the updates
makes me wanna awww ,smile ,cry and scream at times when I miss the show so very much !

kya se kya ho gaya yeh pyar ke pyaar mein................

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Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Ratna, Tanu and Hinu....thanks a lot...even I went through a myriad of emotions reading all those episodes...what a great show it was...Ouch

And whenever I read all those OS's about Abeer acting sick and Leher tending to's a song for that...

I know..very random...LOL

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