Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 96)

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Originally posted by chayya55

loved the update just like cb1 radev in sep. 2010
waiting for the next update

thank you Chayya ! Glad that it reminds you a bit of Cb1 Big smile

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Originally posted by jeffin

Wonderful  update  dear  Clap Though  it  is  small,it  is  very  nice  indeed...

Soon  there  will  be  a  little  one  to  play  with  anjali  i  hope  Wink

Loved  it  and  will  wait  for  the  next  dear Tongue

Thank you jeffin! I know it was a very small update but Im really happy that you liked it Big smile
You will get to know very soon if Anjali gets someone to play with Embarrassed
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Originally posted by jsre

Nice update ... waiting for the last part... enjoyed reading ur FF wish u come up with another ff very soon ... Thanks for the pm and sorry for the late reply  you welcome and Dont worry about it! Wink

Thanks JSRE glad you like dit ...Im really happy that I could entertain you with my FF . Smile
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Thank you so much for your liking the update , Harianjana , Ushari , Fatssrilanka , Ekta , Meenaluma and aviru Big smile
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Originally posted by bvs7691

Loved the update Yumna - Thank You:)

Thanks Bhavi , glad you liked it !Big smile
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Originally posted by v3gradev09

Last part? What do u mean? Oh gosh...we got to start writing a petition to bring back this FF ! lol

I am going to really miss your FF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you remain active with other discussions here about cb would love to hear from you and will really miss this FF.

LOl!LOL If you guys make a petition a good chance that I will continue WinkLOL
Awwn your so sweet yaar , I'm just so happy that I could entertain you guys with this FF Hug
Dont worry I will still be around Wink
Thanks v3gradev09 for liking the update Big smile

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One day Dev came back home and saw the family sitting having some tea but they seemed awfully quiet! Dev observed and saw Dadima with a smile tucked in the corner of her lips and Vaishli and Mr.Purohit just sipped their tea yet they had a spark of happiness in their eyes '.. Mrinalni was feeding Anjali her bottle of milk and Birju looking at him teasingly '

Dev: Hey guys! What wrong with all of you ?? You guy seem very calm and quiet ??
He asked confusedly

Dadima: No ..were all having some tea 'would you like to join us ??

Dev: sure ..but where's Radhika?? He said wondering his gaze around

Dadima: She must be in her room 'she said with a glint of excitement

Dev walked up the stairs and went in his room only to find Radhika standing near the window enjoying the fresh breeze . He wrapped his arms around her placing a kiss over her nape ..She closed her eyes briefly absorbing the warmth on her skin and leaned back against his body ..Dev was stroking hr exposed waist lovingly and rested his chin over her shoulder ..He felt her hand over his guiding him to her tummy and pressed it lightly on it ..Dev smiled  kissing her cheeks and smoothly stroke her abdomen '

Few minutes passed and Dev just held her in his arms '

Dev: Kya hua?? Tum itna chup kyun ho ??( whats wrong ? Why are you so quiet ?)

Radhika smiled happily and again pressed his hand over her tummy 'Dev frown his brows  and then his eyes widened up ! Could it be??? He swallows the lump in his throat as the happiness was climbing up on every cell of his body 'He turns Radhika around and gazes in her warm eyes yet she had a excited smile on her face '

Dev: Radhika ?? Kya main ' papa bane jahra hoon ?? ( Radhika ? Am I going to become a father ?)  He asked cautiously yet with a beaming smile ..

Radhika  : Haan 'she responded with much happiness yet her cheeks were pink '

Dev couldn't believe this and quickly hugged Radhika with tears of happiness shimmering in his eyes! He couldn't believe that he was going to become a father and have a child of their own ..Radhika closed her eyes letting the tears roll down her cheeks ..Their heart was just overwhelmed by this joy ! He felt his throat  going lumpy an s swallowed feeling he joy gushing in every corner of the room and the breeze swirled around them wanting to be part of their happiness ..

He moved back gazing in his wife's teary eyes yet beautiful smile '

Dev: Radhika ' you gave me the biggest happiness in the whole world ..Thank you ..He said kissing her forehead warmly , she closed her eyes letting the last tears roll down '


Radhika and Dev came downstairs holding each other hand and he figured out why the whole family were so quiet and reflected happiness through their face '.The whole family congratulate them and they took the elders blessings '

Mrinalini: I'm so happy for you guys ..Remember Radhika you asked me once how it feel to have a baby inside you and I told you that it feels magical ..Now you will experience it yourself ..she said tenderly ..

Radhika smiled sweetly and smiled feeling very excited for her child to be born ..Vaishali called Devki announcing her the good news and Radhika talked to her mother who was so joyful hearing such beautiful news that her daughter will become a mother and herself a grandmother ..Radhika heard in Devki vice that she was crying of tears of happiness and this made her emotional as well'Dadima took the phone and congratulated Devki and she did the same ..

Birju: Ab is ghar main aur ronak hojayegi ! ( The house will always be filled with laughter ) He said joyfully ..

Mr.Purohit: saach ghar toh hamesha aisa hasthe rahega '( Your right, this house will always smile with much happiness.) he said hugging Radhika fatherly and took Dev too in his arms '.

Vivek came back from the office and took anjali in his arms and Mrinalini told him the good news and he congratulated both of them '

Vivek: I'm telling you Dev ..being a father is the best job ever!!

Dev : I cant wait!!! He said hugging Radhika from the side '

Vivek: but just be careful from Radhika mood swings ..He joked making everyone laugh including Mrinalini who got slightly embarrassed

Dev: don't worry Bhaiya..I know my Radhika , she wont give me much trouble like babhie! He said teasingly ..

The chit chat and jokes went on in the purohit family making the day much enjoyable .


2 months passed and the whole family was taking really good care of Radhika. Who was 3 months pregnant . Mrinalini gave her some tips that might help her during her pregnancy . Dev would always be there for Radhika doctor appointments and take her out to eat after and walk around the park. They would talk about their babies future and names that they should choose if it's a girl or a boy '.In the evening Dev would read parenting books along with Radhika and get some good tips from Vivek and Mrinalini .. .Dev would sometimes help Radhika change Anjali diapers a learn how to change diapers and give her the bottle . Radhika and Mrinalni was quite impressed that Dev did everything so well. ' Vaishali made sure Radhika ate some ginger ladoo for the babies health and Dev made sure that she eats healthy .. Sometimes at night Dev would catch Radhik eating some chocolate ice cream and some brownies. This always made him laugh seeing Radhika uncontrollable cravings and he would sit with her and eat some with her 'but he did make sure that she eats lots of fruits and drinks milk every night . ..
Radhika would get so touched by his care and affection towards her and there to be baby .

One day Dev came back from the office and saw Radhika measuring her tummy with a measuring tape ..He was silently adoring her cute expressions and he saw that she looked little disappointed 'He walked to her wrapping his ars around her

Dev: Hmmm'Our baby didn't grow??

Radhika felt a little embarrassed getting caught from her silly action '

Radhika: No'

Dev grins boyishly and goes in front of Radhika gazing in her beautiful eyes

Dev: hmm let me do something ..
He knelt down and started talking to the womb ..

Dev: hey champ! Its me again' he smiled impishly 'sorry to disturb your sleep but I need to tell you something important your mama is getting upset that your not growing fast give it a good boost and make your mama smile ..ok?? He said sweetly and placed a kiss on her tummy 'This made her cheeks flush and smile at Dev got up taking her in his arms '
2 month passed and everyday Radhika would measured her tummy to see if the foetus was growing and she noticed a  bump appearing this make her grin excitedly and make Dev feel the bump ..It felt so magical knowing that their very own baby was growing inside her and he kissed her tummy again encouraging their future baby to grow faster ..
Radhika was now 5 months and the womb grew so fast and Radhika tummy was shaped in a perfect ball .She would always stroke her belly warmly feeling that her baby is safe in the womb. She could feel the baby moving and sometimes kick her . When she would tell Dev he would get anxious to witness it and would plead the baby to move but it didn't 'Dev would just love talking to the womb it became something he did every morning and night . The whole family was taking very good care of Radhika and Anjali was also getting bigger she started crawling and started mumbling some words ..Mrinalini got so happy when she said  her first word "mama" it made her get very emotionally and later started saying "Dada"..Birju and Dev always tried making Anjali say there name but she would just laugh and crawl away .Anjali got spoiled by Mr.Purohit Vaishali and Dadima  they would shower her with so much love and always try being around her . Anjali would love staying with Radhika whenever her parents went out ..She even started saying "Chachi" ..this only made Radhika grin sweetly and kiss her niece . Whenever Dev bought toys for his future baby he would always buy something for anjali too . The whole family were so very  joyous knowing that Anjali would have someone to play with very soon . Radhika would go to Vridavaan with Dev staying with Devki who would always make Radhika eat good and health and take her out for walk and go to the temple .

Radhika was now 7 months and they bought and crib and installed it next to there bed .
One day Dev came back from the office and saw Radhika putting the babies clothes away and staking up diapers that birju got for her ..
Dev: Hey Radhika!

Radhika smiles cutely seeing dev ..
Radhika: how was the meeting ?

Dev: it was good ..He said placing a warm kiss over her forehead '

He move back gazing in her enchanting eyes and her tender smile ..Suddenly Radhika cringed in pain hold her tummy and then slowly took a deep breath composing herself ..Dev arched his brows worriedly and told her to sit down '

Radhika: hmm this naughty baby likes kicking a lot  'she said stroking her belly with a teasing smile gazing at her belly

Dev smiles ..: Hmm that's my champ! He said caressing the womb boyishly '

Radhika arched her brows..

Radhika: Why do keep saying champ? It could be a girl too 'and you like it when the baby kicks me?? He rebuked cutely

Dev: No Radhika just happy that this baby is going to be a active one so we could play sports together and I have a very strong feeling that it's a boy '.He said giving her a wink

Radhika: hmmm'.it also feels like a boy 'she said stroking her belly '

Dev grinned happily
Dev: see I already know it!

Radhika: but imagine our guest is wrong and it's a girl??

Dev: if it's a girl then I will still love her to the max and play sports with her !! And I want her to look just like you 'he said cupping her cheeks sweetly ..

Radhika: And if it's a boy I want him to look just like you 'she said going in his arms '
Dev: Whatever gender it is we should just be grateful that it will be a healthy  baby 'right??

Radhika moves back gazing in his eyes ..

Radhika: Exactly '

One  evening Radhika was laying against the bed rest with her  feet's stretched out .Suddenly she felt the baby move an quickly took Dev's hand and put it above her womb '.Dev looked on confusedly at her ..Suddenly he felt the movements of the baby making him smile unbelievably 'It felt so magical and Radhika had a sweet smile lingering on her face and slowly the baby stopped moving finding its position . Dev leaned down to her belly placing a warm kiss '.

Dev: I cant wait to see you'.he said stroking the womb delicately .

Radhika fingers roamed Devs hair lightly seeing him rest his head lightly on her tummy starting talking to the baby '

Dev: I promise I will be the best dad ever and wont punish you too much unless you do something very naughty 'Deal??

Dev still had his hand on her tummy when the baby moved again as if he agreed ..Dev smiled beamingly placing another kiss '

Dev: Good night champ '.
Radhika was just adoring her husbands talks with the baby '.After a while dev snuggled in Dev's arms and fell asleep ..


Radhika was now at her last stage of pregnancy and sometimes get bad pains but nothing to serious ..One night when the family was sleeping Radhika woke up feeling contraction pains! It really pained her and Dev woke up seeing Radhika breathing heavily and closing her eyes painfully . He quickly got up from bed and changed to go to the hospital '

Radhika: Dev 'don't forget 'the baby bag '

Dev was getting nervous though he kept himself prepared and did as he was told ..He slowly helps Radhika out of bed ..The family woke up hearing them and gathered in the hall '

Dev: birju can you get the car out please ..
Birju hurried and did as he was told seeing Radhika state '

Mrinalni and Vivek came down seeing Radhika sitting on the couch taking deep breaths

Vaishali: I think I should go with Radhika

Dadima: Haan 'yeh theek rahega '..( I thinks that's a goof idea ..)

Mrinalini : Dev call us when the baby is born ..

Dev : Of course 'I will call to let you guys know ..

Mr.Purohit blessed Radhika and Dadima gave her a kiss on the forehead giving her much encouragement ..'

Dev walked Radhika to the car and Vaishali followed 'Birju told Dev to drive safely and told Radhika that he will pray for her 'This made her smile and blink once'

Vaishali sat in the back with Radhika and Dev drove away to the hospital'


Dev was in the waiting room and Vaishali went in the delivery room with Radhika '
Dev was walking feeling very anxious to know how Radhika was doing ?? He was getting worried seeing few nurses rushing inside the room ..HE closed his eyes praying for the best for his wife and baby '.He called Dadima telling her that Radhika was still in the delivery room '.Dadima told him not to worry and informed Devki about Radhika being in the hospital ..

Hours passed and Dev was standing against the wall Suddenly he heard the baby cry making him aware and his  eyes widened up a big smile came across his face ..He couldn't't believe that he just was hearing his baby crying '.After few minutes The doctor came out and congratulated Dev for becoming a father and announced that Radhika did very well giving birth to a baby boy! Dev could hold his happiness that was rushing through every cell of his body ..He folded his hand together thanking God and went in the room '

He saw Radhika sleeping and Vaishali holding her grandson 'He saw the nurse checking  Radhika heart rate .This made him a little worried seeing Radhika unconscious 'The nurse informed him that it was because of the exhaustion and told Dev that she will gain conscious within few hours and there was nothing to worry about ..
Dev smiled and Vaishali forwarded the baby ..Dev couldn't believe that this was their baby , the baby he was always talking to day and night was finally born ! Dev had tears of happiness shimmering in his eyes '
Vaishali : Dev ..I feel the same way when I first held you in my arms 'He looks just like you ..she trailed of sweetly ..
Dev smiled seeing his son wrapped in white cloth with his tiny features 'Dev slowly took him in his arms and  when he touched his baby his heart witnessed another happiness ..It was so magical holding his son warmly in his arms ..Dev's heart was beating so fast and his eyes were twinkling of happiness'His son was sleeping soundly in his arms'Vaishali just smiled warmly seeing this 'She wiped her tears and told Dev that she will call the family to informed them.. She left the room and the nurse also walked always leaving Dev in his special moment 'He slowly placed a kiss on his baby's cheek with much affection and lightly stroke his cheeks. .Dev was so amazed how small his baby was though he said the same thing with Anjali but having his own child was a complete different feeling 'Dev just gazed fondly at his son with teary eyes . His gaze fell on Radhika who was slowly opening  her eyes '..Dev sat next to her stroking her forehead warmly with his free hand'He leaned down placing a warm kiss on her lips ..Radhika smiled cutely in return opening her eyes seeing the beautiful sight of her husband and her son 'She slowly laid against the bed rest with Dev's help and he sat next to her seeing her gaze wondering on their baby with her teary eyes ..She felt her throat going lumpy seeing such tiny figure in Dev's cozy arms. Dev smiled seeing tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks with a tender smile lingering on her face 'Dev slowly placed the baby in his mother's arms and the baby cosily positioned in her arms that were filled with love and affection ..Dev sat closer to her with an arm around her gazing at their baby 'Radhika felt her heart getting filled with warmness holding their very own baby and put his against her chest side wanting to protect her son from all evil ..She couldn't believe that she actually had a baby in her hand that made her heat overwhelmed and kissed his cheeks'

Radhika: Kitna ..pyara hai '( hes so beautiful ..) .she said letting few tears shimmer in her eyes .

Dev: Hann'bohut
 She looks up and sees Dev's eyes filled with tears of happiness , she cupped his face wiping the tears away and he did the same 'They were both smiling with tears of joy he held her free hand and kissed it lovingly '

D: Thank you Radika ''..Tumne muhje meri zindagi ki sabse bari khushi deedi ( Thank you Radhika ' you gave me the biggest happiness in the world . ) 'saying with so much emotion .

Radika smiles blinking once

Radhika: Aapke bina yeh kabhie nahi hosak tha tha ( this wouldn't be possible without you.) 'she said with a tinge of tease ..

Dev chuckled and kissed her head and held her closer to him ..Radhika was resting her head over his chest and looking at her baby with Dev arms under hers .They were both holding the baby feeling the biggest happiness of there life '

Radhika: He looks like you 'she said giggling cutely
Dev grinned boyishly

Dev: Hmm Mom said that too'

Radhika: I guess you were right's a beautiful baby boy ..

Dev smiled..

Dev: Next time we will try for a girl 'He said little naughtily ..

Radhika shook her head yet had her cheeks blushing 'Vaishali came in and congratulated both of them and gave her blessings '

Vaishali : Kya naam sochkar raka hai ?? ( what name did you choose for the baby .)She asked sweetly

Radhika: Aman  ..she said gazing fondly at her son

Dev smiled jubilantly this was the name he wanted and she also liked it '

Few hours passed and Radhika finished feeding Aman  , she saw how Mrinalini fed Anjali and did the same ' The nurse was very impressed seeing a first mother feeding her baby without any problem 'Dev walked in seeing Radhika holding Aman after feeding him , he sat next to her and his son started crying ..Radhika put his against her shoulder stroking his back lightly back and a tiny burp came out '

Dev: I guess we got practice from Anjali ..haina??

Radhika smiles nodding '

Suddenly Radhika saw the family entering including Ranjiv and devki ..This made Radhika and Dev smiles happily ..The whole family came to congratulate them for the new baby boy 'Dadima held Aman and couldn't believe that he was looking a lot like Dev  even Mr.Purohit said the same thing 'Mrinalni held the baby and showed Anjali who was in vivek's arm and she just looked on curiously at the new member of the family'

Mrinalni: Anajli 'meet your new brother 'she said tenderly ..
Anjali touched Aman head lightly and smiled with her cute teeth ' Dev and Radhika shred a smile seeing that  Aman birth bought so much happiness to everyone '

Mrinalini : He looks like Dev 'she said in amazement 'Oh no! not another prankster 'She teased

Dev just laughed with the others ..

Dev: well know what they say 'like father like son ! He said giving a wink ..

Mmr.Purhit told birju to buy some sweets for everyone in the hospital '.
.Devki sat next to Radhika placing a motherly kiss over her forehead holding  Aman in her arms ..Devki never gave birth to a child before but with Radhika she never regretted anything and never felt bad of not conceiving a child because she got the greatest gift and that was Radhika ..and now she was a grandmother '

Devki: Radhika'main hamesha mere kok( womb) se bacha chaha 'lekin tumhare ane ke baad maine kabhie muhje kabie pashta nahi tha ke mera apna bacha kyun nahi tha ..Main toh apne aap ko bohut bagichali maanthi hoon ke tum meri bachi bani 'aur muhje sabse bari khushi di '.Aur  tumhare godh main ek bacha dekar muhje bohut khushi hori hai 'she trailed of warmly 'Bhagwan ko main dil se danewaand karna chathi hoon ..Us ne meri aur meri bachi ki zindagi main itni khushi bardi
( Radhika 'I always wanted a child from my womb 'But after having you in my life I never regretted not having my own child 'I feel very lucky that you're my only child that filled my life with happiness ..Today seeing that you have your own child gives me much happiness ..She trailed off warmly 'I want to thank God from the bottom of my heart , he gave me and my daughter so much happiness)  'She said gazing fondly at the baby ..

Ranjiv blessed Radhika and couldn't hold his tears back seeing the little Radhika having her own child '.

Ranjiv: Hamesha aise muskati rati ho ..( Keep smiling this like ..) 'he said hugging her fatherly '

Radhika wiped her tears and Devki gave the baby to Ranjiv who smiled beamingly !
. Birju came in with sweets and everyone were  feeding Radhika and dev 'When Birju saw the baby he couldn't stop smiling and held his Aman  in his arms .The whole family were just absorbing all the happiness that was getting showered by God ''

Radhika and Dev entered the house 2 days later with a warm welcome the new son of the house . Vaishali did there arti and they walked in the house with Aman in Radhika's arms. .Devki also as there welcoming her grandson to the lovely family 'Radhika and Dev shared a beaming smile seeing the whole family anxious to hold  Aman'Arjun and Deepika came with Susheel and  they bought so many gifts and toys for the new born'Susheel was happy that a boy was born in the PB house and teased saying that baby girls cry a lot ..He loved pulling Mrinalni leg and knew that she wont get offended only tease back 'The whole family spent some quality time together with the new member of the house 'It felt like a new energy spread around everyone 'Dadima felt very blessed having two great grand children that she could play with a spoil ..Mr.Purohit and Vaishli felt proud that the family was just getting bigger and prayed that this beautiful smile on their children never goes away '


3 moths passed Radhika and Dev got used to waking up in the middle of the night because Aman was hungry 'Dev would take really good care of both Radhika and  Aman and loved both of them from his heart '.Aman would always wait for Dev to come back from work and hold him ..Dev loved spending time with his son and let his wife rest for a while ..The whole family would take turns to take care of the babies 'Radhika and Dev were enjoying having a child and made them more responsible and thought them new things 'Dev was loving being a father and would always say it ! Aman first smile was with Birju he made a funny face and  Aman had a smile lingering on his lips ..this made the whole family beamed along and Anjali would always be curious to see  Aman when he was in Radhika arms 'The whole family loved Aman and Anjali equally and never showed any preference .The whole house would be always very active with two babies in the house yet they spread lots of joy in the family .

2 months later
 Dev came out the bathroom drying his hair with a towel and wore his dark blue kurta with a nice designed collar 'He put the towel away when he hear some mumbling in the crib. He looked inside and saw Aman making cute sounds with his mouth holding his favourite teddy bear ..Dev was jus adoring his son lost in his own world , he was not asking for attention and was playing quietly with his toy ..Dev couldn't hold his boyishly smile and seeing his son laying in the crib alone made him feel bad .. Aman his father looking at him and his eyes gleamed and a cute smile appeared on his lips  'He started moving his legs and arms excitedly seeing his father looking at him and hoped that he will play with him. He stretches his arms wanting to be held ..Dev couldn't resist and took Aman in his arms '

Dev: hey champ! You were playing alone with your toys?? He said placing a kiss on  Aman cheeks '

Radhika walked in wearing a nice dark bleu sari with lovely beaded work on the border..along with lovely matching jewellery

Radhika: your ready?? Ma aur Ranjiv chacha bhi agaye hain ( Mom and Rajiv uncle have already arrived.)'she said excitedly

It was Anjali 1st birthday and Mrinalni through a party with the whole family and friends .

Dev: yup I'm ready but our little champ isn't 'he tickled Aman's belly cutely making the baby smile excitedly '

Radhika and Dev got Aman  dressed and put him exactly what Dev was wearing but in small size 'Radhika was just adoring her husband and son wearing the same outfit '

Radhika: it was Mrinalni idea she designed the same outfit for both of you 'she said sweetly placing a kiss on Aman cheeks looking so very cute in his kurta pyjama '

Dev: Where is my kiss?? He said coming close to Radhika

Radhika : Aman ke samne nahi '.( not infront of Aman )
Dev looked at his son  and laid him in the crib. He just wondered his gaze around quietly

Dev wrapped his arms around Radhika tugging her closer '

Dev: come on Radhika ' Aman wont even see us 'he said naughtily coming close to her lips..Radhika felt her heart flutter and couldn't deny and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck while he stroke her naked waist lovingly ..He felt her breathing going uneven and her cheeks turned pink 'Dev Crushed her against his body unable to resist and kiss her lips soothingly 'Radhika ran her fingers through his wet hair and feel him kissing her deeper ..Their lips seemed as they were aching to feel each other . They kissed for a while when Aman started crying lightly 'This bought Radhika and Dev come out their reverie and looked towards the crib 'Dev felt her arms moving away shyly and he also moved back placing a kiss on her cheeks..

Dev: thank you '.he said huskily

Radhika cheeks flushed and walked towards the crib blushing 'she held Rehan in her arms calming him down '.

Dev: Come on champ! Your getting a big boy and boys don't cry 'he said kissing his head ..

Somehow Aman stopped crying and Dev took him in his arms'

Radhika: hmmm'.lagtha hai Rehan papa ka laddla hogaya ..( Looks like Aman has become his daddy's boy )'she teased '
This made Dev grin sweetly looking and  Aman who had a cute smile '.
They walked down seeing the lovely preparations and saw the family gathered in the living area ..Anjali was waking around wearing her pink dress with a nice head band getting showered by so much love by everyone Aman got so happy seeing so many balloons and attractive colours and especially all his family .
Dev: Wow everything is looking great for  Sweet little Anjali's birthday ..He said picking her up in her arms and giving her a kiss '

This made Anjali laugh cutely feeling ticklish ..

Dadima: Aree ..wah! Aman  kitna sundar lagra hai ..bhilkul Dev jaise kapre pehne hain ..( wow Aman is looking so handsome 'he's wearing the exact cloths as Dev .)'she said taking the little boy from Radhika arms ..

Mrinalni: I know right! It was my idea ..

Vaishali: Bohut acha idea hai 'dev aur Aman  bhilkul ek jaise lagre hain ..( Dev and Aman look just a like ) 'She said placing a kiss on baby

Dev went to Ranjiv and Devki taking their blessings

Devki : Kaise ho beta?? ( How are you Dev?)
Dev: bhilkul theek Maaji ..aur app? ( I'm fine , how about you ?)

Devki just smiled saying she was good ..

Dev: appki music classes kaise jahre hain ??( how are your music classes going.)

Devki: Bohut acha beta 'bohut sari ladkian ne join kiya '.( Really good ., lots of girls have joined .) she said sweetly ..

Radhika smiled along and the whole family were talking amounst  each other ..

Mr.Purohit : sabko yahan kate hue dekar muhje bohut khushi hori hai 'Aur Hamari nani munni si Anjali ka pehla saal gira hai '.haina'.( It feels so nice having everyone gathered together  for Anjali's first Birthday .) He said stroking Anjali hair and placing a kiss '

Dadima: sach 'bas yehi dua hai ke hamesha hamara pariwaar ki khushi kabhie kaam nahi ho '( True , I just pray that our family happiness keeps growing .)

Everyone smiles agreeing '

Devki held her grandson who smiled cutely in return '
Mrinalni opened the door  for the photographer who came in starting to take out his camera and stetting up  his things ..Mrinalini asked him to take a picture of the family before the guest start coming 'The family gathered up together . Mr.Purohit and Vaishali were sitting on the couch along with Dadima . Dev was holding Aman with one hand and the other wrapped it around Radhika tugging her close . This made her smile shyly and Devki stood next to Radhika and Ranjiv on the other side with Dev ..Vivek was standing next to ranjiv and was holding Anjali  and Mrinalini stood next to her husband with a hand on Anjali arm and Biju was standing next to her 'The photographer told them to smile and they did as they were told even Anjali and Aman  had a smile on their face 'Suddenly susheel enter along with Deepika and Arjun '

Susheell: Humare bigair photo keechre hain?( you guys are taking picture without us .)  He teased ..

Mrinali: Susheel chacha come in the picture with ..Deepika and arjun too come ..She said excitedly ..

They came in the picture and the photographer took more snaps with the family smile beamingly '.He took more with Aman  and Anjali in Mr.Purohit and Vaishali lap . Dev and Radhika also got their picture taking with  Aman  who was laughing seeing Birju making funny faces behind the photographer and the picture came out beautifully . ..
Slowly the guest started coming in and got welcomed humbly form the purohit ..Everyone was having a good time talking and laughing ..Anjali felt very special because she saw so many gift and every showering affection n her .  Aman  also was the center of attention with his cute smile and his suit . Everyone was finding him so adorable and kept kissing him . Radhika and Dev would just share a smile seeing how happy Aman  was getting seeing so kids around him and everyone wanting to hold him and getting full attention '.The party was very amusing for everyone they cut the cake and Anjali blew her candles with the help of her parents  and opened her gifts with Vivek and Mrinalini  .
The whole family were smiling and enjoying the party '.

In the evening Radhika and Dev were gazing at the stars with Aman  in Radhika arms sleeping cosily wrapped in his mother warmth .

Radhika leaned against Dev chest breathing the fresh breeze arousing their skin ..Dev had his arms around her shoulder enjoying the beautiful night being with his wife and son '

Radhika:Today everything went so nicely 'she said sweetly ..

Dev's smile grew ..

Dev: Hann ..everyone enjoyed a lot and all the little kids wanted to hold Aman 'he trailed of with a chuckled

Radhika smiled sweetly placing a kiss on Aman  forehead '

Radhika : I never imagined myself having such a beautiful life 'and its all thanks to you 'She said emotionally feeling her eyes fill up with tears 'If that night you didn't bump into me that night 'I would never witness such happiness'Thank you 'she said pressing her cheeks against his chest '
Dev felt his throat going lumpy and stroke her back lovingly ' He slowly moved back gazing in her teary eyes holding Aman  in her arms 'HE cupped her cheeks slowly removing the tears  away and making her smile sweetly '

Dev: I don't know how my life would be without you 'God sent you to me because ..he knew that you belonged to me and I was always yours  ..He said tenderly ..God makes our life partner in heaven 'and tries on way or another to make us bump into each other ..He said teasingly ..

Radhika giggled cutely and gazed fondly in his eyes '

Radhika: I'm just so thankful to God to give me such a loving and caring family 'and husband '.

Dev: I got everything I always wanted 'a beautiful wife and a lovely child'He said looking warmly at Aman '.Dev stroke his cute cheeks tenderly and this made Aman smile with a dimple 'Dev kissed his son grinning charmingly '

Dev: You smile just like your mother '.He said kissing Aman tiny feet this made the baby boy smile wider ..

Radhika grinned sweetly watching father son adorable  interaction ..
Dev looked up at Radhika and wrapped his arms around her shoulder and she rested her head on his chest an closed her eyes.. ..'.Aman  eyes also started feeling tired and closed his eyes feeling Radhika rocking him lightly in her tender love'.Dev and Radhika watched Aman fall asleep calmly in her motherly arms holding Radhika finger '


Dev inhaled the fresh air and kept his family close to him . He promise himself that he will always protect his family and never let anyone hurt them 'They were part of his life and he will always keep them happy 'Radhika was gazing at her son and promised herself that she will always protect him from any evil eyes . She will never let anyone hurt him and will always protect her husband and his family ' Slowly her gaze looked at the bright moon showering his blessing on them 'She grinned sweetly and glanced once at Dev who tugged her closer 'Suddenly they saw a flying star and made a wish '.

Dev: What did you wish for '

Radhika smiled cutely ..

Radhika: Do you think my wish will come true??

Dev smiled tenderly '

Dev: Radhika 'any wish you make no matter when and how 'they will always come true'He said placing a kiss on her head '

Radhika smile grew hearing this , he was absolutely right ..Her own wishes did come true and was sure they will some true in the future as well'

Radhika looked up at Dev and blinked once agreeing '.They stayed in each others arms for a while with Aman snuggled in her arms '..

Dev: So what did you wish for 'he asked boyishly '

Radhika smiled shyly glancing at him a started walking away '.

Dev: come on Radhika ..tell me '

Radhika: Shhh '.Aman  is sleeping '.

Dev wanted to know what she wished for and followed her in the room to get an answer .
They both walked away from the window and let the stars and moon shimmer in the sky letting beautiful shooting stars adorn the lovely night and always spread their blessings on the couple who were going to start a lovely journey with their loved ones '

The End

Hey guys!!! Thank you so much for all you support and love throughout this FF !Hug I know it took me a very long time to finish but Im just so thankful to all of you for giving your precious time to read my updates!! I really really appreciate it and will always cherish everyone comments! Its all because of your lovel feedback and support that I managed to finish this FF ..Thank you all once again!!Heart

This is my first time that I reached 100 pages with my FF ClapI finally made it LOL

Without you guys I would never reach all the way here . SO A BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

****If you guys want to read about my next FF please look at the next post!

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Here is a preview of my next project Embarrassed

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